i seriously just want one of those cliché character-gets-turned-into-a-kid episodes (especially if it’s adrien) because i mean imagine:

  • for some reason a new villian is going around paris turning people into children
  • adrien is on the unlucky side of that—fourteen/fifteen-year-old is now five years old
  • he probably responds to that by crying like most five-year-olds respond to everything
  • anyways
  • marinette might just happen to be in the area and might just happen to save him from danger
  • so now she’s holding this five-year-old adrien agreste in her arms and doesnt know what the fuck to do with him because she has to transform into ladybug but he doesnt have a mom and who knows where his fucking dad is
  • “oh god im holding a miniature adrien and he’s SO CUTE but he’s also NOT SAFE I CAN’T JUST LET HIM RUN AROUND PARIS AS A LITTLE KID WHAT IF HE GETS HURT OR HUNGRY?? WHERE DO I PUT HIM”
  • under the pressure of the needing to capture the akuma and save paris she decides her bedroom might just be the best place for right now since it would be suspicious of her to drop off a tiny adrien agreste at alya’s house (no matter how great she is at babysitting) and leave with no good excuse

this is good because:

  • marinette probably thinks adrien wont remember any of this afterwards so she doesn’t pay any mind to the various pictures she has of his teen self all around her bedroom
  • while he’s a kid marinette has no reason to be nervous or stuttering since this is a literal five-year-old who just dribbled milk out of his nose
  • it’s completely irresponsible to leave a child alone but adrien is pretty smart and good-mannered even for a kid so he doesn’t cause any trouble
  • except when marinette leaves, so does he
  • five-year-old chat noir causes ladybug to laugh her fucking ass off (but also make her concerned because this is a fuckin kid trying to save paris he’s either gonna slow her down or get hurt)
  • by the time everything is fixed marinette is completely, utterly embarrassed and apologies to adrien excessively but he assures her that it’s okay and he probably would have done the same thing in her situation (even if he still really doesn’t understand why she left in the first place)
  • he doesn’t mention the photos but he does feel a little closer to marinette after all of this