excuse wheel

  • Roan: I'll unload the fuel (I'll let you two lovebirds confess your love for each other)
  • Clarke: (nods)
  • Roan takes his time while he checks the empty barrel. Tries really hard to eavesdrop on Bellamy and Clarke's convo. Does a little dance. Starts counting backwards from 100. Lowkey takes a powernap for a minute. Pretends to be checking all the barrels and thinks of a way to politely interrupt the two without ruining the moment. Does an eyeroll as he mutters under his breath, any day now guys, any day. This is taking all eternity.(channels shia labeouf) JUST DO IT! TODAY YOU SAID TOMORROW! JUST DO IT! Alright time to break the news.
  • Roan: guys! We have a problem

You know sometimes I’d rather read cuddle drabbles because they give that overly fluffy feels in my heart! Like;

☆Sebastian and Ciel cuddling after sex.

☆Sebastian and Ciel cuddling in bed in the cold with Ciel’s cold hands and legs under Sebastian’s shirt.

☆Sebastian and Ciel cuddling while watching a movie.

☆Ciel being overly cute by opening his arms and welcoming Sebastian for a big hug or cuddles.

☆ Sebastian kissing Ciel’s neck and shoulder whenever they cuddle.

Is dead XoX