excuse the lazy edit

ohh boy this is so embarrassing. OK SO i learned a lot today, i learned that procreate records all your drawings automatically and… this is so amazing

and because i accidentally destroyed my option to export the video from the slick scribble and i turned the ipad upside down and up again A LOT in another one which is now just a heckmeck of a video i got this for you.

please excuse the ugly scribbles at the beginning, i’m just too lazy to edit this now, the real deal starts at ~1:05

I’m so sick of terfs rubbing their grubby little fingers all over historical trans men and insisting that clearly they’re just LEBSIANS it’s SO obvious and if you say otherwise then YOU’RE the bad person here and WHY do you hate WOMEN so much

History is full of trans men but we’ve lost so many of them to GIRL POWER and the Sweet Polly Oliver narrative and terfs not being willing to admit that if he looks like a trans guy, acts like a trans guy, talks like a trans guy, and tells you to call him a man until the day he dies, then guess what honeybunches HE’S A TRANS GUY

And it’s funny how “well you can’t say for SURE what someone would have identified as before the words we use existed!!!!” suddenly goes out the window when they want to say a trans man is a lesbian

We’re not trying to take anyone’s history we’re just trying to find our own

   “When it comes down to it, a band is more than just talent, practice, and determination. It’s a brotherhood.” - Ezra   

Say hello to this underrated, precious gem: Erza. Made it in black and white and I tried to make it appear like some band poster, but failed. ಠ_ృ We need more Ezra-love. the more i look at this, the more it looks like Drake  - ★