excuse the glasses

I do not care if some choose to hate me
for who I love.
Burn my cities and my senses down -
for I would die a thousand times
rather than forsake you,
or look into their eyes
and lie.


I love you.
If some must desert me,
bleed, or curse me for that,
then let it come.
This time
I will not run.

—  I don’t care what it costs, as long as it doesn’t cost me you       |e.j.|

So these are some selfies I took earlier today before my concert….I’m not a big fan of my face but look…I’m channeling my inner Marcia….


I am they and they are me

movies-era kirk and spock are like the old queens who invite you over for tapas at the lush rent-controlled apartment they’ve shared for 30 years. they put on a jazz record and casually tell you anecdotes about the celebrities they just happen to know, and when you compliment a certain print on their wall, they try to insist you take it with you. at the end of the night, when you finally excuse yourself after one glass of red wine too many, kirk gets your cab while tutting about how it’s past time he got *this one* off to bed anyway. he gives you a kiss on the cheek and pushes a covered plate of leftovers into your hands.