excuse my ugly nail


I have B.A.P nail decals for sale!

I made some for myself, but then figured that with LOE coming up other BABYs might be interested so I got a bunch of them made :3

They are easy to use with (with a little care and no rushing) and durable! You only need a cup of water and clear (and maybe white) nail polish if you’re going for a simple manicure. They are printed on clear plastic so the black designs will look good on any color as they are completely opaque. However the colored ones will look better on white nail polish as colors other than black go on sheer, but that can be avoided by simply applying white nail polish on the design before putting it on your nail, like I did for the tatsmato on my thumb.

The prices include shipping in a regular envelope, and I’m selling the full set pictured for

5.50$ to Canada

6$ to the USA

7$ to anywhere else in the world

Precise instructions on how to use them will be included as well.

Please send me an ask to order them. Payment will be made only with paypal ^^