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How I read 'the looks on their faces when we came back with security were priceless' was amazing. Seeing you just in sun glasses with 'Haha' imprinted on them, striking poses every time you move. "Roses are red, violets are blue! I am so gonna f*ck with you!"

LMAO RIGHT it made my day ,,
as soon as it happened i said “excuse me?” and leaned down in front of this kid like a foot from his face and told him slowly to “keep that word out of your mouth”
they didnt believe us when we said they should probably run because we were coming back with security and oohhoohhh man i cant even describe the satisfaction of walking in with two big dudes in uniform and seeing the Terror of consequences coming back to bite them in the ass

one kid just fuckin BOOKED it out of there. he was out and up the stairs in a split second like Nah yall are on your own (he was one of the ones who didnt say anything)

the rest tried to follow but me and security both were all NUH UH COME BACK HERE and the ship called their parents *chinhands*

bottom line do not fuck with me or my best friend because we are both gay and vengeful

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Hi I can you do 24. "It's six o'clock in the morning you're not having vodka" 42. "Stop being cute" With Baron Corbin please?

Baron had been home for 2 days and early next morning he was due to fly back out, that night you were lay in bed curled into Baron’s side, tracing his tattoo’s. It was something you knew relaxed him and it helped distract you both from the fact he’d be leaving in a few hours.
“Come with me.” He muttered as he brought his hand up to gently run up and down your arm. Sitting up slightly you look over at his face to check if he was being serious.

“What?” chuckling in disbelief you sit up fully now causing Baron to do the same.

“Come with me on the tour.”

“Like now or in the future?”

“Yes now.” He grinned at you, taking your hand in his. “We both don’t want me to leave, I cant sleep without you next to me and we both know you hate your job.”

Sighing you looked down at your entertwined hands. “I can’t just up and leave work, yes I may hate it but that’s still no excuse. Besides we haven’t planned anything, I don’t have a ticket and what if WWE won’t let me stay with you?”

“Why wouldn’t they let you stay with me? If they didn’t I’d get us our own hotel. As for the ticket you let me worry about that. I know you’ve wanted to travel and see different places so why not? I need you with me babe, please.” Pulling your hands to his mouth he kissed each knuckle gently. “So what do you say?” He smiles hopefully at you.

“Stop being cute” You smile at him releasing his hands and swinging your legs off the side of the bed. “But my answer is yes. I’ll come with you.” Getting up off the bed you see Baron grinning at you, he quickly crawls over the bed to you and wraps you in his stong arms, pulling you back down onto the bed him covering your face and neck in kisses.

“Yes! I love you soo much honey.”

“I love you too.” You mumble wrapping an arm round his neck to pull him down for a loving kiss. He pulls away after a few seconds causing you to pout.

“You have to pack babe, we’ve got a flight to catch.”


Arriving at the airport you were more than a little nervous, you hated flying and tried to avoid it when you could. Of course you’d flown out to see Baron before but you’d had a drink or 2 then to calm your nerves, now it was around 5:30 in the morning and you couldn’t exactly drink then. Sitting with Baron you waited for you flight, your leg bouncing with nerves. Baron glanced across to you noticing your nervous habit, he gently places his hand on your knee rubbing soothing circles with his thumb. Leaning over he puts his chin on your shoulder and kisses your cheek.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s got you so nervous our are you just gonna keep bouncing your leg? Which we both know is gonna piss me off eventually.” He chuckles in your ear hoping to get the same reaction from you, when he doesn’t get a response from you he sits up more concerned. Gently cupping your face he forces you to look at him.

“Okay seriously, what’s going on?” placing a kiss to his palm you place your much smaller hand over his larger one.

“I just….I’m terrified of flying okay?” looking up into his deep brown eyes you start to relax a little.

“But you’ve flown to see me before?”

“Yeah but I’ve had like half a bottle of vodka before then.” You blushed and looked away ashamed. You had to admit it souded like you had some kind of problem, which in a way you did. You had a fear of flying and that was the only way you’d step on a plane to see Baron.

“So that’s why you always insist I fly out huh?” Baron mused out loud to himself but you nodded anyways not wanting to meet his gaze. “Well it’s six o'clock in the morning you’re not having vodka" Leaning down he places a soft, reassuring kiss your lips. “Well it’s a good thing I’ll be sat with you whole way and you can cling on to me for the entire flight.” You glance up at him seeing he’s giving you the goofiest smile you’d ever seen, nuzzling into his chest you  feel him pull you into his lap. “I promise I will not let anything happpen to you.” He mumbled into your hair placing a couple of kisses there. Your moment was inturupted by your flight being called, Baron stood up gently sliding you off his lap. Gripping his hand in yours you’re sure he was going to have little nail marks but he didn’t seem to complain, pullling you into his side he led you to the plane.

Finally you made it to your seat and you’d already chewed through one hand of nails and were about to start on the other hand when Baron grabbed it.

“Hey. You’re going to be fine.”

Gripping the seats you glared at Baron. “I’m going to die. I’m not going to be fine.” Suddenly the plane started to move and you gripped the seat even tighter squeezing your eyes shut. That’s when you feel Baron’s lips on yours, his tounge slowly finding yours. You were to lost in the feeling of the kiss to notice that the plane was now up and in the air and people were starting to walk around, giving you funny looks. Eventually Baron broke the kiss slightly breathles and you gave him a lopsided smile, gently scratching his beard.

“I told you you’d be fine.” Baron cockily grinned pulling away from you fully, making you whine slightly at the loss of contact.

“Shut up.” Pouting you looked out the window, you had to admit the view was beautiful and once you were in the air it wasn’t so bad.

“So. Guessing no more vodka on flights?”

“Hmmm I don’t know babe. You aren’t that good.” You wink at him deciding to get up and stretch your legs. He playfully slapped your ass as you walked by shaking his head. God was he gald you agreed to tour with him.

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🍒 a little scenario: You and Monsta X members randomly start playing FMK and Shownu asked you 3 member including 2 of your celebrity crush and your real crush Minhyuk without knowing and you accidentally said ‘‘I cant kill Minhyuk I like him’‘ infront of him … and then you realize what did you just said and made up some excuse and leave with all red face and after 10 min you get a message from your best friend Kihyun….. 🍒

- Kitten ^^

dont rb this post ok but like ive spent the last 4 years trying to get my probably straight best friend to come to a gsa meeting just Once and shes always had some convenient excuse why she cant and its like Jesus Fuck just say u dont wanna be in a room with a bunch of loud homos bc just one is almost too much for you just say it okay i can see it on your face!!! god it upsets me so fuckin much that i love and adore someone who does that patented fucking straight person face when i talk abt gay rights and says “how can i help” when i vent abt homophobia like GOD . god i hate straight people lmao they dont even have the fucking guts to support people who they actually like on a personal level

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Hello and welcome to the undertale imagines community, you'll do great. Could you please write US papyrus and ut/uf Sans with an S/O that has a serious RBF (resting bitch face, if you'll excuse the terminology)? It's kinda hard to tell when they're mad or just spacing out or thinking about a game

Ah, Hello and thank you! And I don’t mind the terminology at all.

Stretch (Us Papyrus)
He’s fine with it, he pays more attention to your body language and the tone of your voice to determine how you’re feeling. Though he asks from time to time as well when he cant seem to get a good read.

Classic (Ut Sans)
He is…. distressed. He can never tell when something is wrong with you because you always look like you’re upset. He constantly checks with you to make sure you’re okay. It may seem a little annoying every now and then but he just wants to be certain that youre alright. He loves you and he never wants you to feel like hes ignoring you when you’re upset just because he cant tell.

Red (Uf Sans)
This cuddly porcupine has a MAJOR case of RBF. He always looks like he wants to tear you apart. But where he comes from he needed to look like that. Old habits die hard I guess. So he lets you tell him whenever you’re upset. That way he doesn’t upset you by asking about it. Other than that he just chills with you.
Ahhh, I hope you enjoy thiiiis

Bed Side Manners Ch. 2

(Juice x OC Charlie)

@come-join-themurder @ouijaboardmystery @lolsthecat @calumonoxide @bluegrassgirldownunder @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine

(Gif courtesy of @lolsthecat)

Charlie rushed through her other two rounds grateful those two were asleep. Once she got finished grabbing some antibacterial ointment, gauze, and a pillow she made her way back towards the officer outside Juice’s door.

Inside his room Juice was starting to wonder where Charlie was at. She was so pretty and he couldn’t understand why she cared so much about him. She was probably just acting. It was her job, that was it she was just doing her job.

Soon Juice could hear muffled voices coming from the other side of his door. He was starting to get concerned as one voice started to get louder then silence. Soon his door opened and in stormed Charlie followed by Deputy Cain.

“Don’t try anything.” Charlie rolled her eyes at the officers demand.

Juice had to hold back a laugh at her annoyance. “Wouldn’t dream of it.” Juice snarked back. A satisfied smile on his face as Cain took the cuffs off.

Charlie huffed as she pushed her way up to Juice’s side. She laid out the things she would need on his bed side table and took his hand in hers. She lifted it gently to get a better look, when she went to get back up to grab a glove from behind her she bumped into the deputy. “Excuse me? You know you can leave I just needed your key.”

“Ma'am I cant..”

“No actually you can.” She cut him off. “He was stabbed, he’s on pain medication.” Charlie was getting upset over the situation. “Now if you will excuse us I will be in here doing my job, and you can go out there and do yours, ok?”

“The cuffs..” Cain started but was once again cut off.

“I know how hand cuffs work. I’ll put them back on.” Cain huffed and conceded handing over the cuffs and walking back out.

Once the door closed Charlie took a deep breath, grabbed a glove, and turned back to Juice. She plastered a tight lipped smile on her face before slipping the glove on sitting down and getting to work on his wrist.

“Are you gonna be ok?” Juice was really starting to worry about her. She had gotten really upset and her eyes looked to be glossed over as though she were going to cry.

She took a deep breath before answering. “Umm yeah, sorry. I just.. it bothers me.”

“What’s that?” He prompted her to continue.

“It’s just, you’re still a person are you not? I mean … just because you did something bad doesn’t mean you are a bad person. So, until I see a reason to change that belief I don’t see why you should be treated like an animal or something less.”

He had known this woman for all of an hour. He had barely spoken to her. Yet in this moment watching her wrap his wrist, he was in complete awe as a feeling of respect for her grew in him. The thing he was most shocked over was realizing that he did not want to let her down. He never wanted to give her a reason to change that belief in him.

“Thank you.” Was all he was able to mutter as she finished. Charlie looked up at him with a small smile. They simply stared at one another for long moment before she unconsciously squeezed his hand bringing them back to Earth. Noticing that she was still holding his had she blushed and pulled away.

“It was nothing, really.” She dismissed her actions easily. “It’s my job to take care of you after all.”

Charlie stood and reached for the pillow that she had place on the foot of his bed. “Let’s get you a bit more comfortable.”

She grabbed the remote at the side of the bed and pushed the button to sit him up a bit straighter. Once he was all the way up she instructed Juice to hold on so she could lower the front back down without him going with it to leave him sitting up right.

“Ok you ready? I’m gonna add this one to you lower back then help you lay back down.”

Juice held on to the bed rails as she reached behind him adjusting the pillows in a away that would make him more comfortable. When she leaned over he caught a wif of something that smelled oddly like chocolate coconuts. “Ready?” She asked pulling him from the want to lean in just a bit closer.

“Yeah, what should I do?” He was unsure of himself all of the sudden.
“I’m gonna put one hand on the back of your neck the other on your back just hold on to me. Ok? I’ll do most of the work.” Juice nodded his understanding.

Charlie placed herself and Juice followed suit. “Ready? Take a breath and let it out. You have to be relaxed or its gonna hurt more.” She warned.

As she slowly lowered him to the bed Juice couldn’t help himself any longer. He pulled her just a little bit closer to breath her in. In doing so she slipped and fell over his chest, ‘his extremely firm chest’ Charlie mentally noted.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry, are you ok?” She rushed to sit up but didn’t make it more than a few inches locking eyes with him for a moment.

Juice’s heart was pounding in his chest. He didn’t feel any of the pain he should have felt because out of no where adrenaline had started to work it’s way through his veins.

They stared at each other practically nose to nose for a longer than nessecary moment before Charlie awkwardly pulled a away to stand up right. “I’m am so so sorry, did I hurt your back?”

She was nervous and Juice couldn’t stand it she was so cute and sweet he had to ease her worry “I’m fine I swear.” The truth was however, as the intensity of the moment wore off so did his slight adrenalin kick, causing pain to shoot down his back. “Really it’s my own fault” he continued at her unconvinced face. “I should have warned you I’m heavier than I look.” He finished with a slight smile.

‘Yeah cause your all bronzed God muscle’ Charlie had to shake herself from her own thoughts. “No its mine I’m short, and I was on my tip toes, I though I had you but…” She paused mid sentence  and looked around with just her eyes, body frozen in place. She seemed to be looking for a thought. Then she found it “Medicine!” She awkwardly announced. “You need your medicine.”

She gave him the pills and a cup of water. Once he’d taken them. She smiled and pointed at the door. “I’m gonna..yeah…let me know if you need anything…. just ah… push the button… umm..yeah.” and just like that she was gone.

Only once she had left did he notice she forgot to cuff him back. Juice grabbed the cuffs and did them up himself. As much as he loathed having them he didn’t want to risk her getting into trouble and not being allowed back.

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(Gif not mine) 

The whole time I was writing this chapter the song Kiss The Girl was playing in my head with Sebastian'so voice!!

IMAGINE: Kai is new to your college .. 

you tapped your pencil on your desk as you look at the hundred 20 year olds texting one another as the teacher lectured. 

“Y/N?” professor called your name across the room echoing slightly. 

“yes, mr. Saltzman?” you stopped tapping your pencil eager for his reply. 

“go to my office, theres someone new here that’ll need to learn where all their classes are.” he said, smiling slightly. you looked over to your friend and shrugged heading towards the door. 

his office was only a few turns down the hall so you jogged over.

as you burst into the office due to your running; you see a boy spinning in Saltzman’s chair. 

“i uh-you cant-” 

“Hi, i’m kai.” he stopped spinning and was now facing you. “you’re the hot college girl thats gonna show me around hm?” he asked eyeing your body with an impressed smirk on his face. 

“excuse you? ill have you no i am not just a pretty face; I’m top of all my classes  and you seem like you barely made it through high school.” you huffed, and crossed your arms. which made him look straight to your boobs then back up at you. “feisty, thats also hot” he winked. you rolled your eyes already anoyyed with this cute, hot, tall, toned boy(hottest guy you seen here). your thoughts made you zone out “hello?” he said inches away from your face. you look up and your mouth was now centimeters away from his. he’s looking down at you waiting to see what you’ll do. you turned around and walked  towards the door to show him where to go. “this way!” you said, blushing slightly but he cant see. 

he eyed your butt and waist and bit his lip. you can see from the corner of your eye. 

all the girls in this college are gonna swoon over him.. 

“Kai, im Y/N” you looked over to him and smirked, which happens to be your smile. 

“listen, I’m sorry for flirting with you so hard- its just you’re so pretty; i get nervous” he shrugged slightly walking by your side now. 

you let out a deep breath and did a friendly smile not knowing what to say. “you’re not too bad yourself, kai” you looked at his papers once again. “you’re in the same classes as me, huh…i guess ill show you the classes as the day goes by since we have the same classes” 

he rubbed his neck and smiled cheekily, his michael jackson t shirt was tight around his toned biceps. you really couldn’t stop day dreaming about him. 

he followed you to Saltzman’s classroom, “the class started like 10 minutes ago so don’t worry you didn’t miss anything ..” you guys pushed the doors open and you pointed at the empty chair that is across the room from yours. he frowned slightly but went over. 

saltzman was writing on the board and turns around to see kai.”and who knows the reason behind- kai?” saltzman squinted at him and quickly backed up slightly. 

kai waved at him. “Is there a problem, professor?” 

Saltzman’s eyebrows furrowed and he said, “Class dismissed early!” a little to loud. everyone rushed through the door but you and kai stayed behind. you were always last to leave the room due to always forgetting things behind. 

“Y/N, why don’t you go and help ms. miller with her new shipments from the other library?” you looked over to kai and back at alaric. 

“oh uh actually i promised elena i was gonna help her with her uh- the- homework!” you snapped your fingers once you got it right and quickly walked out of their feeling their eyes. 

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I Mean it When I Say ‘I Like You’

Author’s Note: This is my first fan fiction ever, thanks to @tranquilcontemplation​ for helping me edit this beautifully!! please be easy on me and enjoy!! Part 6/6

Type: Fluff/Angst

Member: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You wanted to get drunk and just have a good time, sure enough you did, but it took someone to change your mind to want to remember it all the next morning, and maybe the next couple of weeks.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

A week had gone by and you hadn’t seen Jimin. The only way you even knew he was still alive was because of the short messages he managed to reply to your text messages with, but other than that there were no signs of life from him. Even those vague texts ceased to exist after he ignored your calls.

“So you haven’t heard from him at all?” your friend asked you, worried, as the two of you sipped on your coffees while making your way around the college campus. You shook your head slowly as you stared at the floor before letting out a loud groan and roughly brushing your hair out of your face. “This is exactly what I wanted to avoid!” you said in annoyance, “I didn’t want to like him because I didn’t want him to suddenly change his mind and leave me hanging like this!” you said clenching your hand into a fist on your lap when you found a bench to sit on. Your friend watched you sympathetically and sighed as you sat next to her, “I’m sorry for pestering you about him in the first place” she said softly, looking away. You glanced over at her and frowned, “No it’s not your fault… has his friend told you anything about him?” you asked, defeated. Your friend sipped from her coffee and gestured a disappointed no with her head, “I’ve tried asking him but he says he’s just as clueless about Jimin as we are” she replied while looking at you. The pair had hit it off quite quickly after the night at the club and began to date. You sighed again and leaned back onto the cold bench while your mind spun the situation over and over again, but it provided no help or solution. “What if you go see him? Like at work?” your friend suggested, sitting up and turning her body to face you. Your eyes narrowed as you met her eyes, lit with enthusiasm, but you scoffed, “That’s way too needy. It’s gonna look like I’m really hung up on him or something” you added indignantly, sitting up.

“No look, text him and let him know you want to meet to talk things out, whether he says yes or no, you go. There’s nothing wrong with you wanting to set things straight, even if you didn’t date. It isn’t fair he left you hanging like that if he wasn’t looking for something more with you” your friend asserted, turning away from you and leaning back again. You stared at the cup in your hands, eyebrows furrowed in thought, trying to understand. He seemed to like you and his actions up until that kiss demonstrated nothing less, so why the sudden negligence? Had he found another girl? Was he already with a girl before you met, and you simply became a break from her? It felt like you knew him but at the same time you didn’t. You took in a deep breath and sighed, “I don’t know… let’s just go home” you replied, not sure if you were answering your friend or yourself.

The afternoon drifted by and you pondered over the idea of texting Jimin. You finally built the courage to do it and asked him if you could meet. You moved on to doing chores though your apartment, but enough long minutes had passed to make you forget you had even reached out to Jimin. Finally, you checked your phone and braced yourself for the, ‘I can’t today’ message, but when you unlocked the screen he hadn’t even replied. It didn’t matter anymore if you met with him or not, it all grew annoying to you. You knew he was rejecting you, but you assured yourself that you could work this out by yourself. It wouldn’t take you long to get over him. You scoffed and grimaced in disbelief at the fact that he couldn’t even make up excuses, a clear sign of just how bad he didn’t want to see you. Rubbing your eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh, you shouted to your friend in her room, “Lets go out? Like clubbing?” She took a while to shout a surprised “Really?!” back to you. Her head peeked out of her bedroom door and grinned, “I’ll go if you go.” You walked towards her and shrugged, “I’m going” you said smugly, turning to your bedroom. The sound of her feet scrambling excitedly back into her room let you know she agreed.

The two of you dressed up and finally left your apartment. The city lights glistened as you traveled further into its night. Upon arrival, you registered that you’d be third-wheeling the whole time, but ultimately shrugged it off. Once inside the loud music thumped in your chest and you didn’t hesitate to take several drinks to lighten your mood. In a few minutes you were dancing with a stranger. For the most part, he kept his hands to himself, with the exception of his hand on your hips as the two of you swayed in synch. You only left the dance floor momentarily to get more drinks and a breather. As soon as you downed the beverage and finished fanning yourself as a relief from the heat, the both of you were back on the dance floor.

As you danced, you scanned your surroundings in search of your friend but your eyes landed on Jimin, and immediately your gut wrenched. Initially it was shocking just to see him there, but what really delivered the blow, what legitimately made your heart sink and your body freeze up was the sight of his hands resting dangerously low on some girl’s hips while she grinded roughly back into him. Jimin looked up, eyes momentarily locking with your stunned eyes, body stiffening at the pained expression before him. An abrupt grip of your shoulders by the stranger you were dancing with was the only thing that snapped you back to your senses. You told him you needed some air and he shrugged dismissively, seeming annoyed by your sudden strange behavior, and you practically ran out of the crowd of sweaty bodies. By the time you reached the bar, Jimin was approaching you. “Y/N wait!” he shouted over the thumping music, desperately clutching your hand in his. You yanked your hand away at his touch and faced his guilt-filled expression. “Back off Jimin” you said, forcing yourself to look away, “No, Y/N let me explain” Jimin said, almost pleading. “Let’s talk” he said, moving directly into your line of vision. The only thing you could manage was to glare at him as you smelled the alcohol from his breath. He took your hand once again and guided you out of the club. As soon as you were away from the noise and people, you stopped and turned to hug your arms and shield yourself from the cold.

“What the hell Jimin?” you asked aggressively as he watched you with a smug snicker smeared across his face, making you angrier. You were undoubtedly certain that to him, you were nothing more than a one night thing, but you liked him, and that alone was enough to make you boil with anger. “I know I know…” he replied, still smiling. “Wait, hold on, why were you dancing with him?” he countered defensively, and you couldn’t help but furrow your eyebrows and scoff in disbelief. “What do you mean? That was nothing compared to how you were practically letting that girl fuck you on the spot!,” you countered, raising your voice. Jimin laughed and you scowled at him, “Y/N, you know what, I’m drunk, really not in my right mind” he said but he didn’t have to tell you twice. His body seemed overly relaxed and still, that grin was glued to his face, angering you even more. “That’s your excuse?” you blurted, crossing your arms over your chest and shivering a little, but you made an effort to not let it show. “What’s yours, are you jealous?” Jimin challenged. You raised your eyebrows and scowled at him, making Jimin’s grin disappear. He scoffed, “I’m sorry, look, I’m really drunk” he said in between suppressed laughs, “I can explain everything but right now, I just-I cant-” he said but was interrupted by a full fledged laugh this time. Just like that, you raised your hand and let it create a red mark on the soft skin of Jimin’s cheek.

Jimin’s mocking expression dropped immediately and he clenched his jaw as the stinging on his cheek snapped him up a little. You couldn’t help but feel stunned at your own actions. The only reason you slapped him was because you couldn’t deal with how unbelievably irritating it was to hear how comical he found the whole situation and everything he made you go through . This was another side of Jimin, drastically different from the caring and respectful guy you had known the last couple of weeks. The two of you stood in silence for a few seconds until Jimin slowly rose his eyes to meet your stare. “You’re an asshole, Jimin” you hissed, shoving him as you made your way back inside the club. Jimin ran behind you and took a hold of your hand, “Y/N wait, I’m sorry, I am, let me explain… please” he pleaded. Suddenly, you heard the Jimin you had really known in his voice an softened under his genuinely caring tone. He pulled you close and guided you to the hotel you were all too familiar with.

You walked through the same path as usual, into the elevator, up several stairs, and into the rooftop. After approaching the edge and stopping in his familiar spot, Jimin turned to you. His hair moved in several directions due to the breeze and you gripped your arms tightly from the biting cold. Jimin cautiously got closer and pressed his hands on your arms, hoping that despite the distance between your bodies, he could somehow provide warmth with his palms. “I’m sorry I didn’t answer you…” he started, looking away from your disappointed eyes. “I didn’t mean to leave you like that… Y/N” was all he could manage before swallowing hard and letting out a frustrated sigh. “Why are you doing this Jimin?” you asked softly, all traces of anger gone after having calmed down. Jimin met your gaze and pressed his lips together, “Y/N, I-I… I’m a mess okay? And I like you, a lot actually” he said, rubbing small circles on your arms with his thumbs. The warmth of his hands sent chills down your spine, but his words didn’t help your shivering body. “Then why… why are you ignoring me? And that girl- were you planning to sleep with her?” you asked, and Jimin’s hands grew still as he looked away from you once again.

“Jimin?” your voice barley a whisper, following his gaze. When he finally looked at you, his expression was sincere and he simply scoffed while pulling you into his embrace. Your eyes widened but you couldn’t reject him, your body screamed at you to reciprocate, so instead you hugged him back and allowed for the warmth from his body to transmit into yours. He buried his nose on the crook of your neck and inhaled your perfume, feeling a smile form on his lips against your skin. “Y/N I really, really like you, but…I wanted to be someone better for you and, I guess I knew something like this would happen, so I wanted to fix my vices before dating you but…” he confessed, his voice trailing off in the end. “I’m a mess, Y/N… it may not seem like it but trust me, I am. Just believe me when I say, I like you and I want to be good enough for you” he added, and the feeling of his warm breath on your neck made you melt into him. “But, you’ve been nothing but good to me, Jimin” you replied into his shoulder. “No, I haven't… I was out here with someone else when that could’ve been you” he countered, and your stomach tightened at the truth of his words while your grip on him loosened, only making him hold you tighter.

“Y/N, I want to be with you” he admitted, “But only if you’ll accept me” he added softly.

Jimin lifted his head to look at your face but you turned your eyes away from him. “I promise this will not happen again, I wont let myself hurt you, even if you accept me as the mess that I am” he said, his expression softening as you met his gaze. You stared at him blankly and let out a laugh at the pattern of cheating men you seemed to be attracted to. Jimin’s expression turned puzzled and his arms dropped to his sides gently, “No I get it, I’ve already messed up…” he said defeatedly while staring at the floor. He felt pathetic in front of you, and he hated the feeling, but he hated himself more for bringing himself into this in the first place. You looked carefully at him, his face just seemed so vulnerable and sincere, and something changed your mind about the pattern you thought you followed. You fathomed that he wasn’t like your ex, or any of them for that matter, at all. With one short step you closed the distance between the two of you and held him tightly. Jimin’s gaze met yours as your face inched closer to meet his lips. You cherished the feeling of his cold, soft lips against yours and in a matter of seconds he was holding and kissing you back.

The kiss was deep and gentle at first, but after several long seconds without speaking, your kiss was asking for more. You broke away reluctantly as Jimin’s forehead rested on yours, catching your breath. “I want to be a mess with you” you said, allowing a smile to creep onto your lips. Jimin closed the distance between your lips once again and you knew he was asking for more too with the way he pressed his lips more this time. “Let’s go…inside” you said between the short times you left his lips to breathe. You felt Jimin nod as he moved away and held your hand, guiding you back into the hotel. The two of you made your way back down and despite the growing need for contact with him, you held back and tested your patience as he decided to go back to his apartment.

When the two of you arrived, just like the first time, he threw his keys somewhere and never turned the lights on as the two of you giggled between stumbles into his bedroom. Inside, you lied down on the bed and Jimin adjusted himself on top of you. You kissed like there was no tomorrow and in the madness of not being able to hold back any longer, the two of you were under the sheets. It was as if both of you were trying to memorize every part of each of your bodies as your hands eagerly traced every curve and line of soft skin.

You lay next to Jimin, face buried into his bare chest as his arms encircled you. You slowly began to drift into sleep but before you did, Jimin softly held the side of your face and gave you a light peck on the forehead.

“Don’t leave me in the morning this time because I promise you, I will buy coffee at your job for the rest of my life”

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Pref #6: Your One Direction song

Stiles: Strong - Think of all the love wasted

  Before Stiles meet you he had been in love with Lydia Martin since the 3rd grade. Then you came in with your perfect smile and musical laugh. Your soft skin and hair silky hair, there was no way Lydia can compete with you. The ironic thing was that Stiles meet you while talking to Lydia. You had been new to the school and your locker had been next to the red-head.

“But Lydia-"Stiles said

"No Stiles” Lydia snaps

“Um excuse me” A soft voice says

“What!?!” Stiles snaps impatiently before being taken back by your beauty.

“Sorry you’re on my locker” You explain sheepishly embarrassed

“Yeah no that’s ok, it was my fault” Stiles says quickly. He steps back pushing Lydia back.

“Seriously?” Lydia scoffs

Stiles shushes her before turning his attention back to you “So you new here?”

“That obvious” You respond pushing your hair behind your ear.

“No but I would have definitely known if you lived here” Stiles leans against the lockers trying to look cool.

“Stiles I’m leaving” Lydia huffs hate being ignored and getting angrier as Stiles just waves her off and stomps off mad.

“You should probably follow your girlfriend” You say biting your lip struggling to open your locker.

“Here let me” He replies opening it for you easily as you look at him gratefully “And she is not my girlfriend, I used to wish she was”

“Used to?” You echo

“Yeah, someone else caught my eye” Stiles looks you in the eye seriously

You blush looking at your feet before looking back at him “Well I think it’s great you got over her”

“Yeah, I think so too” Stiles says smiling at you

The bell rings causing the both of you to jump up.

“So, I’ll see you around?” Stiles asks uncrtain

“Yeah” You smile brightly closing your locker giving him one last look before walking down the hall.

Stiles looks at your back longingly ‘Please look back. Please look back. Pleasseeee look back’ He thought desparately. As if you read his mind , you look back at him still smiling as you turn a corner. Stiles cheers fist bumping in the air even though a teacher (Mr.Harris) gave him detention for not getting to class on time, but it was worth it.

Derek: You & I - Nothing can come between you and I Not even the gods above can separate the two of us.

It happened fast, was the only thing Derek thought as he sat beside your hospital bed. All these tubes in your arms with a breathing mask on your face.

You and Derek had just gotten back from your parents house and was now heading back to the apartment Derek had bought him and Cora. You held his free hand as he drove. You had been singing and dancing along to your favorite song. Derek looked at you, he shook his head smiling at you. He continued to stare, basking in your beauty when he noticed a light surrounding you, that is when he knew you were an angel sent from above. Though as quick as it came it was gone the moment he realised it was a truck’s headlights. You looked at him when you noticed his eyes widen in panic though before you can question it you felt an emenise pain shot through your body and you let out a blood curling scream making Derek flinch as he felt the impact hit him.

So now here you are with machines attached to you, the thing keeping you alive. His hands under his chin while he watched you lie there still. You were only human and he was a werewolf, a supernatural creature that could heal instantly. He knew this would happen when you came close enough to have a place in his heart. Everybody around him gets hurt, you were no exception. He rubbed his face, before getting up and pacing the room. He stopped and punched the wall causing a crack, he was about to hit it again when a voice stops him.

“Derek?” You call out weakly

“(Y/N) he said rushing to your side

You tried to sit up pulling off your breathing mask wincing in pain.

Derek pushes you down "Hey, no be careful ok?”

“What happened?” You asked

Derek sighed and rubbed his forehead looking down “I almost lost you”

You give him a look and shake your head slightly “Don’t do this to yourself, it’s not your fault”

“Yes it is. That’s what I do (y/n), I let down the people I love”

You place your hands on each side of his head gently pulling it up “Hey look at me”

Derek shifted his eyes around the room not at your face.

“Hey look at me” You demand softly stroking his cheek “You are not going to lose me. I will go through heaven and hell before that ever happens. I love you Derek. Nothing and no one can separate us, got it?’

Derek nods feeling the warmth of your hands on his face "I love you too”

“Good cause you’re stuck with me forever” You smirk

 Derek looks at you with a glint of amusement in his eyes “Im surprisingly ok with that”

“Great” You say kissing him softly.

Scott: I catch your eye and you turn away. But there’s no hiding that smile on your face

You were walking aimlessly around the new school your mother had thrown you into, looking for you're science class. You sigh looking at your paper and up at the class room number before turning away since it wasn’t even near the one you had.

“Hey are you ok?” you hear a male voice ask

You turn to face the person but only got a muscular body in front of you. Your eyes slowly trail up to his face “Uh yeah me? Im fine”

“Are you sure?” the uneven jaw yet totally attractive guy responded

“Uh…..No” You reply, your shoulders hunched “Im lost”

“Here let me help you” he said gesturing to hand over the schedule to him.

You give it to him as he stands near you

You hold in your breathe as you tried peered over him.

“Ah Mr.Harris AP Chem yikes. wouldn’t want to be late to his class. You're  actually close just further down the hall and make a right and it is the 3rd to last room and you are there” He explained

You smile at him gratefully “Thank you so much….”

“Scott” He finishes

“ (y/n) ” you answer

“Beautiful” he murmurs

A light blush falls on your cheeks “ I’ll see you around?”

He gives you a full smile “Definatly”


You enter Ms.Blake’s English class and you take a seat in the row near the window close to the front. Halfway through class you felt the hairs on the back of your neck go up as you felt eyes on you. You look around the class to detect where it is, your eyes land on Scott as he stares at you. Your eyes meet as you bite the inside of your cheek before turning away a smile escaping your face. Which was reflected on the mirror cause Scott to smile back to himself before finally paying attention to the lesson.

Isaac: I don’t care what people say when we’re together

You and Isaac were walking down the hall holding hands as you chatted about Mr.Finstock and his unhealthy hated towards Greenburg.

You laughed as Isaac insulted Greenburg as you turn a corner. Alison and Stiles stop you guys as you round a corner, in panic well more like Stiles.

Stiles started to flail around rambling about twilight returning and sourwolf says that a vampire is in town.

Isaac smile almost laugh “Ok I got like half of that, so Alison stay with (y/n) and protect her as I help thanks”

You pull him into a kiss before he leaves and breathlessly say “Isaac, be careful”

“For you always” He said kissing you

He ran off with Stiles leaving you to worry next to Alison.

You hear a Alison sighed “I can’t believe that I have to babysit you”

You turn to face her, eyebrows narrowed together “excuse me?”

“I was just saying that if you weren’t so weak than you wouldn’t need anyone to protect you. You cant fight , you’re nothing, just another human with no special qualities about them” Alison says

“What does that make Stiles” You ask with a raised eyebrow

“Resourceful because he ,at least, is useful. You’re just a liability. Don’t know why Isaac stays with you when he can have someone as strong as me” Alison rolls her eyes

Then it clicks in you mind that she had feelings for your boyfriend but before you can open your mouth to reply someone had already beat you to it.

“Im with her, Alison because she is kind and she is caring and she is selfless. And it’s real, I can be myself around her. I love (y/n)” Isaac says walking up to you lacing his fingers with yours.

“Whatever” Alison mutters walking away

You turn to face him “ I love you too” You stand on your tippy toes giving him a big kiss.

“I don’t care what people say about us, it’s our relationship not theirs, just us.” Isaac says kissing you on the forehead.

“You and I against the world” You say tugging his hand away from the lockers,

“For you always” was all he said before leading you out of the building.


R.I.P Alison Argent it has been quite the journey and Teen Wolf will never be the same.

Hate it or Love it || Nate Maloley imagine ||

     “Nymeria get up, its the first day of school!” My mom yelled from the kitchen, I sat up and rubbed my eyes “Oh fuck” I said trying to not fall back into my bed and sleep for 5 more hours. But I pushed myself out of bed and took a shower, I blew dry my hair then curled it into loose bombshell curls making sure to take extra time to perfect them as best I could. I wore a light blue flannel and a pair of dark buckle jeans, I put on fake lashes to emphasize my eyes and some concealer to make me look like I was awake instead of a walking zombie.

     “Bye mom" I said waving to my mom I closed the door behind me, I slung my backpack over my shoulder and walked to the bus stop which was only 5 minutes away. I started to walk to the bus and got out my phone and started to scroll through instagram "Hey lil mama.” I heard a raspy voice call out, I refused to look up from my phone. I felt an arm snake around my shoulder I put my phone in my pocket and pushed his arm off “Nate stop” I said disgusted “Come on babe” He said brushing a piece of hair behind my ear I slapped his hand away “Stop touching me!” I said walking away from him “That ass in those jeans though!” He yelled from behind me, I was utterly revolted I couldnt stand Nate but Nate couldnt have enough of me.

          *At school*

I walked into school and my best friend came up to me and engulfed me in a hug, “Come with me right now I need to tell you something.” She said grabbing my hand and leading me into the bathroom, the bell rang “Hurry up I need to go to class." I told her "Okay so I heard from a friend that Nate wants to ask you to the back to school dance!" She said beaming "And im going to say no you know I fucking hate him and all his fucking friends.” I replied as the tardy bell sounded through the school “Oh my gosh Nymeria! Your down bad for that I know you cant hate them all." She said "But I do, I need to go to class see you later.” I said walking out of the bathroom to my math class in no rush.

     I walked into my math class without knocking to purposely piss off my teacher “Excuse me mrs. Nymeria you need to knock before just entering my class room!” She said slamming the door in my face I knocked on the door again and she opened it. “You can sit in the back right by mr. Maloley.” She said pointing to Nate. his face lit up he pulled out the chair next to him “You've got to be fucking kidding me.” I thought to myself “Have fun with Nate.” Sam smirked “Fuck you Wilkinson.” I said continuing to walk to my seat.

     "Hey babe" Nate said when I sat down “Nate I swear to god if you call me that again I will punch you in your fucking face.” I said “Sorry babe.” He said sitting back in his chair laughing. My teacher started to teach some bullshit then I put my head down and slowly felt my eyes start to close then the next thing I knew I was out cold. “NYMERIA PICK YOUR HEAD UP RIGHT NOW!” I heard my teacher yell, I picked my head up “Oh im sorry I didnt know that me sleeping was disturbing your class.” I said hatred lacing through my words “OFFICE RIGHT NOW!” she yelled “Why do you gotta be so hard on her, she was only sleeping?” Nate asked “You can join her Mr Maloley both of you out!” She yelled pointing to the door.

     Me and Nate walked in silence to the office and we waited for the principle in more silence “Good job princess now were both in trouble.” He said with that dumb fucking smirk that never left his face “You did that to yourself lil boy.” I retorted “You know that we could leave school right now and we wouldnt have to deal with any of this.” He said raising and eyebrow he got up from his chair extending his hand “You coming?” he asked, I thought for a second do I really want to spend anymore time with him than I have to? Or do I want to stay at school? The choice was easy, I grabbed his hand “Lets go then.”

I will only be doing a part 2 if its requested. Love you guys!      

Teenage Runaway [Michael Clifford]

So many years of being called out for using contractions. For improper posture. For un-attained behavior. It was like your parents were communists. You swore they were at times. You were seventeen. Still a minor. But that would change in a couple months. The day you turn eighteen, you were determined to move out with your best friend Michael who’s been there from the start. You smile at the thought. You had grown feelings towards him but that would change everything and you knew that. You would spend nights, sneaking into his bedroom where the both of you would just plan on all the things you would do together. Now that he’s a part of a band changes everything. And that’s what you were afraid of. Not having a helping hand. But he swore he’d be there in every step. And you believe him. Or your trying to, that is.

“Y/N!!!!!” You hear your father yell. You wince. Why cant they just shut up for a day? You think to yourself, walking into the living room. You see the both of your parents with the same disapproval look etched on their face.

“What?” You ask, trying to mask out the groan in your voice. Your mom fluttered her eyes, a frown tugging on her lips.

“Excuse me?” She asks. You roll your eyes.

“I asked what? You guys summoned me and I am asking what have you called me for?” You state in monotone voice.

“We don’t summon you. We’re were calling for you.” Your dad says, trying to keep his calm. You fight the urge to roll your eyes.

“Okay. Fine. But what do you need?” You ask.

“Your breaking off ties with Michael.” Your mother states. You almost choke on air.

“Sorry. What? I don’t think I heard you correctly.” You say. Your father rolls his eyes.

“Your breaking ties with Michael.” He repeats rather dully. 

“I heard you.” You say coldly at your father.

“Tone, young lady.” Your mother hisses. This time, you don’t bother rolling your eyes.

“No.” You say boldly. This was the first time you were backhanding your parents. Some kind of spark ignited in the pit of your stomach. You felt your heart beginning to race as you saw the fury in your moms eyes.

“Excuse me?” She asks in a hight pitched voice. 

“I’m not breaking ties with Michael.” You say.

“Yes you are. Its obviously taking a toll on your grades. And your behavior. You need to get your priorities straight. Hanging out with some multi-colored hair guitarist isn’t going to get you anywhere in college. Your engineering-”

“Screw college, okay?” You cut your mom off. The spark in your stomach was growing and you felt the adrenaline pulse in your veins. 

“What has gotten in into you?” Your father asks, anger traced in his voice. Normally, you’d be scared as hell but not this time. You were going to stand up for yourself. You were going to tell them off.

“I am sick and tired of you controlling my life. Y/N, perfect posture. Y/N perfect grammar. Y/N perfect grades. Y/N perfect this, perfect that. Whatever. But now you want me to stop talking to the one guy who’s actually kept my sanity in this house? Who believes in my dreams. Who actually thinks I can achieve my goals if I stick to them. Who has full utter faith in me and doesn’t bring my self confidence to below zero?! I’m not going to fucking stop talking to him. You should be glad i’m actually calling you my parents. Your more of instructors than parents.” You yell. It felt as if your shoulders were lighter but you were heaving because of using so much breath. You watch your father trying to maintain his anger.

“That is it. Your going to boarding school.” He says.

“TO HELL WITH BOARDING SCHOOL!!! I’m leaving this house!” You shriek, racing to your room. You pack all your belongings. Its actually happening. You thought to yourself. No more controlling parents. You finish up packing the necessities and swing the bag over your shoulder. You rush out the door, ignoring the pleads of your mother. You look over your shoulder only to see your father following you.

“Y/N COME BACK HERE THIS INSTANCE!” He rages, his anger getting the better of him. You feel your feet beginning to run. Your heart was pounding with adrenaline. You hurriedly pull out your phone, looking back at your dad who was hot on your trails. Thanking god that Michael hadn’t left for tour, you quickly dial his number. 

“Y/N?” You hear Michael’s familiar voice ask.

“Michael.” You breathe hiding behind a tree.

“You need to pick me up, like right now.” You pant.

“Y/N, whats happening?” He asks with worry. You look back to see if your father was near. Luckily he lost you.

“Its happening Mikey, i’m running away.” You say with a smile on your face.

“Are you serious? Wait, why are you panting?” He asks.

“My dad. Hes chasing me. If you don’t find me, hes going to take me home. I don’t wanna go home.” You say.

“Okay. Ill get you. Just stay within the perimeter of your neighborhood.” He says before hanging up. You stuff your phone in your pocket and look back to see your father. You push your bag up and begin to run again. You cross the street to suddenly hear a horn. You look back to see Michael’s car. A huge smile plasters on your face.

“Y/N DONT’ YOU DARE GET IN THAT CAR!!!” Your father screams, his face red. You bite your lip. You cant just throw everything away. You shake your head at the stupid thought and run to the car.

“Y/N!!!” Your father screams again, running with full force. He was about to open the door but you slam the door shut.

“DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!” You yell as you see your dad lunge for the door handle again. Michael steps on the gas, making the car speed forward. You look back and hear your dad scream multiple profanities that would be heard miles away. You sigh and throw your bag in the back seat. You slump in the seat, your heart beating utterly fast. Adrenaline pumped throughout your body. Michael laughed.

“You did it. A couple months before you turn legal though.” He says. You nod. Soon your heartbeat came back to normal.

“I never felt that way.” You breathe.

“What do you mean?” He asks looking at you for a short second.

“Like, I felt the weight off my body when I told them off. I feel light. Weightless, even.” You say. He grins at you. You peer outside.

“Michael, where are we?” You ask, looking at the queer emptiness.

“I have no clue.” He says, turning off the ignition. You get out the car and feel the breeze sweep across your body. You close your eyes and leaned against the cars trunk. You felt so light. Like a tissue floating away.

“Y/N?” You hear Michael breathe. You don’t bother opening your eyes. You hum in response.

“If I try something, promise you wont be mad?” He asks. You open your eyes and look at Michael. His light greyish green eyes twinkled in the moonlight. You nod. He walks over to you, his finger brushing under your chin. He slowly pulls you in to meet his lips. You close your eyes. This was the moment you’ve been waiting for. All the years of friendship. His lips were soft but gave so much passion. He tasted like sweet peaches. You feel the warmth of his hands beside yours. He finally pulls away much to your dismay.

“You know what id like to call you other than being mine?” He asks making you laugh.

“I never said I was yours.” You state. His cheeks immediately turn red.

“I mean, well, if you don’t want to-”

“No no, I want to.” You say softly making a huge smile appear on his face.

“But do you wanna know what id like to call you?” He asks. You smile at him.

“What?” You ask. He presses his forehead against yours.

“Teenage Runaway.”


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kuusou-kun  asked:

In your art there's a certain intensity on the eyes, that makes me recognise it right away. also the doversity of body structure as well as faces reflects very well diverse ethnicities (above all you draw hot people... memes aside)

i cant help but draw most of my ocs hot im sorry but thank you for your input!!

I dunno I think eyes are super important not just for make a character look unique but for giving some personality ;D

like this is from my super old sketchbook but i can tell you who’s eyes belongs to who bc I LOVE DRAWING EYES OK

Clocks Never Lie (Luke Imagine)

A/N: Hey guys, I know its been a hot minute since we posted anything but we are choosing a new writer next week and with that will come lots of new writing! I also start break for a few days so I will be posting the next one of the pregnancy series! Enjoy this in the meantime, its kinda long! Lemme know if you would like there to be a Part 2! :) - Danielle xoxo

You had been waiting for this day forever. Every day you had looked at your clock, the bracelet on your left wrist that would only come off once you found him, and the numbers got smaller every day. The closer and closer you got, the more nervous it made you. It was already enough pressure having to find the person that you were destined to be with, but you didn’t know who they were going to be or how you were going to meet or where. The only part the bracelet would tell you was when you would meet them. Everyone had one, your parents told you about the day they found each other and their clocks had run out. They were married less then a month later, and had you and your siblings a few years later. That’s also what you found kind of weird about it. People accepted it if you got married right away because you knew that it was the person you were supposed to be with. There wasn’t really any fighting it, and from what you were told, you just got a feeling and as your clock would run out, the bracelet would come off. There was absolutely no trying to figure out who your soulmate was, or how you would meet them, or anything like that. 

Every so often you looked down at it, slowly watching the time drift by. You had less then 24-hours until your clock ran out, and you were freaking out. You were going to a signing of some band a friend of yours liked the next day, so you thought that it would be some boy you happened to meet at the signing. You didn’t really know the band it was for, you didn’t care for or like them that much. You posted a picture of it to twitter, waiting for a couple of your friends to respond freaking out with you. What you got, was the exact opposite reaction. Turns out, none of them were very happy with you because none of their clocks were even close to running out. You were the only one who’s clock had as little time as it did. It was understandable, you were only 18 years old and still had a lot of your life left to live. You were young, with so much time yet. You didn’t know why your clock had as little time as it did, but it had always been that way. It was always smaller then those of your friends and people you knew. However you didn’t care what other people thought about it, you were excited to meet the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with.

When you got out of the shower you decided to call your friend to finalize plans for the next day. “So what time are you picking me up?” You dreaded the answer to this question because you knew it was going to be some absurd super early time in the morning. “Early. Be ready to go around seven, the signing starts at one so that should be plenty of time for us to be at the front.” You groaned, but agreed anyway. She had been begging you for weeks to go with her, trying to convince you that you would fall in love with them just like she did. When you hung up, you crawled into bed, setting an alarm for bright and early the next morning. Your dreams were swarmed with the mystery boy you were going to meet the next day. It was almost eating you alive that you had to just sit and wait, like there was nothing you could do to possibly make the time go just a little bit faster. Before you knew it, your friend was honking her life away sitting in your driveway to get your attention. It was far too early to be awake in your opinion, but you had already agreed to go with her so there was no backing out of it now.

“Good morning sunshine!” Y/F/N chirped when you climbed in the car. You groaned, she was way too peppy this early in the morning. Then you saw the Starbucks sitting in the center console, which would explain her alertness. “Your favorite is in the cup closest to you. You’re welcome.” She told you, and you smiled, you knew you were friends with her for a reason. She was playing the band in the car, 5 Seconds of Summer they were called apparently. You didn’t want to mention anything about your clock countdown, so you tried to hide your wrist as best you could. Despite your efforts, Y/F/N still noticed the numbers ticking away on your wrist. “Have you looked at your clock?! How the hell is yours so low?” You just shrugged because you honestly had no idea, it was nothing you could control, you didn’t really know how the whole idea worked anyway. All you knew is what you had been told by your parents. The rest of the car ride was filled with Y/F/N telling you just about every fact about the band that she could remember off the top of her head, which was surprisingly a lot. You weren’t the first people in line, but there weren’t many people ahead of you, which was good.

Hours passed in line, and all you could do was look at your wrist clock. It had less then an hour left on it, and the signing was starting soon. Y/F/N and several other girls were sitting in a group talking together. There were pictures of you all over the internet somehow, you heard someone say that the store had posted a picture of the first group of girls who had been waiting in line for hours to see the band. Finally, when it was time for the signing to start, you and your friend both bought CD’s to have them signed. Your clock continued to get lower 00:00:15:02  read your clock, which meant you had about fifteen minutes before you were going to meet your soulmate. You knew it was supposed to be forever with this person, that you were meant to be with them for a reason, but you still couldn’t help but feel like it was too much pressure. You hadn’t really dated anyone before, so your first serious relationship was hopefully going to begin in roughly 15 minutes. Talk about too much pressure on someone, you thought. You watched your friend jump up and down with excitement, she was only a few minutes away from meeting her favorite band. You were excited too, you were getting into them and hoped they would be nice guys. 

“Next in line please!” The security guard motioned to you and Y/F/N, and you looked down at your clock one more time. 30 seconds.  That’s when it hit you. It was one of the members of the band, and your friend was going to kill you. This was her favorite band, you felt like you were almost taking something away from her. You were supposed to be with one of them, you - “Hi, I’m Luke Hemmings, and I see your clock just ran out.” You looked up to see a tall blonde boy with a huge quiff sitting in front of you, your CD in his hand. You looked at his wrist clock as well, and just like yours it read 00:00:00:00. “So did yours… Holy shit.” You were in shock, as you and Luke were now holding up the line. Your friend looked at you, and had a mixed look of anger, shock, and joy on her face. “Excuse me, can we stop the signing for a few minutes? I need to talk to this girl.” The security guard nodded, making an announcement that the boys were taking a short break and the signing would resume soon. 

“It cant be you.. It cant be! I don’t even know you… I just started liking your band I-“ You started spewing out sentences a mile a minute before Luke could even get a word in. “Calm down! What’s your name first of all? I’m Luke, Luke Hemmings.” You took a deep breath, knowing that there wasn’t anything you could do for now. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N, its nice to meet you Luke.” “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen…” He looked like he wanted to kiss you, and you weren’t really sure what you wanted to do. You wanted to kiss him back, but at the same time you wanted to run miles away. It was all happening so fast, and if things went how they did for everyone else, the two of you would be married in less then a month. When you didn’t respond again, he took to talking for you. “Look Y/N, I know this happened really fast. But I’ve been looking at my clock for months, thinking about who it could be and now I finally know that it’s you. I know you’re the person I’m meant to be with. Will you go on a date with me? At least exchange numbers with me, so we can talk after this signing?” Since words obviously weren’t going to work for you, you nodded, giving him your phone and you took his. After you got your phone back you resumed your spot in line with your friend, hugging Luke before he sat back down. The rest of the boys signed your CD, and you patiently waited at the end for your friend to finish.

You tried to think of something to say to your friend until it ended up being her to be the one to break the silence. “You know Y/N.. I’m not mad. I’m a little upset, but I’m more happy for you. You found your soulmate and ITS LUKE HEMMINGS! How insane is that?” It relieved you to know that she no longer wanted to stab you because of the fact that your soulmate was Luke Hemmings, but you weren’t even sure that you wanted it to be Luke. You didn’t really know him, how were you supposed to trust that he was going to be the one you were going to spend the rest of your life with? “I can’t believe its him.. What in the world am I supposed to do?” “You’re going to get to know him, and then you’re going to tell your parents, and then you’re going to start planning a wedding!” She was right, thats how things worked in the society you lived in, but were you ready for it? You were still waiting with your friend by the end of the line, as security had motioned for you to stand there. You guessed Luke had told them and the boys what was going on, which was why you were still waiting there.

You also thought that the least you could do was text your parents and tell them what happened. They knew it was coming, it had happened to them after all. Sure enough, the response you got back was an excited one and they were more then happy to meet him as soon as they could. It took another hour or so for the signing to finish, and once it was done you were taken with the boys to a back room which you assumed was their green room. Luke motioned for you to follow him separately, and Y/F/N followed the rest of the boys. Luke took you to another room with some couches, and a table with a bunch of snacks on it. You grabbed a bottle of water, and sat down on the couch. He sat down next to you, careful not to get too close to make you uncomfortable. “I can tell you’re not used to this yet, and I won’t push you Y/N, I promise. Just know that we are meant to be together, and I will fight for you. No matter what it takes, I will fight for you.” 

You looked up from your bottle of water, and saw in his eyes that he really did mean it. When you looked in those huge blue eyes of his, you knew that you actually had nothing to worry about. Everything your parents had told you and the stories you had heard were true, the bracelets didn’t lie. One look was all it took for you, and you knew you were his and that he was yours. “You don’t have to fight Luke.” “What?” “I said, you don’t have to fight. I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere. I just think the fact that it actually ran out right as I met you scared me a little is all, I didn’t think I was ready. Now that I’m looking at you though… I know the clocks are right.” He wrapped you up in his arms, and you just knew you were meant to be there, you fit there like the missing piece of a puzzle. That was where you remained for awhile, until a security guard came to get you to say that you were going to meet Luke’s mum Liz. Luke led you hand in hand into another room, where Y/F/N, the rest of the boys, your parents (you guessed Y/F/N had contacted them, typical of her), and Liz were standing there waiting for you. “Everyone, this is Y/N, the girl I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. Y/N meet everyone.” Luke looked down and smiled at you, those were the words that would begin the rest of your life, with Luke at your side. The next thing you knew, you were being engulfed in a group hug by the band and hugging your future mother in law. Luke won over your parents just by saying his name. They were right all along: the clocks never lied.

(written by Danielle)

Change (Jack Gilinsky Fanfic) PART 16



 Jack’s POV

And then it happened. She was leaning in. I could see her blue eyes looking at my lips. Her hands pressed against my chest. It felt so normal yet so weird at the same time.  She was moving slowly towards me, waiting for permission to kiss me. I didn’t say no. I didn’t say yes. I didn’t know what to do. My head was devoid of any thought. Her lips touched mine. They felt foreign. They weren’t right. They were harsh and cold. I opened my eyes and that’s when I saw her. Standing by the door. Ava. I pushed Leigh away.

“AVA. Stop!. Wait, Please no!” I pleaded. But she just stood there. No movement, no speech, just a blank expression on her beautiful face. I looked closer, she wasn’t blank, she was broken. What had I done?!  “Ava please” I said but she turned and rushed back inside. I had to follow her. She ran all the way through the venue. I pushed past the wave of people trying to call her name. “Move out of my way. MOVE” I screamed as I pushed my way through.  Bella caught up to me as I got to the venue entrance. “Jack! Whats going on?!” she said

“she’s gone. She saw. Oh god, this is bad” I said. I didn’t know what to do. I fucked up and I fucked up bad.

“JACK. WHAT HAPPENED” Bella shouted at me.

“I cheated on her” I said as a tear fell from my face.

Ava’s POV

I kept running. Running. Running. Passing lights and shops and cars. Pushing past people, unable to see clearly.  I stopped and sat down on a bench. My tears falling thick and fast. How could he do this to me?!  I was crying properly now, not that silent cry that you can stifle, proper loud, snotty crying. But could you blame me? I hugged my knees, burying my head in to them.  I looked at my watch. 1.30am.  I’d been here for 2 hours. I looked at my phone. I had 26 missed calls. I took a look. 12 from Bella., 4 from Madison, 2 from Nash,  4 from Andrea and 4 from Jenn. I looked through my missed call list. I had three from Josh.

“Hello.” I muttered through my tears “I’m sorry. I could really use a friend right now”

“Ava? What happened? You know I’m always here for you?” Josh replied.

Bella’s POV

“what the fuck jack?!” I shouted, people were looking, but I didn’t care, “How could you?!”

“I-I- don’t know. It just-“ he was mid cry.

“ I stuck up for you! I told her it would all be fine. I covered for you!” I screamed in his face. I was so angry. I had sat there and made excuses for him. “I told her not to worry! ‘im sure theyre just friends’ I cant believe this”

Then she walked in, he blonde hair fell just to her shoulders, she was pretty. “Jack can we talk?” she rubbed his shoulder.

“Leigh, I cant right now-“

“please?” she said

He went to follow her.

“are you kidding me? Youre going to go with her? You want to be alone with her when Ava turns up? Cos I can assure you I wont be covering for you this time.”

“who are you? We’re friends” Leigh said.

“I’m the bitch that will slap you if you don’t get out of my face”

“woah Bella, okay calm down” Nash said in my ear


Ava’s POV

“ they were there on the balcony, and now I can’t stop crying. I literally haven’t felt this shit since-“ but I cut myself off. I couldn’t tell him how upset I had been when he left.

“since I left your house that night” he said. I could hear the regret in his voice “Ava, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to ever make you feel like that and hearing you now, knowing I ever made you feel like that makes me literally want to just pick you up in my arms and make everything better”

“that’s the problem with things like this. It’s a false sense of security. Boys. They lull you in to this safe, loving relationship, only to ruin it and leave you feeling so crappy. I feel so sad-“ I started to well up again, I was pretty much speaking through the tears- “- but the only person that could really make this better is him. I have to go” and I hung up. What was I doing? Talking to Josh about Jack when Josh did something just as awful. My phone started beeping again.


“Ava, please tell me where you are. I need to find you. We can do this together. I’ll deal with Jack”

I picked up the phone and rang a cab.  When I arrived back at the hotel, I caught look at myself in the lobby mirror. My hair was frizzy, my mascara was no longer just limited to my eyes, but rather spread all across my face and foundation? Well that was non existant now.

“oh my god Ava. There you are. Shit, you’re freezing”

We made our way up to our room for the night. I took a shower, I wasn’t sure what were my tears and what was the water.  I walked in to the room and Bells had set up a little haven for us. “just us two” she smiled. I tried to coax a smile out of myself, but it was impossible.  We lay down together and I buried my head in to my sisters chest. I cried, cried and cried some more. I think Bella may have had a little weep with me and we fell asleep. 

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i wanted to say “I love you” so badly.
i wanted to whisper it in your ear;
and laugh it into your mouth;
and when the sunlight
would hit your face
and i stare in awe;
i wanted you to hear me when
i muffled it into your sweatshirt;
or when i sang song lyrics with you.
i want to say “I love you” so badly.
when i feel it clog up in my throat
like a cough i cant let out;
a secret
im dying to tell you;
its hidden in my chest
digging itself out;
i want to get drunk
just to have an excuse
if you don’t say it back
when you’re sober;
but I love you;
and im not drunk this time.


(i’m not drunk this time.)


Fists & Knives - Chapter 8

Something inside of me secretly hoped that since I had already met Harry and finally seen his face, he wouldn’t really hide anymore.  I hoped I would have someone new to talk to or watch TV with during the long days I spent in the house when Louis was gone, but Harry continued to order food using the window and scraps of paper.  Sometimes, I would spot him on the balcony, but it was only when he was turning away to walk back into his room.

A second side of me was grateful that I didn’t have to talk to Harry.  I was furious that he dragged me into going to that fight and even more furious that he made me lick that honey off of his finger.  Who did he think he was?  He knew I was dating Clark… he made that very clear immediately after making me do what he did.  Disgusting.

In my many hours of loneliness, I began to use random ingredients to make dishes I thought would taste good and shared them with Louis when he was there - that way, I was getting a partial professional opinion (my own) and a partial “customer” opinion.  Why not take advantage of the fact that I didn’t have to pay for any of the ingredients?  I was considering dishes that I might make at my own restaurant, excited that after only two weeks, I already had saved up $1,500 dollars.  I knew that I would need much more money to actually buy a restaurant venue… but baby steps, remember?

On Friday afternoon, I finished preparing the dish I thought up that day and slid it across the counter to Louis.  He eyed it suspiciously and used his fork to lift up a few of the noodles. “These aren’t normal noodles,” he declared.

I laughed and shook my head to confirm his statement. “It’s a kind of Thai noodle. It’s good.”

Louis puckered his lips and smelled the bite of noodles on his fork.  “It smells like peanut butter.”

I nodded and pushed on his hand slightly to move the fork toward his mouth. “Yes, now try some.”

“Are there onions in it too?  And chicken?  And peppers?”

I groaned and pushed Louis’ hand a little harder, causing some of the noodles to fall off of his fork.  He sucked his lips into his mouth and shook his head. “I can’t, Kennedy.  I’m sorry.  I don’t do spicy things.  They mess with my stomach in a horrible way.”

With that confession, it was my turn to groan.  “I wish you had told me that before I just spent as much time as I did making this for you.”

Louis chuckled. “Kennedy! Everything else you’ve made has been so good.  The spicy things just REALLY mess up my stomach,” he said, putting his hands on mine and turning his head so he could see my eyes.  When I finally allowed myself to look up at him, he smiled apologetically and I couldn’t help but smile back.  

“Fine,” I said, taking the plate from him.  Just as I was about to put the plate in the sink, a voice over my head stopped me.

“Send it up.”

I raised an eyebrow as I sent it up. “It’s not pizza or a sandwich, Mr. Picky.”

Harry narrowed his eyes at me. “You think I cant fucking see that?” He snapped, pointing a hand down at the plate. 

I huffed. “Well why do I have to send it up?  Why can’t you just come down here?”

Harry straightened up uncomfortably and I could see in his face that he was thinking up an excuse. “My foot hurts.”

“Bullshit,” Louis blurted, grinning up at his best friend. “You ran halfway across New York last week and now your foot hurts?”

Harry’s face fell into a scowl as he listened to Louis.  He turned from the balcony and disappeared, I thought into his room, until his body appeared in the kitchen.  He walked to me and grabbed the plate.  I flinched slightly, a movement not going unnoticed by Harry.  His eyes flickered up to look into mine and a dark grin spread across his face.  I let go of the plate and looked at Louis as Harry leaned against the counter and began to eat.

“Well this is awkwardly tense…” Louis said slowly, his eyes moving from mine to Harry’s. 

“How is it?” I asked Harry, trying to change the subject.

Harry frowned and shrugged. “I’ve had like, one fucking bite.  Can you chill out for a minute?”

I crossed my arms tightly over my chest and watched silently as Harry continued to eat.  Like almost all of my other dishes, I knew he would finish the whole thing and then tell me what he didn’t like about it.  My eyes focused on his sharp jaw as it dropped and crunched down on forkfuls of noodles and chicken.  It was almost cute the way his tongue reached out of his mouth and hovered under the fork before he stuck the food in his mouth.  His tongue looked so pink and so soft…

“Too much onion, too much… spice.  Or whatever,” Harry said, snapping me out of my thoughts and tossing his fork loudly into the sink.  He dropped the empty plate in there, almost cracking the glass dish.  

I frowned and put my hands on my hips. “It’s supposed to be a spicy dish.”

“Well it’s too spicy!” Harry yelled as he disappeared around the corner of the kitchen.  A moment later, he was up on the balcony.

“Well I’ll be sure not to make it again for dinner tonight…” I grumbled loudly enough for him to hear.

“Go home!” He yelled from his room.  I tried to back up to see into his room, but I couldn’t even see the door.

“You don’t want dinner??” I shouted back, seeing that it was only 3:30 in the afternoon.

“No! I’m ordering a pizza!”

“I can make you one!”

Harry returned to the balcony and peered down at me. “Your pizzas taste like shit.  I don’t want your food.”

My jaw dropped as I stood there and watched him disappear from the balcony.  Louis had his eyebrows raised and was, for once, silent.  I rubbed my face with my hands, not even bothering to fix any of the hair or makeup I messed up in the process.  “What am I doing here??” I asked Louis.

He waited for me to say something else. 

I closed my eyes and shook my head. “I can’t-“

“Kennedy, no.  Please don’t say that,” Louis sputtered.  He rushed around the counter to me and grabbed my shoulders. “Look, he likes you.  He really does.  And the food? He doesn’t hate it.  He finishes all of it.  For the last couple of chefs, he wouldn’t even touch the plates.”

I shrugged my way out of Louis’ grip. “Is that supposed to make me feel better?  I’m making pizzas and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I don’t ever get so much as a ‘thank you’ from him!  I’m done.  I qui-“

Louis raised his hands frantically and put them over my mouth.  “Don’t.  Don’t, Kennedy, please don’t.  He just doesn’t…” Louis hesitated and dropped his hands.  He looked up at the balcony and checked to be sure Harry wasn’t there before lowering his voice and saying, “He just doesn’t know how to express gratitude or even be a friend.  He doesn’t really know how to interact with women.”

I frowned. “For some reason I just don’t feel like that’s true,” I said, thinking about how he backed me into the oven and made me lick his finger for his entertainment.

Louis tilted his head and semi-rolled his eyes. “I mean, he knows how to get women into bed with him.  But when it comes to just having a friend that’s a girl… he just doesn’t know what to do with himself…”

“He can’t just be nice?” I whispered, still not buying Louis’ excuse.  He was Harry’s best friend.  Coming up with excuses to defend your best friend is part of the invisible contract you sign when you become that close.

Louis was now avoiding my gaze.  He swallowed hard and then glanced back up at me. “He doesn’t trust women… Harry’s mother-“
“LOUIS!!“ Harry’s voice bellowed from the balcony above us, making both Louis and me nearly leap out of our skin.  “What are you still doing here Kennedy?  Leave.”

“Harry-“ Louis began to protest, but a dark glare from Harry shut Louis up in a second.  I could tell that whatever Louis was about to tell me was something Harry didn’t want me to know.

“Get out,” Harry demanded of me again. 

Before I left the kitchen, I looked back at Louis and shook my head. “I’m sorry.  I’m done.”

I couldn’t believe that after only two weeks, I was gone.  It was almost like my last job, but the difference was that, instead of me not being able to handle the boss, the boss couldn’t handle me.  As Garf drove me home, I was taken over by this horrible feeling of complete failure.  I had never quit anything in my life.  I was trying my hardest to think of this experience in a positive way – I had gotten a decent amount of money and at least was able to see what a difficult customer was like.  I could also rule out “personal chef” from the list of potential future job ideas.  No way.  Not again.

When we got home, Garf helped me get my bags out of the car and carried them to the door.  He slipped a card into my hand and smiled softly at me.

“Just call me if you ever need anything, Kennedy.”

I thanked him with a hug and quickly disappeared into my apartment.  It was around 4:30 at that point and Clark wasn’t home.  I didn’t think much about it as I collapsed onto my bed.

I woke up at midnight, surprised that Clark hadn’t woken me up when he came in.  The TV wasn’t on and there was no light shining under my door from his room or the living room.  I stood up and groaned as I tried to twist my bra back into place on my body.  I hated falling asleep in my bra.  My door creaked loudly as I pulled it open and peered into Clark’s room.  No lights on.  Did he just forget that I was coming home tonight?  I walked into his room and sat down on the bed.  Empty.

Despite us being so distant the last few days, I couldn’t help but worry.  We had been together two years and this was the first time that he hadn’t come home without telling me first.  The first time I called his cell phone, Clark didn’t answer.  I hit redial and listened again.

“He- hello?”


“Kennedy, what is it?”

I paused. “It’s just midnight and you’re not home… I didn’t know where you were…”

“Oh, you came home tonight?” He asked quietly.

I contorted my face though I knew he couldn’t see it. “It’s Friday, Clark.”

“I-“ I heard a muffled sound, like someone stumbling around.  “Hold on,” he whispered.  The longer I waited, the more I could feel my eyebrows forming a crease between them.

“Kennedy, I just had to stay later for school.  I fell asleep at my desk.”

“Why are you whispering?” I asked, not entirely sure I wanted to know the answer.

“My voice is just a little hoarse, you just woke me up.”

I knew that was a lie.  Clark’s voice was never hoarse in the mornings. 

“Clark?” I heard on the other end.  It was a high-pitched, female voice. “Clark, come back to bed.”

I stopped breathing.  Clark sighed.  “Kennedy, just go back to sleep.  I’ll be there in the morning.” And with that, the call was ended.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to say or what to do.  Clark was cheating on me?

If it wasn’t midnight, I probably would have called Garf to come get me.  But since it was midnight, I called for a taxi instead.  My body was rigid as I perched myself on the top step of my front porch and waited for the yellow car to pull up.  When it arrived, I jumped into the car with nothing but my purse.

“I don’t know the address but I can give you directions.  It’s not too far,” I explained.  The dark face of the taxi driver twisted with confusion, but fortunately, he agreed.

“I’ll need to stop for gas up here before we get going.”

I nodded in understanding.  I could probably use a Dr. Pepper and something to eat anyways.

The gas station was empty except for the old woman working the cash register.  Her body tensed as the bell on the door rang and I walked in, but I must not have given off a very intimidating look because she quickly relaxed and smiled at me.  I grabbed the drink and snack that I wanted and walked to the register.  As she rang up my items, I noticed a magazine next to me… Harry’s picture, more specifically, caught my eye.

Bruised Boxer? The bold letters read next to his face.  It looked like an older picture of him, or maybe just a picture from before he was beat and held captive in that house. I flipped through a few pages until I saw a picture of him again, this time from a fight.  He had his hands over his sweaty head and was shouting triumphantly.  I assumed he had just won the fight or something.  My eyes skimmed the words on the page introducing who he was and all that he had accomplished until I found what I really wanted to read.

The boxer has not made an appearance in the ring or on the street for a few weeks now, and his manager, Arnold Marks, claimed it was from having caught the flu. Recently, other inside sources have revealed to us that the flu is not the real problem – it turns out this fierce boxer is hiding away to keep anyone from seeing his new cuts, bruises, and broken bones. “He was beat up and can’t handle the criticism that he would get from it.  He’s planning on hiding away at least until his broken leg is healed,” the source told us.  Looks like this boxer isn’t as tough as we thought he once was!

Suddenly feeling defensive, I gasped. “He’s tougher than you think!”  Then, realizing that I was shouting at the magazine while the cashier was waiting for me, I sucked my lips between my teeth and put the magazine on the counter.  “This too, please.”

The taxi driver seemed hesitant to follow my directions, especially as we started to get deeper and deeper into the larger houses that had massive spaces of hedges and trees between them.  When we pulled up to the gate and I paid the driver, he did the fastest U-turn with the taxi that I had ever seen and sped off.  I clutched my new magazine in my hands and looked up at the tall gate.  The front of it was flat.  There was no way I could climb it.  I felt like an alarm would go off, even if I could.  I looked to my right down the hedges and trees, shuddering at the thought of all of the spiders and bugs in the branches.  Spiders were one of my worst fears, but unless I came all this way for nothing, I would have to get over that fear quickly.  I gulped and took a deep breath before stepping between the trees and sliding past the hedges. 

As I managed to sneak my way around the gate, Clark sneaking around behind my back popped into my mind.  I was furious with him.  How could he take advantage of me like that?  I wondered when it started.  Before I was out of the house?  Did he ever have this girl spend the night at our place while I was at Harry’s?  What if she slept in my bed?  Or what if they had sex on the couch?  I sat on that couch.  Gross.  Clark and I had always been pretty honest with one another and I was surprised that he didn’t complain about our relationship before going out and cheating.  He literally complained about everything but never gave me a reason to believe he was unhappy with our relationship.  I mean, he was unhappy all the time.  That was normal.

As I continued to sneak through the hedges and around the gate, I was surprised more people couldn’t get into Harry’s house, like paparazzi, maybe?  Or Marcus’ guys?  It was too easy.

The gravel of the driveway crunched under my feet, some of the lighter colored rocks reflecting the moonlight.  The driveway seemed twenty times longer when I wasn’t driving.  A cool breeze brushed me as I approached the door and fumbled with the keys to find the one to the house.  I was glad I didn’t give that up when I left earlier that day.

When I got the door open, I slipped inside quietly and tried to tiptoe into the living room, but I hadn’t even made it that far before a large hand was around my throat.  Another hand shoved me backward and slammed me into the wall.

“You blabbed about me to the paps, didn’t you, Kennedy?”

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Hello! Can you please recommend an anime to watch??( i'm sorry , my english isn't very good ...)