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@nolan-sims & @teanmoon‘s Galatea Hair recolored!

this is my first recolor ever and it’s not perfect, so please let me know if there are any issues with it! but basically I made this because I wanted some cute hairs for @berrysweetboutique‘s Pastel Rainbowcy Challenge.

also p.s. please excuse my crappy editing skills ty

  • base game compatible
  • teen through elder
  • you need the mesh

Download is under the cut

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☁️ 25.08.17- Hello! This is my first ever original post so excuse my crappy editing skills. This week’s spread with a fish doodle made by an old friend of mine. Since I didn’t pass in any university this year I chose to be more productive the following year and get some work done! So this is my first spread on my planner, I wrote some tasks to get done for a start. Hoping my first week of studying will be productive!

hello, lovelies!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

it’s kelsey, and since my one year anniversary was a little over a month ago and it’ll be 2017 in about 2hrs for me, i thought it was about high time i did one of these!  i’ve met and talked with some very extraordinary and incredible ppl since i started my got7 blog, and i’m so grateful for having discovered this wonderful ahgase family 😊  i know 2016 as a whole hasn’t been the greatest of years, but it’s been one of the best i’ve had in a long, long time personally.  and this fanbase and our 7 goofy, talented boys are the reason for that. so, without further ado, let’s get started 😁  

ps, please excuse the crappy edit, my limited photoshop skills stop and start at making gifs 🙈 

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       Favorite Outfit

I know this particular outfit has been used a lot, but I think that’s for a good reason. It’s the physical representation that she’s become who she is inside; she finally matches her reflection, if you’ll forgive the cheesiness. Not a bride, not a man in armor; Mulan.

So my sister and I were talking about how they’re making a movie of the musical “Into the Woods” and how Chris Pine is playing one of the princes and she asked which prince and I said “I think Rapunzel’s prince” but there was a slight lag between “Rapunzel” and “prince” and she thought I was saying he’s playing Rapunzel and then I just pictured his skipping through a field with flowing locks and then my sister said “no wait, Chris Hemworth should be Rapunzel!” and I just…. I couldn’t resist….

900+ Fairy Tail Icon Giveaway!


[ Ah thanks so much everyone I can’t believe I got this far! So I guess I’m doing a icon giveaway. This is actually my first give away. They will be ft manga icons with coloring of your choice. ]

[ Please excuse my crappy editing skills. Banner made by me~ ] 


1st Prize: 100 colored ft manga icons of your muse and a promo

2nd Prize: 50 colored ft manga icons of your muse and a promo

3rd: Prize: 30 colored ft manga icons of your muse 


Icons: X  

Promo Banner: X —- X


  • Restricted to only Fairy Tail CANON characters 
  • You must be following me 
  • Only reblogs count [ you can reblog as many times as you’d like ]
  • Please don’t unfollow me after the giveaway has ended. That would just be rude