excuse you you are perfect


“Cause you’re a sky
Cause you’re a sky full of stars
I want to die in your arms,
Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark
I’m going to give you my heart“

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josuke didnt really think this through

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95z being magnets feat. me in the bg

Raise your hand if you were also a Problematic Egg™

We all started somewhere, and many of us had severely toxic & transphobic feelings towards ourselves. We may have had extremely narrow definitions of what it meant to be trans (”Well to be trans I have to fit this narrative, so I guess I’m just broken.”) which led us to internalize our feelings or fetishize gender variance, or even have been gatekeepers towards trans questioning people. 

But this is behind you. 

You can’t change who you were and what you’ve done, and it’s up to you on how you confront your old self, but the key is moving forward and getting better. Always remember that your past doesn’t define who you choose to be in the future. As long as you learn to accept and forgive yourself, loving yourself will soon follow.

You are trans, and you are valid.

dating yixing would include...

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  • having to deal with a very confused person 101 
  • finding him randomly grinding on the floor because… he’s lay
  • him being all lovey dovey to you and not being embarrassed to be like that in front of the members 
  • shows you off a lot 
  • him being sorta clingy; he’d want your attention at all times 
  • you’re the only one who is actually capable of forcing him to take breaks from his hectic af schedules;; seriously though he needs rest
  • you keeping track of everything and being organized, like from his movie filming, solo album, group performances, concerts, trainings, practices, etc…
  • yixing just casually, sleepily walking out in the morning with messy hair and sweatpants with his eyes barely opened 
  • “lay don’t you have filming for your movie or smth today”
  • “oH SHiT YEAH”
  • honestly no fights because this angel is too pure for this world and he wouldn’t be able to find an excuse to be mad at you. in all odds you are perfect to his pretty eyes
  • him forgetting his keys that day so after a whole day of practice he comes home late at night and low-key climbs through the window making sure you’re sleeping
  • last time you thought it was a burglar and almost hit him with a pan but it’s all good since he has the magical powers of healing***
  • sooooo many text messages, like “did you eat?”, “how was your day today?” but subtle things like that truly show the side of him where he cares and shows his love for you
  • i mean but it isn’t a problem for him to just straight up FaceTime you and be like “ayo ily” and hangs up
  • you reacting to his solo album music videos/music and shit and you just start tearing up and him being the innocent puppy he is he’s like “noOooO don’t cry! why are you crying?!?!” *starts crying with you*
  • randomly starts saying cheesy crap in chinese although you may not understand but you can tell from the loving look in his eyes it isn’t a bad things so >.<
  • waking up to one of his legs always draped over you and him basically suffocating you into his chest
  • although you may not be his first priority due to his job, you are in his heart and he is not afraid to express it. just be expecting a very stable relationship barely filled with any bumps in the road because zhang yixing is the definition of perfect.

Wes Bentley as Peter Hood in Gone (2012)

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Draco, Pansy and Theo own The Silver Tattoo Parlour, the wizarding world’s newest and fastest rising tattoo parlour. Hermione goes into their shop to get a tattoo after Ginny dares her to at Luna’s bachelorette party, not knowing it belongs to them. Draco draws a dragon tattoo on her, before telling her he’ll save her a dance at Blaise and Luna’s wedding when she leaves.