excuse my horrible edits


Excuse my horrible attempts to edit their eyes (especially Petrah’s eyes and the lettering on Iskra’s pic).

Here are my three actresses/models whom I think would do a good job of portraying the Heirs of the Ironteeth Witch Clans.

Manon Blackbeak: Li Bingbing (Chinese actress and singer)
Petrah Blueblood: Amisha Patel (Indian actress and model)
Iskra Yellowlegs: Agni Pratistha (Indonesian actress and beauty queen)

Obviously they are just my interpretations of the characters; if you dont agree that they’re Asian you do NOT have to reblog this post and tell me so cause I assure you that I do NOT care at all.

However if you feel like there’s an Asian actress or model who would be better suited as any of the Heirs then feel free to let me know cause I’d love that ^.^ (I’m not really set with Petrah’s model, but I do view the Bluebloods as south Asians so I had to make do).

Also a little note; the pic of Li Bingbing is from a movie called the Forbidden Kingdom (horrible movie, but she was excellent; i just didn’t like the white boy), and in that movie she’s called the White-Haired Witch, that really reminded me of Manon cause she’s called the White Demon.