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Poisoned  - Theo Raeken Imagine - Part I

S U M M A R Y: Theo Raeken went from someone the pack trusted to the enemy in what felt like a second. His intentions weren’t good, and everyone knew that. She did too. But she also knew that there was no way of wrestling herself out of the hold he had on her. He was toxic, and she was addicted to his poison.

P A I R I N G: Theo Raeken x Reader

W A R N I N G S: strong sexual content (i wouldn’t call it smut at this point but where does smut even start? idk tbh but it’s reEaAaally sExuAL.)

                                                 {   i   }

I have never felt anything slightly comparable to what I feel whenever I’m around him. Before him, I never felt pure desire running through my veins, I never felt like my skin was set on fire wherever he left his touch, I never felt utterly consumed by adrenaline, my pulse quickening to an immense speed whenever he entered the room. He had a hold of me like no one else. Whatever he wanted me to do I would, obeying him without any questions asked. He owned me.  He was reckless and dangerous and he could kill me in a second if he felt like it. He was toxic, but I was addicted to his poison.

No one knew about the ‘thing’ we had, and I would never let anyone find out. Because if the pack knew about my closeness to Theo Raeken, the enemy, I would lose them. Lose my friends. And I couldn’t let that happen.

I don’t know why he took an interest in me, because he could have had any girl he wanted. Someone with more experience, someone with power. But maybe the fact that I was weak, completely and utterly at his mercy, did the same thing to him as it did to me. It drew him to me. Fascinated him in a way I couldn’t quite understand. He probably didn’t understand it himself, even though that’s unlikely, considering the fact that he always seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

But I didn’t care. I didn’t want what we had to stop, not ever. Because nothing in my life had ever made me feel so damn alive.

,,Your excitement smells so fucking good (y/n).” he said, taking one step at a time, cornering me in the middle of the hall.

Everyone was in class and I had excused myself to go to the bathroom, not noticing Theo was following me. Now he had me pined up against the lockers, his eyes dark, looking me up and down, making me feel exposed.

I was at loss of words, his breath tingling my neck while he whispered in my ear, causing me to have goosebumps all over my body.

,,Oh the things I want to do to you, love.” His voice was slightly raspy and I his words made my insides clench.

My heartbeat was going crazy and I felt a little dizzy as he slowly pushed up my skirt with his right hand.

,,I have barely touched you (y/), and I bet you’re already so wet.” Theo’s eyes  went from my skirt directly to my eyes when he said that, his confidence in whatever he did was so arousing.

My cheeks heated up and I knew they were probably fire red.

His intense gaze made me look away, but he instantly grabbed my chin, firmly but without hurting me, and forced me to look at him. He then took his time to carefully slip his hand in my panties.

I let out a quiet squeak, to which he grinned.

,,I was right, you’re soaking.” He hummed, wetting his lips with his tongue.

I let out a silent moan in response, heat building up in my core as he palmed me.

Theo didn’t have to try hard, just the barest touch made me lose control. I hated and loved it at the same time. He, obviously, found great pleasure out of that and he took advantage of my devotion to him whenever he could. It was like he always knew exactly what to do to get the reaction that he wanted out of me. Like he calculated every single movement in mere seconds, already planning his next step and next word. That boy knew every single weak spot of mine before I could discover them myself. But i honestly started to feel like when it came to him, every part of my body was my weak spot.

Suddenly his hands left my body faster than I could comprehend, and he was walking away from me before I even had noticed the students coming out of their classrooms.

I stood pressed against my locker, unable to move. Slowly breathing in and out trying to get myself to focus.

Every time he would pull something like that on me I was left overwhelmed. And much to my dismay, unsatisfied and on edge for the rest of the day.

Fucking tease.

,,Having a bad day huh?” Scott nudged my shoulder, giving me a genuine smile.

No, I’m just damn horny.

,,No, I’m just a bit tired.” I responded instead.

We were walking down the hall, passing several students who were laughing and chattering. Scott was talking about some issues he had with the research about Kitsunes, but I was only half listening, due to the kind of uncomfortable wetness in my panties.

Apparently Kira hasn’t been herself lately.  Now whenever he talked about her, he wore a concerned frown. It didn’t suit him well, and we all missed his dimpled smile.

It was one of the things I had liked most about Scott, that after all we had been through, he managed to keep some sort of light inside of him, and it would shine on all of us in times of darkness. That’s why he was our Alpha. Not perfect, nobody is,  but he united us. Whatever was going on with him, was also going on with us, when he felt strong it made the pack stronger, too. And when he felt low, sad, or weak, the pack was the same. Which is why his bad mood affected all of us.

,,Well, I see you at lunch.” Scott said, waving me goodbye before turning right to get to his next class.

I watched him walk with his head hung low and I frowned. Seeing my friends hurt was one of the things i hated the most. When the people you love are in pain, and you don’t really know how to help them, you just feel worthless. It’s the worst thing in the world. That’s why I can never let Scott, Stiles, Lydia or anyone else find out that there was anything going on between me and Theo.

Because it would crush them. And I would never forgive myself.

part 2?

A/N: So, yeah i guess i’m back. I kind of lost the motivation to write and i sort of neglected MTT, but i think i might still continue it if you guys want to read it. But here’s something new i wanted to write(for a while). I never had the courage to try something as sexual as this and i hope i’m not going to flop lmao. I would love to get some feedback! xx

thirsty jungkook

i was talking to @jikook-love yesterday, who inspired me to make a compilation of some of my favourite thirsty!jungkook moments. edit: pt. 2 here

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you know how jungkook looks at jimin with those heart eyes like; 

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but can we please talk about moments where he looks at jiminie like; 

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this gonna be a long ass post (jungkook is a thirsty hoe okay

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look at those eyes and tell me jungkook doesnt want jimin, those eyes are like the definition of bedroom eyes. they are all half-lidded and shit. and im not even gonna mention what he’s saying. bc that’s gonna be a long ass essay.

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when kookie gets a chance to touch the jibooty, he takes it.


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its just the choreography, right jungkookie?

(x)  look at that gulp as he’s staring at jimin on the screen. not interested at all. nope. are you all right, jungkook-ssi? i love it when he checks jimin out and then catches himself, like no, i wasnt checking him out. what’re you talking about?

(x) listen, he’s looking at jimin. like, you can tell exactly when he realizes what he’s doing.

(x) you thought i was gonna forget this legendary moment? THE moment? hell nah, jungkook can no longer contain his thirst for his jiminie hyung. like, he was moaning while filming jimin. who does that?? jungkook, that’s who.

(x) listEN. i wiill never be over this moment. who the HELL SAYS SOMEONE’S TOES ARE CUTE??? LIke, theY are TOes, jeon jungkook. excuse me while i go sob about that in a corner. 

(x) dude, i know this isnt exactly thirsty, but look at that FaCE. okay? like, i can feel the pining from here. he has to like tear his gaze away from jimin. im jusT…sdkfsdff

(x) look at that face. i literally have no words. look at where jungkook is looking. AND how appreciative that gaze is. he GULPS as he’s looking up and down jimin’s BODY. this dude needs a bathtub of water where jimin’s concerned. 

(x) look at the way kookie’s gaze sweeps up and down jimin’s body. look at jungkook’s face and tell me that’s not interest. i daRe you. 

i can go on and on but i need to stop somewhere. but i might make a pt.2 bc jungkook is one thirsty dude for jimin.

i dont own any of the gifs, for some reason i can’t do the original gif by thing so i put the links to the originals



RagnarxAthelstan vs Charles XavierxErik Lehnsherr

I Never knew what a martyr was. I still don’t. You were a brave man, Athelstan. I always respected you for that. You taught me so much. You saw yourself as weak and conflicted. But to me, you were fearless, because you dared to question. Why did you have to die, hmmm? We had so much more to talk about. I always believed that death is a fate far better than life, for you will be reunited with lost loved ones. But we will never meet again, my friend. I have a feeling that your god might object to me visiting you in heaven. - Ragnar

Hedwig 10/25/16

Gather around everyone because I’m going to tell the story of my very eventful night last night at Hedwig.

Okay, so I saw Hedwig for the second time in SF last night (10/25) and compared to Sunday’s (10/23) matinee performance Darren got SUPER into it last night. Out of the 4 times I have seen the show (all with Darren as Hedwig) I think this is the best one I have seen. Which I’m really happy about because that’s the last time I was ever going to see Darren play Hedwig. (excuse me while I go cry in the corner) Last night’s show was incredible for so many reason’s. During Angry Inch, which I know is already a really emotionally charged song, but I felt like Darren just turned it up a notch. Hedwig SLAMMED Her and Yitzak’s mic stands down and Hedwig really aggressively pulled the sheets down off the sides of the set and you could just FEEL the anger in her body language. Also, during the serious parts like when she yells “THEN LOVE THE FRONT OF ME” the theater was dead silent and just uggghhhh it was so goooood. Oh and during Midnight Radio when Hedwig is singing “and you’re spinning, like a 45 ballerina” Darren was dancing like…I don’t know, the best way I can describe it is writhing like a snake. Just slowly twisting and turning, it was glorious. I was just @_@ the whole time because those legs and arms and where did those LEGIT abs and pecs come from and the BOOTY in the shorts. There was definitely a lot of under cheek action.

Ehem, I digress. So, I thought the show was going to be the most exciting part of my night, but boy was I mistaken.

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anonymous asked:

matt said that magnus was alec's first kiss and when he was at tumblr headquarters he never said "technically magnus wasn't alec's first kiss".. maybe alec fantasied about boys, but idk how a closeted gay man could have a fling in a homophobic society

Well, I can’t remember when Matt said something like that but I totally agree. I don’t think Alec would be the guy anyhow for kissing other boys or even having a fling when he repressed his sexuality and his feelings for such a long time tbh. Not in that society and al, like you said.

What makes me go all…. ajsahsjaksjka

Alec Lightwood is on his first(!) date with Magnus Bane and I am sorry to be that person but when he said this it pretty much implies that THIS is a real relationship to him already. Not just a relationship. A REAL ONE! Magnus Bane is the real deal already. After 1 date!!!

Excuse me while I just go and continue sobbing in my corner.

  • me before mv is released: omfg im not prepared for this oh m ygod what is the story line going to be about hELP
  • me after mv is released: wTF they were so rude, acting all sexy, dancing in uniforms and all fight me bitch
  • me after i calmed down: *cries* god they have grown up so much this feels so unreal they are all so grown i feel like i have accomplished my role as a mom excuse me while i cry in a corner im so blessed

I don’t think we have talked enough about the fact that Killian Jones is holding the Exalibur. The same Killian Jones who was abandoned as a child, joined the navy, lost a brother, became a pirate, lost the first love of his life (and his hand), spent over 300 years in vengeance and then fell in love with the Savior and became a hero and is now worthy of being the King of Camelot. Excuse me while I go sob in the corner.