excuse me while i laugh forever

Can’t sleep, not that this is new. And here I have a prescription for something that’s known to cause sleep disturbances. Excuse me while I laugh hollowly forever.

I’m also still amused in a terrible sort of way that my doctor (who’s cool, let that be understood, and was doing her best to be reassuring) told me I was having a totally understandable set of reactions to everything that’s been going on lately, but considering her phrasing, the upshot was that I was basically diagnosed with Normal Human Emotions. WHY YES I AM A NORMAL HUMAN. LET’S HAVE A HUMAN-LIKE INTERACTION.

[crackle of static]

…sorry, don’t know what came over me just there.

Excuse me while I spend the rest of the night laughing.

My Nemo, my special little guy, sleeps on the VCR/DVD player that sits on top of one of my bookshelves. Just now, he slipped off the machine (in his sleep) and fell behind the shelf. I heard some rustling and then he popped out on the second level, in between some books. 

Dudes, I’m still laughing.