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Do you think that there is something going on in the environment that is influencing women genetically towards misandry?

I think that in general (#NotAll) both men and women (but women in particular) have a biological predisposition towards misandry. Both men and women have an innate bias towards, are more trusting of and are infinitely more protective of women than of men. Women are also more collectivist in general, a slight against one individual woman is a slight against all women, one man being a predator means all men are predators. While most men are more individualist, see other men doing bad things and don’t see themselves in them, so think that when a woman says things like “all men are rapists” he thinks “she’s not talking about me” and so doesn’t concern himself with it.

Have you ever heard what women say about their partners when they’re not around? They compete over who has the worst or most abusive one, or which one has the smallest penis and doesn’t last in bed. Not realising that they’re also making themselves look bad because they chose them and are still with them. They say the most degrading, insulting things, even claiming to be abused if an argument got out of hand and he raised his voiced or something, or just for sympathy.

Generally, when they see a woman being beaten by a man, they feel empathy, sympathy and anger. When they see a woman doing it to a man, they often think “he must have done something to deserve it” or “he must have been abusive”. They automatically come to the woman’s defence no matter who is the victim. While a man who sees another man being beaten, also usually comes to the woman’s aid, sometimes even joining in the beating, as with one case recently (which I can’t find but I think it was mentioned by Sargon). I hope he feels like shit over it.

Feminism, as Karen Straughan says, is just female behaviour politicised.

I’m not saying all women hate men, #NotAll. For the most part it’s not overt hatred of all men, but a lack of empathy, which can be very powerful. It’s why we can send millions to die against their will. They don’t necessarily hate men, they just don’t care. That’s why I refer to this as “selective sociopathy”, because it is the complete lack of any ability to sympathise and empathise with an entire demographic. Often they can only see men, collectively, as a threat. This combined with any perceived advantage towards men in society leads to resentment and then to hatred. It’s always been like that. It’s no surprise that we have feminists like Elizabeth (why did she have to have my name?) Sheehey advocating to give women the right to murder any man with the excuse of “battered woman syndrome” (hope it’s not contagious), even if they’d never been beaten by that particular man. If you believe that men naturally oppress, rape and murder women (as so, so many people believe Muslim men do) giving women the right to murder men is just a natural progression from that.