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I Don’t Mean It (pt 7)

You hesitated to open the door. You didn’t even know if Taehyung was going to be there, but something told you that he was. You look through the little peephole as if you didn’t know who was at the door. Your heart sank when you could see all seven figures there. You smiled a little though as Hoseok leaned in close to the little hole and tried to peek back.

You opened the door slowly and greeted the boys, letting them into your apartment. 

The next couple of hours went by as they usually would have. Some of the boys raided your fridge, but to their dismay, it was rather empty. Taehyung didn’t bother even looking at you or talking to you, so you wondered why he even bothered to come. He eventually excused himself to get some air on your balcony. You felt a rush of cold air rush into your otherwise warm apartment as he slid the door open. You watched his figure walk out and promptly close the door behind him.

You finally felt a little at ease, but you still didn’t know how to confront him or when. The other guys noticed the strange look on your face.

“This actually worked out well. Less work on our part” Yoongi said out of the blue.

“What?” you ask, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion.

“We actually wanted you and Tae to talk things out but we didn’t really know how to get you two alone. But this works out” Namjoon said.

“Alone? What are you talking about” you asked again.

“Yeah…we’re going to go ahead and go. You two talk and figure this out” Jin said as he and the rest of the boys got up.

“You can do it Y/N!” Jungkook said as he patted your shoulder as he and the rest of the boys walked past you. You stood there in shock. You were finally, quite literally, forced to confront Taehyung.

You finally noticed Jimin standing in front of you, not realizing that he didn’t walk out with the rest of the group.

“You can do this Y/N. We’ll always be here for you, ok? Let me know how it goes” he says with a sad smile. You couldn’t help but smile back, but you could still feel your heart race.

A few moments after the six of them were gone, you awkwardly fidgeted around your living room, constantly checking to see if Taehyung showed any signs of coming back in. After a few more minutes, you had your back faced to the balcony, checking your phone after you received a few messages from Min Joo.

You heard the balcony door open and the cold air once again and you after what felt like a few hours, you turned around. Taehyung looked around the room and he seemed very confused. 

“Where are they?” he asked finally. You realized you hadn’t heard his voice in almost two months and you realized just now how much you missed it. 

“They uh, just left.” you said, trying to sound calm while it felt like your heart was going to burst out of your chest at any moment. You hated confrontation with a passion.

“Why? You know what, nevermind. I’ll leave too” he said, starting to walk towards the front door behind you.

“Wait! Tae!” you said hurriedly.

Tae. You let the name slip. He probably didn’t like you calling him that. Not anymore at least. But little did you know that it made his heart skip a beat too. He missed your voice just as much as you missed his.

“What?” he asked dryly. He was afraid of showing any emotion because he was scared of forgiving you in a heartbeat.

“C-can we talk?” you ask, not daring to look into his eyes.

“About?” he asks bac.

“A-about us? I-I just want to know what really happened between us” you asked. You were trying so hard not to let the tears form but the stinging in your eyes told you that you didn’t have much longer till you broke.

“I think I already told you how I felt.” he said coldly.

“Taehyung what the hell did I do to you?” you say, wanting to finally get it all out. 

He groaned in response. 

“Fine, you want to talk? Let’s talk Y/N” he said quite loudly. You flinched in response. “Why are you pretending to be so innocent? I know what you fucking did” he spat out.

“What are you talking about?” you asked, begging him to spill.

“Are you really going to pretend like you don’t know what you did Y/N?” he said, getting louder with almost every word. You could feel the tears start to form in your eyes, blurring your vision.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about.” you say back.

“The reporter? The article he wrote? The payment? Any of the fucking ring a bell?” he says.

“what? what reporter? what article?” you ask, genuinely confused.

“YOU TALKED TO A REPORTER. YOU TOLD HIM ABOUT ALL THE SECRETS I SHARED WITH YOU. AND YOU EVEN TOOK MONEY AS SOME PAYMENT. DID YOU HONESTLY THINK I WOULDNT FIND OUT?” he was yelling now. If you weren’t scared before, you were now. You had never seen him so angry. He took a glass from the kitchen counter and threw it on the ground. The glass shattered immediately, almost as quickly as your heart.

“Taehyung I never talked to any reporter, let alone take any money.” you say through the tears.

“Oh just shut it. I know the truth, so stop denying it. How…how could you take advantage of our friendship like that? Take advantage of the rest of the members like that?” he asks with a sadness clearly evident in his eyes.

You were full out crying now, with your heart breaking more and more with every word he said. 

“Taehyung..I-I d-didn’t.” you said, starting to sob.

“SHUT IT. You..you’re disgusting” he says, heaving.

“You…You really believe that? You think..you think that lowly of me?” you ask slowly, still looking at the ground. “You really think I did something that terrible?”

“I wouldn’t put it beyond you.” he said coldly.

“And nothing I say would make you believe me?” you ask finally.

“What excuse could you possibly give. I would never believe you. You’re no better than the rest of them. Just wait until I tell the rest of guys. I never want to see you again” he spat out.

“I-I guess that’s it then.” you said

Taehyung took one final glance at you. He didn’t know why his heart sank seeing you cry the way you did. The way you looked completely broken. “she deserves it, though” he tells himself as he walks out the door.

A/N: omg finally the confrontation. I think I might go back to texts for the next part if it fits with the plot but I’m not sure yet. Want a part 8? Let me know or I won’t write one ha!  

Thanks for all the support so far! It’s been fun writing this series. 

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can you write some lance with chronic pain? :3

Here you go! I hope you enjoy it!

At first, the pain was bearable; the idea that the aching would run its course and he would be back to normal soon created a sense of hope within the boy. As the weeks went by, however, his hope started to dwindle steadily. The constant shooting pain traveling down his back started creating a wall against him, making him unable to function properly. Although he had been living like this since being caught in the explosion at the beginning of their voyage to space a number of months ago, it was only recently that the other paladins began to notice the changes in their blue boy’s behaviour.

“Come on Lance, you can do this,” Shiro encouraged from the sideline with the rest of their team. They were sparring against the gladiators today, focusing on their hand to hand combat one on one. Lance carefully dodged the robots first few swipes of the staff, he was able to bring his bayard up to counter a few of the attacks. He went to dodge the next hit when his back seized up and he was unable to bend the way he wanted to. He caught the butt of the staff in the legs toppling him over and landed with a wheeze on the floor.

“End training sequence,” Shiro called after letting out a tired sigh. Lance pushed himself up and looked over at Shiro shame in his eyes. 

“Lance you’ve done this eight times today but the results are all the same, why are you improving?” He asked. Lance looked down at the ground and only looked up when Shiro turned away.

“We’re ending here for the day, rest up,” He announced to the room before sending one last disappointed stare Lance’s way. Lance could feel his throat closing up in guilt and he curled his shoulders into himself. He could hear the others leaving and looked up to see only Keith left.

“When are you going to take this seriously?” Keith spat. Lance winced and curled up further and looked at him wearily. “This isn’t a game, this is war,” 

“I know,” Lance tried to defend himself but was cut off.

“If you know, then you know not to treat training like a joke,” he said shortly before leaving the training deck. Lance could only stare after Keith, the guilt only building in his stomach. Another few weeks passed after the training incident and he could feel his mood decreasing every day; the happy, eager to please young man couldn’t keep the smile on his face, the pain causing him to become bitter and irritable to the others.

“Are you okay man?” Hunk asked one afternoon. He noticed that Lance was stirring around his food goo and had yet to consume one bite.

“Fine,” Lance bit out glaring down at the green gel in front of him. Hunk’s eyebrows furrowed in worry and he put down the bowl in his hand approaching his best friend.

“Are you sure, you’ve been acting really weird for a while now,” He added leaning on the counter between the two of them.

“I said I’m fine,” Lance practically growled stabbing his food with his spoon.

“Well, I’m just saying that if you need to talk to anyone, I’m he-”  Hunk started only to be cut off. 

“Would you shut up?! I said I’m fine!” Lance yelled at the shocked Hunk. “Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong!” 

“Fine,” Hunk frowned angrily. “You don’t need to be so rude about it,” He walked out of the kitchen without a second glance. Lance looked at the door for a few minutes before putting his head in his hands.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” He whispered to himself trying to ignore the throbbing in his back. His head pounded as well, the lack of sleep catching up to him. He would roll around for hours trying to find a comfortable position to rest in. He mourned the relationship he had with his teammates; his recent behaviour had driven them away from him and he doubted that he would be able to regain their trust and loyalty back so easily. He could see Shiro disappointed shake of the head, Keith and Allura’s angry scowls after all his failed training attempts, and Hunk and Pidge’s annoyed glares after he treated them so unkindly over the past few days. He slunk back to his room, praying that he would be able to get a decent amount of sleep for their mission tomorrow. He curled up underneath his blanket, trying to ignore the sensations of pain.

Although the mission was simple; it was imperative that everything goes off without a hitch. The information stored in this outpost would lead the team to even more Galra prisons, that could potentially house Sam Holt. Lance laid on his stomach in the rafters above his teammates; Pidge who was hacking through the system and the others who were protecting her. He shot anything who got close enough to damage the machine. A Galra soldier was sneaking up beside the machine, Lance chuckled at the easy shot and lined them up with the crosshairs. As he went to squeeze the trigger, spasms started traveling down his back making him freeze. His teeth ground together and his eyes rolled into the back of his head at the pain paralyzing him. He missed the Galra smashing the machine thwarting Pidge’s progress, she pulled the drive out of the computer and joined in on the fight. Lance blinked back tears as he came back to the real world, noticing the trouble his friends were in he started laying down cover fire. They fought through back to the lions and took off back to the Castle. Lance gritting his teeth the whole way; his back felt like it was on fire, the spasms weren’t completely gone and it took all he had not to shout out loud. He slowly walked out of Blue and was immediately crowded by the others.

“What the hell Lance!?” Keith shouted. “You had one job!”
Lance shrunk back, the guilt in his stomach coming back full force.

“I-I,” he stuttered out.

“No excuses this time Lance,” Shiro said sternly. Lance’s mouth opened and closed uselessly as he glanced from one paladin to the other. A shout came from across the hanger where Pidge sat on her computer; she sprinted across to join the group.

“We got no data!” She yelled in his face. “All that work for nothing!” Lance’s eyes widened and he tried to explain himself over the sound of everyone else’s accusations. The stress from the past pain filled months caught up with him. The exhaustion of sleepless nights, and the helplessness he felt paired with the guilt building up from every failed training exercise and mission boiled over. A shudder wracked up his frame and his lip began trembling as he pulled it into his teeth. A sob escaped him as tears began to flow over his cheeks, he clutched his sides in his hands as the spasms continued. The paladins quieted and they watched the blue paladin break down in front of them in confusion.

“I-I’m s-sorry,” He hiccuped. “M-my back just h-h-hurts so bad,” he explained. Shiro immediately stepped forwards worry on his face.

“What? Did you get hurt during the mission?” He asked. Lance shook his head no and tried to explain.

“S-since the explosion, i-it hurts a-all the t-time,” he sobbed. “I c-can’t sleep, I-I can’t eat,” he walked forward into Shiro’s chest with a sob.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Or Coran?” He asked eyebrows furrowed in worry for the teenager.

“I didn’t k-know if i-it was that im-important,” Lance admitted. Shiro bit his bottom lip between his teeth, as tears filmed over his eyes. His teammate, his friend, had been in pain since they arrived in space and didn’t feel that it was important enough to ask for help. He gently hugged the paladin further into his chest. He could feel how bad Lance was trembling and felt his heart squeeze in sympathy. He picked the paladin up in his arms and started carrying him towards the quarters, the other paladins quietly following behind them.

“Rest up Lance, we can fix this,” Shiro said quietly. Lance could feel his eyelids growing heavy the further Shiro carried him from the hanger. The first signs of comfort for months, walking protectively around him.

Part 2

Johnlock ficlet full of sappy nonsense oops

I was inspired to write this today while thinking of parentlock, and just thinking about how when John moves back to Baker Street, it ain’t gon take these idiots months or years for that tension to break, they’re gonna get going in days or weeks lmao. 

I am quite sick today and have been for almost a week so excuse me for this dump of emotions and also if there’s typos or any crap :D

It comes on suddenly, one afternoon at Baker Street.

John is descending the stairs from his bedroom to the sitting room, having taken Rosie to her cot for a nap, and he’s grateful that at only a few months over a year old, she still requires them (quite soon she will also require a room of her own in the flat, a topic which John has steadfastly avoided acknowledging). He’s barely cleared the last step before Sherlock appears at his shoulder with a cup of tea.

“I heard the fuss she gave you before she finally fell asleep,” Sherlock says, voice and smile soft. “I made sure this would be hot for when you came down.”

John wonders if, after ten, twenty, thirty more years, he’ll ever be able to truly forgive himself for hurting this man. Or if he’ll ever truly deserve to have him in his life.

He takes the cup and saucer, fingers brushing pale knuckles. Desire, anxiety, and the deepest love he’s ever known sweep up his veins, and his next action is instantaneous.

He inhales deeply through his nose, steps directly between Sherlock’s legs, turns him so his back hits the front door, slips the hand not holding the saucer through dark curls, and pauses for one moment. He locks onto Sherlock’s impossibly gentle, molten silver, and quite thoroughly dilated eyes.

“Sherlock.” He’s not sure if he’s asking or telling.

“John.” The response comes in a hushed, broken baritone, and John grips both saucer and hair tighter as he presses in and fits their mouths together.

Sherlock yields to him, as some part of John had always expected. He’s softer now, less sharpness and haughty grace, more compassion and benevolence. John has never stroked his face, but he does so now; he imagines that before now, before their embrace weeks previous, Sherlock would never have felt as warm and soft and consuming as he does now.

Perhaps not suddenly, John thinks. This has been building between them since he returned to Baker Street, since Sherlock came back from the dead, since the very first day they met.

The cup rattles in the saucer as he attempts to shift even closer, lips and tongue now moving against Sherlock’s, desperate and burning with a million missed opportunities. He remembers the spindly table near the door with great relief, and breaks away to set the saucer atop a small stack of books balanced upon it, and pull down a shaking breath.

“I’m in love with you,” he tells Sherlock without preamble, hands clutching broad shoulders beneath a silken dressing gown. “And I always fucking have been.”

Sherlock’s chest is heaving and there are tears shining on his cheeks and John waits for him to respond.

There will be no way for them to say everything that needs to be said in this moment, but he hopes they’ll have time.

“Think of how much time we’ve wasted,” Sherlock finally replies, voice drowned in fresh tears. Lost. Heartbroken. John never wants to see that wretched expression on his face again.

“No,” he manages, hands moving to pull Sherlock in by the waist, and he’s a bit startled at the honest sensual growl his own voice has become. “Think how much we have to make up for, and how much time we’ll have to do it.”

“John, I’ve loved you for longer than you know.” Sherlock looks as overwhelmed as John feels, and the corners of his own eyes burn. “Please say you’ll stay. With Rosie. Forever. There will never be anything more important to me than the both of you.”

“Not even the work?” John laughs through a sob.

Sherlock’s answering laugh is deep and dulcet, and his hands grasp John’s face to bring them back together in a kiss amid the taste of tears.

The tea goes cold. John is consoled by the idea that there will be more, for the rest of their lives.

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BTS Reaction to their S/O getting hate for dating them


He was disappointed in his fans for bashing his girlfriend over the internet or calling her disgusting names as she walked the streets, but he couldn’t say he didn’t see this coming. Namjoon being the protective type of boyfriend would have ask the company and his manager if they could send out a message either on twitter or the fancafe declaring that him and you are dating and any form of hate towards their relationship or to you directly will not be tolerated and those harassing her either online or in person will be charged. He would constantly tell you not to focus too much on it even though it was getting pretty intense and to just focus on your relationship. Whenever you were depressed after seeing the nasty comments people would post online, Namjoon would always do little cute things to make you feel better like taking you out on cute ice cream dates or relaxing walks in the park at night. All these little things he did for you made you feel loved and it always took your mind away from the negativity. You loved how sweet he was and you appreciated him so much for always giving you encouraging words to console whenever you were down and this made you realise that you didn’t need to focus on his so called ‘fans’ that didn’t like or support their relationship because you know Namjoon and you did and that was all that mattered.

“We won’t let them spilt us apart”

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Seokjin He could immediately tell something was off when you weren’t overjoyed at the fact that he had prepared all of your favourite dishes. He’d hesitantly question why you were in such a bad mood, but you would just shake him off, giving the classic excuse; your workmates were extremely hard to deal with so you were emotionally drained. He accepted it and you both would settle down at the dinner table to eat in a tense atmosphere. This would become a sort of routine for a couple of days; you coming home in a bad mood, dismissing it with the same excuse and Seokjin, not wanting to fight, would leave it at that, until everything unravelled. You just happened to leave your phone, unlocked with twitter opened, when you left to use the bathroom (continued) Normally Seokjin respected your privacy to the point of him refusing to be in the same room when you took a call, however your attitude the past few days was worrying to say the least. He grabbed your phone, and what he saw your direct messages opened. His eyes widened in shock, hundreds of hate messages were flooding her inbox. Scrolling through the seemingly never ending messages, he grew angrier and angrier. ‘Why didn’t she say anything’ he questioned, he immediately confronted you when you exited the bathroom. Your cheeks lit up from embarrassment, before confessing that you were worried he’d do something rash that would cause him to lose fans. He just took you in his arms, sighing gently.

“ Anyone who hurts you can’t love me.”

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Yoongi would always wonder what made you so depressed these past few days and why whenever he asked you what was wrong why you would always reply with short answers saying it’s nothing or that you were fine. It bothered him to know that you were feeling somewhat depressed and down and you wouldn’t open up to him but he thought giving you the space you needed would make you eventually tell him what was going on so he backed off with all his question ling and waited. A couple days had pass and you weren’t any better, maybe a little worse and he couldn’t bare to see you beat yourself up like this over something he was completely oblivious about.  He regretted never finding out what was wrong and trying to help you when he came over to yours after practice and heard faint sobs coming from your room, without any hesitation he rushed to your room, his heart breaking seeing you curled up on your bed with tear stained cheeks trying to calm your sniffling. He took slow cautious steps towards you laying figure, his heart breaking a little more every time he heard a sob leave your lips. He sat next to you and reached out to remove your hair from covering your slightly swollen face as a result from your crying. Seeing you like this inflicted something in him whether it was concern or anger. He asked you what was wrong leaning down so he laid with you in his arms trying not to upset you any further. You sighed and relaxed into his chest trying your best to swallow down the unshed tears fighting to escape as you built up the courage to tell him what caused you to be in this state. As soon as you were finished what ever anger he had in him was full out rage now. He couldn’t stand the people that claimed to be his fans treating his girlfriend like this, calling her a slut, a whore and even a gold digger that was only with him for his money but he completely lost it when you told him that they threatened to do anything in their power to break them up. You tired to calm him saying it wasn’t that big of a deal but even though he only calmed a little bit he was still worried.

“Don’t worry y/n, I’ll deal with it”

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Hoseok had noticed it for a while now. You’ve been so distant lately, withdrawing from showing affection in public, which would have been normal had it been a few months ago when the world knew you as his sister’s best friend rather than his girlfriend. You had spent two and a half years of your time together keeping your relationship a secret. Hoseok couldn’t bear the thought of your relationship being kept a secret from the rest of the world, so a few months ago, he had BigHit release a statement, announcing your relationship. From then, he had hoped it would have been smooth sailing, but it seems to have the opposite effect on your relationship. You sat in front of Hoseok, your eyes refusing to even graze his anxious frame, both of you sat at your dinner table, eating a lunch you prepared. The sound of silverware clinking on  plates was all that could be heard, while Hoseok repeatedly glances up at you. The sound of a text coming through to your phone alerts the both of you. He watches you as you swiftly grab your phone, unlock it and scan the contents of the text. With each word your mind registered, your face fell, tears quickly gathering in the corners of your eyes. Hoseok took note of this and quickly grabbed the phone from your hands, his eyes scanning the text. 

“You’re such a fucking whore, stay away from Hoseok you bitch” 

Hoseok blinked in shock.  He never once considered that you might have been getting hate. In fact, ARMYs loved you when you were known to the world as his sister’s best friend. That was precisely the reason why he decided to make your relationship public. ‘How did a fan even get your number?!’ he asked himself incredulously. Looking up at you, he saw that the tears had already fell from your eyes. Without a second thought, he rounded the table to latch onto you like a child.

“I’m soo sorry, I didn’t know" 

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Jimin was always the type of person to know when something was bothering you even if it was something so small and unimportant, he would always know, cause he knows you. So when you started receiving hate from his ‘fans'and it caused you to always be in a down mood he immediately realized your off behavior. He would be cautious about it not trying to pressure you to tell him what was bothering you giving you your space, but that didn’t mean he would leave it as is, he would do small little things to bring your spirits up like cute movie nights, buying your favorite snack or food or just randomly cuddling you until you couldn’t help but smile. You were sitting in the living room of Jimin and the boys dorm mindlessly scrolling through your phone until you came across a post, the type of posts that was the cause your depressed state lately, someone had posted a picture of Jimin and you together, when you both went on a date and had a very long detailed paragraph downgrading you saying you weren’t pretty or skinny enough to be dating him and that he deserved someone better. You couldn’t hold back the tear that rolled down your cheek feeling absolutely horrible about yourself. You couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel. Just as a sob left your mouth Jimin walked into the room clueless about your depressed state, you tried to compose yourself as you quickly wiped your damp cheeks smiling up at your boyfriend as he approached you, but knowing Jimin, he noticed. “What’s wrong, why are you crying” worry laced in his words as he sat next to you and intertwined your hands in your lap. When you told him what caused your tears he immediately felt guilty, for this hate was because of him. Sighing, Jimin would try to be positive, smiling in your direction, that smile that always warmed your heart and tell you to don’t worry about those comments and that they weren’t going to affect your relationship with him, in his eyes it just made him want to be with you more to show his ‘fans’ that you were beautiful in every way in his eyes despite what other see or say.

 “Who cares what others think, you have me and I have you, that’s all that matters”

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Both you and Taehyung had been extremely busy with your respective jobs so to say it was hard for you to meet up was putting it very lightly. You both had barely managed to maintain constant good morning texts, throughout this time but you were beginning to miss Taehyung more than you had previously anticipated, especially when you had to deal with a constant stream of death threats and hate messages coming into all of your social media inboxes. Since BigHit confirmed your relationship with Taehyung earlier that year, you have been on the receiving end of thousands of hate messages and it was beginning to get to you. Tae had always been a caring soul, always reminding you to tell him if any fans bothered you or said nasty things but you couldn’t bare the thought of piting him against his fans that devoted their time and money into making him the megastar he is today. So in the end, you would just keep it locked up on the inside. You and Taehyung had  finally arranged a date on the very rare day that you both had off. You’d been sweetly enjoying yourselves, entwined hands swinging between the both of you as you walked along the paved trail in the park. Settling down at a picnic table you had told Taehyung you had to use the bathroom and that you’d be back in five minutes. Five minutes came and passed, then ten minutes and then fifteen. Taehyung had began to become anxious, taking off in the direction of the bathrooms. He hand barely just passed the girls bathroom when he hear voices. He pressed his head against the door to listen.

 " How dare you think you have the right to keep Taehyung to yourself"

 A slap echoed in through the vacant bathroom, Taehyung flinching at the sound before pushing the door open. The two girls that had you cornered broke away before cowering into a corner of their own. Taehyung’s glare sent them scurrying out of the bathroom. Almost immediately, he ran to your side, holding you up  from sliding down the wall onto the floor. Moisture collected in his eyes as he whispered into your ears,

“I’ve made you suffer, haven’t I?”

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Jungkook was beyond clueless about the whole situation about you receiving so much hate for being with him. He was always very busy and hardly had anytime to actually sit and be on his phone or laptop to check what was going on in the fandom. Knowing how he would react you tried your best to keep this hidden from him, you knew he would blame himself saying that it was all his fault for this hate being directed at you. Whenever he was with you, you kept a smile and preppy personality to hide what you were really going through all the while trying to prevent him from going on his phone. He thought your behaviour was a little sceptical but didn’t think too much into it figuring you were just trying to spend time with him. You both were at this little cafe having lunch, you cherished these times you got to spend with him and nothing really got your mood down when all your attention and feelings were directed to your boyfriend, in these rare moments you actually forgot about all the hate and just focused on being with him and what you both had but this feeling was short lived when your phone buzzed signifying you had got a notification. Without thinking you mindlessly unlocked your phone but was greeted with something that instantly turned your mood upside down. The warm and happy feeling you had now turned into a depressed and anxious one. He noticed your change in mood, becoming worried and decided that he would ask what had been bothering you wondering if it had anything to do with him always being busy. Your eyes widened trying to find the right words knowing if you said it was nothing he would definitely know you were lying because you knew he could sense your change in mood. You started stuttering on your words but what caught you off-guard was him suddenly reaching across your shared table and grabbed your phone. You heart beat increased panicking about him finding out about the hate you were getting. His eyes narrowed at the screen frowning as he processed what he was seeing. As you were about to tell him it was nothing to worry about he cut you off. 

“ Why the fuck didn’t you tell me about this, how long was this going on for?, I should if known something like this would of happened when we started dating, I’m sorry y/n it’s all my fault I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

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Almost [r.m.]

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Based on “Almost” by DNCE

Some days I’ll admit I was difficult
Everything you did I was critical

It was you and Reggie. That’s the way it had always been.

Ever since birth, your mothers had pushed you to each other, hoping to see you get together in the future.

And so you did.

It was seventh grade when he had asked you out, all nervous and shaky. You were kids, no one expected it to last. They had all been surprised to see that three years later, you and Reggie were still together as sophomores. And they had been even more surprised to see that you guys broke up that very same year.

You’re holding the car keys
I’m saying, “Don’t tease me.”
If you’re leaving, then just leave me

The Jason Blossom case had taken quite the toll on the small town. Being childhood friends with Betty and Jughead, you easily got caught up in the investigation while Reggie got caught up in a competition with Archie over who would be the next football captain.

You were slowly drifting apart.

Baby we were good
We were almost perfect
I’d say it’s your fault,
But you don’t deserve it

No one noticed at first. Not even you and Reggie. The last minute excuses, the constant apologizing for things you had both forgotten about.

To everyone, you were still the perfect happy couple.

Then came the late night sleuthing. You were putting yourself at risk, at least, that’s what Reggie thought. You however, paid no attention to his concerns, stating that your chances of getting hurt were lower than his every time he played a game.

Unfortunately, Reggie’s words rang true when one night, as you were lurking around the banks of Sweetwater River, your ankle got caught on a tree root. You had to be carried home by Jughead and taken care of by Betty in order to ensure your ankle wasn’t broken.

Reggie had stormed into your room, seething. He had yelled at you and you had yelled back, both saying things you didn’t mean. The night had ended with him storming out and you sobbing as both Jughead and Betty comforted you.

The happy couple had come to an end.

You won’t get back what we had with no one
Baby we were good
It was almost worth it
We were almost
Almost, almost

Truth is, there was no one to blame. You loved each other with all your heart but unfortunately, high school had torn you both apart.

You continued on normally, even if you were terribly heartbroken. You were determined to show Reggie that you would be alright without him.

Reggie tried did the same but he was absolutely crushed and was starting to lose sleep. He regretted his words and his actions.

You were the best thing he had and he had given you up.

You wanted someone to blame. Jughead, for dragging you with him on late nights. Betty, for roping you into the Blue & Gold. Even Reggie, for simply giving up.

But you knew that the only person to blame was yourself.

So real, sometimes it was fictional, yeah
So good, sometimes it was criminal
So happy without me,
Or are you just acting?
Either way is right.

The news of your breakup spread like wildfire. The next day, a quarter of the people knew about you guys. The day after, three quarters knew. By the end of the week, girls were already trying to get Reggie’s attention.

You stood by your locker with Jughead and Archie. Archie was rambling on about something, which was weird as he was usually so calm and relaxed.

Little did you know he was trying to prevent you from seeing some girl from your biology class flirt with Reggie.

“…and then I told Betty ‘There’s no way you can fit that whole apple in your mouth’ and she just looked me right in the eye, said ‘watch me’ and proceeded to shove it- (Y/N)?” Archie trailed off as you turned around, being met with the sight of Reggie leaning on his locker, smirking at the girl.

“I’m fine,” you whispered as Archie wrapped his arm around your shoulders and walked you to your next class, Jughead trailing after you guys.

“It’s okay to not be ok,” Archie whispered back.

Baby, we were good
We were almost perfect
I’d say it’s your fault,
But you don’t deserve it.

Reggie felt his heart break when he saw Archie Andrews envelope you in his arms and walk you to class. The same thing occurred for the rest of the week. And the week after that. And the week after that.

He’d always make sure to be in the same place as you and no matter how hard he tried to get your attention, you would only remain focused on Archie.

He tried everything. Flirting with girls like crazy around you, telling Archie to back off, even pushing Jughead into the lockers when he walked with you.

But none of it worked.

You were both miserable.

Archie was helping you, he truly was. He quickly became one of your closest friends, always guiding you away from Reggie in order to keep your heart from shattering even more than it already had.

You wondered if it was possible. Could your heart break even more if it had already been shattered by the person you loved?

You quickly found out that the answer was ‘yes’ every time you saw Reggie level the school with a new girl on his arm.

You won’t get back what we had with no one
Baby, we were good,
It was almost worth it
We were almost
Almost, almost
Almost, almost

It had been two months and Reggie was back to being his normal fuckboy self. You had been fully integrated into the group that consisted of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin. Things couldn’t be better.

Actually, that was a lie. No matter how much time you spent with your friends, or how much effort they spent with trying to get you to feel better, you were still in love with Reggie.

But he had moved on…multiple times.

Reggie was still hurting. He regretted ever yelling at you and he regretted leaving your house the night you got hurt. He wanted to go up to you and tell you just how badly he was still in love with you.

But you were happy with Archie…as far as he knew.

Baby, we were good,
We were almost perfect.
I’d say it’s your fault,
But you don’t deserve it

Everyone was getting worried. You were still upset and extremely unhappy. These days, not even Archie could cheer you up. Yours and Reggie’s anniversary was coming up nd you couldn’t help but feel more blue.

In a last minute effort, Betty and Veronica planned a small outing for you the day of the would-be anniversary. It’s wasn’t anything big, just an outing to Pop’s with all your friends.

It was going well, Archie had even bought you a milkshake, and you were beginning to feel better.

At least, you were, until Cheryl showed up.

“So he asked me out and of course I said yes. I mean, he hasn’t been available since middle school. Everybody wants a piece of him.”

Your whole table turned to look at Cheryl when she walked in. She stopped near the entrance and looked around, her eyes landing on you.

Smiling maliciously, she turned to Ginger. “Let’s just say Reggie is better at a lot of things apart from football.”

You got up as they walked away, giggling.

“I gotta go,” you mumbled, gathering your things.

“(Y/N), please stay,” Betty begged.

You flashed a smile in her direction. “Thank you Betty, and thank you guys. Thanks for trying but I just really need to go.”

Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin all stared after you sympathetically, turning to glare at Cheryl once you had left the diner.

You won’t get back what we had with no one,
Baby, we were good,
It was almost worth it,
We were almost
Almost, almost
Almost, almost

Cheryl’s words kept playing in your head as you walked out of the diner. You weren’t crying. You couldn’t cry anymore. You were just numb. You kept your head down as you rounded the corner, crashing in somebody. Their hands went to your waist as you placed your hands on their chest to steady yourself.

Reggie looked down at you, emotions hitting him full-force. He missed this, he missed you. Being able to hold you in his arms and call you his. He had to get you back. And this was the perfect chance.

You looked up to apologize, only to completely freeze up when your eyes met Reggie’s. You wanted to say something, apologize for what was said that night that seemed so far away at that moment. But you couldnt. You couldn’t do anything but look away and try to hold back the tears your eyes had miraculously produced.

“(Y/N)…hey,” Reggie breathed.



So I figured out how to write fics on mobile like you do on desktop. So requests will be up soon!


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missing, if seen, please report to- [ teen!richie x teen!reader x teen!stan ] .6

summary: it’s the 90′s and richie tozier is still in love with you. in an unexplainable turn of events, the losers are led to believe that pennywise is back. and that you’re missing because of him.

chapter summary: stanley finally figures it out

warnings: none

a/n: lotta twin peak references in this one! also, only two chapters left until we finish dis!!!

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It was a late night at the Tea House and Stan helped you close off. Laura left hours ago and only the two of you, the sound of music, and the unruly howling wind outside along with the beautiful shine of the full moon were left. The whole of Derry went to bed, well, at least most of it. The Tea House was one of Stan’s favourite places, mainly because he knew he could always find you here waiting tables or chewing bubble-gum behind the counter and doing your nails. You’d always smile at him, always treat him to a free drink, and always listen to what he had to say. You were friends, after all.

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Goldilocks || 09

Rated T (language, violence, and suggestive content)

Warnings: abuse

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Word Count: 4k

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“No offense, but what a bitch.”

Links to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous || Next Part

not my gif, credit to owner


Part 9:

Taehyung kicks the door open so hard that it swings, hits the wall, swings back, and hits him in the arm.

“I’m hOOOOoooOOOoome,” he sings, throwing down his backpack to scoop up the first unfortunate soul that crosses his path and spin them around happily. This unfortunate person happens to be Jimin.

“Tae-hyung-let-me-go,” each of Jimin’s syllables are emphasized as the younger boy starts bouncing, arms tightening and cutting off Jimin’s air supply.

“No can do, brother,” Taehyung smiles, giving your mutual friend a visibly tight squeeze. “I’m celebrating and I need someone to hug.”

Your eyes narrow as you go through your checklist. Not his birthday. Not Christmas. And you aren’t really obligated to get him anything for other holidays so… you turn off the mental panic alarm.

“What are you celebrating?” you ask.

“I’ve decided to come to terms with our housemate.”

“Jungkook? Or Yoongi?”

“I’m not a housemate,” Yoongi calls from the kitchen. You want to tell him that he might as well realize that everyone that comes to this apartment has a history of staying, but you know arguing with Yoongi is like yelling at a wall.

Taehyung ignores him, “Neither! I’m talking about Poco.”

“Poco?” Jimin and you ask simultaneously.

“The spider. In the bathroom! I’ve decided to give it a name because naming something makes it less scary,” Taehyung replies, finally letting go of Jimin, who takes a few subtle steps back, breathing a sigh of relief.

“What if it already has a name?” you tease.

Too bad~ I’m naming it Poco because I don’t speak spider-”

A thud and the sound of falling half empty shampoo, body wash, and conditioner bottles bounces down the hall, then a muffled, “Stupid fucking spider.”

All three of you freeze, attention pinned on the bathroom door as it opens, revealing Jungkook with dripping hair and a towel wrapped hastily around his waist. He looks pissed.

You cup your hands over your mouth, calling after him, “Yah, Jungkook. Afraid of our little arachnid buddy?”

“No, noona,” he pauses before going into Jimin’s room, tone cold and challenging. “It startled me and I killed it.”

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New York, New York

Originally posted by shawnskisses

Requested by anonymous: I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!! Can you do one where shawn finished a concert, on his way to a plane to go to you and he get in a car accident. After months in coma he wakes up and your still there waiting for him even if a lot of people told you to move on?

Note: tears, just tears and it’s super long so prepare yourselves



This was not happening.

You were not going to let this happen.

Everyone was silent.

And then you lost it.

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Hanahaki! Kang Daniel

masterlist can be found (here)

disclaimer: writing/mood board belongs to me but the photos and hanahaki! au are NOT along with some quotes are from descriptionari.com
genre(s): soulmate! au, hanahaki! au // angst
a/n: there is just a lot of personal conflict messing me up right now so i’m writing more angst to express all the frustration? i just really want to escape to a much better place where i won’t be able to feel anything. i’m so sorry for the mini rant, please make sure to enjoy the rest of the week!

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

  • Everyone expected you and Kang Daniel to end up as soulmates - how could it not be?
  • Both of you were the inseparable pair in your neighbourhood ever since you two had been best friends ever since your family moved into the terrace next to his
  • You remembered clearly how you first met him, that summer where fireworks were too lonely to be played alone
  • The wispy boy with eyes who turned into crescent moons and an infectious laughter had protected you from the older kids in the playground 
  • From being seatmates to supporting each other, you two had gone a long way
  • It was not an exaggeration to say both of you were two halves of one soul, an entity that was constructed on the irrevocable bond between you
  • With that being said, a tattoo wasn’t needed for your feelings for him to bloom
  • You were eagerly waiting when you turned 18 as a tattoo of your soulmate’s name will appear on your wrist
  • Like everyone else, you expected Daniel’s name to be marked on your wrist
  • But as the clock striked at 00:00 on New Year at the party held at Seongwoo’s house
  • The words ‘Kang Daniel’ was inscribed on your left wrist
  • While this sight would have made you instantly jovial, you felt knots of dread in your stomach instead
  • Daniel’s name was cut off vertically with a line instead, signifying he was never yours to begin with
  • Hoots and cheers could be heard as everyone celebrated the first pair of soulmate being  found
  • You clenched your fist tightly when you glanced at the sight, already knowing that this image was going to haunt you for the rest of your life
  • Seeing Daniel embracing another girl while gently kissing her as if she was the most precious thing to him was so incredibly painful
  • Knowing how in love they were and Daniel who seemed to not realized you were no longer by his side, shattered all your dreams of having a soulmate who will love you back
  • It was supposed to you to be the one in his arms, but not anymore
  • You ran to the empty guest room, sobbing loudly seeing how nobody could hear you through the loud music
  • As you choked back tears, a petal slipped out and your throat felt strained
  • The sparkling, warm feeling of your chest gradually dissipated
  • You blinked confusedly until more petals came up, scattered across the bathroom tile and on your lap
  • Picking up one of the petals, you observed it carefully before your face darken
  • Red roses.
  • So ethereal and mystifying yet filled with an unrequited love that could get no return
  • Every beautiful thing carried a consequence, a problem of some sort and that law of nature had only proven to be increasingly correct in this case
  • After all, the petals were only a significant sign from fate that Kang Daniel was no longer yours
  • The first few weeks, months even had been terrible but not the worst
  • In between excusing yourself to the bathroom and wearing a mask for having a bad ‘cough’, your disguise of being okay was hidden perfectly
  • But weeks later, things had gotten the worse of you as you see more and more of Daniel and his soulmate
  • “I’m marrying Naeun!”
  • The sentence had easily tumbled out of Daniel’s lips as he beamed brightly at you, expecting his best friend to be happy at his announcement
  • You clenched your chest as the acute ache returned to haunt you, the roses seemed to be piercing your lungs in the most excruciating way possible
  • The petals tumbled out as another agonising  sting ripped your throat  
  • It didn’t take long for you to realize you wouldn’t be able to hide your condition from him
  • However, one thing for sure, there was absolutely no way you could tell him that the cause of your agony was him
  • You continue to spew out flowers, this time with roses in its full glory as even the thorns scratched the back of your trachea
  • Daniel pulled strands of your hair back without saying a word while you desperately tried to stop the flowers from falling from your lips
  • The living room became silent save for your heavy breathing and you felt yourself melting under Daniel’s gaze
  • “Why didn’t you tell me? Who is it?”
  • You felt your eyes begin to water in embarrassment at the state you were in as you felt his eyes moving across every inch of your
  • Shaking your head, you stutter as you told him you had seen a doctor earlier and that a surgery to remove your Hanahaki disease was planned
  • “I’m going to be okay.”
  • It felt more like an assurance towards yourself rather than Daniel
  • Your doctor delivered your diagnosis to you in an empty room that smelled of disinfectant.
  • The hint that you weren’t the first who opt out of your emotions was by how the doctor had handed you your new medication with ease and he was clearly relaxed while explaining the procedure
  • The lights were too piercing and you could feel the motion of the nurse wheeling you to the surgery room
  • Through the doorway, you could see your family waving back at you and your strong mother even seemed to be holding  back tears at your weak state
  • Just a few days ago, you had stumbled to the darkest depths of hell
  • You could barely eat anything and the only thing in your stomach was warm tea
  • But the sight of him comforting your mother only brought an overwhelming urge to throw up again
  • The taste of the roses crept up your throat and your eyes felt watery knowing how you were no longer going to be in love with him
  • Swallowing down the thorns were painful, but you wanted to put up a brave front for your parents, at the very least 
  • Dressed in the hospital gown, you prepared your heart for what was going to take place in a few hours as your eye shut tight
  • “The surgery is successful.”
  • The new surgical scar under your shirt was not visible but yet every moment your body made seem to remind you of the previous pain that haunted you, both mentally and physically
  • It was painful to even breath but you were glad that each time you breathe out, flowers petals no longer came tumbling out of your mouth
  • Right now, your feelings had been taken away and everything seemed a bit dull
  • When Daniel came to visit, you felt that emptiness in your chest again
  • Thankfully, you could now look at him and you admire all his feature as you had done so when you were younger
  • You accepted the flowers he gave you as you put them in a vase while grinning at the white flowers that set on your bedside table
  • The flowers were beautiful, and a much better sight than the blood covered roses you carried before the surgery
  • “You still haven’t told me who it was.“
  • “Well it’s no longer important, right?”
  • It wasn’t long before your life returned to it’s mundane routine except for the fact that you had to pop in several pills every few hours
  • To live without emotions sounded like a living nightmare but it was much better than having to lie that you had to go to the toilet every 5 minutes
  • Your soulmate tattoo had eventually disappeared following the surgery
  • In exchange of your feelings, you were able to remain by Daniel’s side even longer
  • Funny how you were one of the bridesmaids at Daniel’s wedding
  • Dressed in an ivory dress, you silently chuckled as the scene played out in front of you, something you had been avoiding to face
  • “Do you, Kang Daniel accept -”
  • The pastor was suddenly cut off by your excessive coughing
  • You clutched your chest as your eyebrows furrowed
  • This shouldn’t be the case seeing how your surgery was declared a success case
  • Feelings shouldn’t be lingering at your heart but for the first time in months, you felt it bursting with emotions
  • Roses fluttered out of your throat and you felt your vision blurring
  • The world was spinning but you still caught sight of the floor while the inside of your throat felt raw
  • Blood mixed with red petals highlighted the contrast against the snow white ground of the wedding hall
  • As if you had stained the purity of the occasion, like you never deserved a piece of happiness in the first place

a/n: if the angst was too much, read this or if you want to swear at daniel, read this

cas-backwards-tie  asked:

Can I request a Bruce x Reader where they’re fighting over something small and Bruce (of course) says something really hurtful and blunt and upsets the reader. He tries to apologize but the reader is really hurt. Please and Thank You ❤️

whew did I run away with this or what. a forewarning, a lot of this is under a cut because it can be sensitive for some people, please read warnings!

I hope this is okay cas, I’m sorry it took so long, but i really really really hope you like it, I loved writing it. 

title: Hemingway

theme: “for sale: baby shoes, never worn” 

warning: mentions of death, loss of life, depression 

The coffee in your hands had long gone cold, but still you sat, looking out the window of the Wayne manor at the falling leaves. You dreaded this time of the year; it brought back so many unpleasant thoughts, causing you to worry your lip between your teeth as you absently rubbed your belly.

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Anon Request: a lot of angst with Seb, the reader and Seb are dating for almost a year, but she wanna breakup with him bc of the age gap and bc she can’t have kids and she knows that he wants… the end is up to you 

(OKAY so I’m trash and am kind of upset with how I ended this and want to make it more fluffy so maybe pt. 2?? Let me know)

Warnings: angst, some language, relational fighting, anxieties

A/N: Requests are open! I will basically write anything (good luck finding something I won’t) 


Part Two 

Sebastian’s jaguar pulled in between the parallel white lines, shifted the car into ‘Park’ and pulled the emergency brake. As soon as he jumped from the car, he ran around to the other side, slipped his arm around his beautiful girlfriend of ten months, (Y/N) and planted a small kiss on her cheek. He was a sucker for romance and love and was, potentially, the sweetest human being she had ever met. On a normal day, she would turn to putty in his hands, but today was in no way normal.

A few months ago, Sebastian’s cousin called him from out of the blue to tell him he and his wife were expecting a baby. Apparently, his cousin had moved to the states and was trying to find a way to contact him for quite some time. It wasn’t until that week that he had managed to find Sebastian’s mother and ask her for his phone number. Sebastian had been really close with this cousin–both of them being an only child, they became like brothers until Sebastian moved from Romania and then moved to the US. Since the cousin didn’t have any relatives in the US other than Sebastian and is mom, and given how close they once were, he wanted to know if Sebastian would be the godfather.

(Y/N) was thrilled for Sebastian. At that point they had only been together for four months or so and neither of them were thinking about anything serious just yet. Six months later and here they were, walking into a maternity ward in search of Sebastian’s newest little cousin. In all honesty, (Y/N) found the maternity ward to be the creepiest wing in a hospital–including the morgue. There was so many emotions from hormonal, pregnant women, frightened fathers-to-be, over joyous soon to be grandparents, and then the occasional disgruntled teenager looking for support as she tries to make the best decision for her and her baby.

Slowly, the couple entered a room decorated with pink balloons, stuffed animals, and an array of gift bags overflowing with pink and purple tissue paper. Sebastian pushed the door open and made his way toward his cousin and his wife, excited to meet the new baby while (Y/N) clicked the door back into place and loitered along the walls as far away from the family members as possible. In her hands was a poorly wrapped gift that she and Sebastian had made together for his goddaughter and upon arriving and realizing just how much Sebastian could have done, she was filled with guilt for convincing him to go along with her plan.

“She’s beautiful,” Sebastian cooed as his cousin handed the baby to him. “Nothing like her father,” he muttered, earning a chuckle from his cousin as the new mom slept. “What’s her name?”


“Hi, Eloise,” Sebastian sang to the girl as he cradled her in his arms. (Y/N) tried to position herself so that she wouldn’t be able to hear the adorable sounds her boyfriend made as he held such an angelic creature. She wanted to leave; correction: she never wanted to come. Sebastian had to beg her to come with him to the hospital. She had tried to explain that she had some weird fear of them but he knew all her lies and all of the quirks in her expressions that gave away her lies.

Suddenly, she heard her name mentioned as the conversation turned from the adorable new life nestled in Sebastian’s arms to their relationship. “Yeah, we just hit our ten month mark,” Sebastian said.

“Wow, so you started dating around the same time this one was conceived,” his cousin said while glancing down at his daughter.

“Well, one month longer,” Sebastian started to refute.

“Actually, babe, pregnancies are typically nine months and three weeks long so technically it’s about exactly as long as we’ve been together.”

“(Y/N), come here and meet Eloise,” Sebastian called, his attention immediately fleeting and his focus diverting back to the baby. She made her way across the hospital room quietly with timidity overcoming her. “Isn’t she beautiful?” Sebastian asked. (Y/N) looked at the child in his arms and then to the face of the man holding her. He was overjoyed to see such a small nose and tiny toes.

“She’s very pretty,” she agreed. It was hard not to see what everyone was so caught up in when looking at her. She was docile and delicate, reminding (Y/N) of rose petals in bloom, still curled up but everyone who walked by would know just how gorgeous they will blossom to be.

“Do you want to hold her?” Sebastian’s cousin asked.

“No, it’s okay,” she said before following up her excuse with a clause, “Seb’s pretty attached,” she laughed.

“Here, take her,” Sebastian insisted while standing up to place the child in her arms. Gently, the baby’s head rested between the crook of (Y/N)’s elbow and she supported the girl’s small body with her other arm.

Slowly, Eloise started to yawn, and a smile crept onto (Y/N)’s face so subtly she didn’t realize she was smiling until her cheeks started hurting. The baby leisurely nestled herself against (Y/N)’s chest and tried to suckle on her shirt before starting to cry.

“I think someone is hungry,” (Y/N) said while handing the baby back to Sebastian’s cousin who woke up his wife.

“We’ll get out of your hair,” Sebastian said as he slipped his left arm around (Y/N)’s waist. “Congratulations,” he called again before the pair left the room and then the hospital entirely. (Y/N) quickly and quietly slipped into the front seat of Sebastian’s car and folded her hands in her lap.

Sebastian was still beaming from visiting his goddaughter, holding her, and playing with her small fingers, but he had started to notice that the woman he loved seemed distant and uninterested. When the arrived home, she rushed out of the car and into their house, and hurriedly started running the water in their bathroom. Quickly, she locked the door and turned on the fan, trying to create enough noise for her sobs to be inaudible. Tears streamed down her eyes and she choked, dry-heaving from hyperventilation and feeling as if at any moment she would be sick. She was too good at hiding her emotions and Sebastian hardly noticed her five minute disappearance.

When (Y/N) emerged from their bathroom and found Sebastian seated in the living room, her voice had returned to its normal tone but she seemed distressed.

“Is everything okay?” he asked her while patting the couch cushion beside him.

“You know that I love you, right?” she asked while holding her arms tightly around her body.

“Of course,” he said, his voice a mix between adoration and concern.

“Then please listen to what I have to say,” she begged.

“(Y/N) tell me what’s wrong,” he prompted as a single tear slid down her face.

“I think we have to break up,” she managed to say before her cheeks were too tight and her throat too restricted for her to physically say anything. Sebastian was taken by surprise and couldn’t believe she would ever consider leaving everything they had together.

“Where is this coming from? Come on, (Y/N) please, please don’t do this to me.”

“You promised you’d listen,” she said through another solitary tear drop. “We’ve been together for almost a year now and, well, I,” finding words was impossible and the only thing she could think of was Robin Scherbatsky. “Remember when I made you sit down and binge watch How I Met Your Mother?” she asked him. He nodded as his throat constricted with each breath. “Do you remember the episode with the Empire State Building when Robin’s sister visits and they’re talking about the different on and off ramps in a relationship?” Again he nodded, trying to figure out exactly what the gorgeous woman in front of him was trying to say. “We’ve been on the freeway for a long time Sebastian, and I…I think that, even if we are in the same lane, you’re eleven miles ahead of me.”

“What is this about?” Sebastian asked, his concern turning to frustration as it took longer for her to explain to him why she was trying to leave him.

“If our relationship was a freeway, would you consider taking an exit? Because the way I see it is that, if we’re not exiting, and we’re not getting in the carpool lane, why are we still on the damn freeway?”

“Are you putting an ultimatum on me?” he asked her, his voice started to grow defensive.


“Are you saying that if I don’t propose, we’re over?” he asked again, this time with a hint of sadness.

“No,” she could feel the lump rising into her throat again as she held back another wave of tears. “No, I’m saying I need to get off the freeway.”

“And I don’t get a say in this?” Sebastian asked while tossing a hand in the air, trying to control the way he talks with his hands when he’s angry.

“Of course you do!” she responded, trying to soothe him before he got too upset.

“But you’ve already made up your mind,” he stated. “You want out and so there’s the out. Don’t consider me or my feelings.”


“Don’t ‘Seb,’ me,” he grumbled.

“Please, just listen,” she said in a rush. “I’m too young for you; I don’t have anything to offer you and I’ll just hold you back! I could never forgive myself for keeping you from being everything that you could be,” she said in a shaky voice. “I feel that we both knew I could never be enough for you.”

“Baby, as long as you’re by my side that is enough,” he said as she paced uneasily in front of him.

“Don’t say that to me,” she snapped. “Don’t you dare say that!”

“Why shouldn’t I?” he shouted back, not sure if he were angry, upset, frustrated, or depressed. The more confused he became with his emotions, the louder and more aggressive his actions became.

“Because I can never truly fulfill you,” she stammered. “I will never truly be enough for you and you deserve to be with someone who can give you all that you deserve.”

“I don’t give a shit about you thinking you’re not enough!” he yelled while pushing himself up from the chair he sat in. His vicious and menacing eyes transformed to pained and broken before her as he pulled the palm of his hand across his face. “Don’t tell me that you’re not enough. There is nothing about you that keeps me from believing that you’re the perfect woman for me.”

“I’m not, Seb!” she yelled at him as he tried to approach her. He immediately backed off and watched as you crumpled in on yourself. “You’ve always wanted a family and I can never give that to you.” The tears in your eyes were racing those that fell from his but no matter how much she tried to look away, she couldn’t; she was addicted to him and she needed to get off of this drug before she hurried him in her problems.

“(Y/N),” he tried to call to her softly.

“Please, Seb,” she begged. “Just let me go.”

VAMPIRE!EXO REACTION: biting you while kissing you

Hey! I hope you’re having a nice day <3 can I request vamp!exo reacting to biting (idk if that’s the correct verb?lol) their S.O. for the first time while they’re kissing and things got heated up? If you’re more comfortable with just some members, that’s ok too! Thanks 😘😘


Minseok would panic. He’d stumble back from you to collect a blanket and a bandage. Once your wound was covered, and you were wrapped up warmly, he’d pick you up and move you to the bedroom. He’d let himself relax when you nuzzled into his chest, breaking in his scent. 

“I’ll make it up to you,” he whispered, fingers coming to stroke your hair while he held you close to him. “I’ll take you somewhere beautiful…” he promised, lips pressing to your head. “I’ll treat you like the prince/princess you are.”


Junmyeon would be ashamed. How could did he allow his monstrous needs ruin such a beautiful moment the two of you were sharing? He wiped his mouth clean and began to care for you. You were wrapped in a blanket, given tea, and asked a thousand times how you were feeling. 

He’d do all of this while tears were rolling down his cheeks. “It’s not that big of a deal,” you whispered, reaching out for his hand. “I wanted to make love to you… And instead I hurt you. It’s a very big deal,” he slowly placed his hand in yours. “It doesn’t hurt. Just stings,” you reassured, rubbing your thumb over his hand to soothe him. “I’m fine. Really.”


Seeing the marks on your perfect skin would be what hurt him most. He had promised to protect you, yet he was the one that caused the pain you were in now. He’d prick his fingers to draw blood then hold it to your lips. “It will heal you,” he whispered. 

When you lapped at the droplets of blood his eyes focused on the closing wound on your neck. “I hope you can forgive me for this,” he wiped your lips before he cupped your cheeks. “You’re hungry. You can’t control yourself as well,” your words made him frown. “It’s not an excuse for hurting you, Sheep.”


Baekhyun would leave when he saw what he’d done, making you think you’d never see him again. He’d aimlessly walk around the park, cursing at himself for ruining your intimate moment. 

He’s return to your home when you were tucked in bed, his head hung in shame. “Can I join you?” he asked, gesturing to the bed. “You came back…” you pulled open the covers for him to get in beside you. “I’ll always come back to you. If you’ll have me…” his voice was quiet. “Always,” the word made him relax and pull you close to him. “I love you so much.”


Like Baekhyun, Jongdae would leave. He wouldn’t come back a few hours later, though. He wouldn’t say a single word to you until you said you wanted to see him. So he laid low, checking up on you every so often, making sure you were healing, and that you weren’t traumatised. 

He’d panic when you caught him and approached him. “Why did you leave after doing it?” you frowned, pulling the scarf tighter around your neck to hide the now faded marks he’d left. “I thought you’d hate seeing me,” he shrugged, focus on his shoes.

 “I couldn’t bare seeing you look at me like I was a monster…” 

 “You’re not a monster. When was the last time you ate before that?”

“Two months…”

“You need to have more. You can drink from me… but you have to take care of me afterwards,”

“Anything for you.”


Chanyeol would be heartbroken. He promised you that he wouldn’t drink from you, but here he is, with your blood running down his chin. “Y/N, I’m so sorry,’ he’ll wipe his mouth clean before grabbing your hands and kissing all over them.

“It’s okay, Yeol,” your weak smile hurt him even more. “It’s not okay. I should have more control!” he’d gather you in his arms and take you to the kitchen to make something that will get your blood levels back to normal.  


Kyungsoo would go stiff over your when the taste of your blood hit his tongue. “Y/N…” he pulled back and checked your face, reading your expression. When he saw the terror in your eyes, he’d stand and collect his coat. “I’m sorry,” his head was hung in shame. 

You watched him head to your door, but as he was about to open it you called for him. “Make me soup…” you reached your hand out to him. “It always makes me feel better,” he started at you, your eyes were now glazed over with the need to sleep. “You still want me here?”

“You can’t just leave after doing that. You need to care for me,” his plump lips would pull into a small smile before he went to make you the requested food. 


Jongin would be mad at himself for not having enough self control. Even though you told him you were okay, he’d still be kicking himself. Tonight was supposed to be special, but he ruined it. 

He wiped the blood from your neck clean before helping you to the bedroom to rest. “I’ll go get you some tea,” his lips pressed to your head as you curled up under the covers. “Please try relaxing, babe.”


Sehun wouldn’t realise what he’d done until you pushed him away and locked yourself in the bathroom. Your blood was making his whole body tingle. When he finally came back to his senses, he came to lean against the door. 

“Y/N… Please don’t hate me,” he spoke quietly, when he heard your sobbing, he had to stop himself from breaking down the door to comfort you. “I promise you I’ll never let myself slip like that again.”

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader-What do you mean?

Thank you @juanchachi for requesting!! I changed a few things and I hope you like it! 

“What do you mean, ‘I can’t go to the party’?  I have attended many of your galas before and I do not understand why I cannot join you to another?” asked Damian.

His father sighed and said, “This is very important for Wayne Enterprises and your brothers are not able to come.  They usually are the ones who watch over you during these events, but since thy are not here, you are staying here with Alfred.”

“Why do you keep treating me like a child?!?” Damian shouted.

He grit his teeth and walked away, hoping not to break anything fragile during their fight.  He clenched and unclenched his hands while traveling up the stairs.  Titus was by his side in an instant and nudged his hand.  Damian looked at his companion and smiled.  Titus could always calm him down whenever he was in a mood and he was thankful for that.  Alfred watched the youngest of the family stomp up the stairs with Titus in tow.  He looked over to Bruce and shook his head.

“He needs a companion other than Titus, Master Bruce.  Do you think we can contact him and ask to drop her off?  They are around the same age and will have to get to know each other eventually.”

“I know.  I’m just worried that he will scare her off,” Bruce said.

“If I know Miss (Y/N) correctly, she will be the one who scares him away,” Alfred said with a slight smirk crawling onto his face.

Bruce laughed and shook his head, “I think she has spent too much time with him if she’ll scare Damian.  I’ll call him and ask if he can drop her off before patrol before I leave for the party.”

“I’ll go fetch the camera.”


“What do you mean, ‘I have to go spend time with the Demon’?  Are you trying to sentence me to death?” you asked your dad.

“I know that he’s a pain in the ass, but you’re gonna have to deal with him until Bruce finishes playing ass-kisser at the party,” your dad said with a gruff voice.

“And what will you be doing while I’m going to the first annual Wayne Hunger Games?” you questioned while folding your arms.


“I could be out there with you and make life so much easier.”

He rolled his eyes and threw you over his shoulders, “You’re going and that’s final.  If you even think about escaping the manor Alfred will contact me, and I will drag your sorry ass back there.  Do you really want to have a bad first impression?”

You laughed and said, “I’ll give him hell.”

“That’s my girl!!”


Your dad had driven you to the manor on his motorcycle.  You had your bag packed with all of the necessities: clothing, weapons, back-up weapons, a taser, two cellphones, random supplies and some books.  Isn’t that what everyone needs when seeing a Damian Wayne in the wild??  

“Welcome, Miss (Y/N).  It’s wonderful to see you again,” Alfred said with his heartwarming smile.

You smiled and ran up to hug him, “It’s nice to see you again too, Alfie.”

He chuckled and waved to your father, who just nodded and drove back to the city.  You watched him travel down the road until you could no longer see him.  Alfred then guided you through the entrance and into the kitchen where a wonderful aroma was coming from.

“Did you make cookies?” you squealed.

Alfred chuckled and nodded.  He grabbed the plate and offered.  You grabbed the one on the top and bit into the sugary goodness they call a cookie.  

“You gotta give me this recipe.  Dad can cook, but he can never replicate your cookies,” you said while grabbing another cookie.

“As long as you don’t give it to Master Grayson I will,” he responded.
“Awesome!!” you shouted.

“Who is this Pennyworth?” a voice asked behind you.

You turned around and saw Damian Wayne standing at the entrance of the kitchen with a scowl on his face.  You heard a bark and felt something bump into your hip.  You looked down and saw a dog nudging you.  You smiled and scratched behind his ears.  He licked your face and walked to Damian’s side.  You laughed and wiped the slobber off of your face with your jacket.  

“I’m (Y/N).  It’s nice to meet ya,” you said while holding your hand out.

He looked at your hand and walked passed you.  You dropped your hand to the side and frowned.  You knew that he was a ‘Demon’ from your dad, but you finally get why they call him that.

“Jerk face,” you muttered under your breath while grabbing another cookie.

“I will leave you two alone then,” Alfred said and walked off, abandoning you in the kitchen with an asshole and his adorable dog.

“I hope that father didn’t adopt another sob story,” Damian said.

You whipped your head toward his direction and said, “Excuse me?  Listen here you shit stain, your father did not adopt me or pick me off from the streets.  I happen to live happily with my badass dad and have respect for those I have around me.  Before you say anything from that shitty mouth of yours, how about you stop your judging and actually get to know the person you spoiled ass.”

You grabbed the plate of cookies and walked out of the kitchen.  Damian just stood there with a horrified expression painted on his face.   He never expected that colorful of a vocabulary from someone his age.  Titus nudged his side and walked out of the kitchen.  He scowled once again at the thought of you stealing his companion.

Saying you were pissed was an understatement.  He did not have the right to assume you were just another sob story that was taken off of the streets by his father.  You weren’t trying to overreact, but your anger got the best of you.  You sat on the very comfortable and expensive couch in the living room and ate Alfred’s cookies while watching your favorite movie and scratching Titus’ ears and head.  He was nuzzled to your side and rested his head on your lap.  You wondered how a nice dog could belong to the bag of dicks that was in the other room.
“Titus!  What are you doing?  I hope you are not feeding him those diabetic disks that you call food,” Damian said while walking up to you and Titus.

“Yes.  I’m feeding your dog Alfred’s most delicious cookies in the world that I only get to have every few months,” you said sarcastically while returning your attention to the movie.

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated, brat,” he hissed.

“Are we starting the name calling game? I have a lot of great ideas for your names and I don’t think you’ll want to hear most of them,” you said while smirking, “assbutt.”

Damian’s face went from angry to confused.  You tried to hold it in, but you bursted out laughing, stood up, and walked to the kitchen to return the plate.  Even if Damian is not friendly, he’ll be fun to mess around with until your dad comes to get you.

“Who is this?” Damian asked while holding your locket.

Your eyes widened and raced to take it out of his hands.  He held his hand high, but you knew how to win this game.  You turned around and walked away, but turned back around and tackled him to the ground.  You pried his hand open, took the locket and put it back on your neck.

“You had no right to take this,” you said while leaning up against the counter and shoving another one of Alfred’s cookies in your mouth.

“Who is in the locket?” he asked once again.

“My dead family. You happy now?”

You took another cookie from the second plate and ate it.  You didn’t like to talk about your old family because it brought up too many memories.

“What happened?” he asked.

“My parents and siblings were murdered five years ago and my grandfather died due to natural causes a year later.”

“Did they get the murderer?”

“Why were you talking about your father earlier?  I thought you said that he was-”

“My adoptive dad you idjit.”

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry that I said those things to you.  It was irrational and unfair to you.”

“Apology some-what accepted,” you said while smirking.

“I guess that will suffice.  Where did you learn to fight like that?” he asked.

“My grandfather was a boxer and he taught me everything he knew before he passed.  I also took many self defense classes because of my parents, but I perfected most of it while I lived on the streets and when I was adopted by my dad,” you said while pulling yourself up on the counter.

“Did you look up to him?”

“Yup.  He was my role model and basically took care of me when my parents couldn’t, which was all of the time,” you said while faintly smiling.

“How did you meet your adoptive father?” he asked.

“I busted into his apartment and tried to steal some food.  He tried to stop me from leaving and received a fist to the face.  If his friend wasn’t there he would’ve been knocked out on the floor with a nasty headache.  He gave me some more food while he asked me how long I’ve been on the streets and offered for me to stay awhile.  That was about three years ago.”

“Maybe we do have some things in common,” he said.

“Care to explain?”

“I was raised by my mother and grandfather and I looked up to him like you did to your grandfather.  Now I live with my father and Alfred.  They saved me from a very dark future.”

You nodded, “I guess if I never ran into my dad I would become a criminal and get my ass kicked by you and your father.”
Damian’s eyes widened, “You know about that?”

You rolled your eyes, “Of course I do.  Do you even know who my dad is?”


You smirked and said, “Better not ruin the surprise then.”


“Miss (Y/N), your father has arrived,” Alfred said.

You smiled while jumping out of the couch and running to the entrance.  He was talking with Alfred while you jumped on him and gave him a hug.

“You didn’t miss me too much did ya?” he asked.



You looked behind you and saw Damian with a shocked expression on his face.  You and your dad laughed.  

“Did he do anything?” Jason asked while glancing at Damian.

“Yup but I used by colorful vocabulary and everything turned out well.”

He held out a fist and you bumped it.  You let go of him and dropped yourself on the ground.

“Go get your stuff.  Roy is at home with a bunch of junk food and over fifty movies, so get your stuff and let’s get out of here.”

You squealed and ran off to the kitchen to grab your bag and pack all of Alfred’s cookies.  Jason watched you run out of the room before glaring at Damian.

“If you ever hurt her, physically or mentally, I will kill you slowly and make sure they will never find your body.  Not even Bruce will be able to find you.  She will be visiting more often due to me being out on missions and you better not do anything again.  You got it?”
Damian gulped and nodded.  

“I got everything!! Let’s go!!” you shouted.

“Bye (Y/N)!” Damian shouted.

“Bye Damian!” you shouted.

Alfred put a hand on Damian’s shoulder and said: “Be thankful she did not overreact when you said all of those things to her.  Master Tim was not as lucky as you when he first met her.”

i spy a cheater

Request Prompt; Can you write a Shawn imagine where he’s been distant lately and sleeping at his friend’s house more often so when you confront him, you find out that he cheated and was too scared to tell you? So you’re about to leave him but he’s sobbing and you can tell he’s sorry so you decide to stay?

Warning; very slight use of some foul language


You and Shawn were definitely an inseparable couple. The two of you guys came in a pair, and it only made your relationship with the rising artist even stronger. Just as well as the two of you guys worked together, your trust levels were through the roof.

Although it was a bit weird at first, you learned to accept that Shawn’s career would always have him surrounded by girls that were practically in love with him. Even at the beginning of the relationship, Shawn assured you that the only girl he wanted was you. This of course made you more comfortable in the relationship and ultimately helped you through your now seven month relationship with Shawn.

Shawn was beginning to write his newest album, which required him to stay later at the studio than usual. This was nothing new to you, but you started worrying after he stopped answering your texts. You sent an occasional text every other hour to check up on him, but it was as if you were texting a wall. It had been like this for the past few weeks – Shawn wouldn’t answer your texts, he’d come home late, and by the time you’d wake up, he’d already be off at the studio.

When you got the chance to ask him, he gave you the quick excuse that he was sleeping at his friends house every other night since it was closer to the studio. Of course you bought it, but it was often a thought that bothered you.

The thought of him cheating on you never occurred because he’s never given you a reason to think that he would stab you in the back like that. He gave the relationship as much time as his job would allow him, and you didn’t complain. He knew how to treat a girl well, and he never had trouble making you feel like the luckiest girl out there.

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Treat You Better

Originally posted by teenwxlves

warnings: some violence, cursing and smut. NSFW +18.

word count: 3135

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It Never Seems To Be Enough

Summary: Dan gets hate comments and gets bullied by his subscribers on the internet for not posting the video he said he would, and when he breaks down from it, Phil is there to help him back up. 

Or, the fic that’s not actually a fic because it really happened, because half the people in the phandom are assholes who have no regard for Dan’s feelings because they all think it’s about them. 

A/N: I’m not bitter :) This behavior is not okay. Dan does not deserve to be treated the way he was today. No one likes a bully. Unless you have something nice to say to him, than don’t say it at all. 

Warnings: None, unless assholes trigger you. Which, by the way, the tweets featured in this fic are actual tweets I saw in Dan’s replies on his video post.

Word Count: 2,026

Read on ao3!

Dan made a mistake by telling thousands of people on YouNow about his next video. Truthfully, he had planned on the next danisnotonfire video being one that meant something to him, but when he tried to film it, things just weren’t working out.

He had been stressed for weeks, constantly worrying about the content he was going to put out on his personal channel, but each time he thought of making a video to post publicly, he felt sick.

Dan treated his own channel like an egg. It always had to be perfect, with no cracks anywhere, and the outside had to have a polished glow to it. He never knew who was going to stumble across his channel, and he couldn’t have it looking like a shitstorm in case someone important saw it. But it was that exact thought that drove him mad.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: the party is slowly drifting away, not from each other, but from Will. And Will can tell bc he's not dumb. He can tell that the tension in the air becomes thick when he walks in on them talking bc the Party is always nervous they'll say something bc Will is 'fragile' He noticed that El has kind of taken his spot as his player in D&D. He's just so lonely. But one day when they do ask him to hang out he's says no bc Richie has already asked him to do something and they all low key fight.

this is gonna be a heartbreaker but lets make this kickass, shall we~?

send in some prompts, bbs! 

It started out as small things.

Sorry, Will. Tonight’s no good. U-uh, mom wants me to clean up my room and such.”

“I’m grounded.”

“I don’t feel well.”

Will had never questioned any of it, instead deciding to give a kind smile and wish the best for his friends. Because that’s all he wanted in the end for them; nothing but the very best.

And so he remained happy and optimistic, knowing that there was always another time; knowing that his friends were still there and that it would be okay.

Except… it wouldn’t be.

Not really.

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Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff; Hurt/Comfort 

Summary: Jungkook had been spending a lot of time with you lately, and Namjoon finally thought it was time to confront him about it. 

Word Count: 2844

Originally posted by totallyyehet

Namjoon leaned against the wall and gulped down the water from the clear plastic bottle. Sweat was pouring down the sides of his face, “Hey, do any of you guys know where Jungkook is?” 

It was already late afternoon and Jungkook still hadn’t shown up at the dance studio. This was very unheard of for the boys. Jungkook had always been the one to wake up really early or even pull an all-nighter in the studio to practice, but lately, that wasn’t the case. All the boys knew why he had been this way.

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Better Off As Lovers (Philip x Reader)

Request: hi! could you maybe do a Phillip x Reader where the reader is the daughter of Jefferson or Burr, and either their parents catch them together? that’d be great!

TW: alcohol, allusions to sex

A/N: I know I didn’t follow the request exactly, but I already have something like it right here.


You smiled at the guests at the other guests at the ball. Your skirt swooshed as you made your way through the winding crowds. You finally make your way out of the crowd and sit in the garden, drinking your glass of chardonnay. You hated that your father made you go to these stupid balls with him. Ever since he started working under President Washington, then Adams, you had been forced to go to these balls that you dreaded. You were his only living family, so you really didn’t have a choice.

A man walked over and sat next to you, downing the contents in his glass as he did so. “I’m sorry-” he looked at you- “I didn’t realize that I would run into such a beautiful woman out here.”

You smiled slightly. “Quite the charmer. What’s your name?”

“Philip Hamilton.”

You nodded slightly. “(Y/N) Jefferson. I’ve heard quite a bit about your father.”

He chuckled. “I’ve heard much about yours, too. May I ask why you’re here with him instead of his wife?”

You looked down. “She died when I was young. It’s just the two of us.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He reached out to touch your shoulder, but you turned away.

“Save your apologies. I’m sick of them.”

He remained quiet, just staring at you.

You took a deep breath and attempted to change the subject. “I assume that you’re here, so your father can show you what it’s like to be a big government man.”

He nodded frantically. “I hope to be as successful as he is.”

The two of you sat in an uncomfortable silence for a few moments. There seemed to have been nothing to say. You both know that there is no use flirting because your fathers would tear you apart, yet that’s all you want to do. You never knew how to feel comfortable with someone else until this moment. All your life you had been surrounded by government men or people your father tried to set you up with. Nothing had been this intimate. This unscripted.

“Your father doesn’t know you’re here,” you commented.

“How did you know?”

You shrugged. “You would have left by now.”


That was months ago. You thought that would have been the last interaction you had with the Hamilton, but now…

You lie in his bed, resting your head on his bare chest, as he runs his fingers through your hair.

“I should probably head home; my father will be home soon,” you whisper, making no effort to move.

He kisses the top of your head. “I suppose.”

Neither of you moves, afraid to break this perfect moment. Slowly, though, you untangle yourself from him and grab your dress from the floor. He stands up and helps you tie your corset before kissing you and helping you out.

You make your way through town, stopping at a few stores to get the ink your dad told you to get.

You slowly push open the heavy door. “Father?” You open the door to his office, looking for him. Seeing no sign of him, you leave the ink on his desk and head up to your room, wishing you could be with Philip again. One of your maids knocks on your door. “Ms. Jefferson, you were out quite a long time to get ink.”

You laugh slightly. “You know I always make more than one stop.”

She shakes her head slightly. “Well, that doesn’t excuse your wrinkled dress, and what happened to the corset?” She starts helping you undress, so she can properly look at what happened to your clothing. “You were with that boy again, weren’t you?”

You smile, as your cheeks turn pink. You change into the slip she gave you.

She sets the dress on your bed and looks at you. “Your father will have a cow when he finds out.”

You rush over to her. “No, he can’t know. I love Philip too much for father to find out.”

Just as you finish your sentence, your father walks in. “What am I not supposed to know?”

Your maid thinks of an excuse quickly. “That she ruined yet another corset.” She quickly walks out, while your father stares at you.


You look down. “I’m sorry, father. I was taking a walk after I got your ink, and it got caught on a branch.”

He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “You can’t keep doing this (Y/N).”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just-”

“You’re getting married Thursday.”

You look up at him with wide eyes. “No! You can’t do that! I’m in love! You can’t just marry me off to a man who I can’t love!”

He stares at you. His tone becomes deadly serious. “You’re in love?”

You take a deep breath. “Yes. I am in love.”

“Who is he?”

You look down. “Philip.”


“Yes, father.”

He shakes his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe it. My daughter, in love with a Hamilton. Do you not realize what he is capable of?”

You give him a quizzical look. “What do you mean?”

“Do you not remember the pamphlet from his father a few years ago?”

“Philip’s not like that!” You turn to leave, but your father closes the door.

“But he could be! I’m not letting you see him anymore! You will not get your heart broken by him. Listen, Mr. Eacker is in the parlor, and I expect you to get dressed and be on your best behavior.” He leaves you alone and sends your maid back in.

“Ms. Jefferson?” She sits next to you as you start sobbing.

“He-he’s making me marry Eacker.”

She pulls you into a hug. “Not if I can help.”