Accidental Boner (Hyung line)


You guys were at dinner with your parents, when Namjoon started to uncomfortably move around in his seat next to you. “You okay son?” You father asks him. Namjoon nods squeezing your thigh under the table.

“Excuse us for a moment,” Namjoon says, pulling you up by your wrist. You guys stop in the main lobby of the restaurant. “I have a problem,” He whispers looking down.

“And you can wait until we get home,” You tell him, you try to go back to your parents in the dining room, that’s when he pulls you back to him, but closer. “What the hell?! Are you that desperate?”

“Babe, it’ll be 5 minutes, 10 minutes at the most in the car,” He whines. As much as you hate leaving him like that, you break his grip on your wrist and go back to your parents.

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You were watching a movie with the members at the dorm. You sat on Yoongi’s thigh, his arms around your waist, and his head resting on your shoulder.

You were moving around a bit to get comfortable, that’s when he positioned you between his legs, and squeezed your hips, making you quickly whine. “If you wanna finish the movie stay still,” He whispered into your ear with his Daegu Satoori.

[I love his satoori tbh]

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You two were out at the store, when he suddenly came up behind you, pulling you close to his body. You then feel his length poke at your butt. Luckily, you were at the checkout, but you could feel the warmth coming off his body and his unsteady breathing. “I’m sorry Jagi,” He whispered, you grab his hand and squeeze it.

“You two are a lovely couple,” The cashier compliments, you both just smile and nod as you grab the few bags you had, and leave.

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You and Jin are making dinner together. Both of you are in lazy clothing, no makeup, and messy hair. It’s the perfect date for the rainy day outside. Jin hugs you from behind, kissing the back of your neck. “Why don’t we take a break from cooking and go to the bedroom?” He smirks, you smile.

“As much as I’d love to Jinnie, I have my period,” You tell him, he pouts.

“We can put down towels,” He kisses your neck.

“We can one a lighter day,” You kiss his cheek making him pout. “I’m sorry baby, but I’ll help after dinner.”

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Tired [Part: 2]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.

OMG. YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN SO KIND TO ME AT THE COMMENTS ASDFGHKL. Anyways~ Back to the point! This part 2 took me awhile! ^^”, I don’t really have much complete plot line for this story so yeah. And if you’re wondering, isn’t Gotham actually New York? Well, I knew that and this are two alternate universe conjoined to each other so mind as well say Gotham is different city in this reader insert, also Gotham isn’t really a popular city in this AU so yeah. Enjoy reading!

PART [1] [3] [4] [5] [6]

It was a long ride to New York and you were awakened around the afternoon to find the owner of the bus tapping you.

“Miss, this is the last stop.”

You groaned and hoisted, nodding at the old man and resumed on walking out of the bus. The city of New York was eventful, and you couldn’t help but gawk at how optimistic the people are here. In Gotham, people feared for their lives but here you could see children moving around freely, stands that aren’t broken and everything that is the opposite of Gotham.

You separated the hood that was covering your face off. People here don’t really know much about Gotham so why bother cover up like some paparazzi would start taking picture of you. The rumbling of your stomach disturbed your fantasy, and you started to find some restaurant or whatever eatery that could provide you food for your hunger. Your luck remained beside for you as you found a hotdog stand in a distant. You paid for the hotdog that was on a stick with ketchup that accessorized it. You sat on a bench that was shaded by a tree and started to eat the food. While eating you brought out your cellphone.

And to your fear he texted you.

“Shit, now he would start find me. Better keep a low profile now,” you winced at the thought. You always loved attention and just having a low profile is hard for the formal serial killer.  You threw the phone at the earth and started stomping on it, which made some civilians gaze at you with oddness. You just wanted to stare back at the people and threat but you reminded yourself that you’re trying a new life as a rational person once again.

“There, no tracing me.” You muttered but then you grasped at the reality. “Fuck, now I don’t have a phone…”

You heaved a sigh and clutched your bag and roamed around for a while, trying to find a cheap hotel before you get a job. But then life teases you so much as you made another turn and saw a Mall with an Apple Shop.  You smirked, “Maybe stealing for a second wouldn’t hurt.”

Dragging the hood and is now covering your face, you arrived at the mall in silence. You passed the security with a little trick that Jerome taught you once, just thinking about that name made you wince. As you passed, the guards nod and you’re now almost free to steal hundreds of things in this mall but an IPhone is the only thing you needed for now. Maybe a MacBook too, it was a good decision so you included it at the list to steal in your head.

You entered the shop, and examined for any security cameras. “Of course there would be,” you murmured as you sighted three.

You then went to a laptop, which was not occupied and sneakingly hacked the system and deactivated the cameras one by one. Now your next plan, which you weren’t proud, had, consist of aiming a pistol towards the cashier.

“I need a phone dear, the latest one. And if you don’t hand it over to me I’ll—” you shot one person at the head that was trying to escape.  “Do that to you,” you spoke. Aiming once again to the cashier. “Y-yes sir!” she complied and proceeded to give you an IPhone, “Also give me one of the MacBook Air.” The cashier once again nodded and gave you the bag of the laptop. You proceeded to put the box to your backpack but then heard the girl calling 911. You rolled your eyes then shot her but then you heard the speakers of the mall alarming people.

You took your time but then you heard someone behind you. “Whoa man, stop right there.”

Turning back you saw a man dressed up in a spider suit which was odd because spiders couldn’t possible have red and blue color at the same time, right?

“The fuck is this, child’s play?” you thought out loud. “I wouldn’t think of that if I were you sir.” He then proceeded to shoot some web trying to get the gun but you managed to toss it and catch it with your other hand, you were completely surprised. People in New York have supernatural abilities? This will probably be harder than you thought it would be. You then shot the glass wall and dived in and continued on running, gripping the two bags tightly. The spider boy continued to chase you, you tried to lose him but he was too fast. You started to climb a ladder of a building. You were really talented on gymnastics and parkour because of your job in the circus with Jerome.

When you were now at the rooftop spider boy was there, stretching.

Mister you need to give that back!” you could almost imagine him beaming in triumph. You grumbled then sprint towards him, which made him, shock for a moment but then recovered back, you proceeded to engage a fight with him. You swing some punches to him and tried to kick him, which he kept dodging. Unfortunately, he was too quick and when you avoided one of his fists your hood fell and revealed your ponytailed/hair.

Y-You’re a girl?!” he gasped but then you managed to kick him on the chest and made a run for it. But when you were about to jump off the building and land to another one with such a great distance. Spider boy achieved to fire some webs on your leg when you jumped and tugged you towards him and proceeded to shoot some webs on all of your limbs, straining you. Preventing you to flee. You wriggled frustration is getting you.


“W-whoa! Calm down ma’am.” He brought out both of his hand and raised it beside him in a mocking manner. “If you didn’t stole, you wouldn’t been in this situation.”

The man in spider suit advanced picked the bag and the other bag, which has the laptop in it, hopefully it didn’t broke “Let me just get this and call the police—“


The man stared at you as you started to cry and shout he was confused on why you were acting like that. A trick? No, it seems genuine.


The cops dragged you at the station while you were crying and freaking out. “Madam, that man is a psychopath. He could never love you, he brought you in this situation and you chose to believe him and now this is the punishment.”

NoJ loves me he loves me! He wouldn’t leave me in this son of a bitch jail…. JEROME!” you said, struggling. Some of your faith was vanished when the police said those words. No, he couldn’t possibly abandon you here. Isolated. Few ticks ago, you and Jerome slaughtered most of the children and some parents in a birthday party. One of the neighbors overheard it and called the police leaving you unalert but Jerome knew this. So when you started to blow a punch on one of the children on the face, Jerome said that he would be back with a surprise. This is the second time both of you had a murder spree, so you could call yourself novice. You nodded, grinning at him and heard the door shut.  You continued on punching, stomping, having the time of your life and releasing all of the stress that was buckled up inside you.

You heard someone unlocked the door and you turned back smiling, “Jerome! This is fun!”

But it wasn’t Jerome you saw. It was three cops raising their guns at you. Now, you could easily escape this now but you weren’t witty back then. And that lead to the condition you were, in a cold prison. How did you get out? An acquaintance of Jerome and you from the circus helped you abscond. It was successful but when she said that you shouldn’t do it again and that Jerome is a bad deal you didn’t consider her advice. The next day you went to the circus to find Jerome with a brunette playing some games.

Mr. J!” you called out, they both turned around. The girl was angelic looking but had an aura around her that you didn’t like, when you glanced at Jerome. You swore he looked disappointed but rapidly covered it up. “Oh hey (Y/N)!” No sweet calls, no welcome back. As if he didn’t care you getting sealed up in the dungeon of a jail for five months, no hugs, no anything. Your heart stopped; this was the first time your heart broke due to love. “Who’s she?” the girl inquired Jerome.

“She’s a close friend of mine, hun.” You stared at him, eyes like saucer. “Please excuse us for a moment.”

You were about to speak up for yourself when he held your hand and dragged you in a well dim place. He looked at you, smiled. “I’m happy you’re out darling.” This gave you hope, a small smile managed to creep on to your face. “Don’t worry about her, bug.  She is just my new play toy, I still love you so much. Now be quiet of our relationship darling, it will ruin the fun.” He whispered and pecked your lips, it was quick which you were disappointed about but at least he gave some of his attention.


After that, he continued to do that same act again. Making you trust him, but smash it, then having an affair with another woman but claims that the female is another toy to him and you’re his soul mate.


“Jerome, don’t leave me…. I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass, I’m sorry for disturbing your torture, I’m sorry for asking too many question about the different girls you brought in the house! I just want you to stay Jerome…”

Spiderman looked at you confused but gloomy at the same time.  He wondered what happened to your past life that made your life so miserable. He assumed it was this “Jerome” person you were confessing about. He started to believe that you didn’t seem to be a bad person at all. Well being a homicidal person is unhealthy and awful but you seemed just mentally ill and had a hard time on your life. He couldn’t believe it but he is actually convinced that you can be cured. He pondered to whether give you to the police or just probably help you cope up and have a sane life. He felt sympathy. You seemed really afraid of being in jail; all people are but you in different case.

He sighed, “I’m going to regret this.”

Spiderman!” he heard the cops call out. He then proceeded to slide down the building, landing gracefully on top of the car of the police. “Did you manage to capture the burglar?” the fat police said, while the other police searched for the robber.

“Sorry o-officer…” he gulped. He wasn’t really a good liar; he just hoped they bought it. “The thief escaped. I’m really sorry.”

The policeman sighed, “Well… It happens, not all heroes could do their job perfectly.” He winced, his reputation decreasing.

“Alright, I’ll just go…” he answered back, swinging and jumping back at the building. He saw you passed out, in exhaustion probably.

“Spiderman, helping a criminal. What a news, I just hope I wouldn’t get caught…” He anticipated, detaching his mask. He wiped his sweat and looked at the sunset, then back to you. “What was I thinking?…” Peter walked towards you and kneels down. “Well… Off we go miss criminal, I guess?” he questioned to himself before putting his mask on and picking you up then going back to his and his Aunt May’s apartment.  He was just thankful that Aunt May was on a vacation the one and only Tony Stark.

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Four Word Prompts: Sherlolly: "Is that my shirt?"

Oh, thank you, Mel!! This one was a bit of fun!

Something’s going on here, Greg observed. Sherlock was eyeing Molly very closely, looking her up and down almost… sexually, as she went over her initial findings about the murder victim in front of her.

“… never actually seen anything quite like it,” she said as she moved to the other side of the slab, next to the Consulting Detective. “It’s almost as if…”

“Is that my shirt?” Sherlock interrupted.

“Wh-what?” she stammered.

“It is, Molly. That’s my Tuesday shirt!”

Her eyes darted to Greg nervously. “Of course it’s not, Sherlock. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s a plain white oxford. Lots of people have plain white oxford shirts.”

Folding his arms over his chest, he squared on her. “You own a Gold-fit Dolce & Gabbana men’s shirt with mother of pearl buttons? That shirt costs more than seven hundred pounds, Molly,” Sherlock said with a smirk.

She gasped. “You spent… I did an autopsy in this!” Once again, she cut her eyes towards Greg, then she smiled. “Could you excuse us for a moment?”

He just nodded.

The pathologist dragged Sherlock out the door, into the hallway. Greg moved closer to the door, trying to hear their conversation. Because… WHAT?

“… wanted to go home last night,” Molly said in a hissed whisper. “You…”

“I didn’t prevent that, Molly, simply… encouraged you to stay.”

“Encouraged? That was a bit more than encouragement, you berk! And what about keeping it out of Barts? This is supposed to be a secret! Greg is going to figure out…”

“He knows nothing. Calm down, woman!”

“How else would I have gotten your shirt?”

“A myriad of ways, Molly, as you just explained. Do keep up.”

His voice was full of mischief. Greg could almost see the pompous pricks face as he teased the poor woman. What an arse! How does she put up with him?

“You just said…”

“Never mind that. How ‘bout a kiss before we go back in? You were quite sexy as you explained bullet trajectory and blood loss. I’m about half hard here…”

“Sherlock! You… stop! Anyone could… Mmmm.”

Greg stepped away from the door; he’d heard enough. Bloody hell, it’s about time.

Five minutes later the pair came back in. Sherlock looked satisfied; Molly looked flustered.

“All right, Garfield. I think we have everything, don’t you?”

“Ah, I suppose,” Greg answered.

The counseling antagonizer turned to the pathologist, an insufferably smug look on his face. “Thank you so much, Molly.” Bending closer to her he whispered, “Wear that tonight, if you don’t mind, and nothing else.” He winked before swaggering back out the door.

“Yeah, thanks, Molls.” Greg started to leave, but paused and turned back to her. “You should, um… button up… ah…” He gestured to his own shirt.

Molly looked down, realising that Sherlock had managed to unbutton the top three buttons of her (his) shirt. “Oh… how’d that…”

“It’s okay. Your secret’s safe with me.” He smiled. “You might also want to know you have a love bite on your neck.”

“Damnit, Sherlock!” he heard her growl as he exited the room.

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Strange Behavior

Riverdale Fanfiction 

Pairing: Betty x Jughead

Word Count: 1,811

Summary: Betty has been acting strange lately, and her friends are finally starting to notice. Will they figure out that something is going on between her and Jughead? Or will the kiss that they shared remain a secret? 

A/N: This was basically just my way of getting my feet wet with writing these characters, so there’s not a ton of Bughead interaction, but I think what they do have in this is pretty cute. Plus the whole thing is about their relationship, so there’s that haha. Also, you can place this into the canon storyline at this point, or not, it’s up to you. I guess it works either way lol. 

Betty swirled her straw around in her strawberry milkshake, unable to stop her lips from curling into a faint smile as her friends carried on a conversation in their regular booth at Pop’s. 

“What do you think, Archiekins? Should I go for the full-on Like a Virgin Madonna look for the dance, or stick to the sultry, Vogue ensemble she wears in the music video that we all know I could pull off in such a big way? You all know the one.” Veronica leaned forward to take a sip from her double chocolate milkshake, a confident smirk twitching upwards as her lips met the straw.

“Totally,” Kevin chimed in from his seat next to Betty, nodding his head in admiration as he squirted ketchup onto his plate of fries.

“Ronnie, isn’t that more of a “Betty” sort of question?” Archie wriggled uncomfortably next to Veronica, looking hopelessly clueless as he tried to meet Betty’s gaze for any sort of assistance. “I’m probably not much help in that department.” 

“Actually, that’s more of a Kevin question,” Kevin corrected him, propping his arms on the table and leaning across the table towards Veronica. “And I totally agree with you pulling off that Vogue lace top, although we might have to make the sheer part of it a little less sheer for school if you know what I mean. What do you think Betty?”

Betty heard her name being called, but all she could think about was Jughead’s hands on her face and the way his lips felt against hers. Her whole body tingled at the thought of it, making her faint smile evolve into a full on grin.

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You Belong To Me– Harry Styles 

  A/N: This imagine is a bit different because it starts from the middle, then hops to the beginning and continues as normal, kinda like a flashback. Explaining it just in case anyone gets confused. :) It’s not as complicated as it sounds and I think that as you read it, you’ll understand it. Okay, love you guys! :*


“No! You aren’t going anywhere until I’m through. You fucking tell me what that prick was doing to you. Who is he and why was he fucking touching you? What the bloody hell did he want?”

 Eventhough I had expected this outcome, Harry’s angry outburst still planted a small seed of fear inside me, causing me to wince back at the rising volume of his rough language.

 I slowly look up into his darkening eyes, rage burning through them as he stares down at me. He has his hands on either side of my head, resting on the wall that my chair is propped up against, sealing me in from both sides so I can’t leave; not that I would. Leaving Harry during his rushes of fury was not a very bright idea. 

 Harry’s chest is rising and falling rapidly, his breath coming out in short pants. The veins on his forehead have become prominent due to what he had seen unfolding just a few minutes before.

 What got me into this situation wasn’t anything very harmful at all: a bit of flirting, and not even on my part.

 Harry had left me at the counter of the bar, excusing himself to go use the loo. Moments after he had disappeared into the crowd a tall blonde boy around my age had wandered to stand infront of me, pulling my attention to his unknown body standing so close.

  “Hello.” He had said, giving me an endearing smile. He seemed like a nice enough guy–he was wearing a pair of bootcut jeans and a dark navy blue button down, his sandy blonde hair styled up into a quiff.

  “Hi.” I had answered, returning his polite smile. I wasn’t interested because I’m with Harry, but turning him down when he hasn’t even made a move just seemed too cruel.

 "I’m Austin. And you are?“ 


 "Nice to meet you, Y/N. I was standing over there with some friends and I couldn’t help but notice you sitting here alone. I was wondering if you’d like to dance?“ He pushes the conversation forward, now stepping it up to a dance request, and I cautiously glance in the direction Harry went, nervousness beginning to weigh down onto my chest.

 "I’m sorry. I already have a boyfriend.” I reply honestly, looking up at him apologetically. In another world where I was not dating Harry I would’ve accepted his outstretched hand, but I am dating Harry, and any other guy is nothing more to me than a possible friend. 

 "Oh, come on. I’m sure he won’t mind.“ Austin prods, giving me a wink and taking my hand from the counter-top, pulling me to up to my feet. 

 Just as I’m about to yank my hand out of his grip, I see a familiar figure clad in a dotted shirt and black skinny jeans enter my peripheral vision. In less then two breaths Harry is standing next to me, his brows furrowed and his hands clenched into tight fists at his sides. 

 "I’m sorry, mate. There seems to be a misunderstanding. She’s not single.” Harry’s voice is eerily calm, but as he speaks I can see that he is gritting his teeth, the muscle in his jaw ticking as he works on keeping his temper in check.

 I almost flinch at the smooth tone of his voice, knowing very well what will come afterwords. His cool composer is an act–the calm before an untamable storm.

 Austin sizes up Harry, looking him up and down. Harry is immediately the alpha, having atleast two-to-three good inches over the other boy’s head. Austin seems to recognize this, letting his fingers go slack, my hand returning to my side only to be wrapped in Harry’s hard grip. 

 "I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know.“ An obvious lie on Austin’s part since I had clearly stated that I was not alone, but I don’t speak up because the sooner this encounter is over, the better. 

 Harry gives a stiff nod and Austin takes this as a sign, turning around on his heel and going back the way he came from. Harry stares intently at the back of the other young man’s head as it sinks back into the crowd, almost as if daring him to even as much as look back. When the boy is out of view, Harry turns his blazing gaze at me, my eyes diverting to the floor to prevent from being trapped in his intimidating glare. 

 "Come on.” I hear Harry give a rough grunt, my hand being tugged harshly in the opposite direction Austin left. I follow him, not uttering a word. The situation at hand had not been my fault, but since Harry couldn’t take it out on Austin because he hadn’t technically done anything wrong, he was going to use me as much as possible. 

 We arrive at a two-seat tall table hidden away pretty well from the people around the club. I don’t wait for Harry to tell me to sit but I climb onto the long stool by myself. Eventhough Harry is upset with me I feel his hand being placed on the dip of my spine, keeping me from possibly falling back from the seat as I position myself accordingly. Harry could be very short-tempered, but it was only because he cared so much, thus describing what is about to go down between us. 

 "Who was that and what did he want?“ His breathing is starting to pick up pace, signaling that his patience and composer are running thin. 

 "Can we not do this here, please?” I beg quietly, looking up at him through my lashes. 

 Harry ignores my question, repeating his own. “Who the fuck was that?”

 As the first curse word leaves his lips I know he is going to cause a scene. Harry never curses at me when we fight. He uses that type of language daily, but only in a playful manner, but whenever I tick him off to his limit, he losses control of what he begins to say. 

 "I said not here.“ I repeat my statement, this time attempting to slide off the barstool to get through to him that I will not be doing this argument in public, but he grips onto my hips, pushing me back onto the seat until my back is pressed against the wall. He places his hands on either side of my head, eliminating any chances of escape.

 “No! You aren’t going anywhere until I’m through. You fucking tell me what that prick was doing to you. Who is he and why was he fucking touching you? What the bloody hell did he want?”

 "Harry, please–” I try to talk him out of this one last time, but I’m cut off as he slams his fist into the wall behind me, making me wince back from his lanky body as he towers over me, the veins in his neck popping out. 

 "Tell. Me.“ Harry grits out, his eyes daring me to object one more time. I shy away from him, fear starting to settle into my blood as I see his state darkening, his eyes becoming clouded with rage. When Harry looses his mind over something he doesn’t recognize what he’s doing until after he’s done it, meaning he could hurt me in the flare of the moment.

 "His name’s Austin.” I murmur, daring a glance up at him to let him know that I’m aware of his anger. “He came up to me after you left and asked me to dance. When I said no he grabbed my hand, and then that’s when you showed up.”

 "Didn’t you tell him you were with me?“ He asks incredulously. 

 "Of course I did. He didn’t care…" 

 "Motherfucker. I won’t care either when I’m pounding his face in.” Harry growls, pushing himself off of the wall and turning around, searching for Austin in the crowd. He spots him, his gaze zeroing in on his target as he sits on a couch, chatting with a couple of his friends. 

“I’ll fucking show him ‘not caring.’" 

 "Harry, no!” I grab his forearm, tugging him back towards me. “Leave him alone. It’s done. Nothing happened. Please don’t make this a big deal; just forget it.”

 "Of course I won’t ‘just leave him alone’, Y/N! He was coming onto you even after you rejected him! That’s considered harassing, and I’m going to go and kick his ass for it. Let me go.“ He doesn’t even look at me as he finishes talking, twisting his arm from my grip and taking a few strides forward.

 "Stop!” I jump down from the stool, this time grabbing his face in my hands and sharply turning him to face me, our noses brushing. Harry’s eyes are flashing with dangerous light, telling me that his body has gone into full-fighter mode; it’s my job to defuse him. 

 "Harry.“ I breathe out, my lips rubbing over his ever-so slightly. With every word I place a kiss onto his warm skin, trying to get a safe response from him. “Let. It. Go.“ 

 "But–” I grip onto the sides of his face, looking into his eyes as I shake my head.

 "Forget it. He’s not important.“ 

 "Let me just–” I silence him one last time by placing my lips onto the side of his neck and beginning to suck gently, earning the desired affect as I feel his body slump forward in a ceasefire. I smile against his strong pulse, pulling him forward with me as I step back a couple of times until my back hits the wall, then wrapping my arms around his neck to keep it stationed against my lips. I open my mouth a bit wider, letting my teeth nibble against the delicate skin over his quickening heart-beat, biting down as I hear a hiss stream from his mouth.

 I let my hands wonder up behind his head, gripping onto his soft curls and twirling them inbetween my fingers, tugging in the way I know drives him insane. I pull his hips closer, subtly rubbing up against his crotch.

 A low moan betrays him, his head tilting down so his hazy eyes lock on mine, the anger dissipating. 

 “Just forget him.” I plead again in a quiet whisper. 

 “Fine.” He mumbles back, wrapping his arms around my waist and abruptly flipping me around so that he’s now the one leaning against the wall. Pulling me closer he nudges our noses, then lifting his head and tilting it back. “Keep going.”

I’m immediately surprised by Harry’s demand because he’s always the one to take charge in the relationship, meaning that I’ve never had him in the position I have him in now, even-more-so meaning that I’ve never marked him. I raise my eyebrows at him in question and he nods, stretching out his neck a bit to give me more access.  

I obey, connecting my lips back onto his warm flesh and continuing my actions from before.

I allow my teeth to sink in hard, then letting my tongue smooth over the area to soothe the aching skin, sucking gently as one of my hands pulls at his hair, the other hand sneakily wandering down to rest against at the front of his jeans. 

The fact that we’re doing this in a club full of people doesn’t really matter considering there are couples almost literally shagging in the middle of the dance floor; plus, we’re pretty hidden in this undisturbed corner, the low lights and dark shadows fogging us out of the immediate view of others. With this in mind, I slowly begin to rock my hand back and forth, palming Harry through his tight jeans.

His head lulls back, a wispy groan escaping him as he bites down onto his lower lip, his eyes fluttering shut. 

“So good, baby.” He mutters, his hips jerking forward slightly to satisfy his growing need. 

I give him a reassuring squeeze, getting on my tip-toes to press my lips against his.

The bulge in his trousers grows heavier in my hands and I suddenly let out a small moan, the notion of having this effect on him becoming even more intriguing by the second.

Harry chuckles, the breath of his words tickling my ear. “It looks like this is making you hornier than it’s making me.”

I rapidly nod my head, looking up at him as I feel desire leaking into my eyes.

“I bet you want a good fuck right now, don’t you? A good, hard, rough fuck, hm, kitten?” I know the words are directed towards me, but as he talks his eyes aren’t looking at me; they’re focused on something or someone behind my back.

I turn my head to the side and see Austin’s eyes glued on us, his cold glare meeting Harry’s dead-on. Harry smirks at him, cupping my chin with his fingers and turning my head back to face him, his lips crashing onto mine. 

“He knows who you belong to now.” He murmurs through the kiss, his fingers snaking around my wrist. “Now let’s go. My cock is literally throbbing to be inside you.”

 The warmth of Harry’s body is ripped from me as he steps away, my own body being jerked forward towards his only a second after.

Harry weaves through the crowd fast, his quick pace making me stumble every few steps. How he manages to get around all of these drunken people and with such dark lighting is beyond me, but after a few moments we burst through the front doors of the nightclub. A cool night summer breeze is blowing, pushing my hair back from my face as Harry nearly sprints towards his car, unlocking it and shoving me into the passenger’s seat. He runs around the front of the car, sliding into the driver’s seat and turning on the ignition, the car roaring to life.

He leans across the dashboard, his lips finding mine in a heated kiss. 

“Fuck, I need you so bad.” He growls, but pulls away anyhow. “We’re going to have to wait because when I fuck you I want to be somewhere where I know you can scream as loud as you want.”

“Okay.” I say, trying to catch my breath from the brisk walking and heavy kissing.

Harry sets the car into motion, pulling out of the parking space and exiting the lot.

As we speed down the highway I can feel anxiousness weighing down on my stomach again. 

Harry and I had only had sex a few times, in which he had been slow, level-headed, and understanding, keeping his rough dominance at bay. Not only that, but Harry hadn’t gone all the way in– we’d always stopped at the half-way mark. As I glance at him, I can tell that only going in half-way isn’t on his mind right now, and being gentle has been locked away in the recesses of his thoughts. 

No matter what Harry has planned, one thing is obvious:

I’m in for a hell of a ride.


By: Andrea 

Boyfriend Tag - Tyler Seguin

Requested: Yes

@champagne-for-the-painn :Hey, can you do a tyler seguin one where the girl is a famous youtuber and her and tyler do a video together? Thanks

Word Count: 2,316 (got carried away)

Originally posted by ohmy-dallas-stars


Your fans knew that you were dating the infamous hockey player, Tyler Seguin because he was in the background of some of your YouTube videos, accidentally of course and the both of you have posted pictures on Instagram. To say that they were shocked is an understatement, you’ve expressed your hatred for fuckboys in past videos. So they just couldn’t grasp the thought of you two together and to be honest you didn’t either.

When you first met Ty, you wanted nothing to do with him. You didn’t want to be another girl that got tangled in his sheets. But somehow he convinced you to give him a chance and so far you haven’t regretted it. Tyler has shown you a different side of the “player” everyone pins him to be. Sure he could get a girl naked in three seconds but he has so much love for his family and you wouldn’t have guessed but he’s very insecure that you’ll find someone else.

You wanted your fans to see what you saw in Tyler. A goofy guy that always seems to put a smile of your face. So when your fans wanted you two to do a video together. He didn’t object to doing it. And that’s how the both of you ended up at the foot of your bed with a camera ready to go.


“Hey, guys.” You smiled at the camera as you did a wave. “It’s Y/n and I’m here with a very special guest, Tyler Seguin.” You turned to your right to look at the hockey player besides you. “Say hey, Ty.”

“Hi.” The brunette replied then awkwardly smiled causing you to laugh, then he followed right after. “What?” He smiled.

Hi.“ You mimicked his facial expression and laughed some more.

“Geez, act professional, Y/n.” As Tyler said this, you leaned your head on his shoulder and calmed down.

“Okay.” You breathe out. “I’m back.” One last laugh escaped from your lips. “This week I’m doing the boyfriend tag. If you haven’t noticed by this dude’s presence.” You pointed at Tyler with both of your thumbs.

“How do you do that exactly?” Your boyfriend questioned as he looked at the camera then back to you. “I mean, am I being ask questions?”

“I mean, yeah.” You shrugged while typing in your phones password. “It’s a series of them that deal with with our relationship.” You lifted up your legs from the floor to be in the criss cross position.

“Oh”, nodding his head he put a hand on your thigh.

“Okay, first question.” Tyler crossed his arms over his chest. “When did we meet and where?” You looked at the camera then to him. “I know this answer.”

“So do I.” He smiled while letting out a groan. “This sounds so bad but,” Tyler laughed out. “We met at a local club in Dallas.” You nodded your head in agreement. “I want to saw seven and a half months ago.”

“Eight.” You corrected. “Eight and a half because it took me a month to agree to go on a date with you.”

“That’s right.” He smiled. “First time, I’ve had a girl turn me down.” This made you roll your eyes. “But I’m glad you turned me down.” His arms wrapped around your waist. “It made me want you even more.” You still didn’t look at him trying to hold back the smile on your face. “Normally, I would’ve sealed the deal in the first night. I would be done with them but with you, I loved the chase more.” He grabbed your chin and turned your head to face him. His lips pressed against yours for a small peck.

You looked back down at your phone. “Where was our first kiss?” This made Tyler smirk.

“Lips or other places?” A gasp escaped from your lips as you shoved him off of your body. “I’m joking.”

“I’m sure.” You laughed but couldn’t control the smile beaming from your face.

Tyler straighten his posture as he looked at the camera. “Our first kiss was during our third date.” Then he made a made. “Yes, you heard me right, third date.” He held up three fingers. A laugh was coming out your mouth as he made the next comment. “She made me wait for a lot of things.” That was the truth about so much.

“I wanted to make sure you weren’t going get what you wanted then leave. I wasn’t just going to open up for a player.” This caused Tyler to gaped.

“I was not a player.” He put a hand over his chess.

You raised one eyebrow. “Yeah, okay.” You moved on. “Who said, ‘I love you’ first?”

“Me.” Tyler said without a second beat. “But she didn’t believe me.”

The room was lit up with your laughter. “That’s so true.” You leaned into him. “I truly thought he was the joking.”

“But I wasn’t.” His hands rested on your hips so he could move you onto his lap. He kissed your cheek and you continued.

“When is my birthday?”

“Easy question y/b/d.”

You nodded your head. “This is a good one. Where does my family come from?”

“The outskirts of Austin.” He wiggles his eyebrows as he looked at the camera.

“You do listen.” You exclaimed while patting his chest. He smiled proudly as he tighten his grip around your waist. “Okay, answer this carefully.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound good.” You laughed a little.

“What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?” You looked down right as he pressed a kiss to your bare shoulder. (You were wearing a tank top)

His thinking face was full on display. “I wish,” Ty paused. “I wish you didn’t worry so much.” You nodded your head. “You tend to let your anxiety take over.”

“That’s true.” You said to the camera. “I do, do that, but I can’t help it. It’s my anxiety.” You shrugged then opened your mouth to ask another question but Tyler interrupted.

“I’m not saying that I hate it.” He stated while running your back. “Because I like it when you have a little episode and I’m the only one who can calm you down. It makes me feel special.” His words got quiet at the end and you couldn’t help but aw.

You turned to the camera. “Excuse us for a moment.” You turned back to your boyfriend and cupped the side of his face so your thumbs were stroking his earlobes. Without hesitation you pressed your lips to his which caused Tyler to lose his balance, resulting with him to land on his back and you straddling him. You giggled against his lips as his hands went stopped just above your butt.

~Video skip~

You both were siting in your original seats like at the beginning of the recording. “Where was our first date?” You both stopped to think. “I have two possible answers.”

“Yeah, so do I.” His right hand rubbed at his stubble.

“You go first.”

“I’d have to say when we went ice skating.” You smiled at his answer thinking back to it. “Because that was the first time you agreed to go out with me.”

“Yeah,” you continued to smile. “That’s what I was thinking or that café.”

“But that wasn’t a date. I just figured out that you’d be there and I showed up and we had a cup of coffee together.”

“That’s fair.” You scrolled down on your phone. “What do you think is my favorite thing about you? And if you get this wrong you might as well leave.” You said jokingly of course.

“Easy.” He made an ‘a got this face.’ “My tattoos.”

“Eh.” You shrugged.

“What!” He laughed. “You always talk about them and whenever we’re cuddling you run you’re fingers up and down my arms.”

“I do but you know that’s not my favorite.”

His eyes squinted. “Then what?” You smiled at the camera before jumping off the bed and walked over to the door. Once you opened it, two furry creatures bursted through. One immediately jumped on your bed while the other sat at the end of the bed. Tyler started to laugh. “You got to be kidding me.”

You cooed at the doggies and made your way back to the bed letting one of them lick your face. “Guys this is Cash.” You patted the black lab who was behind you licking your ear. You pushed him away with a laugh then bent down to kiss the brown labs head. “And this is Marshall.” He returned the favor by licking your chin. “And this is my favorite thing about Ty. His choice in doggies.”

Your boyfriend motion Marshall over so he would sit in between his legs and Cash laid down behind the two of you. “I can see that.”

“But I do like your tattoos.” You paused to change the tone in your voice to sound like a girly girl. “They’re like really hot. I just melt every time I see them.”

“Oh really,” a smug look appeared on his face.

“Totally.” You said in hat same voice. He smiled before pressing his lips to yours.

~Video skip~

“What food don’t I like?” You let Marshall jump on the bed and rest on your lap.

“Tomatoes, which is weird because you can eat ketchup straight out of the bottle.”

“I can.” You dropped your head acting as if you were ashamed. “If I would go to a restaurant would drink so I order everything time.”

“Sweet tea.” He spoke with confidence. “Your obsessed with it.”

“I am.” You smiled then looked back at your phone.

“This should get interesting.” You smirked. “What’s my favorite sports teams? There’s like four.”

“Yes, I know.” He nodded before leaning back to think. “Dallas Stars,” you lifted up one finger. “Ugh, Anaheim Ducks,” you made a face that he didn’t see. “New Jersey Devils.” You snickered. “And, uh, Tampa Bay.”

“What the fuck, no.” You laughed.

Ty came back up. “Then who?”

“Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Toronto Maple Leafs.” He made a face.

“You’ve never mentioned any of them.”

“I have so.” You squealed. “Come on, I always talk about Sidney Crosby. And I’ve mentioned Draisaitl and Nylander before because you got jealous.”

“Nah, you’ve never said anything.”

You looked at him funny. “Please, even Cash would’ve gotten it right.” You both turned to the sleeping dog. “Anyway, changing topic.

“Who is my best friend?” You turned to him. “If you don’t get this. She’s going to kill you.”



“Good, because I know that the both of you would’ve hurt me.” You looked at the camera and smirked.

“Who’s my favorite hockey player and I’ll make it easy on you. You have to choose from the Dallas Stars.”

“Me.” You looked down and petted Marshall. “I’m not.” He sounded so hurt which made you laugh.

“No.” You tried to hold it together as you looked at his face.

“Then who?”


“Jam-” he stopped himself in disbelief. “You’d pick Jamie over me.” Tyler pointed to himself.

“You know I’ve liked him before I dated you.” His crossed his arms and looked away from me.

“Ty.” You pouted. “You know I love you.” You shifted your body which caused Marshall to move over to where Cash was. “You’re my favorite man. He’s just my favorite hockey player.” You straddled him and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I love you.” You nuzzled your head in his shoulder. “Please, talk to me.” You whispered so only he could hear. “If it helps I bet Jamie couldn’t make me scream as long as you can.” This made Tyler looked at you with a compressed smile. “Oh course I mean, when I cheer for you.”

“Of course.” You both kissed.

~Video skip~

“I would spend hours on?”

“Reading, which is weird.” Ty said while grabbing your hand to play with your fingers. “Who reads?”

You rolled your eyes in response. “What kind of books do I read?”

“I don’t know, you read a lot.” He sighed. “So a wide range.”

“I’d say that’s a good answer.”

“What talents of mine do you LOVE!!!” You screamed the last past making the doggies attack you with kisses. “The question was in all caps.” You explained showing him.

“Well, I LOVE your cooking. I’d say that’s a talent. Especially, when I have friends over and you cook for us. But then again it’s not hard pleasing a bunch of hockey players.”

“That’s so so true.” You laughed.

“Okay, complete this sentence. My girlfriend is?” You set your phone beside you since that was the last question.

“My girlfriend is an amazing person, who deserves a whole lot more than what I give her.” This made you hit his shoulder, then you nuzzled against him. “She’s incredible smart, kind, and a great mother to my kids.” You looked at him questionable but once you felt one of the dogs hit you in the back with their foot because they were stretching you knew what he was taking about. “When I saw kids, I mean, Cash and Marshall. And I’m crazy about her.”

You kissed his lips. “I love you.” You mumbled against his lips.

“I love you, more.” You two kissed some more until both of the dogs wanted to join in.

~Video skip~

“Okay, guys this was the boyfriend tag featuring Tyler Seguin, who played the part of my boyfriend.”

“You made it sound like you casted me for the part.” He joked causing you to make a face and continued on.

“Anyway, I hope you liked this video give me a thumbs up and comment down below if you want Ty in more videos.” Tyler stuck up his. “And don’t forget to subscribe. Bye my cuties. Until next time.”

What Are You Wearing?

Oliver has always been observant of Felicity’s outfits, they make her very hard to resist.

This is my entry for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon for the prompt: One More Time, organized by @thebookjumper.

I had no beta so the mistakes are mine. Also available on AO3. Hope you enjoy!

Over the years, Oliver had tried to school his reactions to Felicity’s outfits. He knew he had no right to judge or tell her what to wear but she seemed to be unaware of just how attractive she was. Oliver was just being a supportive friend, trying to protect her from the many men checking her out. She might be oblivious but Oliver was not.

Felicity was always aware of Oliver was paying attention to her outfits. Even if she didn’t let him know.


The first time he recalled noticing her outfit was when they agreed to meet at the cancer fundraiser with plans to catch the dodger.  As she walked into the ballroom, Oliver and Diggle looked up and Felicity did not miss the gulp and dilated eyes of Oliver Queen. He walked toward her and said lowly “you look amazing.”

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Because there won’t be a chapter today, let me at least post a little snippet of the next chapter for Paint Me In A Million Dreams.

Harry wished he was drunk.

He was at the bar, music playing loudly behind him. Barbara was off to wherever, and whoever had come from their crew had already left. Paul had come up to him before he had gone, handing him a key card for one of the rooms in the hotel the party was held at. They’d pick him and Louis up in the morning. This way they could enjoy the party without worrying how to get back to their own hotel. Paul had arranged for clothes to be brought over, so Harry had nothing to worry about.

Harry frowned a little deeper, looking into his glass. Nothing to worry about.

For the past five years, he had worried about Chris Lyall. Harry had worried about all the things that bloke had that Harry didn’t. Which mainly had been nothing else but Luke. Now, he had split from Luke, and Harry still wasn’t over his jealousy, and he wasn’t sure why.

Chris and Louis sat at one of the tables, talking with their heads close, lips brushing each other’s skin when they leaned in to make their voices heard over the loud music. Louis had rested his hand on Chris’ thigh, and his posture was open.

Anyone with eyes could see his agenda.

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anonymous asked:

Emma freaks out when she hears Regina went to the hospital, but she gets there she finds out it was just for an impromptu meeting

Thanks for the prompt :) 

TW for child abuse.

Emma frowns as she walks into the Mayor’s office only to find it empty. She whirls around before turning to her assistant, “Hey Abby, where’s Regina?” 

“Oh she had to rush to the hospital…”

Emma doesn’t hear the end. All she hears is ‘rush’ and ‘hospital’. At those two words panic and dread hits her full force and before she knows it her magic kicks in poofing her to the hospital. 

She hates that phrase. Rushed to hospital. In foster car it was always bad news. Normally, when Emma heard that, it meant that that person was either being removed from the home or worse…either way it meant they were never coming back. 

She’s heard it too many times…and to hear it about Regina makes her blood run cold. Just the idea of Regina never coming home is enough to break her heart. 

Emma races through the building until she finds a receptionist, “Regina Mills, where is she?” 

The receptionist looks at her panicked, alarmed expression in confusion before pointing to a room across the hall, “In there.” 

Emma nods bursting through the doors only to see Regina and a bunch of doctors and the administrator of the hospital seated around a conference table. Emma sighs in relief before blushing as she looks at the group, “I…I…um…”

Regina stands, “Excuse us a moment,” she says before looping her arm through Emma’s and leading them out of the room. Once they’re alone she asks, “Emma, are you okay?” 

“i am now,” Emma says quickly wrapping Regina in a tight hug, “I’m just glad you’re okay.” 


“Abby said you were rushed to hospital…I…I’ve heard it so many times…and…I just thought…not you…”

Regina nods hugging Emma back as she kisses her cheek and promises, “Not me. It’s just an emergency board room…the hospital’s running out of funds and we need new equipment…I’m okay Emma.”

Emma smiles leaning down to kiss Regina lovingly as she whispers, “Please come home to me tonight.” 

Regina nods with a matching grin as she promises, “Every night.” 

Did You Say... He? | 02

Member: Kim Taehyung

Genre: Fluff, humor, Roommate!Tae

Word count: 1,460

A/N: Omg I did noT EXPECT THIS TO GO SO WELL THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ILY T~T here’s the second part in the series, I have no idea how many there’ll be in all. And I just had to make a snap for this, bc that would be the cutest shit. Hope you all enjoy!~

      You didn’t know what to say. I mean, what could you say? Oh, yeah, I said all that. Wanna go out sometime? NO. YOU COULDN’T. So, you being you, you tried to get out of there as fast as you could. Tripping over yourself, sure, but you made it out just fast enough that you could slam the door shut from a quick-footed Tae. Swearing that the fear was pumping adrenaline into your veins, you ran faster then you ever did. Fuck me, fuck him, fuck Cara, fuck Cara’s hamster, fuck this school, fuck this life, I CAN’T DEAL. Whipping out your phone, you shakily texted Cara while sprinting to the library.

You: mert mw at thw lubrary ib fuve munots

Cara: Got it.

       Arriving at the giant double doors, you leaned against the railing, panting like a dog. Shit, I hate running. Just then, Cara drives up and hops out of her car.

      “So what’s up?”

      Oh, you couldn’t believe that. “What’s up? What’s up? He knows my darkest secrets and all you can say is ‘what’s up’?!” Throwing your hands up in the air, you sat on the steps with your head in your hands. I give up. Whatever. SMITE ME, O MIGHTY SMITER. YOU HAVE ME IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS.

      “Hey, it’s okay. Don’t worry. He doesn’t seem like the type to tease you about that-”

      “You know damn wel-”

      “I’M TRYING TO HELP HERE, OKAY, LEMME FINISH. As I was saying, he doesn’t seem like the type of person to do that, and then tease forever. C’mon, he’s a boy, boys do stupid shit like that.”

      You reckoned that she was right, still throwing a few things back at her. “They don’t expose their secrets to their crushes…” you mutter under your breath.

      “Oh, they don’t do that. but they do make fun of their dick size.” You both looked at each other in silence, before both bursting out in laughter. “OOO, WAIT, my roomie told me there’s a party being thrown by a few junior and senior pops, we should go!”

      You coughed a few times and gestured to your distressed figure, and tilted your head to her with a skeptical smile.

      “Well, then I’ll drive you back to your dorm, you get all made up, and we go.”  You knew you shouldn’t be doing this.

      So you didn’t.

      As soon as you got to your room, you slammed the door and locked it shut. Flopping onto your bunk, you curled up, a happy ball of joy, seeing that Taehyung wasn’t here. 

      As time passed by, you drifted off into a light slumber, only to be awaken by the vibration of your phone. With a groan, you stuck your arm out from your cocoon of blankets and grabbed it. Flinching from the light, you saw the messages from Cara and panicked.

Cara: He knows you’re in your room honey~

Cara: He’s gonna come get you and drag you here if you don’t show up in ten minutes. 

Cara: So you’d better get your pretty ass up and over here.

      fUCK- shitshitshitshitshitshitnonononononononO

      While rushing to get ready, you grabbed your phone and stared at the screen with wide eyes.

      Snapchat - 30s


      Do I open it…? Fuck, I don’t wanna leave him unseen… Or onseen… Fuck it.

      OHHHHHH NONONONO HE KNOWWWWWS HE DEFINITELY KNOWS KEEP CALM (Y/N), KEEP FUCKING CALM. Okay, so, you’re okay. It’s just that he might come and drag you there. It’s okay. No worries, right? Right. All good.

You: I’ll be there in a bit

Taehyung: That’s my sweetheart~

 This was going to be one long, dreadful night.

      Your goal was to get there, stand in the corner with a cup, and go unnoticed. A very stable plan, you told yourself. So, you got there, stepped through the front door, cursed yourself for coming, and slipped through the crowd. Bodies were all around, making it almost impossible for you to get anywhere. Finally, after many attempts and elbows to the face, you finally made it to the kitchen. Grabbing a cup, you turned to hide in the corner.

      But, what fun would that be?

      Once you turned, you bumped into a firm chest. Looking up in horror, you saw the beautiful face of Kim Taehyung, looking possibly ethereal tonight.

      His low chuckle traveled to your ears, his arms slipping around your waist. “Whoa there, babygirl. Take it easy. I’m glad I didn’t have to drag you here~ Now, come with me, I have a friend I want you to meet.” Before you could retort to stop him, he held your waist and guided you through the vast sea of people. Coming up to the beer pong table, he locked eyes with someone and brought you over to the stairs. A few seconds later, a boy with pitch black hair showed up.

      “So is this the girlfriend you wanted me to meet?” That earned him an elbow to the gut. He slightly flinched and held his hand out. “Park Jimin. Tae was right, you are quite a sight for sore eyes.” Another elbow.

      Tae rolled his eyes and whispers to Jimin, “Can you go one conversation without flirting with people and telling girls I called them hot?” All he got was a quiet, ‘nope’ from Jimin.

      With a quiet laugh, you took Jimin’s hand. You really did NOT expect him to bring it to his soft lips and leave a kiss on your knuckles. He chuckles at the blush on your cheeks, and smiles sweetly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).” Taehyung pulled you up into his arms before you could say anything back and he sent a death glare to Jimin.


      “Okay Jimin, I think that’ll be all. Goodbye.” Tae slithered back through everyone and brought you to the kitchen, where it was dramatically less condensed. You looked up to see a slight frown on Taehyung’s face, as he grabbed for a cup of vodka. “Maybe introducing you to him wasn’t such a good idea…”

      “Awwwww, is my sweetheart jealous? That’s adorable.” Your little comment brought a smile to his face as he leaned on the counter and looked at you over the brim of his cup.

      His voice was barely audible, as he mumbled into the cup before downing the whole thing. “And if I am?” Oh. OH. You didn’t expect that. You really didn’t.


       Luckily, Cara spotted you and bolted over with a shit-eating grin. “Are the two roomies getting together? You two look so cute in here. Ahhh, college couples.” Hearing her last statement, you turned to the sink and spit out the liquor, your quick turn almost giving you whiplash. You could hear the sound of Taehyung choking on his second cup, a coughing fit coming from his lungs. Cara’s laughs was spreading through the kitchen, and you knew she was dead after this.

      She was so fucking dead.

      You went back up to her and smiled at Tae, an iron grip set on her arm. “Excuse us for a moment, Tae.” You pulled her out the back door and took in a deep breath. “I swear to god I will break a bottle on your head and slit your throat with the shattered glass yOU ARE SO DEAD OH MY FUCKING GOD HOW COULD YOU DO THAT??? HOW??? WHY, MORE IMPORTANTLY?? UGH, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU. This is complete bullshit. You made him blush, and choke, and probably hate us both for the rest of our poor, miserable, sad lives. I mean, he already knows that I think he’s super fucking hot, and that- wait, what are you looking at…?” Cara was standing in front of you, wide-eyed and slowly raising her hand to point a finger over your shoulder. Slowly you turned around and looked up at a smirking Tae, his arms smugly crossed over his chest.

      “So, sweetheart, it seems like my accusations were correct.” By now, Cara had slipped away and jumped the fence, leaving you two alone. His arms found their way around your waist again, as his head leans down to your neck. Soft, gentle kisses are places near your ear, the sensation sending electric waves down your body, every part of you prickling in anticipation. His hot breath fanned over your ear, as he pulled you flush against him.

      “Why don’t we just go back to the dorm, hmm?”

Jealousy Is A Good Look On You: Yongguk

You were never one to be jealous, well, at least openly complain about being jealous. Usually you would keep it to yourself and move on, maybe cling onto Yongguk a bit more than you usually would but it had never made you feel the way you felt in this very moment. Yongguk was on a variety show with his group and each member got paired up with a girl group member to do challenges and complete missions. Everything was going great although Yongguk and the attractive girl were losing to the other teams. They stopped for a break, giving the stars some time to catch their breath and redo their makeup. As the director yelled cut you stood up, going to go get some much needed attention from you slight jealousy and that’s when a small tinge made you stop dead in your tracks. The petite girl grabbed onto yongguk’s arm and whispered something gently into his ear, giggling like a child. Too close for your comfort. You headed towards the two and when she let go and laid a hand on your boyfriends chest and smiled softly up at him. “I think you need a little hyping up so you can win this thing, sir.” You ‘accidently’ called him. “Can you excuse us for a moment.” Yongguk’s naturally deep voice came out calm as he escorted you and himself away from the touchy female. He brought you guys towards the bathroom where not many people were and pushed you slightly against the wall and leaving a small space in between you two. “It’s a job y/n, you know that. She was just being nice.” He reassured you. You rolled your eyes and brought your hands to his hips and looked over his lips before giving him a small pout. “I don’t like when people touch what’s mine.” You spoke softly, your fingers going up his baggy shirt slightly. “She was being a bit too nice for my liking.” You leaned up and nipped at his exposed collar bones. His hands went to your hips as yours slid up his shirt, resting flat against his abdomen. You trailed kisses up his neck before leaving small love bites on his smooth skin, nipping gently with your teeth. “You’re jealousy practically controls you…” He spoke gently, his voice sending shivers through your body. You couldn’t help but give him a small smirk, the smirk, soon faded because his hands unbuttoned your jeans quite quickly. “We had a conversation about you marking me up, princess.” “It doesn’t mean I follow rules, sir.” You spoke innocently as his fingers traveled down and rubbed perfect circles on your clit, causing you to let out a soft gasp. “People…might see.” You spoke softly, digging your nails into his chest. “You don’t seem all that worried. I know how your filthy little mind works, babygirl…you are just praying for that stupid bitch to walk over here just to see me finger fucking you so she knows who I belong to.” He rasped into your ear as he thrusted two fingers inside of you at what felt like the best pace. You balanced yourself on his chest as you breathed heavily and tried to suppress your moans of pleasure. “You had a lot to say a minute ago, where’s that voice now, kitten?” He teased and you were at a loss for words as you neared your orgasm, his fingers began to slow down and that caused you to grind into them. “Sir please…let me cum.” You squirmed and whined out. He stopped his movements and you huffed in annoyance real quick as he licked his fingers and gave you a cock and teasing smirk “I bet you would’ve let that bitch cum.” You buttoned up your jeans as he chuckled at your frustration. “We can continue this at home if you behave, now go sit down like a good girl while I try to cover your jealous habits.” He referred to the small bruises you had made on his neck, you smirked at your handy work.

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Imagine #13 I Missed You

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“Y/N! Are you ready to go?”

“Yes mom! I’ll be down in a second.” I quickly grabbed my purse and phone and looked in the mirror one more time. I was wearing a white dress paired with nude pumps. It was simple but fancy. They said we would be meeting with other people, one of my dad’s acquaintances, turns out they are pretty important to my parents. I walked down the stairs carefully and saw my parents already waiting by the door.

“I don’t see how you take that long to get dressed.” My dad laughed, but complimented me on my outfit.

“Men never will.” My mom said and smiled at me. “Now let’s go.”

The ride to the restaurant wasn’t that long. I have heard of this one before, it’s one of the most expensive and fanciest restaurants around here. It had one Michelin star. My dad was somehow connected to the sports world and he often had fancy trips, whether it was to a country or a restuarant. Normally my mom and I travel along, but I never go to a dinner. Those were occasions for my parents only. They seemed boring to me anyway.
At the moment we were in Barcelona, Spain. He wanted to take my mom and I to this particular dinner. I asked why but he said I would see it myself. I shrugged it off till now. Who could it be?

I walked behind my parents and followed them to our table. I tried to peek over their shoulders to see who we were supposed to meet. I failed miserably due to my short height, even when wearing heels. Suddenly they stopped walking, causing me to almost bump into them as I did lose my balance. Two hands were quickly placed on my waist to prevent me from falling. I steadied myself and turned around. My eyes met a pair of hazel-green eyes. They seemed familiar, but still I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. A fine looking man was standing in front of me. I forced myself to get back to reality.

“Thank you.” I thanked the unfamiliar yet familiar looking young man.

He smirked, “You’ve always been quite the clumsy one.”

I looked at him lost but instead he gave me a wink. Do I know him?

Sure enough I heard my father say: “Ah, I see you’ve already met him.”

I was clueless. Was he talking to me? Who did I meet?

“Look honey, remember Neymar Senior and Nadine? We were very close back in the day.” I looked at the man and woman. I tried to remember something, anything. They were both smiling at me warmly.

“I don’t think she remembers…” My mom mumbled, “They lived in our neighborhood when we stayed in Brazil for a while.”

Then it hit me.

“Of course. You have a daughter, right? It’s so nice to see you again, Mr. and Mrs. Santos.” I gave both of them a hug and two kisses on their cheeks.

“Yes, Rafaella, you used to play a lot together. You’ve become such a beautiful young lady.” Nadine smiled as I blushed. “Thank you. Didn’t you have a son also?” I asked carefully, afraid I was wrong.

“Yes, where is he? I thought he was going to be here?” My mom questioned. She looked behind me acknowledging the boy who prevented me from falling. I didn’t even notice he was still standing behind me.

“Oh my god. Look at you, Juninho. You’re so grown up.” My mom gushed as she embraced him in a tight hug. My eyes grew wide. Neymar Senior. Nadine. Rafaella. And that name. Juninho. That makes him Neymar Junior. It all came back to me now. That was him? Damn. We had eye contact whilst he hugged my mom.

He then greeted my father and I was still staring at him. He finally walked over to me.

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fs + "The problem is, if I kissed you, I don't think I'd be able to stop" YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER MY LORD

Oh my gosh, thank you so much anon!! And thank you for the prompt - there were so many different directions I could’ve gone with it, but this is the one that called out to me the most, so I hope you like it!

*Set in a non-SHIELD AU



Hey Jemma! How have things been? I’m going to be in town this weekend, and I thought it’d be nice to catch up a bit.

With wide, horrified eyes, Jemma scanned the relatively simple text a couple more times before releasing a groan and burying her face in her pillow.

It had been almost a year and a half since she and Isaac had mutually decided to break up; his company had transferred him to another branch halfway across the country, and they’d agreed that keeping up the relationship long distance wasn’t what either of them had wanted at the time. Before the break-up, however, they’d been going strong, and it was the last serious relationship she’d had – but, she kept up with him on social media, and she knew that he had a gorgeous new girlfriend.

Of course, when the subject arose, she could just tell him that she’d been focusing on work, or was simply uninterested in a relationship at the moment – she could even respond to his text by telling him that she was too busy to meet up at the moment, even though it was a blatant lie.

But, they truly had had a wonderful relationship, even if it hadn’t lasted long, and she didn’t want to miss an opportunity to catch up with an old friend just because she was embarrassed to admit she hadn’t had a serious boyfriend since theirs ended (or because she was afraid that he’d think she was still into him, which was infinitely worse).

So, what was she to do, then?

Sighing in indecision, Jemma rolled over onto her side, where her gaze landed on her nightstand. There, sitting beside her alarm clock, was the framed picture she and Fitz had taken together on their trip to Peru last summer, wide grins plastered on their faces.

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Road To El Dorado Sentence Starters

“Excuse us for one moment please”
“This could be our destiny”
“You dare to impute my honour”
“Now I’m the thief?”
“Any last words?”
“I’ve got a plan”
“You pet him and I’ll run!”
“Who ordered the uh.. pickles”
“I will not tolerate stowaways”
“So uh… how’s the escape plan coming?”
“Gimme a boost”
“You’re talking to a horse!”
“You made my life an adventure”
“I could use a little help!”
“Wait a minute, new plan”
“It bit me in the butt!”
“Your arrival has been greatly anticipated”
“You do not question the gods”
“I’m sorry I just got carried away!”
“Come, let me show you to your temple”

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Pretty Boy

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: Can I request a Dean x Reader where Sam runs into the reader, who is an old friend from college who recently joined the “life”. But Dean starts flirting with her and it makes Sam really mad.

Warnings: Language (I think), sexual innuendos.

Word Count: 890

A/N: I know it’s not exactly the request I took a little artist license. That being said I hope you still like it even with the changes.

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Slamming your glass down on the bar, you indicated to the barkeeper to keep them coming. Tonight had been a rough one. You had been successful in killing the vamps but not before they killed a teenage girl.

Picking up another shot, you held it up to the light. Looking at the golden brown glow it cast you contemplated how you had got here. You had been on the fast track to an amazing career when your parents had been murdered by vamps. After that you had made it your life mission to protect as many as you could from the supernatural world.

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Just Thought I’d Check in on My Beloved - Pt 2

Benvolio glanced around the palace foyer, admittedly rather confused.  Either he was the first to arrive (the more likely considering he’d never been alone with their sovereign before), or he was in fact here to meet the Prince alone (the less ideal of the options, because a private meeting with the Prince did not strike him as something positive).  

“Signore Montague, thank you for coming so promptly.”

The man in question turned to see the prince enter, and bowed respectfully.  “Of course, Your Grace; ‘tis not often my sovereign requests an audience.”  Escalus gestured towards a large study, and Benvolio could not help a sense of unease as the doors were closed behind them.

“I regret that this is not a more pleasant meeting, but something has happened.”

Fear tightened every muscle in his body.  “Rosaline?”  The intensity of his concern surprised the young Montague, but he could not fathom another reason the prince would summon him without the Lord of his house.  

“No, I assure you this is not regarding her.”  His eyes flashed for a moment, with what looked strangely like jealousy, and again Benvolio found himself watching the prince with narrowed eyes.  “This is…about your cousin.”

All thoughts of his betrothed fled from his mind, confusion replacing them.  “Romeo?”

Escalus nodded, regret in his eyes.  “The evening of the feast of the Great Houses, an unknown criminal entered into Romeo’s crypt…and mutilated his corpse.”  He paused when Benvolio inhaled sharply, and the Montague could not hear the rest of the prince’s explanation over the roar of his blood rushing in his ears.  A gentle hand on his shoulder grounded Benvolio after a moment, but could do nothing to ease the nausea and grief threatening to overwhelm him.  “Forgive me for bearing such terrible news, Signore Montague…I could not risk inciting vengeance by telling the head of your House, but felt it important that you know.”

“I beg your pardon, You Grace…I…I must take my leave,” he choked.  Without waiting for a response, Benvolio gave a sloppy bow and stumbled out of the palace.  He was so consumed by his grief and rage that he did not notice his betrothed calling after him as he passed her.

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Rick’s eyes follow you in disgust as you walk through every room of his house. Sometimes you’ve the feeling he hates you more than Negan, because it was you who dragged Daryl in the van. And now it’s you who looks after him.

It hurts.
It hurts, because from every guy you know it has to be him you fall in love with.

A small sigh escapes your lips as you reach his bedroom he shares with Michonne. They’ve to sleep on the floor since they’ve took their mattresses.
But then you spot something else under one of the blankets and Rick sees it too. His breath becomes heavily as you go inside and you take the gun and a pillow.
“I..” His voice dies as you put the gun in the pillow and throw it back on the ground.
He’s speechless as you go out of the room and downstairs.
When Negan finds out, he’ll not hesitate to kill you and then one of Rick’s group. That’s why you hope he doesn’t do or say anything stupid. You’d do a lot for the guy you like, but dying?
No. Definitely not.

“Found anything?” Negan asks.
“No.” You shake your head and look back at Rick, but he’s still silent.
The frustrated noise which leaves Negan’s mouth turns into a laughter and confused you turn around to him.
“Look at these fucking hearts in your eyes.” Negan whispers as he leans forward.
“I don’t..”
“Ah, ah. Don’t lie.” He says and gestures to Rick to wait for him. “Excuse us for a moment, but busi-fucking-ness.”
Rick looks like he couldn’t care less as long as you disappear soon.

“My right hand and the leader of another group. Fantastic.” Negan laughs again and you want to open your mouth as he continues to speak. “Let’s use that to our advantage.”
Your face getting pale before it turns red in anger. Of course, he doesn’t congratulate you and helps to set you up.
“Over my dead body.” You snarl in his face.
“Well, when he’s in that kind of shit.. I’m just fucking with you.” He tries to calm you down as your knuckles turn white.

One look in his eyes and you know that he wouldn’t give up and it pisses you off. The desire to rule over this man is more important to Negan than your feelings. Maybe you should remind him that it’s you who is always loyal to him, no matter which decision he makes.
And that’s how he wants to thank you.
You both turn your faces to Rick who seems irritated from Negan’s shit eating grin and your angry face.
“Well, that’s getting more and fucking more interesting than I thought.” Negan says with childish anticipation. “I can’t fucking wait how it ends.”

You neither…

Part 2?

How Did You Manage This?

It was his mother’s birthday, being the doting son that he was Simon had planned a full day of spoiling her. Especially since as of late he felt he’d been less than stellar at spending time with her and his sister as a family.

Knowing his boyfriend would be gone all day Jace decided to plan a surprise of his own, not only for Simon but for Mrs. Lewis as well. It had taken her awhile to warm up to him, she kept stating that Jace had the ‘bad boy’ look and thought he was going to hurt her son. However lately things were better between the unlikely pair because Elaine had seen with her own eyes how Jace adored Simon.

She confessed to him she’d seen them kissing a few times, saw the way Jace looked at her son. Caught the way Jace always reached out to touch Simon gently when they were in social settings. Holding his hand, or his palm on the small of Simon’s back, or a pinky brushing against Simon’s dangling hand. It was like Jace the ‘bad boy’ needed someone to hold him up, he was just as vulnerable and invested in this relationship. It must have dawned on her that Jace needed Simon too, and in fact her son could be capable of hurting Jace as well.

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