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Promise? // Lee Mark


the prompt(s): 1) Could I request a scenario for Mark like the Jungkook one you did? Except he doesn’t have to be King yet, he and the reader are just kind of sneaking around the castle and being all cute and in love then they get cAUGHT and I’m sorry this is so long!! 2) Could you write some mark Lee fluff?? Just some cute, first love type of thing?

words: 2134

category: fluff

author note: ah, mork. my precious, smol, overworked son. may he get the rest he truly deserves~ also, this is for two different requests since they both fit the same genre. please enjoy!

- destinee

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Thought I would share with you the Overwatch doodles that I had lying in my sketchbook! I apologize a thousand times for the bad quality, but these pictures are taken with my horrible phone xD 

I really wanna do some more. This game has caught my heart<3 Maybe when I finally manage to get some time in the following holidays… 

Now excuse me while i go to sleep.

ive never properly done a character/comic type of drawing before - my art is primarily realistic stuff but i thought doing a little doodle of @therealjacksepticeye would be some good practice!!!
(also a lil note: i did this on a free app on my iphone so excuse the really bad quality omg)

ex’s and shows ; bae jinyoung (part 2)

genre: angst, fluff

summary: jinyoung, your ex, appears everywhere and somehow you find yourself meeting him where you work.

y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name

so like uh i got bored. i hope yall enjoy this :) do u want alternative endings? yes? no? maybe? ????????

part 1 / part 2 

i still love you.” jinyoung said quietly, but still audible for you to hear. your heart was definitely shattered. as much as you still loved him, you knew that he had to prioritise either you or his career, and you didn’t want to be at risk for his fans.

you loved him too, but he just didn’t know that.

and again, bae jinyoung was in your thoughts.

“miss y/n, could you pay attention please?” your english teacher, mrs kang says, staring at you.

“o-of course. sorry, miss..” you bowed your head, gulping. she stared at you before sighing, then returning to the lesson. some classmates looked at you quite shocked as you were a pretty good student, not really getting told off that often. 

ever since yesterday, jinyoung couldn’t be out of your mind. you were thinking about him for the last twenty four hours, and possibly this could be everyday. you knew that you were going to slack in your studies. if only this didn’t happen..

ring ring!

“alright, it’s time for break. i expect your homework by next week please, no excuses. now have a good day.” mrs kang says, grabbing her things. “y/n, please see me.”

“thank you, mrs kang!” your class says in union. once everyone leaves, you glance at the door and head to mrs kang. 

“okay,” mrs kang sighs, “y/n, are you okay?”

you were stunned by the question.

“o-of course, miss..” you said.

“mr lee was saying this morning you were acting quiet- we know as your teachers that you are not like this. is there something up?”

“n-no, of course not. i was daydreaming.. i’m sorry.”

“oh.” mrs kang says, “it’s alright y/n. just pay attention, alright? and if you are having a tough time, we can help.”

you nodded, “you may go.”

“thanks..” you give her a smile before turning and walking to your locker.

“hey, y/n!” y/b/f/n jumps on your back as you chuckle.

“what’s up?” y/b/f/n raises her eyebrows, “you look so miserable today. why don’t you cheer up a lil bit. boss doesn’t wanna see you like this.”

“i’m fine.” you said, taking a bite of your fruit bar, “stuff’s just in my mind.”


“i saw jinyoung yesterday and he said he loves me but-” you say quickly, mumbling and gripping your backpack.

“woah woah,” y/b/f/n said, “y/n, slow down.”

you shyly rubbed your arm, “i saw… jinyoung yesterday.. we sort of uh, argued. i just didn’t expect him to be in town, you know? he said he still loves me, but i don’t know..”

“take him back!” y/b/f/n shouts.

“i mean uh, oh wow.. i’ll support your decision.” y/b/f/n flushes red and you squint your eyes at her.

“i wish it was that easy to take him back..” you play with your fingers. “i love jinyoung- but-”

“you’re not ready.” y/b/f/n finishes off, “jinyoung’s a good guy- he treated you amazingly y/n. i understand it’s hard, and that you never wanted to see him again, but i can tell jinyoung can’t do this without you.”

you nod, “i know, i know.”

“take your time.”

you quickly sprint your way back home, trying to avoid talking to anyone on the street. you had a shift until half past six, and you really hoped not to see jinyoung. and again, you saw his tall figure. you were screwed. you really did not want to see him after yesterday, and the way he looked at you before walking out made you a bit.. scared.

you had the duty of cleaning the tables once customers were finished today, so it wasn’t as bad as facing jinyoung at the counters. he was sipping his usual with one of his close friends, lee daehwi. y/b/f/n took the counters thankfully and you began to clean and place the rubbish in the nearest bin.

“for god’s sake.” you muttered, spilling a frappucino cup on the floor, some of the leftovers splattered on the floor tiles.

“here, miss.” a guy handed you the mop.

“a-ah.. thank you.” you turn to him and bow. ah, daehwi..

“that’s alright.” he smiles. he walks back to the table where him and jinyoung are. you sigh before cleaning it up, trying not to slip over again.

the cafe becomes more emptier, and jinyoung and daehwi don’t seem like they’ll be leaving. your legs are pretty much sore and your back hurts from leaning against the tables so much.


“excu- ah!” you jump, your heart racing. your feet lose balance, until you feel like you’re going to fall. but luckily, strong arms guard you.

“i got you.” you stare at the person.

“oh uhm… hi.” you stutter, you can tell your face is red and you’re embarrassed. it’s jinyoung. again.

“are you okay?” jinyoung said, “the floor was slippery. i didn’t mean to startle you-”

“i’m fine.” you said, as jinyoung took your hand to stand you up. “thanks for uh, helping me..”

“it’s okay..” jinyoung gave you a small smile, “listen, we really need to talk-”

“now is not the time. i have a shift to do.” you sigh.

“what time does your shift end?” jinyoung follows you to the counter.

“none of your business.”

you had no idea why you were acting so cold, but the thought of him breaking up with you again out of nowhere just made you think again.

“y/n.. please. hear me out.” jinyoung says, “whether you like it or not, i’ll be waiting for you after you end your shift.”

you take a deep breath.


“i-i’m uh, staying.. i need to talk to a worker.” jinyoung said to daehwi.

“about what?” daehwi laughs, “to that worker?” he pointed at you. “she’s pretty cute.”

“no no.. the manager.. my uh, coffee’s really bad?” jinyoung made an excuse and daehwi shrugged, “hm, okay. this cafe does good quality drinks though.”

“they screwed up my order,” jinyoung says as daehwi chuckles. 

your shift was over, but you wanted to stay in the cafe for a little bit longer. the sun was setting down and it looked incredibly beautiful. you found yourself humming to the music you were playing on your phone, watching the clouds go by.

“hey,” jinyoung sits opposite you, “do you mind?”

you nod, “i guess. i was about to leave anyways.” you stand up and put your phone and earphones in your bag.

“y/n, hear me out.” jinyoung held your wrist.

“look, jinyoung, hearing you out is going to make my heart break more.” you mutter, closing your eyes and breathing heavily.

“just listen to me, please.” jinyoung looks at you. you sigh before sitting back down.

“y/n, i still love you.. and you know that.” jinyoung starts, “i..i regretted not being with you while being on the show.. i just.. lost my confidence and you weren’t there to help me.”

“i’m still proud of you for getting through it, though.. but you really hurt me when you said we’re breaking up because of a show. your career is important but the way you said it seemed like… you prioritised work more.” you said, “and i want to love you again…”

“but i’m scared it’ll be the same.”


Ohhh my gosh??? Oh my gosh….oh my…GOSH OHHH GOsh

(Translation: I made the stimmy dough from strawberryslimes’ recipe and it turned out great!! It’s super soft and really easy to make, and it smells great too! I couldn’t stop smelling my hands for hours after I played with it haha)

(I’ll take a better quality video later, I was just so excited that I had to record this!!)
A moral dilemma

Anonymous said: “Playing off of the “smol” request, could you do where you’re at the mall and you ask a stranger (Yoongi) to get headphones off the shelf because you’re too short? + He refuses and offers another pair cuz the ones you wanted were “really bad quality”?”

I hope you like this! <3 Thank you for the request! :D 

Curse these shelves designed for tall people! The tip of your finger brushed the box you were trying to reach, pushing it further back. You were about to step on one of the other shelves to boost yourself up when you saw a better way of obtaining your goal.

“Excuse me?” You said to the young man who was trying on the display headphones. He took the pair off when you tapped him on the shoulder, looking slightly confused. “Could you get those headphones down for me?” He looked over to where you were pointing, walking a little closer.

“These?” He reached up and touched the box for confirmation.

“Yeah, thanks.” You smiled expectantly. 

“No, I can’t.” He dropped his hand back to his side, and your smile fell.

“Oh. It looked like you could.” You would have understood if he was busy, or couldn’t reach. But to walk over, touch the box, and then refuse to get it down? That was a little strange. 

“I can’t morally.” The stranger clarified. “That’s way too expensive for what you’d be getting.” He continued, walking past you and back to the display headphones. “Here, look at these.” He waved you over, and you followed somewhat reluctantly. “They’re only five dollars more, but they’re higher quality and have a warranty.” He picked them up and placed them over your ears before pressing the play button so you could hear the quality for yourself. They fit nicely over your ears, and had a clear bass, which could be hard to find in headphones. The stranger said something to you, but you only saw his lips move.

“What?” You said, taking off the headphones. He smiled, picking up another pair. 

“I said, they cancel out noise well. Now try these.” He placed the other pair on your head, and you could immediately tell a difference in the way they felt. The ear cups were too small and put pressure on your ears, and when he hit play there was no depth to the music. “Can you tell the difference?” He asked, and you noticed that these had no noise cancellation.

“Yeah, there’s a huge difference.” You said, taking the second pair off. 

“These were the one’s you wanted.” He said, referring to the second pair. “You see why I couldn’t get them down for you, right?”

You laughed, nodding. “Yes, I do. Thanks. How do you know so much about headphones anyway?”

He shrugged. “I compose music, you need high quality equipment for that. I’d be happy to tell you more, if you’d like. My name’s Yoongi by the way.” 

Beach Vibes Look Book

Hello again :) I present to you my ‘Beach Vibes’ look book! I hope it is to your liking. Once again, I’m new at this whole typa thing, so please excuse any mistakes in my images or bad quality, I’m still learning ;)  But anyway, I hope you enjoy this look book, you can download this sim on the gallery under the username: Cattygat00

All custom content used in this look book is not created by me nor do I take ownership of any of it. I have listed all content that was used below, so please take a look. All the content creators I used CC from in this piece are amazingly talented, so I would really appreciate if you checked out their blogs :3 Have a lovely day!

Poses - flowerchamber


Jeans - Puresims


Blush - Mayberries


Hair - cosmic plumbob (look for the hair titled ‘Marion’)


Top - I can’t track down where I found this top! If anyone has any idea, please flick me a message on this account. So sorry about this, hopefully I can find it soon :/

The rest of the items from this look book are base game.

If anyone has any editing tips they would be hugely appreciated :) Atm it takes me about two hours to edit each post. Is there a faster way? 

anonymous asked:

hey in your tags to that rose piece about her relationship to her mom, you said that all the alphas fucked up as guardians, and I can definitely see it for the other 3, but how did nanna fuck up? she died before she even got the chance to be john's guardian and I'm interested in how that illustrates what Jane's issues are because I have no idea how her being dead could be construed as a fuck up and the only conclusion I can draw is that it relates to John's dad being overprotective as the flaw

Nanna chose to run away after Condy laid everything out for her, left the crocker company to Jake/Grandpa to spite her, and then disappeared from beta earth forever. Even long after Condy’s permanent departure Nanna makes the decision not to pursue her heroic destiny and in fact still thinks of it as Condy’s fault that she and Jake/Grandpa never reunited despite the fact that it was 100% Nanna’s decision not to pursue it (despite knowing that she was potentially dooming the world by choosing her simple settled-down life instead.) Obviously she didn’t doom the world but yeah. And in her pesterlogs with Jane and so one I think there’s a sense of regret and what could have been if she’d embraced her destiny and original ambition to surpass and overthrow the batterwitch herself. 

It’s mirrored with Grandpa Crocker/Alpha John’s decision not to throw off the Crocker name or resist Condy’s evil (he just becomes a comedian, much like Nanna just settled down and embraced her love of pranks.) There’s some fan theories to the tune of Grandpa Crocker helping the resistance from the inside and using his comedian persona as a cover but tbh very little supports that and I don’t think I subscribe to it. John and Nanna as guardians both took the easiest route available to them and Nanna especially denies her own agency in doing so (still blaming Condy long after she’s gone for the decisions Nanna herself consciously made.) Nanna does a disservice to John the same way that Grandpa Crocker does a disservice to Jane in that choosing the easy way put their grandkids in vulnerable positions with zero knowledge or preparation

And there’s a lot to be said about you know causality and inevitability and how skaia/lord english ultimately decide the alpha timeline and does anyone really have any agency at all in the end but ehhh. same could be said of all the terrible qualities of the other guardians too and no one excuses them for it (rightfully imo.) 

I don’t think the kids were in equally bad situations or that the guardians all failed in equally bad ways and John was certainly the one in the “best” situation on the hierarchy but Nanna’s passivity and regret and what-iffing is definitely a Thing and one that Jane’s arc (if she had a full one) should have tackled in mirror. What we did get was on that path - realizing the crocker empire was evil and then choosing to inherit it anyway and scrub condy’s legacy off it etc. 

nananah567  asked:

do you prentend doing the chandeliALAN meme? (i cant send links in asks aaaaaa)

I’m not a big fan of those memes like that one, boomX4, security check or he broke my heart
It’s supposed to be funny, but it isn’t funny if it’s repeated all over and over again to me
Also I don’t really like the slightly “shitty drawing = funny video” association, it’s just a lazy excuse
Even tho I used to do that stuff in the past I prefer my quality to be at least a bit higher than that

But anyways it’s just my opinion and taste, I’m not saying it’s bad to do it because fun is good

So I was feeling really down thinking I hadn’t improved in my art in a long time as i was drawing today, and out of chance (needed to compare “parent” and son’s hair styles) I ended up opening up a year old pic next to my current one and… yikes. Like damn son, I know I’m not amazing at art, but I’ve been doing pretty damn well I think! Left is Peaches from today, right is Hearts from like… march of last year?