excuse you school

It’s 5 am; this is for @misterpoofofficial who wanted a pidgance atlantis AU. I don’t know you but it seemed like a fun idea so i drug myself over to my computer and I hope this is what you were hoping for. I know you didn’t ask me but I thought it’d be fun….

Like, I got your back, but I think I still halfway dropped you… XD

You can repost, just please don’t delete the source or claim it as your own, you know, the usual stuff that everyone says. Though I don’t think anyone’s going to try to claim this. Sorry I’m depressing

hux: hey what am I in your comm?

kylo, furiously backspacing ‘baby faced hell demon 🔥💕🍆’: uhhhh just general hux with the heart emoji 


Asche: “If I don’t have to hold back my electricity, it’ll relieve me from a lot of stress! If I have less stress, I’ll be happier! If I’m happier, I’ll evolve FASTER!! It’s a win-win-triple-WIN!!


Asche: “Zuri has never mentioned a Pokémon like that, even though she travels a lot…”

“BUT- her trainer has a Pokédex! A full one! If we search in there I’m sure we’ll know where we can find that Pokémon!”

“Transport wouldn’t be a problem either, Michael can take us anywhere! He flies really fast and knows a lot of places!”

“Aw yeah- I’ve got everything planned! Once they come here again I’ll tell them and we’ll go on a great adventure to search for that mysterious Pokémon!”


Asche: “I- I can’t really do anything if they’re not here, can I?

”Those bastards…”

“…I miss them.”

Make strong/imposing male characters short you cowards


None of this is a coincidence

Love Yourself: 承 Her
pt. ½

after-school-rendezvous  asked:

"#i don't know how to tell yall but rad's a twunk" i cracked tf up lmaoooo

*rad voice* hey, i’m a twunk alright! that is a combination twink and hunk!


located in the glamourous bund of british concession in shanghai, daoming academy is the premier east asian institute in magic. this semester, they have more magic planned than ever … (insp)

for @burkesandborgin. happy birthday faye!