excuse the poor quality pls


life can be wonderful, isn’t this wonderful? and this had better come to a stop, whizzer. now, whizzer, ciao whizzer, bend. this had better come to an end. // do you know all i want is you? anything you do is alright. yes, it’s alright.

someone cry with me over how different these times marvin touches whizzer’s face are. and how gentle the second one is in contrast to the first because i know i’m emotional

Happy Birthday @nipuni!! I’m not an artist, but I tried!! I wanted to give back to the person who creates such amazing content for our fandom!! Your art is always so breath taking and awe-inspiring, so I thank you a thousand times for gifting us with your art and presence ♡♡ I have a WIP fic for you in the making, but I know myself and knew it wouldn’t be ready in time so take this as placeholder!!!