excuse me while i go cry in the corner!

Right Here

“I can see every tear you’ve cried like an ocean in your eyes. All the pain and the scars have left you cold.”

“I can see all the fears you face through a storm that never goes away. Don’t believe all the lies that you’ve been told.”

“ I’ll be right here now to hold you when the sky falls down. I will always be the one who took your place.  When the rain falls I won’t let go. I’ll be right here.”

“I will show you the way back home never leave you all alone. I will stay until the morning comes.”

”I’ll show you how to live again and heal the brokenness within. Let me love you when you come undone.”

“When daybreak seems so far away reach for my hand. When hope and peace begin to fray still I will stand.”

((Ashes Remain))

2 Year Anniversary

I did it. I rewatched Your Lie in April and planned it accordingly just so I could finish today, March 19th, which marks the 2 year anniversary of the day the final episode was aired. I’m in tears; actually, I’ve been in tears through the entirety of rewatching this and this anime is even more beautiful the second time around because I feel and see so much more. Knowing the ending and still being able to enjoy and feel all these emotions is what makes Your Lie in April such a masterpiece. As a musician, this anime speaks to me on such a deep level. Some might say that the anime exaggerates, but in all honesty, being able to play like that, being able to feel what they feel, is what I strive to be. Watching the characters grow in just a span of 22 episodes is such an amazing feat. All the characters are loveable, relatable, and unique in their own way! Except Tsubaki because I just can’t bring myself to like her  I can most definitely say that nothing can touch my heart like Your Lie in April can. 

Kaori is so beautiful, and so strong and I can’t help but love her so much. Her outlook on life is amazing, and she smiles even at death’s door. She’s everything that I aspire to be. When I was following the anime as a new episode came out every week two years ago, I desperately hoped that she wouldn’t die. This innocent, beautiful angel couldn’t just die like that. Alas, the ending that we all wanted never came to be. The anime remained faithful to the manga to the very end, and our amazing heroine had to leave us behind. The letter that she left behind was so beautiful and heartwrenching and was the main source of my tears. She didn’t have any regrets. In essence, her dream came true. She built Kousei back up when he was down in the dumps and made him into a better man. After her death, I was sure Kousei would relapse and quit music for sure, but he didn’t. Kaori’s influence was able to help him move on and mature so much than when we first saw him. And that shattered my heart even more. They’re perfect together. They were soulmates and anyone could see that they were the perfect match. How cruel is it of fate to take her away from him? They are aware of each other’s flaws, but they see it as beauty. They think each other’s imperfections are perfect. They were meant to be. And his last song; their last performance together in spirit— goodness gracious that tugged on my heartstrings. He overcame his fear to play despite knowing he would lose everything again and played for her. He played for her to say goodbye. Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out in a corner again :’)

I have so much more to say about this, but right now I’m a jumbled up mess and this anime just pulls out emotions from me that I didn’t even know I had and throws them right back at me without remorse. Watching this is like going on an emotional rollercoaster and not knowing where you’ll end up. But the messages and the symbolism that this anime conveys is like no other. It’s something that I can never forget and something that I would willingly throw myself into again even though I know it will cause me emotional pain.

But you know what? Being able to feel all this, just watching something that can evoke so much emotion and make you reflect upon your own life like that: that’s what makes me love Your Lie in April so much. Say what you will, but I think Your Lie in April is beautiful.

P/S: I was also so inspired that I wrote a poem in response to Kaori’s letter from Kousei’s point of view— http://uzumakipride.tumblr.com/post/158423889980/kouseis-response-to-kaoris-letter

At this point, I’m just trying to do everything I can to relieve myself of these tears…

((Since I’ve not seen anyone talk about it specifically in the tags yet, something occurred to me after I saw the better-quality spoiler pictures, and I want to point it out.

Everyone keeps talking about how Agni was stabbed. However, the picture clearly shows more injuries than the stab wounds and bullets to his right hand and back. His achkan and the sash over his shoulder are both slashed in various places, which suggests that the attacker(s?) did more than just stab and shoot. If the stab wounds were just stab wounds, not all of those tears/gashes would be there, nor would some of them be as long as they are. The attacker must have used some of the knives to not only stab, but cut and slice at Agni’s back in trying to make him drop to the floor and/or let go of the door handle. This was undoubtedly a frenzied, desperate, and malicious move, and Agni literally stayed strong until the end despite a great deal of pain and numerous relentless attacks against him.

He was so strong and courageous, and his love and devotion towards Soma knew no bounds. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.))

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you possibly have any dark fic recommendations? I've been looking for a good dark fic, but I seem to have bad luck looking for fics :(

You’re now in luck Anon because dark fanfics are my favourite! :D Make sure to check the tags and ratings before you read them though, as some of them can get pretty dark. 

Part 1: Mechanical Teeth
Part 2: Lockjaw
Part 3: Premolars

There was also Distant Thunder by PoorQueequeg and an amazing one called Spotlight but they both seems to have been deleted. *Excuse me while I go in a corner and cry.*

If you need any more recommendations please don’t hesitate to drop me an ask!

“I was halfway up the stairs an hour later when I realized that I still had no idea what room to go to. I’d gone to my bedroom since we returned from the cabin, but…what of his? With Tamlin, he’d kept to his own rooms and slept in mine. And I supposed- I supposed it’d be the same.”

This scene breaks my heart every time because ever after everything Feyre has been through, even after Rhys has told her how much he loves her, she still believes Rhys doesn’t even want to share a room with her. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.


This is probably THE best Martin Riggs fan video around. Gives you all the feels, and yet you can’t stop watching…

Now excuse me while I go curl up in a corner and cry…

Thanks @ccrawforditaly for finding and sharing it!

please consider the following
  • adrien meeting master fu
  • adrien quickly looking to master fu as the paternal figure he yearns for
  • master fu being cranky at first about it LIKE “SHOO, NO GO HOME. GO BOTHER LADYBUG. I AM AN OLD MAN WITH OLD MAN BUSINESS TO ATTEND TO.”
  • but being unable to refuse because:
  • he knew his mother
  • his mother was the peacock
  • and god isn’t he her spitting image
  • isn’t he just as good and kind of a hero as she was
  • she was one of his best students
  • she looked to him as if he were her grandpa
  • and fu cannot refuse because this is her child, and he is hurting, and he’s lonely, and despite all of that he’s such a great boy
  • and he knows
  • he knows gabriel is hawkmoth
  • fu and plagg trying to hide the truth from him as much as they can for his sake
  • because adrien. poor sweet adrien. he can only end in two ways: a martyr like his mother, or corrupted by grief like his father
  • and he doesn’t want to lose another one
  • not him, not her child, not the cat, not Ladybug’s cat.
  • adrien hanging out with master fu
  • adrien becoming the most determined student of miraculous lore and finding out the truth by accident
  • Ladybug consoles him
  • and he proves why he is the perfect cat, because even though there is so much grief in his life, he will not let it get the best of him, he won’t let darkness destroy him
  • and that gives ladybug a ladyboner
  • low key super high key falls in love with him
  • so he rises above it and like, starts getting as focused about these whole miraculous shenanigans like ladybug but without losing his dorkiness
  • C H A R A C T E R  D E V E L O P M E N T
  • “She would be proud of you, boy,” said Master Fu.
    “You really think so?”
    “I know so. Because I am proud of you.”



Please excuse me while I go cry in the corner… 😭😭😭😭

It wasn’t supposed to be such a quick drabble but since I have no time to perfect it, here you go…

well then, ekhem- KUROBAS CUP 2015 MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A MESS.

Every time I see -tch- every time I RECALL crying Kenshou and Yuuki comforting him, my eyes go wet immediately. I know they became good friends after all this time and all but… that scene… I just cannot handle it without emotions simmering inside me ;W;

I shipped KagaKuro but not as a great fan or sth - I believe it’s going to change after everything that I watched… *w*

I didn’t even understand anything except few words and phrases… And still… I think I didn’t really need to understand…

Excuse me, I need to sob in the corner for a while. /crieees/


Can we just talk about how powerful this scene is? 

There are no words needed. Each panel shows us how their relationship was with each other. Silence often offers us a more powerful understanding than a thousand words ever could. Ursa knew she never showed her daughter how much she loved her. You can see the love and affection on her face for her high strung little girl… as well as regret and worry. Even in the last panel and the way she looks back…she was hesitant. She did not want to leave Azula, knowing how much Ozai influenced her at such a young age…she even chose to see her daughter first before Zuko. Maybe she had planned on saying something to Azula…but the words got lost on her tongue. What could she say? Instead she opted to give her a kiss on her cheek as a sign of love instead, praying she would be safe.

If only Azula knew…

I have a lot of Azula Feels now…excuse me while I go cry in a corner.