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Request by @yesmaddyyyposts: Gosh all I want is a fic where in 1x08 Shaun is shot instead of that girl Avery and @ssgirl:  Maybe you could write a Shaun/Lea fic where Shaun is hurt or something and Lea goes to visit him in the hospital and that’s when she meets everyone, like some angst but mostly fluff.

Something Steady, Something Stable

Word count: 18,766

Summary: It didn’t make sense. None of it made sense. Not the circumstances, not the directions, not the consequences. In an emergency, it is vital to remain calm. To keep yourself composed, and in control, no matter what comes up. Shaun couldn’t do that. He had tried. From the very moment the bullet had ripped through him, he had tried. But despite his best efforts, he had failed. And faced with the aftermath and the limbo of everything to come as a result, it’s almost too much to ask that everyone else be expected to succeed.


for margo, my lovely queen

Donna Noble’s Journey

So I’m rewatching the “Partners In Crime” episode of Doctor Who and I get to this scene:

And suddenly, all I can think about is “Journey’s End”:

And then I think about how it all comes to fruition:

And I realized, “It’s like you were never there” is the most heartbreaking foreshadow I’ve ever heard.

I’m going to be crying in a corner somewhere if anyone needs me.


[Stitchers 1x06 Sneak Peek]