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haven appreciation week | day seven - free choice

together we could be the true story of how all good things come in threes… (x)

Before it happened - Merthan perspective.

Merthan one shoot. Thank you @rina-thedirector for idea. Hope you will like it.

Japril version can be found here

Thank you J. for edit :*

Nathan was leaving the room, when, at once, all memories became brighter. The history he had with April, all the sleepless nights spent in the desert and the fact that he was here because of her. He treated her like a sister he never had. He wanted her to be happy, but Nathan wasn’t sure if his relationship with Meredith was strong enough to expose. He was hoping that his double date won’t end badly for him.


Nathan was sitting on the bench in front of the hospital. He hasn’t been that nervous since the day Megan disappeared. After he sent Meredith a message to meet him here, he couldn’t focus on anything else except looking on his phone. Nathan was so focused that he didn’t hear when Meredith sat next to him.

“So, what’s so urgent?” she asked.

“You are here, I thought you won’t come.”

“Why?” she smiled. “You want to break up with me? Because your face is so scared.”

Nathan took a deep breath and turned to her, so he could look into her eyes. He stared at her for a second before the words came out.

“I arranged a double date for us. In 30 minutes, at the bar nearby.” he said in one breath. “I know, I should have asked you first, but April is my friend. She and Jackson need to sort some things out and I thought that we can help them because well, we just started and -” he paused, looking at her.

Meredith took his face in her hands, pulling him closer to her warm body. They sat in front of the hospital, where everyone could see them. She put her lips on his. The kiss was so overwhelming for Nathan, that he almost fell from the bench he was sitting on. Nathan noticed a long time ago that every time Mer touches him, his body starts to live it’s own life..

“I don’t mind. We should go on a date, we are a couple and a double date won’t be so awkward.” she said, still holding his face.

“You mean it?”

“Yes. Let me change, and we can go.” she said, standing up.

“Thank you, honey.” Nathan said.

“I don’t like it.”

“Don’t like what?”

“Nicknames. We are too old for that.”

“We are not. I will call you that until you choose something different.” he grinned.

“You have a second girlfriend?” Meredith asked.

“What? No, of course not!” he almost shouted. “Why do you think that?”

“Because when men want to call women nicknames, they have other girls and don’t want to memorize all the names.”

“Meredith Grey, you are a strong and fearless woman. I have been trying to convince you to be with me for so long. I don’t need another girl, when I have you.”

Meredith looked at him. She has always had a problem believing men, but this time she believed in every word he had said. Grey was about to go change her clothes, when she agreed with the man who she already fell in love with.

“Babe.” she said.

“Excuse me?” Nathan asked.

“You can call me “babe”, if you want to. But don’t overuse it!” she smiled.

“Of course, only in unusual circumstances.” he paused, “Babe.”

Meredith looked at him over her arm, while she was leaving him. Nathan was smiling, whispering the word she just let him call her. “Babe” was his favorite nickname for sure.


The bar was dark and crowded, people were talking loudly, but Nathan and Meredith found a place in the corner. They sat next to each other, so the place in front of them was free. Nathan put his hand on Meredith’s shoulder, he felt like a teenager on a date, but he liked that feeling so much. Meredith turned her face to him, and when she looked into his eyes Nathan’s world shrunk to her eyes. He touched her cheek and after a second his thumb was caressing her skin. They were about to kiss, when they saw April and Jackson kissing near their table. When they sat in front of them, Nathan’s hand landed on Meredith’s knee. For the first time, Meredith doesn’t mind his hand on her knee, or him calling her ‘babe”.