excuse the high quality

”I love… The Order where Lenalee and everyone is at! My home…-Allen Walker (Chapter 205- My Home)

anonymous asked:

What is the oldest picture of Buttons you've drawn?

Oh jeeze!! The oldest ones are on paper… and yes, I kept most of them. It’s a habit from back in high-school. Excuse the awful quality, I took these with my ipod’s camera.

Note plz that he’s my first ever human OC. He looks like crap because up until 2013 I was uncomfortable drawing cartoony people. So not only I had to give him a personality, I also had to find a consistent style that doesn’t look like utter shit. That hasn’t happened until as of late.

Cam also helped me create his first character sheet that year:

For comparison, here is his recent one (and here’s a more thorough sheet):

You can find another post about his improvement here.

Low quality selfies of a high-quality face