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{Reaction} Messing up your Korean in front of Monsta x

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Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk was cooking when you got in after spending the day with Wonho, who had brought you home. You grinned, giving your boyfriend Minhyuk his usual kiss on the cheek, taking off your coat in the process. Minhyuk grinned, explained to you what he was cooking, before asking you if you wanted any.

{y/n}: “No thanks, I already ate Wonho’s penis earlier.”

Minhyuk: *almost choked on thin air, turning to look back at you.* “Excuse me?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, it tasted pretty good too actually.” *Leaves the room, completely unaware your attempt to say potatoes was a complete fail.*

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun is used to your Korean mess ups. Since you’re still not perfect you often tend to mess things up or use the wrong word in the wrong context. And of course, he will always do his best to support your learning, but sometimes he can’t help but find your mess ups hilarious.

{y/n}: “I’m having a hard time expressing my potato.”

Kihyun: “What? Do you mean emotion? Not potato.”

Shin Ho Seok/ Wonho

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You have always be confused by the terms people use when addressing someone older or younger. You just don’t get it, but Wonho likes being your Oppa. this is all in good fun, until you start slipping up and getting it wrong.

Wonho: *Stands up, in a room with you and the other members of Monsta X* “Does anyone want anything? I’m going into the kitchen.

{y/n}: “Will you get me a drink, Appa?”

Kihyun: *snorts*

Wonho: *Won’t let his embarrassment show* “Sure thing, babygirl.” *Thinking messy thoughts on how he’s going to have to teach you why you shouldn’t mess up Appa and Oppa in the future later*

Son Hyun woo/ Shownu

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You and Shownu were discussing different KPop groups. But since your Korean isn’t always that great, he wasn’t really understanding you as you tried to explain shipping to him.

{y/n}: “Byunshina!” (Trying to say BaekXing)

Shownu: “What are you calling me a stupid asshole for?!”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

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You were texting an English friend on your phone, muttering in focus as you typed out the words. “Just a few secs…” you muttered before pressing the send button. Next thing you knew, your boyfriend Changkyun had pressed his lips against yours, initiating what you thought was something spontaneous.

Little did you know he misheard you and thought you’d muttered 섹스 - ‘Segseu’ (The korean word for sex.)

Chae Hyungwon

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After being in a long relationship with Hyungwon, you were finally moving to South Korea to be closer to him. You bought yourself a small yet cosy apartment in the city where you’d easily see Hyungwon and get to work. But since your Korean isn’t perfect yet, you still confuse him with simple sentences on a day to day basis.

Hyungwon: “{y/n}, where’s the bathroom?”

{y/n}: “Go back to your behind.”

Hyungwon: “What are you on about?” *Grinning at how cute you look when you’re confused.*

Lee Jooheon

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Like in the earlier reaction, you just don’t understand the concept of calling different people and labeling them in different ways judging by their age/status compared to yours. You avoid using the words at all cost, until Minhyuk explains to you how important it is to use them (and messes with you a little, just for fun ;))

{y/n}: “Hey, Unnie. How was work?”

Jooheon: “Excuse me, do I look like an unnie to you?”

{y/n}: “Yes. Minhyuk said it means boyfriend.”

Jooheon: “Fucking Minhyuk…” 

{Reaction} Cuddling with BTS

Hi! Can I request how each member of BTS cuddles? I’m so in the mood for fluffy stuff 😂 Thank you!!

Note: This request just came in and I couldn’t not do it right now because it’s so sweet. I’ve had such a shit day, and honestly, cuddling with BTS just makes it all feel a little bit better. Also, finding gifs for this was SO HARD (especially for Jungkook and Jimin) so please excuse that, but I hope you enjoy anyway! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Min Yoongi/ Suga

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Yoongi, being the sweetly shy member he is, is going to prefer spooning when it comes to cuddling. Mostly when he is the big spoon, but sometimes he’ll give up that position if you’re really instant. He will love holding you close, squeezing your stomach as he holds you close and letting his fingers move in circular rotations on your stomach. He will love the smell of your hair as he buries his face in tu and leaves trails of kisses on the back of your head, neck and shoulders. The reason that he loves this position the most is because he loves the way he can speak soft words and sing to you and blush without you seeing (even though you love seeing his blush.) This man is going to be the softest cuddler in the world, and is going to love it almost as much as you.

Jeon Jungkook

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We all know how much this maknae loves playing games, but what is the one thing he loves more than playing video games you may ask? You. So when he has the opportunity to have video games and you, his life is pretty much next to complete, which is what brings us to his favorite cuddling method. Back hugs playing video games. You’ll be sat in between his legs with his arms wrapped around you from behind. He’ll be holding the controller against your legs and his chin resting on your shoulder as the two of you compete in a game full of giggles and shouting. Be prepared to have his fingers attacking your sides if you’re beating him because he gets the unfair advantage of tickling you when the game doesn’t go his way. But he loves this position the most, not just because of the video games, but because he loves the feeling of having you wrapped up safely in his arms, you’re all his, and that is important to him.

Kim Taehyung/ V

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Taehyung likes to cuddle with you the most at night time in bed. He will love to hold your waist, hugging onto you like his life depends on it. He will hold you close, cuddling you tightly, this might be when you’re both on your sides, lips inches from each other, or when you’re both lying on your backs and your head is resting on his chest. It is those times when he’ll have one arm behind his head and the other wrapped around your waist, holding you closest to him and letting his fingers glide over your stomach sweetly. This is his favorite form of cuddling because he loves how it can be so intimate or so casual all at the same time. He sees it as a bonus if he can cuddle you while you’re both naked as well. 

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

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Namjoon works a lot and really appreciates when he gets down time with you. Which is why he is a huge fan of sofa cuddles. It can be a sofa cuddle in pretty much any position, with your head on his knee as he runs his hands through your hair, or visa versa, or with you curled in his lap, or even straddling his hips (though this position isn’t always with such innocent purpose), but his favorite, without a doubt is when you’re curled as his side, his arms wrapped around you in the corner of the sofa. So close and passionate, it can be watching a movie or sleepily talking about everything or nothing at all after a long day of working. Cuddling with Namjoon is going to be like heaven on Earth.

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

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Hoseok likes to cuddle you with closeness and intimacy. Whenever you cuddle, he has a unbreakable grin on his face, even on his darkest days, your arms can do magical things to him and he hopes you know just how much it means for you to stay with him in such an emotional state. Even though Hoseok will cuddle with every position imaginable, in every surface accessible for him, his favorite of all is the forehead lock: the cuddle where you’re lying on the bed side by side and his your head in the crook of his arm. He finds it the most enjoyable and simply loves just having you close to him.

Park Jimin

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Jimin is the easiest to please when it comes to cuddling because his preference is so simple. He loves to have his head on your lap, especially when your hands are running through his hair, or when your fingers are trailing his face, inching every line and dimple in his soft skin. He loves it when you lean down and kiss his face too, your lips pressing against his face and him giggling like a child because damn - how did he manage to get so lucky? While this can be rather intimate and personal, he will just plop down and put his head on your knee when the others are around, and he gives zero fucks about the teasing because well, you’re his and what more could be possibly need?

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

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Since Jin is the “Mother figure” of BTS and has a very busy schedule, he doesn’t get a lot of time with you. So when he does get time with you, he’s usually rather tired, which is why his favorite position to cuddle in is when you’re both lying on sides with your face in his neck. He will hold you close, and smile with a blush crossing his cheeks as you leave sweet, innocent kisses on his neck and jawline. Sometimes, you’ll lean your head on his chest, and he’ll have the same flustered reaction as you tell him that you can feel his heart rate speeding in his chest. He’ll laugh and tell you that only you can make his heart race so fast.

enjolras complaining that grantaire never does anything productive with his time and R’s like ‘um excuse you i run an extremely well-recieved art blog' 

so enjolras feels bad and he sheepishly goes to check it out and it’s all like 

'ugly renaissance baby ratings’ (4 - seen worse)

'pin the boob on madonna’ (that’s not where breasts go)

sketches of famous paintings from other perspectives to show that someone’s arm is coming out of their fucking back 

and he never answers anyone just uses reaction images like 

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.... ok so could you do the RFA reacting to seeing mc naked for the first time? (Female please).... I know I am a sinner

OMGG this reminds me of the post by @complexwish​ where the Zen, Jumin and 707 walk in on MC and each other showering!! please check it out, it’s really cute!


  • he’d be as red as a tomato loool 
  • he also can’t stop replaying the scene in his head 
  • dammit yoosung y u such a pervert!! >
  • he feels more embarrassed than MC herself tho lmao 
  • little bb Yoosung is too innocent for it
  • doesn’t look at MC in the eyes for a week after that 
  • almost seems like he’s avoiding her like he owes her money


  • he just flat out stared at her, eyes wide until she pushed him away
  • like he was so stunned he couldn’t react in time
  • so that’s what MC looked like
  • *nose starts bleeding*
  • OMG 
  • cannot believe himself and hides his face in embarrassment 
  • has a hard time taming his beast within after that 
  • totally awkward around her for the next 28343487387 months


  • she screamed when she saw MC and slammed the door close 
  • her chest was heaving, she was so flustered and started turning red
  • “I- I’m so sorry MC! I didn’t mean to come in, I didn’t know you we’re in there!”
  • no matter how many times MC told her it was okay, she still kept apologizing 
  • started to make a schedule?? for when MC would be changing so she wouldn’t make the same mistake 
  • also taught MC how to use locks on doors lmao


  • he casually walked into the bathroom and just looked at MC
  • he had no reaction like i mean he blinked a couple times and then just calmly walked out, closing the door quietly 
  • “Excuse me, MC. My apologies.”
  • He sat down on his bed and held his head in his hands
  • He could feel the heat rushing through his cheeks and his heart beat was really intense
  • Stay cool Jumin, you’re a grown ass man what’s so much to freak out over a female body
  • Pours himself a glass of water and chokes as his mind flies back to the image he saw of MC


  • he really needed to go to the bathroom so he didn’t realize MC wasn’t in her room 
  • so when he walked in, his mouth flew open
  • he stood there for a sec before he turned around and stomped outta the bathroom
  • he tried distracting himself by gaming but all he kept thinking about was MC
  • he lost several games and finally he got too frustrated to try again 
  • tries to pretend like it never happened and acts real sheepishly in front of MC 

:) if you wanted NSFW I AM SORRY LMAO

~Cherry L.

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{Reaction} When you’re a new translator in EXO’s company

Hey! I was wondering how would exo react to a new foreign girl working in sm as a translator? Thanks 💙

Note: When I saw this request I was very excited to write it! I hope that you enjoy how it turned out because I really did like this request. I hope you have a nice day/night wherever you are~ Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol would use every excuse to talk to you, because he thinks you’re incredibly beautiful and talented. He thinks you’re interesting, and he takes a of of time to ask you about your nationality and what your home country is like.

Chanyeol: “Will you take me to your country one day? I would love to see it~”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by yoonem

Kyungsoo was shy when he first saw you within the company. He was reserved, and would give you shy smiles from across the room when he caught your eye. It wasn’t until he you were asked to translate something for him that he had his first conversation with you, and he found himself tripping over his words as he was completely astounded at the beauty you presented before him.

Chanyeol: “Your cheeks are red” *Laughing*

Kyungsoo: *Doesn’t hear him as he shyly talks to you about something in Korean*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Baekhyun is incredibly sweet and charming. So when you join the company for the first time, he’s going to be incredibly gentlemanly and will ask you a lot of questions about your nationality. He will be interested on what made you want to learn Korean and why you wanted to become a translator. It is the start of a very beautiful relationship.

Baekhyun: “I bet you wanted to become a translator so you could work with the amazing Byun Baekhyun, eh?”

{y/n}: “Sure, sure,” *laughing*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by sefuns

Sehun is going to be in awe as he watches you switch between two - or sometimes three languages. He finds it incredible that languages come so easily to you, and will be compelled by the way you speak. When he talks to you, it seems like he can’t talk at all in comparison to your wide vocabulary even though you aren’t natively Korean, your words are still perfect.

Sehun: “You’re perfect.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

Since Lay can speak both Chinese and Korean, he knows how hard it is to learn two languages. Even now, he struggles with Korean still even now, so watching you speaking two or three languages is fascinating to him. He loves to talk to you about your home country, and he’s always asking you when you’ll take him to visit.

{y/n}: “I promise my country is not as interesting as China or Korea, why do you think I moved away?” *laughing*

Lay: “But I want to travel. I’d like you to be my guide too.” *grinning*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by jongins

Like some of the other members, Jongdae has been made to learn Chinese as well as the Korean that he already speaks. Since he has so much trouble with learning Chinese, he is in awe at how amazing and fluent you are at speaking the languages.

Jongdae: “It would be really cool if you could teach me sometime.”

{y/n}: “Yeah? I’d like that.” *smiling*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by parkchny

Minseok thought you were beautiful the moment his eyes landed on you. He found himself talking to you, his natural charm doing all the work for him. He smiled at his cheeky and charming personality that was causing you to blush.

Minseok: “But of course we don’t need any words, because you can moan in any language.” *this man is nsfw*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by chansuo

For a while, Tao didn’t even realise that you were a translator. He thought that you were just someone that liked to correct his wrongly spoken Korean on a daily basis. For the longest time he was salty with you, that was until Kris told him to stop being such a hardass on you and that you were only doing your job. 

Tao: “A… translator?”

{y/n}: “Well yeah, why else do you think I come around with you guys?”

Tao: “Oh… makes sense.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by joonmyun10

Since Suho is the savage member of the group, he would probably take this opportunity to ask you about all the swear words you know in your other language so he could curse the other members without them knowing. He would also use it as an excuse to flirt with you.

Suho: “What’s Daddy in your language?”

{y/n}: “Why?”

Suho: “Future reference.” *Winks*


Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Luhan would spend the majority of your first few weeks in awe at you ability to switch between so many different languages. His eyes would widen as he responds to his manager in Korean, then Yixing in Chinese, and then Japanese when you get a call on your phone.

Luhan: “woah, you’re like a magician.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kaibility

Even though Kai loves your bilingual ability, he also loves the fact that you are so sweet and kind. His feelings hit him like a truck the first time his eyes landed on you on your first day within the company. Now, he will use any excuse to be around you, and to listen to the angelic sound of your voice whatever language you’re talking in.

Kai: “Care to dance? We don’t need language for that.”

{y/n}: “Well okay then.” *smiling*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by naekumvjv

Since Kris is the master of languages himself, he takes the opportunity to pry on your passion for languages and impress you with all that he knows. Sometimes, he’ll talk to you in a language that the other members around him don’t understand just because it makes him feel special when he can talk to you in a way that no one else can.

Kris: *In Cantonese* “Will you pass the book please, {y/n}.”

Baekhyun: “Stop showing off, Kris. Just talk to her in Korean like the rest of us.”

{y/n}: *Giggling as Kris protests.*  

okay right the last thing i wrote was bordering on angst so i just wanted to talk about how much the gang all love each other so fricking much.

- so it takes a few alien invasions for them to fully gel as a group but once they do they are (and i don’t use this term lightly) SQUAD GOALS

-  their groupchat, called the ludicrous care bears, is the best thing in the world, non-stop alien memes, weird questions from charlie, and approximately 8336 pictures of Ram for any reaction image you could ever want

- they definitely use this groupchat to live text each other commentary on each day’s episode of love island or whatever trashy reality tv show Charlie got them hooked on with the excuse that they’re teaching him about human culture (camilla is their fave obvs) 

- sunday is group hang out day, they watch films (most sci-fi films are banned because Tanya wouldn’t stop pointing at random aliens and asking Charlie if he knew them), or April will (try to) teach them how to knit or they’ll bake something (really Matteusz bakes and the rest of them try to eat the batter and throw flour at the others)

- Ram sometimes has to miss out because he has football so they others spam him with pics and messages telling him all the fun he’s missing out on (they’re just kidding, they always make sure to save him anything they make)

- when they find out that Charlie had never had a proper kid’s birthday they throw him one and insist on playing stupid party games like musical chairs and pass the parcel

- Tanya accidentally let’s slip that she never learned how to ride a bike because she was too busy being a tiny brainiac to learn how when she was little so they spend a full weekend teaching her (the first day is spent just getting her on the bike

- Ram was always the popular kid and people liked him but none of them knew him and Tanya had friends a few years below but they all thought of her as the weird smart kid. Ever since the thing with April’s dad everyone was afraid to get too close to her and Matteusz was always the new kid from another country (and charlie is just a disaster) so really they’re all each other’s first real best friends

call all of this stupid unnecessary, unrealistic fluff (it totally is) but i don’t care it was fun to write 

Poison-and-Cure Gambit


Upon hearing Gambit’s scream, Netalina and Urien quickly ran down the stairs to see Jizo floating at the entrance. As they came up to them, he turned slowly.

“Was that Gambit?” Urien asked. Jizo simply looked at them sadly. The alien Yokai exhaled. “What do we do, Nettles?”

“Call Nobita and Doraemon, rina? We don’t know what happened, so perhaps it’d be best if we had all the help we could get, rina…”

“I assume he ran back home, kyuu…if you’re going to get the others, I’ll try to catch up with Smile, kyuu…” Jizo turned and shuffled outside. Giving him the time to go to Springdale, the duo then followed up by going to Nobita’s house.

Upon arrival, Netalina immediately began screaming.

“Nobita, we have an emergency, come with us, NOW, RINA!”

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Can you say why Caroline is good for Klaus?

Absolutely! It’s a shame that most of the benefit that Caroline had for Klaus’ development has either been retconned or written out, but her impact on him was definitely pretty positive and curious nonetheless. Klaus and Caroline are in so many ways different sides of the same coin, and when it comes to Caroline’s positive impact on Klaus I find that to be pretty significant. What I also find really interesting is how Caroline managed to positively impact Klaus, especially considering that even with his own TV show this magical “redemption” that is apparently so paramount to Klaus’ story seems to alternately be either totally elusive or entirely driven by the mere existence of a baby (which, while completely irrelevant to my argument here, is something that absolutely cannot drive this story in any kind of logical or believable way). 

But anyway, Caroline’s impact on Klaus was pretty major. I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that it was earth-shattering for Klaus, and what I find incredibly interesting about that is how similar it is to Klaus’ impact on her. What’s curious about Klaus and Caroline is that they very strongly define themselves as people by the way that the people around them perceive them, their own senses of self are almost completely driven by the feedback that they get from others, but despite this similarity their interpretation and reaction to that it diametrically opposed to each other. For Caroline that self-perception is a source of insecurity and aspiration, it completely erodes her confidence in herself and her own perceptive abilities but she looks at it as something that she constantly needs to strive to overcome. With Klaus it’s the complete opposite. It does have a negative impact on his self image sometimes, but for the most part he uses it as armor, he likes being seen as the biggest baddest baddie and he uses that reputation and expectation as his excuse to do literally whatever he wants. His reaction to the world’s view of him is that either it’s hopeless to try to change because no one will give him the chance or that it’s a necessity that benefits his own survival, whereas Caroline hinges everything about herself on the hope that she can become the person the world wants her to be instead of continuing to fulfill their negative expectations. 

So it’s incredibly interesting to see that interplay, because while Klaus tends to define things in very hard and unchangeable ways, Caroline looks at Klaus and basically just gives him the opportunity that she wishes everyone else would give her. Instead of presuming his every intention and assuming that he will always fulfill her expectations she looks at him in terms of actions, she recognizes and calls out what he does and usually she explains her interpretation of that, but she hardly ever makes generalizations about it or about Klaus because of it. She never says that he has to be good or has to be evil, and she never treats any of his singular actions as some kind of deciding factor to that. Basically she just gives Klaus a chance. But what’s so brilliant about it and so necessary for Klaus is that while she doesn’t make his every decision define him she does hold him accountable for the choices he makes. Everyone else dismisses his behavior simply because he’s Klaus or begs him to make another choice in order to be “good”, but instead of allowing Klaus the out of attributing his behavior to some inherent goodness or evil in him she makes sure he realizes that it’s all on him. And that goes for every excuse he could possibly use, his parents, his siblings, his life experiences, regardless of what it is Caroline never lets him use that as a means of disregarding his culpability for his own actions. What’s really staggering about this though is that, at least as far as canon is concerned, Caroline is literally the first and last person in Klaus’ entire life to ever give him the chance to be himself, to choose whatever he wants to be with no expectation attached to it. 

Honestly, I feel like there is a lot more that Caroline has done and can do for Klaus, but in terms of making any kind of character progress I think that this is absolutely the most important thing that could have ever happened for Klaus, and it’s incredibly sad that it’s been erased from his narrative because it could have been an absolutely brilliant story line for his character and his show. I’ve always been dubious about his “redemption” story line to say the least, and this is really the biggest reason why. Because Klaus doesn’t need redemption. The idea that he even could be redeemed at this point is absurd, but redemption shouldn’t be the point anyway. What’s much more interesting to deal with in terms of Klaus’ character is how he would deal with himself and his choices if the jury was still out. For his entire life his fate in terms of good and evil has been treated like it’s a done deal, either he’s completely irredeemable or he has to use his baby and magical uterus baby mama as a portal for his redemption. Treating Klaus in that way on the one hand gives him an out on everything all the time, and on the other hand is just an incredibly dull form of story telling. I mean there’s no mystery there, there’s no opportunity for real development and change because it requires nothing from Klaus. It either is or it isn’t, and Klaus is just the passenger on a set voyage to damnation or salvation. Caroline was the first and last person to force him to hold himself accountable for his choices, and that is an interesting story to be told. It’s just a shame that the writers aren’t interested in telling it. 

{Reaction} EXO finding out you ship them with another member

Note: Use of swear words.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

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Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Chanyeol probably wouldn’t really understand the whole ‘shipping’ thing, but would take it as an excuse to tease you, especially when he finds out about the extent to which you ship him and his band mate Do Kyungsoo.

Chanyeol’s eyebrows furrowed as he opened up your laptop lid to see a mass of writing presented on the screen under the webpage ‘archive of our own.’ The site perked his interest, wondering what earth this was. From the writing, he assumed you were reading a story, but a hit of confusion washed over him as he caught his name among the words. He scrolled up to see the summary of the story, only to find his heart catching in his chest when he skimmed over the words. ‘A smutty Park Chanyeol and Do Kyungsoo drabble after a long day of dance practice.’ Chanyeol’s eyebrows furrowed again, many questions rushing through his head. “Smutty… drabble… what are these words?” He muttered to himself. He was so enticed, he started reading the short story before him. He was a blushing mess by the time you finally came inside the living room.

{y/n}: “Hey Chan- Are you on my laptop? Get off that! How did figure out my password?!”

Chanyeol: “What matters right now {y/n}, is why I’m currently feeling up one of my best friends bare stomach.”

{y/n}: *Pinches the bridge of nose, internally thanking he hasn’t actually got to the best worst part of the story yet.* “Just give me that, I’m changing my password.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by fy-exolicious

Kyungsoo would be less happy with the idea of you shipping him with his band members, and would be more embarrassed by it than anything else. He would try to avoid it at all costs, except for one time he couldn’t.

Kyungsoo had been working all week, and very hard at that. He was exhausted, so when the members of EXO and {y/n} all gathered to watch a movie on their free Sunday night, he found his eyelids turning heavy, finally letting his head drop as he fell into slumber, leaning up against Baekhyun, who was sat next to him. But when he woke up the next morning, he was met with what seemed like thousands of tweets blowing up his phone.

He grumbled, withdrawing himself from a sleeping Baekhyun and groggily picked up his phone to see the source of the chaos, he was expecting to see a press article, but when he saw a tweet from {y/n}, he couldn’t help but frown in confusion. He clicked on her tweet to see a picture of him leaning against Baekhyun, eyes closed and sleeping while Baekhyun smiled down at him, his arm around Kyungsoo in a comfortable fashion. But that wasn’t the bad part, the caption was what caused the fangirls to awaken. ‘They’re literal relationship goals! #Baeksoo #Love #Newlyweds’

Kyungsoo: “{y/f/n} Get down here and explain yourself right now!”

{y/n}: “What’s up snugglebum?”

Kyungsoo: “Tell these millions of fans that are tweeting me that I’m not dating Baekhyun!”

{y/n}: “Okay so Baeksoo isn’t working… how do you feel about Chansoo?”

Kyungsoo: “{y/n}!”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by pandarilyn

You’ve been dating Baekhyun for a while, and when he found out that you ship Chanbaek, you’re not about hear the end of it anytime soon. But the worst of the teasing starts when he stumbles across your tumblr account.

Baekhyun laughed as he questioned {y/n} about her love of Chanbaek. She was blushing and flustered, trying to explain to him that she shipped it a long time before she met Baekhyun and doesn’t much anymore. But Baekhyun is so happy seeing her all flustered, there isn’t an end in sight of his teasing.

Baekhyun: “I’d top, obviously.”

{y/n}: “No way, you’re the adorable bottom.”

Baekhyun: “How about I show you who’s top, jagi?” *Pushes you over and places himself over you.*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun found out about your love of ‘Hunhan’ when he stumbled across your Tumblr account while playing around on your phone while you were studying. He found it rather embarrassing since he respects Luhan a lot, but he’d also find it rather funny too, and would probably use it to tease you like Baekhyun.

{y/n} was studying on some Chinese language in her room when Sehun came in, looking for something to entertain himself. He asked her if he could crash in the room for a while and she agreed as long as he didn’t try to distract her. He did as he was told, sitting on her bed and reaching for her phone before he started to play around on it. He started by playing on some apps, before stumbling on something called ‘Tumblr.’ Curiosity got the better of him, and he pressed on the app, his eyebrows furrowing when he came across your account. He scrolled down, seeing a number of gifs and images that included himself and Luhan along with some things called ‘one shots’ and ‘fan fictions.’ At first, he was a little flustered, but he soon became cocky, and raised an eyebrow as he looked up.

Sehun: “Hey {y/n}, I didn’t strike you as the kind of girl that liked watching two boys.’

{y/n}: “What are you… wait, you’re not on tumblr are you?”

Sehun: “I got curious.”

{y/n}: “Curiosity killed the cat, Sehun.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing wouldn’t be too bothered when he found out that you shipped Sulay. If anything, he’d find it more sweet than anything, and would see it more of a ‘bromance’ than anything more intimate.

Yixing was in his room, playing the guitar and humming along to the tune when he heard {y/n} talking on the phone in the next room. He didn’t mind much, but his interest was perked when he heard his name being used along with Junmyeon. He stopped playing his guitar and exited his room, standing in the doorway of yours. He wasn’t technically ‘spying’ since he was stood in the doorway, but you didn’t notice him while you talked.

{y/n}: “I’m telling you {friend}, they’re just so cute together. I mean, I respect they’re friends and everything, but like, they’re practically a match made in heaven. They compliment each other well.” *laughs* “Come on, you ship Suho and Lay too, don’t shit me here.”

Yixing: “Me and Suho, huh? Interesting…”

{y/n}: “How long have you been standing there?”

Yixing: “Long enough.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae found out about your love of Xiuchen and became very flustered over it. You’d tease him a lot because of it, and he’d blush easily. He didn’t necessarily ‘find out’ about your idea of him and Minseok, it’s always just kind of been there, and since you’ve started teasing him, it’s made the other members tease him too.

Baekhyun had announced that everyone would be participating in a game of spin the bottle {no, no one had a say in this, they were all playing}, and so Jongdae irritably took the space next to {y/n} and Baekhyun. Baekhyun spun the bottle for their first round, it landed on Chanyeol and Kyungsoo. Chanyeol, who was admittedly a little drunk, tried his best to get a kiss, but earned himself a smack on the head instead. The second round started, and the bottle landed on Minseok, then it landed on Jongdae. Who’s face flamed up instantly as {y/n} nudged him with a smirk on her face. Jongdae tried to protest, trying to convince everyone it was leaning more towards {y/n}. That was until Minseok leaned over, pecking his cheek and getting it over with.

{y/n}: “C’mon, that wasn’t a real kiss. It wasn’t even on the lips.”

Jongdae: “If you don’t want to be smothered in your sleep tonight, you’ll shut the fuck up.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok is the center of pretty much all the ships. Anyone could be shipped with Minseok, and that was proven by the fans. But he was more surprised when he found out that you shipped him not just with Jongdae, but also with Luhan. He found it rather funny, and took it all like fun and games. But he was slightly surprised by the way he found out about your love of this triangle like ship.

Minseok played around on {y/n}’s phone, until a notification came up stating that someone had liked their post on tumblr. Minseok clicked on it, unsure what tumblr was. But when the post came up, he was slightly confused, noticing all the writing. He scrolled, his eyes running over the descriptive words. It didn’t take him long to figure out he was reading a fanfiction. He cracked a smirk as he read over it. The beginning was himself crying in a room, Luhan had broken up with him and Jongdae had come to comfort him. But the comfort soon became much more adult themed, and Minseok found himself laughing by the time you walked in.

{y/n}: “What’s so funny?”

Minseok: “{y/n} I can’t believe you wrote this, I don’t know if it’s better or worse than finding porn on your phone”

{y/n}: “You found the tumblr, didn’t you? Well shit…”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao would become very defensive when he found out that you shipped him and Minseok, that’s until he realised what fun he could have with this and that was quick to change his perspective.

Tao came into the living room to see {y/n} sat on the sofa, watching a k-drama contently with a bowl of popcorn. Tao walked over, masking a false sense of shyness.

Tao: “Oh… {y/n}… you’re still here?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, why?”

Tao: “You didn’t hear anything, did you?”

{y/n}: “Hear what?”

Tao: Me and Mineok Hyung… in the shower… actually, nevermind. As you are.” *Turns around, smirking at the shocked expression he left on your face.*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho found out about your love of Sukris by chance. But since Suho is the least serious person when it comes to this sort of thing he will be more than happy to aid your ‘feels’ and will more than likely take the opportunity to tease you about it more than anything else.

Suho smirked as he sat in the dance practice hall with the other members and {y/n}, he grinned at her knowingly as Kris  stood up with Yixing to teach the others the choreography for the next dance they’d be doing for a new song release.

Throughout the routine, Suho whispering comments in her ear. {“Hey {y/n}. Did you see that hip thrust? I bet you’d like to see him do that against me” *smirking*} He was using this opportunity to get her as embarrassed as possible, and wouldn’t care about his own ‘dignity’ he lost that a long time ago.

Suho: “That was amazing Kris! Saranghae~!” *Grins at you.*

Lu Han

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Luhan wouldn’t like the fact that you ship with Minseok. Mainly because it’s deflating of his ego since he’d be the ‘cute bottom’ and Minseok would be the ‘manly top.’

Luhan sighed as you teased him about Minseok, he was edging more and more towards snapping. 

{yn}: “I know you like to think you’re dominant, Lu. But we all know Minseok has you whipped.”

Luhan: “For gods sake, {y/n}! For the last time, I am a manly man and I do not bottom! I could get Minseok exactly where I wanted him if I wanted to.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin expected you to ship him with Kyungsoo since you had been a fan of EXO before he had met you. But to your surprise, you didn’t ship him with Kyungsoo. In fact, you didn’t ship him with anyone at all, and this did cause to be a little jealous.

Jongin watched {y/n} as she grinned. She was watching Kyungsoo and Chanyeol play fighting on the other side of the room, and Jongin watched her, his expression a mixture of jealousy and confusion. It wasn’t that he liked any of  his band members in that way, but it was annoying to him that you shipped Chansoo and not Kaisoo.

Jongin: “Aish Jagi… Kaisoo is better than Chansoo.”

{y/n}: “Try and explain it to that.” *Points to the other boys, who were laughing as Chanyeol pinned him on the floor, shouting about how he had the real strength.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris doesn’t really get the whole shipping thing and would constantly tell you that it’s ‘not his style.’ Sometimes, you’d ship him with members just to annoy him/ get on his nerves. The most effective one is Taoris, something that always gets Kris annoyed enough to push past you and give you the silent treatment for the day. Until one day, when you push his buttons one step too far.

{y/n} and Kris were sat in the living room of their apartment. Kris was watching a drama on the TV and {y/n} was scrolling down on her phone, something that Kris wasn’t really paying much attention to. He was cosy, his arm around her and her legs paying over his in a comfortable position. He was getting into the drama, when he heard {y/n} giggle to herself. He asked her what she was laughing at, smiling until she told him that she’d read a fanfiction where Kris had confessed his long term crush on the EXO M maknae, Tao.

Kris: *Snatches the phone and throws it down before lifting you up and pushing you against the closest wall* I think it’s time I showed you who you should really be shipping me with.”

EXO Reaction To Meeting Xiumin’s 12 Year Old Sister

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How would Exo react to meeting xuimins 12 year old sister thanks bye!

A/N: This ended up being more of a reaction to them babysitting the little sister…

Xiumin: Absolutely no one is to be doing anything perverse or stupid and with that, Byun, I’m watching you.

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Luhan: *awkwardly waves hello at first, not sure of what to make of her or what she’s going to think of him. Ultimately they bond after playing football in the park*

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Kris: *awkward in that I’m-a-big-person-and-she-is-a-little-person kind of way, unsure of how to move, feeling too big for the situation, but they’d get along because he is actually good with children and he’d let her try to style his hair*

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Suho: *going into mom mode, making sure she has everything she wants and needs, then they start talking about their interests in toys and video games and manga*

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Lay: *he’s shown himself to be amazing with children and Xiumin’s sister would be no exception, he’d love playing with her and playing music for her, making her laugh, which might just make Minnie jealous as her older brother*

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Baekhyun: *He’d be in bubbly cutie pie mode, probably offering to play video games with her and such, play with plushies or more, and let’s all take a moment to remember how he was with the boys in Return of Superman*

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Chen: *Definitely playing games with her, possibly with Xiumin as a target of games like tickle wars or nerf fights. He’d enjoy letting his inner child and inner troll out with her*

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Chanyeol: *Definitely very conscious of his behavior to avoid a snaffu like this one. It’s not like he’d swear in front of her but he might just end up letting a more adult topic come of his lips, which wouldn’t make Xiumin happy.*

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DO: *he would bake or cook for her, obviously. He’d be happy to watch her. Kyungsoois someone I would describe as quietly caring, and he’d be like that with her. He wouldn’t be as lively as some of the others but he would be kind*

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Tao: *pretend the cat is Candy y’all, he go with her to the dog park and let her play with candy. More than likely his adult side, not his whiny kid side, would be on full display* 

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Kai: *He would definitely be using hanging out with her as an excuse to go out and eat all the food. He has to make sure she is fed, right? He’d be another one to really enjoy letting loose with her, not really having to maintain the idol image.*

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Sehun: *Much like Tao, he’d spend his time with her going out with Vivi and having fun. He’d really like spending time with a normal girl, someone who wasn’t really in the entertainment industry, it’s nice to have a break from that.*

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the whole “elaborately constructed text posts designed to give the poster an excuse to use a gay porn gif as a reaction image” trend is just the next stage in this website’s fixation on the idea that it’s funny to pretend to be innocent while actually not being innocent, i.e. “frickle frackle” as a replacement for “fuck”, “hell yeah i smoke weed [picture of a dandelion]”, “420 praise it”, literally any pun involving any religion whatsoever, etc. when will the next stage in this exciting aesthetic rear its ugly head? i plan to be dead by then