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do corn shaped cat toys exist because i have no idea 

..actually they probably do but not in the form i drew whoops

i hope this cheers you up at least a little bit! ❤

blackroseyaz  asked:

Ummmm excuse me miss!!!!!! Lol all of your cliffhangers leave me flailing my arms around and now my family thinks I'm crazy 😂😂 I've been blessed by another amazing chapter💖💖😍😍😍

💁🏻 Hey there, love!

I’m so glad you loved it…your reaction is priceless!! 😂

This wasn’t a cliffhanger, was it?! 🙊 I guess it’s a good thing I have the next chapter already written then!!

It definitely needs some editing but you’ll be getting it much sooner than later!!

Thank you for the message, @blackroseyaz!! I love to know what you guys think after reading!!


So…episode eleven…huh?

Such a wild ride with all the skaters performing their short programs and they all did wonderfully (when Yuuri and Phichit cried at the end of theirs, I almost cried!). Honestly, it was just amazing and I loved watching all of theirs (Chris’ one still makes me a little uncomfortable but I knew what was coming but it wasn’t so bad). 

Yuuri’s performance was really good and you can really see that he tried his best like he always does. I think he drew confidence from his ring, knowing that Viktor was there and remembering the words that Viktor told him, so that made him feel a bit more at ease, a little bit more in control. Like Viktor said, Yuuri doesn’t doubt his decisions anymore which shows how far Yuuri has come from the beginning of the series. He didn’t score past a hundred but he still did really well and at the end, he was so overwhelmed that he just sank to his knees and cried (I think he cried!). 

Viktor was proud, you can tell, and Yuuri would have done better if he managed to land that quadruple flip without the use of his hand. But the main thing is that he tried and he succeeded going into the second half of the final! 

I don’t even have to talk about Phichit’s performance because that’s just going to be me shouting about how proud I am of him and how he did SO WELL. He also cried and I almost cried because he’s KICKING ASS with a SMILE, performing so beautifully and is the first Southeast Asian to get as far as he has so excuse me while I flail about my precious son. 

Yurio’s was absolutely beautiful and he just has a bit of that natural talent coursing through him. He’s really been showing people what’s made of and all his training has paid off because he’s now in FIRST PLACE. And the fact that he’s learned the true meaning of Agape because of the people that he’s met in his life is awesome. His grandfather has always been there but now there’s Yuuri, Viktor, Yuuko and the rest. Yurio may not admit it but he finally knows what unconditional love is, having experienced for himself. And that makes me happy! Once again, so freaking proud and I’m cheering all of them on!

Also, can we just talk about JJ? 

Like, I know he can be an ass because he’s really cocky but I feel like he has a good heart. He trains incredibly hard so why wouldn’t he be scoring top marks? It was quite sad to see him flop in the end since the nerves finally caught up to him. But he did have the support of his fans (I loved the guy running with the Canadian flag, oh my god) and the love of his fiancee. So, he’ll be fine! He’s still young. 

Oh and Obatek killed it. 

To think that he completely changed because of Yurio and it made his performance much better is like, HE WAS INSPIRED BY THE SNOW ANGST KITTEN. 


But I think what really came out of this episode is how Yuuri finds out that Viktor misses skating. This is what I gathered from it and seeing Viktor glance almost wistfully at the ice makes Yuuri see that. Viktor was watching all the skaters and he was happy as he took in their programs as well as cheered them on. I also think that when he was watching Chris, he missed competing against him just as Chris misses competing against Viktor. 

This is just my interpretation of the episode but it’s possible that once Yuuri has realized this, maybe he feels like he’s holding Viktor’s back? Like Viktor could be doing bigger and better things but is wasting his time here with Yuuri. I think seeing all those routines and how good the skaters are, maybe Yuuri was thinking that Viktor would be better off training someone with more potential, someone with more promise. 

You can see that he’s uneasy throughout the rest of the episode and he even has a talk with Viktor at the end of it all. 

He wants to end it. 

Now, we don’t know if Yuuri means Viktor being his coach or the relationship that they’re having. I’d like to think that Yuuri means Viktor being his coach but it’s understandable especially after how he’s been feeling today. Remember, Yuuri doesn’t doubt his decisions anymore and doesn’t hesitate as much as he used to. 

But now he’s doubting HIMSELF and his abilities again. 

He wants to end things for a reason, maybe he doesn’t want Viktor to feel tied down to him even though that’s not the case at all.

It’s a surprise, really because when he said that, I immediately went ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?’ 



I think the whole series is going to end on a high note though because there’s a huge problem/drama before the good comes out. So have hope, it’s all going to be fine! 

You gotta love the angst and suspense though. 

(Also the constant appearance of the rings? That was some good shit, yes, such a good).

“And the Academy Award Goes to…”

Am I late for the afterparty?
Truth be told… I didn’t expect BH6 to win BUT wow. I looked silly celebrating and just going: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BH6 WON!!! BH6 WOOOOOON!!! *confetti everywharr*” And I’m also SUPER glad that Feast won, too! Little pup was amazing and deserved every bit of the award!

So happy for everyone who made this beautiful movie. These nerds deserve ALL THE LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE.
Augh Tadashi you win your own category which is: “Best 15 Minutes of Screentime” you really do know how to go out with a BANG wow.

Hrrrhrhrhhr everyone looked gorgeous in the red carpet and I am just… Jamie and Genesis LADIES PLZ. <3 <3 And don’t get me started on suits because asdgfhfjkgjlhk;jl I don’t understand Ryan’s tie but that’s k. Everyone looked great.

But hey, despite all the criticisms going around, let’s all just be thankful that Big Hero 6 was such a big leap for Disney and I hope they would see how much people appreciate that development.

Now excuse me while I go flail around some more in my bed while hoping it would RAIN MERCHANDISE K THX BAI.

Ummmm Can we talk about Big Hero 6?!? For like a second!!!!

Can we talk about how that movie was the absolute SHIT! Like the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked!!!! It’s very rare that I LOVE every character like I did in this movie. let’s review shall we!!! IN No Particular Order!

Go Go Tomago:
She was so bad ass! Am I right or am I right! She may be my spirit animal!

External image

Honey Lemon:
Excuse me whilst I flail over this bitch. I mean the fact that she is super tall and STILL wears Boss Bitch six inch heels! Yassss bish werk!

Wasabi No Ginger:
I love him he speaks to me and my OCD on spiritual level. And he’s a big smart black man, which always tickles my fancy

Love love love love love love love…. -.- that is all. Baymax was the best part of the movie for me! He always only wanted to help and that’s what he did!

Is it possible to be low key in love with a cartoon character, because I am!

External image

He started off as a butt but he grew on me! When he cried I CRIED!
External image

I loved him. He reminds me of shaggy from scoot doo! I love his enthusiasm for comic books! Seeing who his father was,WAS mind blowing!

Am I probably going to go see Big Hero 6 again YES!

After seeing those Normily pictures

Oh, Lord, my heart! I swear Beth’s alive. My team delusional side is showing and idgaf. They cancelled her panel yesterday on purpose because they didn’t realize how big the reaction and turnout was going to be so they needed to prep Emily on how to answer all the conspiracy questions. I mean “no comment” can only go so far, right? Shoot, idk. My head is spinning because AMC has something clever up their sleeves and they’re trying to throw us fans completely off so as to not ruin any surprises.

Excuse my not making sense. I’m still flailing and obsessing and ecstatic about those pictures.

Beth Greene is alive, yo.