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915. When Snape died, the first person there to greet him was Lily. She ran to him crying and thanking him repeatedly for protecting her son despite everything between him and James. Snape could only stand there shocked and confused, especially when James came up to him looking incredibly guilty to apologize for everything and to thank him as well.
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I was tagged by @1of1prism​ to post ten songs I’ve been listening to daily recently.

  1. under the double eagle march 
  2. danse macabre
  3. Chris michaels - the fiery furnaces
  4. Go - saltnpaper
  5. Password - shinee
  6. Everytime - chen & punch
  7. Sugar sugar - the archies
  8. Fine - Jonghyun
  9. Diner - Kangta
  10. Let me out - Jonghyun

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***EDIT*** okay so my dumb butt didn’t realize the white ring (ring? Or is it just a v????) was actually a part of his fur in the show so I’m probably gonna redo it but it’ll still be something similar to this.


every westallen scene ever (48/?)

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“Let me.” The quiet reply was immediately followed with assistance, Roxanne keeping hold of the cups and other additions for the coffee. 

She didn’t want to pry; Merlin was a rather reserved person, and faithful in keeping formality on track. But with the length of time she had in the service, she couldn’t help but try here and there to coax him into relaxing his persona, perhaps a bit of help in relieving the pressure of his work.

Then again, she couldn’t force anything too much. At this point, they were both waiting for the coffee. “You alright there?”