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transboy remus & genderqueer sirius meeting each other at a trans day of visibility rally tho oh mygos h

  • Imagine though young Sirius who just ran away and has started to learn about these things and coming to terms with who they really are and this rally is the first exposure they’ve ever experienced as the person they’ve always wanted to be and like Sirius is just this confused, blushing mess with hopeful eyes and a little smile in the crowd and they’re still scared because of all the abuse and hate from their family but also happy now that they’re with the Potters now who of course have no problems with letting Sirius go to this event as long as it’s safe and good for them. James would have gone with him for support but Sirius believed that it was something they had to out for themself and wow I forgot this was supposed to be an r/s thing whoops okay anyway
  • Sirius and Remus go to the same uni but they’ve never talked before today and they don’t about how very queer the other is because they’re very different people at school and they have like one maybe two classes together. Sirius thought Remus is just the broody, sarcastic kid and Remus thought Sirius is just another asshole who has too much money tbh.
  • Remus seeing his ex with his new boyfriend and he panics and turns to the first person he can get his hands on (it’s Sirius of course) like ‘okay hi there Sirius right? can you make out with me for the next ten seconds or until my my ex is out of sight’ ‘are you joking’ ‘no’ ‘you’re lucky you’re cute ok fine’. They kiss and Sirius has to fucking tiptoe and Remus has to duck a little and it’s a little awkward but only for like the first 2.5 seconds tbh bc they kind of just melt it into it and it goes on a bit longer and Remus comes to his senses and gently pulls away and Sirius is just like ‘what’ and Remus just raises his eyebrows and says ‘he’s gone’ ‘who’s gone’ ‘my ex’ and Sirius tries to play it cool as if they didn’t forget why they were kissing this gorgeous boy in the first place.
  • It doesn’t take long for Remus to see that Sirius is just such a lost (but eager) puppy when it comes to these things tbh and sometimes the crowd gets a tad too rowdy and Remus gets a bit protective even though they’re the same age and puts a hand on Sirius’ back or holds Sirius’ hand for a bit and Sirius is just like ‘Excuse you I’m not a child’ but secretly is v thankful and v smitten with this dork wowie
  • Sirius getting a text from Reg and it’s nothing significant really it’s just Reg asking Sirius ‘Are you sure participating in that rally thing is safe. Take care.’ and they get a bit thrown off because Sirius misses their lil bro so much it hurts and it’s the fact that they are who they are that made Sirius leave Reg in the first place and it’s followed by anger at their family because if it wasn’t for them maybe Reg could be here with Sirius. Remus sees that Sirius looks a bit dazed and he kinda just rubs their shoulders and asks if they’re okay and Sirius just nods and Remus insists like ‘Are you sure because if this is too much for you it’s definitely okay like you’ve done more than enough for today. Do you need a breather? Do you wanna go somewhere else or??’ and Sirius is so touched because sometimes they need to remind themself that there’s a good reason they left home and that they don’t regret it because there are people - even the ones they’ve never thought of before - who will treat them better than their family ever did so Sirius just smiles and tells Remus not to worry and Remus just nods and resumes talking and Sirius doesn’t mind that Remus’ arm casually slips around their waist protectively and affectionately
  • Remus and Sirius casually talking while the whole parade is going on and they learn a lot about each other and Remus uses the facepaint he’s been carrying around to give Sirius the colors of the genderfluid flag and Sirius explains to Remus about the different pronouns they prefer and when for each one and Remus is super supportive. They end up talking about more stuff like movies and and music and books with queer representation and they’re just super caught up with each other it takes them a while to realize they’ve stopped walking once they arrive to where the parade culminates.
  • The whole thing culminates at this park and there’s music and people talking up on stage and sometimes it’s speeches and inspirational/empowering songs and things about awareness and acceptance and visibility but mostly it’s just trans and nb people performing and sharing their stories and it’s anything from coming out/self acceptance to stories about meeting a cute person or finding the perfect store to shop in because of their gender neutral clothing and accessories etc etc etc and it’s an open mic and they’re pretty close to the stage. Remus elbows Sirius to go talk and share and Sirius just laughs and shakes their head frantically. Remus just nods understandingly, ruffles Sirius’ hair (’lupin u just ruined my bun wtf’) and goes up the stage and gets the mic and Sirius is so shocked because this is Remus Lupin he doesn’t even speak in class other than to sass the teacher.
  • “Hi everyone, I’m Remus Lupin. I’ve never really had a significant story before other than me being trans. Well, until today, because I met an amazing person who I thought was just some pretty face with a huge head full of hot air and is popular at school because of their name. Turns out they don’t know how amazing and wonderful and funny and smart and kind they are after all. They’re still a pretty face though. And a pretty good kisser too. Which is why I’m hoping they’ll have lunch with me at the university courtyard tomorrow and have coffee with me after this even though I’ll probably just have hot choco and they’ll judge me because they love coffee which i honestly don’t get because-’ and he gets cut off with Sirius screaming ‘YES I’LL GO OUT WITH U OK’ and people are laughing and cheering and Remus jogs down to Sirius and kisses their cheek and and Sirius just smiles like an idiot and g osh they’re so adorable

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am i the only one who finds it disgusting that dan always uses racist fake accents, uses the term "brown people" and makes fun of trans ppl, like he really doesn't deserve all the love he gets bc honestly he's just as bad as jennifer lawrence

I debated answering this or not. It feels a bit like baiting to me, but maybe it isn’t. Dan is by no means a perfect person. I don’t think he’s a hateful person or does things from a malicious point of view. There are several things he could be more educated on and try-harder on. 

For example, you mentioned him making fun of trans people. That was something he was corrected on and has since been trying to learn more about and how he can be better about it. Granted he’s a little older so he isn’t as used to things as some of the younger grumps BUT I also don’t like to lean on that as an excuse because Brian is older and nowhere near as messy. 

My point is he has room for improvement (like everyone does) and he does try to get better on certain things. I do wish the vague racism would cool down, that’s a constant wish for me when it comes to them tbh. 

People do tend to put Dan on a pedestal where nothing he does is bad and he’s a perfect and innocent boy, but he isn’t. He fucks up too and has bad moments too and we can accept that and love him for the good moments and try to help him and educate him through the bad or we can turn away all together, it depends on the person and their point of view. 

(i wouldn’t say he’s as bad as Jlaw) 

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Happy birthday my favorite blog,and congrats on keeping this ship running smoothly and for so long! (Seriously this blog is fantastic) Also, I was wondering if you had any Kaijou headcanons. Happy birthday again ^_^

awww thank you so much!  it’s nice to hear you like how I’ve been running things!!

[cracks knuckles] hmm Kaijou

  • Kasamatsu carries a bunch of fruit snacks and trail mix with him at all times for his brothers but he always ends up giving them out to his teammates
    • Moriyama submits a request for his fav type of snack
    • Kasamatsu refuses to give him any snacks at all for a month
  • they’re the only team that can rival Seirin at taking group photos in stupid meme poses (except they make it look cool somehow) ((cool for a bunch of teenage boys))
  • they always get Hayakawa to draw posters for them bc he admitted that he likes putting together models one time and that was artsy enough for them, they use it as an excuse to pawn literally any task that requires creating a visual off onto him
    • his handwriting is pretty terrible and to spite them he doesn’t put in as much effort as he should but they just keep asking him to do it
    • it’s a good thing their club is prestigious bc their posters would attract 0 people
  • Nakamura is great but……..he’s the guy who brings a ouija board to a party
    • or worse he’s like “I know how to put together a homemade one" and Moriyama is like “invite some hot ghosts to our party”
    • Moriyama is the only other person on the team who is not bothered by the ghost thing
  • Hayakawa learned a bunch of sign language cuss words from Nakamura and they sign shit at each other during practices when the third years forget about them
  • I just learned that Kobori can canonically tap dance so this isn’t a headcanon but I thought you all should know
  • Kise probably finds out and asks him to show him some steps and they learn a tap dance routine together NICE
  • at the end of the season every year their coach takes them all out for karaoke (they gotta pay but he makes it an official team meeting so everyone shows up) and it goes exactly how you might expect

“And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.” – The Masque of the Red Death

Yomiel in Masquerade get-up based primarily on The Phantom of the Opera’s nod to Edgar Allan Poe when the Opera Ghost himself crashes the party in red. Of course the Phantom always wore the neatest feathery hat ever but I can’t sacrifice that hairstyle, so feathers on the mask it is.

"amazing electronic sort of band that uses a lot of spoken word and hip-hop"

Happy New Year? I guess? This is another fic in the universe of Play Crack the Sky by wearethecyclones. It’s my final contribution in the Stiles-finds-acts-for-Vulpine-Lupine series. This one’s a little weird in that it got a lot longer than I anticipated, and it took longer to actually get to meeting the new band–but I’m still pretty pleased with it. And thanks, Amanda, for letting me play in your corner of the sandbox. <3


They get the call when Scott’s hosting a post-Annuals-tour party in LA. Stiles has a whiskey in one hand, Derek’s neck in the other, and Lydia in his lap. He’s very close to making out with Derek, despite the indie band of the moment talking with Lydia about the different labels they’ve met and worked with. Kira had sent them over, Stiles knows, but he can’t remember anything else about them. He’s heard their music on the radio—it’s always on the radio—but it didn’t stick. He can’t even remember their names.

He can, however, remember the way Derek felt under his hands this morning. He can remember the softness of Derek’s skin, the color of it when Stiles sucks a mark, the way Derek’s abs flutter delicately when Stiles uses his mouth. Stiles remembers all those things, and that’s why he’s about to lick Derek’s neck behind Lydia’s back when Allison appears. She’s dragging Scott behind her, and Kira’s behind Scott.

“Excuse me, boys,” Allison tells the indie band. “I need to talk to my band.”

The guys move off, Allison moves in, and Stiles takes another sip of whiskey to keep from putting his mouth on Derek. Allison’s wearing her Manager Face.

“Pay attention, kids,” she says. “I just got a call from Bonnaroo.”

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