“And at last I see the…–holy f*ck is that a scauldren???”

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By the way to anyone who fucking dares to call Annie “heartless” after this chapter, after seeing her calling Reiner a bastard for wanting to kill Marco simply because he knew to much, and after seeing in how much fucking tears she was and how much she was hesitating to do it, only after Reiner started basically manipulating her into doing it, and even after she did it when she was the one crying most out of everyone;

I. Will. Fucking. Fight. You.

So...I finally watched the mindy project finale...

Danny is DEAD to me. F#$% that asshole.

Not only does he forbid Jody from pursuing Mindy, but he did it while he was already in another relationship with someone. Then in the elevator he tries to play the victim, claiming he had to put his life back together, making Mindy feel guilty. That is the literal worst. I have a zero patience policy for people who play the victim and use guilt trips to get their way. THEN he has the fucking nerve to make Mindy the other woman, to turn her into a homewrecker without her knowledge.

That’s not fucking love, that’s not some misguided proof that he’s still in love with her. That’s proof that he’s a possessive, misogynistic, selfish bastard who is not worthy of Mindy’s love. 

If he truly cared about her, then MONTHS ago he would have agreed to be a stay at home dad since he was the one that was adamant about Leo having structure. IF he truly loved her, he would want what’s best for her, he would want her to be happy, even if it meant being with another man (don’t get me fucking started on how it was okay for him to move on with someone else, but not okay for Mindy to do it, fuck that shit). IF he truly loved her HE WOULDN’T HAVE MADE HER COMPLACENT IN AN AFFAIR. 

Adios Danny. Unless they freaking lobotomize him, I am done.


High School Days #4 (Forever and Always)

Scott and Beauty both turned around to see Aaron pointing a gun at them. “AARON?!” Beauty exclaimed. “Yes. It’s me.” Aaron said, coldly. “W-What are you-” She suddenly stopped. She looked closely at his face. His eyes are filled with tears and he was shaking. She knew that the Aaron she knows is still there. “Look. Aaron, there’s no need to harm anyone. Please, put the gun down. We can talk about this.” She tried to reason with him. Aaron looked at Beauty. He wanted to stop, but he couldn’t. “I’m sorry. I can’t.” He said before pulling the trigger. The bullet hit Scott in the shoulder. “AAGH!!” Scott screamed in pain as he put his hand over the wound, having it covered in blood. “Scott!!” Beauty screamed as he slumped over against the lockers. Just then, Mike and the others ran up to them. “Scott?! Oh my god!!” Fritz screamed. Anthony looked at Aaron. Aaron immediately ran away and Anthony gave chase.