excuse my face right now


i can’t believe i’d ever dare to do this but i’ve been tagged in this “stick your selca beside your bias’, who is apparently sculpted by the gods themselves, selca” by @jinmini​ and normally i don’t think i’d ever do this but several users have tagged me as well (i have shitty memory so i can’t remember who did but i do remember @bwink​ tagging me in this self picture thingy) and now i feel bad and- i digress…

anyway, pointless speech said and done, i miss you all and i miss my boys and i can’t believe i’m seeing them in a month so

i’m tagging: @daegucrew@apgujeon@bwipsul​ (because i really really miss talking to you guys) and @joonjuly@jeonsshi@yoonseok@cyyphr​ (because i wanted to see you beautiful people gracing my dashboard with your beautiful existence) and to everyone who’s willing to do this! tag me as someone who tagged you because I would love to see you all ♥

Wait, how can that be? Did All Might just… appear one day? 

But didn’t he have any family? Friends? Someone who would’ve tracked his record and know who he is? The unidentified quirk is interesting, it must have something to do with tapping into some kind of power for a limited amount of time.

I can totally see that, dude’s a monster

And on top of that he’s also a great person..

“Hey can I get a fucking uhhhhhhhhhh”

Excuse me?


My exact same face right now.

His power? He can actually give his Quirk to someone else? Or is it something that’s not a Quirk?

Sneakposting this younger dad-Seb :I scribbled this the other night in the middle of lots of other arts, yoooo~


According to the teacher, Ohmiya’s “I love you” sounded more like “I rub you”. Oh these two… Please! XD~ - Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.11.15