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Omg I am in love with this blog 💕💕 I love how well written everything is!! So I read the rules and I wasn't sure if I could request only one character or if I had to do RFA+the characters I wanted;;; but I was hoping for some kissing headcannons (like how they kiss, etc.) of the RFA+V please and thank you!

Oh hi~! Thank you for your support! You can have individual characters or the whole gang when making a request. :) We don’t normally do Vanderwood (or Rika, or Driver Kim lolol), but for HCs, we usually write for the five main characters + Saeran and V. ♥

This was fun to write, so I hope you enjoy~!!!


Kissing HCs


  • You were surprised when he first kissed you at the party
  • He seemed so… confident.
  • But he becomes a blushing mess when you initiate kisses
  • Likes eskimo kisses, rubbing his nose against yours, and then finishing it with a quick peck on the lips
  • Attacks you with multiple kisses on the face when you call him cute
  • To the point where you’re already holding his face away from you and he’s still puckered up like a cartoon octopus, trying so hard to reach you
  • “Yoosung, nooooo~“
  • “But whyyyy, emshee jush one mooorreee pweeeeaaash“
  • Makes obnoxiously loud smooching noises until you give in
  • Will steal kisses when you’re super serious or unaware
  • Expect a moan or two when you bite him during makeout sessions
  • Loves it best when you’re cuddling and he reaches from behind you to kiss your cheek.
  • “I’m sorry MC, I just can’t help but want to kiss you ‘cuz you’re so cute!“
  • Yoosung, what’re you talking about you’re the one who’s cute asdfghjkl

Zen / Hyun Ryu

  • Good night kiss. Good luck kiss. Goodbye kiss.
  • Basically makes each and every excuse just to give you kisses.
  • Chooses the highest seat on the theater just to make out with you
  • “But Zen, we won’t be able to properly watch the movie from up here…“
  • “You don’t need to look at anything else but me, MC.“
  • Who needs 3d and 4d when you’re always having a very interactive movie experience™?
  • But he really lives for morning kisses
  • Chuckles at the sight of you since your hair is always a disheveled mess
  • Starts with kissing the top of your head and then tucks away some loose strands so he could kiss your forehead
  • You always automatically roll away from him, exposing his favorite part to kiss : the crook of your neck
  • Lmao Zen are you a vampire
  • He goes to wrap his arms around you, burying his nose at the junction between your neck and shoulder, breathing in your scent before he licks a path just below the shell of your ear
  • And then he goes back, peppering said area with small kisses
  • Doesn’t care whether you’ve brushed or not, nothing will stop him from kissing you on the lips when you turn to face him
  • “Good morning, jagi. ♥“
  • What a good morning, indeed.


  • Was really shy at first, so she wouldn’t kiss you much.
  • But she gradually gets used to it since you usually rain kisses on her.
  • Would give you a quick kiss when you least expect it.
  • And blush innocently.
  • Baehee what did we do to deserve you aaaaaaaa
  • Sometimes though, she would just rest her forehead against yours, and give you butterfly kisses, your eyelashes touching as you lazily kiss
  • She’d smile and laugh with you afterwards
  • There was one time when you had icing on your cheek and she was feeling adventurous
  • So she gathered her courage, and then…
  • “MC, there’s icing on your cheek.“
  • “Eh? Where?“ you ask, touching the opposite cheek
  • “No, no, not there. Here, I’ll get it for you“
  • She reaches out, and then licks the icing off of your cheek in a way that it made you shiver and feel light and tingly inside
  • There was an awkward silence right after, until she coughs and then carries on with work as if nothing happened
  • (≖ ͜ʖ≖)
  • You made it a point to smear some icing on your cheek from then on and pretend that you didn’t know you had it on


  • Tries so hard to act cute with you sometimes, it’s almost painful to watch
  • Jumin, please stop watching cheesy dramas and copying it; we’d still love you even if Zen calls you a bore
  • Pretty shameless when he kisses you on the lips during parties, much to his father’s disdain.
  • “As much as it’s a pleasure to meet your daughter, I only have eyes for my wife.“
  • He doesn’t kiss much, but when he does, it’s always the back of your hands first.
  • And then the forehead, then the lips.
  • Or forehead, eyelids, tip of your nose.
  • When you’re being intimate with him, he’d gently gather a few locks of your hair in his hand and kiss it
  • Also loves kissing a path from your knees down to your inner thighs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Hickeys on your neck, collarbone, chest, upper arms; he likes marking what’s his.
  • Would sometimes take you out for evening walks, and then kiss you under the fireworks or when you’re alone at an observation deck on a tower or a cruise ship
  • “Wha… what was that for???“
  • “Do I really need to have a reason to kiss you, my love?“
  • It usually leads you to melt on the spot, but he’s always there to catch you ♥

707 / Saeyoung

  • Spiderman kiss? Lizard kiss? Australian kiss?  ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)
  • Name an unusual type of kiss, and he’d convince you to try it with him.
  • Saeyoung, stop trying to hang upside down from there, it’s dangerous pls stop
  • On a serious note, he’s more likely to casually flop on your lap when you’re on the couch and ask for a kiss.
  • Or he would distract you from a card or board game with a breathtaking kiss to win. Lmao you cheat
  • Biter. Also a tease.
  • His favorite part to kiss is your tummy, then making his way down, down, down… but then he suddenly backs up to give you a deep kiss when you think that he’d kiss there
  • Also loves kissing from your back down to the swell of your butt, where he proceeds to bite.
  • “Saeyoung!“
  • “Eheheh. Sorry, I got carried away, it’s just so soft and bouncy, I couldn’t resist!“
  • There are also times when he’d take you out on a drive
  • He’d spread a blanket on a dry, grassy patch and you’d just lie side by side, holding hands while star gazing.
  • When he thinks you’re starting to doze off, he’d hover over you
  • “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me, MC,“ he says, caressing your face and then tilting your chin upwards.
  • Proceeds to place soft kisses on your lips, moving to the corner of your mouth and then your jaw.
  • And then he stops and flicks your forehead.
  • “It’s getting late, we should head back home.“
  • ( ಥ ʖ̯ ಥ) ….

Unknown / Saeran

  • Polar extremes
  • You’d have to either coax kisses out of him, or he would slam you against a flat surface and aggressively kiss the crap out of you.
  • “Saeran, you rarely kiss me. C’mon, pleeeaaase? With mint chip ice cream on top?“
  • “Fine, but you better live up to your promise“
  • Gives you a half-assed side kiss, then carries on with his task
  • “Saeran that’s not even a proper kiss“ ( ಠ ʖ̯ ಠ)
  • “Beggars can’t be choosy, MC.“
  • He might say that while sporting a bored look, but he’s really screaming inside.
  • Very embarrassed bean. Give him space. Let him scream. Give the boy his ice cream.
  • Likes giving one-lip kisses, either kissing your upper lip, or biting your lower lip and then making a swipe inside your mouth with his tongue
  • But there are also times when he’d ask nicely for a kiss on the lips.
  • “Can I kiss you, MC?“ kiss. “I want to kiss more. Can I kiss you again?“ kiss. “Another.“ kiss.
  • This usually leads to heavy makeout sessions.
  • Lets you take the last weiner, cake, nugget, etc., but then he steals it from you through a french kiss before you could even chew
  • “It’s your fault for not swallowing quickly.“

V / Jihyun Kim

  • Will randomly pull you in for kisses when he’s in a happy mood
  • His favorite is when your back is turned to him and your nape is exposed.
  • Will hug you from behind and starts with a number of soft kisses on your nape, going to your shoulder.
  • And then he’d just rest his chin on your shoulder and smile at you as he watches you work.
  • “I would take a picture, but I don’t think I’d be able to perfectly catch this moment on camera, MC.“
  • Would usually lead to you accidentally cutting or burning your fingers when he does this during meal prep
  • “Oh no, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for you to get distracted! Here, let me see your hand.“
  • Unconsciously puts the burned/bleeding area to his lips, lightly sucking on it.
  • “Uhh… V, the… the first aid kit… “
  • “Hmm? Oh. Oh, right. Just stay there while I get the kit.“
  • Likes to lightly nibble on your earlobe, neck, collarbone, shoulder, and hip
  • Showering together? He would kiss your back while you’re both under the shower spray.
  • Most likely to take you skinny dipping, and then make out with you in the water

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*throws away fun in frustration* I NEED A SECOND PART OF THAT TODOMOMO FICLET. I hate you!!!

Note: HAHA, your hate has fueled my power. Rated T for Bakugou’s dirty mouth. Enjoy Part 2! 

READ PART 1 HERE: In which Todoroki tells her everything

One, two, three, four…five?

Tokoyami narrowed his eyes, fingers drawing arches in the air as he counted from one head to another. Holding onto his phone, he propped it next to his beak.

“Sorry its 5 combos, not 4. That will be all, thanks,” Tokoyami glanced over at the boys that gathered like ants around the salsa and guacamole, and tossed the phone over on the couch. His friends splayed their bodies while laughing in front of the TV at something Midoriya just said.

“I didn’t know that Bakugou came,” Tokoyami noted as he crouched, “I almost didn’t order his dinner.”

“Yeah who brought Bakugou,” Todoroki said, looking over at the culprits for an answer, and Bakugou flipped him a middle finger.

“Fuck you half and half,” Bakugou grabbed a few tortilla chips and chewed it like a barbarian, “Kaminari told me you needed advice and dragged me here. I don’t wanna be here either. I got shit to do.”

Todoroki didn’t move a muscle, “Then you should go.”


Kaminari and Midoriya instinctively pulled onto Bakugou’s hood like a rein on a wild horse as the latter propelled forward, explosions contained within his sweaty palms.

“He’s still like a crazy maniac ready to drink our blood,” Tokoyami shook his head as he bent his knees, “to get back to business,” the birdman gestured with a nod to the guy next to him, “this is an intervention for Todoroki as he clearly effed himself over two nights ago. Or a funeral, I’m not sure yet.”

Kaminari’s mouth was ajar as he tried to eat salsa while laughing at Tokoyami’s dark humour, somehow not choking. A feat only idiots could successfully execute.

“Yaomomo hasn’t told anyone the details yet. Or so Jirou says,” Kaminari gave Todoroki a crinkled smile, “if you could please do the honours, we would very much like to know how exactly you dug your own grave.”

Todoroki exhaled, burying his face in his hands as the others waited.

“So you guys know about how I took her outside the bar when she was dancing.”

Everyone nodded obediently, even Bakugou, who was still gnawing on his food.

“I heard it from electric dolt over here so many times, I think I had it tattooed on my chest,” Bakugou teased, as if that was the cleverest thing he could come up with. Todoroki sent Kaminari, who had his hands before him in defense, a death glare.

“So after that I recall making out with her against the wall of the dry cleaners besides the-“

Kaminari actually choked his time, “no details please.”

“Go on,” Tokoyami said, ignoring Kaminari’s need of a Heimlich remover and Todoroki did a dramatic pause, as if the situation needed more suspense.

“Then,” he took a deep breath, “I think I took her over to my place for the night.”

He closed his eyes.


As expected, when Todoroki’s eyelids lifted again, his friends were rendered like statues at the big reveal.

“Before we all start imagining things,” Midoriya was the first to break the stillness, lopping his palms out to suppress the commotion.

“Oh don’t worry, I ain’t imagining jack shit,” Bakugou interrupted in disgust and Midoriya continued.

“Taking her home for the night essentially means just that. Maybe nothing happened between you guys.”

Todoroki could only mutter through the cushion he was using to contain his exasperation, “She left her undergarment here. I found it on my bed. She probably left in a hurry.”

“Dude if it’s a bra, just say it,” Kaminari called out and Todoroki rolled his eyes hopelessly.

“Yes, her bra, okay?” The fire and ice hero, being a gentleman, barely said it audible enough for the others to hear. Trying to soothe whatever was obstructing his vocal chords, which was likely just his guilty conscience, Todoroki interweaved his fingers together and cleared his throat.

“Could it just be a bra from another girl that you forgot about?” Tokoyami attempted to sound sensible to Todoroki’s chagrin.

“I’ve never brought any girl home,” Todoroki indicated modestly and his friends all exchanged glances.

“For such a popular guy, you’re pretty tame,” Tokoyami said and got back to the topic, “Anyways, I’d say just tell Yaoyorozu you made a mistake and apologize.”

“No you don’t wanna tell a girl that,” Kaminari intervened,” she’ll get the wrong idea and think you were playing with her.” The electric hero scanned the room for a reaction, “Just give her bra back and leave. Done. Zip. No words needed.”

Midoriya’s lips tugged on one side forming a hesitant yet pleasing smile, “I think you should just wait for her to talk to you.”

Todoroki took his head in his palms, frustrated. He was grateful for his friends’ suggestions, albeit those being utterly rubbish. One person hasn’t said a word yet. The boy pointed his gaze at Bakugou, waiting to find a diamond in the rough, as rare as it is. Bakugou scowled back but finally ceased.

“I say you just tell her all the shit that’s cooped up deep inside,” Bakugou tottered his leg in annoyance, “listen to your shitty little heart, if you even have one, and something will come out right.”

Todoroki’s eyes widened, putting a finger on his chin and heeded the philosophical advice, “Bakugou, thanks.”

The blonde boy hurried to mediate the awkwardness. Sentiment only makes him weak.

“Don’t thank me, crap for brains. I’m just logical.”


Be honest, Todoroki kept repeating those words like a parrot learning its first words. He would have never predicted the day he listened to Bakugou Katsuki.

Ding Dong

His doorbells echoed through the chasm of the vacant foyer and he launched himself off his seat, hands already sweating from self-doubt.  

“Hey,” he pulled open the door, keeping a straight face, “Come on in.”

The girl was holding a tray of wrapped up cupcakes in her arms, doing everything she could to bypass his gaze. In the back of her mind, she knew she brought them to keep herself out of focus.

“Todoroki, I thought it’d be nice to bring these, while we talked.”

Talked. That word made the boy shudder.

Chaperoning her to his living room, he stuck his hand out politely to guide her to a spot on the couch and she took it, carefully letting her purse go on the floor. For the better part of the next ten minutes, a curtain of muteness fell as Yaoyorozu’s eyes moved restlessly to him and back to her lap.

“Excuse the mess,” Todoroki started belatedly, scrutinizing the salsa stain that Kaminari left on the carpet, “Yesterday, Midoriya and the others came over.”

The girl faked a laugh to lighten the mood, “Oh, I see.”

“Here,” Todoroki removed himself from the room for a negligible second, and thought that he swallowed so visibly, the girl in front of him would have noticed without a doubt, “Uh, I’m sure this is yours.”

Yaoyorozu ogled at the article of clothing in his hand, mortified, and stuffed it into her purse, hoping it’d disappear from such a predicament into the depths of her bag.

“I’m sorry,” Todoroki planted a hand against the back of his neck, turning away, “I don’t remember exactly what happened but I know we…uhh…” he kept his head low, “I just hope everything’s fine between us.”

The girl hugged her bag closer to her and perhaps it was Todoroki’s imagination, but for a split moment, he saw disappointment reflecting from the darkness of her eyes.

“Yeah, of course, we’re good friends. And you were drunk. And I was just…” She wouldn’t allow herself to finish.

A burning, throat-scraping pain apprehended her as she pushed herself off the seat, making sure not to say another word. Todoroki considered the subtle movements of her clenched hands; if he didn’t stop her now, he’d lose her forever.

“Wait,” He binded her wrist with his tight grip.

“It never even occurred to me that you had the need to apologize,” she turned her head over, every word penetrated with ire, “Did you regret? Is this what this is?”

“Of course not,” he responded and he could see her quivering from either anger or defeat, “We’ve known each other for so long, I don’t want anything to ruin our relationship.”

“And what is our relationship?”

Her words were eroded with a hostile fragility and the boy stiffened, watching as she tried to free her from him.

“For not telling you the truth, I think that is actually my biggest regret,” he saw her movement cede, “everything I said when I was drunk, I meant every part of it.”

She felt numb and he persisted on, “I was possessive. I was selfish. I didn’t want anyone else to get close to you because-“  

She could sense his conviction, honesty, and dedication.

“Because I’m in love with you.”

She relaxed. His speech might be the most straightforward one yet, but that’s what she liked about his character.

“I feel the same way,” she replied, tracing his expression with her gaze. Yearning to have a taste of her again, Todoroki invited her in his arms with a pull of his wrist.


“Kaminari,” Todoroki uttered groggily, “you gotta stop calling me in the morning.”

His friend sneered, “So how was talking to Yaomomo? Everything settled?”

Todoroki angled himself to look at the girl sleeping serenely beside him, and he stroked a piece of her hair away from her face. Inch by inch, he walked out of the room and closed the door with a light touch.

“Talk quietly,” Todoroki said, hushed.

“Wait, why?” a revelation surmounted the boy on the other side of the call, “oh my god, you friggin’…are you kidding me? Did you and Yaomomo…”

“You don’t need to know,” Todoroki deadpanned, and laid his head against the door. He heard a sigh.

“You’re so smooth, even I need to learn from you, mate,” Kaminari pestered, “well I’ll leave you two alone.” His shit-eating grin was too evident through the playful sound of his voice.

“Ah, see you.”  And Todoroki hung up with a smile teasing his lips. Heading down the stairs with loose footsteps, he threw on a t-shirt that was resting on the arm of a chair and pulled out the pots and pans.

The most difficult decision of that day was guessing if his girlfriend liked breakfast in bed.

I was staying quiet on the whole Alex/zubat thing because some part of me hoped the exposingalex blog would find something that proved it was all a big misunderstanding, but the evidence stacks and stacks, and there’s no real question. And the e-mail they just posted that talks about Alex not saying thank you after a big favor hit too close to home.

I admit I started getting suspicious a few months ago when they came to New York and crashed at our apartment. I’ll let Par talk about the things she witnessed and noticed during that time, but I noticed things as well. Like that they had a brand new MacBook that they had purchased within a week or two of the trip. And a brand new Michael Kors bag. And multiple suitcases overstuffed with mostly designer clothes. And a full tub of makeup. And probably four or five thousand dollars worth of camera equipment (including a full range of EF-S lenses). And how they went out drinking every night. And bought two tickets to a Broadway show. And after they dropped their new iPhone 6 in the snow and their cell phone provider said they’d have to wait a day to get a replacement, they bought a new one on the spot so they wouldn’t have to wait. Even though they had two phones, which is something we never asked questions about. This is after being totally broke on the previous trip here in November and frequently asking for donations and commissions throughout December.

They never once mentioned the Leelah Project. They mentioned that they had just finished school and bought the plane ticket here as a graduation present to themselves, that they had been calling their ex a lot (which surprised us but we left alone because it wasn’t really our business), told stories from working at a grocery store in the last state they lived in, talked about things that happened on the previous trip, complained that their blog’s ad revenue had fallen from its steady ~$500 a month, went on and on about making vines and how the viner they were seeing was so perfect and dreamy and they missed him, all about the tinder dates they went on at least once and usually more per day while here, belittled and insulted Par, made excuses for being a discourteous houseguest and turning our living room into a pig sty, and so on. But never, not even once, mentioned the Leelah Project, which we thought was weird since it had to be taking up a lot of time for all the work it was supposedly doing.

They didn’t say thank you when they left, or do their dishes, or clean up the parts of their mess that weren’t going with them in the Lyft to the hotel they stayed at the last night. They claimed it was by JFK and they were staying there to make it easier to catch their flight, but then posted a view from the room that was clearly from the east side of Manhattan, which is about twenty minutes drive farther from JFK than our apartment is.

We didn’t press it too much. When, two weeks later, I saw them post that their bank had been hacked and $700 stolen while I was at work on the overnight and Par showed me after I woke up that they deleted that post and posted that their PayPal had been hacked and $800 stolen, not twelve hours later. Even stranger since they told Par while they were staying on our couch that their PayPal had been hacked and $700 stolen.

So we backed away. Not completely, but mostly. I can’t speak for Par, but some part of me hoped that there would be a rational or reasonable explanation, or that I was misremembering parts of the story. Something other than this person who we let in our home, fed, allowed to sleep on our couch, watched out for when drunk, consoled when upset, and so on, was the type of person who would take advantage of people to such a monstrous degree. Being an ungrateful houseguest and friend is one thing. This is something else entirely.

It’s shameful and disgusting, and I hope they feel enough remorse to make it right, but they’re certainly not welcome in my home anymore.

The Girl | TBS

A/N: this sweet imagine is inspired by anon and this wonderful song. cry with me as read all this fluff that’s gonna be thrown at you  it’s best of you to listen to the song as you read this story. Trust me.

Pairing: Reader x Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Warnings: feels. lots and LOTS of feels. You will cry at some point, beLIEVE me 

Word Count: 2712


It’s your 5 year anniversary with the one and only, Thomas Sangster.

Life was pretty hectic at times, with him traveling for movie productions and you being a photographer, there would be weeks at a time where you wouldn’t see each other.

And when there’s a relationship, there’s always the haters. The minute fans found out that you and Thomas were a thing, there was backlash. You remember the one time in Comic Con a girl jumped onto stage and threw water at you. Since then, there’s been at least one security guard looking after you and Thomas.

It’s a chilly December morning and you got a call saying a client needed some pictures for their wedding photo. 

You willingly said yes, telling the couple that you knew a lot of beatiful places to take candid shots in Hyde Park. Even though it’s 8 AM here, the photo shoot would take up almost the whole day.

You notified the couple to bring some ice skates; that you might enter into ‘Winter Wonderland.’

You practically heard the couple scream in delight as you bid them a goodbye.

As you were packing your camera, you heard your phone ring. You picked up the phone and immediately grinned when you found out who the person was.

“Hey, Y/N” Thomas beamed through the phone, “I miss you so much.”

“Hey, sweetie, how’s work cutting out for you?” you asked as put the finishing touches to your bag.

“Well, we wrapped up yesterday afternoon, and they told me I’m allowed a 1 month break,” Thomas said.

“That’s amazing!” you gasped, “Are you on your way home right now?”

Although Thomas was doing interviews in the States, he knew his way around the system. 

“I’m not quite sure, there’s an airplane that leaves in 45 minutes, and I think I might head on over to you,” Thomas said.

“But it’s 12 AM over there!” you exclaimed, “aren’t you going to get jet lag when I see you.”

“That might be the case, but I’ll do anything to be with you,” Thomas said.

You let out a heavy sigh. This would the third time this year where Thomas wouldn’t be in England the same day. Although jet lag is a problem, you haven’t told him about your job right now.

Ever since you and Thomas became a thing, people would actually look at your work in the photography industry. No longer were you the local photographer You would travel the world and see new places, wanting to have beautiful weddings like the ones you’ve seen. However, Thomas said to ‘give it some time.’

“Well, take all the time you want,” you explained, “because I’ve got clients waiting for me at Hyde Park. I’m making their photoshoot a snow-centered one.”

“Sounds very romantic,” Thomas chuckled, “we should definitely do that sometime.”

“That’s if you ever get your arse back here, moron,” you teased.

“Your British is so bad,” Thomas said as he imitated and SoCal accent.

“Not all Californians sound like surfers, Thomas,” you chuckled as you walked to your car. 

“Based on what I’ve heard and seen, I beg to differ,” Thomas laughed.

“Whatever Thomas. Hey, I gotta go do my thing. Call me when you get here alright?” you said.

“Have fun! But not too much fun,” Thomas said as you heard his laugh through the phone.

“I’ll catch you later,” you sighed as you hung up and headed to Hyde Park.

It’s time to get the show on the road.


“Ok, now try to twirl in a circle and do some funny pose!” you ordered.

It’s already after midday, and you were having an absolute blast.

As snow came down, it made the scenery even more beautiful than it was.

The couple was very interacting throughout the whole shoot, and it made you swell up. It was quite funny how they met, too. Jackie, the bride-to-be, said they met when they were at a cousin’s wedding, when Jackie was 19 and Ethan was 20. Ethan, the groom, said when they first met, Jackie thought he was the most annoying person ever. Apparently Ethan was a crappy flirter, and throughout the wedding, he would try to have some conversation with her, but horribly fail. Jackie eventually came through at the very end of the wedding. And since then, they have been together for 10 years. 

“10 years is such a long time,” you finally said, “I’m so proud that you guys are getting married. It’s such a wonderful thing, quite frankly.”

You told that you if you can have a 15 minute break, and without hesitation they said yes.

“You’ve done so much for us,” Ethan thanked, “we can never thank you enough.”

As they went for a few more rounds around the rink, you took out your phone to check the time: 1:23 PM. 

You decided to ring Thomas up to see if he landed or not, but he never picked up the phone. You left him a voicemail saying how much you loved your clients and how much you missed him.

As you hung up, you stared at your surroundings. The kids laughing with joy, couples skating together, teenagers huddled around keeping warm from the snow. It all seem… distant to you. You started to remember flashbacks from your first date with Thomas, it was under a cherry blossom tree during the spring. If only he was here now…

You snapped back to reality as you had the sudden urge to got back to that tree. 

You skated up to Jackie and Ethan and said, “I have a perfect place to shoot some pictures.”

As you lead the couple to the spot, you felt your phone ring. It was Thomas.

“Hey, I miss you,” you said in a hushed tone.

“I miss you too, Y/N” Thomas sighed as a long silence came ahead.

“You’re not coming home, aren’t you,” you simply put it.

“I’m in New York at the moment,” Thomas hesitated, “But I think my flight is going to be delayed for another 2 hours. Sorry babe.”

You stayed quiet for a minute. “It’s okay, Thomas. I know it’s not your fault. I’m still working with the couple anyways. They’re a fabulous duo, might I add.”

“Must be marvelous over there,” Thomas said, “Well, I can’t keep talking to you. You’ve got your job to do.”

“I know..” you mumbled, “See you soon. Love you.”

“Love you too, babe,” Thomas cooed, sadness in his voice as both of you hung up.

You didn’t realize that you had a tear coming down your face until Jackie came up from behind and said, “Honey, are you okay?”

“Yea, I’m fine,” you sniffled, “it’s just my allergies acting up. Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you sure?” Ethan asked, concern in his voice, “because we can take another break, if you want.”

“No, no! It’s okay,” you stuttered, “I’m from Southern California, and sometimes this weather takes me by surprise.”

The couple kept insisting to take another break, but you told them that the tree was up ahead.

You knew during the winter, cherry blossoms weren’t obviously in season, but this specific tree seemed to never lose it’s little petals. It was a hotspot for couples, but for those who had the guts to be here in the snowy weather. The little petals stood out in the white snow, and since the days were shorter, it made the scenery even more beautiful.

“Wow, it’s even better than I remembered,” you gasped.

“Y/N, this is so beautiful!” Jackie said, “how on earth did you ever find it?”

Jackie gave a valid reason. The three of you were secluded off, tiny hills covering the tree. You would hear the occasional laugh or screech from families, but other than that, it was perfect.

“Aw, you don’t have to thank me!” you gushed, “You can thank Thom- no wait never mind.”

“Go on, dear,” Jackie said, “We won’t judge you.”

“It’s just, it reminds me of Thomas,” you simply said.

“Oh, he sounds like a wonderful person,” Jackie said, “unless, of course, he’s your ex-boyfriend. Then he’s considered a bad person.”

“He’s my boyfriend, we’ve been going out for five years,” you chuckled.

“Things are good, life’s alright… but I never get to see him,” you added, “he’s in the States right because his flight got cancelled for two more hours. It really sucks because today marks our 5 year anniversary. I actually thought he would make it…”

“I never get to see him now that has to do so many interviews, and honestly, it’s one of the reasons I do this job. It’s kind of like a ddistraction so I don’t miss him too much, but it still hurts. I have picture of him, it was taken on this exact same spot you guys are standing.”

You took out your phone and showed Jackie and Ethan a picture of you and Thomas holding each other while ice skating. It was taken in January, and you remembered Thomas telling you that his current movie was a huge success.

“You guys look absolutely adorable,” Jackie said, “Remember we were like that, Ethan?”

"It was a nice time for us,” Ethan added, “I know you might have heard this an annoying amount of times, but have you guys ever thought of getting married?" 

"Well, actually I’ve thought about it, but Thomas has said to give it some time,” yous sighed, realizing you had a few tears running down your face. 

Jackie handed you some Kleenex out of her purse, and you blew your nose a little too loudly.

Ethan’s phone rang and he excused himself off to the side. Jackie started rubbing your back and you lost it.

"Oh honey it’s okay, stuff like this always happen. I remember when Ethan was offered a job in New York when we were living here. It’s hard,” Jackie consoled.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” you blubbered, “I just messed up your guys’ photoshoot. I’m deeply sorry I’ll give you guys a refund.”

“What are you talking about, you’re doing fantastic! I’ve never seen such a photographer dedicated to every client! I love how you’ll listen to our stories, because it’s what helps setting the mood for the picture! I take photos from time to time, and I know what exactly you’re trying to capture, I couldn’t thank you enough” Jackie praised.

 ”Oh it’s nothing,” you said, wiping a tear away, “when it comes to wedding shoots, I really like to capture the essence of the couple that’s getting married. Couples have actually told me that they’ve fallen all over again for each other.

"I remember an old couple that have married for 60 years, they told me that they felt young again when I did their photo shoot. I don’t know man, but I guess I have that ‘magical’ touch.”

“And that’s why people love your work; because you can relate to everyone. Plus you aren’t rude and demanding like the majority of photographers. You make it fun!” Ethan said as he walked up to you and Jackie.

It was now 8:30, and it got pretty dark. You were about to tell the couple to pack it up and maybe go back to your studio, when suddenly a bright white light blinded your eyes. 

"What in the…” you groaned as you tried to see what was the bight light.

Turns out the cherry tree you were taking pictures at was lit up with sparkly white lights, and it look gorgeous.

“What a view!” Ethan said, sarcasm in his voice, “did you plan this?”

“No I didn’t…:” you whispered, “but it gives it a nice touch. How about a few more pictures under this?”

“Wonderful!” the couple sang.

You composed yourself and started to get your groove again, satisfied at the work you’re doing.

Just as you were taking the final shots of the couple, you started to hear the strums of a guitar.

“Oh, Y/N, can I see your camera for a bit?” Jackie asked, “I just wanna see the pictures.”

“Sure, sure!” you said in a rush as you handed her the camera, frantically trying to find the search of the sound. 

You probably looked stupid, but you had no clue where the sound was coming from.

As you turned away from the tree, you heard 6 more guitars playing, and now you were real confused.

Then, you heard someone singing, softly but you could decipher few of the lyrics:

        I wish I could do better by you

        ‘Cause that’s what you deserve

        You sacrifice so much of your life 

        in order for this to work

It was Thomas. He’s singing the song that he serenaded to you.

Soon, a hoard of about 40 people came behind Thomas, all singing along to the song. It was all your closest friends and a couple of family members. They all came and that just creeped you out. It’s not even Christmas, so what’s the damn rush.

Everyone was so into the song, and they all surrounded you and the tree, realizing Ethan and Jackie joined into the circle and sang along. Turns out Jackie was taking some candid photos of you.

“You go, Y/N! Pose for me, darling!” Jackie cheered as you did some funny poses.

        But you don’t ask for no diamond rings

        No delicate string of pearls

        That’s why I wrote this song to sing

        My beautiful girl 

As the last verse played, all you heard were cheers and claps, but no signs of Thomas.

“Looking for someone?” a voice said behind you.

“You came!” you screeched as you tightly hugged Thomas, “I thought you wouldn’t make it!”

“Like I said, I’ll do anything to be with you,” Thomas whispered as he leaned in for a kiss.

Everyone ‘awed’ and started clapping and cheering for the two of you. It felt since forever being with Thomas. 

Then out of nowhere, Thomas let go of your embrace, giving a subtle nod to a friend. 

“Y/N, these past 5 years have been ridiculously ridiculous,” Thomas announced, earning chuckles from the crowd.

“This past year has been especially rough with all the shooting and interviews and touring. Heck, I thought I wasn’t living!” Thomas added, “And while I was away, it made me realize something: it made me realize that I need you. Not all that one more year crap. I mean stay with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

"Which is why, Y/N Y/L/N, I want to take your hand in marriage.” Thomas said, as he bent down in one knee. 

“Holy crap, holy crap!” you screamed out as you started to cry. 

“Y/N, will you marry me?” Thomas asked as he opened a small blue box with the diamond ring shining.

“Yes, yes Thomas, yes!” you yelled as he picked you up and spun you around. 

Jackie quickly got to work as she took pictures of the two of you, a roar of cheering heard throughout.

“I’m so glad you said yes, Y/N,” Jackie gushed, “You have to give major props to Thomas though, he was the one who planned it out!”

“Really?” you gasped, “How? When!”

“Well,” Thomas explained, “When I was in the States, I ran into Jackie, she was my photographer for a magazine photoshoot. When I heard she need someone to take her photos, I said you were the perfect one. We were gonna do it Christmas day, but this could be a present, right?”

“Oh Thomas, this is so wonderful!” you cried, “how did you ever pull this off?”

“Remember the phone call that Ethan got? That was me.” Thomas beamed.

“Congrats on the engagement, man,” Ethan said as he patted Thomas on the back.

The 6 guitar players then got their instrument and started to play, making everyone cheer and start dancing.

“Care for a dance, Mrs. Brodie- Sangster,” Thomas proposed as you giggled.

“Don’t mind if I do, Mr. Thomas,” you replied as the two of you slow danced.

Snow started to fall, and it was the perfect way to end the wonderful day.

“I love you, Y/N, with all my heart,” Thomas said as you held onto him. 

You were truly now in a winter wonderland.

A/N: has no words bc this took me TWO DAYS to write. again i would LOVE to thank anon for this prompt and i just. im crying this is so sweet holy shit. anyways, stay fabulous and CHEERS TO THE NEWTLY- WEDS ba dum tiss. -mayra xx

S7E01: The Day Will Come When You Wont Be

This imagine is part of a current series of short works, based on each and every episode of The Walking Dead season seven. In this particular episode you are the younger sister of Abraham and are currently knees down in the line-up, after Abe and Glenn have just been on the unfortunate receiving end of Lucille’s wrath. Click HERE for the rest of this series.

Word count: 557

Tag list: @kinkozan


My brother, my blood. Gone.

And there he stood, the physical embodiment of the devil himself, smirking before us as he paced up and down the line up, swinging his bloodied bat with undeniable glee. In just a few motions he had single handedly ripped apart loving families and friendships, leaving them nothing but a crumbling mess in the dirt alongside the beaten bodies of Glenn, and my sweet sibling Abraham.

That was it for me. The last living person guiding me through this pathetic excuse of a life we all led, wiped out in an instant. I felt as if Negan had taken that bat to my own heart and crushed it into a thousand pieces. And now, I was consumed by a painful emptiness inside, a haunting numbness.  

You look shitty,” Negan mocked with a smirk upon his face, as his heavy footsteps trudging through the dirt came to a stop just before me, and he looked inquisitively into my reddened eyes. “Fucking broken, as a matter of a fact. Which is a fucking shame because you… are kinda hot.

What’s her name?” he questioned, searching his men around us for an answer.

Y/N,” one man’s hoarse voice called out from behind me.

Y/N. What’s the matter darling, you didn’t enjoy the show?

My lips parted as if to speak, yet no words escaped my mouth. But that of course, would not be good enough for Negan, his royal highness, King of killers and all things wicked in this world. He flashed a crooked smile, almost revelling in my defeat, before lowering one knee to the ground until his dark, wicked eyes fell level with my own.

The best fucking advice I can give you right now, is to speak, when you are fucking spoken to,” he muttered menacingly. As the breath from his sharp words hit my skin, I pursed my lips tightly shut together, gritted my teeth and stared bitterly forward, which seemed to do nothing but amuse Negan who then let out a hearty chuckle.

In an instant, his grip tightened around Lucille’s base and he whipped her up from where she lay positioned in the dirt, moving fast and furiously through the air as he made a beeline for my head. Maybe I thought he would end my life, there and then, just like the others. Maybe, I just didn’t care anymore. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t flinch, nor did my stance falter. Instead, the bat stopped just inches away from my skin, threateningly close, before Negan lightly pressed the bloodied barbed weapon into my cheek, staining my skin crimson as Negan looked on with sickening pleasure, followed by bewilderment.

You… are not fucking scared of me. Why is that I wonder?

You just killed the single last bit of family I had left on this Earth. You can’t hurt me any more than you already have,” I said, cold and defiant.

His delighted expression soon dwindled away and no longer did he display with pride his sickening wolfy grin, but in its place was a look of solemn humourlessness. He released Lucille from pressing her sharp wires into my skin and rose to his feet, towering tall above my figure as I continued to gaze forward into the dirt.

See, that’s where you’re wrong. Dwight, get her into the van.”

Public Indecency

@goldcaught requested “ ‘You’ve got to pretend-date your best friend for a couple of weeks because reasons, and somehow that means we’re passing ourselves off as siblings to explain why we live together but we’ve started giving each other really filthy pre-sex looks behind everyone’s back like a game of chicken and pretty soon somebody is going to start to have serious concerns about our siblinghood.’ for tropes day.  I took some creative licenses.  Hope you enjoy!

              “You’re doing what?”

              Caroline sighed as Klaus glared at her back, and then muttered a curse when her character – Bowser, of course – was hit by behind by a turtle shell.

              “You bastard!” she growled at Enzo.

              “Guess you should have chosen Red Team rather than Blue, Gorgeous,” Enzo replied with a grin, leaning into her side as he took a sharp corner.  Caroline shoved him off the couch, allowing her to zoom by him, and laughed victoriously.

              “Eat my dust you ass!” she replied, somewhat maniacally.  She took another corner and her foot landed on Enzo’s – who was still lying on the floor – gut as Bowser crossed the finish line in first.  Caroline leapt onto the couch, pointing down at Enzo.  “Suck on that!”

              “You’re a cruel winner, Gorgeous,” Enzo replied, his voice wheezing slightly as he rubbed his stomach.

              “But I’m still a winner!”

              “Love, please,” Klaus interrupted, reaching out and tugging on her tank top so she fell onto her butt on the back of the couch. “I understand that you take your Mario Kart quite seriously, but could you please explain to me again why I’m being kicked out of the apartment we share for the two days?”

              “Correction, Mate,” Enzo interjected, sitting up and resting his arms on the couch cushions.  “Gorgeous and I live here.  You’ve just moved in without permission because you can’t go a night without sex.”

              “Apparently, I’m about to go two nights without sex,” Klaus replied, shooting Enzo a glare. “And I’d rather like to know why.”

              “I told you Klaus,” Caroline replied, her voice filled with infinite patience now that the race was over.  “Enzo’s family is coming for a visit.  His brother, Damon, is a total douchecanoe who, along with his perfect girlfriend, Elena, think that anyone without a significant other deserves their pity and/or mockery.  So they think I’m his live in girlfriend.”

              “It serves a dual purpose – Elena thinks that Caroline is perfect for my boring brother, Stefan.  But so long as she thinks we’re together, she won’t try and hook them up.”

              “Well, now she has an actual boyfriend.  Me. So, really, this is just helping you, Lorenzo.”

              Enzo and Caroline exchanged looks, the one that sometimes drove Klaus insane, but that he’d grown accustomed to.  With Caroline came Enzo, she had made that clear from day one.

              “I’ll talk to him,” Caroline said at last.  “You get the props the out.”

              “Aye, aye, captain!” Enzo clicked his heels together. “We’ll need to come up with a reason for a lack of ring.  Last time, it was that you were still in school but you’ve graduated.”

              “I’ll think about it,” Caroline promised, before turning to Klaus.  She turned around, so her legs dangled over the back of the couch, and tugged his hands until he stepped between them.  She cupped his cheeks and pulled him in for a searing kiss, the kind that almost made him forget his own name.

              But not that she had, apparently, been Enzo’s fake girlfriend for two years.

              “Pleasant as this is, I’m not so easily distracted, Love,” Klaus murmured between kisses.

              “Mmmm, you can be if you let yourself,” Caroline replied, kissing her way down to his neck and nibbling on the skin over his pulse point.  

              “Caroline,” Klaus replied, his voice holding a warning, and he pulled away and stepped out of her reach.  Caroline pouted and crossed her arms.

              “Well, you’re no fun.”

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anonymous asked:

Can we also talk about how Alex got there, how she started to trust Maggie with everything she has? You wrote that Kara is like her sister, always apologizing. Could you write about how she lets go of all those insecure habits around Maggie?

The first time she’s late for a date, there are tears in her throat and fear in her eyes.

“I am so sorry, Maggie, there were some complications on a mission – “

“Was anyone hurt?”

Alex feels the concern in Maggie’s eyes like a punch to her gut, because no, no one was hurt, and because no one was hurt, there’s really no excuse, and god can’t she ever do anything right, Maggie doesn’t like to leave a lady waiting but Alex did because god of course she did she’s always messing up everything.

“No, no, everyone’s… fine.”

A warm smile passes over Maggie’s face and her hand moves to Alex’s face in relief. “Good. Good. Here, come here, let me take your jacket – “

“You’re not mad?”

“Alex, why would I be mad?”

“I was late.”

“Alex. The jobs we have, the lives we lead? A little thing I’d like to call traffic? It’s gonna happen. To both of us. It’s okay. You’re okay. You’ve got nothing to apologize for, Alex: you were off saving the world.”

The look in her eyes seems genuine; the way her thumb strokes the back of Alex’s hands seems sincere; her words seem honest.

Alex has never been so confused.

She finds herself confused again the first time she cums without warning, with just a harsh breath and Maggie’s name strangling out of her throat, before Maggie has the chance to cum, too.

“I’m sorry,” she breathes raggedly, tears back in her wind pipe and eyes stinging as she hides her face in Maggie’s shoulder.

“Babe, what – why are apologizing?”

“I… you weren’t… you didn’t… I…”

Alex, I want you to enjoy yourself, I want you to cum. As many times as you want. Before me, after me, with me, all of the above, whatever.”

“But – “

“Alex. Babe. Ally, you’re perfect. You’re perfect, and I never want you to apologize for enjoying yourself. I’m not having sex with you so I can off, Al, I’m having sex with you because I lo – because I wanna make you feel good, I want… I wanna make you feel good. Please don’t apologize for that. You don’t have to, ever. Okay?”

She doesn’t understand, not even in the slightest, but she trusts, so she nods, and she cums even harder next time.

She doesn’t understand, either, when Maggie brings over Thai takeout when Alex had tried to surprise her by getting pizza, and instead of getting irritated, Maggie kisses each of her knuckles while she panics, because I was just trying to be a good girlfriend, you said you had a long day, but now you spent all this extra money and I should have just told you I was getting pizza, I’m sorry and she doesn’t understand when Maggie finishes kissing her knuckles and brings her hands to her face and strokes her cheeks until she quiets, until she just stares, until Maggie has the room to tell her that you are so sweet, Alex Danvers. And you get all the girlfriend awards, you know why? Because I’ve never once told a girlfriend ‘hey, I’ve had a rough day’ and had them get me dinner. And you? You did that. You’re thoughtful, and you’re sweet, and you’re an amazing girlfriend. You’re perfect, Alex. You don’t have to apologize for being who you are. Not anymore. And certainly not to me.

And Alex cries, then, because Maggie had said it, said it so perfectly: she was apologizing for being… her. And Maggie didn’t want her to, because Maggie liked her. For her.

And that’s nothing to apologize for.

Imagine Dragons Inspired Sentences ( Pt. 2 )
  • “I’m dying to feel again.”
  • “I feel nothing.”
  • “Tell me when you reach the brink of life.”
  • “This is not what I expect.”
  • “We’re all living in a dream.”
  • “Everything’s a mess.”
  • “I’m leaving.”
  • “I’m sorry for everything.”
  • “I’m gonna mess this up.”
  • “Where do I go from here?”
  • “I feel so alive.”
  • “It’s do or die.”
  • “You can leave now.”
  • “I cannot breathe.”
  • “Leave your shoes at the door.”
  • “Come with me and we will run away.”
  • “You never know the top till you get too low.”
  • “Make no excuses.”
  • “We are the warriors who built this town.”
  • “Look into my eyes.”
  • “It’s a revolution I suppose.”
Two Pieces

It’s been almost a year since the accident. I cam still listen to the sirens ringing in my ears. I can still see the red and blue lights lurking through the woods. I still remember her telling me how going fast made her feel like flying.

And in that instant, when her wings were starting to open, the free fall came. Taking her away.

That day I lost my sister. And my parents lost their daughter. Lisa lost her best friend. Nate lost his girlfriend. And me.

Nate and Alaia had been dating for almost 11 months when the accident happened. It isn’t enough time to say she was the love of his life, but it is enough to say he was part of our family. I found a best friend in him. Every movie night, when she brought him home, he would come not just to see her, but to see me, too.

After the accident, we didn’t know where life was taking us. I thought Nate would walk away from us. From me. I wouldn’t have handled it. Losing two people. I thought he was going to leave me. But he didn’t. I did.

After Alaia’s death, I run. I wanted to get away from my life, from her death, from everything. And I did. But you know what they say, you can run but you can hide. Reality will always find its way to hit you.


“We missed you so much honey” My mom excused the last breath I had in my lungs.

“Me too” I sighted as she let go of me.

“Here, let me have those” Dad grabbed my bags as mom kept squishing my face between her sweaty palms.

She look old. But not the kind of old you get when you age. The kind of old that is produced of pain, of living, of losing. Her hair was messed up in a bun, her make up consisted of just mascara that looked old and sticky. Her eyes where to closed as if opening them more would release all the tears she has been trying to hold.

“How was the flight?” Dad asked once we starting to walk towards the exit.

“Good, I guess” I replied to him.

“And England?” Mom asked excitedly. “Was it like you always imagined?”

“Yes, it was beautiful” I slightly smiled.

“I’m so happy for you, honey” Mom kissed my temple. “I’m glad the trip did well to you”


Everything was the way I left it. The way she left it. The pink and yellow curtains that had paint stains from when we tried to paint our walls without asking our parents for permission. The polaroids hanging from the corner, on top of the bear Nate gave her for their first month of dating. Even the two beds where still there.

“Your mom and I were thinking” Dad started off when we sat down for dinner. “We can take the things that you don’t need form the bedroom so you have more space”

“Okay” I whispered. “Just the bed, tho. Everything else can stay”

“If that’s what you please” Mom smiled.

“When am I going back to school?” I asked. Not the I wanted it badly, but it was better than sitting here for more days pretending like everything is fine.

“You want to go?” Dad asked.

“Yeah… I have to move on with my life” I pushed my plate aside. “That’s what Dr. Maryn said”

“In that case, we can go tomorrow to sort things out, okay?”

“Seems good to me” I attempted to smile.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dad asked as he parked outside St. Lucas High School. Alaia used to attend this school. She was a starting junior when the accident happened. I was just starting sophomore back then

“It’s okay, Dad” I faked a smile to reassure him.

“Let’s go, then” He opened the door to walk out.

It most have been lunch time since everyone was out in the halls or in the green areas. Everybody knew me, or at least Alaia. They look at me as if I was her ghost.

“Hey” Dad turned to look at me. “Keep walking behind me”

He knew they were looking. But parents have a different way of dealing with things.

We reached the principal’s office, where Nadia, his secretary since Alaia was in freshman, was waiting for us.

“Hello Mr. Mitchell” She smiled at us. “Mr. Floyd is waiting for you”

She opened the door for us, then headed back to her table.

“It’s nice to see you again, Mr. Mitchell, Y/N” He nodded his head as a greeting.

“It’s good to be back” I replied sitting next to Dad.

“I lot of people have been waiting to see you” Mr. Floyd smiled to me. “Why don’t you go and walk around while your Dad and I discuss your education?”

They were not going to talk about that. He was going to ask how was I doing, how everyone was handling me. But I just nodded and walk out.

Nothing changed in a year. There still was enough chewing gum in the border or the faucets to make your own chewing gum business. The main fountain wasn’t still working and all the benches had a part that was falling off. But that’s the sad magic about school, no matter how much time you leave, it never changes.

I walked through the hallways, trying to avoid eye contact but people still stared.

“You are back”.

It was his voice.

The voice that used to calm me down whenever I had a fight with a boy. The voice that cheered me up when I wouldn’t get the grade a wanted. The voice that tried to help me to get through Alaia’s death. The voice I walked away from when he needed me the most.

“Nate” I looked up to meet his eyes.


Sooo, it’s been a while since I have posted. I didn’t know if I was going to write again but I suddenly had this idea for a story so here I am bringing this story to you! I got inspired by two books a read so I hope you like this and I intent to make this a huge story, if you like it :) so please tell me what do you think!

So today my dog managed to find four baby kitties that were hiding in our backyard and we had no idea that they were there so we managed to save all four of them *one had a really huge cut in its belly but it managed to live*

Please do note that these precious gems belong to my asshole neighbors who don’t give a frick frack about their pets *they have like 8-10 cats and let them run all over the neighborhood, having babies and messing up yards*

When we told them that we found THEIR kitties in our yard they had the fricking guts to say

“Well they ain’t mine, bruh you keep them”

Us: Well we’re just gonna leave them here for you anyway