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enemies to lovers // taeyong

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a/n: wanjeon ty darkness

  • so both you and taeyong were childhood friends, but became distant after several years, yet your families always kept contact and just assumed you were in a kid fight that didn’t know how to end
  • you disliked him because he was one of those ugly kids you avoid at school, the popular one, too carefree, never in class, always ALWAYS playing basketball in the school backyard (you seriously wish you could tell his MOTHer)
  • taeyong hated your guts because he thought you were like the rest of the girls in the school, always gossiping and ya know, just waitiNG FOR HIM TO SLIP UP SO YOU COULD TELL HIS MOM
  • sometimes you find yourself thinking what would happen if you guys reconciled, but immediately get rid of those thoughts cause you knew taeyong wouldn’t want to be seen with you since he always gave you the face™ every time you see each other
  • basically other people knew you guys were friends before but dont know why you weren’t anymore
  • so it’s like halfway through senior year in high school, and its getting stressful bc you have to keep your grades up till the very last day of school, and your teacher assigns a project
  • it’s a project that you have to do with someone you don’t talk to that much (the teacher wanted this asap and no buts)
  • everyone had to get their partners confirmed and you slowly realize that taeyong being oh so lovely with everyone but you meant… exactly that
  • parntEERS
  • at first your initial response was like. looks like i’m doing all the work then!
  • but then you were like oH SHIT WAIT. i have to SPEAK to LEE TAEYONG
  • so sad taeyong looks like he’s about to break a desk
  • but yeah when the people from your respective friend groups find out they’re like oHHHHHH…. have fun
  • they were sympathizing with you but they also wanted you guys to just get on good terms again because wee woo wee woo you and taeyong are one of the few to get into the same college and you’re not one to befriend people quite easily (you still think he’s dumb somehow. soMEHOW) i wish i had friends like this
  • so after school you see taeyong kinda waiting on the school bench and he sees you and rolls his eyes and you do it right back
  • leaving no room for small talk or ‘wow man you grew up…nicely how have you been…..??” (he did groW UP NICELY BUT YOU WERENT ABOUT TO ADMIT THAT EITHER) you write down your phone number on a piece of paper and smack it on his hand and give him a fake smile as if to say sorry
  • “i’m free now so let’s go to the coffee shop to get a head start. by the way you’re not getting any freebies here. i held myself from telling your mother the whOLE time we were in school together so don’t try any funny business.”
  • taeyong gives you that face again and follows along but then he’s like “wait so you didn’t snitch on me to my mom at all?”
  • “you fail at your own life i have nothing to do with it.” thats when he realizes he has a snake on him (rip)
  • it’s rocky at first, both of you are arguing and theres a lot of eye rolling and faces
  • at one point you throw your papers at him bc he wouldnt stop texting faster than the speed of light (he’s murdering that one snake)
  • you grab his phone from his hands and leave it in your bag which makes him start whining
  • “kill someone later. we work now.”
  • several days pass and you guys are pretty normal around each other and you finally admit taeyong is actually smart
  • one particular day it was nearly 8pm and you were starting to get tired but were so close to finishing the hardest segment of the project
  • but then you realized what just happened so you awkwardly start pulling your arms away from his neck and not looking at his eyes
  • taeyong is also really flustered except he keeps looking right at you and his hands are still holding your waist, your hands now on his chest
  • yoU PUSH HIM OFF OF YOU AND RUN TO THE KITCHEN screaming about reenergizing both of you with some leftover takeout
  • youre both screaming internally btw
  • fast forward to a few days later when the project is nearly over so you guys can relax a bit since the deadline is still kind of far, and you’re at his house where his room has the best view ever lucky ass and a reALLY COMFY BED (you were at his desk and he was on his bed but you really wanted to fall asleep just by looking at it)
  • and you’re talking about all the weird things you guys did as kids
  • “remember when you tried to throw a basketball across the whole diameter of the pool but threw yourself instead”
  • “y/n shut up i still have the scar on my leg from hitting the edge so hard”
  • and then you guys start talking about physical features where he’s like “no lie you were pretty cute back then and i think had a crush on you at one point” and ur like ok….ay… why is my breathing becoming erratic excuse me heart
  • “thanks taeyong you’re pretty cute now” and then you slap your mouth in shock but he laughs anyway
  • while you guys continue to talk he starts falling asleep and you just really observe him for the first time and realize his facial features are no joke at all like
  • “enjoying the view?” cue you throwing papers at him
  • he looks at you this time and says “you’re not as bad as i thought you were”
  • “what’s that supposed to mean”
  • “it means i still think you’re pretty cute” your heart went ouch
  • a week later all the projects have been presented and you’re back on your daily life
  • this boy still hasn’t contacted you
  • you’re just really sad and wondering if this was only for the sake of getting a good grade on that project
  • and your friends are sad for you but also glad that at least you don’t have something against him anymore
  • so you’re walking home through the park to get some fresh air when you hear a familiar voice calling you from behind
  • you turn around and taeyong is right next to you with a bag in his hand
  • “here” he shoves in your hand and oh HHHH ITS EXPENSIVE CHOCOLATE “thanks for getting us that good grade”
  • “TAE YOU DIDNT HAVE TO GET CHOCOLATE WORTH MORE THAN MY ORGANS WE BOTH WORKED HARD” but you’re like half tearing up because how did he afford this oh my goodness
  • you give him a half hug but he pulls you completely in instead
  • this time you don’t push him away but just stand there with your hands resting gingerly on his back
  • he lets go and takes your hand “my mother said to get this okay ALSO another reason why i hated you was because i think she treats you like her own daughter sometimes like who AM i”
  • “sorry ty it’s these good looks”
  • “my reputation is ruined when i’m around you so i doubt”
  • “let go of my hAND”
  • so he walks you home and when you get to your room you start squealing
  • and then you realize you kinda like him 
  • you guys start texting a lot and one day while he walks you home and he’s holding your hand, it’s something you became used to and welcomed 
  • you guys get to your house and you’re going up the stairs to the front door “thanks dude see you tomorrow”
  • but he doesn’t say anything he just stands there staring at you so you turn your head to stare right back
  • your eyes are wide and he’s smiling brighter than the street lamp shining on his face
  • “sorry i need to do that again once wasn’t enough” before you could say anything he pulls you back in and it’s only 3 seconds but you probably heard sirens down the street coming to take your dead body
  • “tae what was-“
  • “ILL TEXT YOU THE DETAILS GOODBYE” wow he runs faster than usain bolt
  • cue ur heart and mouth yodeling
A Lesson in Love (Defining the Relationship)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,206

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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“Hello, Y/N.”

“Hey, T,” you respond, moving all of your stuff off the empty desk beside you to make space for T’Challa to sit. He sidesteps a couple of people standing in his way, leaning out of harm’s way when someone swings their arm out without realizing he’s there and slides into the desk with ease. His movements are as catlike and agile as you remember.

“I must admit, I was pretty nervous when Hill said she was choosing who was going to read over our drafts.” He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a folder. It’s black, which doesn’t surprise you; it’s safe to say that black is his favorite color. “But when she called my name after yours, I felt like I could breathe again.”

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On the cultural diversity of dragons

Enjoltaire, Fantasy AU, dragon!Enjolras meeting jiaoren!Joly, 1.3k

For @smoljoly, who helped me to figure out Joly’s character <3

Unless he’s truly going ashore, Grantaire prefers to not completely shed his seal form. Usually when he and Enjolras sit on one of the rocks in the shoreline he even keeps the end of his tail hanging in the water. Enjolras had always assumed this was out of comfort, but one afternoon very near the new moon that promises a spring tide storm, he learns differently. In the middle of their conversation Grantaire suddenly lifts his head and sits up, looking out across the sea.

“Someone’s here,” he says.

Enjolras looks around. “How do you know?”

Grantaire gives a splash with his tail. “I can feel them coming.”

Enjolras raises his eyes in surprise and Grantaire grins.

“My tail is not as sensitive as my whiskers,” he says, waggling his eyebrows. “But it’s good enough.”

Enjolras scans the waves, suitably impressed. He sees nothing. “Montparnasse perhaps?’ he suggests. The kelpie is annoyingly fond of bothering them.

“No,” Grantaire shakes his head. “Him I feel coming from a mile off or not at all, no it’s must be s-” His face lights up and he points at the waves. “Hey! Even better, it’s Joly!”

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Guard!Jungkook Part Two

Last but definitely not least is our darling maknae who did so well MCing like I saw some gifs and he looked really comfortable like I’m really proud of him actually go kookie go I’m just proud of him in general bc really when you think about it he’s come so far like he used to be a lil bit more on the shy side but like now he seems a lot more open and free like he isn’t afraid to make weird faces whenever he wants and he goofs off a lot more and it makes me so happy to see him just having fun and chilling out and I just l o v e seeing him be all silly bc it’s so endearing and I just love

  • For anyone that hasn’t read part one and would like to, click here
  • Guard!Jungkook is lowkey your best friend
  • You two grew up together but he was always more focused on his training
  • His family had a long line of skilled warriors and the best guards in the entire country so he had a name to live up to
  • Sometimes you’d get him to be a kid with you but most times he was too busy following his parents around
  • It’s almost funny to think of how serious he was around you when he first signed up to be your guard
  • He could barely touch you bc he was so strict about the rules and he only ever spoke formally to you and he was just so !!! around you
  • But after a while he calmed down a t o n
  • It goes from barely being able to make eye contact for longer than 0.8 seconds to lowkey demanding cuddles every two seconds
  • He doesn’t like to outright say he wants cuddles but he makes it extremely obvious that he does
  • He brings out all of the fluffy blankets and big pillows
  • He kinda just gets really comfy and sits there with his arm casually draped across the bed, silently inviting you to come cuddle
  • If you ignore all of it, he starts clearing his throat until you look over and then once he has your attention he gives you the big smile that’s basically just “comE CUDDLE NOW PLZ AND THNX”
  • If you somehow manage to turn down all of that cuteness he just starts throwing shit at you
  • He finds some paper lying around and kinda just starts aiming at you
  • If you can still reject that, he literally gets up and carries you over like smh I just wanted cuddles why you gotta ignore me and shit when I just want love
  • B a n t e r
  • When you two are alone, it’s literally all banter
  • Everyone who sees how respectful he is around you in public would never guess that when he doesn’t have to be a guard, he’s calling you a lil shit
  • He loves you don’t get me wrong but he also loves teasing you
  • He’s the only person that can get you so riled up but also so giggly at the same time
  • You two could be insulting each other back and forth but you’d both have huge smiles on your faces
  • By the end of every “fight” you two are all cuddled up and are just giggling
  • You’re the only person he’s himself around tbh
  • Like he has friends but you’re his best friend
  • You know all of the lil secrets he has and he knows yours
  • He wouldn’t fall quickly
  • It would take him a while to open up to you and then even longer to fall in love 
  • It was a gradual thing really, there wasn’t any one day that he fell in love, there wasn’t an exact moment
  • Whenever you smiled, he could feel his heartbeat speed up
  • Whenever he casually grabbed your hand to lead you somewhere, his mind began to wander off to how it’d feel to be able to just hold your hand without any reason
  • Would you let him?? Would you rub the back of his hand with your thumb would you write your name onto his palm what would you do
  • And when you hugged him it was heavenly
  • He could smell your shampoo and he gets to hold you as close as he wants to for as long as he wants to
  • Hugs aren’t bad for you either though
  • You can smell his cologne and he’s just so warm and you can feel how strong his arms are bc they’re holding onto you all tight and shit and you just feel really safe
  • Like nobody would dare touch you when you had kookie by your side but when you were in his arms that was like a giant X on any plans
  • It takes him a second to realize he’s in love but after he does it’s kinda just like “shit”
  • He goes back to being lowkey awkward around you bc he doesn’t know how to handle this new information and he’s trying to make the feelings go away bc he’s been training his entire life to be a guard he can’t believe he broke rule number one
  • He has z e r o clue on how to handle this new situation
  • He’s never been in love before, he’s never really done that whole romance thing in general but to top that off, he’s in love with literally the only person in the entire kingdom he’s not allowed to be with
  •  It wouldn’t be until he sees the new prince that you’re supposed to marry that he actually makes a move
  • Something inside him snaps when he sees the prince holding onto your hand like um excuse me that’s supposed to be our thing
  • And before the prince leaves, he kisses your cheek and kook just about loses it
  • He should be the one strolling through the gardens with you and kissing your cheek, not some random dude neither of you have ever met
  • His mind is a bit clouded with the picture of the prince kissing your cheek tbh
  • He doesn’t exactly think anything through at that stage
  • He runs up to your room once everyone’s gone to bed and he’s just like I need to get something off of my chest rn I have complaints
  • Lowkey starts ranting about the prince while you’re trying really hard not to smile or laugh bc it’s so painfully obvious he’s jealous as fuck
  • “What do they see in him anyways?? He’s tall and shit but that’s literally it I mean his face isn’t horrible but he isn’t worthy of you, he had the personality of a stick!!! Why are you laughing excuse me this is serious I expect you to report all of this back to your parents and tell them it’s a no go bc he just didn’t sit right with me I don’t like him”
  • You kiss him instead of answering bc honestly you’ve been wondering if he feels the way you do
  • You knew it was true when he whispered an “I love you” to you when he thought you were asleep but you wanted to be sure
  • He freezes up and like his eyes are all wide when you smile up at him afterwards and he’s just !!
  • He’s gonna need an actual minute to realize what just happened and then he’s gonna be even more confused
  • You two would need to have a bit of a conversation after that just to tell each other how you feel
  • When he hears you say you love him he gets that really cute smile where it’s all just teeth and eye smile and lil bunny
  • Jungkook would be another person I see not wanting to be king
  • He’s just never wanted that and he still doesn’t so when you offer to pass it onto the next person he can’t agree fast enough
  • You two ended up getting a lil cottage on the castle property and he’s honestly so happy
  • He gets to kiss you whenever he wants, as many times as he wants to (and of course as many times as you want to) he gets to fall asleep and wake up next to you
  • Most importantly, he gets to say “I love you” as loudly as he wants, for everyone to hear
An Accidental Seduction (Part 2/2)

Being a CCPN journalist had its perks, for sure. For instance, when the crew gathered around the meeting room table last week to pitch ideas for the next issue, you already had one in mind for yourself to cover. You had been adamant that you should cover a certain famous author’s children’s book reading at the Central City Public Library coming up. The editor waved you off like, yeah, yeah, you do that.

You didn’t even mention that it was your boyfriend giving the reading.

Yeah, that’s right. Boyfriend.

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May I get a fluffy scenario of 707 with his s/o?


Like letting your hand run through warm and very smooth sand. The effect was just as calming. Stroking 707′s hair had almost a mesmerizing feel to it, that almost had them fall asleep just like him.

“Mhh,” the redhead purrs as he turns to lie on his back, now looking up at his s/o. “Ahh, what did you say?”

Seeing the boy yawn and rub his sleepy, droopy eyes, which he then squints slightly to try and make out his s/o’s features without his glasses, has them forget to reply.

Seven’s head is still resting on their lap and a few seconds ago he was sound asleep, just like a cat. Has anyone ever told him that he resembles the animals he loves so much quite a lot?

“You think I’m like a cat?” he chuckles with a raspy voice that sounds incredibly calming, even more than usual. His words has them jump slightly though and they blink at him irritatedly. Were they thinking out loud?

“Ex–excuse me?”

“That’s right! I can read your mind, haven’t I told you before? It’s part of my magical superpowers,” Luciel continues while adjusting his frames, which he just put on. “I just think WOOSH ~ ! Abra Kadabra!! And focus really hard and then I can hear people’s thoughts! At the moment, you’re thinking about how much you love me, right?”

“Wrong,” his s/o replies with a laugh. They watch him pout and put on puppy eyes and giggle yet again. All the while they let their fingers run through his locks just like a few moments ago, once more admiring how soft his hair was. “Well, I thought about how much of a dork you are and how cute that is. So technically, you’re not entirely wrong.”

“See? I really am a wizard.” the young man grins proudly. “Honestly, I can’t explain how else our fates met. It really must’ve been magic.”

My friend’s Brother - Luke - Part 2

luke is more in this one, and i can’t wait to develop the story and share it with you guys 

part 1 here 

The rest of the day went fast it consisted of: eating, reading, a bath and then sleep. The morning approached and it may have been the second day, but you were contempt staying here for the rest of the day. You were on the verge of going back to sleep, when your mum yelled out for you to get up and go to school. You begrudgingly did. You got dressed which consisted of a short black shirt, an long grey shirt, with combat boots. You pulled on your leather jacket and left. Yelling out a goodbye to your parents. You exited the house and strolled up to your bike, swinging your leg over and pulling your motorbike helmet on, you turned it on and revved it. you pulled out of the drive way and sped to school.

You had reached school and were heading to you locker to grab your books for your next 2 classes: Justice studies, and English. As you were pulling out your books, your phone buzzed and you pulled it out of pocket. It was from Morrigan ‘I’m out the front’ you remembered the deal you made, so you texted her back that you were on your way over there. You were on your way over there, when you ran into Ashley and her minions. She shoved you into a locker.

“fuck off Ashley” you grit out and kept moving.

“excuse me?” she glared at you.

“you heard me” and you walked off.  You finally made it to the front of the school and saw Morrigan with that blue eyed boy she was with yesterday, they both looked at you and smiled. “um hey?” you said a little awkwardly.

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  • Thomas: Newt. Newt, we broke the maze. Newt.
  • Newt: You wha-
  • Minho: Excuse me, 'we'? It was Thomas!! Newt, I swear it wasn't me!
  • Newt: ...
  • Thomas: Newt?
  • Newt: ...
  • Minho: Newt? Did you hea-?
  • Newt: You bloody idiots.

Steve never like Tony’s party’s for a few reasons. One of them was you, everyone loved you. You were his…his jealousy. You talked with a group of people, one of them being his and your good friend Red. She had noticed Steve’s states and whispered something to Bucky before walking over to Steve, “So, you either like looking, or you don’t know what to do.”
“That obvious?”
“So, you’re jealous?”
He sighed, embarrassed, but nodded.
She laughed, “Just go over there and take a stance. She’s your girl.”
“You’re right,” he said.
“I always am,” she grinned.
He chuckled.
“While you’re there send Bucky over, pretty please?”
“Sure thing.”
Steve walked over to Bucky and did as Red asked before moving through the large crowd of people trying to get to you.
“Excuse me,” he said as he moved through the bodies until he got to you. You were laughing really hard and happy to see Steve. You practically jumped out of your seat to hug him.
Steve took charge and kissed you in front of everyone. This wasn’t like Steve but you liked it and kissed back. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders. He pulled his lips away from you’re to mutter to you, and only you in the sweetest voice imaginable, “You’re mine, and I love you.”

RKRecap 4/2/14

Jules Stewart Why Are You Doing This?

“Words to live by. Thank you Kristen and crew you are a constant inspiration.”

It’s the trumpet. Like the trumpet. Please excuse me while I die.

“I play my own trumpet to keep up sexual tension.” -Robert Pattinson

“I heard Kristen play her trumpet,” she says, laughing. “Rob got her a trumpet and you could hear in the hotel.” -Mackenzie Foy

“I just wanted to start playing,” she said. “It’s really hard to do at first… I kind of picked it up quickly. Rob can’t do it.” -Kristen Stewart

I hope you dream dreams of Kristen playing her trumpet. I probably will. LOL!

xx, S