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SHINee Reaction: You Send Them Nudes *CRACK*

- i didn’t take this seriously lol. i’ll get kara to re-do this when she’s better. i’m not even adding this to the master list


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*him acting as tho he didn’t just see what he just saw*
JH: Onew? You okay?
ON: So naked… o_o
JH: whut


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he’s honestly done with you


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*aggresively stuffs food in mouth to stop from screaming*


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I DON’T KNOW OKAY *ugly sobbing*


Just your typical Minho-initiated unnecessary Onho physical contact. 

i know it’s minho’s day but just let me rant for a little:

who the fuck do SM think they are screwing us over like this? there was a music video teaser but now no music video? i swear to jjongsus christ if it doesn’t drop by tomorrow i am actually sueing… this doesn’t just affect us, but jonghyun too y’know? without an mv this song clearly isn’t as exposed as it would have been with one which obviously means not as many sales and another of jonghyun’s masterpieces slept on. *tut tut* pick up your game SM and stop neglecting talented artists 

I met you during the chaotic times
I didn’t know anything but
I was mad that people kept saying to give up
No girl, I only show you the bad sides of me but, oh
Even if my body breaks down and my heart rips
I will keep that promise that I will protect you forever

They were my first Gintama ship. I love them sfm.