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Inktober - October 16-19 - Tiger Vs. Rat

Ebon Ward fanart! 

Polymorphing-magic-person Dia Diadem, being a dire tiger for a while.

(Episodes 1 to 19 of Ebon Ward on twitch . tv / warpedlamp)

//So I forgot I had this silly idea of Dark Souls being similar to Skyrim under one category; armor. Since in skyrim you loot armor off bodies you’ve killed and those bodies end up stripped of their gear. Take that into thought when NPCs in DS grant you their armor after you complete their questlines, and they end up just standing there…in undergarments…doing nothing, prehaps chillin’

How do I tell the Speechless writers that they do a great job but they NEED to word a few things just a bit differently, and I, a fully qualified disabled person with almost a decade’s experience in the community, am the person they should hire to review their scripts for next to nothing?

My friend and I totally smashed it in a Lip Sync Battle competition tonight!!!
Qualified to go to finals and win the 2,000 dollar prize money and everything - but we are flying home before the finals so we can’t do it (AHwELL)

moemothefoxkit  asked:

So for the color blind Harrison headcanon, what type of colorblind would he be?

before we continue i’d like to say that while I do have an eye condition (amblyopia) i’m not colour blind, so if i’m wrong please dont hesitate to correct me!

ok theres a lot of green and blue here…

pigs are pink yet he coloured it in blue.  according to this website, ‘Tritanomaly’ is a type where people have limited blue cone cells, so blue looks green and yellow/red looks like pink.  Considering the pig is blue, I’d say this is the closest kind he has!

but then you look at the sky and its a lighter shade of blue…hmmm..

I also checked out this website and it said that ‘Deuteranopes’ are likely to confuse blue-greens with grey and mid-pinks…so maybe he was…drawing a grey sky??

So, i’d say the most accurate for him (based on not nearly enough research I apologise) I think he has deuteranope

this answer is horrible and im so sorry