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Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

A/N: I was listening to Gorgeous by X Ambassadors, which is a song that always puts me in a fluffy mood, and I felt inspired. 

Prompt: While you worry about school, volleyball, graduation, mythical creatures, and your entire existence, Stiles only has one thing on his mind since coming back, and that is you. 

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“I mean honestly, like Lydia? Love her to death, I’d do anything for her. But if she beats me for valedictorian, I will cut her”. 

“Oh, you’re going to cut her”?

“Yes. I will seriously cut her”. 

“With what? Are you going to make a shank out of your mechanical pencil? Y/N this isn’t an episode of Orange is the New Black. You can’t just ‘cut’ people”. 

“Well fine then, I won’t cut her…. But baby, could I please borrow your baseball bat for a few days…. Just until results for valedictorian come out…”

“Y/N…. shut up”.

You could hear the joking tone in his voice, but still, Sties felt a nice elbow ram into his stomach which caused him to loosen his grip around your waist and keel over.

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of grocery happenings and broken glass - sans x reader/self insert

HEY! Since it’s fanfic friday, can you do one with UT Sans and the “enemies to lovers” trope? it can just be a few scenes where the relationship changes. u dont have to ofc but idk i really like those kinds of stories :‘0c

Summary: You’re an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and he’ll do anything literally) to get you to solve yourself. (Or the obligatory fic wherein sans goes from wanting to dunk you to wanting to kiss you)

Notes: AAAAAAAA?????? AAAAAA. Mcfrickin. Love this trope. Bless u. blessed prompt. i had too much fun writing this help.

Writer: Mod Chrissu

The first time he meets you, it’s weird as hell to him.

Firstly, you are probably the best looking human he’s ever laid eyes on. Your hands are balled up and pushing into your hips, your head craned to look up with a sneer at somebody much taller than you.

When he sees who it is, the attraction that he felt immediately was replaced with intense anger.

His brother is holding a grocery basket, one that he knows isn’t his because it’s completely barren of any type of pasta or sauce. His grin is a little shaky, as if he’s apologetic, but also scared. There’s a few food items on the floor that are lying abandoned, so he assumes that the basket must have overturned in some way and Papyrus went to help you. So why did your expression hold so much fury?

He mosies on over, hands stuffed in his pockets. He’s gonna start out calm and cordial, and hopefully this human won’t give him a reason to dunk them into next Saturday. “hiya. what’s up?” He greets, keeping his tone relaxed and chipper, hoping that this goes well.

“SANS!” The way his brother says his name, almost in relief, makes his opinion of the human drop even further. “HELLO, BROTHER!”

You turn to face Sans, your face portraying annoyance. If it wasn’t for the fact that you looked like you had a problem with his bro, Sans might have considered using a sly pickup line. But no, you open your mouth and erase that possibility. “Oh, he’s with you?” You imply, pointing to the taller skeleton, who’s fidgeting nervously.

His grin turns a little steely. He doesn’t like to see Paps so scared. “yeah. s’there a problem with that?”

“Maybe. Anyways, listen here, dudebro.” Attention aimed at Papyrus again, mouth twisting into a scowl. “I got this. I don’t need somebody swooping in and saving me.” You rip the basket away from Papyrus and bend down to pick up the food on the floor, eyes widening when you see the damage done. “Damn it, the cans are dented!”

“listen buddy, i’m sure you’re just misunderstanding–” His patience is wearing very thin but an agitated sigh cuts him off.

“Look, buddy, I already had to walk all the way here because my piece of shit car broke down, I don’t need some random guy telling me off.” Your body language radiates don’t fuck with me today, and he doesn’t really understand why. “I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood.” Food retrieved from the ground and in the basket, you straighten up and give both he and Papyrus a pointed glare. “Now if you’ll excuse me, which I don’t really care if you do or don’t, I have to replace these cans.”

Without letting him speak, you turn on a heel and stomp out of the aisle, leaving him in dumbfounded silence. What the hell was your problem?

The next time he sees you, it’s without you knowing.

It’s been a few days since what happened in the grocery store, and frankly he’d be fine with never seeing your face again. Somebody so filled with negativity and hatred for others for no reason…He doesn’t like people like that. He’s glad he’ll never see you again.

(Except he does.)

He hears a scream before he sees the blur of a person being tossed out onto the sidewalk a few houses down from where he’s standing. He almost runs over to help until another human shows up. They step out onto the steps angrily, if their rigid posture and antagonistic stance is any factor.

“Get the fuck out, you waste of space. Don’t even know why I bothered with you. You’re nothing but shit.” They spit out.

“Nonono, no please, I’ll be better, don’t do this please–” The voice is so full of fear and regret, and it’s so familiar. He knows that voice. It stirs a forgotten anger in his chest, and finally he registers that it’s you, the human from the grocery store.

Your clothes are ripped in places, there’s bruises all over your arms, the shirt you have on is riding up and showing off even more bruises on your back and sides. Your knees are scuffed from your fall, and you’re barely keeping your torso up off the ground. Your form is shaking, soft sobs emitting from your mouth. What a moment to be observing you. To avoid being seen, he ducks behind a nearby trashcan.

“You were lucky, you had me to love you! I’m probably the only person on this Earth left that actually gives a fuck about you! None of your friends or your family actually care, they’re faking it!” The human on the steps barks, and he notices a glint from their hand. They throw it in your direction, and the bottle shatters on the ground a few feet away from you, pieces scattering all over the pavement. “Get the hell out of here, you damn slut!”

The human on the steps goes back into the house and throws out a bag of clothes before slamming the door. Sans turns away from the scene, expression a mixture of shock and confusion. He has no idea what to think. Obviously, the dude that just kicked you out is an asshat, but did you deserve it? He’s not the kind of guy to wish pain or suffering on anybody else, so no, he supposes you don’t. He goes to pick himself up off the ground.

Except you pass by. You notice him there. It’s silent for one scarily long moment.

“How much of that did you see?” You inquire roughly, voice cracked from crying. A pang of pity ripples through his SOUL.

“…all of it.”

Your face is unreadable, you just grip the bag you have a little harder. It’s plastic, so your fingers sink into the material like clay. “…Fuck off.”

He looks up at you in surprise. “what?”

“I said fuck off.” You hiss, your glare piercing. “Want to know why I got kicked out? One of the cans I brought home from the store, that your idiot brother made me drop? It was dented. So fuck you, fuck your brother, fuck everything.” You grit your teeth and march off, pulling the bag over your shoulder.

He scrambles up and after you, though a tiny inner voice questions his motives. What is he gonna do? You obviously don’t want to see him, your little proclamation proved so, so why is he chasing you? He squashes down the thought, unsure if he wants to know why.

“look, kid, i’m sorry.” He skids in front of them, chest heaving with the extra effort he put into catching up with them. “i don’t understand your attitude, or why you act the way you do, but acting that way isn’t going to change anything.”

“You know nothing about me, why the hell are you trying to do here?” You snap, dropping your bag. Despite being bloody and scratched and obviously injured, you still stand as if you’re super girl about to face off with her greatest enemy yet. 

“i have no idea. i don’t really know.” He almost whispers it, because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, or why. “but i don’t want to be the reason you hate the world so much. at least let me help you find a place to stay for a bit.”

Your mouth twists, and a range of emotions flip through your face: confusion, anger, sorrow, and finally it stops on that flat mask you had on. “..Okay, fine.”

He breathes out a sigh of relief.

He finds you a hotel to stay in, and while he wouldn’t usually pay for a stranger’s stay, he does for you. Seeing the person you had to deal with, the way they treated you…Something told him that wasn’t the only time they treated you badly. That’s a scary situation to think about, so of course you would be bitter and angry. He pays for a week, hoping it’s enough time for you to figure out what you need to do or for you to get a job.

He escorts you to your room, and it’s quiet but it isn’t uncomfortable. You’ve been through a lot, he guesses, so talking about it right now would be a little much. Instead, as you both reach your room, he asks to come in for a moment.

Puzzled, you agree, and let him in. It’s a small room, with a dresser pushed against the wall adjacent to the doorway, a lamp in the corner, and a bed opposite the dresser. Another door is in the far corner, which Sans assumes is the bathroom. There’s a table beside the bed, and on it is a pad with paper and a pen.

He picks them both off and scrawls his name and number on it, ripping off the page and giving it to you. “the dude that kicked you out looks like another bad time waiting to happen, so if he shows up here, don’t be afraid to call me, ok?” 

The hand that takes the paper is a little shaky. Your eyes skim over the words written, and the corner of your mouth quirks. “’Sans’? Like the font?”

He shrugs. “i get that a lot. anyways, i need to get back, paps is worried probably.” He points to the paper in your hand, shooting you a reassuring smile. “remember, dude’s a bad time. call me if he comes back. or call if you need help in general. seeya.”

With a blip, he’s gone, and you stare at the space (now replaced with air) he was just in. The most dumbfounded look creases your brow.

“…What the fuck did he just do?!”

Funnily enough, after the incident, he cannot stop thinking about you. He passes the place you used to live every day, and when he does he wonders if you’re okay. He’d check on you, but he did say that if you had a problem to call him. So he leaves the situation be, letting it be in your ballpark. If you need him there, you’ll call.

It’s been a long day, so he decides to go to Grillby’s for some ketchup and conversation. It’s been a while, and he hasn’t visited the surface expansion of Grillby’s very much, so he should fix that.

He teleports just outside the entrance and strolls in to a chorus of greeting from the regulars. Doggo, Greater Dog, and Lesser Dog are wrapped up in a game of poker, with Dogamy and Dogaressa watching on the side and holding each other. There’s a couple humans hanging around, along with a few monsters that didn’t usually frequent the establishment underground milling about. He waddles to the bar and hops into a bar stool, leaning on the counter and sighing, eyes shut.

“heya grillbz, what’s cookin’ good lookin’?”

A snort is his answer, but it sounds nothing like his favorite fire elemental.

He opens up an eye to see you, clad in a button up dress shirt with black slacks, an apron tied around your neck and waist. You look nothing like you did that night, which relieves him so much. There’s a hit of yellow and purple on your hands from the bruises you sustained, he notices, as you clean out a glass with a towel. Your nose is scrunched up from the bad joke he made, a small smile lighting up your face and causing a soft hue of blue to blossom on his face. 

“kid? that’s you?” He asks, opening his eyes fully, now very alert. 

“’Kid’ is not my name, but yeah, it’s me.” You also throw in your name, since you’ve neglected to tell him. Wow, your demeanor has changed completely since the grocery store fiasco, and it’s such a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see you smile, even if it is a smug smirk.

“well damn, you clean up nice. how ya been doin’? i’m assumin’ the guy hasn’t been bothering you?” At the mention of him you tense, which leads him to backpedal, “wait, shit, sorry–”

“It’s fine! It’s fine.” You cut him off, the smirk having been wiped off your face and replaced with a small frown. “They uh, haven’t been bothering me. Haven’t heard a word from them since what happened.”

He relaxes at this. “good, good.” He breathes, slumping against the counter again. 

“…What can I get ya, Sans?” You ask, setting down the glass you were cleaning and propping your arm against the bar, quirking a brow at him. It’s sassy as hell and it isn’t helping that you’re gorgeous.

“your number.” He realizes what he said in the middle of saying it and slams his face into his palm as you laugh. “…i am so sorry. i’m used to crackin’ jokes like this with grillby.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. What do you really want, though?”

Bless you and your nerves of steel. “uh, bottle of ketchup.”

An incredulous look crosses your face, but you grab one and slide it to him anyways. He twists off the cap and tips it back, almost spitting it out with laughter when you choke.

“Sans, the fuck?!” You stammer, and he wishes he could take a picture of your face because it’s so priceless. Maybe your nerves aren’t as solid as he thought.

If somebody told him six months ago that he’d fall head over heels in love with a human, and a human that initially hated his innocent soul of a brother no less, he’d laugh and call them crazy.

Thinking about it now, it’s not as crazy as it seemed. 

Because with every laugh and smile he gets from you, his SOUL thuds a little more forcefully in his chest, his face a touch blue-r, and he finds himself trying so hard to get them out of you that he doesn’t notice how deep he’s getting into this.

He doesn’t notice until his brother does.

“goin’ to grillby’s, want me to bring you back somethin’ paps?” He asks, sticking his head into the kitchen. Papyrus isn’t as oblivious as everyone believes him to be, and he proves it now as he smiles knowingly at his older brother, which only causes said brother to raise a brow bone in silent question.

“BROTHER, YOU SEEM TO BE GOING TO GRILLBY’S A LOT IN THESE PAST FEW MONTHS.” Papyrus stops stirring the pot of noodles he’s attending to on the stove to look at his brother. He notices, but it’s not like Sans makes an effort to hide it. He can see it in the way that he smiles sometimes when he gets a text from you, or how excited he is when he knows he’s about to see you.

He know what Sans looks like when he’s obsessed about something, or worried, or determined. Papyrus thought he’d seen it all. You’ve brought out a different side of him that Papyrus loves to see, because he look so happy nowadays.

“yeah, so? i used to go everyday when we were underground.”

“SANS, DEAR BROTHER, NOTHING EVADES THE WATCHFUL EYE OF THE GREAT PAPYRUS!” He exclaims triumphantly, pulling out his best smile. “…I am happy for you, Sans. I hope you bring them by soon to introduce them to me, because I would like to thank the person who has given you so much joy.”

It’s a rarity when Papyrus speaks in a regular volume of voice, and it shocks Sans to his core. “whaddya mean, pap?”

Papyrus laughs, turning back to his pot. “OH BROTHER, DON’T TELL ME YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED!”

“im-pasta-ble, i notice everything.” Sans’ smile turns wicked as Papyrus screeches out a warning to him and then he blips out of the way of the taller’s wooden ladle being thrown at him.

It’s become a habit, for him to watch you as you work. The way you move around the tables at the restaurant, the polite smile you give to the customers and the drastically different smirk you send him when he tosses out a pun, the lingering touch between you two when you give him a ketchup bottle. 

It kills him, in a way, because he knows what he’s feeling. He knows very well what this feeling is. His love life isn’t a very active one, but he does remember a few years back when he used to have a crush on Toriel, and this feels like that except new. It’s no longer a nice thought, but a fire that consumes his thoughts whenever he sees you. It’s not the heat of the blush on his face, it’s the ghostly imprint that your fingers leave on his. His SOUL doesn’t flutter, it beats purposefully. He knows what this is.

However, it’s not him that says or does anything about it.

As your shift comes to a close and he prepares to leave, you stop him. The place is almost empty, just a couple people wrapping up their meals or nursing their last drink. You look nervous, teeth gnawing on your bottom lip.

“what’s up?” He asks, and he almost jumps when you set a hand on ones of his, the one still on the counter top.

“Uh…There uh– There must be something wrong with my eyes, be-because uh–” You clear your throat, and he’s never seen your face go so red, wow. “Because I can’t take them off you?…”

He pauses for a moment before the statement processes through his head and his face goes full cerulean. “uuuuuuhh….”

“What…What I’m trying to say– Is it hot in here? Jeeze.” You tug at your collar, smiling sheepishly. “But uh. I was wondering if maybe you’d like to, I dunno, go see a movie? Or go somewhere for coffee? I’m sorry, I just really, really like you and I couldn’t be quiet about it anymore–”

You stop when you notice his expression. The poor skeleton’s face is completely blue, and his pupils have morphed into tiny hearts. He grabs your hand gently, and before he can chicken out he sputters out a reply.

“yes, hell yes. i’ll uh, i’ll text you later?”

It’s take a moment to sink in but when it does you smile so wide that it triggers his own. “Yeah! That’s cool! I’ll uh, be waiting? Yeah.”

Reluctantly he lets go of your hand and waves with his other, before disappearing and reappearing at the entrance of the inside of his home. 

You asked him out. You asked him out. He’s so giddy, he struts farther into the house and laughs, and it’s such a happy sound. He’s never heard such a sound come out of his body.

“YOU SOUND PLEASED.” Papyrus notes from his spot on the couch in the living room, wherein he’s doing some sort of human exercise program. Sans just beams in reply, hopping up the stairs two at a time to get to his room. “WHAT’S HAPPENED?”

Papyrus knows. He just wants to hear Sans say it.

“bringing them over later this week. you’ll see.”

fma fic idea:

ed literally CAN NOT deal with his brother stuck in a suit of armor for years and years it hurts him more than losing his limbs and automail ever could. he wishes over and over again that he could give his body to al - then he goes  LIGHTBULB and so during that year that he’s recovering he studies and studies and they all think it’s to get al’s body back but not quite.

and like 6 months in he’s like okay i think ive figured it out and he can kinda stand and walk around and what not so he’s like al cmere im going to try something. they’re all like ????? and ed tugs down his pants and on his hip is a scar. a very familiar, precise scar. ed had carved al’s seal into his flesh then let it heal and done it again again until it had scarred just like he’d wanted it to. winry screams and threatens to strangle him and ed is like ‘pls stop’ and al gets it then and if he could cry he would and he asks ed over and over again if he’s sure and ed just tells him to shut up, claps his hands together and presses them to al’s seal

then next thing he knows he’s staring down at himself and the first thing he says is “i am short” and is immediately horrified and the first thing al does is throw himself down on the ground to feel grass between his fingers and hugs winry to feel skin and now he is crying because he can

and so this is how they survive this, by sharing ed’s body between them. ed tried to say it should be 50/50 but al refused so ed is in his own body for 2 weeks then al is in it for 1 week and they don’t tell anyone because they’re not insane. and when ed’s sleeping weird places or eating a ton it’s actually usually al. their wildly different personalities would be a problem, except that they’re still children and like twins who switch places they get a giant kick out of it. al loves pretending to be loud and angry and having a fly away temper and it’s all ed can do to go chasing after al shouting ‘brother!’ trying to act disapproving but inside he is laughing so damn much

there’s no negative effects, nothing goes wrong. they don’t knows this, but it’s actually helping, because their souls gain a stronger connection and ed’s body spends a whole lot more time sleeping and eating then it would otherwise so al’s body is actually getting a reasonable-ish about of nutrients and sleep behind the gate. also every time ed switches their souls it’s like he’s renewing the seal so al’s soul never gets loose and isn’t going to be rejected form the armor.

then al remembers the gate and can do hands free alchemy, which is awesome, because now they can go into battle in each other’s bodies when before they always needed to hastily switch back otherwise people would start asking questions. it becomes something so easy and natural between them, and more than once ed’s been up late studying with his eyelids drooping, exhausted past the point of reason but unwilling to stop. and he just goes ‘al, come here, sleep for me so i can finish this book’ an al loves sleeping so he’s like ‘fuck yeah’

al doesn’t need to make a list of things to eat and experiences to do because he gets to experience them all, it’s just you know, keeping up a timeshare of his brother’s body isn’t realistic and he’d really like his own back, thanks.

and they don’t have secrets, obviously, can’t when they spend half the time running around in the other’s body. except ed kind of develops a crush on mustang and roy’s confused with all these mixed signals?? because sometimes ed looks at him like he wants to eat him and other times there’s nothing???? but one day ed says screw this and he and roy end up making out and all that and kinda sort of start a relationship ish and ed means to tell al, he does, he just can’t bring himself too. so it’s 2 weeks of dating roy and he switches their bodies, and still hasn’t told him. they’re spending the day away from base so ed doesn’t worry about it, is like okay, i’ll tell al tomorrow this is not a big deal i can handle this

except they’re, i don’t know, in the market or the library or something and roy sees ed is and internally like ed! ededed! <3 <3 <3 but he has to pretend to be cool so he corners ed and kisses him and is shocked and hurt when ed pushes him away and ed just stares at him for a long moment before howling “oh my GOD you and brother are DATING?”

and they don’t call roy a genius for nothing so he’s like “…. alphonse?” and ed goes really pale and and then al’s armour rounds the corner like ‘brother! what’s wrong i heard you yell - “ and he sees them and goes “oh shit” and roy is like “EDWARD???”

and it’s like fuck, after about 5 years of playing this game they’ve been caught. and so roy drags them back to the office and everyone gathers’ round while they explain and eds like ‘you should have just gone along with it al, jeez’

‘gone along with it?’ al in ed’s body screams, ‘the COLONEL KISSED ME’ and then he goes kinda pale and whispers ‘my first kiss was the colonel so unfair i don’t even like boys’

and havoc, breda, and maes take this opportunity to excuse themselves so they can die laughing in the hallway while ed and roy look kinda embarassed and riza just. regrets everything. why is this idiotic pyromaniac her best friend again???

and things settle down and continue on and roy is very, very careful about who’s in ed’s body when in the future. and al eventually gets his body back and it’s not sickly and dying its just kind of underfed, so this isn’t too bad. and the very first thing he does is tacklE winry to the ground and they lock themselves in her room for like four hours because timeshare of ed’s body or not none of them had felt comfortable with them having sex with al in his body, and winry even had to close her eyes when they’d kissed.

and their souls have mingled so much that al and ed are almost telepathic with each other which they think is the coolsest thing ever and literally everyone else despises because they only abuse their new powers to be brats, because that’s what the do, obviously

and everyone lives happily ever after the end

ashleybenlove  asked:

Prompt: 100 percent gang feels. Hiccup decides to give himself up for the bounty, and the gang's reaction is to tackle him and beg him not to do this. (Also, I apologize if this makes you cry when you write it!) OR something lighthearted: gang feels during that celebration on Berk that's likely about them. Like, group hugs, huddles of the gang, expressing how glad they are to share this experience of dragon riding together, that sort of thing.

What about booooth?

Hell, I really did want to cry writing this. I love me some gang feels.

“Hiccup and the dragon riders!”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Tuff shouted, although not loud enough for Gobber to actually hear, “he gets mentioned by name, and we’re all stuck here grouped in ‘dragon riders’.”

“Hey, at least you get grouped. Poor Toothless and the other dragons weren’t in there at all. They were the other half of the equation,” Hiccup offered, patting his best friend’s head soothingly. He looked around with a smile, a rather painful smile, because who knew if he’d ever see Berk again after tonight?

“Blah blah blah. Math is not what we’re talking about tonight. Let’s do this!” Snotlout cheered, pumping a fist into the air.

“Alright, guys.” His heart clenched. He didn’t want to leave the gang. He wanted to scream and cry and tell them to stop him. He didn’t want to leave his friends. His dad. His home.

Under him, Toothless cooed concernedly, sensing his fear.

His best friend.

“Let’s give ‘em a show to remember.”

Ruffnut and Tuffnut whooped with delight, speeding off, with Snotlout following them. The first thing to do was the twins’ explosion and Snotlout’s rings of fire (which he could finally do now), and then him, Fishlegs, and Astrid would follow up with their own performance. He scratched Toothless’ chin distractedly, remembering not to hit that one spot that would make them both fall out of the sky.

“Are you okay, Hiccup?” Astrid asked, flying in front of him. “You seem off.”

Fishlegs voiced his agreement. “Yeah. You’ve been like a mixture of happy and jumpy all day. It’s weird. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Guys.” Hiccup fake laughed, and both Astrid and Fishlegs gave him a look as though telling him to quit the bullshit. He winced, but continued to lie. “I’m fine.”

“What are you -” Astrid began, but she was cut off by Snotlout’s shout of “OI OI OI!” which was the signal for them to start. Astrid sped forward, and Fishlegs followed. As Hiccup trailed behind them, he wondered if he was going to be sick.

The show was a success. And so was convincing his dad to get drunk. It was a celebration after all, he said. Wine was a must, he said. And his dad had bought it.

But not before telling him how proud he was.

Hiccup let a tear fall down his face before he was full on sobbing as he ran. There was already a boat he had build, waiting for him on shore. Waiting to sail to Outcast Island.

The last time the bounty hunters had attacked them, Ruff had gotten hurt. And it wasn’t a minor scratch or bruise, either. She had been straight up stabbed in the leg, and although she had healed and was as fun filled as before, Hiccup remembered how it felt like he had been the one who was stabbed. It still felt like that.

One last performance was what he promised himself. He had left instructions for how to fly Toothless and how to put on the other tail, that would let him fly by himself too. He really did hope Toothless would forget about him.

And Astrid. He had given her a peck on the lips and a whispered, “I love you,” before leaving the hall. She would always be like that, he knew, fierce and tough and loving and so Astrid. He really was in love with her.

Hiccup kept running.

Their lives had been in danger so many time, why couldn’t he think about that? Why did he have to think about all times he had taught Astrid to draw because of how determined she was to help him with the map, and helping the twins with their pranks whenever there was time? Why did he have to remember the awesome sword he and Fishlegs had geeked out over while translating the runes, and how his relationship with Snotlout had improved tremendously after long nights of flying together and laughing over virtually nothing?

Why couldn’t he remember being kidnapped, or close calls and bolas flying in the air trying to knock them down? Why couldn’t he forget the feeling of wonder when him and Toothless had flown in harmony for the first time?

Hiccup sobbed harder, and stopped running as his breath ran short. He leaned against a tree, and took one good look behind him.

“Going somewhere?”

A Deadly Nadder landed in front of him, and an even more Deadly Maiden was on her, with her eyes narrowed.

Hiccup gaped as all the dragons landed. None of them looked impressed as they all got off their respective dragons, and Tuffnut was the first one to approach him, knocking him down.

“Are you crazy, H?” he asked.

Hiccup was about to answer when he noticed Snotlout. Besides, Hiccup himself, he was the only one who also had tears on his face. His cousin scowled at him and then, kneeled down, hugging him tightly.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said fiercely, “you know you’re the only chance I have of being an uncle, right?”

That was the lamest excuse ever, and it made him smile weakly as both boys hugged him.

That wasn’t all, though.

Fishlegs was next. He didn’t say anything, he just scooped him - more like all of them - into his own embrace, and Hiccup didn’t protest. His chubby friend began to cry too, and Tuff laughed, but it was more of a sympathetic one, and very unlike him.

Hiccup looked up at the two girls, only to see they were crying too. So that made all of them, except Tuffnut, and his heart clenched more than it did when he had left the Grand Hall.

They cared about him. Gods above, they cared about him a lot.

“It’s like the weirdest bro hug ever,” Ruff sniffed, before she too joined the mess on the floor, “you idiot, Haddock,” she mumbled into his ear, “you’re not giving yourself up to anyone.”

There wasn’t really any room left, so Astrid sat next to him, hitting him on the shoulder, so soft he barely felt it, and then leaned her head on his shoulder. “That’s for thinking you leaving would go unnoticed by us. I hate you, dragon boy.” She kissed his cheek, and let her head fall on his shoulder. “I love you.”

Hiccup didn’t know how long they stayed like that for. All he knew was that this felt so good, to be cared for.

After fifteen years of nothing, his friends would give him every moment of everything.

Go to bed angry : Ashton AU

This is the first thing I’ve written in relation to 5sos and I hope you like it :) If this gets positive feedback then I’ll definitely write more!

Description: Basically you and your boyfriend Ashton get in a fight but he doesn’t want to go to bed angry.

Word count: 1923

“For God’s sake, Y/n, can you at least be mature about this?” Ashton yells as he reaches his hand out to catch the door that you tried slamming shut behind you.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” you snap sarcastically, removing the cardigan from you shoulders and haphazardly draping it over the living room couch. “Should I be more understanding about running into your ex-fiancée at your mother’s wedding?”

“Yes!” Ashton scoffs, also removing his jacket but opting to hang it up neatly by the front door. “I told you a hundred times on the ride home that I didn’t know she would be there! It’s not my fault that my mum invited her!”

“No, that’s not your fault, Ashton,” you lean down to remove one of the heels that’s been killing your feet all night, but keep a firm hold on it in case you have to improvise it as a weapon, “But did you have to sneak off and dance with her while I was in the bathroom?”

“I didn’t sneak off to dance with her!” Ashton forcefully loosens his necktie but doesn’t bother spending the time to take it off because he’s dependent on talking with his hands when he’s angry, “I was dancing with the flower girl when Shelby came up and intervened.”

“You still danced with her!” Your fingers wrap tighter around your shoe. The image of Ashton with his hands on his ex’s hips and her arms around his neck with a song about love playing over the speakers is imprinted into every corner of your mind, and there is no escaping the gut-wrenching feeling of seeing your boyfriend reunite with someone he wanted to marry at one point. “You could have– you should have told her ‘no’!”

“I tried to!” The veins in Ashton’s neck are gradually becoming more prominent.

“That’s not good enough!” you yell.

“Of course it’s not,” Ashton laughs humorlessly and lets his hands fall to his sides, “Nothing’s ever good enough for you!”

“Excuse me?” You take off your other shoe and discard both of them to the side on the floor. “What the hell does that mean?”

“It means,” he starts crossing the room toward you, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt as he does so, “you’re an ungrateful bitch! You expect our relationship to be fucking perfect and when I don’t meet your ridiculous standards, on the rare occasions that I do something you don’t like, you throw a God damn tantrum!”

You remain silent as Ashton continues to release his anger through harsh words and name calling. You two have been in plenty of fights before, but he’s never once stooped low enough to call you a bitch. It stings to hear the word leave his lips– the same lips that showered you with compliments and kisses just this morning before you two even got out of bed to start getting ready for his mother’s wedding, and it breaks your heart to realize the tremendous turn that the day has taken.

You don’t realize that you’ve been backing up until you feel the wall behind you. Ashton’s chest is directly in front of yours, rising and falling more rapidly now that his rant is over. His mouth is close and right in your line of vision, but you don’t feel the familiar desire to kiss him like you usually would.

“I never realized that’s what you think of me,” you say as calmly as a livid person can. You’re tempted to push Ashton away from you but decide to just slide past him instead, not looking in his direction as you make your way toward the staircase.

“Yeah, just walk away, Y/n,” another annoyed laugh resonates from Ashton’s throat, “That’ll solve our problems!”

“Fuck you, Ashton!” You scream from one of the bottom steps.

“No, fuck you!” he retaliates even louder.

“I hope you weren’t planning on sleeping in our bed tonight,” you spit, “Enjoy the couch.”

“I’ll enjoy it more than sleeping near you,” Ashton mumbles under his breath, but you’re still able to catch it. You stomp up the remaining stairs and make it a point to slam the bedroom door once you’re inside. You also lock it, hoping that he’ll somehow hear the click as well.

The bed that you and Ashton normally share feels cold without the extra heat of his body, but you suck it up and crawl under the covers anyway. Sleep definitely isn’t going to come easy tonight– not with your blood still boiling over what started the fight and Ashton’s hurtful words playing on repeat throughout your mind. How could he be such an idiot? You had every reason to get mad at him for dancing with his ex-fiancée. In fact, if the roles were reversed, you know damn well that Ashton would start World War III if he saw one of your formal lovers put their hands on you.

A mixture of emotions create the tears that are now burning the backs of your eyes. You look toward the ceiling, blinking excessively to try to stop them from spilling down your cheeks, but it’s no use. You’re sad, and you’re angry, and you’re afraid that this might be the fight that you and Ashton can’t come back from, and that’s a lot to deal with after such a long and stressful day. So you let yourself cry for the first time in a while, and if you weren’t in so much emotional pain you might think that it feels good to finally let yourself go after portraying a façade for so long.

Your post-argument sobs are the one thing you don’t want Ashton to hear, and that’s why your heart sinks when there’s a small knock at the door.

“Y/n,” Ashton’s voice is soft and muffled by the barrier between you.

“Go away,” you demand hoarsely, the strained sound of your own voice surprising you.

“I’m not going anywhere until you open the door, baby,” he says sweetly. “I’m sorry.”

You sniff loudly and wave your hands in front of your eyes to try to dry them. Although you were hoping for an apology, you weren’t expecting it to come tonight.

Feeling mildly better now that he’s feeling remorse but still not quite in the mood to make up yet, you tell him, “We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Come on, baby, please,” he begs, “I don’t want us to go to bed angry.”

You exhale a fragile sigh and shake your head, refusing to let him off the hook so easily. You slide further under the blanket and reach over for the switch of lamp beside you to turn out the last remaining light in the room, hoping he saw it go out through the crack under the door, but just in case he missed it you bluntly include, “Goodnight, Ashton” to really deliver your message.

A deep breath and a disappointed “Alright,” are all that’s heard from Ashton’s side, and you relax a little knowing that he won’t press the issue. At least, at first you do. But as you lay on your side in bed, staring at the door you declined to open, you can’t help but feel the weight of Ashton’s compromise caving in on your chest.

“I don’t want us to go to bed angry.”

What if Ashton knows something you don’t? What if he leaves for good? What if a burglar breaks into your house tonight and hurts Ashton for standing in the way of what he wants? What if he goes for a late drive to clear his mind and doesn’t come home? God forbid, what if for some reason Ashton just doesn’t wake up tomorrow, and the last memory you have of him is exchanging “fuck you's” in your living room?

You’re out of bed and on your feet before your mind can come up with anymore cruel scenarios. You don’t want to go to bed angry. Ashton was trying to apologize and you should have let him, and now it’s your turn to say sorry.

The door handle is cold under your damp palms, and when you step out into the hallway you fully expect it to be empty. But instead, Ashton is leaning back against the wall directly across from you, his hooded, hazel eyes already locked on yours. He stands up straighter when he sees you; his arm flinches as if he wants to reach out to you but he’s not sure if he’s allowed to. You’re shocked to see him and your agape mouth shows it. You thought for certain that he would have gone back downstairs by now.

“Ashton,” his name leaves your lips and you hurry to close the distance between the two of you. His arms immediately welcome you into their warmth and you bury your face into the crook of his neck, relief washing through your muscles and allowing them to relax.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry,” he whispers into your hair, leaving a kiss where his breath fanned against, “I didn’t mean any of it– nothing that I said was true. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, and I shouldn’t have danced with Shelby tonight.” He slightly releases his hold so he can lean back far enough to see your pretty face. “I don’t feel anything for her anymore, you know that right?”

Ashton still having feelings for his ex was the first thing that crossed your mind when you saw them together at the wedding, but you avoided bringing that up in the argument because you were scared that he might confirm your suspicion, so hearing him deny it now all on his own is a huge comfort.

You subtly nod.

“Good.” Ashton brings his hands up to gently cup your jaw. “Because I love you so much, Y/n, and I don’t ever want to give you a reason to doubt that.”

The corners of your lips quirk into a small, forgiving smile, and while your mood is lifted you pull Ashton into the first kiss you’ve had since departing from the venue. He eagerly reciprocates the affection, traveling his long fingers from your face to your hair and tucking the strands sweetly behind your ears.

“I love you,” you mumble against his soft skin, forming your lips to his once more before turning around and heading toward the bedroom. You don’t hear Ashton follow, so you look over your shoulder to see what the hold up is.

He’s watching you shyly, his eyes low at first until they shoot up to meet with yours, a doe-like innocence and timid-puppy quality to them. It takes you a second to remember that you exiled him to the couch no more than a few minutes ago, which explains his out-of-character uncertainty.

“Aren’t you coming to bed?” you ask, extending your hand in his direction.

Ashton’s demeanor instantly brightens, and he’s walking toward you with no further hesitation after being granted your permission. He grabs your hand and pulls you into his chest, capturing your mouth with his in a kiss more passionate than anything you’ve felt all day. Your lips part briefly as he bends his knees to pick you up by your thighs, wrapping your legs around his narrow waist while his hands rest firmly on your backside to support your weight. His mouth is on yours again, his tongue begging for entrance, and a fit of giggles escape both of your throats by the time he carries you through the threshold and kicks the door closed behind him.      


Dating Kim Taehyung

Dating: Kim Namjoon | Kim Seokjin |Jeon Jungkook

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  • So like you and Taehyung have been friends since childhood
  • Ever since your parents decide to move from fricking USA to god damn Daegu
  • Leaving you absolutely incapable of having a proper conversation with anyone around you 
  • He noticed you a lot, all alone and left to yourself, absolutely isolated from the crowd at school 
  • While he was the sunshine boy, the one everyone wanted to be friends with, the one who was admired by a swarm of girls and boys
  • He was perfect in each and every way
  • So he decided to learn English, just so that he could strike up a conversation with you
  • One day, when you were walking back home from school, your earphones plugged in and your music on full volume he decided to make his move
  • You didn’t notice him until you felt a hand on your shoulder that made you scream from the surprise and shock
  • You turned around in a rush, leaving you inches away from his face and coloring your cheeks bright red
  • His eyes widened unbelievably large before he took a step back, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck with his hand while you looked at him expectedly
  • “H-Hiii” He spoke in the cutest accent you had heard and you replied with a warm hello
  • It was adorable watching speak in English and tumble over the simplest words so you tried your best to speak in Korean, telling him that it’s fine to speak in Korean
  • He just looked at you, listening with interest as he heard all the mistakes you made but pretended that it was the best Korean he had ever heard
  • You both just giggled at each other’s mistakes and walked back home together which as it turns out, are insanely close
  • Which leads him the two of you walking to and from school together
  • Eventually your Korean starts to get better because he tries teaching you the best he can during your walk home and you teach him some english in return
  • Years pass by, you study together, eat together, basically spend most of your time with each other and even end up attending the same university
  • So your parents decide to rent out an apartment near the campus and you start living with Taehyung because his parents and yours were almost as close as you two were
  • Sometimes uncomfortably close as they brought up the prospect of marriage between the two of you that ended with you excusing yourself to the bathroom so that you could die hyperventilate in peace
  • One day, after your finals you decide to go to watch the latest movie in theatres and being the sarcastic lil’ shit that you are you made an insane number of comments about how the plot was completely illogical
  • And Taehyung kept listening to you, focusing more on you than the movie itself and wondering how he ended up being so lucky to have spent most of his life already with you
  • But one of the morons patrons of the theatre decides to interrupt your speech by politely asking you to shut up
  • And you were about to tell that bitch that he could suck it go find another seat if you were bothering him so much
  • But Taehyung saw that look of ember that shone in your eyes right when you were about to argue with whoever decided to be dumb enough to piss you off
  • So he holds your hand tightly, signaling you to let it go and not think about it but nope, nothing is gonna stop you from arguing 
  • Which leads to Taehyung almost instantly placing his lips on yours before you could do anything 
  • And you’re just in shock because what the fuck just happened?
  • He’s looking at you all embarrassed and shy because he can’t believe he just did that
  • And you’re looking at him like what did you just do?
  • And he shrugs his shoulders like I just uh…uhm… needed to shut you up?
  • But he doesn’t even look the least bit sorry or regretful of his actions as licked his lips which still had your taste on them
  • And you’re blushing extremely, unbelievably hard at this point
  • So when you leave the movie and go back to your apartment
  • The minute the door closes
  • He cups your face in his palms and kisses you again, this time a lot softer and sweeter, and you kiss him back, your hand entangling in his hair as you pulled him closer to you after all you had been waiting for this for years
  • Which gives him the bright, shining green light to go ahead
  • In the morning when you wake up next to each other, you’re just smiling and laughing
  • And he’s like, “We could’ve been doing this for years”
  • You hit his shoulder slightly, making him chuckle as you reply, “Yeah but hey, at least now we’ll be doing it for many more years to come”
  • And he’s like, “Did you just propose to me?”
  • You’re shaking your head but he’s all excited and jumping up and down before you finally calm him down and tell him that you want to date for now
  • He pouts but finally relents when you barrage him with a huge load of kisses
  • Years pass by, you pursue your dream job and he quits studying to pursue his dream of becoming an idol
  • Which if you were being completely honest did put a strain on your relationship
  • But your love was so strong that nothing could possibly break it at this point not forgetting to mention the insane amount of gifts Taehyung bought you every time he went on tour
  • And one day he comes back from an awards show, throwing his bag to the corner and collapses on the bed
  • You’re like, “Tae come on, you need to eat”
  • And he pulls you into the bed with him and then slides off of it himself
  • And gets down on one fucking knee
  • “We won an award today but the best prize that I could ever get is to spend the rest of my life with you”
  • And you’re crying and screaming and nodding
  • “So will you marry me?” and he pulls out a gorgeous ring from a pocket on his blazer in a small, cute velvet box
  • Which he puts on your finger before you even answer his question
  • “Okay so you’re mine now, no takebacks” He proclaims, smiling like an idiot as you shake your head at his childish behavior but he wraps his arms around you and starts kissing you again and again and again.
  • “Tae what about dinner?” You ask, chuckling as you try to push him off
  • “Dinner can wait….I like my dessert first” And with that you lose all body strength and turn into a moany mess
  • NSFW Extras: 
  • While you try to cook food for him that might possibly poison him? He decides to distract you using his incredibly tongue and fingers which leads to the two of you ordering takeout as you laid on the bed, wrapped in the soft and warm sheets while he put on your favorite show and cuddled next to you 
  • And then you want to get back at him for doing this to you, so you decide to interrupt his gaming time by clothing your entire body in just your underwear and one of his button up shirts that you left unbuttoned at the top specifically to let your cleavage show
  • Which leads to Tae practically pushing Jungkook out of your apartment and pushing you into the bed 
  • Not forgetting to mention that your wedding night would just be absolutely magical 
  • He’d get down on his knees and worship you all night long, not caring about himself and only admiring the beauty that was now all his 
  • But of course, you’re not one to let him do all the work because you love him just as much as he loves you
  • So the entire night its just a struggle between the two of you as you giggled 
  • But it’s so adorable and cute and beautiful 
  • Just like your love 

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The Beanie Boy (Septiplier AU) - Part 1

Yes! Tis I! Another person with MORE AU’s!! Anyways, lemme explain this, and warn you. 


So I wanted to share at least ONE of my AU’s, and if you guys like it I’ll TOTALLY write more. So comments always help!! The tag to find his story is “The Beanie Boy” or “Septiplickles AU”

Really hope you guys like!!!

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Thank you again for the request!Hope you  liked it

any grammatical errors tell me


  • Well they had a fight
  • Like every other couple have
  • Normal
  • They passed that phase
  • Of course, MC was a little too rough in this fight
  • Zen was just being attacked
  • Mc is a beast!
  • But now, everything was alright
  • That fight was like, 1 week ago
  • They are the lovely couple again
  • But you are with a guilty consciousness
  • You should not have said all those things
  • That he don’t was talented, only beautiful, that people only love him for his face, not for his performances
  • That his career will never go further
  • In the moment of the discussion, Zen was destroyed
  • They were fighting because he is always on the rehearsal
  • He was trying so hard, to be better
  • And she was saying that he never gonna be better
  • That hurts
  • If any other person say this to him, he will prove that the person is wrong
  • But it was you
  • His princess
  • The love of his life
  • It hurts so much
  • But now everything is fine!
  • Right..?
  • No..
  • That guilty consciousness  is bigger and bigger
  • You just can’t take anymore
  • You have to say sorry, you have to talk about  it, this is killing you!
  • When Zen come back from rehearsals ,he go towards you and kiss your cheek
  • “Hello princess, i’m back, sorry for being late, i will take a shower ok?”
  • You just nodded, every time he comes back from rehearsals, you remember the discussion, you see him walking towards the bathroom 
  • “W-Wait…ZEN!”
  • He turns to you, giving a gentle smile that killed you even more
  • “I..Want to talk about that fight that we had”
  • “Why you want to talk about this,baby?Let this remain in the past”
  • He said laughting, he don’t know how is hard to you let this fight get away from your mind
  • “NO!" 
  • You scream sad, he is surprised by the scream you gave
  • "No…I need to talk about it..”
  • You said a little more calm, and he just, sits in a chair, giving all his attention to you
  • And you look at him, Understanding that he is letting you talk
  • “The things that i said to you,you know that i don’t thing any of these things..Right?”
  • But before he could even answer, you just starts crying
  • “I’m so so sorry, i know how hard you’re trying right now!”
  • You just starts to cry a lot, and Zen can’t stay still and run to you hugging you
  • “It’s  okay babe…Don’t cry”
  • “No it’s not!I was so bad for you!I’m so sorry Zen…I’m sorry,i’m sorry…”
  • You said crying, repeating how sorry you are over and over again, and Zen just hold you tightly
  • “Don’t cry babe…Please i hate to see you cry”
  • He said kissing all over your face and wiping the tears of your face while you keep saying how sorry you are
  • After a  few minutes of conversation about how sorry you were, him saying he was not even mad or sad anymore for all of that
  • You two say at each other how much you love each other.
  • “Well…You’re feeling better princess?”
  • You give him a little smile
  • “Yes Zen…I feel so much better now”
  • “Great then.
  • He gets up from the couch, and looks at you
  • “I will go to the bath..”
  • He give you a little smirk,extending a hand for you
  • “Do you mind joining me?”


  • It’s really hard to even think of hurt this precious baby
  • But MC was really harsh with him one night
  • Now he was really focusing in his studies, but in one night he was playing LOLOL, screaming at his teamates loudly
  • He was so focused in the game that he dind’t remember that you’re sleeping
  • Damn it Yoosung
  • When you wake up, you tought that he has been doing this every night
  • But you didn know that was only sometimes
  • The room was a mess because of that
  • Damn it Yoosung 2
  • You start screaming at him, but he was not even hearing you
  • Then you get up of your bed and unplug his computer
  • “Hey why you–Ugh…Hey Mc…Did i wake you up?I’m sor–”
  • Before he could talk
  • Saying that he never will be a man, saying he will never ever be successful
  • That he still a little child
  • These  words hit Yoosung like hell
  • He starts to reply , saying that  you are not giving him credit for what he already was accomplish
  • “What  Yoosung?What are you accomplish?A new rank in LOLOL?”
  • He just can’t believe in that, he just run to another room
  • You just lies down on bed
  • The next day he just apologize for waking you up the other night
  • Everything seems good
  • But everyday after that fight, your mind keep remembering the things you said
  • And seem him so focused at his studies, too focused, just because of the things you said
  • You’re feeling like a trash
  • Until one day you sit besides him while he was studying
  • For the fifth time only that afternoon
  • While he was reading, focused, you keep looking at his damaged eye
  • Look what he did for you
  • And you called him a child
  • Stupid MC.
  • “Yoosung..”
  • He looks at you almost instantly
  • Never matters what he is doing
  • If you call, he is there
  • I love him
  • “What it is dear?”
  • He said giving a smile, that beautiful smile of his
  • “I want to talk about…That fight we had in that night”
  • “But why my love?I already say that i’m sorry for that”
  • “But i didn’t apologize”
  • “What?”
  • He laughs getting a little closer to you
  • “Apologize for wh–”
  • “…Mc are you crying?”
  • Yes you are, like a waterfall, all this fault was in you
  • He did not know what to do, he was so surprised to see you cry like this
  • “I’M SORRY!I’m seeing you studying more than you actually need to, because i was and idiot that was only angry that you waked me up with that game…Which you have all the right to play after all that you have done!”
  • He was happy to hear those words, really, she recognize what he has done
  • This was really, really, satisfactory
  • But he don’t want to see his love crying because of one thing that she said while she was angry
  • “I’m sorry…So sorry…I’m don’t know why i said those things…I’m sorry…Sorry”
  • He just give to her a little sad smile while she was apologizing and kissed her cheek making her stop apologizing
  • “I’m relieve then…I can stop studying a little!”
  • She just…Gives a genuine smile
  • “Yoosung..”
  • She said while whipe her tears while he keeps looking at her, waiting for what she have to say
  • “Want to play a game?”
  • And then, everything  was great between them


  • You know this man loves you, right?
  • You are the first love of him, and probably the last
  • Jumin has some behavior that makes you really angry
  • Like him trying to say what you should wear, do, feel
  • Not even Elizabeth listen to him, why you should?
  • You usually  just say to him that he needs to stop
  • And he stops
  • But one day you was really, really stressed
  • Even Elizabeth knows it
  • And Jumin just came late at night, seeing you with a shirt that was dirty with some drink
  • And a messy hair
  • He starts lecturing you, saying that tomorrow he will let a dress to you wear, and will make a appointment for you in some hair stylist
  • And he even sayed that he is thinking what other hairstyles would suit you better
  • Usually you just cut him out, and he stops
  • But you want blood
  • wanna fight?!
  • get out here Elizabeth or you will see your owner die
  • “Why you don’t  find a psychiatrist for you?”
  • “Excuse me?”
  • You gets up, laughing angrily
  • “Yes, you are so messed up in the head i think you may need it”
  • Before he could talk you just continues
  • “I’m not your pet , you spoiled little brat, i will do everything that comes to my head, and even if you throw me out , thats fine, i know that a stubborn like you would never find another idiot to be here,you know why i know this?”
  • You just gets closer to a paralized Jumin
  • “Because nobody likes you, not even your own cat”
  • And with that, you just go to the bedroom, and with a click ,you sleep
  • The next day, he just behaves normally
  • You was sure that he would at least say something
  • But nothing
  • He was normal, but you, you aren’t
  • You need to say you’re sorry
  • Ok
  • He was wrong,but you know he was slowly getting better
  • After 3 days
  • You just can’t act like nothing happened
  • He was sit on the couch, petting Elizabeth
  • You make your way to him and just give one look to Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth go away like
  • “Ok ok, serious  conversation, imma out”
  • Jumin looks at you while you’re sitting down besides him
  • “Jumin, we need to talk about that fight.”
  • His eyes turn into sadness
  • “Mc i’m sorry, i want to ignore that fight, please forgive me, don’t go away”
  • Jumin Han the weak 
  • You look at him and starts to cry, a lot, like, really, a lot
  • “Jumin, you were wrong, but the things i said..Was terrible,i’m so sorry!”
  • You just said crying, like Yoosung, Jumin just..Don’t know what to do
  • Mc the weak
  • “I love you Jumin, i’m sure your father and Elizabeth loves you too, the RFA…You are an incredible man,that’s why i love you so much and that’s why i’m married to you’
  • His  heart just stopped
  • "I’m so sorry for everything Jumin, sorry please..Forgive me”
  • He gets closer to you quicky and kiss you
  • A passionatly and wet kiss because of your tears
  • When you two finally broke apart
  • He just smile
  • “But never use a dirty shirt again,specially if it’s white”
  • He winked as he gets closer and Elizabeth just jump in the couch again
  • Nice timing (not)


  • Jaehee was stressing herself with work
  • Again
  • She was making the dawn cafe a nightmare
  • You tell her over and over again that she needs to calm herself down
  • “Go to sleep Jaehee”
  • “What is sleep?”
  • She is really stubborn
  • You guys was nearly married and she still say “friends” sometimes
  • Stop
  • Gayhee
  • When you wakes up in the middle of the night and see that she still looking for something that she can improve in the cafe
  • You got really angry at her
  • She was deaf?
  • “JAEHEE!”
  • Jaehee looks at you
  • And then the fight started
  • “Jaehee are you deaf?How many times that i need to tell you THAT YOU NEED TO SLEEP”
  • “MC if you don’t worry about our cafe,i do”
  • “What?You’re worrying too much, this is suppose to be something relaxing, and you are making it a HELL”
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • “This place looks like a prison, this is supposed to be something fun, a thing that both of us like!You know what…Maybe being only your friend was not a bad ideia, you are really boring compared to the guys
  • You say in the anger, and go to the bedroom, not even thinking of going back and say that you’re sorry
  • But after that day
  • You regret saying those things
  • And regret even more for not say how sorry you were for it
  • But Jaehee finally looks like she listened to you
  • She was going to bed early, being more calm with everything
  • But she seem a little sad , hurt, when you two talk
  • This only makes you feel even more bad than ever
  • Then you decides
  • You will talk to her
  • She was cleaning the cafe while you walked toward her
  • “Jaehee..”
  • She turns to you
  • “What is it MC?”
  • “You know…About that night..”
  • “Mc i understand that you keep thinking about that, but i’m already doing the things you suggested,do you have any other thing that is annoying you right now?”
  • “Yes…”
  • “What?”
  • Then suddenly you start to cry
  • “That i didn’t apologize”
  • Oh poor MC
  • She said a little mean things to her, but she knows she didn’t mean all those things
  • When Jaehee opens her mouth to talk about how everything was alright 
  • MC start to speak again
  • “I love you just the way you are Jaehee, i’m so sorry for all those things!I was just worried about your health, i just don’t want to loose you!”
  • You say while so many tears fall from your eyes 
  • Jaehee just …Smile, while hearing your apologizes
  • She puts her hand in your cheeks and you look at her, don’t saying anything anymore
  • “I love you too MC”
  • She planted a calm kiss on your lips
  • “And i’m sorry for making you worried”
  • She smiles, you smiled
  • Everything was just smiles!
  • “But you don’t think we need more tables?”
  • Jaehee..For fuck’s sake


  • Ok
  • Seven make you laugh
  • Like every time
  • I love him
  • Everything is perfect
  • Except when he just lock himself in his room
  • Work work work
  • Sometimes he is just too grumpy
  • You say HELLO
  • and he is like
  • Get out
  • And the other day he is like
  • Bipolar
  • But in one unfortunate day, the two of you were grumpy
  • Saeran was like, the most calm person in there
  • But he just locks himself in his room
  • You know, if you or seven yell at him, he will kill you two
  • You are really mad at Seven for being in his damn computer the entire day
  • When he finally gets out with that face of someone who hates the world
  • You just don’t feel intimated
  • Come at me
  • He realize that you’re looking at him with a angry face
  • “What are you looking at?Don’t you having something better to do?”
  • “Why you just didn’t came to talk to me until now Seven?”
  • “Because unlike you, i have something to do,excuse me”
  • And he start to walk away
  • Saeran was about to yell at him because of how he was treating you
  • He was there, he don’t lock himself in his room
  • Yet
  • But before that, you yell Seven’s name, and he looks at you
  • Saeran is surprised, maybe he will stay there
  • Some man just wants to watch the world burn
  • Reference
  • “Why are you acting like this?You look just like a damn child! Talk to me goddammit !Stop with this grumpy face, and stops spending all the day in that room!Maybe is this the reason why everybody gets out of your life, and maybe your brother will be better without you!”
  • The expression of Seven change to grumpy…To surprise
  • Saeran was like
  • OMG 
  • But even him, knows you was really harsh
  • “You know what?GO BACK TO THAT ROOM SEVEN,everybody is better WITHOUT YOU”
  • And with this, he do what you asked
  • You was proud
  • You was like 
  • Hell yeah
  • try me Saeran
  • I’ll punch you too
  • But Saeran just looks at you with a face that says:
  • You fucked up 
  • But you just didn’t care
  • Ok you was harsh
  • You are right, but you are really harsh

  • Ok the other day you do care
  • Omg
  • You wakes up filled with regret 
  • You don’t see besides you…He was still working?
  • Ok, then he deserves what you said yesterday
  • When you go to the kitchen, he was there, with Saeran, and pancakes
  • Real food
  • “Good morning my looove ~~ Your God made you pancakes!”
  • You look at him, he has a big smile in his face,and you look at Saeran 
  • He is just eating
  • Looks like yesterday didn’t even happen
  • You wished it didn’t happen
  • But it did
  • And you just froze by everything
  • “Honey..?Are you alright?”
  • You look at Seven, and start to cry
  • Saeran and Seven looks surprised by it
  • “I’m sorry for the things i’ve said yesterday, i know what your work needs attention, but i hate when make you feel grumpy and be in that room for the entire day….I’m so sorry…I was an idiot for saying such things..I just..Really missed you…!”
  • You said, with tears falling and falling from your eyes
  • He just hugs you
  • “Honey don’t cry…You will get dehydrated”
  • You give a little laught for that, and he puts his forehead to yours, smilling
  • “I’m sorry too honey, i love you”
  • “I love you too Saeyoung”
  • You two just starts to give each other a little kiss after a “i love you”
  • Saeran is just like
  • Ugh
  • I will lock myself now
  • I lost my appetite


  • This precious man
  • It’s hard to be mad at him
  • I don’t even how i’m going to write this
  • But this precious man refuses to get a surgery from his eyes
  • Everytime you see his eyes
  • You remember how much he are suffering because of it
  • But V always say that is okay
  • But you know it’s a struggle for him
  • But he is so stubborn
  • This relationship is full with “but”
  • You see him struggling even more to walk without hitting any other object
  • everytime you try to help him, asking if he got hurt, he looks at you smiling saying it was fine
  • The bruise can be bleeding, but he always says it was “fine”
  • But you had enough, when you asked if he hurted himself, when he clearly did, he says “No ,it’s fine”
  • He got a little scared about this sudden scream
  • “Mc..Please..Jus–”
  • “Don’t even try to say "calm down” ,you are acting like a idiot right now, stop, you are turning a burden for yourself, do this damn surgery! I want to stop being so damn worried about you, i know you keep crying every night trying to sleep,stop with this!“
  • "Mc i already said th–”
  • “That you will not do the surgery?Ok fine, then don’t, but don’t think of hold me here,because you gonna be a burden to me after you turn completly blind”
  • With this , you storm away to the bedroom
  • And V is paralized
  • His vision is even more blurry now
  • Wait…Did he suddenly turns even more blind?
  • Oh no..
  • It is tears.
  • The other day you get up and go to the living room after realizing V wasn’t in your side
  • You see a blanket in the couch, he slept in there
  • When you turn you see him arriving home with a cellphone in hands
  • He must have gone talk to someone and don’t want to wake you up
  • “Oh hi love..”
  • He gives that beautiful smile 
  • And you are being hit with your own memories 
  • The things you said…Oh god
  • “V about yesterday…”
  • “I should have told you that it wasn’t fine…I understand that i will be a burden to y–”
  • You say with tears falling from your eyes, a lot of tears
  • “I’m so sorry V…You being blind is not a burden to me…But you lying is…If you turn completly blind , you will need my help, and with yours lies…Will be very hard…I’m sorry for all the things i said..But i love you, i will try my best, i promise..”
  • You said drowning in your own tears and he just laughs with tears in his eyes
  • “It will be no need for this.”
  • You look at him confused
  • “Why..?”
  • “I talked with Jumin,i will make the surgery”
  • You start crying again, with tears of joy, and you jump in his arms
  • You two are crying, smiling
  • A lot of love promisses were made that day


  • Ok this boy likes to fight
  • A lot
  • But with you?fight with you?!
  • No..
  • He don’t want to
  • You always think that he always are a lot more calmer with you
  • and with ice cream
  • But you know sometimes bad things are going throught his mind
  • And you need to take those things away from him
  • But everytime this happen and you ask him if he was okay
  • he  just scream at you
  • “GO AWAY”
  • He knows that he need to be treated, he knows he have to speak up
  • But he don’t do it
  • And this make you suffer, and it makes him suffer too
  • Until one day 
  • You asked him if he was okay
  • He said to you, “GO AWAY”
  • And you yelled at him back “NO”
  • He looks surprised but angry with you
  • You don’t even give him time to yell back
  • He yells back, and you just are happy to do what he want,and with this you go to the bedroom, having a good night ~
  • The  next day, was not a good day
  • You are feeling like trash
  • Yell at him will not help
  • He needs your help
  • Not your yells
  • This was not going to help him
  • You know sometimes he just want to hug you and cry
  • And say how hard it is for him
  • And you know one day he will do this, but not right now 
  • You look beside you,there he is, looking at the sky, the clouds, he loves it
  • When you sit on the bed , he turns to you, noticing you are awake
  • “Oh hello princess..”
  • He looks at the clouds again
  • Seeing him so peacefully..Makes you start to cry
  • Holy shit
  • You are crying so much
  • He looks at you when he heards it
  • The words give you a K.O when you remember them
  • “Saeran…I didn’t meaning that…Please forgive me”
  • He sits beside you in the bed
  • “I’m sorry for not be strong enought sometimes”
  • “I should say that,not you”
  • You say while you grab his hands
  • “I’m so sorry Saeran, really, you don’t deserve to die alone, you are a good person with a kind heart, and i love you, i will never leave you..I’m sorry…Sorry”
  • He give you a kiss, maybe to make you shut up and stop saying how sorry you were
  • “I will forgive you with one condition..”
  • “Say it..!I will do anything”
  • He smiled
  • “I want to go to the ice cream shop”
  • You laughts
  • He is a dork
  • But you love this dork

I hope this is what you asked for,

Oh man…This got too big?

After you arrived late at work, your boss called you. He asked you if you could substitute for a colleague in a presentation. You are still at work; you have reread the presentation again and again. You feel tired, and you start to get a headache. It’s a horrible day that seems endless. You look at your phone - no message from Harry. You shake your head and put the phone back in your bag angrily. You sigh and support your head on your right hand. You look bored at your computer. You feel a familiar awful feeling in your underbelly.

No, not today. You look at your calendar. On Friday is a little red point painted, but today is only Wednesday. You heave yourself up and walk directly to the toilet. You walk into the stall and close the door.

True- a red spot is on your panties. You could scream. But you are always prepared. You narrow your eyes and walk back to your office. Bugged, you reach for your bag.

“Something wrong?” asks your colleague through the open door. You fake a smile, holding up the tampon. She laughs.

“I understand,” she winks.

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anonymous asked:

Angst. Angst. Angst. Hanzo, McCree and Reaper have a huge argument with their s/o. Who apologises first? Make up kisses? Make up presents? Make up sex? Whatever floats your boat!

Thank you for the request! I did a similar one with McCree already so I hope it’s ok if I just do Hanzo and Reaper…if not, message me a scenario with McCree and I’ll do something more specific and longer! I hope you enjoy these! I may have gotten carried away with this prompt lmao (Also thank you for the Hanzo request, I haven’t gotten any for him yet and I love him so much lmao)

-Hanzo has been on edge all week. The anniversary of Genji’s death was coming up and although his brother is alive, he is still faced with his feelings of guilt.
-It’s something small that sets it off; his s/o moves his bow while they were cleaning and when Hanzo saw it wasn’t in its intended spot, he exploded. He starts yelling at his s/o, who is clearly confused and tries to calm him down. Hanzo eventually ends up insulting his s/o who then calmly leaves the room so they don’t let him see them cry.
-“You are a disgrace! I don’t know why I allowed myself to be with you!!”
“Ok, Hanzo. I’ll leave you be then.”
-S/O quickly runs to Genji who is meditating with Zenyatta and is shocked to see them burst into tears. They tell him everything that happened and he offers them a place to sleep if they do not wish to go back to Hanzo that night.
-Hanzo is angry for quite some time and ends up drinking sake until he is numb. When he wakes in the morning, the bed is cold next to him. He searches the house for his s/o but there are no signs that they returned that night.
-Hanzo immediately believes that they have left him for good; who wouldn’t after the terrible things he says? He spends the day drinking again until Genji comes to him to chide him for his actions.
-“I know you are feeling guilt and sorrow after what has happened, brother. But you cannot take your feelings out on those closest to you. You must explain yourself and ask for forgiveness.”
“I do not deserve them. And I do not deserve you.”
“Let go of those feelings, Hanzo. It is time to move forward; do not lose sight of what you have now.”
-Hanzo realizes his brother is right and formulates a plan to properly apologize to his s/o.
-His s/o returns later in the evening, intent on packing some of their things because they need more space. When they walk in, they’re shocked to find petals of their favorite flower scattered all around the room. The lights are dim and the dining table has candles and their favorite meal laid out.
-Hanzo slowly walks up to them, wearing his finest kimono (the one his s/o loves). He would bow low before them.
-“I have said horrible things to you this day; none of which were true. The anniversary of Genji’s death has been approaching and as a result, I have been on edge and took out my feelings on you; the person I love most on this earth. Please, I ask for your forgiveness and understanding. I understand if you wish to leave, and I will not hold it against you.”
-His s/o is crying again and they kneel down to pull him into a hug.
-“You’re an idiot, Hanzo. But you’re my idiot. Thank you for the apology. I’m still upset, but I love you and I want to move past this. I want to help you move past the tragedy in your life. Why don’t we eat some dinner?”
-The rest of the evening is quiet and relaxed. After dinner, his s/o leads him to their bed and pulls him on top of them.
-“Please love me tonight.”
“It would be my honor.”
-Their lovemaking would be slow and tender; tears would be shed only to be wiped away. There would be a lot of kisses and whispered words of love.

-Reaper has always been stubborn (with a bit of a possessive streak) and his s/o knows and doesn’t usually mind. But one day, they’re standing a little too close to Soldier 76 after a briefing. Reaper grabs them and pulls them away mid-conversation.
-“Gabe, what was that all about? Are you alright?”
“Be quiet! Don’t act like you don’t know what you were doing.”
“Excuse me? I know you generally have a stick up your butt, however you are not giving me that attitude! What’s wrong, seriously?”
“I’m not good enough for you, right? So you have to run off to Morrison and be his little punta!”
-His s/o would smack him and scream that he was being irrational and rude and he shouldn’t come home until after he’s gotten his “head out of his ass” and back onto his neck where it belongs!
-Mercy would have witnessed the event and try to speak to him but he would teleport away with a growl of, “Not now!”
-S/O would head off to beat the crap out of a punching bag to help calm them down. Once they have a clearer head, they would think over the interaction.
-“Of course he’s jealous of Jack, that idiot…I’ll have to find him before he does something stupid I guess. That…idiota!”
-Reaper would be on the roof of the base and his s/o would find themselves working up their anger in trying to get up to him. Once they reach him, they see he has his mask off and is looking forlorn. They would quietly walk over to him and sit down next to him.
-“Gabe…mi amor. You know you can talk to me, right? I’m worried about you. Please talk to me.”
“…You shouldn’t be with a monster like me. Morrison has always been the golden poster boy. It would make sense for you to be with him.”
“You’re not a monster; you’re the man I love. I can’t imagine being with anybody but you. C’mere…”
-His s/o would kiss him tenderly and hold him close to them, slowly stroking his face.
-“Thank you. May I…make you dinner?”
“Is this your way of apologizing?”
“I know, saying sorry is hard for you, you dingus. But yeah, I’d like for you to make me something.”
-Reaper is actually a great cook and his s/o happily eats dinner. They make him do dishes for a week as a proper apology!

Reasons Why Christopher Hayden is Not a Good Guy

Alright gang so it’s that time of the month again. Yes when Christopher apologists are blooming and singing and making ridiculous arguments in support of this idiot. I’m gonna try and not go all meta on this but I can’t make any promises.

1. Literally ran off to California leaving Lorelai alone to raise their daughter at 16.
Listen I don’t give a crap that Lorelai didn’t want to get married, or that she ran away to Stars Hollow for that matter. If Christopher had any interest in being a father he would’ve been there the whole time. When she ran away why didn’t he say, “um excuse me you have no right to take off and keep my kid from me??” Instead he just goes across the country and “keeps in touch.”

2. Literally did not visit Stars Hollow for SIXTEEN YEARS.
His parents live in Hartford. There’s no way he wasn’t around. And yet….

3. Literally did not celebrate Christmas with his daughter until she was 22 years old.
Not only that, but I’m p sure he NEVER celebrated a birthday with her. A couple cards, a couple phone calls.

4. Literally abandoned his wife and turned off his cell phone while her father was in the hospital for a heart episode (his SECOND btw) because he was mad at her. Like okay cool you can be mad about the character reference if you want (he really has no room to be mad but whatever), but for him to be totally unavailable during that entire process is unforgivable. What if something had happened to Rory? Or shit what if something happened to Lorelai?? While Christopher was off licking his wounds terrible things were happening and, shocker, he wasn’t there for Lorelai and Rory when they needed him the most. And THEN he had the audacity to “check in” (one of my favorite exchanges - “I’m not the 6:40 to Buffalo”) and then just BAIL AGAIN. No, “I’m here for you during his hard time but I am still very upset but we will talk about this later.” No, like always, he blows in and blows out without a second thought. AND he’s not even really sorry?? He basically just blames Lorelai for him having to have some space and turn off his phone.

5. Literally blames the brokenness of their marriage solely on Lorelai.
The scene where Lorelai and Chris decide to end their marriage (and also the fight that resulted in it) infuriates me. Lorelai is crying and apologizing and shouldering all the blame and Christopher just lets her. He doesn’t take responsibility for any problems within their marriage. Of course it’s all Lorelai’s fault cause she’s the screw up, right? She didn’t enter into this marriage with her whole heart so obviously its demise was her doing. She tells him over and over that she loves him and is committed to their marriage but it’s all her fault. Right.

6. Literally got into a fistfight with Luke after he was already married to Lorelai.
??????!?! Luke has every right to want to beat the shit out of Christopher, but Christopher “won” so wtf? He’s bitter and petty and jealous so he’s allowed to assault another human being?? Like yes Luke totally went and assaulted Christopher after Lorelai slept with him and that’s not cool (despite how much I love it), but at that point Luke himself had done NOTHING to deserve that. He literally was not speaking to Lorelai and had not for a while, minus a couple of moments of desperation??

7. Literally coerced Lorelai into getting married.
I’m not saying that Lorelai wasn’t at least a little into it, but he cornered her. He emotionally manipulated her. He whisked her off to Paris and had this big, over the top romantic gesture put together NOT THAT LONG AFTER SHE HAD JUST BEEN ENGAGED TO SOMEONE ELSE therefore making her very vulnerable. What was she supposed to do? Say no and get stuck with him in Paris and then make an awkward trip home with him? Not only that, but she got married WITHOUT RORY. Lorelai NEVER would have done that in her right mind. She literally put off her and Luke’s wedding for months until she could make things right with Rory. She was not ready to be married period, let alone to Christopher, and he totally knew that but he also knows Lorelai and knows how to prey on her weaknesses. He even says, “I thought I could handle being your second choice but I can’t,” or something. ?????

8. Literally did not attend Rory’s HS graduation.
Not much to be said about this one, but while you can just attribute it to David Sutcliffe’s availability, keep in mind that him not being there is fine, expected even. Like, “Oh David can’t film then? That’s fine Chris just won’t be there.” That’s the kind of character that he is. Him not being at his daughter’s graduation is nbd. The audience just accepts that he’s not there.

9. Literally made a scene at Emily & Richard’s vow renewals.
“He was drunk!”
“Sloppy writing! Out of character!”
Alrighty friends. Being drunk doesn’t excuse bad behavior, it just provides a reason for the behavior.
And this is so not out of character. Lorelai has never been really serious about a man ever, which is what Emily told Christopher. Christopher’s wife left him and his dad had just died. So he’s in a bad state emotionally. He sees who he believes to be his true love being totally in love with someone else. He sees the life he wanted slipping away. That mixed with alcohol would make anyone act out. We have also seen in the past that he has the capability of flying off the handle when he literally humiliates Lorelai in the diner by screaming at her in front of everyone (which should get its own bullet point but I digress).

10. Literally made himself unavailable to Rory.
He always had to be the one to call her because his numbers were disconnected. Or they had no idea where he was. He had to reach out and make arrangements for them to spend time together - she could never just say hey let’s have a weekend. But that’s also due in part to his track record of making promises and then not following through. What kid wants to constantly be let down? So how does one or two phone calls a week and maybe one or two visits (NOT in Stars Hollow) for decades make him a good father?? Or a good guy? Lorelai specifically said she has always had an open door policy but he just chose not to use it. Even if you excuse his lack of involvement as a teen/young adult, there’s still a good 6-7 years from ages like 25-32 when he could’ve made more of an effort.

Then there’s just the fact that Christopher is incredibly selfish and immature. I love Lorelai but I do not like who Lorelai is when she is with Christopher - she is not her best self when she is with him. He also rarely wants to spend time with Rory just to spend time with Rory - he’s always got an agenda. Not to mention that he pretty much cheated on Sherri twice with Lorelai and then tried to bail on Gigi to try and make it work with her. PLUS there’s the fact that Rory felt like she needed to go and tell him to stay away from Lorelai because he always messes up their lives, “It always ends the same way, mom’s crying and you’re not there.” I feel like that says A LOT. I won’t even go in to the stupid things he did with Gigi.
Then there’s how how he SLEPT WITH LORELAI when she came to see him after she gave Luke the ultimatum. If Christopher really loved Lorelai the way he says he does, and if he was really as good of a friend as everyone thinks he is, he would’ve simply comforted her and been a shoulder to cry on. Like yes of course it takes two, but a “good guy” would not have let it go that far. A “good guy” would’ve seen what a horrible emotional state she was in and would not have let her use him as a fall back or safety net or revenge or whatever. But Christopher is Christopher so he manipulated the situation to get what he wanted, even afterwards when he pestered her about giving their relationship a real shot.

Also, I’m not saying he’s THE WORLD’S WORST HUMAN BEING. LITERALLY DIE. He’s human so of course he makes mistakes. I’m just soooo tired of reading about how great he is and people apologizing for his actions.

As you can see, I have very strong feelings about this. And these are all pretty much basic facts in the show. You don’t have to give it a lot of analysis to see these things.
So PLEASE pardon me when I complete the world’s biggest eyeroll every time someone sticks up for this loser or makes excuses for him. I’m gonna break a record someday.

***Note: NOTHING against David Sutcliffe - he is actually really great. When he was on Private Practice I was really rooting for him and Addison and really liked his character.

****Not calling Christopher fans idiots, I’m just calling his character an idiot. It’s a free country - you’re allowed to like whoever you want.

*******I’m not interested in having a debate about this - everyone is entitled to their opinion. But no one is ever going to change my mind or provide any evidence that I will think is valid. So please don’t bother reblogging or commenting if you’re just gonna argue.

VIXX - Ravi - As A Boyfriend

A/N: Let me begin this by saying that I’m not the expert on Kim Wonshik. That is @i-wontaek-your-shit and you should really target some scenario questions to her because she is GOOD. But anyway, moving on.

Originally posted by vvonsik

  • If you know this rapper you know very well that he has immense amount of capability to spit fire on stage, but in reality, he is a cute fluff ball. I wish I could be wrong, but I know I’m not.
  • I imagine you meeting Wonshik mostly because you have to work with him (backstage, on a photoshoot or wherever, let your imagination run wild) and that’s the first encounter you have. Naturally, he doesn’t register you as out of the ordinary and it takes him time to notice you’re not part of HIS team and that only happens when he gets a breather backstage for like a few minutes and everything is happening so fast around him and the world seems to be on accelerate

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OMG there's two parts to that Drabble thing... Anyway, if you're up for it... Klance and 23. "Just once"??? (I think it's 23...)

| 23: Just once. |

It happened one day.

Lance and everyone else had finished fighting and everyone, despite being battered and bruised, were happy to be back at the palace. They all teased and laughed as they removed their helmets and Lance went first, running a hand through his hair, afraid of helmet hair ruining his beautiful brown locks.

But he was fine. He always was.

He watched as everyone removed theirs and he couldn’t help but let his eyes linger on Keith. The red paladin’s helmet came off and his hair came down to sit on his shoulders once more. Something about his hair gave Lance a lot to think about. Like, how it was stupid, stupid and so…strange. It’s length bothered Lance and he caught himself thinking about how it would look short or even as good. What it would feel like to run his hand through it. Lance’s fingers twitched and he shook himself out of it. Placing his helmet on his hip, he made his way back to his room, to really try not to think about Keith’s hair.

He failed miserably, too.

Lance could only imagine Keith’s hair and the way it framed his annoyingly beautiful face that had been declared his rival only so long ago. How much time had passed since they’d encountered one another? Since they’d left earth? Time had to be screwing with him, it just had to.

There was no way he liked someone he hated.

Or did he hate him?

Lance groaned and rolled over onto his side. He decided to skip dinner that night and tried to sleep without being accosted by thoughts of what exactly Keith’s hair must feel like. He almost screamed but refrained, thinking better of everyone else.

And so the night passed.

The next day only served to act as the very sign that the world was against him.

After waking up and washing his face, he received a knock on his door from the princess. “Lance, wake up, don’t you know what time it is?”

“Not really, no. I’m used to Earth time-”

“Blue paladin, don’t you dare. Be ready to train in a decent amount of ticks; this late business you seem to enjoy needs to stop!” He rolled his eyes, sighing. “Everyone’s already training, let’s go!” The change in her tone made Lance jump, as he put on his gear, and was greeted by an empty hall. Yawning, he made his way to the training room.

What he saw made him feel betrayed. Everyone was fighting but goddamn Keith was wearing his hair in a ponytail. The flounciness of his hair moved with him as he fought and Lance shut his eyes. “I’m fucked. Oh, am I fucked,” he said into his hands, ready to cry, as he sunk down onto the floor.

“Lance!” Startled, he was happy to see that it was Shiro motioning for him to train with him. “Standing around doesn’t help us defeat the Galra!” Lance picked himself up, developing a cat like grin, making his way over.

“Don’t you mean lion around?” A shit eating grin accompanied it and Shiro looked done.

“You’re so stupid,” came from a voice behind him, and he was greeted by an incredulous smile from a certain red paladin. Lance was speechless as Keith shook his head and shook something from his wrist, putting it over his head. It was a headband that pushed all his hair back, showing off his attractive face even more. “Jokes aren’t gonna help us protect the universe.” Keith placed a hand on his hip and Lance was gone at that.

“May I be excused?” Lance asked, to no one, as he answered his own question and left, praying that the image hadn’t been burned into his mind yet. But it had, of course, and Lance suffered over the next few weeks because of it.

The only time he was able to get his mind off of Keith was when everyone was needed to fight again. Days had passed, Lance’s body knew, and time was exhilarating while he piloted alongside his teammates. The Galra were persistent, always after the lions, and their technology was not to be taken lightly.

But Lance knew he could take them all on- he’d done it before, granted, he’d ended up in people’s arms a lot, unconscious but he’d acted selflessly. He always had, ever since his mother had taught him to. And even Allura prized actions that protected teammates. It was in his system; he loved unselfishly.

But the way he charged in? That was selfish.

That flashed through everyone’s minds as they watched the blue lion fall from the sky, hit by the enemy, and all too desperate to hit ground.

Lance sat in the cockpit, head throbbing, watching as everyone grew farther away from him, turning into spots that were indistinguishable from the stars. His throat burned as he shut his eyes, too shocked to feel the collision, too enamored in the nothing he couldn’t see or hear.

And his world stayed like that.

Until he heard someone, someone calling out to him. “Lance, Lance wake up, you hear me?” The voice sounded strangled and he knew in his heart that his body was fighting to let him open his eyes, even if it was just for a little while. “Lance!”

“Hey,” his voice was a lot lighter than he expected, trying to crack a grin but it hurt, it hurt so much.

“You absolute idiot, how could you-” Keith’s face came into focus and the world was silent. He was crying, eyes guarded by his hair, that hair. Lance sucked in a hard breath. His arm hurt but his want was something he’d only have for so much longer. He raised his hand, brushing Keith’s hair to the side of his face. His eyes were red and wide and Lance’s fingertips were happy.

He was happy. “I’ve wanted to touch your hair for some time now.” He felt his hand go slack but it found its way back to Keith’s hair over his cheek, as Keith’s pressing hand rested over Lance’s. “It was worth it,” he whispered, smiling, and Keith’s no was clear on his lips. But Lance knew, he knew.

At least he got to do it.

Just once.

Scars - Chapter 8

Reader x Yoongi

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 2,510

Chapters: 7 , 9


Another 3 months had passed. I’d talk to Jungkook about everything and had to hold him back whenever he tried to pounce on Yoongi. Hoseok eventually found out and well Jungkook had to help me hold him back. Namjoon on the other hand was avoiding me, whenever he saw me he would walk off or make it seem as if he was too busy. I knew why he was avoiding me, but there was no point as I already knew what was being hidden.

The only good thing throughout this time was the baby. The baby was healthy and doing well and there was only one more month before I brought a new life into this world. Yoongi discussed names all the time before bed, I tried not to space out, thinking out the things he’s done to those innocent women and me. Whenever he talked I wanted scream at him, slap him, cry, but at the same time I didn’t want to, because I loved him. If I didn’t have him I wouldn’t be myself, I couldn’t live, I know its sounds cliché, but it’s true.

Right now I was in Yoongi’s office, he was in a meeting elsewhere and he had no idea I was at the club. I was going to stay at home today, but I couldn’t resist getting up and snooping around. I sat in his chair, his blazer was hung around the back of it, I couldn’t stop myself from smelling it. It smelt just like him, a smell I missed. “Oww”, I groaned, I felt a pain in my stomach, it had been happening before, but this time they happened more frequent. The doctors told me that the contractions I was getting were Braxton Hicks contractions, so it was nothing to worry about.

I opened one of the drawers on his desk, there was nothing but a key with a tag. I took it out and looked at the tag, it had an address on it, to an apartment. Was this where he met he-

I was cut off when the door to the office opened, I quickly put the keys in my dress pocket and closed the drawer. “Hey, why are you here, didn’t I tell you to stay at home?”, his voice told me that he was pissed, something probably happened at the meeting. “I-i thought that I would come visit you, we haven’t spent time to-”, “i do have a fucking job (y/n), I can’t deal with your shit all the fucking time”, he spat as he walked towards me sitting on his chair. Why was he being so pissy and rude to me, I’ve done nothing.

“Get up”, I complied and got up, just then I got another shooting pain, but kept quiet, “go tell Hoseok to take you ho-”, “what’s wrong Yoongi?”. He sat on his chair and sighed, “nothing go home", his voice was a lot calmer this time, “clearly something is yo-”, “for fucks sakes (y/n), go home!”, he screamed at me, slamming his fists in the desk. I flinched, my eyes pooling with tear. “Oh-okay”, my voice wavered. I turned on my heels and slowly began making my way out the office, but before I make it passed the frame, I got another pain, but this time it didn’t go and i felt something wet travelling down my leg.

“Y-yoongi”, I groaned out, “(y/n) just g-”, “YOONGI!”, I screamed, “THE BABY!”.

After hours of waiting, crying and screaming, I finally welcomed my beautiful, healthy baby girl into the world.

After a nurse had taken the baby to get her cleaned and clothed and the rest helped me get cleaned up and dressed into something more comfortable and moved me to my private room, Yoongi came in and sat beside me on a chair. “Miss (y/l/n), would you like your daughter to be kept in your room or would you like her to be kept in the nursery?”, “i’d like to-”, “we’d like to keep her here, thanks”, Yoongi interrupted in a snappy voice, “o-okay”, the nurse smiled before going off.

I smiled back and as soon as the nurse left I slapped Yoongi’s arm, “you need to stop with the mean façade”. He just chuckled before speaking, “i’m sorry…”, he lifted my hand to his mouth and placed kisses all over it, “I shouldn’t have shouted at you, just works stressing me out”, “it’s okay”, I said as I combed through his hair.

A few seconds later the nurse had come in with the baby in her arms, wrapped up in a white blanket, “here she is, would you like to hold her?”, I nodded my head and held out my arms. The nurse came over and handed her to me, “hello”, I said to her giving her my finger to grab onto. She was so beautiful, so small and precious.

“Have the two of you thought of a name yet?”. I looked over to Yoongi and nodded and said the one name Yoongi alway suggested, “yeah Kaia”.

A 2 days later I was discharged from the hospital, even though she was premature the doctors said that she was healthy. Yoongi made sure that Kaia’s car seat was secure, he didn’t stop fussing over it until I shouted at him and told him to stop worrying.

Once we arrived home Yoongi carried in Kaia with her seat and i went inside hoping to get some sleep, because I was exhausted. But as soon as I got into the living room I was faced with 6 screaming men, “oh my god!”, I exclaimed, “you scared me you idiots”. “Where is she?”, Taehyung asked right away, “oh hi I’m fine, it’s not like I just pushed another hum-”, “sorry”, he came up and engulfed me in a hug, whereas I just giggled, “Yoongi’s bringing her in”.

Just then Yoongi came in with her in his arms, “oh my god, is that her?! She’s so cute!”, Taehyung couldn’t stop screaming as he went towards the two, the rest of the guys followed behind, hugging me on the way, I was surprised when Namjoon hugged me, guess he wasn’t avoiding me anymore.

After finally calming down Taehyung and putting Kaia to sleep, the guys all went out to the back to get cooking. They brought over meat for a barbecue. As they were preparing the meat and barbecue, I was inside getting together a salad, they needed something healthy with all the burgers they would be eating.

“Hey”, I turned around and saw Jungkook, “hi”, “so… are you leaving him?”, I sighed, right now I didn’t want to be thinking about the whole Yoongi issue, right now I just wanted there to be no drama, even if it only lasted a day. “Kookie i-i don’t want to talk about it”, Jungkook leaned against the island next to me, “really?! (y/n) you can’t decide whether or not to leave the man who’s cheating on you?!”, he scoffed, “how stupid are you?”. My eyes began watering, I didn’t want Jungkook to be angry with me, but did he expect me to just drop everything and leave just like that? It wasn’t easy. “Jungkoo-”, “no (y/n)-”, “please…”, my voice broke giving away that I was crying. As soon as he saw the tears fall he wrapped his arms around me, “i-i don’t know what to do…I love him”, “I know you do,but he’s cheated on you (y/n)”, I moved my face from his chest so I could look at him, “we-we don’t know that for su-”, “(y/n), you need to stop making excuses for him”, “I know”, I whispered as I buried my face back into his chest.

Throughout dinner I just sat there thinking about what I was going to do. If I left I would be broken and Kaia would also be affected, but if I stayed I would also get hurt, knowing that whenever Yoongi says he’s staying late for work, he’s actually fucking that whore of his.

Namjoon P.O.V

I have to tell her. She’s just sat there, not touching her food, probably because she’s thinking if that dick, she probably worked out what he’s been doing. I turned to look at Yoongi, how could he sit there smiling and laughing, whilst the women he supposedly loved is sat there feeling hurt and betrayed.

After dinner the rest of the guys went inside probably to watch TV, I stayed back with (y/n) and helped her clean up. “You know don’t you?”, I asked as I stacked the dirty plates, she stayed silent and continued to throw away the bottles of beer, “I-im sorry (y/n)”. (Y/n) shook her head and smiled at me, I couldn’t tell behind that smile there was a lot of pain, “don’t apologise, besides it was stupid of me thinking that our relationship would last, all I do is irritate him”, she added a little chuckle at the end.

You have to be kidding me?! She believes it’s all her fault! “(Y/n), it’s not yo-”, “hey baby”, Yoongi came walking through the french doors, “Kaia woke up and she’s hungry, Tae’s holding her in the cinema”, “oh, erm…”, she looked over to me. This is what I mean when I say she deserves better, she always cares and worries about others and puts them before her, “go I’m sure I can handle cleaning this up, feeding Kaia is much more important”, with that she went off with Yoongi, who kissed her and wrapped his arm around her waist.

How he could play happy families with what he’s doing is a mystery.

(y/n) P.O.V

Today me and Dina were going out shopping for Kaia today. I dressed Kaia up in her light blue babygrow, before putting on her white coat and hat. I made sure my bag was packeted with nappies, spare clothes and a bottle full of pumped milk.

“(y/n), she’s gorgeous, you’re so lucky”, Dina said as I sat down, we decided to meet in a cafe before going out on our baby spree. “i’m lucky to have her, but getting her out was….”.

Me and Dina went overboard on the you’d and clothes for Kaia, but hey you can never have enough. As we ate we discussed going over to Dina’s for a while, so i rang Yoongi. At Dina’s , Kaia threw a tantrum, so i decided it was best i got her home.

It was currently 9pm, I was surprised I didn’t get any calls from Yoongi, even when he knows where I am he always checks up, maybe he was still at work. I arrived home and carried Kaia inside, I could get the bags out tomorrow, because right now I had to get myself and Kaia to bed.

I made my way upstairs to Kaia’s room, but before I went in, I heard music playing from our room, “so he is home”, I said to myself. I put Kaia down, she was kicking with her legs and letting out little noises, “let me go get you some warm milk”, I said to her, even though she probably didn’t understand a word. I left her room, but before going to get her pumped milk I went to go see what Yoongi was doing.

As I got closer I heard noises, maybe it was just the background of the music. I opened the door, “Yoong-”.

I cut myself off at the scene in front of me, it soon became blurry because of the tears. Even after Kaia he didn’t stop, now he’s bringing her to our house, to our bed, to do that shit.

Yoongi moved his head to the side so he could see who it was, his eyes widened once he saw me and pushed off Sofia, she turned and gave me a smug smile,“(y/n)”. I shook my head and gave him a small smile, “i-its okay, I was just getting a bag for my things”, with that I found the strength to move into the wardrobe, I got out a bag from one of the drawers and started shoving clothes into it, I also called Jungkook, telling him to pick me up. As I was putting I shoes, Yoongi came in, he looked panicked, “baby it’s not what-”, “it’s not what I think”, I let out a laugh, “what I think is that brought the women you were cheating on me with,to our house and fucked her in our bed, thinking that I wouldn’t find out because I was too busy elsewhere”, I finished packing and headed out of the wardrobe only to be stopped by Yoongi grabbing my wrist.

“Please (y/n), it won’t happen again,I  promise….”, he was begging, “you don’t need to make me any promises, because I-i’m leaving”. With that I quickly left the room and went straight to Kaia’s. She was still on her back, kicking her feet in the air, I put the bag down and carefully picked her up, holding her to my chest, her head on my shoulder, “no…No you’re not taking her”, Yoongi uttered, he came towards me trying to take her, but I moved back, “Yoongi move”, he stayed put, “Yoongi mo-”, “(Y/N)!”, thank god he was finally here.

“(Y/N)!”, he shouted again, “I’m in Kaia’s room!”, I shouted back, slightly cover Kaia’s ears. I heard Jungkook’s rushed footsteps, getting louder until he stopped at the door frame, looking between me and Yoongi. “Jungkook can you put her in my car, the keys are on the table and take my bag”, he nodded, making his way towards me, “don’t fucking touch her”, Yoongi threatened, grabbing Jungkook by the arm.

“Don’t even try to stop me, it’s your fault, you’re the one who fucked up”, he yanked his arm from Yoongi’s grip and slowly took Kaia from me, I smiled when she giggled and started grabbing at Jungkook’s face as she rested on his shoulder, he picked up the bag and walked outside. Leaving me and Yoongi alone.

Neither of us spoke. It was just silent.

“Please don’t go (y/n)….”, his voice broke, he was crying, “please don’t leave me…”, he walked closer, I couldn’t stand seeing him cry, I needed to leave. I walked in the direction of the door, but Yoongi grabbed me, resting his head in the crook of my neck, his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me into him, “baby please…I need you, I need Kaia”, he sobbed. His tears, set mine off, “don’t Yoongi”, my voice was barely audible, my hands were on his chest pushing him off, “y-you’re the one who cheated, so do not make me feel guilty”.

I finally got him off me and rushed out if the bedroom. As quick as I could before he stopped me again, I wiped my tears and got outside. I saw the lights in my car on and inside saw Kaia in the back in her seat and in the front was, Hoseok? When did he get here.

I opened the passenger door and got in, “Hoseo-”, “do you want to go to your parents?”, I nodded. He smiled one last time before he set off.

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Four Words

In which the reader is tired of arguing with Sirius and tries to fix things with him.

A/N: So basically I was in a very angsty mood and couldn’t find any pieces of writing so I decided to write my own. HOWEVER, if you know of some good writing please send me a link to it for I am in dire need of angst.

Word Count: 1,585

You had just entered the common room when you heard a voice calling out your name. You snapped your head in the direction of person and smiled when realizing it was James calling you. He beckoned you over to the group, but when you arrived you knew something was a little off. James was smirking, Peter seemed more skittish than usual, Remus couldn’t make eye contact with you, and well Sirius- he wasn’t even there, much to your relief. You didn’t have time to deal with him after some recent events.

You shook your head at their antics and cut straight to the chase. “Spit it, James Potter. You’ve obviously got something to say.” You knew the Marauders too well to know when they were up to something or keeping a secret. He pouted and his posture slumped, crestfallen at your bluntness. Nevertheless, Prongs continued on.

“Just heard that someone fancies you, sweetness.” He beamed, teasing you by withholding the most vital piece of information. You huffed and glared the boy since he knew this was a peeve of yours. To just leave you on a cliffhanger, and he’d keep you there until you had to beg, so you looked over to Remus, praying he’d be kind enough to tell you straightforward. He shrugged his shoulder and pointed at a small cluster of other Gryffindor boys, much to James’ dismay.

“You two are such killjoys!” He whined and finally gave in, knowing it wouldn’t take long for you to find out anyways so there was no point in drawing out his game.

“It’s Michael, the one with the blond hair. He’s been eyeing you for a while now- well, ever since you broke it off with Padfoot. But I’ve heard him talki-” But before he could finish, someone cut him off.

“I really hope he doesn’t get too attached, considering how she cheats.” The oh too familiar voice of Black spoke. Everyone in the immediate area snapped their heads towards him, then looked over at you. Your face grew hot out of embarrassment, the way he was calling you out in public so casually was humiliating you. You knew he hated you after the- incident the two of you went through- but by God he didn’t have to be such a dick to you! Spilling untruthful words to ruin your life; this wasn’t the Sirius you knew before, but people do change, especially after a major event in their life.

You would usually just brush his snide remarks off or retaliate with your own, but this time you felt the need to defend yourself.

“Merlin’s sake, Black, you’re taking all of this too damn far now! I never, not once ever cheated on you no matter how much you want to believe that happened! But fine, if you want to play this childish game then so be it! I’ll play!” You screamed, and by this time everyone cleared out of the room, fearing as to what could happen between you two.

“So explain it to me again, if you’re so set on that lie, explain to me what was going between you and that- that bastard.” He snapped, jaw clenched and hands balled into a fist at his side. It pained you to see Sirius so tense and upset, but you were never the one to back down from a fight, to submit to anyone for that matter. You tried to stay strong when arguing with him, but that boy was your weakness- your Achilles heel.

“We broke up before I did anything with him, you bloody idiot! I may be an arse but I wouldn’t put you through that. But no, you’re no saint either, Sirius.” Tears began blurring your vision and you furiously wiped them away with your sleeve before he could notice, yet you were too late. His expression softened, his furious demeanour fading. Never did he mean to take things too far, but blinded with anger and rage, he had done it and there was no way to take back his words.

These recurring fights ever since you ended it with Sirius almost a month ago made you evoked an odd sense of anger within you. The one filled with raw emotion and hot tears that lead to hoarse screaming and ragged breathing. Because no matter how much you wanted to convince yourself you were over Sirius, your heart ached for the stupid boy with messy hair and an adventurous spirit. You just wanted peace, for him to stop harassing you so you could move on. So you both could move on. His voice cut the eerie silence settling between you two.

“I did it to get back at you. I was upset, I know it’s not an excuse, but you left when we had something good. We had something perfect and you walked out like six months of us didn’t mean a damn thing to you! I just want to know why.” He croaked and tugged at his hair then stepped towards you. The boy looked so vulnerable, so broken. How long had those dark circles been haunting his under eyes? As a matter of fact, you just really saw how much of a mess Sirius looked. Surely, it wasn’t you who had turned the stunning boy into a disaster, or had you meant more than you thought to him. If that was it, then this wasn’t the Sirius you first met. The Sirius Black you knew didn’t care about feelings, let alone cry and lose sleep over girls.

But even with that, any sense of self-pride shattered when examining the broken boy. All you wanted to do was wrap your arms around him, apologize for the lost time, for the malice, for the vile words and the childish games. Yet you couldn’t, not with how thing played out, not with how things were left between the both of you.

“I was scared and stupid. Scared because I felt like what we had was too good to be true, with you being who you are and me being me. The truth is Sirius, we’re the exact same type of people. You and I both know we weren’t born to be in steady and mundane relationships. I had to let you go, Sirius, before we both got to deep and eventually destroyed each other.” You saw him open up his mouth to rebuttal your statement, but you waved him off, signalling the boy to be silent so you could continue.

“We were both blinded by lust and utterly infatuated with each other, but we were never meant to stay with one and other. I get tired of routines, you know, and you get tired of the same person night after night, day after day. In fact, at the beginning I never thought we would make it past a month, but we did, and I grew to like it. I liked you a lot, actually. But not loved, because I’m not capable of loving someone with this lifestyle I lead, and neither are you.” By now, you had turned around and your back faced him so you wouldn’t have to see his reaction.

“If you never loved me, just turn around and say it to my face. Look me in the eyes and say you never loved me, not once.” He spoke, closing the distance between you two. Sirius placed a hand on your shoulder and with a firm tug, forced you to turn around and face him. He took your chin in his hand softly, raising your head to look at him. You flicked your eyes away from his gaze, the stinging tears resurfacing, but you willed them to stay put.

“Please let go of me, Sirius.” You murmured, voice meek like it was the first fucking day with him all over again. Nervous and scared of what being with Sirius would be like despite having your fair shares of flings. None of them had or would ever compare to Sirius. He was special to you and you were willing to put anything out on the line for him.

“Say it and I will. I’ll leave you alone forever if you just say those four words. ‘I never loved you,’ and I’ll let you go.” What Sirius would never admit to you was that he didn’t want to let you go at all because sometime during those six exhilarating months with you, he had fell in love with every aspect of you.

This would be your one chance to shake the past away, and although it would feel like a tear in your heart if you lied to him, you had to. It was the best for the both of you, you reasoned. All you had to say were four words and the two of you could leave everything all behind. Proceed to wash away all the good memories with fire whiskey, burn the photographs you’d taken with him, bury the small gifts he had given you, and drown your feelings for that boy in salty tears and alcohol. But you couldn’t do that unless you took the first step. The first step of a cliff that would only drop you back into your past ways of life.

“I never loved you.” You rushed out, chest tightening at the words, knowing that phrase brought the end of something that once burned with magnificence. The candle was blown out for sure now, never to be lit again.

All because of four words.

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First Class Fright.

I was counting, literally, the hours until we would be landing in Barcelona.

At this moment, I had three hours and twenty six minutes left until I could breathe easy and the time was slowly ticking when I wished it would just speed up so I could toss my headphones on and hand my sister back her stubborn child.

I sat alone in the first class cabin of the flight with my nephew Daniel nestled against my chest with the baby carrier I wore, his screams of displeasure echoing throughout the cabin like I was slowly pulling his non-existent teeth out of his mouth one by one tortuously.

And he had been like that for the past twenty minutes. I was slowly regretting taking up the task of babysitting on this flight while my sister sat in the next cabin over, probably sound asleep and smiling with joy as she didn’t have to deal with the stress of a crying baby on board. Of course I had taken up the job thinking how bad could it be? I would be nestled in a comfortable seat in first class while everyone else was in closer quarters with the sneezing, too close strangers surrounding them and in their space. Too bad Daniel wasn’t enjoying the benefits like I was. He hated first class.

“Shh,” I slowly patted his back and rocked him where I sat. I had tried walking up and down the aisles a bit to visit the bathroom and the flight attendant who gave me quite a few sympathetic smiles when she saw me walk past but that only seemed to make him louder so I returned to my seat. The cries didn’t cease no matter me giving him a new bottle or changing his diaper or rocking him softly. Nothing was working and I was ten seconds away from screaming myself and trading seats with my brother-in-law.

The woman sitting closest to me had opened her eyes and tossed and turned enough to let me know she was displeased with my abilities to quiet babies as she cut her eyes at me numerous times with dissatisfaction. All I could do was mouth a sorry the first few times but after a while I stopped caring. If anyone should be cutting their eyes, it should have been me. I was the one with the screams directly in their ears!

“Daniel, Daniel,” I tried to sing out though the pleasure in my voice was strained. “Please stop crying,” I urged thinking some sympathetic switch would go off inside my nephew and send him into a quiet sleep.

It didn’t work.

My eyes lifted to see a figure a few rows ahead stir in their chair and peer behind them towards me. I began to mouth another ‘Sorry’ until my lips stuck midway when I realized who it was.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.

It was one thing to displease some random woman sitting next to me who kept patting her personal Louis Vuitton in her lap but Neymar?! I was probably going to be the source of complaints to his friends and managers when anyone asked how his flight went and why he looked as if he hadn’t slept in days.

He turned back forward in his seat and I expected him to resume sleeping, or at least try to given the noise, but instead I could see the blanket in his lap being tossed to the side and soon enough he stood and turned to head down the aisle in my direction.

Oh great, Daniel. The first time I’ll get the attention of an ultra famous footballer and it’s for him scolding me for being a terrible babysitter. Thanks a lot!

I tried to prepare myself mentally and also prepare myself to utter a thousand sincere apologies but my voice got caught in my throat as soon as he stopped next to my seat and bent down some to speak, his eyes clearly spelling sleepiness but the small grin on his face suggesting he felt a bit bad for me.

“Is everything okay? Do you need any help?”

Oh nope. Everything is fine. Just a crying baby in my lap who is trying to ruin my entire flight and weekend and you’re now speaking to me, probably internally hating my guts because I’m ruining the little bit of sleep you can bare to catch. Of course I need help!

“N-No. Everything’s fine. Thank you,” I stated as I gave him an unconvincing smile.

My excuse wasn’t enough as he didn’t nod and walk away but instead squeezed past me and sat to the seat on my right. “Here.” He held out his arms towards Daniel and motioned for me to hand him over. I began unclipping him from the carrier wrapped around me and Neymar reached for him, careful to remove him and placed him against his own chest.

It was the most adorable sight I had ever witnessed and if I wasn’t too busy internally crying with joy that someone was here to try and save the day, I would have probably pulled out my phone to take a picture.

Would have ruined the moment, huh?

Daniel didn’t immediately quiet once in the stranger’s arms but I could see Neymar beginning to soothe him by rubbing his back and saying something in his ear I couldn’t hear. I could only watch in awe as soon enough, the dramatic baby began to slowly lower his volume until completely quiet.

Why the hell couldn’t I do that?!

“What did you say to get him to quiet like that? How–”

“I told him that his mother looked as if she needed some sleep or she was going to lose it soon,” he chuckled, speaking lowly so not to send Daniel roaring again with cries.

I quickly shook his head. “Oh no. I’m not his mother. I’m his aunt.”

“Ah, I see. What’s his name?” His eyes drifted down to the young boy for a moment, smiling with pleasure, until his eyes wove back up to me.


“Funny. I was just texting my friend Dani before the flight. Mind if I take a picture? I’ve gotta tell him Dani’s just love me,” he chuckled.

“Sure sure!”

He reached into his pocket and unlocked his phone, beginning to take a selfie with a sleeping Daniel while I just watched in awe. No way would my sister believe this.

“So what has you headed to Barcelona?” He spoke as he continued looking down at his phone.

“My cousin is getting married.”

“Send my congratulations,” he smiled.

“Why are you headed to Barcelona?”

Oh what a stupid question! I immediately winced, scolding myself for being so idiotic. Why else would he be headed to Barcelona? He works here. He lives here!

I blushed, sinking in my seat some. “Stupid question,” I rushed out before he could laugh and force an answer. I had to find another suitable way to continue conversation. “Thank you so much for helping me. I’m clearly not as good with children on planes like I thought I was.”

“It’s nothing. I’ve been there before. My son Davi used to be the same way and I always had to find little ways to quiet him. It took a lot of tries to find something. Trust me.” He relaxed further in his seat, his hands still moving against Daniel’s back while he remained sound asleep. “I’m going to try to catch a little nap while he’s quiet. Wake me in an hour?”

“S-sure.” I was even more amazed he was willing to remain in the seat instead of returning to his own. I watched as he began to close his eyes and slowly drift while I couldn’t quite get myself to do the same. Not with him sitting next to me.

The rehearsal dinner was practically chaos with all of my family members bouncing about, trying to find their place. The hall was filled with loud conversation so when my sister came bouncing up to me excitedly I figured there was something going on.

“Did you see it??” She practically screamed with glee.

My tone on the other hand? Fairly normal. “See what?”

“Neymar posted a picture of Daniel!” She reached out her hand to pass over her phone, the screen already showing the selfie that Neymar took of himself with Daniel against him on the plane. The caption read ‘Meet my new best friend Daniel!

A smile immediately graced my face, my eyes running over every piece of the picture over and over. It was an adorable sight and an experience I would never be able to forget.


This is just about dorks being dorks and watching movies and being cuties.

I feel like I add progressively more pairings as this fic goes on.
Anyway, I don’t own Pokémon…I’m too lame and uncreative.
But still, please enjoy the fluff~


Under normal circumstances, Dawn was typically a patient person; that’s why she managed to be so close to Barry despite the fact that his severe ADD and ADHD made most people want to tear their hair out.

However, this was not one of her crowning moments of patience.

The two were sitting on her couch watching her favorite movie with a large bowl of extra butter popcorn between the two of them, this was a scene that would have been relaxing…if Barry wasn’t talking throughout the ENTIRE FILM.

She inhaled a sharp breath. Her best friend was testing her patience.

“Wow, Dawn, after all the years I’ve known you, it still surprises me that you’re a fantasy fan. Romantic comedies seem more up your alley.”

“Well, Barry, you really shouldn’t…”

“Wait a minute, if the wizard could have summoned that giant Braviary this entire time, couldn’t they just have rode it instead of walking the whole way?”

“That wouldn’t have been—“

“Hey do you think the popcorn will last through the rest of the movie?”


“Why don’t any of these characters wear shoes?”


Having her patience far past tested, Dawn slammed the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table, gripped the blonde by the shoulders, and sealed his mouth shut with a kiss.

As she pulled away, completely unflustered, she looked the stunned teen in the eye with an icy glare and hissed “now shut up and watch the movie.”

It was needless to say Barry didn’t cause any more disturbances throughout the film.


“I’m sorry, Wally, what movie did you say you wanted to watch?” Haruka asked, raising a suspicious brow.

“Th-this one!” he squeaked, holding up a DVD box with a rather violent looking cover depicting a masked murderer stalking two teenagers. It was so terribly…un-Wally.

Haruka’s mouth pressed into a thin line as she let out a concerned sigh. “You’re sure? That looks pretty intense…”

“No, No!” The sickly boy insisted, a spark of determination glimmering in his eyes as he stared her down. “This is the one I want! I hear it’s really good!”

Truth be told, Wally just wanted to prove to Haruka that he wasn’t some shy little boy that needed her protection, that he was a man, and that he could handle a silly little movie! His thoughts then drifted to ones of his “protector” being the one who was frightened by the movie. The thought of a frightened Haruka clinging to his arm and burying her face in his chest made his heart lurch.

She merely squinted at the sudden smug look that Wally suddenly had on his face.

“You’re sure you can handle it?”


“No ulterior motives?”


Sure enough, 15 minutes into the movie, Wally was screaming and crying and they had to turn it off.


“So…let me get this straight…” Silver started, turning to Lyra who was mindlessly humming along to the musical number that was on the screen.


“Okay, so the guy leaves for reasons, and then two other guys come onto her so she sleeps with both of them to rid herself of the heart break?”

“Yep, and now they’re not sure which of the three men the father of the bride is.” Lyra confirmed before going back to the musical, “Don’t go wasting you emoooootiooon, laaaay all you looooove oooon meeeeee~!”

Silver swore. Was that how women were? The slightest sign of betrayal and they turn from you completely?

“If that’s the way it is, then I’ll never let you go…” Silver muttered under his breath, counting it to go unnoticed due to Lyra’s loud singing.

It didn’t.

“Hmmmmmm? What was that, Skitty?” Lyra purred, both eyebrows raised in amusement.

His face mimicked the color of his hair in an instant as he screamed “I—YOU—SHUT UP, IDIOT!”

The movie was completely forgotten the moment Silver tackled Lyra to the floor in an attempt to stop her fit of maniacal laughter.


This was the first time Green had allowed himself to look so uncool in public.

Honestly, he couldn’t figure what this whole situation meant. Leaf had invited him to go see a movie with him. Was this a date? Well, she said she had an extra ticket which was why she was inviting him. Was that an excuse to get him to go with her, or did she have some other guy in mind first? If that was the case, he wasn’t sure if he should punch the jerk for dare stealing his precious rival’s attention then daring to reject her, or cry tears of joy because the guy oh so conveniently got himself out of the way.  This was very troubling.


“Ah! Uh, yes?” Green stammered, jolted out of thought by the angry tone of the woman behind the counter.

“For the third time, do you want butter on your popcorn?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah…”

“That’ll be 700 Poke.” She grumbled before accepting the money and handing Green the bucket.

Accepting the overpriced snack, Green returned to his thoughts as he left the line, wondering just how he’d face this situation.

“Hey, Green?”

The soft voice as well as the sudden feeling of contact on his back caused the normally composed gym leader to shriek and toss the bucket in the air, only for it to land at his feet and spill out half it’s content.

“No free refills.” The Cashier lady called out snarkily as green bent down in embarrassment to clean up the mess he made and to avoid eye-contact with his maybe maybe-not date. “I came to check on you because you were taking a long time, I didn’t mean to startle you…normally you aren’t so jumpy.”

Yes, Green never looked so uncool in public, but that was because no one made his heart race like Leaf.


It was Friday in the Harmonia household and that meant one thing, it was Disney day.

Touko chuckled to herself watching the contents on the screen as the male character pressed his head to the chest of the female who was clearly freaking out at their close proximity.

“What is it, Love?” N asked, looking at her quizzically.

“Looks like Darmanitan-Man has no clue how to deal with people…or any idea of what personal space is. Hm, who does that sound like?”

“…You’re referring to me aren’t you?”

“Gee, you think? Who was the one who sniffed my hair in our third meeting?”

“Point taken. But I don’t think the female protagonist is an accurate representation of you, my dear.”

“Hm? Are you saying I’m not feminine?”

“No, not at all, Touko my sweet.” N insisted, pulling her closer and peppering her in soft kisses. “You’re very beautiful, nurturing and in touch with your emotions, making you feminine, indeed. However, you’re too strong willed to run from the Pokémon like she did, making me worry that you’ll go out and hurt yourself.”

Touko merely grumbled under her breath, trying so hard to hide the blush that N was so proud to give her.


“WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” Mei hideously sobbed as she buried her face in Hyuu’s chest as he blushed heavily, looking at the ceiling all while trying to give her comforting back rubs.

“It’s okay, Mei.” the overly flustered childhood friend managed to choke out, “It’s just a movie…”

“NO, IT’S NOT JUST A MOVIE!” Mei screeched before sulking back down and letting out a sniffle, “Their love was pure and real and true and he just…he just left her! He left her for something neither of them did because he’s ‘dangerous’.” She squeezed him tighter before continuing, “This is stupid. I hate this movie. I hate everything.”

“But surely not me, right?” Hyuu tried to say, but it came out as “Bu..Bu..Nuh…uh.”

From the doorway, the sound of Hyuu’s little sister slapping her palm to her face could be heard, it was obvious that it would take a lot more than a bad vampire romance movie to get these two in shape.


Bianca sat on the couch next to her boyfriend completely bored out of her mind as he watched some documentary about the cell reproduction of a jellicent and how it was different than that of other water Pokémon. It wasn’t so much that she found the information on the creature boring (she was a researcher, after all) but the narration was mind-dullingly flat and lifeless, and they kept using the same footage over and over. Nevertheless, Cheren sat there completely entranced by the film.

Bianca huffed folding her arms, she loved Cheren to death, but he could be so difficult at times when he was so hyper-focused like this. If only she could figure out a way to get his attention back on her.

“Hey, Cherry!” Bianca started, tugging on his arm only to get no reaction out of him.

“Cherry Berry?”





Still nothing. She let out a deep sigh before she got a devious idea.

Leaning over, she got her mouth as close to his ear as humanly possible before whispering “I’m pregnant.” In his ear.

It only took a moment before the information clicked in Cheren’s brain before he dropped his coffee mug on the floor and spat the warm liquid from his mouth. His head then snapped to face her so fast it probably gave him whiplash before he screeched “PREG—WHAT? WAIT, BUT WE NEVER—WHO? HOW?”

Satisfied, Bianca beamed joyfully. “Just kidding~”

Still shocked, Cheren ran his hand through his hair. “I was about to go out and seriously kill someone, you know?!”

Her soft melodious laugh calmed him right down, though, as it always did.

Broken Promises

Isaac X Reader

Smut or fluff 

Word count: 2.8k 

Summary: He is always breaking his promises.

Here you were again with no one by your side, her promised he was not going to do it again, he said that he would be with you, he said that it would kill him to not be with you. It was all a lie, thinking he would change but you being the a gentle soul you believed him and the sad thing was; you loved him. Thinking on the time he made you that promise;

You have been best friends with Isaac since you could remember, you have always been there for him; when his mother and brother died, to his father’s abuse and then when Derek turned him, he started not coming to school, only a text from him once a week at most but he was your best friend you weren’t going to leave him but after he left you behind Scott had convinced you that you were the only person that can bring Isaac to his senses.

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