excuse my messy doodle


Just some random doodles.

I got chills! They’re multiplyin’ ~

Symmrat week - Day 2 - AU

Did some Grease AU c: (Or 50′s/Rockabilly AU, whatever you would like to call it)

Really sorry about all the inactivity regarding drafts and such recently, I know I reblogged a couple of memes but I’ve been finding it hard to reply to stuff recently.

Anyway, in an effort to get my muse back I did some Bendy doodles in my spare time. I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to draw him again, so please excuse their messiness. 

anonymous asked:

So I don't think you take requests. But Ima ask anyway. Can we please have a epileo flipping his fabulous hair? It's all I want in this world. Btw I love your art :,) don't feel pressured to do this if you don't want to c: <3

A super messy doodle (aka excuse to use my markers until they run out of ink) of my resurrection au. Ty maybe works at the shop Audrey rented or bought that eldritch book she used to bring the dead back to life. He’s sort of a neutral character, Ty doesn’t really believe Audrey when she complains that the book may have worked. She still goes to him for advice because he can be helpful.


Finally… Beach Day! 

I enjoy imagining these two quietly watching waving crabs pass by ~ so peaceful  (。◝ ◡ ◜。) ♡ 
There’s just something so charming about Odagiri and Fukumoto together ~

hi everyone! ;w; this is my first follow forever EVER so ;;; please excuse the messiness (and my lame doodle as well orz;;)

thank you all for always being so lovely and amazing and inspiring !! ♡^▽^♡


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