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An old/new Acura West Photoshoot

I meannn… Isn’t the second pic a traditional married couple looking happy after purchaising a new car pic? Seriously, tell me it’s not


Ereri Week- Day Six: Storm 

I’ll kiss you until the storm blows over                                                           Distracting you as the thunder roars                                                                     I’ll hold you until you reach composure                                                           Even if it makes our bodies sore                                                                         I’ll take away the pain you shoulder                                                             Because I’m ready for what’s in store                                                                   Darling, I’ll kiss you until this storm blows over… 

 My art, don’t steal/repost

Little Chiss Commander | Thrawn | Star Wars EU

One day I will draw something other than chibis standing regal (or I’ll draw Thrawn doing something other than that, too), but today is not that day, I guess.  xD  Just wanted to draw chibi Thrawn in his Chiss Ascendancy / Outbound Flight uniform.  Mostly based off the picture on the back of the book, with a few differences. 

(more Star Wars fanart)

excuse my amateur pose drawing skills, I am still learning ^^ i have never drawn this pose before lol

i’d like to dedicate this to all the cool people in our  little corner of the fandom; midori, jess, anamicenas, sisterofthesand onegirlarmy, aimast… I wish I could name everyone, old and new in this fandom. its not much but I’d like to finally contribute something to this beautiful ship (aside from draw the squad memes lol)

I was listening to “Set Fire To The Third Bar” while drawing this…I like to headcanon Temari, tough as she is, misses Shikamaru when they’re apart for long periods of time….after all Suna gets lonely….


Just some matching Loki and Thor!Jane Foster headers & icons… for reasons (art by @russelldauterman) insp @zionqt 

There are just a few icons under the cut too.

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[Unfortunately, Captain’s orders are to not disclose this information at this time.]