koala tea

i’ve been feeling really shitty lately, so i decided to cheer myself up by making a list of some of my favorite personalities on tumblr. i probably like too much of these people’s posts seeing as like 60% of them don’t follow me but i don’t mind because i love their blogs and their sense of humor is A+. 

in no particular order:

this man. his gifs. his image replies. his cats. this blog. so much love. forever #1 on my crushes. and for various reasons, forever connected with paula deen. 

unlike most of his fangirls, i post this link not because i long to get in his pants, but because he’s legit just great. 

can i just be as naturally funny as this girl is? no ok alright then

this girl has exceptional taste in men. follow for the sake of your sexual frustration alone.

i’ve been following her for ages, and i relate. to so many. of her posts. she. is. great.

  • craig / nihilistyouth

sassiest. man. on tumblr. but he deleted again </3