excuse my shitty drawing


(please excuse my shitty drawings i am absolutely horrible at doing comics)

I like Symmetra the way she is now but a part of me also wants to see this happen. Redemption arc? yes please (cries

also it makes me sad because judging from symmetra’s ingame respawn lines(something like ’i will correct my mistakes’, ‘i will not fail this time’), it seems that vishkar never really taught her how to deal with failure. imagine how devastated she would be when she realizes she has been doing fucked up things in the name of ‘order’ for her whole life 

so this is actually an old doodle i never finished, but my sis said i should finish it and sell it as a print, sooo…i reveal my old secret avatar / avengers au.

I’ve just realized that whenever I read Johnlock fics and the writer says that John and Sherlock get into Mycroft’s car, I always picture it like this:

When in reality, it’s probably something more like this:

“That’s what you get when you lose bets with me.”

“You’re taking advantage of my kindness.”

“You’re taking advantage of my butt. I can feel you touching it.”

“… Touché.”