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As a Yugyeom bias I just want everyone to know I quit…I am just…lord jesus take the wheel.


Please take them back to Korea before I have a heart attack for the 5th time this week. Sincerely, me.

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It’s already 2017, BUT there’re still people call Joshua as a third-wheel?! Excuse me!!! But there’s no one in SEVENTEEN should be called as a third-wheel!!! Not joshua or other members!! All of them are friends and eventhough you said it as a joke, it’s still not smart of you. STOP IT! Let’s respect other ships and other members of seventeen!

My Type of Guy - Stiles Stilinski Imagine [Smut]

Author: dylanowhy

Summary: Scott McCall invites you to the schools senior prom, as friends of course, but there is this certain dark haired boy who has been pushing your buttons lately. Who would have thought that later on he’d be pushing you into a pile of gym mats.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Language. Smut. Unprotected Sex.

Word Count: 2957

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Some said he had dark hair, perfect to match his light-hearted eyes. However, you had never seen him up close before, always admiring him from a distance. You had known about Stile for years, ever since 5th grade when all he ever did was talk about baseball and Lydia Martin, but you’ve never approached him, always too afraid to speak, thinking that you would make a fool of yourself. Most people looked over the mole blessed boy, and you never quite understood how. There was so much more to him than anyone gave him credit for. The loud whistle sounding from Coach is what snapped you back to reality, bringing your attention back to the point, his hair. From the distance you sat it seemed light, a deep honey brown color that shined in the sunlight, complementing his soft pale skin that was being slightly washed out by the deep red covering his body. He was doing some type of dance, it almost made you snort, apparently he made a shot, something that was rare coming from him. It’s not like he was a bad lacrosse player, he was just never given the chance to show what he was really made of.

“What do you think Scott is going to do since Kira is not here anymore?” One of the many gossiping girls of Beacon Hills asked another, watching as Scott and Stiles high fived each other, bright smiles on their faces. “I am hoping he is open for trying new things, being with different people.” The other replied, it made you roll your eyes. You weren’t sure what happened to Kira, no one really was. Her father had given light detail and acted like it was no big deal his daughter went off in the middle of the school year, it had always made you curious, but you never were one to push any buttons. You actually cringed when you thought about what the girls across from you were talking about. There was a dance coming up at the end of the week, something about being seniors and how it was important to have one last dance. It was also known as prom, but you didn’t like to use the term. The theme was masquerade, and almost everyone had a date. Of course, you did not fall in the line of people who were going with a significant other, but that didn’t bother you. You had better things to do then to dance in a pool of sweat with some guy who only asked you because he wants to get lucky. No, you did not need to go to —.

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overlordofships  asked:

Imagine Person A gets possessed by a demon. A is dating Person B. Sometimes the demon (who can be Person C if you wanna make this an OT3 thing rather than an annoying third wheel) will just kinda be chill in A's subconscious and let A control themselves but then there are times when the demon will get really bitchy and make A punch B in the face during date night. A either has to tell B a demon possessed them (B's reaction would be up to you) or come up with some bs excuse for their behavior.

(Thanks for the prompt!)

Essays in Existentialism: Doctors III

i need you to continue (and or jump back in time to tell us about their first kiss) doctors au like i need air

Part I
Part II

There was a time when everything was quiet in the hospital. It never came at the same moment, but it did usually come before the storm, as the saying went. Calm as it was, there was still a certain hum to the life in the building, a certain way everything worked and clicked. 

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parallel parking

request: omg hello hello just wanted to say you are a great writer but here’s my request haha: Y/N doesn’t pass her driving test and it makes her sad and her parents are disappointed but Shawn is like very caring and humble so on hehe



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a/n this is so angsty and so short i’ve been really stressed out i promise my next ones are gonna be so much better i’m so sorry

You had worked your butt off so that you were prepared for your driving test. However, you weren’t prepared to parallel park. All your friends had promised you that your examiner wouldn’t make you do it, so you spent virtually no time practicing it.

“Y/n, I can’t believe you,” your mom said. “How could you have failed your driving test?” your mom yells as she drives you back home.

“It was hard, Mom! I really didn’t think they would make me parallel park! None of my friends had to,” you sigh.

“That’s not an excuse,” she clenches the wheel tighter. “You know that we needed you to pass, y/n. I can’t keep driving you around, and you can’t keep making your boyfriend give you a ride.”

You close your eyes and take a deep breath. “Mom, you know he doesn’t mind.”

“I don’t even know why that boy dates you,” she says under her breath.

You look over at her. “Wow. That was low, even for you,” you spit back.

She chuckles. “Nice. You’re grounded,” she says as you pull into your driveway.

“Fine. Whatever.” You open the car door and go straight into your room, slamming the door behind you and pulling out your phone. Shawn had texted you, and you quickly open it and read what he send.

Hey, babe, how’d it go?

You laugh to yourself before typing a reply. I failed. And now I’m on house arrest. :)

He responds back in seconds. Okay, I’m coming over.

Did you not read the text??? You think my mom’s gonna let you in??

Who said I was using the front door?

You smile and plug your phone into the charger before going to sit in front of your window, waiting for Shawn to arrive. In a few short minutes, you hear him begin climbing to your window, and you open it so he can come in.

“Hey,” he whispers, grinning as he pokes his head in.

“Hi,” you laugh, helping him step in.

He immediately pulls you into a hug, placing kisses in your hair and rubbing your back.

“So you failed?” he asks, pulling you down with him onto your bed. “How did that happen you were practicing so much?”

“They made me parallel park,” you roll your eyes and cuddle further into his chest.

He sighs. “Don’t worry about it, love, you’ll get it eventually. It takes some people a few tries. I’ll help you practice parallel parking, yeah?”

“I don’t even want to drive anymore.”

“Sure you do. How else will you get to come visit me all the time?” he asks.

“That’s a good point,” you chuckle. You look up at him and connect your lips together, sitting up slightly so you don’t have to strain your neck.

You pull away, breathless, and he runs his hands along your waist.

“Thanks for calming me down,” you say, cupping his face and placing a kiss on his nose. 

He scrunches his face and smiles up at you. “Anything for you, baby.”

Magical Days - Times of the Year that I observe

Honoring the new season or Midseason by a feast and outdoor activity. Usually followed by a ritual. (I, O, B, L, L, M, S,Y)

Transitions (active)
Time where I focus on the seasonal transition by certain chores and activities to prepare me for the shift. 

Zeniths (passive)
Point of where the season feels at it’s height. Time to do activities to enjoy the moment like a week-long festivity. 

More casual
Each full moon has it’s themes or points of reflection. I observe them usually through shadow work, or spell work. Mostly just self reflect, do a tarot spread or take a magical bath. It depends on the moon and the current sign it’s in. 

Double Days
Observing the power of numerology and the effect it has on these days. Usually do a spell to attract or banish something towards my life in the power of that number. 

Birthdays in our culture are already magical. We pick a dessert of our choosing and blow out candles to make a wish. Do spells to attract things of your desire and bring good fortune to your new year. For friends I like to pick a candle of their favorite color (I have all of my close friends favorite colors memorized lol) and do a blessing for them. 

Other Holidays
Bless gifts or artwork on cards that you wish to give to friends and loved ones. This is generally just a magical day of love and togetherness, even if you don’t have your own loving support group if you have one person you care about its nice to send good energy as gifts. 

New Years
Cast spells to attract what you desire or put the odds in your favor to achieve what you want for the new year. This also falls on the 1st double day which represents inspiration and bringing new things to life. Reflect on the new year’s world number and what that might entail for what’s to come. 

Point where the days begin to get slightly darker as we enter the increasingly colder part of the year. Witches are said to be on their way to meetings and fairies are causing mischief. I like to make a magical fire (either with sparklers or chemicals that make different colored flames) and cast wishes into it and drink colorful sparkling cocktails and just generally be outside to honor the first early sunset of the year. 

Valentines Day
A crafty day for self-love bubble baths, home made sweets packed with blessings and spells for friends and casting love spells. 

That’s got to hurt - S.M - Part 8

Chapter 7 here 


Dave had called me that morning jarring me awake from a pleasant dream, I was surprised when Elentiya didn’t wake up, her name still perplexed me. It was such a beautiful name. I had slid out of the bedroom as quietly as I could to take the call.

“what’s up?” I answered the phone.

“look at the front cover of today’s magazine.” He stated deadly.

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Confession Room (Part 3)

(Part 4)

You couldn’t get the image of Mark Tuan and the girl kissing out of your head. It was puzzling for you to see that the guy who took your virginity willingly made the move to kiss some girl he barely knew. Yet again, he didn’t know you and things went further especially when he just got out of a serious relationship. You groaned with guilt for letting it happen the way it did. You’ve yet to see his face, but you almost want to punch it. You wanted to assume he was one of those stuck up male trainees who knew girls wanted them. Goodness, you hated jerks like that. You tried to feel regret for giving up your innocence, but you couldn’t. Oddly, you couldn’t hate him for it either because it was a mutual agreement. You had wanted it too that’s why he continued.

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Day 4: Cold Feet

“Miss Lewis, what are you doing?”

Darcy refuses to look up from her book, though the tips of her ears turn a tell-tale shade of pink. Subtly scooting her feet further under Loki’s legs, she flips a page as nonchalantly as she can manage, leaning back against the couch’s armrest.

“I’m not doing anything,” she replies, her eyes still focused firmly on the page in front of her. She’s been reading the same sentence over and over, distracted by her grumpy (and sassily attractive) babysitter.

Jane and Thor are having date night, and for once, Darcy has an excuse for not third-wheeling, since they’re otherwise too polite to leave her at home. Unfortunately, her excuse has come in the form of a stuffed nose. So here she is: lying on a lumpy couch, feet away from a Norse God who happens to look ridiculously well put-together even when wearing Thor’s sweatpants and a Beatles T-shirt. And yes, maybe she’s taking advantage of the opportunity to ogle the guy – even perhaps inching a little closer to him over the course of the evening.

Not my fault he decided to sit there. And my feet are col-

“Loki!” she whines pathetically, as she senses the sudden loss of warmth, the pressure lifting off and exposing her bare feet to the cold air. (Seriously, Stark Tower needs a new heating system, stat.) Feeling a chill, she abandons her book, instead tugging the sleeves of her sweater over her hands, and curling up into a sad little ball of shivering Darcy Lewis.

“I’m freezing,” she pouts. “Come on, I have a cold!” She nods emphatically toward the box of used-up Kleenex lying on the floor by the foot of the couch.

Loki rolls his eyes.

“You’re ridiculous.”

He summons a blanket into his hands anyway, and gently lays it over her, tucking it under her feet and then rolling it down to just below her chin.

Darcy pokes one hand out from under the blanket, and grabs a handful of Loki’s shirt, tugging on it lightly. He leans forward, and she drags him down so that his face is directly across from hers, his body balanced precariously over the edge of the sofa.

“Miss Lewis?”

She bites her lip subconsciously, and Loki’s eyes track the motion. Her heartbeat seems ten times louder now, and she’s not entirely sure what to say.

“Don’t go?”

It comes out as a question, and she wishes she didn’t sound so hesitant. Please?

Loki pauses, and then nods, pulling her a little closer so that he can fit himself onto the cushions. After some awkward fumbling involving knocking knees and accidental elbowing, Darcy finds herself nuzzled up against Loki’s chest, her head comfortably resting under his chin, his steady heartbeat lulling her to sleep.

As her eyelids droop, Darcy mumbles into his shirt. “You’re kinda sweet, you know that?”

“Go to sleep, darling,” he murmurs.

Later, Jane and Thor will walk in and grin to themselves. Thor’s heavy footsteps will awake Loki, of course, and normally, he would get up, playing it off as an accident, and return to his room as quickly as possible. But tonight, with Darcy’s arms wrapped around him, a small smile on her face… tonight, he won’t let go.

anonymous asked:

Naki, Tsukiyama, Nishiki, and Ayato having their crush try to confess to them, but then their crush starts to feel extremely shy, and runs off?

Naki is curious about what his crush has to say when the approach him, a fidgeting mess and nervous laughter. They’re tripping over their own words, using far too many hand gestures and then they suddenly apologize, before proceeding to hurry off. He stands confused watching their back disappear slowly into the distance, before crying out, “Hey—wait!” and running after them with an outstretched arm.

Tsukiyama smiles brightly at how innocent and cute his crush looked, shy and timid as they struggle to tell him something—and here’s to hoping that it’s what he wants to hear. But before they can complete their mess of sentences, they shout out, “S-sorry about this!” and then turns around to abruptly flee the scene. At first, he’s unsure of what to do and considered leaving it, but then again, he did want to hear what they had to say…and gave chase.

“My dear, come back!” He calls out after them.

Nishiki quirks an eyebrow when his crush comes up to him—it’s a first at that, but that’s not the only thing that’s out of the ordinary. Normally, they’re placid, laid-back, but here they were, blushing hard and repeating words in hopes of getting a coherent sentence out. But then immediately they cut themselves off, excuses themselves, before wheeling around and darting off. He gawked at them, before shrugging his shoulders. Whatever they had to say, they could try again next time.

Ayato has a witty remark about how his crush looked and acted. They have their head bowed, so he couldn’t see their face, with hands tugging restlessly on the hem of their shirt. From what he could tell, they’re obviously skittish and flustered, failing to complete their sentences and jumping from one point to another. As soon as he opens his mouth to speak, they bow, shout out a, “Sorry!” and rushes away. What the heck was that? As he watches them disappear into a tiny speck, he contemplates if it’s worth it to chase after them; before deciding that they could come to him, and proceeding to head his own direction.