aight ima do dis

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Rule 1-Post the rules

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  1. What is your favourite food and why?

uHMMM hmm that is a good question?? I really like spaghetti. Yeah that’s pretty lame but seriously, we have spaghetti night every night at my house but i also really love chicken marsala. It’s just… sO good???

    2. Who is your absolute favourite character out of all your fandoms and what draws you to them?

safsdffdsffsd uM if this wasn’t already obvious probably Prussia/gilbert asfsaf. It’s funny because it’s the shitload of prussia fanarts that got me into hetalia in the first place i was like “who is this sexay motherfucker” so i looked into it and i kind of bounced between favorite characters i started out with America, then romano, then spain, now prussia? aaaand i just really lvoe him?? because he is perfect and he’s just really like idunno? fsafdsffgdsgds help i cant even

ok i mean he was like a badass fuckign empire like yeah owned everybody’s ass but then he was dissolved and then he wasn’t an empire anymore which is really sad (Ok i don’t know JACK SHIT about prussian history sorry i actually don’t know if it was a good thing or bad or whatever??? sorry?? scdsfdsfasdsfs i mean i havent studied world history yet because im not in high school yet asdafsdfd)

sad for him personally and there are really depressing fanfics and fanart about it guuhh

i also like the fact that he acts all loud and obnoxious but on the inside he’s probably just a tortured soul u_u

also i really like the whole thing with like old fritz and hungary and austria and germany and everybody i like how he interacts with people

but it also makes me sad because deep down it’s probably true that he’ll like….idunno die or disappear and i wANT to cryr??

but yeah he’s special and adorABLE

also he is one half of my otp!

also he is one handsome ass motherfucker am i right

      3. If you could visit anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?

France because i am in honors french and would love love lOVE to go there the language, history, and land, and food is AMAZING and i would really love to go to france but my parents say i cant go until i’m older

      4. Is there any particular object or item that you own that holds a lot of emotional significance for you or that represents something important? What it it?

Ok this is actually going to sound really rEALLy weird but i have this pillow that my aunt gave me before she died and it’s really all beat up and nasty but i won’t get rid of it?

Also anything she gave me? she would always give me her stuffed animals and i keep them even though i’m 14 and probably too old to be playing with stuffed animals because they’re pretty much all i have left of her ;__;

she was really great! she was funny and kind and would never yell at me and she took me to fun places and had really nice hair. but she had lots of heart problems and died at a young age ;__:

     5. If you had to choose 4 fictional characters to fight along side you in a zombie-apocalypse who would they be and why?

UhMMM ok

KANAYA because she has a really badass chainsaw just rrrrrrrr chop those zombies up

AMERICA because did you see him in paint it white he just ka pow punched those white dudes aliens whatever

THOR because he can smash them zombies with his hAMMer like bOOSH bam

MAKO because he can just set them on fire and they will be gone forever also he is attractive

    6. You’re in a fight with the antagonist/villain of one of your current fandom, quick, choose your weapon! (It can be anything, and don’t forget to name who you’re fighting against!)

at first i was like hetalia doesnt have a villan so let’s homestuck

lord english

ok im dead meat but ugmefsaefsfdsffsa

i chOOSE a meat hook because meat hooks are cool ok????

a mAGIC meat hook with Magic powers!!!??

     7. Is there anyone (real or fictional) or anything that motivates/inspires you?

Janelle monae! She’s an amazing singer and she is really creative and talented and doesn’t give a mouse’s hiney about what other people think!

     8. Okay, so you all have a vice or even more than one (food, drink, tumblr, gaming, reading, porn, RP, w/e). Now for some reason you have to give it up. What is it and what is your reaction?

hmm lets go with playing the violin

how about nO

i love it it is the best instrument ever you can’t take it away from me i am actually good at it ok??

if i have to the violin and i will run away together to tahiti and we will live in peace and harmony

     9. Do you believe that there is significance/symbolism in dreams? Why or why not?

have you actually sEEN my dreams

they are not even sensical

i don’t even remember them

my dreams lack in symbolism

dreams in general are just kind of fucked up i think

it’s your brain picking up the randomest parts of your day whether it be the lack of toilet paper in the bathroom or austria’s mole

     10. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?


this gUY

i have a huuuuuuge crush on.

he moved here from england a few years ago and i cant go a full day without thinking about him.

he has red hair, really pale skin and glasses and a tintin haircut he looks like tintin with glasses and cheekbones basically

and he’s really funny and he is kind of nerdy as in video games and movie references and stuff

he’s really talented he plays the guitar and trumpet

and he does this cute thing where sometimes if he talks really fast he goes into an english accent and aaaaaaaaaaaa i just about die!!

he’s really artistic and talented and he always carries a sketchbook around

and we could talk for hOURS

but my teacher moved our seats and my heart ripped in half ;_;

but i act really sarcastic to him when i want to be nice and sometimes i feel like im pushing him away..

anyway thats enough ranting

     11. Favourite gif in your collection.

OK Um this is awkward i actually don’t have a gif collection?? i’m too lazy to make one and don’t know how ;w;

aight lemme do sum stuff here

my questions

1. What is your favorite pair of shoes? Do you wear shoes? (i hope so what if you step on a rock man)

2. What kind of car would you like/do you have?

3. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

4. Who is your favorite character (from anything) and why?

5. Do you have an otp and who are they? Why do you like/ship them?

6. What is your favorite kind of fruit? if you don’t actually like fruit i am sorry

7. If your mom/dad came up behind you when you were on tumblr right when you scroll across something pornographic and they ask you what you’re doing how do you explain it to them? (i had a dream like this ;_;)

8. If you had to choose between painting your nails with poop or dunking your head in a toilet (fullof PEE) which would you pick?

9. What is the meaning of lIFE?

10. Are you single?

11. Favorite gif?

ugh i only tagged 8 people because i am a lazy booty cant be tamed

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