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Contest Winner!!! Bucky Barnes Imagine- Tale As Old As Time Part 1

Tony had told me numerous times to stay out of the lab when he wasn’t in there. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust me, he just knew that I was extremely curious about his gadgets in the lab. I tried my best but sometimes it was just too much. Today was one of those days.

I was extremely bored and was wandering around the tower when I came across the door to Tony’s lab. I looked over both shoulders to make sure nobody was coming before going inside. My eyes immediately went over to the giant thing covered up with a massive tarp. Grabbing the tarp, I uncovered the machine and looked at it with disappointment.

It was a large metal circle that was sitting up right with the help of a base and a stand. All it had were some dinky looking lights around it. I was disappointed to say the least but still wanted to know what the contraption did. There was a small remote laying next to it so I grabbed it and started pressing buttons.

Nothing seemed to be happening and I was about to leave when I tripped over my own two feet and fell head first into the opening of the machine. I saw a bright flash and then it was over. A second later I was nose to nose with the asphalt.

After I got up and dusted myself off, I took in my surroundings. I was in an alley somewhere. My eyes grew wide as I realized that I wasn’t in the tower anymore. I jogged to where the alley met the street and stepped out into the sunshine. This couldn’t be happening.

The civilians were dressed completely different. There wasn’t a single person wearing casual clothes. All of the men wore suits and the women dresses or skirts. I heard swing music playing in the background and I gasped. I quickly tapped a man on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, I bumped my head. Do you think you could tell me the year?” I asked politely.

“Sure thing miss. It is 1941,” the man told me. “You okay?” He looked at me strangely and I noticed that it was because of my clothes. Women didn’t wear pants and t-shirts in this time.

“I’m doing swell. I have to go, excuse me please.”

I walked quickly away as I started to have a freaking panic attack. Tony had built a damn time machine! I really wish I would have listened to him now because I was stuck in 1941 with no way to get home. I started to run until I came to an empty bench in some park. Once I sat down I started to hyperventilate as I realized I was really all alone.

A hand came down on my shoulder and I jumped.

“Hey, calm down doll. Breathe with me here and it will be okay,” the guy said. That voice sounded familiar. I looked up and saw familiar blue eyes.

It was Bucky Barnes. 


(Y/SH/N)= Your SuperHero Name.


I sat in my office writing my paper work. Well… Not entirely paper work. I’m designing new equipment for Batman and I, when a knock at the door made me jump. “Come in!” I answer moving folders on top of my designs. It’s Jones my second in charge. “The FBI are here Agent Wayne.” I nod and thank Jones on my way out. I step outside my office to see (C/1) and (C/2) asking the Agents questions none stop. “ (C/1)! (C/2)! They have been here for 2 minuets leave them be!” I snap walking down the stairs. “Yes Boss.” They both mumble walking back to their desks. I walk gracefully down the stairs I can feel the FBI looking at me. Once I reach the group I walked over to them and introduced myself. “I’m (Y/N) Wayne.” A tall man with a stern expression on his face shook my hand and introduced himself as Aaron Hotchner. I led him and his team to a room we use for brain storming ideas. Once they had gotten settled a skinny, tall man with longish hair tapped my shoulder, “Excuse me? Agent Wayne?” I turn a warm smile on my face and ask what the guy, who I was told was Spencer Reid, needed. “Do you have any other files on Batman and (Y/SH/N)?” “No, that’s it I’m afraid.” I reply. A phone started ringing distracting me and Reid. ‘Rossi’ answered it and a female voice rang through the room, “I live to serve now tell me your request!” I chuckle a bit. Hotch spoke up, “Garcia look up any incidents where people have reported seeing Batman and (Y/SH/N).” I heard typing and Garcia spoke again, “Ok got it. But can someone tell me why we are looking for them? They have taken care of drug lords, rapists, muggers and other scum of the earths. Their the heroes!” Morgan spoke up this time, “I know baby girl, but we have to do what the director says.” She sighs on the other end and tells them what they need to know. “(Y/N).” I turn to see my brother, Bruce Wayne. “Yes brother?” He nods his head to follow him out of the room. I tell the Feds I will be two minuets and follow him. In a quiet voice he says, “Joker is on the move I need you to help me stop him.” “You know that the Feds are looking for us right?! I-You!- Fine!” I walked back into the room and clear my throat gaining their attention, “I have to step out family problems.” JJ speaks up for the first time, “Are you ok? Do you need one of us to help you?” I shake my head and laugh slightly, “Nothing I can’t handle.”

(Part 2 out tomorrow)