excuse me

hxxnim: AOA-Excuse Me(HEE Ver.)
개싸움(With GunHee)
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trans: AOA-Excuse Me(HEE Ver.)
Dogfight(With GunHee)
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Seolhyun & Jimin left a comment on Heechul’s ig
J: very praiseworthy

I have watched this scene a thousand times and I remember the very first time I watched it and my heart still does the same funny thing.

I remember absolutely losing my shit at the shot of the flowers in the air and I was like “OMG BRENNAN’S GONNA CATCH THE BOUQUET. ARE THEY ACTUALLY GOING THERE. ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT???????? OMGGGG.” And they teased us with the slow mo shot, heh. (When I rewatch this scene, I STILL get that anticipation of excitement.)


I adore that she looks back at Booth,who just does an adorable smile/half shrug, trying to seem nonchalant when you know he’s screaming on the inside, like all of us. HAHAHA.

No, but seriously, the marriage arc on Bones was just perfect, there was NEVER a single instance when Booth pestered Brennan about marriage. The ball was in her court all the way through, and Booth absolutely would have been fine if they had never married in the end (”I LOVE EVERYDAY.”) A testament to how much Booth loves her but also a point of great character development for Booth, who was once fixated on the idea that he HAD to get married. (Arguably, you could say that his change of heart was because Brennan was the only one who really mattered, which is equally valid, but I like to think that Booth learnt something from his previous mistakes).

And here, Brennan was not horrified at the thought of catching the flowers; marriage no longer seems like such an awful concept when it’s in relation to Booth ;)