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Rule 63 Malec

Shelby Rabara as Magna Bane & Alexandra Daddario as Alexandra Lightwood

Input Needed

Hey everyone ^^
I’ve been wondering if my mobile master list is working for you guys. Sometimes on my phone it goes kinda crazy and out of order.
Please let me know.
Also is it too much for a mobile list? Would it be better without the pictures? I want it to be convenient for you guys who are on the go. Maybe the pictures take too long to load or make the list longer than it has to.
I personally like the pics but of course the list is more for you guys than it is for me so let me know ^^

And just to make things clear once more: Rap Daddy will be back! It’s one of those scenarios that takes long to finish. I’m trying to get as many requests finished in between and sometimes there’s a lack of creativity I have to work through.

Anyway please give me your thoughts on this ^^ (Wrote this on my phone so please excuse the crapy format and minor spelling issues, if any.)

I WROTE THIS ON MY PHONE SO EXCUSE ITS CRAPINESS p>Imagine: your friends has dragged you to some stupid music festival up in L.A. You would have preferred to stay at home and do your work, but your friends insisted that you should go. You apparently needed to ‘loosen up’ because you were too ‘up tight’. So here you were, spending your spring break alone while all your friends were having the time of their lives. Getting sick of being alone, you decide to go for a walk.

“I’m not uptight, I know how to have fun.” You mutter to yourself, kicking the stones at your feet. “They don’t know what they’re talking about.” You scoff.

Lost in your own thoughts, you don’t notice someone was in front of you until you collided with them, the sudden impact sending you to the ground. “Are you okay?” The stranger says, extending an arm out to you.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Sorry for crashing into you. I wasn’t looking.” You mumble, dusting yourself off from your little fall.

“Don’t sweat it beautiful.” The stranger replied. You lifted your head to come face to face with the stranger. He had sandy brown hair and beautiful eyes. You felt flustered all of a sudden and you knew that if you tried to speak, nothing would come out.

“I’m Taylor.” The stranger says. Only now you notice a faint southern accent ringing from each word. “Y/N.” You whisper. “Uh, you here for the festival?” He asks you and you nod. “What about you?” “I’m just in L.A with some friends. I wanted to check out the festival and now I’m glad I decided to come.” He says, winking at you. “You wanna go for a walk?” He suggests. “The sun should be setting soon.” “I’d love too.” You say, allowing him to link his arm with yours and guide you along the beach. “It’s so beautiful here,” You sigh, glancing out at the horizon. “I wish I could stay here.” “I wanna live here one day. Indiana’s just not for me.” “What’s so bad about Indiana?” “It’s just gotten boring I guess. Nothing exciting ever happens. I like adventure and to have fun, Indiana doesn’t give me that. What about you?” “Florida born and raised.” “What’s so bad about Florida?” Taylor teases. You smile. “Nothing. L.A’s just nice.” “So, uh, I was wonderi-” Taylor begins, but gets cut off by your stupid phone. Your friends name pops up on the screen. “Sorry Taylor, I have to take this.” He nods at you and you answer your phone. “My friends are looking for me. I should probably go now.” You whisper, not really wanting to leave Taylor. “If you have to go, then go, but promise me one thing.” “And that is?” “Let me take you out for breakfast tomorrow, just us.” “Uh, like a date?” You question. “If you want it to be a date, then it’s a date.” He whispers, glancing at the ground. “Then it’s a date.” You smile. “I’ll see you later.” You say. “Bye beautiful.” ******************************************** You sit down in the sand, enjoying the sound of the waves crashing along the shore. You didn’t tell your friends about Taylor, but you have a feeling that they know something’s up. You sigh, bringing your legs to your chest. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” A voice says, the southern twang telling you it’s taylor. “It’s all good.” You say. Brushing the sand off of your legs. “Shall we go?” He asks and you nod, taking his hand in yours. “We shall.” ********************************************* You spent each day with Taylor, there was hardly a moment when you weren’t together. Spring break was almost over, meaning you had to leave Taylor behind. “I don’t want to go.” You whisper, burying your face into his chest. “I’m going to miss you so much Tay.” “I’m going to miss you too beautiful.” He says. “Promise you’ll call me?” You whisper weakly. “I’ll call you everyday and I can visit you whenever.” He says, a small smile on his face. “I’m happy my friends dragged me here.” “And why is that?” Taylor says, turning to face you. “I met you here and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.” “Well I’m happy you ran into me.” He chuckles. “Shut up.” You pout. The happy moment ends as soon as your phone rings, telling you it’s time to go. “I guess this is goodbye.” You whisper “It’s not goodbye, think of it as see you later.” Taylor says. “Well, I’ll see you later Tay.” You say. With those words said, you close the door to the hotel room, leaving Taylor alone. “I’ll see you soon Tay.”