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Ecdysis of innocence: we lie in the sun, praying for a semblance or warmth--

The world is turning our skin

into scales.

The scales are a disappointment.

                       When I traded my innocence for understanding,

            I thought the serpent in me offered

                   more than knowledge and nakedness. 

I am shedding an old version of myself

                   every five months, but never seem to change.

There are shells that once looked like me 

          buried in my hometown.

When the older reptiles

told us that we looked

better under neon lust,

we believed them enough

                    to prove their cold blood. 

[AU] the “year” between their first meeting and their reunion

ETA: I’ve been (thankfully) notified that my timeline of events is way off so this is 100% inaccurate. However, it makes for a lovely AU (because who doesn’t like pining!Victor amirite) so I’ll leave it up. Just keep in mind that this does not follow the canon timeline. At all. Thanks, @nika11ama, for clarifying things for me!

I kept asking myself why, if they’d previously met (at the Banquet) and Victor had really fallen in love with Yuuri that day, had he treated him that way in this scene? How could he  be so nonchalant in that situation? It didn’t make sense.

But what if Victor had spent the entire year lying to himself? Telling himself over and over that he couldn’t possibly have fallen in love with someone after only a day? Forcing himself not think about Yuuri or web-stalk him. Chastising himself every time he caught himself remembering their dance or, worse, pining. 

So a year passes and he thinks he’s golden, thinks that time has finally done its job and eroded his little “crush.” And then he sees Yuuri again and tries to treat him like he pretty much treats everyone else, only it completely backfires on him.

He watches him walk away and tries to convince himself everything’s fine. That he’s fine. That he doesn’t care. And yet he can’t bring himself to tear his eyes away from Yuuri’s back even after the other man is long gone. 

And it’s like a floodgate opens. Every wall he built over the past year to keep himself from obsessing over Yuuri collapses and he finds himself incapable of not thinking about him.

And then he sees The Video™…

…and every lie he’s ever made to himself just turns to dust. His defenses are down. He can’t fight it anymore. He doesn’t want to fight it anymore. He’s in love. Has been in love since since the day they met, and maybe it doesn’t make sense but he’s reached a point where he just doesn’t care anymore. He’s going after what he wants, and what he wants is Yuuri. 

So when an opportunity presents itself he seizes it and flies to Japan without a second thought or a backwards glance. He’s wasted enough time and has no patience left. 

See, he made a promise the first day they met, though not with anything as obvious or empty as words. Yuuri seduced him, and Victor fell, hard, and the traitorous little organ in his chest promised itself to Yuuri without him realizing. It took him an entire year to. 

And that’s why Victor, who’s notorious for never remembering–and therefore keeping–the promises he makes, remembers Yuuri’s request an entire year after he made it. 

The heart doesn’t forget. 

[ @the-mic-drop this might not be what you had in mind, but I hope it’s satisfactory. also, I thank @nervmaid for this. ]

A rather sudden bang distracts Roadhog from his novel.

Dog-earing the page, he sets the worn book down on his belly and sighs through his mask. Two years of playing bodyguard has granted him enough experience to distinguish one bang from another. Explosions, while outside the norm for the everyday citizen, have a surprising array of sounds that Roadhog has become well acquainted with. If anyone cared to ask, he’s sure he could name every type of explosive he’s heard. In fact, it has come to the point where he could give a rough estimate on how much damage a bomb might inflict from its noise alone, and he supposes that might be an impressive feat if he weren’t so invested in making sure the creator of said bomb remains in one piece.

Fortunately for him (and his boss, he must concede), the bang does not belong to any sort of explosive.

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Things about the OiYama 50 First Dates AU because I’ve been thinking about it A Lot:

- Karasuno first years were all roommates at uni before the accident

- Yamaguchi was visiting home for the weekend and got into a car accident with his mother on the way to the store

- He was in a coma for 2 months before waking up. The doctors kept him for monitoring for a few more weeks. After having to explain why he was in the hospital every single day without fail they discovered he had severe damage to his temporal lobe and can’t process any new memories. (He loses all his memory of the day when he sleeps but he can remember everything leading up to the day of the accident)

- His parents take him home and live every day over and over and Yamaguchi is none the wiser, thinking he’s just on break from uni

- This goes on for over a year

- Seijoh third years and Kuroo and Bokuto are all close friends and typical party boys and enjoy sleeping around a lot

- Oikawa has issues with commitment and constantly has one night stands with promised phone calls that never happen

- He sees Yamaguchi in a cafe one day and immediately wants to Tap That

- Suga and Daichi own the cafe and are very aware of Yamaguchi’s situation

- Oikawa comes back every day for a week and Yamaguchi is always there eating his french fries and reading a book (it’s the same book every day but Oikawa just figures the boy must really like that book)

- Finally he gets up the nerve to strike up a conversation with the boy and they get along great and he reacts well to his flirtatious advances

- He asks Yamaguchi if he wants to go back to his place with a wink and Yamaguchi is just like ???? No? And he gets indignant and offended because he doesn’t put out on the first date

- And Oikawa is just like, well can I take you out again then? Because damn if this boy isn’t intriguing and hot

- Yamaguchi eventually agrees to meet Oikawa at the cafe again the next day at the same time

- When Oikawa shows up the next day and sits by Yamaguchi asking jokingly if he was ready to sleep with him yet, Yamaguchi looks at him terrified before shakily asking him to leave or he’ll call the cops

- Oikawa is stunned before Daichi is grabbing him and dragging him out of the cafe

- Suga angrily explains everything to Oikawa and warns him to stay away from Yamaguchi

- Cue Oikawa coming back again every now and then and starting random conversations with Yamaguchi, much to Suga and Daichi’s annoyance

- At first Oikawa only does it because it annoys Suga and Daichi and he can flirt with Yamaguchi all day with no strings attached

- But oh no Oikawa catches feelings and that is not good because Yamaguchi will never know who he is

- He attempts though and eventually Suga and Daichi see he’s serious and help him out

- Through videos and journals he explains every day about Yamaguchi’s accident and they start a very shaky relationship that Yamaguchi has to be told about every single day

- Lots of angst and bittersweetness ensue of course

God someone kick me so I actually write this instead of just thinking about it and making myself angry

Headcanons about (southern) German river deities

- The Danube has probably at least two genii locorum, and one of them definitely lives in Vienna
- The spirit of the Isar lives in Munich and has lots of student friends but also loves to go hiking in the alps, they can beat anyone in a beerdrinking contest
- Lech has an origin story similar to that of Father Thames, since Augsburg (the biggest city the Lech flows through) was also founded by the Romans
- Main really likes wine and a lot of food everyone else finds slightly disturbing
- there are three siblings for Bodensee/Lake Constace: an Austrian, a German, and a Swiss one
- the northern and the southern tributaries of the Danube talk shit about each other all the time, but as soon as someone from outside says something, they get stomped to the ground
- the Paar, an tiny river no one has ever heard of (but I live near it) is incredibly stubborn, illustrated by the fact that it’s like 2km away from the Lech but refuses to join it.

Bellamy and Aaron are those childhood sweethearts who held hands as kids and kissed each other on swing-sets and gave each other flowers at recess and as they got older made each other mixed cd’s and met up at each other’s lockers between classes and had lunch dates in the cafeteria. They’re that couple in high school that is actually cute and everyone wishes they had their relationship. They end up being voted as cutest couple in the yearbook.

Alexander and Aaron are those kids who fought constantly in class and Alex always stole Aaron’s toys and teased him and then in 4th grade after they argue on the playground, Alex just yells “we’re gonna get married one day cause this is what married people do!” and then kisses Aaron on the cheek before running away. Then in high school they still fight constantly but it’s more playful now and whenever one of them isn’t in class, the other misses them and barely participates. They would finally get together at Prom when both go without dates cause they were too stubborn and proud to ask each other but they end up making out in the middle of the dance floor.

Bellamy and Alexander are the kids that no one expected to be friends. Bellamy is all smiles all the time and cries if he steps on a bug, whereas Alexander is loud and abrasive. But they are friends. In elementary school they played on the playground all the time, Alexander cheering Bellamy on as he jumps off the swings and both of them play that game where they pretend the ground is lava. There was probably a time where Alex punched a kid for making fun of Bellamy. They both love to read and will spend lunch time curled up on some chairs in their classroom reading out loud to each other. In high school, Bellamy gets into sports and Alexander is at every game, tries to run onto the field one time when Bellamy gets hurt. They’re a couple that no one expects to be together, but damn they’re cute; Bellamy staring lovingly at Alexander when he argues with someone in class, Alexander carrying Bellamy’s books for him, both of them holding hands in the hall.

A Day at Disney

It’s a bright Sunday morning and it’s Nathan’s break day. Nathan is oddly excited on this morning and you don’t know why, since you don’t have any plans. He then surprises you with a trip to Disneyland! This was much needed, since Nathan is always so busy with practice and competitions. You excited pack for the day ahead, unable to contain yourself. You haven’t spent a lot of time with him recently and you missed creating memories with him like you used to. On the way there, you realized that you forgot to bring a sweater since it would get cold at night, but of course Nathan brought his big sweatshirt for you to wear, since he knows how forgetful you are. You do everything a typical, annoying couple would do, from taking the cliche hand holding pictures with your ears to kissing in front of the castle. Before waiting in line for big thunder mountain, he buys you a large ice cream cone to enjoy. You accidentally get a bit of ice cream on your face and he tilts your head up and laughs, wiping your face clean. Oh how you missed his smile! He takes your ice cream and finishes it before you know it, creating a bigger mess than before! You both laugh it off as he cleans himself off and you converse with him about life and catch up with him. For dinner, he surprised you with reservations to the blue bayou and you watch the riders in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. As you eat your salad, he stares longingly into your eyes, and soon enough, his food went cold. He realizes that a long time has passed and quickly finishes his meal. Before you know it, the day is ending and you watch the fireworks together. You wear his oversized gray sweatshirt and you smell his familiar musky cologne that you bought for him many months ago. You wraps his arms around you as you both watch the show in awe. He plants a kiss on your forehead and you sit on his shoulders for a better view. Life with Nathan is one that you don’t see yourself living. Before you leave, he buys you two matching keychains and a framed picture of two with Mickey. On the ride home, you fall asleep as he chatters about his day and as your eyes flutter shut, you realize how much you love him.

Any Four Walls: While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (1/1)

From this anonymous prompt: 

i was just wondering how the shepard-vakarian bunch is going to celebrate christmas/the new year (if they celebrate that sort of thing)? Will Rose be able to make it to midnight? What will Tyrra think of santa? will it be cute as all get out? these are questions i have been thinking about for a lil while and it’s SO CUTE to imagine

Also on AO3

Pairing: Shepard/Vakarian, 

Characters: Grace Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, Rose, Tyrra – Any Four Walls universe.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

“I don’t even remember the last time I had a real Christmas,” Rose said abruptly, on the last day of Earth-calendar November.

“The winter holiday?” Tyrra asked. “With the strange man in the red suit and the… branch? With dangly things on it?”

Rose sighed, propping her chin in her small hands, an expression too old and sad on her young face. “That wasn’t Santa. He smelled like pickles. And old sweat. And it was s’posed to be a Christmas tree, but they forgot so they got a really small ugly one. Prob’ly real Santa was busy in the war. Or maybe he can’t go to orphanages or something.”

Garrus glanced at Shepard. She mouthed the word later and, aloud, said, “I’ve heard through some very classified channels that Santa Claus was, indeed, a vital part of the war effort. The Reapers weren’t expecting a man in a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer. He ran all kinds of missions for the allies. They called it, uh, Operation Nick and Rudy.”

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Moving Forward

A/N: takes place in ep6, a continuation of that scene with Mari and Kanan, you know which one. I don’t know what I wrote tbh this is just a crappy pile of angst

Note this blip is somewhat related to Restart and sort of Next Step too. Those were written on the basis that they met and became close in high school, but anime refuted that. Thankfully I’ve been quite vague about it so I tried to incorporate their childhood bond too and keep the background facts as canon as I can. As always, Italics within “dialogue” is Mari’s Engrish
Words: 2,639
Pairing: Kanan x Mari

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Prom- Luke Smut (3000+ Follower Special)

(Wrote this at like 4 am bc I had an idea, please excuse my typos. Hope you enjoy)~S (warning:sexual content)

It was prom night. You’d tried on tons of dresses, watched countless hair and makeup tutorials, blown up several group chats trying to make plans, and it was finally here. Your senior prom with your amazing boyfriend Luke and all of your friends. You and Luke had been dating for two years. Every time you saw him, you fell in love again and couldn’t help but smile. There’s nobody you’d rather spend your senior prom with. And this night was even more special because you and Luke were finally gonna go all the way. You’d done everything else, but he wanted your first time together to be special, the dork.

You were dancing with Luke and your friends when the dj announced that he was going to play the last slow song. You felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and kiss pressed to your shoulder.
“Baby follow me,” Luke whispered into your ear, kissing just below it as the song began to play. He grabbed your hand gently and pulled you along out of the gym and down the hallway to a room marked ‘maintenance’.
“Babe!” you whispered as he put his hand on the knob.
“Yes my love?” he paused, looking concerned and pulling you to him.
“The janitor’s closet?” you smiled and giggled at your boyfriend.
“Wait and see baby,” he whispered, kissing your cheek before opening the door and pulling you in behind him.
As soon as you saw the inside of the tiny space, your eyes went wide. Luke had decorated the inside with twinkle lights covered with purple and dark blue tulle, giving the room an enchanted glow. On the ground he’d set up a few blankets and pillows.
“Luke it’s……” you started, shocked at how beautiful he’d made the closet full of chemicals and mops.
“Baby sshh don’t say anything,” he soothed, running his hands down your arms before he sat on the blankets. He looked amazing, sitting in front of you, starting up at you in anticipation, the soft lights illuminating his face gently. You say down next to him and he finally pressed a kiss to your lips. It wasn’t rushed or forced or harsh, but you could feel the love and care he had for you. You lie back until your head hit one of the pillows as Luke crawled over you, kissing down your neck and reaching around your back to unzip your dress. It was strapless so you didn’t wear a bra, so once your dress was off you were left staring up at Luke in just your panties. He quickly removed his pants and jacket and shirt so that he was kneeling between your legs in just his boxers.
“Babe it’s….” you laughed, shivering,“ it’s kinda cold,” you finished, knowing it was typical of the two of you to make things awkward. He simply handed you his jacket and watched as you slipped it on.
“Damn you look so sexy right now,” he hummed, crawling back over you and bracing himself on his arms. “Too bad you won’t need that jacket in a minute. My beautiful girl, you look so amazing tonight, I can’t believe how lucky I got,” he praised, running his fingers down your torso, circling your navel, and rubbing your hip bones. He traced the hem of your underwear, sending more shivers running up your spine.
“Luke,” you whimpered “damn I’ve been waiting so long to say this,” you coaxed, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling your lips to his ear.
“Babe…..just do me already,” you whispered, attacking the soft skin just below his ear with soft kisses, sucking a hickey or to onto his collar bones. His fingers worked at your panties, pulling them down while you tugged at his boxers. The only piece of clothing either of you had on was his jacket.
“You ready baby girl?” he asked carefully, his gentleness, and the nickname, turning you on even more.
“Yes Luke please we don’t have all night,” you smiled up at him, faking impatience.
With that, you felt his tip at your entrance and he gave you one last questioning look, earning a nod from you, before he pushed himself into you. Both of you let out long moans as he filled you up. You’d both had sex before this, but nothing like this before. Nothing so caring and careful and full of love. He set a slow pace, looking into your eyes and leaning down to kiss your neck now and again. Your fingers were wrapped into the hair at the nape of his neck, both of you letting strings of whimpers and groans and swears tumble from your lips as he moved inside you.
“Baby girl you, you feel so……fuck,” Luke tried to form a sentence. He picked up one of your legs and pressed your thing against your chest, hitting a new angle, causing you to nearly scream before he caught your lips in another kiss.
“Luke….g….go faster,” you managed as you felt your high coming closer. He picked up his pace, still hitting your g-spot every time. Your walls began to clench around him, causing him to hum and groan in pleasure.
“Baby girl I’m…” he started. “Me too,” you cut him off, bucking your hips up to meet his rhythm. Luke trailed his fingers down your body again, finding your clit and rubbing it in soft circles, still moving at a good pace inside you.
“You first love,” you mumbled into your neck as the two of you but back moans. You felt your high come on and Luke pushed you straight over the edge. As your walls began to clench around him, he reached his high. The two of you came down together, him still sliding in and out of you to drag out your orgasms. Both of you were breathing heavily as he pulled out of you and reached for a rag that he’d conveniently placed beside the makeshift bed and proceeded to clean the both of you up. You were still wrapped in his jacket as you both pulled on your underwear and stood up. He placed his hands on your waist and you tangled yours back into his hair.
“I love you so much baby,” Luke whispered against your lips.
“I love you too Lukey. Tonight has been more than amazing,” you smiled again before he kissed you, the kiss being deeper and closer now, but just as full of love.
“And you do look really good naked in my jacket, but maybe we should get redressed and head back out yeah?” he smirked, being the cheeky little dork you fell in love with every time you saw him.

It is thhEORY tiME :’) hear me out - UPDATED

First off, I’m so pumped that I’m typing so fast so excuse my shit typos and grammar ahAHAH

I’m not going to go into full detail with every single screenshot omf-, rather, I will be telling you about the basic ‘plot’ of this WHOLE THING.

My theory links in to my previous post about what I though, “Boy meets _” would be. Youcan read that here: Boy Meets _

Okay. Let’s begin.

If we are basing this off the book, I would say Jin is Sinclair. Many people have said Jungkook is sinclair, Jimin is sinclair etc etc, but they are all Sinclair, since they are a part of Jin.

Each member represents parts of Jin/Sinclair, someone who goes through and experiences realms to ultimately discover self. Referring back to my, ‘Boy Meets _’ theory, I believe Jin has been chosen as the main also because he is the oldest of Bangtan; hence probably the first to reach adulthood, maturity, to AWAKE.

In my opinion, as each member represents parts of Sinclair, they also reflect hardships he goes through in youth in his journey to discover himself.

Youth begins (Jungkook). We are lied to and we also in turn, lie (Jimin), youth within society is marked with a negative stereotype,a mark of disgrace; a stigma (Taehyung), we may experience our first love (Yoongi). And this part, in my opinion is where Sinclair/Jin starts to mature. We reflect upon the past and from that we learn from our mistakes to become a better being (Namjoon). We must look up to another adult for advice, someone who has gone through what we are going through, someone who understands our situation, and they are able to pull us into brightness and into their embrace, our mother (Hoseok) And then we awake (Jin).

We awake from youth into adulthood. We awake into a whole new world in which we would have to experience again. We awake from our naiive selves to someone who has been through both good and bad experiences, gaining wisdom as we move on.

Why are all the symbols/films merged/referenced through out the whole thing? Well. Each aspect mentioned above does not happen separately. So many things are intertwined which make us youths grow, realise things, notice things. Jimin and Yoongi as most people would realise, if their film titles are combined it would mean, “first love is a lie,”. There is a saying that first love never lasts, and yes, it is an experience people go through within youth. Indeed it can be hurtful, it can pull you into sorrow. Hoseok and Taehyung’s, in my opinion is more of a gray area. But, if we think of their connection with another scenario: no matter what mark you have, no matter how people see you, no matter what people say, your mother will always love you and have faith in you. Taehyung in the film obviously did not have a mother, making some sort of connection to Hoseok’s film; i think it helps emphasise Taehyung’s hardship in youth as he doesnt have a mother. The last pair, Jungkook and Namjoon. When you reflect on the past, most of the time you will remember how things began. As Jin/Sinclair ‘reflects’ on his youth, the beginnings of a, ‘beautiful moment in life’ is one to be engraved into his mind.

And then I mentioned before, AWAKENING happens.

Now, Jin and his polaroids. Honestly, there is a belief that cameras steal souls etc etc, but when I showed my mum these films she said, “Photos last. Memories last.” I think, Jin wants to cherish these hardships, he wants to keep them because it makes him what he is when he is awake. Just like how our hardships, our experiences will make up what we may be in the future. Without these memories to cherish, we would be nothing but blank canvases.

I might add more stuff if i remember, honestly its 2am and i just HAD to write this :’’)

But basically: Each member represents parts of Jin/Sinclair, the hardships and torment he would go through, so they were /technically/ never alive. Jin is the only real human there is, someone who begins as a boy, awakens as a man.

– From here is the updated section –

In film #7, we see Jin’s room. Theres the piano, the painting, the chains, the picture of mother cradling baby. This further supports my point that this is all just Jin, the members symbolising each aspect of his youth.

I also forgot to include: Taehyung’s film represents family hardships. Honestly, we would never know if Jin killed his dad/sister was abused (as shown through by taehyung as taehyung is a part of jin), but all in all, we can conclude that there is some sort of family hardship represented in it.

Hoseok and Jimin both seem to be in what I think is some sort of therapy-esque setting. Mental breakdowns, mental health issues can be the results, the consequences of hard youth. A young mind is still weak, and in some cases, it could be affected at a catastrophic level, in which I think is represented (more so with Hoseok’s film).