excuse my shitty drawing


(please excuse my shitty drawings i am absolutely horrible at doing comics)

I like Symmetra the way she is now but a part of me also wants to see this happen. Redemption arc? yes please (cries

also it makes me sad because judging from symmetra’s ingame respawn lines(something like ’i will correct my mistakes’, ‘i will not fail this time’), it seems that vishkar never really taught her how to deal with failure. imagine how devastated she would be when she realizes she has been doing fucked up things in the name of ‘order’ for her whole life 



Real World Bonus:


Shallura week day 3: trust/growth

SHIRO LOVES TO MAKE ALLURA LAUGH, like, really, really laugh. Its probably an awful joke, but she found it funny anyway and he loves that

When the co leaders of Voltron convene in the common room before bed, “mission debriefings” *cough ahem* slowly end up turning into “getting to know each other briefings”. Eventually all professional pretenses are dropped at the door and they just end up relaxing around each other, both feeling free to be themselves.

BONUS: bearded Shiro ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I have no explanation for that, just let me self indulge in peace



au/crossover week

in which rose is, essentially, a god. one of four tasked with keeping the world in balance by much more powerful beings. she seeks out forbidden knowledge and finds herself cast out of the heaven-like realm she lived in. she awakes to the sight of the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen, so maybe this punishment isn’t so bad.

kanaya is of course completely baffled by the sudden presence of the mysterious woman in her backyard, and her curiosity only grows as she attempts to learn more about rose