excuse the shittyness


Happy Birthday Harry Shum Jr. (April 28, 1982)

“Every project I work on makes me feel like I am on the right track because I’m getting paid doing what I love to do. I view each film and show I get to work on as a small dent in the universe that hopefully makes some sort of impact to someone somewhere. So I guess in a way, whatever current project I’m working on reminds me that I am on the right track.”

‘They say when a bird flies into your house through one window and out another it’s a portent of death.’

John’s trip in the aftermath of Paul’s moped accident in late December 1965. Fear not, this is not a death fic.

fic by Savageandwise (@darkspaceknight​)

When you throw in the bees just right…

When you steal those breeches just right…

When you kick Coryphenus in the dangle bags just right…

Take your pick. lol 

“Oh my! It’s Jack Frost, Elsa and.. is it Hans?! Can we take a photo of you?”

And that’s how people of AnimeFest discovered that Lesoldatmort in her dandy dandy clothes was actually Hans in disguise. The people know us more than even we do. We ended up ‘convincing’ Cath to really cosplay Hans in future (which wasn’t that difficult anyway!).

The sketch took around an hour of doodling, so please excuse all the shittyness of it. :’D

So is it.. 'Jackelsans’? Comic Sans?