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Such a joker (10/?)


“(Y/n). Can I come in?” I stir caused by the knock on the door. “I got your favorite. 2 blueberry pancakes, and a full cup of coffee.” I spring up at the words of my favorite breakfast foods. I open the door to see my father with a box of take out from my favorite diner. He smiles and places the box on my desk.

“You never bring me breakfast.” “I know, but it’s the perfect time 7:00 am, and you’re probably hungry. This is an I’m sorry gift. I’m sorry for yelling and treating you like a child. After your mom, and now Barbra I just can’t take the chance of losing you. I’m sorry (y/n).” Everything just crushed down on me.

Jerome will most likely get caught knowing my fathers work, and if he’s gone dads all I got. I let a tear slide down my cheek and I hug my father. Something I haven’t done in a long time. “I love you daddy. I’m sorry that I’ve been so distant. I just… Your work, and then Barbra, and I just-” “shh it’s okay. I know I understand. I love you too.” He kisses my head and hugs me tighter.

“eat. We’re going to be checking phone records, and then tomorrow we’re going to look at the crime scene. Are you in? We can get ice cream after.“ I laugh and pull away from him. “Of course I’m in, but only if it’s Peggy’s Icecream. It’s my favorite.” “Just like your mothers.” He kisses my head once more and exits the room letting me eat my breakfast.

As I exit the room with an empty box I see Jerome slumped in one of the uncomfortable wooden benches just staring off into space. Aww he looks so adorable. I walk over the the trash can which is conveniently place right next to Jerome. “Hey. How you holding up?” I ask as if we just met seeing as other officers are around. He smiles slightly he shrugs looking up at me. “I’d a lot better if you’d keep me company.” “I wish I could, but a girls gotta work, but how about after you leave we meet up at your place? Movie, cuddles, and kisses?” “Perfect doll.”

I wink and walk up to the top level ready to talk to chief. “Whoa whoa back up. You did what?” She asks with a shocked face. “They let the snake out. The have amazing sense of smell.” I say making my presence known. “Huh. Well now I know.” She says with a smile.

“And your prime suspects are a clown, and an acrobat?” “Yep.” My father says hugging me to his side. “Ain’t this one a doozy?” Harvey asks in a joking tone.

Suddenly Ed, and Lee walk in. “Your victim Lila Valeska was killed by a large knife or hatchet, multiple blows to the head, and upper torso. Hello Ms. Gordon.” Ed says smiling at me. “Hey Eddie.” He smiles and walks a bit closer to me. “How do you spell a pretty girl with only two letters?” I tilt my head thinking “uh I don’t-” “Q.T.” Ed smiles blushing slightly. I laugh and smile as him. “Good one.”

“She was killed at 3:00 yesterday afternoon.” Lee jumps in. “From 2:30 to 4:15 both Grayson and Loyd were in the ring for the matinee.” My father says. Shit come on J please get away clean.

“Well how precise is that time of death?” “Give or take 45 minutes.” “Still possible then, but cutting it close. Very impressed you guys but keep looking.” Chief says. “Yeah boss. We’re going to the crime scene later. We’re checking phone records now.” Harvey says walking out with my father and I.

“Alright! We’re going to send the rest of you home now, but the investigation is on going. No body leaves town. And listen up! No more fighting. Look where your friends are. What good is this doing you?” My father yells to the crowd of clowns, acrobats, and Jerome.

“Hey dad I’m going to go out with Steph. She says she has a bit of a problem. Probably going to sleep over there. You got everything for right now?” “Yeah. Do you want me to come get you when we go to look at the crime scene?” “Uh no. I’ll just meet you there.” “Okay, but first I want you to meet someone. (Y/n) this is Lee. She’s the woman I’ve been-” “dating yeah I know. Nice to meet you.” I extend my hand out for her. She smiles sweetly, and shakes it. “Pleasure is all mine. I’ve heard so much about you. Your father is very proud of you.” Lee says still shaking my hand. “excuse me.” My blood runs cold at his voice.

I turn my head to see the blind fortune teller. “Am I speaking to detective James Gordon?” “Yes.” My father answers stepping forward. “Then this must be Dr. Thompkins the medical examiner, and this is your lovely daughter (y/n).” He says.

“I’m sorry how do you know who we are?” Lee asks. “My name is Paul Cicero I’m a physic. Lila Valeska was an old friend of mine.” “Physic. I see. How can I help you?” My father asks obviously believing he’s a scam.

“I sense that you don’t thing either of your prime suspects guilty.” “You must be physic.”

“In which case you might what to hear the message Lila sent me from the other side.” “Thanks Mr. Cicero, but we’re not quite looking at the other side yet.” “As you wish. I’m merely a messenger.” Paul starts to walk away till Lee speaks up.

“What was the message?” “Lila said that the servant of the devil lies in the garden of the iron sisters.” “The iron sisters? What does that mean?” I ask in curiosity. “I don’t know.” “We’ll get right on it.” My father says turning away. “I don’t think sarcasm is your mate here James. Take the message as you will. Good day to all of you.” He says and leaves.

“Okay well then I’m gonna go. Later dad. Bye Lee.” I say walking out and to my car. I grab some clothes from my back seat and change quickly. I can’t stand wearing the same clothes for two days.

I drive to the circus and carefully make my way to Jerome’s trailer. I just walk in not seeing the point in knocking. I walk in to see him sitting at the table shirtless eating a piece of toast. “Well good morning handsome.” I laugh kissing his food filled cheek.

“Hey there babydoll.” He says sitting me on his lap. “So Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street?” He asks holding up the two movies. “Seems like you’re in a murder mood.” “Call it getting inspiration.” I laugh kissing him and resting my head on his. “Surprise me.” I say smiling at my love.

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Post Crash Panic


I let out a sigh as I turned the key in the lock, opening the front door to mine and Joe’s apartment, exhausted after a long day at work. Already tired from the lack of sleep from the past two nights, with nightmares keeping me awake, I had barely made it through, thankful it was Friday.

“I’m home!” I called out softly, locking the door behind me, as I kicked off my shoes, turning to head down the hall I saw him, and that brought a smile to my face.

“Hey babe.” Joe smiled, meeting me halfway. “Have a good day at work?” He asked, holding his arms out for a hug. I nodded, walking forward, feeling his arms wrap around my body.

Thankful that he couldn’t see my face, as I couldn’t hide the wince that contorted my face as Joe’s arms found the bruises along my side. Quick to fix my face when Joe pulled back, replacing my pain with a smile once again, he grinned back.

“Caspar’s in the living room, we were just watching a film.” The thatcher-turned-youtuber grabbed my hand and lead me to where Caspar was sitting on the couch, phone in his hand. The South African looked up, his trademark smile lit up his face.

“Y/N! Yay, you’re home!” He exclaimed, jumping up to come hug me. Caspar’s was less gentle than the boyfriends, thus the pain flashed through me suddenly, and I barely contained the gasp that wanted to slip past my lips.

“Hi Caspar, nice to see you too.” I said, almost breathless from the pain. Both the boys sat back on the couch, while I leaned against the arm, looking at the TV screen.

“What movie you watching?” My Y/E/C eyes shifted from the paused movie to the two bodies sitting on the couch.

“Oh, that new action one we were talking about, it has that awesome car chase and huge explosion! It’s pretty awesome!” Caspar got more excited as he explained it, Joe sat beside him, chuckling a little as he went to hit play.

My eyes instantly went back to the screen as the sounds hit my ears: tires squealing, the sound of metal crushing in on itself, it hit me hard and brought back flashes from earlier that week.

Feeling a bout of panic coming on, I excused myself and headed to the bedroom, hiding my shaking hands in front of me. As soon as the door was closed, I let my weight rest on it, the memories hitting suddenly.

The feeling of no control, the sound of a car scratching against my uber, tires squealing against the road, and that crunching sound as the car flipped. I barely remember the actual crash, only glimpses as it happened, but the pain that hit after, that I remembered clearly.

Taking a shaky breath, I push off the door and take small steps over to the full length mirror that resided on one of the walls in mine and Joe’s bedroom. Lifting my blouse, I inspect the bruises formed along my left side. The blue and purple skin stretched across my ribs, only marred by a scratch through the middle. I knew the bruise curled around my side, and that it spread down past my hip.

My eyes moved up to rest on the face that stared back at me, where the cut along my forehead had begun to heal, but still I could feel the blood drip down my face from when it was fresh, the shards of glass that had found a new home in my shoulder during the crash remained as ghosts in my shoulder.

Tears filled my eyes as the breath in my lungs escaped once again. Releasing the hold on my blouse, I backed up until the back of my knees hit the bed, and I crumpled.

Wrapping my arms around my waist, I leaned forward and closed my eyes. I tried to focus on something, anything that wasn’t the crash that haunted my mind. A brief thought crossed my mind that maybe I should have told Joe, he could have helped me through this, but that thought left almost immediately as a sob shook through my exhausted and battered body.

The panic had taken over all of my attention, I hadn’t noticed the door open.

Joe’s POV

Y/N had been acting strange for the past few days, and I was getting concerned. I knew she was tired from work, but this was different from normal.

I watched her walk quickly towards our bedroom, before turning back to focus on the screen in front of me, a frown residing on my face.

A minute passed and I couldn’t tell you what happened in the movie, as Y/N’s odd behaviour kept bothering me.

“I’ll be right back mate.” I mumble to Caspar, getting up from the couch and taking the same path my girlfriend had taken not long before. There was a feeling in my gut, like there was something wrong, but I couldn’t place it. And then I opened the bedroom door.

She was sitting on our bed, her Y/H/C forming a curtain around her face, but her sobs still echoed across and into my ears. It broke my heart, seeing her hurt but not knowing why.

“Y/N?” I said softly, but she didn’t hear me. I walked over and kneeled in front of her, placing my hands on her knees. I could feel her shaking, and I frowned, knowing something was wrong.

I must have jolted her out of whatever was going on, because her head snapped up, and her Y/E/C met my blue ones, the panic clear in hers.

“Oh Y/N…what happened…” I said softly, placing one of my hands on her cheek, brushing away the tears that fell from her eyes.


I was shocked when I felt hands on my knees, seeing Joe in front of me only added to the panic though, I didn’t want him to know, he couldn’t know.

“Oh Y/N…what happened…” I felt his hand gently touch my face and it helped to ground me a little, he always managed to have that affect though.

“Joe…” I hiccupped, trying to catch my breath, but the panic still held on with a tight grip. I shook my head, closing my eyes once again, trying to fight it off. I felt his hand leave me cheek, and the bed shift under his weight as he sat beside me. His arms curved around my shoulder, his hand resting on my arm as he pulled me towards his chest. I clung on to his shirt as I let all the emotion out. We sat there for a few minutes as I slowly gained control over my breathing once again.

When I finally felt like the panic wasn’t in control, I pulled away slowly from Joe. His hand that wasn’t resting on my arm was holding one of my hands, his thumb rubbing circles into the top of my hand.

“Better?” He asked softly, and I lifted my eyes to meet his. Nothing worry and understanding in his eyes, and it made me feel guilt. I nodded, drawing in a shaky breath.

It was time to tell him.

“Joe, I need to tell you something.” I said, standing on shaky legs, taking a step back, I remained facing him. “The other day, when you and Caspar were up north at that meeting, uhm, something happened.” I fiddled with the bottom of my blouse, and lowered my eyes from his. I was nervous, but he needed to know.

Joe remained silent, and the only sounds was the faint noise from the movie that Caspar had remained watching in the other room.

Now or never. I thought, and lifted my shirt, revealing the bruises to the man I love. I heard his intake of breath, and forced my gaze to rest on his face.

A look of shock was what I saw, mixed with hurt and confusion.

“What the hell happened?” Joe’s tone was soft, but his words demanded the truth as he stood and moved towards me. His fingers lightly traced the visible part of the bruise, my stomach clenched, but I didn’t move away, he was gentle.

“There…there was a car accident. My uber, it flipped. Another car had hit us, I think. Most of it’s a blur. I’m…I’m sorry. I should have told you right away, but you were busy with meetings, and stressed about the second movie, and just had so much going on, I didn’t want to burden you, and…” I was stopped by his finger being placed on my lips.

“Is this why you keep waking up in the middle of the night?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

I flinched a little, thinking I had been pretty good at keeping those moments quiet.

“Yeah…nightmares.” I mumbled, my lips brushing against his finger.

“Y/N…never feel like you can’t tell me something like this.” He moved his hand, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. “I love you, and want to be there to help you. I cannot believe you managed to hide this from me. Explains why you’ve been avoiding me though. I thought I had pissed you off again.” Joe smiled, a small chuckle accompanying the last statement.

I shook my head slightly, “No, you were fine. Sorry I didn’t tell you.” I moved my arms around him, leaning my head on his chest. Joe returned the hug, this time mindful of the bruise.

“Its alright, love. I forgive you. But next time you get in a car accident, please tell me.” He kissed the top of my head.

I pulled back just enough to face him, my arms remained around his waist.

“I promise.” I sealed it with a kiss on the lips.

A few minutes later, after I changed into some comfy clothes, we walked back out to join Caspar. I told him what happened as well, and after promising him I wouldn’t hide anything like that from him either, we switched to a different movie.

I curled up next to Joe, finally able to relax for the first time in days. A smile graced my lips again as our fingers laced together and he placed another kiss on the top of my head.

That night, I slept without any nightmares.

I needed to draw the two PRECIOUS babs!! <33 ;w;
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My hand was terribly shaking so excuse me for the terrible lines ugh, it was supposed to be a clean lineart >.>

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Dear Darlin’, please excuse my writing. I can’t stop my hands from shaking 'Cause I’m cold and alone tonight. I miss you and nothing hurts like no you. And no one understands what we went through. It was short. It was sweet. We tried.

Dear Darlin’ - Olly Murs

Mio dio
Amo questa canzone 🙈
Le parole che dice mi fanno venire i brividi, perché sono molto collegate con la mia vita. Con ciò che ho passato e con quello che penso adesso🙈
“Nothing hurts like no you”
Niente fa più male che non avere te.

Tacos & Kisses [Bucky Barnes]

I strolled into the kitchen in only an oversized t-shirt not expecting anyone to be around. I swung open the fridge and grabbed the milk carton and orange juice. My hands were now occupied so I nudged the door shut with my foot and spun around to find Bucky sitting silently behind the counter with a slice of toast in front of him. He looked very uncomfortable.

“Geez, Buck, you scared me!” I gasped, almost spilling the milk. I set the items down in front of him before reaching into the cabinet behind me to pull out a bowl and two glasses. “Where’s Steve and the others?” I asked but he remained frozen to his seat. “Still not talking to me, huh?” I began pouring the juice and he just stared at the glass with a frown. He looked as if he was contemplating something but then again, he almost always looked like that. Ever since Steve convinced him to join the Avengers he didn’t speak much. “Oh right! You guys are going on a mission today, yeah?” I remembered and he slowly lifted his gaze from the glass and met mine. His ice-blue eyes were narrowed by the bags underneath; Steve told me he didn’t sleep much. “I think my dad is letting me tag along.” I tried to hide my excitement as I leaned against the counter and took a sip of the juice. “I’ve never been on a mission before. It’s so exciting.” I was grinning from ear-to-ear now and didn’t notice Bucky chugging down the orange juice until the glass chinked against the counter. I glanced over at him and he ran the back of his metal arm along his mouth before rising to his feet.

“You aren’t coming with us. It’s too dangerous.” He mouthed almost inaudibly over his shoulder and I was taken aback. He finally spoke to me! My mind hadn’t registered his words yet and when it did, my smile faded. He had already left the kitchen so I ran after him.

“What do you mean ‘I’m not coming with’? My dad promised!” I complained and he was back to silence. “I’ve been training so hard for this!” I was a few minutes away from throwing a tantrum and Bucky must have realised this because he started walking faster, making it harder for me to keep up. By the time we got to the gym, I was out of breath. Okay, so maybe I hadn’t trained hard enough. “If I can go a round on the mat with you, will you be convinced that I can tag along?” I proposed and he stopped in his tracks and looked at me with a serious expression. I didn’t notice that Steve was listening to our exchange. “What do you say, James?” I poked at his chest and he just looked down at my hand with a surprised expression. I felt his chest rise and fall under my finger in a defeated sigh. He stepped out of my grasp before agreeing. I couldn’t believe it. I almost jumped into his arms.

“You can’t wear those clothes, though.” He looked away to avoid my bare legs and I blushed before nodding and running out the room to go and change into a pair of black yoga pants and a yellow sports bra.

How did I even manage to convince him to do this? I wondered as I walked back to the gym. Steve was sitting on the bench press and watching Bucky do pull ups on the salmon ladder. He was shirtless. Holy mother of God on a treadmill, my mind screamed at the sight of his chiselled mid-section. I took a quick breath, one that they both heard. Bucky let go of the bar and dropped to the floor, with the grace and agility of a panther. You aren’t going on that mission, a little voice mocked and I realised that was true but didn’t give up.

“You ready?” Bucky asked softly and I nodded, my eyes were still on his abs. I raised my fists in a fighting stance and he crossed his metal arm behind his back and turned side-ways so that the right side of his body was facing me. I copied his stance. “No, you use both hands.” He directed but I wasn’t having it.

“HYDRA isn’t going to care about a fair fight, James.” I pointed out and he nodded before finally raising his metal hand and gesturing for me to come at him. I grinned wickedly as I charged at him. His eyes watched me narrowly as I drew closer and closer. When I was about an arm’s length away I dropped to the floor and slid between his legs so that I was on the floor behind him. I managed to land a solid kick on his shin but it didn’t do much damage. He spun around swiftly and slammed his fist down to where I was lying but I rolled out of the way at the last minute and his hand collided with the mat. I sprang to my feet and jumped on his back, locking my arms across his chest and neck in a chokehold but it didn’t take him long to break free. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and flung me onto the mat. I groaned in pain and he hesitated for a moment – making sure I was okay – before coming at me again. My heart was already pounding and I was out of breath. He wrapped his human arm around my throat and lifted me off the ground. I tried to punch him but my arms were too short to reach his face. Then I had another idea. I grabbed onto his arm for support as I lifted my legs and wrapped it around his arm. I used his own weight against him and flipped him onto the mat. I landed on top of him. He grunted and scrunched up his face in pain at the impact. “Oh my god, Buck! Are you okay?” I asked in concern suddenly his fingers wrapped around my forearms and he shifted the position so I was pinned on the floor underneath him. I writhed and struggled against his steely hold but I couldn’t break free.

“…and that is why you can’t come with us!” He admitted as he rose to his feet and I scoffed in disbelief. “You hesitate when you see someone in pain; that hesitation could get you killed.” Steve extended a hand to help me up,

“Buck’s right, kid. You aren’t ready just yet.” I folded my arms across my chest. “You did well against him though.” Steve tousled my hair and I rolled my eyes. Bucky had already pulled on his hoodie and was on his way out. I was covered in sweat and grabbed one of the fluffy white towels to wipe myself off. “I think he has a little crush on you.” Steve confessed when Bucky’s footsteps disappeared down the hallway. I stared at Steve in disbelief, I couldn’t see that. “Think about it: why would he agree to this when he knew that he could easily beat you?” I couldn’t explain why he did that.

“He barely even speaks to me! This was the most words, he’s ever said to me.” I blurted out and Steve arched an eyebrow at me,

“This is the most words he has said to anybody.” That was true, as well. “Back in the day, Buck was a ladies’ man. He always knew the right things to say to make them swoon but after… everything. He doesn’t quite remember all that…yet.” Steve confided as we entered the living area to see the rest of the gang sitting around the coffee table, already suited up.

“Morning guys,” I greeted before walking over to my dad and wrapping my arms around his waist in a hug. Sleepy replies circled around the room and Thor just raised his mug of coffee in acknowledgement.

“Why aren’t you suited up, Spangles? Where’s the Snowman?” My dad teased and Steve just scowled at him. “Are you coming with us today, honey?” My dad asked as soon as Bucky walked in the room. I was tempted to say ‘yes’ but his stony gaze was fixed on me and I shook my head ‘no.’

“I’ll just stay here and man the comms. I could pull the heat-maps of the base once you get close enough and watch your six from here?” I offered and the team thought it was a good idea. “Great. Let me know when you guys are leaving.” I let go off my dad and left to take a shower. I changed into a pair of blue skinny jeans, combat boots and an over-sized plaid shirt. I walked out on to the helipad where the team was boarding the quinjet. I wished the team good luck and hugged my dad one last time. He was in his Iron-man suit which made the hug clunky and awkward. At last, I was in front of Bucky and Steve but Steve excused himself, leaving us alone. My hands were shaking at my side and I had to clasp them together to stop him from noticing. “So err… thanks for the sparring session and…” I trailed off trying to think of something to say. “…don’t lose anymore body parts. The Ironman position on the team is already filled.” I punched his arm playfully and he just furrowed his brow and nodded. I laughed nervously and could see Steve rolling his eyes at me. As I was entering the building, I felt an arm grab mine. It was Natasha.

“That was awful.” Oh God. Where is the privacy? “Where’s that killer Stark charm and confidence. Your flirting skills were worse than Steve’s back there.” She laughed and I blushed. “Just ask him out! It’s not like he has many other options to reject you for.” I arched an eyebrow at her.

“Wow! Thanks, Nat. I feel so good about myself knowing the only reason he won’t reject me is because he doesn’t have any better offers.” I joked and she shook her head at me in disbelief. Clint called out to her and she hugged me before joining the others on the jet. I watched the hatch close and waved as they flew off. “Don’t lose anymore body parts. The Ironman position is already filled.” I repeated in a mocking tone that made me sounded a lot like Barney. “God, I’m such an idiot.” I headed over to the communications centre and logged in. I planted a little earpiece in my ear and connected to the rest of the team. All their names lit up in green with the word ‘online’ next to it except my dad’s. I breathed heavily into the microphone, “Steeeeeeve, where is my father?” I did my best impression of Darth Vader which earned a few laughs from the rest of the team. “That’s from…” I was about to explain when Steve cut me off,

“Star Wars. Yeah, I saw that.” I rolled my eyes and began tapping away at the keyboard.

“Friday, connect me to my dad.” I requested and there was a dial tone before his name lit up as well. “Did you forget to turn on your communication again, dad?” I knew he had left it off on purpose.

“Yeah. I guess so.” He lied. “We’re coming up on the HYDRA base in seven minutes. Do a thermal scan of the base and see how many are inside.” Once he was within range I tapped into the suits radar scanner and got a wave of the building. The screen lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Err, dad? This one is glowing almost as bright as the arc reactor.” I warned and I heard the team groan.

“Why can’t this ever be easy?” Clint complained. “Estimated ETA 3 minutes. Get ready, guys.” I could hear the hatch of the jet opening and Thor’s boots thumping against the jet.

“Thor, Steve, I recommend going in at the entrance on the left wing. There’s a concentrated number of hostiles in that area.”

“Gee thanks, Andrea.” Steve said sarcastically.

“Bucky, you and Natasha jump in through the upper terrace. The control room is directly underneath that. There’s about six guards on the roof. Two are snipers. Clint you can take them out when you land. There’s a bunker on the east end of the clearing, Bruce you can deal with that and whatever ground threats. Dad, I’m picking up the network but the signal is too weak. I can’t tap into it to download the data. See if you can get any closer.” I watched through the camera of my dad’s suit as he flew overhead and took out any other thugs on the roof. “There’s something that keeps blocking me out. We’re going to have to do this the old-fashioned way.” I sighed in exasperation. There was a succession of gun-fire ringing in my ear and I knew exactly where it was coming from. I watched the red markings on the upper terrace quickly disappear. “Say goodnight guys, because the Winter Soldier just took out the heat.” I cheered excitedly.

“I’m here too, you know?” Nat reminded me and I just rolled my eyes and continued my commentary. I tapped into the speakerphone inside the control room and announced,

“I hope you’re dressed warmly enough because Winter is coming.” I heard a string of gunshots. “Booyah! Nat, start the download. Buck, ten o’ clock there’s a bunch of guys headed in your direction. Don’t let them in!” I grinned wickedly and began to sing, “Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, be the good guy you always have to be, conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know…” I heard the sound of bodies thudding to the ground. “…well now they knooooow.” I continued and there was a unanimous groan.

“Yes, Lady Andrea, keep that up. It’s not distracting at all.” Thor complained and I could hear the crackling of electricity coming through his comm.

“How much longer, Andy?” Natasha asked and I told her it was 82%. I could hear the fighting and screams coming off the comms from outside. I was so focused on the fight outside I didn’t see the troop headed towards Nat and Bucky. “ANDY!” Natasha scolded and I looked at the screen.

“Guys, there’s some trouble head in your direction.” I alerted them and I heard Bucky snort in disbelief. “What’s the matter, James?” I asked sarcastically but he didn’t reply. I could hear the cracking of bones and short bursts of shots fired. I heard Bucky groan in pain. “Buck? You alright?” My voice panicked. “Nat? Is Buck okay?” Natasha scoffed,

“He’s under a little pressure right now.” She said as she looked at him being tackled by about five guys but she couldn’t help him because she was already fighting two of her own men.

“Hey Buck?” I called and he just grunted. I could the clinking of his metal arm. “Do you want to go out tonight? Like to dinner or a movie or something?” At least, if he said ‘no’ he would have a higher chance of getting punched in the face.

“Really, Andy? This? Now?” Natasha chuckled and I grinned. “How much longer for that download?”

“It’s 99%.” I confirmed and suddenly a window popped up declared that all the files were downloaded. “Guys, get out of there. Dad, once everyone is out you can turn that place into a pile of rubble.”

“Guys, we’re on our way back to the jet now.” Nat spoke and I could hear hers and Bucky’s footsteps pounding as they ran.

“Nat, incoming.” I warned as more red figures moved towards her and Bucky. “So… what do you say, James?” I repeated when I heard his fist collide with the concrete wall.

“Andrea, this isn’t a good time.” He said softly and I bit my bottom lip.

“Just say ‘yes’ for God’s sake, Bucky!” Steve sighed in frustration. “I can’t listen to you grovel about this anymore. ‘Should I ask her out?’ ‘Will she want to go out with me?’” Bucky cursed Steve in Russian and Natasha burst out laughing. I smirked at Steve’s words. I spun around in my chair and pulled out a couple of menus from nearby restaurants.

“James, do you like Indian, or pizza, or Italian, or Greek, or Mexican maybe we could try that new Sushi place?” I enquired and Bucky was still in the fight with the HYDRA agents. “If we go to a movie, what will we watch? What type of movies do you like?” I continued bombarded him with questions but it was more my brain just ranting.

“Andrea! Calm down, I will just pick the activities or whatever.” Bucky conceded finally. I punched the air in excitement before starting to tap my fingers to the beat of 10,000 fists by Disturbed. “Do not start singing!” Bucky said through gritted teeth and I blushed.

When they were finally out of the building, my dad fired a missile and I watched the building collapse on itself. Steve announced that they were heading back home before disabling their headsets.


Bucky sat away from the rest of the gang with his elbows resting on his knees. He kept rubbing his palms together nervously and stared off into the distance, like he did whenever he was thinking deeply about something. This time he was thinking about his date. He told her he would pick the activities, but now he thought that wasn’t such a good idea because he wasn’t sure what she liked. He rued all the missed opportunities he had to ask her but he never knew what to say. She was Tony Stark’s daughter; a modern day princess. And he? He was a mess. Why did she even want to go out with him? He wondered. He sighed deeply and felt a pain in his temples from thinking too hard.

“James?” Thor’s voice boomed and pulled him out of his thoughts. He blinked up at the tall blonde demi-god and watched as he sat down on the crate in front of him. “What troubles your mind?” Thor was always very sympathetic towards him. “Are you thinking about Andrea?” Bucky ran a hand through his long hair and nodded. Steve saw the exchange between the two and walked over. He leaned on the wall next to Bucky. Bucky was feeling self-conscious now with the two of them staring at him expectantly. He wanted nothing more than to tell them what he was thinking. “James is concerned about his date with Andrea.” Thor blurted out and Bucky groaned at his words. This was going to lead to Steve telling him everything he wanted to hear. “You should feel proud, James. Lady Andrea is courted by many attractive guys.” Bucky didn’t feel proud. He felt sick at Thor’s words.

“Thor’s right. She only goes out with the best.” Steve chimed in and just like every other time, his comforting words didn’t do much comforting. “Remember that time that musician who staged a concert in front of the tower and sang to her?” Thor’s laugh shook the jet. Bucky woke up abruptly and went to sit in the cockpit with Clint. They didn’t really know each other so Bucky knew he wouldn’t speak to him and that’s just what he wanted; to be left alone.


I wracked my mind thinking about what Bucky would pick for us to do. Maybe, we can go for a walk in central park and get hot dogs from that little stand and watch the stars on the grass. He’s so quiet, maybe we could go for one of those drive-on movies. I didn’t expect something fancy. He seemed like a pretty laidback guy. When the gang got back from the mission, I didn’t see Bucky. Natasha told me he had gone out with Steve and that he would be back to pick me up at eight p.m. I tried to pick her brain and ask about the date but she confessed to not knowing what he had planned which I believed because he rarely shared anything with anyone.

I changed into a comfortable sweater and black tights with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots. I wanted to keep it simple. At 6:59, there was a soft knock on my door and I opened it with a wide smile. My eyes grew wide with surprise when I saw Bucky dressed in a sharp suit and a bouquet of red roses in his hand. He studied my attire. “I’m just running a little late.” I lied invited him in to my bedroom. I took the roses from his hand and placed them on my bed as I ran into my wardrobe and looked for something more formal. I switched the sweater and tights for a blush and black colour-blocked cocktail dress and the boots for Christian Louboutin pumps. I emerged from my closet and Bucky gave me a small smile.

“You look beautiful.” He whispered softly and I blushed before telling him he looked handsome too. He led me down to the garage and held open the door to my dad’s matte-black R8. I chuckled and wondered how he got my dad to agree to this.

“Mr Barnes, Mr Stark has asked me to remind you that you are old enough to be her grandfather.” Friday conveyed formally and I groaned loudly. It was the first time I saw Bucky blush. Bucky gunned the engine to life and drove out of the garage. The ride was quiet as we made our way through the Upper East Side and stopped in front of Scalinatella: an expensive Italian restaurant. The valet took the key from Bucky as he walked over and held open the car door for me. This wasn’t what I was expecting.

“Good to see you again, Miss Stark.” The hostess at the door greeted me which made Bucky very uncomfortable. He led us over to our table and Bucky moved my chair for me to sit down. He was such a gentleman. The menus arrived and I watched his eyes widen when he looked at the prices. I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu and declined dessert, something I never did but I didn’t want to start a fight with Bucky over the bill because I knew he would never let me pay. Our meals arrived and we ate in awkward silence. He kept stealing glances at me and every now and again he would ask if I wanted something else but I politely refused. When we finished our meal, we left the restaurant and climbed back into the car.

Bucky gripped the steering wheel with his metal arm tightly. I watched him out of the corner of my eye.

“So…I pretty much blew my chance with you, didn’t I?” He asked softly and I chuckled and shook my head. “I just wanted everything to be perfect for you. Steve and Thor told me all about guys you went out with. I just wanted to prove to you that I am just as good.” He confessed softly. I placed my hand on his gently and I was scared he would pull it away.

“Bucky…” I breathed deeply. “I don’t need to go to fancy restaurants or people singing to me in the street or whatever other bullshit tricks guys usually do to get my attention. I am not some snotty little princess, I would have been happy with something simple. I wasn’t late earlier! I was just expecting us to have a fun, chilled out evening.” I squeezed his hand a little tighter and my stomach growled loudly. I looked away in embarrassment. “Maybe…with some real food.” Suddenly, Bucky slammed on the breaks and the car came to an abrupt halt. He made a U-turn and sped down the street. “Where are we going?” I asked excitedly and he looked at me with a reassuring smile. We pulled up in front of Central Park and this time I got out of the car on my own. “TACOS!” I cheered at the sight of the glowing truck. “Race you!” I challenged before running as fast as my heels could carry me but nevertheless, he let me win. I ordered us two chilli chicken flavoured tacos.      

“Come on!” He laced his fingers through mine and led me inside the park. I kicked my heels off and he removed his jacket which he made me sit on as we ate. He mummed as he bit into the taco, enjoying every bite. He chomped it down much faster than I did and I noticed he dropped a big dollop of sauce onto his white shirt.

“You’re such a baby.” I teased and leaned against my shoulder. My phone buzzed in my pocket. It was Natasha. She wanted to know how the date went. I ignored her message and turned my attention back to Bucky. “Do you like music?” I queried and he shrugged nonchalantly. I opened my music app and played ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake – one of my favourite songs of all time – and turned up the volume. Bucky tapped his fingers along his thigh and then suddenly rose to his feet and offered me a hand.

“May I have this dance?” He asked shyly and I looked up at him with a serious expression. I grabbed his arm and he pulled me to my feet. He rested his metal arm on my waist as softly as he could and I placed my hand on his shoulder. We began to sway slowly. I gazed into each other’s eyes, soulfully and even after the song ended we didn’t break apart. “I should get you home.” He declared softly and I nodded but neither of us let go.

“This was the best date ever.” I beamed when we were finally ready to go. I didn’t bother putting my shoes back on and Bucky carried them for me. He even carried them when we got back to the tower and he led me to my bedroom door then he handed them to me. He took my hand in his and raised it to his lips, kissing my knuckles. My heart fluttered.

“Goodnight, doll.” He smiled sweetly and I did the same. He was about to leave when I grabbed him by his tie and pulled him down to my height. I pressed my lips against his softly. I giggled against his mouth.

“Don’t you dare not call me.” I warned and I felt him smiling.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

matildathedragonfly  asked:

So I'm going to Germany with my family in a few days (I'm Swedish) what behaviour should I avoid? Like Germans must be very sick of Swedish tourists since we usually only come there to buy your beer and liquor :P also some tips on what words/expressions that I should use? :33


Haha nah don’t worry, Swedish tourists are actually very welcome in Germany~ ;)  There isn’t much of behaviour you should avoid, just a few things. For example, avoid being too touchy. Everyone has a personal distance zone that surrounds them, and unexpected intrusions into this zone are very unwelcome and can end up being a really awkward and embarrassing situation for both people! Also, if you accidentally bump into someone, kick them under the table, etc you should immediately apologize with “Entschuldigen Sie bitte, das war nicht meine Absicht” (”Please excuse me, that wasn’t my intention”). What you can do though is shaking hands firmly (without squeezing it!), a firm handshake sends a message of trust, frankness, sincerity, consideration and honesty~ Oh, and complement the german alcohol and food too xD

Apart from that, there is the very obvious stuff anyone shouldn’t do under any circumstances, like the Hitler salute (that shit is culpable), rude and loud behaviour (sounds dumb but just act quiet and unobtrusive and everything’s fine~) and xenophobia (Germans react very sensitive to that topic).

As for words to use: Always good is to start with “Entschuldigen Sie bitte” or just “Entschuldigung” ([Please] exucse me) when you approach someone, always say “Bitte” (Please) and “Danke” (”Thanks”) and it’s seen as very polite when you pass people on the street and greet them with “Guten Tag/Morgen/Abend” (”Good Day/Morning/Evening”) (the elderly will love you;) )

I hope this helped! 

#1: First Meeting (His POV)

Zayn: It had been the start of the tour and I had wanted to get some air from the complete busy rehearsing and some time away from the hyperactive boys. I had not at all intended to get lost without any bodyguard in the middle of the Brazilian streets but luckily for me I spotted some kind of diner/café and headed towards that and planning to call Paul after some time. As I walked in it was a firsthand impression of peaceful and calm diner, chocolate and coffee in the air with background music that sounded like the 1975’s number. It wasn’t until I sat down and a girl in roller skates approached me that I remembered I was still too famous to go around alone. But she wasn’t what I expected.
“What would it be… No way! You are Zayn! I’m going to your concert tonight, I hope it’s as good as you say because I literally worked my ass off for those tickets and I have to stand between screaming girls, also I’m brining my niece! She’s an absolute darling really, but sometimes…” Moreover, she kept on talking but it was okay because I couldn’t help but smile. She had seated herself on the other stool and was talking and talking, none of us knew how long but when Paul came to take me back hours later, I proudly held a slip with a number of seat and row for the concert tonight.

Harry:  “Excuse me?” I instantly woke up when a hand was shaking my shoulder lightly, I looked up and saw a white teeth and long lashes. “Sorry to wake you like that but would you mind if I could just get to my seat?” She seemed embarrassed that she had woken me like that but I didn’t mind at all. 
“No it’s okay, here you go.” I got up and stood to the side so she could seat herself into the seat beside me. I ha dreaded going to visit Niall because I hated traveling alone, but maybe this was getting tad better than I had thought. “So are you going to Ireland for a visit?” She took off her jacket and smiled up at me.
“Actually it’s just a quick stop to talk with a wedding designer, he couldn’t make it here to England for some time so I decided to pay him a visit.” Oh engaged.
“Well congratulations with the wedding!” “Oh thank you, my sister is so happy I haven’t ever seen her be so happy with some before.” Jackpot.

Louis: “Would you mind standing still Louis?” Nick complained once again and I just loved to irritate that monkey so I didn’t listen. “Oh god, you’re too much what the hell Lou? I just want to get this on you so people can hear when you talk!” He exclaimed in stress and it just made me laugh harder.
“Fine! I don’t get how you make it Eleanor I really don’t…” He walked away to set up Harry’s wire while Eleanor just shrugged and texted back her friend. “Would you help Louis, (Y/N)?” A name I hadn’t heard before, and a girl I hadn’t seen before came into the room. She smiled at Nick and then walked closer to me, her small hands helping the wire on it’s place without me annoying her.
“That wasn’t so hard, Nick.” “He was the one making it harder for me!” Nick pouted and a sweet sound of her giggle came.
“He was alright.” I was definitely not alright.

Liam: It’s the part of the year, or that’s what people say but I can’t really see anything about it that would justify that statement. I had been bored from the start of it till now two hours later and still bored. Of course being dumped by my girlfriend only a few days before didn’t make it any better but I tried to really make it some kind of a fun night but it wasn’t going to happen. I headed to the kitchen to take the back door and just go when I voice spoke, “going already?” I looked back and saw a girl lounging on the bar stool drinking from a little can of beer. “Just not into it today.” I mumbled and found myself walking over to he, leaning myself up against the kitchen island while she eyed me.
“C’mon let’s get you into it.” I was going to protest but her hands wrapped around my wrist and really, she was beautiful from here. I let myself be dragged onto the ‘dance floor’ and danced with her. She had her back to me and was moving like I would never be able to, but I tried and I could tell she was happy. “See, that wasn’t too hard to be into!”
and yes I walked away with a boner and her number.

Niall: It was Greg’s birthday and I had obviously forgotten about it, so I had to hurry out before the party and buy a reasonable good gift. I knew he loved buying albums but I had no idea if he had those I looked at or if he even liked some of them. I had to text Denise maybe. I sighed and tried another store; maybe a gift card to the music shop would be good? I walked up to the counter and taped the wood since no one was there.
“Oh sorry!” A girl walked up and stood before me, her uniform a t-shirt and leggings while her hair was in a bun. Her smile was big, and I could see her face was clean from any product. “Uhm, yeah I wanted to buy a gift card.”
“Sure, do you want me to wrap it?” I nodded and watched as she took out some things and began typing in, when she turned to me. I didn’t hear what she said, because jesus those lips were beautiful.
“I said how much do you want on the card?” She smiled and I could spot some faint blush on her cheeks. I smiled, cheeky maybe, and told her to make it a 1000.
“And your number?” 

Business or Pleasure - Chapter 1

TITLE: Business or Pleasure
AUTHOR:  theothercourse
GENRE: Fluff/Comedy
FIC SUMMARY:  Luke has put Tom up for auction with eleven other of England’s most eligible bachelors, including Tom’s best mate, Benedict, in the interest of raising money for charity. The winner for Tom’s dinner has captured his fancy, and though he was reluctant at first, he’s looking forward to their date. She leaves behind a puzzling mystery behind for the boys to figure out.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: In honor of thingsididntknowwereerotic/ just-the-fics-maam birthday (Happy birthday, lovely lady!) A drabble in her honor.

Business or Pleasure - Chapter 1

“How did I let you talk me into this thing?” I muttered urgently under the din of clanking silverware, the high-tech stereo pumping out 80s dance music, the Master of Ceremonies droning on about the next contestant, and the chattering of too drunk party goers.

Smirking into a flute of champagne, my companion stated plainly, “Good for your image, mate. You’ll thank me for it later.”

I scanned a-night-at-the-pub masquerading as an expensive black tie event. Three hundred of England’s richest, poshest and/or known people crammed into the glitzy ballroom of the Ritz Hotel to raise money for charity. The air was thick with opulence, class, and falsity. Most of these people weren’t here for the charity, rather the recognition of providing to the less fortunate than themselves. “Personally, for myself, I’d rather put my £2000 directly into the hands that it would do the most good,” I whispered under my breath, training my face for polite acceptance.

“Your plate was only a £1000.”

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Here it is! My footage of Rise Up from CSOI, Vancouver! My filming focus was specifically on Tessa and Scott (of course!), I hope you’ll excuse my shaking hand every now and then, the auto focus switching in and out, and the glare from the lights. Caught some magic moments even still. Beautiful exhibition. #blessmycamera 

Great blue world

I feel like I’m drowning.

Ironside rattles. My first car, the majestic, tattered beast which is older than my ex, knocks into its parking space and I take a breath. A cloud of me puffs up on the windshield, December blanketing the vehicle. My fingers in cut-off military surplus grip the wheel. A favorite song is on the radio, but it sounds like white noise. I am under thirty thousand leagues of breathable water.

The holiday shoppers, myself a part of the mob, are infinite. The shopping carts have no place in the thin aisles of the liquor store. I excuse myself at every turn and question an hourly worker for the location of a gift for in-laws I don’t have.

Excuse me, I smile to an older woman.

My hands are shaking. They always shake. Some days are worse than others. Yes. I put them in my pockets and glance back and forth, looking for the favored poisons of those I love. I grab two bottles of some bullshit and round the corner again. It’s the same woman from before.

I laugh and say, “One more time!” and she smiles.

I hate myself for it, I worry if I intimidate her, or scare her, or bother her. I physically pick up my cart and move it to the side so she can pass. An eight year old moves past me to find his mother. I make eye contact with an old man. I grip my wallet in my pocket, for iambic stability.

The world is an ocean; I am not familiar in an existence involving vacant lungs.

You love crowds. You love being around people, each soul as beautiful as the last. You bump into another middle-aged woman looking at her phone and apologize. You want to be anywhere else but here. They see you shaking. You’re dehydrated, right? Didn’t sleep enough? There’s a line of people screaming somewhere just beyond the periphery of your psyche, but you’re organizing the contents of your shopping cart. Shuffle your wares, distract them from the lack of dexterity born unto your hands.  

The cashier, they’re a beautiful stranger. Your words are hollow. At every interaction, every pass-and-draw between you and them, you say, “Thank you” – they smile and knock ten percent off of your order and you thank them once more. They’ve carried on an entire conversation with you and your only input was a hello and a half-a-dozen bits of thanks.

They hand you back your card.

Your fucking hands are still fucking shaking.

You write your first initial and scratch for the rest on the signature line.

You want to be anywhere else in the world right now.

You take your receipt and rush outside.

You want to be anywhere else in the world right now.

Somewhere, far away, near an ocean you’ve not yet seen, let alone breathed.