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Masquerade. (Jimin x Reader x Hoseok) Part 1

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

Jimin x Reader x Hoseok

Fluff & Slight Smut

Office Au, Hosts Au

Summary: To secretly relieve your stress about your single life and your hard times at work, you cave and decide to give this mysteriously alluring club a chance. At Club Masquerade, you can indulge in your fantasies and indulge in who you really want to be without strings attached. So when you waltz in and realize you’re not exactly sure what you want, two of their best hosts swoop in and are more than willing to help you figure it out…

           But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets in your office.

Warning: Will need lots of water for thirst. (Unless that’s just me *fans self* lol)

Parts 1 of 4

Links: Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 | Part 4

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          It was a very famous place, full of mystery. Many recommended that you had to go there at least once in your life, especially if you were single and looking for a good time. Yet no one spoke about it past that. But the alluring smile and the dust of pink on their cheeks as they mentally recollected their experiences drew you in.

           You wanted to know what they saw. You wanted to know what they felt.

           Club Masquerade.

           Your fingers tapped your desk as you stared at the address your friend had texted you. All of your girl friends highly urged you to go. They only went once, but they raved that they could never forget about their time there. If they weren’t already in happy relationships, they stated that they would be frequenting it often.

           You clicked on the website she had attached with the address, and you fumbled as the heading of the site caused you to turn red.


           Frantically pressing buttons on your phone to exit out before any passing eyes spotted what you were looking at, you spazzed out in your desk. People glanced at you worriedly but you gave them a weak smile as you fixed your outfit.

           "Y/N!!“ a familiar bellow was heard from the adjacent office and you jolted out of your seat.

           "There he goes again.” One of your co-workers chuckled.

           You exhaled and hurried into your boss’s office.

           "Yes, Mr. Jung.“ You mumbled.

           "What the hell is this?” he slammed papers down onto his table. “I can’t understand your handwriting!”

           You exhaled. “We’ve been working together for years and you still can’t read my handwriting?”

           "What?“ he snapped and you straightened up.

           "Would you like me to read it to you then?” you suggested.

           "Well, there’s no other way for me to understand this.“ he rolled his eyes and spun around in his chair.

           You took a deep breath to calm yourself, knowing your boss’s specialty was pissing you off. Grabbing the papers, you organized them in order and was about to begin reading when he cut in.

           "Oh we’re also getting a new boss tomorrow, so those –” he pointed at the boxes you had lugged in early this morning. “– need to be put together.”

           Your eyes widened. “You want ME to put together an office table and chair??”

           "Yeah, why?“ he blinked at you. "Can’t do it?”

           You groaned and he knocked on his desk impatiently. “Just because you’ve been my secretary for years doesn’t mean you can slack off. Let’s get to it.”

           "Which would you like me to do first? Read the plans or fix the table?“ You questioned lifelessly.

           "Hmmm….you can just do both.” he waved his hand as he continued to play with his pen and spin in his chair.

           "Are you serious?“ you looked at him exasperatedly.

           He feigned ignorance then gestured for you to hurry.

           "No.” You slammed the papers down. “You read those while I do the table.”

           "I don’t want to.“ He crossed his arms. "That’s your job. Write it neater.”

           "I had the entire office read through it before sending it over!“ you complained. "Maybe you need to get your eyes checked!”

           "Excuse me?“ he stood up angrily.

           "You heard me!” you retorted, glaring at him dangerously.

           "Go fix the table!“ he yelled.

           "I am!” you bellowed in return as you spun around to make your way to the boxes.

           "Don’t yell at me!“ he pointed.

           "You started yelling first!”

           "No I didn’t!“

           A timid knock on the office door had you both freeze in your places. Mr. Jung coughed to regain his composure and gently sat down in his chair.

           "Come in.” he stated firmly.

           An attractive young man peeked in with a large smile plastered on his face.

           "Sorry to interrupt Mr. Jung ~“ he greeted sweetly and you felt yourself gawking at how the room lit up with his entrance.

           "My dear friend!! Stop with the formalities. Call me Hoseok as usual.” Hoseok grinned and opened his arms welcomingly.

           You found yourself giving him a look of disgust at his unexpected behavior. Everyone in the office knew him as constantly cold and only ever heard him yelling, mostly directed your way. He was totally fooling this visitor.

           "What’re you doing here?“ Hoseok sat down at the front of his desk.

           "Oh I’m here to fix up the table…” the other man trailed off, realizing that someone else was in the room. You felt yourself blush as you spotted him scanning you intently.

           "Oh don’t worry. The secretary’s got it.“ Hoseok waved his hand. "She’s pretty brolic so she can handle. You want to get some food while you’re here?”

           You made sure your back was turned before you made faces of anger towards Hoseok.

           "I just ate, but coffee sounds good. We can just catch up in here so we don’t waste money on gas or anything.“

           "I’ll go get you some then. I’ll be right back.” Hoseok patted his friend’s shoulder before exiting the room.

           Soon after the door shut, you felt the stranger crouch down next to you. You were a bit startled so you flinched when you realized. He giggled.

           "Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.“

           You blushed and shook your head. "Don’t worry. I was just trying to figure out how to put this together.”

           "This is my job, so don’t worry about it.“ the man smiled and took the pieces away from you gently.

           You chuckled. "No, he won’t let me hear the end of it if I abandon this.”

           "Then let’s fix it together then?“ he grinned expectantly.

           You timidly nodded, not having the heart to refuse his eager help.

           "I’m Jimin.” he introduced, holding out his hand kindly.

           "Y/N.“ you smiled as you shook it warmly.

           "So you’re his secretary, huh?” his eyes scanned the pieces and organized them with ease.

           "Uh yeah.“ you watched Jimin work in awe. "Have you done this before?”

           Jimin chuckled and glanced over at you with a friendly twinkle in his eye. “No. I’m following the instructions.”

           You squinted and scanned the sea of parts and boxes for any semblance of instructions. Then your lips curled up as you realized he was joking. He laughed as he watched it dawn on you and you joined him.

           "Sorry. I’m not used to jokes at work.“ you giggled.

           "Hoseok can get a little intense when it comes to work-related stuff.” Jimin smiled as he continued setting up the parts.

           "A little is an understatement.“ you mumbled under your breath, but Jimin chuckled, obviously hearing your comment.

           "Don’t tell him I said that.” you whispered guiltily.

           Jimin grinned and handed you a piece of the table. “It’ll be our secret.”

           You blushed, feeling giddy butterflies in your stomach.

           "Now hold that so I can start drilling it together.“ he placed another piece into your free hand and positioned you. Your cheeks warmed as he nonchalantly touched your arms and placed your fingers where they needed to be. Then with a big smile, he stepped back.

           "Good. Stay right there. Where’s Hoseok’s drill?”

           "Uh should be in that gray cabinet in the corner. Top shelf to the right.“ You instructed, knowing his office like the back of your hand.

           You had organized it countless of times until it was to Hoseok’s liking and then some more because he just loved to irritate you.

           "Got it!” Jimin cheered triumphantly as he scurried to your side. “Hold tight, okay?”

           You swallowed and held the pieces firmly while he set up the tool. Jimin was in mid-drill when Hoseok burst into the room holding two cups of coffee. His brows furrowed angrily as he happened upon the scene.

           "What do you think you’re doing, Y/N?“

           "Um…holding the table, as you can see.” you snapped.

           "I told you to do it yourself. Why did you make Jimin –“

           "I volunteered to help her.” Jimin smiled warmly at Hoseok then glanced your way encouragingly. “It’ll take one person a while to fix it and I’m sure she has a lot of paperwork to do.”

           Hoseok pursed his lips, forming a straight line and you knew that face meant he was holding back his anger.

           "Your coffee will get cold, Jimin.“ he stated flatly.

           Jimin laughed and turned his attention to you, "Want some coffee, Y/N?”

           "I only have two here.“ Hoseok sulked.

           "We can share.” Jimin whispered playfully causing your lips to curl up happily.

           "Here! Here!“ Hoseok shoved the coffee into your hand, irritatedly. "Me and Jimin will just share!”

           Jimin cracked up as he waltzed over to Hoseok’s desk, where the latter was pouting. You sat on the ground and sipped the coffee welcomingly. The two slowly drifted into their own world, catching up on mutual friends, and retelling stories. They seemed to have forgotten you were in the room, but you didn’t mind. You took the time to study the handsome features of Jimin from afar. It had been awhile since someone handsome was so openly nice to you. You looked at him dreamily. But it was Hoseok who cut into your thoughts.

           "Well since you’re no help at all, get out of my office.“

           "Hoseok…” Jimin looked at him sadly.

           "It’s fine. That’s how we have a discussion.“ Hoseok patted his friend’s shoulder and gave you a scolding look.

           You faked a smile as you stood up, glad you didn’t have to put together a table but offended that he was treating you so rudely in front of his attractive friend. Not satisfied with leaving without the upper-hand, you raised your cup smugly.

           "Thanks for the cup, Hoseok ~” you smirked and hurriedly closed the door behind you.

           "What did she call me?“ you heard him hiss before you skipped to your desk, ecstatic about your good luck.

           "Who was that?” one of your co-workers whispered, intrigued.

           "I don’t know.“ you smiled. "But he was charming.”

           "Good morning everyone!“ You greeted warmly as usual, and everyone waved at you brightly.

           "He’s in already.” They warned you in a hushed tone.

           "Already?“ Your eyes widened.

           Suddenly, Hoseok marched down the aisle, holding his usual cup of coffee. As always, he wore a straight-faced expression that was laced with an air of mystery. His suit was tailored sharply so it hung just loose enough to make you wonder about his form without giving too much away. You exhaled knowing that you were already in trouble this morning for coming in later than him, not that you had any control over it. He came in whenever he wanted and you never knew what to expect.

           You fought the urge to roll your eyes as you spotted your co-workers stare at him longingly while he strutted throughout the office confidently. Hurriedly, you hung your coat on the back of your chair and sat down, hoping that he wouldn’t notice you just arrived. He passed by the respectful bows and greetings without a response or change in expression. It was rare for him to return anyone’s "Good mornings”, yet your co-workers still tried to get him to notice them.

           You kept your eyes down on the stack of paperwork in front of you, trying to look busy, but as always, it didn’t deter him from sitting down on your desk with a big smirk on his face.

           "Morning Madam Secretary ~“ he raised his cup. "Had a late start today?”

           You exhaled and crossed your arms.“Well someone was just earlier than usual today.”  

           "Tsk. Tsk.“ he shook his head. "I thought I would die walking over to get coffee.”

           You gave a him disapproving look, which he simply raised a questioning eyebrow at you.  "Then you’d be the first to die walking 10 steps to get coffee and it was due to your own lack of movement.“ You hummed as you returned your focus back to your paperwork.

           He knocked on your table in retaliation to regain your attention. "Yah.”

           You glared up at him.

           "I’m your boss, your boss. We’re not friends.“ he stated firmly as he continued tapping on your desk irritatedly.

           You rolled your eyes and shooed him away. "Well then Boss, please get off my table and let me work.”

           "Yah!“ he raised his voice.

           Your bickering was a normal occurrence in your office but it never failed to astound the workers. Everyone’s eyes were on you two, especially now that his voice grew louder than conversational level. You two had just worked together for so long and no one but you could put up with his attitude. So regardless of how rude you were to each other, you were both secure that things would carry on normally afterwards.

           "Fighting so early?”

           A familiar voice had you both straighten up from your positions. Immediately, both of your faces brightened as Jimin appeared, carrying three cups of coffee.

           "J-Jimin!“ you stammered as you stood up, flustered, earning a judgmental glare from Hoseok.

           "Sorry I’m late. I wanted to pick up some warm drinks for us to start off the morning!” Jimin grinned and you heard immediate excited whispers throughout the office.

           "I see you already have one Hoseok….“

           "It’s cold already so I’ll take yours.” Hoseok left his coffee on your desk and grabbed one from Jimin brightly. You pursed your lips in annoyance.

           "And one for you, Miss Secretary ~“ Jimin sang as he handed you a cup.

           Your lips curled up happily as you accepted his kind gesture. "What brings you here so early? Did Mr. Jung send you on errands?”

           Hoseok chucked his straw paper at you without batting an eye, playing it off as if he missed your trashcan.

           Jimin laughed, “Oh no. I’m the new boss being transferred here.”

           You stumbled back from surprise. “Oh my gosh!”

           Frantically, you bowed deeply, “Welcome Mr. Park!”

           Hoseok smirked as he sipped his coffee.

           "You didn’t tell her Hoseok?“ Jimin glanced at him amused as you sent threatening looks towards Hoseok.

           "Must’ve slipped my mind.” he shrugged and pointed to you. “Well get back to work and take care of your table. It looks like it has a lot of trash. So unattractive.”

           He shook his head disapprovingly as he stalked back into his office. You huffed, trying to maintain your composure.

           "He’s a handful, huh?“ Jimin stayed put, relaxingly sipping his coffee.

           You smiled as you grabbed his forgotten coffee cup and chucked it into your trash bin. "I’m sorry. I really had no idea you were the new boss.”

           "It’s fine.“ he waved his hand. "I respond to either-or anyway – Jimin, Mr. Park– it all sounds the same to me.”

           You giggled shyly.

           "In return for the coffee, do you think you could introduce me to everyone?“ Jimin mumbled softly. "It feels weird just waltzing in here and having them report to me when I don’t know them.”

           Your eyes widened, “You want to get to know everyone?”

           "Yeah.“ he blinked. "Is that weird?”

           You laughed, “No, not at all. It’s just…different…from what we’re used to at least.”

           Jimin smiled knowingly and you gestured for him to following you timidly. Everyone was flustered as he approached each worker one-by-one, reiterating their names and conversing with them briefly. Your female co-workers were visibly attracted to this kind man as they fixed their hair and straightened up their skirts before you reached their cubicle.

           "If you forget anyone’s names, don’t hesitate to ask me.“ you chuckled as you both returned back to your desk after a few minutes.

           "I’ll probably keep asking you frequently. Sorry if I get annoying.”

           You waved your hand, “That’s what I’m here for. I’d be glad to help you out.”

           "I’m lucky to have such a pretty secretary.“ he grinned as he raised his cup. "It makes starting off the day better.”

           You blushed. “Just call me over if you need anything.”

           "I’ll probably just be setting up my office and papers today.“

           "Oh. I finished that yesterday.” you smiled shyly, happy that you were proactive in doing so. You wanted to impress Jimin in as many ways as possible.

           "Wow, you’re a blessing.“ he reached out and petted your head gratefully.

           You felt your face turn red as he laughed at your reaction.

           "You’re cute, Y/N.”

           With that compliment, he strolled back into his office. You exhaled and swooned into your seat, your gaze lingering at the door that he disappeared into. Your hands immediately cupped your cheeks to offset the growing warmth, but you couldn’t fight off the giddy feeling. But you only reveled in it for a few minutes before Hoseok’s loud voice echoed and your mood immediately dropped.


           You groaned and grabbed your completed stacks of paper to report to him.

           "Yes, Mr. Jung.” You marched into his office, stealing a glance at Jimin thoroughly reading through documents, sporting glasses which made you weak at the knees.

           "I have meetings today right?“


           "Go over what they’re about and what I need to know.“ he twirled around in his chair.

           You whipped up a typed copy of the outline of the meeting so he could read along (which he never did) and began informing Hoseok. Feeling Jimin’s gaze on you from across the room made you more conscious but also more efficient in your explanation.

           "Alright. Let’s go. Make sure you stay close so I look better.” Hoseok stood up and fixed up his suit, smirking at his own insult.

           You gave him a look of disgust as he walked by, and peripherally, you caught Jimin smiling at you and giving you a thumbs up in approval. Immediately, you blushed and smiled shyly before exiting the room.

           With two bosses now, one hot and one cold, one friendly and one rude, it was a pretty stressful week at work. When Friday afternoon rolled around, you were exhausted in all aspects.

           "Seriously. You’re always at work or thinking about work, girl.“ your best friend chimed into the phone. "You’re going to end up single and alone at this rate.”

           "Don’t remind me.“ you grumbled as you plopped onto your bed.

           "I’m telling you. Go to Club Masquerade. At least you’ll be single and NOT alone there. It’s only an hour per person, but it is WORTH IT.” she urged. “Trust me.”

           You sighed. “I don’t know…it doesn’t sound like my thing.”

           "Believe me. It’s everyone’s thing.“ you could hear the smirk in your friend’s voice. "They’ll take good care of you there.”

           "Mmmm…“ you contemplated.

           "I’m telling you, just GO. If you don’t like it, then I’ll stop bothering you. But at least then I can talk to you about it. I’m DYING!” Your friend urged.

           "Fine, fine. I’ll go. I need to de-stress and having some fun outside doesn’t sound too bad.“ you chuckled.

           "Oh my goodness. You’re going to have so much fun. I’m so excited for you.” your friend squealed excitedly. “You HAVE to wear that black dress and that silver masquerade mask you were going to wear for my bachelorette party there.”

           "You keep rubbing it in. I can’t help that I contracted pneumonia!“ you groaned.

           "Well, now you can pay me back by getting your single ass to this Club!” she scolded.

           "Alright, alright. I’ll get ready and send you my look.“

           "Perfect. Have fun girl ~”

           You inhaled and exhaled deeply as you clutched your trench coat around you for protection. You weren’t used to wearing a lot of eye make-up and deep red lipstick, but you wanted to look as seductive and daring as you were going to try to be tonight. You adjusted your elegantly designed silver masquerade mask and without another thought, you pulled open the door leading into Club Masquerade, hoping it would give you the change you needed in your mundane life.

           A bell echoed as you stepped in and immediately you were greeted by cute girl at the entrance.

           "Hello welcome to Club Masquerade, where we make your fantasies come true! How can I help you today?“ she smiled warmly, which eased your frantically beating heart.

           It seemed straight out of a Renaissance fairytale. There was a beautiful chandelier lined with diamonds that reflected the silver and gold that decorated the high ceilings. You saw there were red velvet curtains in the back where people adorning masks of all styles and colors were disappearing to. Some were sitting in small tables by the entrance, merely conversing and having tea, but they too soon disappeared behind the maroon veils.

           Seeing your awe, the girl chuckled. "It must be your first time today. Are you familiar with how we work?”

           "Ummm…“ you blushed. "Not really…”

           "No problem. I’m here to answer any of your questions and curiosities.“

           "Um…what exactly does it mean when you say you’ll make our fantasies come true?” you whispered, embarrassed.

           "Absolutely anything and everything.“ she grinned proudly. "We have a variety of persona hosts that specialize in different forms of fantasies. Of course everything is anonymous so you don’t have to worry about being recognized, and everyone knows the safe word.”

           "Persona…hosts…?“ you blinked.

           Her lips curled up endearingly. "Oh dear. I think we have a pure one here.”

           You felt your cheeks heat up as she looked at you with a warm flicker in her eye, like a teacher ready to give her favorite lecture.

           "How about…“ you felt an arm wrap around your shoulder and you tensed up. ”…you let us take over from here?“

           You felt yourself shiver as a strong arm pulled you flush against his body.

           "It might be easier to show her how things work here.”

           The hairs on your skin immediately stood on edge at his emphasis. Was it excitement? You glanced beside you to find an attractive man wearing a sparkling red masquerade mask. Before you could study him more carefully, a hand grabbed yours and a pair of lips pressed onto the back of your hand, causing your heart to flip over.

           "We’ll take good care of her.“

           You gawked at the man wearing a silver-lined black mask in front of you. The girl at the reception laughed and glanced over at you.

           "It seems you’re in luck today Miss.” she explained as she nudged you playfully. “These are the best two hosts we have and it seems you’ve piqued their interest~”

           You blushed as you tensed up, not used to being surrounded by attractive and forward men.

           "Which persona are they…?“ you questioned.

           The receptionist giggled as she handed you a circular buzzer, similar to ones they have at restaurants that take reservations.

            "I’ll let them take over now. This will flash and vibrate when your hour is up. If you’d like to extend the time, there’s a red button in each room that you can press. If not, then your hosts will escort you back out here.” she explained brightly as you grabbed the buzzer nervously. “Have a pleasure-filled time!”

           You smiled weakly as the two led you down into the section of tables.

           "Hungry?“ Black Mask, as you were going to refer to him in your mind, questioned.

           You shook your head.

           "Don’t be nervous.” Red Mask whispered into your ear and you shuddered at his closeness. Then he turned to Black Mask with a smug smile. “Explanations aren’t my thing, so I’ll give her to you for 35 minutes and I’ll take the last 25?”

           "Alright, I’ll spend 10 minutes explaining things then.“

           "He’ll prepare you for me…” Red Mask hummed into your ear again, his hand slowly moving down your arm before he walked away.

           Black Mask chuckled as he took your arm and wrapped it around his, guiding you elegantly.

           "Don’t be so tense. You set the rules around here. None of the hosts will do anything to make you uncomfortable. We’re here to serve you exactly how you want us to.“

           You nodded, feeling a little better.

           "So these tables are for those who just require a conversational host or for those who like easing into the…main dish.” Black Mask licked his lips and you bit yours as you watched him. “So yeah, we have a place for tea and talking, some refreshments, etc. Any questions?”

           You shook your head and he chuckled, tapping your arm gently. “Relax.”

           "I’m sorry…this is just not my usual place to hang out…“ you mumbled.

           He grinned, "I would be surprised if it was anyone’s. Everyone starts off nervous when trying something new, but trust me. I won’t do anything to hurt you.”

           Your heart fluttered at the sincerity of his statement, but then he leaned closer and whispered, “Unless you want me to.”

           Your body heated up as the scent of his cologne filled up your senses. He straightened back up and led you to the red veils.

           "And here we have the host rooms.“ he introduced, simply standing there to ease your nerves. "You must have lots of questions about this.”

           "Are they all bedrooms?“ you mumbled.

           "No.” he chuckled. “Some people don’t like doing things on beds.”

           Your eyes widened as you glanced up at him and he winked playfully. You felt yourself giggle at his playful tone.

           "There’s a smile – finally!“ he nudged. "There are bedrooms in the farthest part of this hallway, but the first few are lounges, then some are specialty rooms, others we end up redecorating according to the client’s preferences.”

           "Wow.“ You were impressed. "That’s a lot of work.”

           "Anything to make our clients happy.“ His lips curled up and you felt yourself smile. "Well, it seems you’re not sure what your interests are in this…field. So what do you want to do?”

           You blinked, “What’re my options?”

           "Well, if you would like, we can just sit and chat.“ he gestured to the tables. "Or we can take it easy in one of the lounges. Orrrr –” he grinned. “–if I’ve completely terrified you and you want to run off, then you’re welcome to do so.”

           You chuckled, now more relaxed. Something about him eased your worries and curiosity was slowly getting the better of you as you wondered what exactly happened in these rooms. Excitement bubbled in your stomach and you felt a surge of spontaneity.

           "Let’s go to the lounges.“

           You hardly recognized the confident voice that came out of you. But something drew you there. You wanted to see for yourself what exactly was behind the veil. You wanted to unravel the mysteries of this place, and the more Black Mask questioned you, the more you wanted to discover the mysteries in yourself.

           "As you wish.” His lips curled up proudly as slipped his hand into yours, leading you to the hallway of rooms.

           Once you were behind the veil, you heard an eerie silence. The lighting was dim, alluring, and mysterious like the rest of the place.

           As if reading your thoughts, Black Mask commented, “All rooms are soundproof so you can be as loud as you want.”

           You blushed from the implication. He smiled as he entered the room and you were surprised to see Red Mask sitting on one of the couches nonchalantly.

           "Figured you’d go to this room.“ he grinned.

           "Hm?” you looked up at Black Mask inquisitively.

           "This is technically ‘my’ room.“ he answered lightheartedly.

           "My room’s a bit more… fun.” Red Mask smirked. “Hopefully I’ll be able to take you there soon enough.”

           You bit your lip nervously at his comment and soon, Red Mask was in front of you.

           "Don’t bite your lip like that.“ he growled. "Or I’m going to jump you with him watching.”

           You inhaled sharply, but soon the gentle hand of Black Mask cut in between you two.

           "I still have 30 minutes with her, but I wanted her to establish rules with both of us before I get started.“ Black Mask explained then turned to you. "Let’s sit?”

           You smiled and nodded as he led you to the couch. Red Mask’s eyes were watching your every move and for some reason, it boosted your confidence that he was ravaging your body with his prolonged stare.

           "Rules?“ you questioned as you sat down.

           "Yeah, set some boundaries for us. Tell us what absolutely turns you off. We’ll remember it.”

           "Hmm…“ you pursed your lips as you pondered about it.

           "Damn you’re so cute.” Black Mask covered his face and laughed.

           Your lips curled up at the compliment. The two then sat on either side of you, waiting for your decision.

           "Well…“ you started and their eyes were on you attentively.

           "Clothes stay on.”

           They nodded and it encouraged you to continue. “And my lower half is off limits… unless I say otherwise.”

           "And by lower half, you mean below your stomach but above your thighs?“ Red Mask hummed.

           You turned warm and nodded.

           "Anything else?” Black Mask questioned and you shook your head.

           "That’s fine.“ Red Mask smirked and he leaned over, talking into the crook of your neck. "I can make you beg for me without touching you there.”

           You swallowed roughly as your heartbeat quickened at the thought of it. But soon enough, Red Mask stood up and left the room, giving the allotted time to Black Mask.

           "Well,“ he leaned against the couch. "it seems you’re not sure what you like and dislike, huh?”

           "I haven’t really given it much thought…“ you frowned.

           He scooted over closer to you and smiled gently. "Well that’s what I’m here for.”

           You locked eyes with him.

           "I’ll figure you out.“ he whispered as he caressed your face softly.

           Your eyes darted to his lips then back to his eyes but as he moved his face closer, your gaze didn’t leave his mouth. You were mesmerized.

           "Can I kiss you?” he whispered, his breath ghosting over your lips.

           You nodded in anticipation and he lightly pressed his lips on yours sweetly. Your entire body tingled with the sensation. His thumb rubbed the side of your cheek and he stared at you lovingly.

           "You’re okay?“ he asked and you nodded.

           He smiled and leaned back to capture your lips gently as both of his hands cupped your face. Your breath hitched as his hands traveled down to your neck. One of his hands stayed on your face while the other glided down your arm to intertwine your fingers together. You kissed back, already following the rhythm of his lips.

           "Comfortable?” he hummed.

           You nodded, catching your breath. Although kissing side by side was a bit hard, you didn’t want to stop the momentum. He chuckled as he kissed your cheek and your breathing got labored as he traveled down your jaw then to your neck. The kisses were light but it ignited your body, as if he knew exactly where you were most sensitive. His free hand unfastened your trench coat and you both maintained eye contact as he slowly pulled it off your shoulders, revealing your tight, form-fitting black dress.

           "Wow.“ he breathed, taking in your body. "You’re beautiful.”

           Your hands nervously reached out for him and he gave you an encouraging smile, observing the worried look in your eyes. “You can touch me wherever, as much as you want.”

           You wanted more of his kisses and for some reason, doing this with a complete stranger where no one knew who you were, made you more courageous than you had expected. Gently, you pulled his tuxedo towards you and he smiled into the kiss happily.

           "Tell me what you like.“ he whispered as he started leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down your neck onto your shoulder, as your heart ran a marathon inside your chest.

           "Keep doing that.” you muttered, breathlessly.

           "As you wish.“ he placed a chaste kiss on your lips before tending to the other side of your body.

           Soon his hands found its way back to caressing your face and you leaned forward to lock lips with him feverishly. He mentally took note of what he did to get that reaction out of you and tested out the waters by grazing his tongue on your lower lip. You gasped at the new feeling and you pressed deeper into the kiss. You felt his lips curl up as he repeated that same action again but at a more languid pace. Soon, you were on your knees on the couch nearly straddling him to deepen the kiss. His tongue on your lip was driving you insane.

           He broke the kiss and chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist to steady you.

           "It’ll be dangerous if you straddle me with a dress on.” his eyes twinkled brightly as he took in how swollen your lips had become and how your pupils were dilated with lust.

           "What?“ you breathed, clearly not in the right state of mind.

           His expression darkened as he smirked, "It’ll be dangerous.”

           You realized your position and immediately sat back down, flustered.

           "Tell me if you don’t like this.“ he whispered and soon you found your back on the couch and him hovering over you.

           He had placed your coat on top of your legs mannerly as he climbed over you on all fours.


           You shook your head and smiled, tugging at his tie. He raised an eyebrow at your gesture.

           "Kiss me.“ you requested.

           He grinned as he leaned down.

           "You’re too damn cute.”

           Soon, you were locking lips again but this time your hands freely roamed his body, feeling his chest, his waist, and fiddled with his belt. His hands were supporting himself up so your bodies didn’t make contact but little by little his body melted into yours, which you received heartily. He gently played with your hair, caressed your cheek, and lightly nipped at your neck, leaving you breathless, relaxed, yet wanting so much more.

           Suddenly, there was knock on the door and he chuckled, immediately sitting up and getting off the couch. You were panting heavily, upset at the loss of contact.

           "What’s happening?“ you questioned, your voice a bit rough and dehydrated as you sat up.

           He chuckled as he returned by your side with a cup of water.

           "My 35 minutes with you is up.” he smiled.

           "Already?“ you pouted.

           He leaned over and kissed you sweetly on the cheek. "We can always play some more if you prefer me.”

           "Prefer…?“ you furrowed your brow.

           Black Mask fixed your hair carefully as you finished your water.

           "My friend has a bit of a different… approach than me.” His eyes had a mischievous glint to it as he grabbed the empty cup from you.

           You watched him walk towards the door sadly. He turned to you one last time and winked, “I look forward to your choice.”

           With that, he opened the door and disappeared, leaving you alone in the room. Those 35 minutes felt like an eternity of heaven for you. Then you finally composed yourself, realizing that your next host was the one that continually sent shivers of excitement down your spine simply with his words. You felt the need to throw your trench coat back on; you felt naked and anxious. You walked around the room to cool yourself down from your previous encounter.

           Suddenly, the door opened and closed quietly. The atmosphere changed immediately. With Black Mask, it had been light, comfortable, and sweet but there was a thick tension in the air as soon as Red Mask stepped foot into the room. Your eyes locked with his piercing stare and he smirked.

           "Fucking finally.“ he rushed to where you were and crashed his lips onto yours. You got the wind knocked out of you as he pushed you against the wall. Not wasting time, he slipped his tongue into your mouth, and immediately battled with yours. He broke the kiss and he grazed your neck with his nose.

           "I told you I’d make you beg for me, didn’t I?” he hummed and you fought to catch your breath from his surprise kiss.

           He pressed open mouthed kisses down your neck, licking the same exact spot alternatingly.

           "This….“ he bit your bottom lip as he traced your chest down to the buttons of your trench coat. ”…needs to come off.“

           You nodded.

           "Take it off for me baby girl.” he whispered on your lips and your hands immediately obeyed, unfastening the buttons at lightning speed.

           He kissed your newly exposed shoulders and worked his way to the low V-cut of your dress.

           "Fuck, you’re hott.“ he muttered before licking a line down your chest, causing you to gasp and thread your hands through his hair.

           "Hmm yes, make more sounds for me.” he growled as he pulled you towards him and attacked your lips again.

           Your arms wrapped around his neck to deepen the kiss, but he stepped back hurriedly. You stumbled forward, confused. He smirked as he took your arms and pinned them to the wall, before returning to heatedly make out with you. You struggled to get your arms free from his grasp, but he was stronger than you. His lips curled up and he stared into your eyes dangerously.

           "Do you want to touch me baby girl?“ he hissed.

           You nodded weakly.

           "Where do you want to touch me?” he smirked and you swallowed hard.  

           "Everywhere.“ you breathed as you pressed your lips onto his hungrily.

           Easily, he lifted you up by your waist as your tongues continued to fight for dominance; you wrapped your legs around him to help distribute some of your weight. And soon, you found your back pressed roughly onto the couch. His hands roamed your thighs firmly as neither of you broke the kiss for a few minutes. You reveled in the way he was devouring you. You could tell he needed you, he wanted you, and it excited you. Slowly, he grinded into you and you gasped, breaking the kiss at the feeling of his hardness. He smirked at you as he studied your shocked expression.

           "That’s all from you.” he mumbled.

           And you had to warn yourself to hold onto your dignity. Seeing, the hesitation and worry on your face, he chuckled.

           "Alright, alright. If I reach strike three, then I’m out. Or…“ he nipped at your lip. ”… you can just punish me.“

           You pulled him flush against your body and kissed him fervently. This man got you so riled up, it was unfair. He pushed the boundaries, but it made everything all the more exhilarating, as if you were a teenager rebelling against your parents for the first time. You felt the strings of your sanity loosen and you began to bask in the idea that you could be whoever you wanted to be with these men. They didn’t know who you were outside of it, and they were never going to.

           Your thoughts were soon interrupted by the buzz and vibration of the circular disc the receptionist had given you earlier. Groaning, Red Mask pushed himself off of you and stood up. You blushed as he unabashedly flaunted the growing need inside his pants in front of you.

           "Wanna fix it?” he smirked and you blushed, scolding yourself that you almost agreed to do so.

           He chuckled as he outstretched his hand out. “Don’t worry. A very rare few get to see the goods on the first session.”

           He winked at you and you chuckled, slipping your hand into his.

           "Oh my coat.“ You grabbed it, but Red Mask pulled you roughly to him as you attempted to put it on.

           "Don’t.” he hummed. “I want everyone to see how sexy you are when we walk out.”

           You felt your cheeks warm but you obliged. He took you out of the room and you found Black Mask waiting for you two beyond the veil with a bright smile.

           "Have fun?“ he asked lightly.

           "Of course. Who do you think I am?” Red Mask rolled his eyes.

           "Your fun is not everyone else’s fun.“ Black Mask grabbed your coat and threw it over your shoulder. "You’ll catch a cold like this.”

           "I want to flaunt her.“ Red Mask grumbled.

           "She looks beautiful even with the coat.” Black Mask smiled as he stepped back to take a good look at you. “Flaunt away.”

           His compliment made you smile and you felt your heart melt.

           "Oh. I didn’t catch your names…“ you muttered.

           The two grinned. "We’ll tell you our names after you tell us which one you liked best.”

           You froze, realizing you didn’t have a decision. Seeing your blank expression, the two cracked up.

           "Are you saying you like us both equally?“ Black Mask asked.

           "I mean…it was my first encounter with both of you…it’s hard to tell…” you trailed off shyly.

           The two looked at each other then smiled.

           "I’m fine with sharing.“ Red Mask shrugged.

           "For now at least.” Black Mask tightened your coat around you.

           "Is that okay?“ you looked at them with wide eyes. "I just feel like I want to get to know you guys…as hosts…better? Is that weird?”

           "Nah. We’re pretty flexible here.“ Red Mask winked at you, donning his signature smirk. "Plus I’m always looking for fresh meat to corrupt.”

           You giggled.

           "How about this,“ Black Mask suggested. "let’s exchange numbers?”


           "Well you said you wanted to get to know us as hosts better right?” Black Mask smiled. “We can keep you updated on when our slots are both free again for you to come in.”

           "And if you need any help from home…“ Red Mask whispered. ”…I don’t mind help out through the phone.“

           You covered your face, flustered. Fumbling into your purse, you eagerly grabbed the new personal phone you had just gotten for yourself to separate your work life, and handed it to them.

            "Do you guys always give away your work numbers?” you asked as you watched them type into your phone.

           "No.“ Black Mask smiled as he handed the phone over, "It’s cause you’re special.”

           Red Mask, on the other hand, chuckled and leaned down to whisper, “It’s so I could show you how riled up I can get you without needing to touch you.”

           You turned red immediately as he cackled while he finished typing in his number.

           "Those are our work phones, so feel free to text whenever.“ Black Mask grinned.

           "Who’s who?” you glanced down at the new names on your phone.

           "I’m J-Hope.“

           "I’m Chims. And you are…?”

           You smiled at them. “I guess… I can be whoever you guys want me to be.”

           "That’s bold, Silver girl.“ Black Mask tapped your silver mask playfully and sweetly kissed you on the cheek. "I like that.”

           "See ya baby girl.“ Red Mask patted your hip smugly before the two walked away to get back to work.

           Feeling lighthearted and giddy, you stepped out of Club Masquerade, transformed into a completely different person than when you had walked in. 

          As soon as you got home, you hopped into bed and edited the contacts on your phone so it was easier for you to remember who was who. Smiling contently to yourself, you stared at the two new names:

           ”Black Mask J-Hope“ and ”Red Mask Chims“.

Part 2

anonymous asked:

I loved your "do it I dare you" Jumin×MC×V post, so could you write a part 2 or write one where MC is in a relationship with V and Jumin is the one who is kind of flirting? Thanks so much! Your work is amazing 😍


FANDOM: Mystic Messenger
GENRE: Angst
CHARACTERS: Jihyun Kim (V), Jumin Han and Reader/MC/You

DISCLAIMER: A possible sensitive content.

a|n request granted! idk if this is what u wanted tho?? but i hope u like it nonssi!! chus!! thank you for your kind words omg!! aaah i’m so happy to hear that!

“Hey.” His soft voice enveloped your senses, the warmth of his body emitting its presence behind you. You slowly turned your swivel chair around as V gently dipped his head to plant a soft kiss on your forehead. “You’re working hard. Don’t strain yourself now.”

You smiled as you snaked your arm around his neck, slightly pulling him closer to you. Your eyes caught the coffee and sandwich he was holding and you couldn’t help but giggle at the gesture. V had always been very attentive and accommodating to you. Tending your needs down to the last detail. Ever since you started your job at Jumin’s company, there was never a day he failed to visit you.

You planted a small, feathery kiss on his cheek that earned you a chuckle from him. His creamy voice was godsend from the heavy atmosphere of your work area. Everyone were so engrossed on their jobs and were probably trying to meet deadlines after deadlines. They were this dedicated to work under Jumin’s direct leadership. All his employees were busily arranging stuffs and making sure nothing slips.

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Deck The Halls

not my gif


Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves

Pairing: Reader X Percival Graves

Notes/Warnings: *looks despairingly at the word count* Why do these tend to get out of hand?! Anyway, happy Christmas 8th (aka I feel festive because of December, so here you go)

Word count: 2,025

Imagine: Imagine Percival Graves not kissing you under a mistletoe but not for the reason you think.

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Haunting - “Haunting” by Halsey

Joker x Reader

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: Hey, I really like how you write. Can you do a Joker x Reader based on the song “Haunting” by Halsey? :)

{A/N} I hadn’t heard this song before because I live under a bat cave, but I looked it up and it’s pretty good, thanks for the musical reference, too! Sorry for the wait!

Warnings: Depression, the reader putting herself in danger, drug reference, overall just not a happy ending.

Watching from the window is not where you’d have said you’d be if someone asked you this time last year.

“I’d be with my clown prince,” you’d have said.

But now as you noticed them on your daily walk, you can’t help but stare through mascara filled tears as the love of your life dines with someone else. Not just someone else. In fact, if it were anyone else, you may not have minded so much. But it was her. Her. Harley Quinn. 

Maybe it was wrong to still be so hung up on him, especially with a new boyfriend who’s a well-rounded, law-abiding citizen. He’s practically made of gold and he treats you so well, but you miss him. You miss him regardless.

She wore a skintight black dress, and he wore the red and black suit you liked on him so much. The rain drizzled around you, dampening your {H/C} as you continued staring. The waiter poured the finest champagne they had for her, and their most expensive scotch for him. 

That was me..” you whisper under your breath.

The entire year you’ve tried your hardest to get over this man who had you so topsy turvy for him. You even gave someone else a chance, just in the off chance that he could distract you for a while. But when you met the Joker, you were innocent, pure as river. All it took was the stars aligning to run into him one night at a club your friends coaxed you into going to. You remember the moment as if it happened only moments ago. There you were, sitting on a barstool, a shy smirk on your lips as he pushed your hair behind your ear, your shoulder lifting to meet your chin, his eyes on fire at the sight of you. The devil played his cards right that evening, and though he’s been long gone, you’re still possessed.

“Excuse me,” someone mumbles, pushing past you quickly, kicking up muddy water onto the hem of your jeans. 

Coming back to the world around you, you inhale. You know exactly what you have to do now.

They don’t notice you as they walk off, enthralled in intense eye contact the way he used to hold your own stare. The feelings you have rush in at once, and you feel slightly dizzy. You reach your hand out to cutch the rough brick wall as you try to calm down. Anger, frustration, heartache, all keeping you weak. You couldn’t fix the fact that he was haunting you. No matter what you did or how you felt, it always came back to this. You could never wash him away, no matter how hard the rain poured. He was always on your mind, plaguing your thoughts. 

As you walk into your apartment, passing by the vase of roses your boyfriend had given you just two days ago. You quickly rummage through your things.  After a few minutes of searching, you find the note he left you a year ago, ultimately ending your entire life as you knew it. 

“{Y/N}, Harley’s back. Get out.”

You feel tears stinging your eyes once more as you relive how carelessly he’d thrown you away. You push the note back into a drawer and leave again. This time, you’re headed towards the grimiest place in the city. The only place you know there’s no way you’ll come out in one piece.

The Joker had a knack for knowing when you were in trouble. This you knew all too well when you’d try and go out on heist and murder sprees on your own in attempts to impress him. He alway showed up just before things got ugly. You never knew how he did this, but how could he not know you were in trouble now?

The gravel crunches under your shoes as you make your way to a bridge that ran over a large river. You’d heard rumors about this bridge and the kind of people who hung out around it, but tonight, you were going to test their theories.

Low whispers and quiet conversation fills the air around you, and minutes feel like hours as you navigate through trash and sketchy strangers. Approaching a more secluded area, you see a junkie preparing for his next fix. Briefly, you wonder if it could help your wounded heart. You stop and reluctantly step towards him as he pulls the tourniquet around his arm. 

“Hi,” you say, flirting with danger. 

The man looks up, and you can see he isn’t much older than you.

“Listen, bitch, I’m not sharing,” he says, turning away. 

Seeing him get angry, you decide to press the issue, hoping to get yourself in enough trouble to bring J around. If you didn’t make it out in the process, well, you’re not sure you cared. 

“But I really need some, man, I’m dying without it,” you say, stepping even closer. “Just give me a taste..” 

The guy stands up now, something shiny in his hand ready to strike. Squeezing your eyes shut, you flinch before he falls to the ground, a loud pop echoing through your ears. You exhale loudly, opening your eyes again as you try to collect the look of horror written all over your face. 

Turning around, your eyes rest on a figure emerging from a shadow. 

J..” you whisper, realizing your plan worked. “J!” 

You run towards him, your heart beating as it used to again, if only for a moment. His hands push you away and you sigh, becoming frustrated and hurt all over again.

What are you doing {Y/N}?” he hisses, anger clearly lacing his words like venom.

“I- I needed to see you.. I remembered how you used to save me from-”

He takes your shoulders, shaking you once firmly. His eyes are glowing and he seems to be seconds from exploding. “Do you know what could have happened to you?”

You nod, defeated by the tone in his voice, and he pushes you aside, causing you to stumble slightly. He turns around and cleans his gun on the inside of his jacket.

“I came here so you’d come for me..” you say quietly.

He turns on his heel, looking you dead in the eye. All you can hear now is the faint sound of water splashing against the gravely shore and sirens in the distance. 

“I was hoping you would save me..” you whisper again.

His eyes soften quickly, and he walks back towards you, pushing his gun back into the holster. His pale hand grips onto your waist, the other placing itself on your cheek. Your body gives way slightly at the touch you’d been craving for so long, and it was as if you could finally relax. It was as if the hardship was over, and after a year, your baby was home.

“{Y/N}, I’m not gonna let ya die,” he says, as though just the thought was preposterous. 

“If you leave, I might,” you say. “ I thought we were going to have forever. I thought it was just you and me,” you pause, emotion hitching in your throat.

His eyes study your face the entire time. You could tell he was calculating some plan, or something to say in the very least. His hands grip onto your {B/T} frame tighter and his red lips press against yours feverishly. 

Sighing into his mouth, you let him part your lips before kissing him back. The passion caused your head to spin, but you didn’t care. You wanted all of him all at once. Your hands reach for him again, and it’s not for a few more seconds that you notice his lips aren’t moving anymore. Trying to figure out what the matter was, you open your {E/C} eyes. 

His eyes are already open and looking past you. He’s pulling away slowly, and you don’t care what’s got his attention. You press your lips back into his, desperately trying to get back what you just had. 

“No..” you mumble against his lips as he pulls back again, “Please.. Don’t.”

He lets go of you, stepping around you and walking towards the shadows again, completely silent and seemingly unaware of your existence. As he walks away, you reach out to keep him there, to have just one more moment. Your arms fall to your sides as he keeps going, shrugging you off again. 

There are the tears again. You turn your head to see what’s got him so enchanted, and there she is. 

“There you are,” he growls in a sultry tone.

The harlequin is leaning against the end of the bridge, twirling her bat in her hand, tossing it up and catching it again. 

The lump in your throat grows bigger as you watch him embrace her wholly and completely. His hand travels from her upper back to the small of her back, and her teeth sink into his bottom lip. A sharp pain twinges in your chest as you turn away again, hearing her giggle. This man would never leave your head. He’ll never allow you to escape the invisible confinements he put you in the moment he kissed you for the first time, and now possibly, the last time. If that was all you could get from him, you wouldn’t fight it anymore. You wanted him to haunt you.

Realizing what you hadn’t before, you turn back to see the couple. They’re already walking off to their next destination.

“You weren’t looking for me..”

anonymous asked:

Can u do a Josh dun imagine where some guys are like talking about u innapropriately and like sexualising ur body or whatever and u get like kind of uncomfortable and upset and HE GET ALL PROTECTIVE AND MAKES THEM SHUT UP CAUSE PROTECTIVE!JOSH IS SO CUTE OMF and then after words like some fluff thank u sm

So i made this way more intense than originally planned, so trigger warning. 


“I think I left my keys inside,” Josh says as he pads down the side of his legs, double checking his pockets.

“Babe, again?” you ask, chuckling to yourself.  Josh was always leaving stuff behind, he didn’t even realize until the two of you were halfway to the theater that he forget his phone on the kitchen counter.

“I don’t know what’s up with me tonight, I’ll be right back,” he says before turning around and running back inside.  You shake your head.  What were you going to do with him?

The sun had gone down while you were inside the movie.  The previously warm and sunny day had transitioned into a breezy, summer night.  You wrapped your arms around yourself, shivering slightly and wishing you’d thought to bring a sweatshirt.   Hopefully Josh wouldn’t be too long.

The car doors were locked of course, so you found yourself aimlessly wandering around the parking lot, too chilled to stand in one spot.  

You looked up at the trees surrounding the area.  The pines swayed slightly from the wind.  It was mesmerizing.  

So mesmerizing that you apparently didn’t hear the group of guys approach you.

“Hey good looking,” one says, he’s tall, wearing a black hoodie and a smirk across his face, he whistles at you from across the way.

You stomach immediately drops as the three of them saunter towards you like a pack of wolves, predators with wild eyes and clear intentions.  

You give them a quick smile, hoping that if you amuse them even slightly, they might leave.  

No chance.

You start to feel cornered as they circle around you, the prey.  You let your hair fall in your face as you stare at the ground, hoping to just avoid conflict at all cost.  With hands buried in your pocket, you walk at the wall they’ve made around you.

“I’ve just got to get to my car,” you say softly, trying to gently excuse yourself.

“Why the rush, hun?” one says, blocking your way.  You looked up enough to see his face.  He was pale and wearing a baseball cap backwards.  His eyes were squinting at you threateningly, but he accompanied it with a sly smile, making your heart sink.  

Your adrenal gland must’ve begun to rapidly mass produce some serious endorphins.  Your hands had grown clammy, your heart was pounding in your chest.  Fight or flight.  That’s what nature wanted you to do.  But you took in the threatening scene around you, three tall, rather muscular boys.  Each at least twice your size.  You wondered if nature had a door number three.  

You bite your lip anxiously.  

“Yeah,” another agrees, “we’re in no hurry,” he informs you, grabbing your arm tightly and pulling you back towards the center of their circle.

“I think we can all have a little fun, what do you say?”

Your throat felt like it was closing.  You couldn’t remember ever being so genuinely scared.

You opened your mouth to speak, your tongue felt dry, like sandpaper.

“Please-“ was all you managed to gasp out.

They all laughed.  Menacing, cruel.  

One was still gripping your arm harshly.  He jerked you, pulling you closer to him.  He smelled like liquor and cigarettes.  You flinched as he pressed his face to the side of your head, inhaling sharply.

“Don’t touch me,” you suddenly cried out, shoving him away with all your strength.  

To your surprise, he let you go.  But as you stumbled back, you noticed a smirk appearing on his face.  They chuckled in unison.  

“Feisty, this is gonna be lots of fun baby girl.”

You felt like being sick as you stared at the predator.  

You lost track of the other guys, and quickly realized what a mistake that was as one snuck up behind you, grabbing your arms and pulling them behind your back with one arm, and holding you firmly in place across your chest with the other.  

You tried to squirm, but it was a wasted effort.  

You froze in place as his arm moved lower and lower down your body and to your breasts, fondling and groping them with his hand.  

You kept fighting, twisting your body and kicking your leg back.  

“Fucking bitch,” he cried out as you made direct contact with his shin.  He only held you tighter, his arm moving from your chest to your neck, pulling up and choking you with the bar of his arm. He removed his hand from your wrists, using it to grip extra tight on your throat.  You quickly raised your hands to his arm, pinching and grasping, trying anything to get him to release. 

As you grew weaker, his other hand moved down your body.  He breached the barrier of your jeans, shoving his rough hand below the band of your underwear.  

You gasped and squirmed.  No sound coming out as he pushed against your trachea.  

Nothing worked.

You weren’t strong enough.

And with no oxygen going to your lungs, you were growing increasingly weaker by the second.

You couldn’t breathe.

You stopped fighting.  

The other two started to close in.  

You couldn’t think.

You couldn’t move.

Until suddenly… you could.

You don’t really remember falling to the ground, but by the time you’re coughing loudly, your lungs filling with air, that’s where you’ve ended up.  Your hands are scraped by the rough pavement beneath them, but the stinging in no way compares to the burning feeling in your chest.  You take a deep breath, trying to regain some strength.

When you look up, there’s a familiar figure grabbing one of the men by the front of his shirt, yelling something in his face.  The tall one was no where to be seen.  And the one who had a hold on you was laying on the ground, scrambling backwards and trying to get to his feet.  

By the time he did, he ran, not bothering to wait for his friend.

You grab your throat, feeling like your trachea was concave.  You’d been gasping for almost a full minute now and still felt like your lungs were on fire.  Your eyes never leave Josh’s figure.

You can’t really understand what he’s saying on account of the pounding pulse in your head.  But you watch him lean in real close for a few seconds before throwing the guy on the ground.  You watch as he pushes himself up quickly, then stumble a bit before running off, too.  

Josh turns, not bothering to watch the guy leave, and immediately kneels on the ground beside you.

His face is plastered with pure worry.  His mouth was opened in an ‘o’ shape, but he didn’t speak.  He hovered over you, like he was completely unsure of how to react.  His hands were up, looking like they were ready to catch someone if necessary, but he didn’t touch you.  He looked at you with sympathy, like you would break at any second.

He wasn’t that far off.  

Seeing Josh’s gentle familiar face made you feel just slightly safer.  It allowed you to let your guard down, the one that wanted so desperately to keep you alive.  And once it was down, it allowed for the full impact of what had happened to actually sink in.  

“Baby-“ Josh’s soft, soothing voice.

And that was all it took for you to erupt into a puddle of tears.

Josh’s face scrunches.  He looks like he might actually be in pain.  

You don’t want to see that.  You don’t want to see anything.  

You’re gasping for air again, and reaching your arms out like a child wanting to be picked up.  Josh moves in closer, and pulls you into his chest.  You all but pounce into his embrace, locking your arms around him and burying your face into the crook of his neck.  

Josh stands up with you wrapped around him.  He stays still for a moment, just holding you in place tightly.

You feel safe.

“I’ve got you,” he’s whispering into your hair.  “I’m here, I’ve got you baby.”

You nod, sure that if you try to speak, nothing coherent will come out.

When your breathing has almost returned to normal, Josh risks pulling back for a moment to inspect you.

“Did they hurt you?” he’s asking, scanning every inch of your body.

You shake your head.  

“I called the cops,” he says.

You scrunch your face up, the tears resurfacing.

You shake your head violently.  You just want to go home.

“I know,” he whispers soothingly, pulling you into his chest.  He holds your head gently, stroking your hair and kissing the top of your head.  “I know, it’ll be quick. Then we can go home.”

Josh was wrong.  

The whole process was not quick.

And you were pretty sure that you were still in shock, so a lot of the information you would later recall was just momentarily vacant.  You contributed very minimally to any investigation that would ever ensue.

But Josh stayed with you the whole time, sitting on the edge of the ambulance as EMT’s shoved a bright flashlight in your face and checked for any significant damage.  Josh kept hold of your hand the entire time.  Any time he could sense your anxiety rising when questions were asked, he would stroke your hand with his thumb rhythmically, calming you down.  You were grateful.

“Well, if you’re sure you don’t want to go to the hospital, I’d say you’re free to go,” an EMT said after giving you what felt like a full physical in the parking lot.  

Josh nodded, thanking everyone for you, before leading you to the car.  You leaned against him and he supported you entirely to the passenger’s side, opening your door and helping you settle in.  He even pulled the strap of the buckle for you, momentarily leaning over your body to latch it.  You just stared ahead blankly, feeling emptier and emptier by the second.

“I’ll be right back, okay?” You snap your head towards Josh, really not wanting him to leave you.  “Just gonna talk to that cop real quick,” he reassures you after your quick reaction.  “I’ll be right there,” he says, pointing towards a police officer standing near the trunk of the car.  

You nod slowly, releasing his hand for the first time since he found you, and realizing just how sweaty it was.

Josh gives you an encouraging smile before shutting your door and walking off.  

You fold your hands in your lap after wiping them down on your jeans, picking at your nails aimlessly and trying not to think.  

You hear Josh briefly talking to the officer, explaining what had happened for the hundredth time that night.  He talks about assaulting the men, telling the officer of how he pulled them off from you.  

“I promise I’ll bring her in in the morning.  She just needs rest,” Josh says.  Your chest clenches.  “She’ll be no help tonight.”

The officer grudgingly agrees, “Make sure you do,” he says.

When Josh opens the drivers side door, you don’t look up from your hands.  Something about picking apart your nails soothes you.

Josh notices it.  He let’s you sit in silence the whole way home, but leaves his hand, palm up and open, on the console for you, just in case you need something to hold on to.  

You’ve never been so grateful to be showered and in bed.  You stood under the water for what felt like forever, trying to wash off the handprints and filth from the night.  No matter how hard you scrubbed, you still felt dirty.  

You eventually gave up.

You were curled up in one of Josh’s oversized t-shirts, engulfed in the fabric and breathing in his scent.  

Between that and the comforter resting on top of you, you finally felt calm.  

You were worried about falling asleep the whole way home, unsure about how you were going to get all the thoughts out of your head.  But it wasn’t an issue, you were asleep before Josh could even join you.

It was staying asleep that was the issue.  

Your dreams were plagued with men in hooded sweatshirts and baseball caps.  

They were surrounding you, closing in.  You were trapped.  

One had a hold on you,  his hand around your neck, you were unable to breathe.  

You gasped and tried to scream, but no sound would come out.  

You felt like your vision had turned into a pinhole, the black consuming more and more of the light until there was nothing left.  

You were going to die-

His hands tightened around your throat, squeezing.


You were going to die.  You could feel it.


Someone was shaking you.

You squeeze your eyes shut, one last attempt to escape-


Your eyes snap open and you see Josh in front of you.  He’s on his knees, practically on top of you.  He had his hands on your shoulders, shaking you awake.  

“Josh?” You say, so confused.  Where were the hooded men?  

“You’re okay,” he says softly, “you’re home with me.”

You nod slowly, looking around to see that you were in fact, home.  

You swear you can feel the traces of fingerprints still lingering on your throat, squeezing.  You bring your own hand up slowly, barely brushing the skin.

You start to slowly become more and more in touch with the reality around you.  Josh slowly climbs back into his spot in bed, but sits back against the headboard.  You lean into him, fitting perfectly into his side as he puts an arm securely around you.

You stay awake for a while longer, just focusing on your breathing.  But eventually, you fall back asleep, still wrapped up in Josh, using his bare chest as a pillow.  

You feel infinitely better in the morning.  You can breathe properly, for one.  And your eyes don’t feel so droopy, so that was an added bonus.  When you open your eyes, Josh is still beside you.  He’s focused on something intently and doesn’t even notice that you’ve woken up.  You look to where he’s looking and see a deep, yellow bruise on your arm.  His fingers hover over the mark, but he doesn’t touch.  You grab his hand with yours, intertwining your fingers together.

Josh’s face snaps up, finally noticing your alertness.

“Morning,” he whispers, kissing the tip of your nose.  

“Hi,” you say back.  Your voice feels more confident this morning.

“You sleep okay?”

You nod, giving him a reassuring smile.  

“What about you?”

Josh chuckles, “I’ve had better nights,” he sighs.  

You look directly into his soft, brown eyes, wanting to express how grateful you truly were for him and all he did for you.  You wished you could find words, but you have to settle.

“Thank you,” you say in the more sincere possible way.  

Josh picks up on the seriousness in your tone and he nods intently back, bringing your hand up to his mouth and kissing the scraped knuckles.  He moves higher up to your arm, the fingerprint bruises contrasting on your skin.  He kisses each one carefully.  

You watch as Josh shifts.  He’s on top of you, hovering and holding his weight up with his own arms.  His biceps flex and you run your hands across them.  He crooks his neck, and starts kissing your collar bone, taking his time before moving his way across your broken body, mending it as he went.  

Lastly, he brought his soft lips to your neck.  

You tense up slightly, remembering the feeling of pressure there.  Remembering how scared and helpless you felt.  Josh is gentle though, and he presses his lips to the skin.  It’s delicate, the sensation almost undetected.  But it’s so intimate and personal.  It feels better already.

“I love you,” you whisper, your hands stretched across Josh’s bare back.  You let your fingertips trail up and down the skin loosely.

He raises his head, giving you a peck on the lips.  

“I love you,” he says back.  

You’ve said the words a thousand times before.  Every morning, even.  But on this particular Saturday morning, right now, they feel life altering, enough to conquer the world.

I Should Be Working...

Story: The Royal Romance
Pairing: Liam x Riley (MC)
Rating: NSFW/18+ (Sexual & Strong Language - I MEAN IT’S REALLY STEAMY, LOOK AWAY, KIDS!)

Author’s Notes

This is a repost of an original story I posted a while back, but accidentally deleted, it was requested to be republished, so here you go! :) I usually edit on Tumblr, and didn’t save the edited copy, so subsequently, I lost it. This may be slightly different to that version, so I apologize!


Liam and Riley have been married for just over a week, before they can enjoy a honeymoon together; there are several formal engagements they must partake in. Riley, the new Queen of Cordonia, is working hard, but Liam tries to encourage her to take a short break.


Originally posted by sensualkisses

In their royal office, Queen Riley is working hard on her first formal speech. She is due to present her speech to the Cordonian citizens in a few days. She’s been working on the speech for several days at this point, she wants it to be perfect, and she wants to show Cordonia that she, a ‘normal’ citizen, from a foreign place can indeed serve this nation with grace and strength.

“Liam, sweetheart… Please can you come and listen to this speech?” She questions, with slight hesitation

“Of course” he responds

“Okay, don’t laugh okay?” She asks

Her hair is in a loose messy bun, she forces her reading glasses back up the bridge of her nose as they slide down. Her baggy t-shirt drapes just over her underwear, Liam gawps as he walks into the room.

“Wow” he utters, smiling
“What?” she asks, gawping back at him
“Nothing, you just look incredibly cute. The outfit is a little informal for the office, but I can’t complain.” He says, grinning softly
”Well, I was wearing that ridiculous formal skirt suit thingy, but why should I be uncomfortable in my own office?! In my own palace?! I got changed like 5 minutes after I arrived.” Riley grumbles

Liam looks at her, grinning softly “come here…”

He stands behind Riley, draping his arms around her waist. He softly kisses her exposed shoulder, before planting another gentle kiss on her neck

“Let’s hear the speech” he asks
“Okay, remember, no laughing?” She reminds him firmly
“I promise”

Dear Citizens of Cordonia, it is my greatest honour to be your Queen. I am humbled, and stunned at your outpouring support… I hope to serve you to the best of my ability, and I hope that I can inspire you all often. I want to thank you all so very much, and I also want to thank my wonderful husband, King Liam of Cordonia. I would also like to thank my mother and father-in-law, Constantine, and Regina. I am so honoured to be a part of your family…” Riley hesitates

“Wow, I sound crazy. I’m just rambling, thanking, stating how honoured I am, how thankful I am, how honoured I am.” She buries her face in her hands, “I want to start over, I don’t like it, it’s messy, I’m going to start again.” She slams her glasses down on the desk, in a grump.

Liam is still holding her closely, he begins to kiss her neck again, only slightly more passionately this time

“I think you need a break…” He says, playfully
“No, Liam, I don’t have time for a break! I have to make this speech in just a few days! I’m so stressed already” She cries out

“Hey, listen to me, I’ve been doing this a while… And to say that’s your first ever official speech as queen, it’s brilliant. It hits the mark, it’s graceful, and elegant.” He insists “Now, please, take a break… With me”

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Green Eyes (Pt. 2)

Summary: Now that Baron just shows up at the reader’s door in the middle of the night, what’s going to go down between them?
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Language, Unprotected sex (wrap it up, kids!).
A/N: My smut is the woooooooooorst.

Tagging: @writergrrl29


Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

It was as if someone dumped ice water over you, your entire body just frozen in place.

“B-Baron? Why? Why are you here?” You managed to squeak out as your stomach crept it’s way up your throat.

“I had to see you. I couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as I got here, I asked around and found out your room number.” He took a step towards you, his arms going to either side of you.

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Speak Up

// In which Justin interrupts Y/N’s tlc time //

*Contains Mature Content*


I made my way into my apartment with a sigh of relief as I set my purse on the counter and slid off my heels. Work as been kicking my ass so hard for the past month that, I’ve barely been able to have anytime to myself. With a big client wanting to be in partnership with the business, it was a struggle to come up with compromise that everyone would be satisfied with.

It was either the stress work has put on my or just my general desperation for relief but, regardless of the reason, I was on a whole new level of sexual frustration. Not getting off in weeks has left me on the edge.
With work stressing me out and having me up all night writing up new contracts, my whole social life was lagging. If I didn’t have time for a lunch date with a friend, I definitely wasn’t able have one of my usual hook ups come by. I’m not going to lie, this past couple of months has been a dry spell. Since none of my boys could come through, I wasn’t afraid of taking matters into my own hands, literally.

Not wasting any time, I stripped off the dress I wore to the office.
Already soaking through my panties, I rubbed gently over the lace. The soft fabric pressed against my clit making my legs shake already. As I continued to tease myself, I unclasped my bra and and kneaded my breast with my unoccupied hand. Unable to take the the teasing, I pulled off my panties and sprawl out on the bed.

I sucked on a finger before making contact with my wet pussy. I hissed at the amazing feeling of touching myself as my finger entered me slowly. After adjusting, I wasted no time to work myself up. A minute later, I had two finger scissoring myself open, moaning loudly for what was to come. With a familiar rhythm, I whined as almost hit that spot inside that makes me see white. Knowing that I was stretched, I forced myself to pull my fingers out and get my pink vibrator from the top draw of the bedside table.

I moaned when the cold pink silicone rubbed perfectly against my clit. Unable to hold back any longer, I started working the toy into myself at a fast rhythm. Letting my mind wander as I pleasured myself, I started to imagine myself with someone else. My fantasies went from man to man before settling on Justin.

He may be my close friend but he was more than just that. His pure charm and shameless sex appeal has lead me to want more than just friendship. Too often, I’ve imagine him come to my office and bend me over my desk in the middle of work or fuck me in the bathroom when we go clubbing together. I just want him around me. I want him in me. I just want him.

My pussy soaked as I imagined him between my legs, feasting upon me. I screamed his name as I thought of grabbing him by his newly blonde hair and holding on as he makes me feel pleasure levels never reached before. I wanted him to flip me over and fuck me hard as I moaned into my pillow. I had a few minutes of imagining and I was so fucking close. I squeezed you eyes together tightly when I found I bundle of nerves. Holding the vibrator in place, I turned it on and let out a scream as it pulses against my g spot. Just as I screamed, I heard knocking at the door. I prayed to god that the person will go away as, I quickly fuck the toy into myself imaging it was Justin’s cock.

The pounding on the door continue so I found it impossible focus on my pleasure. I couldn’t push myself over the edge with someone bothering me so, at the brink of my well deserved orgasm, I pulled out and turned off the vibrator leaving it on the bed for me to come back to.

At the next round of knocks that assaulted the door, I screamed that I was coming (but not in the way that I truly wanted). Putting on nothing but a big t shirt and cotton shorts you angrily opened the front door.

“Hey! It took you long enough to open the door,” your best friend, Justin said as he pulled you in for a hug before letting himself in. My vision blurred after realizing that while I had less than pure thoughts about him, he was right outside my door.

“Hey?” I look up confused up at him as he sets down all the stuff he was carrying onto the counter.

“I know you have been so busy at work and this is your only day off of work so I decided to stop by. It’s been a minute since we’ve chilled so I picked up a pizza and some movies,” he shrugged. Justin was known for stopping by unexpectedly but, not usually without a thirty minute warning text. I looked him up and down and mentally groaned because his appearance was both a blessing and a curse. With ripped up jeans and a plain shirt that showcased his body just right, the only thing I wanted to do was get on my knees.

“You okay?” he asked. When he set the box of pizza on the coffee table in the living room.

“Yeah,” I nodded. ‘No’, I actually thought. “Um, Justin-” I started in a pleading voice at the fact that I had more important matters at hand.

“You sure? You look properly fucked right now,” suddenly, a smirk lit up his face, “Y/N were you getting dick while I was at the door? Because I can leave if some dude is in your bed right now jerking off,” Justin held his hands up in surrender. The cocky smile on his face made me want to sit on it just to shut him up.

“Fuck off. The only guy in my apartment is you and unless you get into my bed with your cock out, all of your allegations would false,” I rolled my eyes.

“Damn, if I knew that’s how you wanted me, I would have showed up naked. But just so you know know, It’s never too late to have a taste of the bieberconda,” he grabbed at his bulge while licking his lips playfully.

“Drink bleach,” I glared at him before going into the kitchen for some water to cool me off, his cackle ghosted into the air like he was a damn comedian.

“Alright so there’s Netflix and I brought Spider-Man 2, Beyond the Lights, Breaking Dawn Part 2, fast and Furious 6, Lady and the Tramp, Mission Impossible, 50 Shades of-” Justin listed.  

“50 Shades,” I called out because if I weren’t going to be getting off anytime soon, at least I could watch someone else.  Internally, I grimaced as I walked over to the couch with my shorts rubbing me in every right way with every step I took.

“You’ve always been so kinky,” Justin winked.

“Shut up,” I rolled my eyes then tossed a pillow at him as he put the movie into the DVD player. After starting the movie, Justin took his position as the big spoon behind me on the couch. With his arm wrapped around my waist and my butt pressed against his crotch, I regretted choosing this movie as the first erotic scene plays on the screen.

My eyes devoured the scene in front of my, imagining that that was I being dominated. Justin, who had been making comments about the terrible acting earlier, was now silent as the two of us watched the movie unfold. By the third sex scene, I was so embarrassingly wet that it would probably show through my shorts.

Squirming at the thought, I shifted back slightly. When I was pressed up firmly against Justin there was no mistaking the way he moaned out and the gripping of his hands as he held you in place.

“Please stop moving,” he rasped out, his cock twitching as it pressed against me. Everything inside of me wanted to challenge him and ask ‘or what’ but before I got the chance, he spoke again. “I, um- this is a bit awkward,” Justin laughed in my ear. This wasn’t the first time Justin has popped a boner while cuddling but this time there is a very slim chance of it going away on its own with what was being played on the screen.

“I’m going to use the bathroom,” Justin excused himself as he moved from behind me and made his way into my bedroom, where the bathroom was connected.

I watched as he entered the hallway and he walked into the bedroom. It wasn’t until I paused the movie, that I realized my fatal mistake. “Wait Justin!” I yelled as I set remote down and ran into my room after him. There Justin was, at the edge of my bed staring at the vibrator I left on the sprawled covers.

“Is this what you were doing before I got here?” Justin asked, turning to me with blown pupils, my body inched away from his.

“Justin,” I groaned from embarrassment.

“I asked you a question,” He ignored my protest while looking looking me up and down before meeting my eyes again like I was his prey. Just from the look of his face, I could feel myself drip a little more into my shorts.

“Yes,” I said quietly, never breaking the eye contact. With my single worded answer, Justin was pressing me to the wall with his lips on mine.

“Did you cum, baby?” He asked, lifting me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. He squeezed at the handfuls of ass he was holding, waiting for my answer.

“No.” At that next single word, I was pinned down to bed with Justin grinding filthily into my burning hot center.

“I’ll change that,” Justin promised, taking off my shorts.  

“God, you’re soaking, Y/N,” he said in awe. Without warning, he spread my shaking legs open and pressed his finger against my clit. I arched my back and yelled out a string of cuss words.

“Shhh baby,” he kissed me fondly trying to distract me from the much bigger finger entering me. He moved around slowly making me cry out for him to do something.

“Please Justin,” I begged as he teased two fingers inside of me. Not being familiar with this part of my body, he changed angles until he found the one location that make me scream the loudest yet. Once he found that spot, he purposely avoided it, depriving you of the intense pleasure you could be feeling. “Fuck Justin, please,” I whimpered into my hands.

“Who were you thinking about when you were on your own?” He asked while pounding his fingers inside of me. I bit at my bottom lip as he continued to work me open. I didn’t answer when he asked me for the second time, earning me to be flipped on my stomach with my ass in the air.

“You’re not getting shit until you speak up,” Justin slapped my ass before rubbing it better. I let out a hiss as I rocked back and forth trying to get my fingers back inside me. I screamed out when I felt the buzz of my vibrator against my clit again.

“Who. Were. You. Thinking. About.” Between each word, Justin slapped my ass before finally turning the toy up a notch, making my arms collapse beneath me.

“You,” I whined. I shook as Justin’s arm around my waist held my ass up in the air and he continued to drag the vibrator up and down my center.

“Me doing what?” He asked as he put the toy down and his fingers back inside of me.

“Shit, Justin,” I moaned out when both fingers met my spot.

“What was I doing, Y/N?”

“Eating me out!” I finally confessed, as my legs started shaking uncontrollably. Without further conversation, Justin leaned down and licked a stripe up my center before flipping me back on my back and fucking his tongue into me. My hands instantly latched into his blonde hair and pushed his head further into me. He moaned while sloppily eating me up.

“Justin- I- I need to-” I tried to warned but when his finger met my spot one final time as he sucked on my clit, I was done for.

An orgasm like I have never felt before torn through me and left me shaking as I came down from my euphoric state.

After recovery, I switched our positions. As soon as his boxers were down and I got my hands around him, he was panting. My small brown hand vastly contrasting his pale skin. I pumped his cocked but decided to tease by blowing on the tip.

“Fuck Y/n,”

“Yes?” I asked before mouthing and kitten licking the head. Justin let out a groan and thrust his hips up. I tsked in disapproval and used one hand to hold his waist down and the other to pump slowly on his cock as I got more of him into my mouth.

“God you’re gagging on it” I moaned sending vibrations up his cock. I let my hand slide from his waist to his balls then gave a squeeze and he was done for.

He didn’t even have a chance to warn before he was coming down my throat. He rode out his orgasm by thrusting shallowly into my mouth.

“Fuck, I’m sorry,” he apologized, embarrassed at how fast he came. He looked down on me when I didn’t reply. His eyes met mine as  I swallowed the cum I was holding in my mouth.

“Fuck get up here,” he pulled me on top of him and kissed me lazily. My taste of his lips, his taste on mine.

“So what other movies did you bring?” I asked.

“Avengers, Hunger Games, the Friends box set,” he hummed.

“Movies or round two?”

“You’re going to be the death of me,” he kissed me again while grabbing at my ass.


i’ve been holding on to this bad boy for a while so i hope you enjoyed it! i’m taking requests so, send them in - drea💫

Taming the rage

TITLE: Taming the Rage


AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he smirks knowing all the duties you’ll have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t exactly fond of you either, but can’t help looking forward to the challenge.


NOTES: Chapters will be longer now as much will soon come out in the open. Hope you enjoy! 😉

On the same day Loki was dunking Erika unwillingly into the river, Frigga approached Odin in a private room of their chambers back at the palace. “We need to talk.”

Already suspecting what it was about, his defenses went up. “If it’s about Loki, I’ll deal with him as I see fit Frigga.”

He attempted to walk away, but she rose her voice to him. “Your way is unjust and harsh and I wish to know why you see it necessary?”

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Movie Night - SF9 Jaeyoon Smut

==SMUT WARNING== (if you couldn’t tell from the title)

It was movie night. Every Tuesday night, your boyfriend, Jaeyoon, would kidnap you from your studies and take you to his house. He would hold you hostage on the couch while he played whatever movie he’d decided to watch and snuggled you against him.

Tonight, the Jaeyoon Cinema was showing the latest James Bond movie. He’d been obsessed with them lately, and in the past two weeks he’d watched almost all of the movies. Honestly, you’d never understood the appeal in the repetitive storylines and concepts, but you found his infatuation with the series rather endearing and cute enough that you’d sat with him to watch most of them, despite not liking them.

Jaeyoon entered the room from the kitchen, a large bowl of fresh popcorn in his hands. He had a broad smile on his face, so excited to watch the film. He sat beside you, pressing the play button eagerly.

You lay back on the couch, resting against Jaeyoon’s shoulder. He was already too engrossed in the opening credits to properly acknowledge your action, but he did lift his arm to rest it around you in a lazy hug. You stayed in that position for most of the movie, your only movement being reaching for the popcorn.

Finally it hit the point where you were no longer comfortable stretched out the way you were, and you tried to sit up, pushing off Jaeyoon’s leg to lift your body. However, you slipped and your whole weight collapsed onto him.

He grunted in discomfort, his gaze leaving the screen for the first time in about an hour to frown at you. “What are you doing?”

You blushed under his intense gaze, moving to sit up straight. “I was trying to move. My legs were going numb.”

“Well, it hurt.”

You pouted back at him. “I didn’t fall over that hard.”

He just sighed and turned back to the TV, ignoring your pokes and elbow jabs to get his attention back. He didn’t seem to be particularly happy with your interruption.

Now that he was again focused on his movie, there were few things that could bring him back from James Bond Land. One option was that you could switch the TV off, though you suspected he’d possibly attempt murder in order to turn it back on before he missed any scenes. You could also threaten to leave, but again, that was just cruel.

But there was one thing you could do. It would grab his attention for sure.

Keeping your face neutral, you placed a hand on his thigh. He didn’t even react at first, too engrossed in the film. A few seconds passed, and you began to rub your fingers over the fabric of his pants.

He cleared his throat. “Why are you touching me?”

“I hurt you, didn’t I? I’m massaging it to take away the pain. Should I stop?” you asked him, lifting an eyebrow.

He thought about it. He wanted you to stop, but he also couldn’t deny that it felt good. “No,” he answered, smiling.

But it wasn’t enough to keep his gaze, and only a moment passed before he found James Bond more interesting than you again. You had to step up your game, because now you were desperate.

You leaned down, kissing his thigh lightly. “Does it feel better now?”

He squirmed, pressing his lips together firmly. He nodded, his posture tight. You hid your smile, knowing how you were affecting him.

Your hand crept higher up his leg, fingers drawing wide circles over his jeans. He tried to ignore you and your movements, but as your forefinger brushed just a little too close to his more sensitive area, a moan slipped free.

Pausing the TV with one hand, he cupped your face in the other and looked at you as if deliberating something. You did your best to act innocent, but you couldn’t hide the mischievous twinkle in your eye. He swore under his breath and pulled your lips to his.

Fire glowed in your veins, heating up the air around you. With the movie paused, the only sound in the room was his soft gasps as you crawled on top of him, bracing your hands on his waist.

You allowed him entrance to your mouth. Suddenly it was as if he was trying to devour you; he couldn’t get enough.

You took your hand from where it gripped his side and brought it to the front, wedging it between your bodies. Jaeyoon groaned as your fingers swiftly popped open the button on his jeans and slid under the waistband of his boxers.

You took his erection into your hand, taking your time to run it along the length. His hips bucked forward involuntarily, aching at your touch.

You’d never had such control over him before. This wasn’t how you normally went about sex, but seeing the way he writhed while you ran your fingers over him… you resolved to do it like this more often.

You pumped your hand a little faster, pulling back from his kiss to watch his face contort with pleasure. When you flicked your thumb over his tip, he moaned so loudly it felt like the world shook. Or maybe that was just the way the sound tore into your self-control.

Either way, you sped up your movements, now using both hands to jerk him off. You loved hearing the way Jaeyoon gasped at every pump and feeling his whole body shudder with desire underneath you.

When he came, the power of it had him throw back his head with something like a scream. There was a half minute where he didn’t move; he just lay there panting. You didn’t get up, either, too in love with him and the way he reacted when you touched him.

When he did move, it was only to peck you softly on the lips in an adoring gesture of thanks. It was as he pulled back that you noticed the mess on your hands, so you excused yourself to the bathroom.

As you walked out, you couldn’t fight the grin from covering your face. Maybe James Bond movie nights weren’t so bad.

This is the first smut I’ve published for this blog. Wow. I hope it wasn’t too shockingly bad, haha.

- Ellie ♡

Sleepless Nights Pt. 5 (Newt x Reader)

Chapter 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6 Part 7 Part8


Dedication to @thesniffler (bc they’re freaking amazing and so sweet and supportive ilysm) @newt–artemis–scamander (bc they are super sweet) @internetoverdose01(you’re so supportive ily??) @i-ship-it-ironically (you’re sweet, ily) @macyl0819 (same goes for you) @rosiebeck (and you agh) @blunish101(here’s part 5 ;))



Word count: 3000+ (I’m so sorry. Oops)

Warnings: Some smut ( little explicit, not too bad and very brief), jealousy, angst, drinking (wait until you’re of age kids.)


You couldn’t help but be nervous about tonight because although you were much more comfortable with social interactions like this than Newt was, they still overwhelmed you occasionally. You were, however, a little excited about the prospect of having fun and forgetting about everything for a night.

You’d wasted the day with various little tasks, having small, slightly awkward run-ins with Newt. After this morning, your feelings of getting over him were only reinforced. You hated feeling so unworthy in comparison to the gorgeous older Goldstein sister and while you knew that wouldn’t go away, maybe they’d be severely diminished if you didn’t feel like you were always losing some competition with her.

It was almost time to go so you charmed on an iridescent dress that scooped low in the back and came just below your collarbones in the front. You smiled down at the gentle caress of satin swishing against your knees and went to the living room.

You were knocked breathless by the sight of Queenie and Tina. Queenie had her usual soft curls though, although the light was glancing off her hair in prettiest way, a halo of luscious locks framing her face. The pale pink of her dress matched the light blush of her cheeks as she smiled at some compliment Jacob gave her.


Tina looked marvelous in a knee length, black dress that hung off her shoulders in a suggestive way. The deep color complemented her skin, making the smooth creamy skin look amazing.It made you want to crawl back into bed and stay home, just sleep the night away. You couldn’t help but admire the sheer beauty between the sisters. You felt plain in comparison, despite the gorgeous dress you had on.

You heard a click and turned, watching as Newt came down the hall, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw them. He looked about the same, having not dressed up, although, he always looked fantastic in the layers upon layers of clothes he usually wore. The look on his face is what sent your mind scrambling; eyes wide with slightly parted lips, his gaze darting around the room. He finally swept his gaze to you, lingering around your face.

Tina came up beside you, black dress swishing and glittered, catching the light as she lightly touched Newt’s arm.

“Ready to go?” Her fingertips rested against the wool of his coat, featherlight touches. With glowing cheeks and an almost forced half smile, he smiled, hesitantly starting to the door.

Queenie glided out, fingers linked with Jacob’s and Newt standing by the door. He held it open, glancing around when you and Tina passed through before shutting it firmly behind him.

The walk to the bar was fairly uneventful, though the chilly air nipped and bit at the exposed skin. All you could do was wrap the jacket (you’d barely managed to grab it) tighter around your shoulders, craving chocolate liqueur and giggle water. Together, they equaled drunken, carefree laughs which is exactly what you wanted.

The smell hit you first, alcohol pouring through the room. There was a steady murmuring seeping from the room, rowdy and quiet people mixed in the crowd. Though getting jostled, you could see the Goldsteins’ sister’s eyes light up as they made their way to the bar, somehow procuring seats.

You followed them along, slipping off your jacket among the sweltering bodies around you. Almost instantly, Newt and Tina sat besides each other, conversation beginning easily as he complimented her and her dress, smiling in a way that made his eyes crinkle in the corners. Next to them, Queenie and Jacob leaned against the counter from their seats, fingers still intertwined between them as he watched with affection in his eyes as she ordered something.

You plopped down besides Newt, sighing as you leaned your head in your palm. Somehow you’d ended up a 5th wheel.

“Bottle of chocolate liqueur and a shot of firewhiskey, please,” you muttered, tossing the curious elf some coins. With a raised eyebrow, he wordlessly handed a bottle to you, an amused smirk playing upon his lips. A shot glass clinked onto the counter beside it.

You grasped the glass and tilted it down your throat, wincing slightly at the sting. A warm feeling shot through you, filling each vein. You twisted off the bottle cap and pressed the opening to your lips, chasing the bitter taste with something sweet.

Newt turned towards the bar, looking around for you and showing just how unaware he was. He caught sight of the open bottle of alcohol in your hand and a small frown creased his face.

“What are you doing?” He asked, lifting his hand as if to take the bottle. Your grip on it tightened and you took another drink, long, heavy, and deep.

“Celebrating.” You tossed the word at him, an edge to your bland, monotone voice. You peeked at him sideways and saw Tina’s hand lightly resting on his arm.

“Go celebrate with your girlfriend,” you muttered, a sneer creeping into your words. You gulped greedily at the bottle,trying desperately to drown the ridiculous jealousy.

He turned to you fully, the corners of his lips pulled down and eyebrows furrowed as he lifted a hand to the bottle.

“Y/N, are you alright? What–what’s wrong?” His gaze darted around, meeting your eyes occasionally. Already you could feel the alcohol clouding your judgement as you felt your eyes lingering on different parts of his face, especially his lips.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing,” you spit out, voice brusque as you reprimanded yourself. “Just get back to chatting with Tina. I’m sure she’s missing you dearly,” you said, voice mocking and dripping with sarcasm. You could hear the slight slur in your words, but shoved it aside.

He flinched slightly, not used to seeing this side of you whatsoever. He dropped his gaze, face flushing as he turned back to Tina, his hand ghosting against your leg in an accident. You saw him retract his hand up into his lap, flinching away from you, as if disgusted.

You rolled your shoulders, stress tensing the muscles, and sighed. You didn’t mean to snap at him; the fire whiskey was still running through you, the artificial courage coming out in the wrong way.

You saw him, still frowning, order two shots of Dragon Barrel Brandy and drink both. He winced at the taste, shaking his head before continuing to talk to Tina. Eyes widening, you placed the bottle onto the counter, unsure if you’d seen that right. He was never one to drink, ever.

You sat there, head in your hand while taking sips. Both the couples looked incredibly dashing together, not to mention enjoying themselves. You saw the way a loose smile played its way to Newts lips, the way Tina’s attention clung to him, the way Queenie gave Jacob a light peck.

You were never going to experience that, the way someone could be so fond of you. The sweet and loving gestures. Your breathing hitched painfully, throat tightening as soft tears gently ran down your face. You hated being unwanted. You hated being replaced.

Your thoughts were cut short by a tall lad placing a hand on your arm. You whirled around, hastily wiping away the tears and pulling your arm back as you swayed drunkenly.

“Excuse m-me,” you slurred, raising an eyebrow at the man. He grinned, a sly smile that made you uneasy.

“My, you look lovely. What are you doing all alone?”

The denial stuck in your throat, chest tightening at the realization that you were, indeed, alone. You turned away, facing the counter as you guzzled down more of the drink. You just wanted to forget for a night.

“Not sure. Friends got tired of me, I guess,” you mumbled, ignoring the way the magizoologist to your right suddenly looked up at you, bewilderment plastered all over his expression. You were about ⅔ of the way done with the liqueur bottle, the chocolatey taste lingering in your mouth, and that’s all that you allowed to matter at the moment.

“It’s a shame, pretty gal like you shouldn’t be left alone,” he flirted, eyes dark as they roamed down your body in way that made squirm.

“She’s not alone, actually,” came a firm voice as you felt fingers hovering above the small of your back. Newt’s voice seemed to waver slightly, his body swaying almost imperceptibly.

“Who are you? The boyfriend who forgot her?” The tall lad sneered, chuckling darkly. The fingers at your back pressed firmly against you, fire exploding wherever his hand touched bare skin.

“Didn’t forget ‘bout her, not that it’s your business.”

“Well, I suggest a Brit like you,” he sneered in contempt, mocking Newt, ”hold tight onto a girl like that. It’s a surprise you did this well.”

He stalked off, shoulders held high as if he’d won something. You shrugged off the hand at your back, chugging the last of the chocolate liqueur and stood up, stumbling to keep steady.

“I coulda done it m-myself,” you muttered fiercely, glaring at Newt. “I didn’t n-need you to come swo-o-o-o-oping to the rescue.” You dragged the word “swooping” out drunkenly, voice intense and bordering on yelling.

“Why are you y-yelling?” He shrunk back, eyes a little unfocused as he looked away. “I w-was– I just w-wan– I-I—”

“Nevermind,” you interrupted, voice quiet again as you looked at the confused stares of your friends. You stumbled to the door, listening to them gather their stuff and follow. You couldn’t walk home alone because assuming you could even find it, you shouldn’t be left alone to walk all that way in your state.

Queenie couldn’t, for the life of her, understand why you’d blown up. Granted, thoughts of insecurity and doubt had swept through your mind and you’d been confused as to why he had stepped up when he was talking to Tina. You didn’t want to talk to the man anyway, yet you had gotten upset when Newt had interrupted. She just couldn’t understand.

Unaware of Queenie’s thoughts, you staggered on, tripping every so often and holding tightly onto your jacket. You didn’t realize the tears streaking down your cheeks or the way Newt’s eyes lingered on you, itching to be closer. Once inside, you went directly to the room and closed the door, unzipping the dress quickly. You’d barely thrown off the dress and started pulling on pajamas when the door opened again, Newt stumbling past you with eyes glued to the ground.

You froze, eyes wide as he took off the layers and leaving him in only his slacks and shirt. He glanced around and froze, expecting you to be in his case. He stood for a moment, eyes roaming over you before his face went beet red and he turned around, facing the wall as he cleared his throat.

“I’m terribly, terribly sorry,” he whispered fervently, voice husky and tinged with something. His voice wavered and his hands twitched as he stared at the ground. Almost unconsciously, you started to him, clumsy and tripping from the alcohol still saturating your veins.

You needed to kiss him already. Your skin was still on fire from where he’d touched before and as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you had enjoyed it when he spoke up at the bar.

“Its….it’s alright. You can, you can t-turn around,” you murmured, voice low and rough. Hesitantly, he spun, swallowing hard when he saw you were still topless except for a bra. You dropped the shirt unceremoniously to the floor and took a small step to him, chest heaving.

You heard him inhale sharply and felt a small shiver run down your spine. He stood still, unmoving except for the ragged breathing pouring out of him. You took another step and another and another until you were right in front of him, his eyes darting everywhere except to meet your gaze.

You could feel his eyes on you, a ghosting touch that sent sparks run through you. The sharp smell of alcohol lingered on his breath, fanning across your lips as you got ever closer.

His eyes, wide in surprise, were dark and his body was tense. Carefully, you lifted your hand, running your fingers along his jaw and edging closer.

“Please. Please just pretend you want me for one night,” you whispered, not giving him time to respond as you closed your eyes and kissed him. Your lips pressed hard onto his, hand going to tangle in the auburn hair.

Suddenly, he was everywhere. His hands gripped your back and pulled you flush against him, your chest heaving against his. His fingers danced across your skin, his own breathing staggered and erratic. You ran your free hand along his chest, fumbling with the buttons as he backed up. You lost your balance and suddenly you were on top of him, him running sloppy, intense kisses along the edge of your jaw and the tender skin of your throat.

His hands ran along the dip of your waist, feather light touches up your ribs. A soft moan slipped past your lips and you felt him shudder beneath you, fingers gripping harder. Finally, you managed to get the buttons undone and slid your hands into the shirt, feeling the dips and ridges of scars. It was electrifying, feeling his skin against your with his lips pressed against you.

He kissed a tender area where your shoulder sloped into your neck and a surprisingly loud groan forced its way past your lips. You rolled your hips against his, relishing in the way he writhed and squirmed beneath you. He rolled, hovering above you now while you slid the shirt off his shoulders. You grabbed the back of his head, bringing him back down to your lips as he slid a hand down your body to the waistband of your pants.

You placed a sloppy, needy kiss against his throat, the soft skin slick with sweat. His fingers danced along your hips, your skin sensitive to each touch. You latched your lips against his neck, sucking and kissing greedily. Your hips bucked roughly against his at the low groan that poured from him, his fingers finally dipping teasingly beneath your waistband.

He barely grazed your clit, but it sent you writhing, moaning and squirming under him. You bit against his neck, kissing softly along and around it as you gripped his shoulders. You ran your hands along the numerous scars, happy through your drunken haze that this was finally happening.

His fingers dipped low again, moisture seeping through and onto his long fingers. Staggered moans slipped through as you clawed lightly against his back, impatient with the teasing. Your back arched and you cried out, chest heaving when he slid a finger in. It was a foreign feeling, one you hadn’t felt for quite a while and you bucked against his hand, groaning as his lips peppered clumsy, rushed kisses on your chest and up your throat.

He pumped his finger, curling it deliciously as he looked at your writhing body. His eyes were dark with lust as he kissed along your jaw, a soft groan slipping out when you tugged on his hair, hips lifting towards him. Moans filled the room along with the sound of gasping and wet, greedy kisses.

You brought his lips to yours again and he could taste the chocolatey alcohol on your mouth. Almost immediately, he backed away, pulling out his fingers from your pants and standing up. You whimpered from the loss, sitting up to look at him. He was a mess; his hair was tangled and unruly, shirtless with rumpled pants, lips swollen and red, his skin slick with sweat and numerous bite marks and faint bruises littering his chest, shoulders, and neck. But Merlin’s beard he was absolutely gorgeous.  

“What’s wrong, what are you doing?” You asked him, worry coloring your slurred voice as he frantically started pulling on his shirt and grabbing his clothes. You got up, putting on your shirt and placing a hand on his arm. He flinched away.

“I c-can’t d-do this. It’s n-not okay,” he started, shaking his head and looking away. You crossed your arms over your chest, everything suddenly much more focused as you took a step back.

“What do you mean it’s not okay?” You asked, your voice dangerous.

“I c-can’t do this. We’ve b-been. W-we’ve been d-drinking and it’s n-n-not alright. You’re not y-yourself—”

“You mean I’m not her.”

“—and you’re n-not– What?”

“I’m not Tina. That’s the problem, isn’t it,” you said quietly, not listening to his excuses as your body shook. He looked bewildered, probably at the prospect of being caught.

“What? N-no, that’s a-absurd. You’ve been d-drinking and I-I-I—”

“Get out.”

“What? Y/N,” he pleaded, face scrunched as he tried to explain.

“Get. Out,” you snarled, anger simmering. “Get out and don’t come back. I’m done with this. I’m done with always being replaced and never, ever being seen. I am done with always being on the sidelines while you fall in love with different women, sitting around waiting for you to remember your BEST FRIEND. I’m done with it. With all of it. You can finish your manuscript on your own.”

“Y/N, p-please. That’s n-not wh-wha—”

“Get out. Please, please, please just get out before I humiliate myself further,” you whispered, voice thick with tears as you stared at ground, waiting for him to leave.

“Y/N… P-p-please, I… Alright,” he mumbled, hesitating for a moment before going out to the living room.

Within seconds, heavy, ugly sobs were ripping themselves out of your chest as you sank to the floor. You buried your head in your arms, quietly crying as you thought over what you’d just said. You dragged yourself to bed, the one unrumpled and neat, and laid there, tears streaming from your raw eyes.

With alcohol and sorrow dragging you down, you slowly fell into the abyss, sleep capturing you as you did.


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emetoandotherthings  asked:

On a long car journey one of your OCs gets sick (like with a virus or food poisoning or something) and they can't stop so they have to keep going, but Alistair's been trying to fight against his car sickness the whole time, but the sound of the other person puking sets him off too?

Love this request, thank you for it, friend! I really tried my hardest, but I was in the throes of writer’s block while I wrote this, and I think it’s a little bit rubbish… I hope it’s okay for you.

Warning: graphic descriptions of vomit below.

“How’re you two holding up, Alistair, Jasper?” Julius asked gently, reaching over to pat his boyfriend’s knee and glancing in the rear view mirror at his friend.

Julius was driving, the seat right up close to the steering wheel so he could reach the pedals properly. Alistair was huddled on the passenger seat, his face white against his red hair, carsick and queasy as usual. He’d managed to fight enough to stop himself from actually vomiting so far - but he could feel beads of sweat gathering under his bangs and it was becoming much harder.

Toby, Isabelle and Jasper were crammed hip to hip in the cramped backseat, Isabelle in the middle, with Jasper leaning against her heavily. The blond was even paler than Alistair, his eyes ringed with dark circles, his hands over his tummy.

The poor boy had been hit with a violent stomach bug the evening before, and had spent the entire night stumbling out of bed to the bathroom, retching and heaving until his voice was hoarse and his legs so weak that Isabelle had to practically carry him to bed.

Alistair and Jasper didn’t look as if they were holding up well at all, but Alistair nodded silently, and Jasper mumbled something positive, trying to smile bravely. Julius made a sympathetic clucking noise.

“Tell me if either of you need a plastic bag, okay? I’ve got some here.”

Alistair winced. “Couldn’t we just stop off somewhere?” he asked, his voice quiet and strained. Julius squeezed his hand.

“We’ll get home quicker if we just push on. I know it’s not fun, Star, I’ll try to go faster,” he said gently. Toby sniggered at the pet name as Alistair scowled.

“Star? What’s that about?” Toby laughed, smirking. Julius smiled, his eyes softening with love.

“You know, Ali-star?”

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that in front of other people, Jules,” Alistair muttered, though his cheeks flushed a little, and Julius could tell he was secretly pleased.

Toby pretended to vomit loudly, making Alistair and Jasper wince, their faces draining whiter. Isabelle poked Toby with her sharp elbow reproachfully.

“Shut it, Toby. We should be trying to distract them.”

Jasper had closed his eyes, his face buried in Isabelle’s neck, trying to breathe deeply. He felt hot and uncomfortable in the backseat, and Isabelle had forced some toast down him in the morning that really wasn’t sitting well now. He pressed his lips together determinedly - Isabelle had been so worried, she’d even held the toast to his lips as if he was a little kid. He’d feel horribly guilty if he threw it up after she went to all that trouble.

It was unfortunate for Jasper that he wasn’t too good at hiding his feelings. Isabelle soon noticed him tensing with every wave of nausea, felt his breathing speed up, heard the loud gurgles of his upset stomach. She patted him comfortably and called out to Julius.

“I think we need a bag back here, Julius.”

Julius handed it back quickly, while Jasper shook his head, looking frantic. “N-no! I’ll be - hic - fine.”

His stomach suddenly gave an astonishingly loud gurgle, as if trying to discredit Jasper’s words. The blond frowned and looked down irritably.

“Shut up!” he hissed directly to his tummy. Isabelle smiled wryly and held the bag out in front of her boyfriend, her voice gentle.

“Come on, Jazzy, it doesn’t matter. We know you can’t help it, we’re all friends here. You’ll feel better afterwards.”

Jasper still shook his head stubbornly, though his chest kept hitching with queasy hiccups and his face was grey. He was determined to hold back as long as possible - it would be so humiliating, vomiting in front of everyone in this squashed car. Jasper had a surprising stubborn streak, and he fought determinedly.

Alistair stared out the window, his face tense and set too. He was just about keeping his breakfast now, but if Jasper started to throw up he was sure he’d lose control. It was impossible not to in such a small car, with everyone seeing and hearing and smelling. Alistair swallowed uneasily, praying that Jasper could hold on.

There was a tense silence for the next five minutes, until Jasper gave a hiccup that turned into a heave, leaving him scrabbling for the bag. Isabelle held it steady for him, whispering to him.

“Shhh, that’s it… It’s okay, Jaz, I’ve got you.”


Jasper tried his hardest to remain quiet, but the small amount of food in his tummy had him dry heaving loudly and painfully before he finally managed to bring something up. Alistair heard the mess splatter into the bottom of the bag and covered his own mouth. He heaved into his hand, tapping Julius frantically to get his boyfriend to hand him a bag too.

“Fucking hell…” Toby muttered, as Alistair put his head in the bag and retched roughly too. “Hand me a bag too, Julius, I’m starting to feel left out.”

Alistair held up a shaking hand, aiming a middle finger at Toby, and Isabelle nudged him again as she stroked a whimpering Jasper’s curls.  

“They can’t help being sick, smart ass,” she scolded, taking the soiled bag from Jasper and wiping his tears with the cuffs of her jacket.

Poor Jasper was white and shaking pitifully now, crying weakly in humiliation. When Alistair could pull his head out of the bag he slumped miserably against the window, his red hair making his skin look even more pale and peaky. Julius scrutinised them both with a sigh and pulled off the road to a service station.

“Okay, I give up, I’m stopping. Just hang in there, you two.”

Julius pulled into the car park, and Jasper and Alistair stumbled out gratefully, breathing in the fresh air. Isabelle sat down with Jasper on her lap beside the car, and Julius came round and embraced Alistair, trying to coax some water down him.

Toby stood watching the entangled couples awkwardly, the only one without his partner. He usually didn’t care about PDA, but there was something so fond, so tender, about the way Isabelle smoothed Jasper’s hair, the way Julius gently held a bottle to Alistair’s lips. They weren’t doing anything at all suggestive, but it was so intense that Toby still felt he should look away.

“Make Toby drive, Jules,” Alistair mumbled, his voice still weak and sickly. “Sit with me in the car.”

Julius melted completely, but Toby rolled his eyes. “Think, Alistair. Even if I drive you can’t sit with Julius, there are only three seats in the back,” he said firmly. Alistair’s face fell, and Julius held his hands tightly, his little face wretched.

“Maybe we can all squeeze into the back..?” he said. Julius was usually the most sensible person you could ever meet, never so much as exceeding the speed limit in the car - Toby was shocked that he’d even suggest sitting four people in three seats. Still, Julius was soft as butter where Alistair was concerned - Julius couldn’t say no to the red-head when he looked at him so pleadingly, still pale and miserable.

“What if we get pulled over?” Toby asked, not used to being the sensible one. Julius hugged Alistair close protectively.

“Then we’ll explain to the police officer that they aren’t feeling well,” he said, as if that would be acceptable. Toby sighed a little.

“‘My boyfriend feels sick’ isn’t a valid excuse, Julius. Most people aren’t as nice as you are.”

“Well…if I see any police I’ll duck down. You and Jaz don’t mind us sitting in the back do you, Iz?” Julius asked hopefully.

“Of course not! Even the two of you will take up less room than Toby, his legs are too long,” she teased, smirking, and Jasper nodded placidly. Toby threw up his hands in defeat.

“Fine, whatever. There’s only a couple of hours to go anyway. Just get in the back - and you two try to keep it down until we get home, alright?” he said, pointing at Alistair and Jasper. Alistair scowled as he climbed into the backseat, snuggling up to Julius.

“Fuck off, Toby! If I puke again I’m aiming for you.”

Toby just ignored him and set off, trying to drive carefully so as not to attract any unwanted attention. He wasn’t insured to drive Julius’s car, he suddenly realised - but it was too late to bring this up now, he just drove on and prayed they didn’t get stopped.

Oblivious to Toby’s worries, Alistair and Jasper were as content as they could be when they still felt sick, curled up to their partners. Both queasy boys eventually fell asleep, Alistair leaning heavily on Julius, Jasper with his curly head on Isabelle’s shoulder. Eventually Julius and Isabelle dozed off too, warm and comfortable in the big tangled pile of limbs and bodies. Toby glanced at them all in the rear view mirror, flicking through the radio stations.

“At least I can listen to the music I want for a change,” he muttered to himself.

Fiery Love

*Requested: Y/N and Newt have feelings for each other, Y/N more open about it than Newt. But when another female Greenie shows up and wants to share a hut with Newt, some drama and trouble ensues.*

“Y/N, I don’t think you quite understand. I start a relationship with you and then it’s downhill from there. You’re a Runner, what if you don’t come back one day? What if something happens to me? There are so many things that can go wrong. And I know that there are plenty of other Gladers who have their eyes on you.” Newt said the end with a hint of anger and you rolled your eyes.

“So if I wasn’t a Runner you would date me?” you asked with a tone of anger and he sighed.

“No, it’s just another factor that plays into it.” he said, his eyes looking around, aware that the other boys were watching you two.

“Well, I’m into you, Newt. REALLY into you. And I know you have some sort of feelings for me, you have to. I don’t go down without a fight, and if you can’t decide what’s important to you, then you know what, you’re right. There are other Gladers. Plenty of them.” you said and turned on your heel and walked away towards Minho.

“Newt in denial again?” Minho asked and you laughed.

“Yeah… I don’t want to seem desperate, because I just thought he had feelings for me too, I guess I’m not good enough to be seen with him officially.” you said, the sassy exterior gone and your soft, vulnerable interior peeking through. Minho was the only person you showed this side to, because you didn’t want anyone taking advantage of it. 

“I’m not supposed to tell you, Y/N, but Newt does have feelings for you. But you know how he is; he’s quiet about it and he doesn’t want something like your friendship to be ruined because he admits his hardcore feelings for you.” Minho said with a joking grin and you smiled, but still felt like somehow, you weren’t good enough for Newt and never would be.


You walked towards your hut and saw Minho standing outside it with Gally.

“Everything okay?” you asked and Gally sighed in frustration.

“Someone klunked up your hut when they built it, the foundation is all messed up, those slintheads.” he said and you looked at Minho confused.

“It means they need a day or two to fix it.” Minho said and you were confused.

“Then where do I go?” you asked and Gally looked at you with his distinct eyebrows furrowed.

“You’ll share a hut with someone. Just choose wisely, it’s only for a night or two.”

Your heartbeat sped up. You got to choose… Newt. Newt was the first one that came to mind. He didn’t want to be public, so he would be okay with privacy, right? You made your way over to his hut and knocked before hearing a “Come in.” You walked in and smiled at him sitting on his bed, and he smiled back, clearly happy to see you.

“Hey there, Y/N.” he said.

“My hut, it’s being fixed and I was wondering if I could share your’s with you…” you said and looked at him through your lashes. He shifted on his bed and you knew you had some sort of effect on him.

“You can’t.” he said after a while of tension in the room and you released the breath you had been holding in and your hope disappeared.

“What…?” you whispered and he stood up.

“I can’t share my hut with you.” he said more firmly and cleared his throat right after.

You were tired, you were done with his games. You didn’t even try to sass him back, you just nodded and walked out. You spotted Minho and walked over and you didn’t even have to say anything before he opened the door to his hut for you and walked in after you. No words were exchanged as you walked over to your side of the hut for the night and laid down.

“Y/N?” Minho said, worry in his voice, but you didn’t even answer. You couldn’t; there were tears falling down sideways on your cheeks. No matter how vulnerable he had seen you, tears were never something you wanted to show him. You felt his eyes on you for a while before he shuffled away towards his bed.


You ran out of the Maze and saw a small figure standing near Newt. You continued jogging before you realized what you were looking at. It was a girl.

“Hey, Greenbean.” you said and stopped jogging. You avoided eye contact with Newt and didn’t even acknowledge him.

“This is Y/N, the only other girl in the Glade. Probably the best Runner we have and the smartest out of all of us shanks.” he complimented, trying to get you to look at him and at least smile. You just ignored him and patted the girl on her shoulder.

“Don’t let all his klunk get to ya.” you said and you jogged towards the map room.

At the bonfire that night, you noticed the Greenie attached to Newt, as if by the hip. Your leg shook in anger as you stared.

“You look like you need this.” you heard and looked up to see Thomas holding a jar of Gally’s secret recipe towards you. You nodded and took the jar, chugging it and feeling the burning sensation in your throat.


“I just don’t get it. He loooooves her.” you slurred at the group of boys sitting around you, which included Thomas, Minho, Winston, and Frypan. They loved watching you get drunk. You were still gushing about Newt and the new girl. She was pretty; that was the problem. You knew she was major competition.

“I don’t compare.” you said in a sober voice and got up and walked over to the two. You heard the group of boys ‘ooooh’-ing but you ignored them.

“Back off.” you said when you reached the Greenie.

“What?” she said and you stepped closer. 

“You heard me.” you said and the girl took a step back.

“So, Greenie, about sharing a hut, I think it’d be a good idea until we get Y/N’s fixed-” you heard a British accent said and you suddenly felt completely sober.

“Excuse me?” you said and looked at Newt, then back at the Greenie, then back at Newt.

“Y/N, are you drunk?” he asked and you felt so much anger for the cute blond boy.

“You’re going to share your hut with her? But when I asked if I could stay the night you refused.” you heard your voice rising and you didn’t care.

“Yeah. I said I wouldn’t share my hut with you.” he said and you focused in on his brown eyes.

“Why? Do you really not like me that much? I thought you liked me like I liked you.” you said and heard the hurt in your own voice.

“It’s because-” he started but you interrupted him.

“Because you’re scared, Newt! You’re scared of falling in love with someone and you’re scared of showing it and you’re ashamed of me, we all get it, Newt! Everyone knows I’m in love with you you dumb shank! You’re always-” you were screaming at him, the person you loved more than anyone, but this time it was Newt’s turn to interrupt you.

“It’s because if you stayed in my bloody hut, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself!” he said and you stared at him, the two of you breathing deeply. You heard several gasps coming from the crowd of boys but the next thing you knew, your back was against a tree and Newt’s lips were on your’s, moving so intensely and passionately, you could barely keep up. You broke apart and stared at him staring at you.

“Finally.” you heard Minho say.

Fifty shades of phan: chapter 1

Warnings: none

Cast: https://phanficminr.tumblr.com/post/160124305810/fifty-shades-of-phan-character-placement

Chapter 2: https://phanficminr.tumblr.com/post/161158583560/fifty-shades-of-phan-chapter-2.

Fifty shades of phan
I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror, Damn my hair-it just won’t behave, and damn Louise Pentland for being ill and subjecting me to this ordeal,
I should be studying for my final exams, which are next week, yet here I am trying to brush my hair into submission. I must not sleep with it wet. I must not sleep with it wet. Reciting this mantra several times, I attempt, once more, to bring it under control with the brush. I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the tan, brown-haired boy with brown eyes too big for his face staring back at me, and give up. My only option is to run my hand through a couple times and I hope I look semi presentable.

Luoise Pentland is my roommate, and she has chosen today of all days to succumb to the flu.

Therefore, she cannot attend the interview she’d arranged to do, with some mega-industri-alist tycoon I’ve never heard of, for the student newspaper. So I have been volunteered. I have final exams to cram for, one essay to finish, and I’m supposed to be working this afternoon, but no - today I have to drive a hundred and sixty-five miles to downtown Seattle in order to meet the enigmatic CEO of Lester Enterprises Holdings Inc. As an exceptional entrepreneur and major benefactor of our University, his time is extraordinarily precious - much more precious than mine - but he has granted Luoise an interview. A real coup, she tells me. Damn her extra-curricular activities.

Louise is huddled on the couch in the living room.
“Dan,I’m sorry. It took me nine months to get this interview. It will take another six to reschedule, and we’ll both have graduated by then. As the editor, I can’t blow this off. Please,” luoise begs me in her rasping, sore throat voice. How does she do it even ill she looks gamine and gorgeous, strawberry blonde hair in place and blue eyes bright, although now red-rimmed and runny. I ignore my pang of unwelcome sympathy.

“Of course I’ll go Luoise . You should get back to bed. Would you like some Nyquil or Tylenol?”

“Nyquil, please. Here are the questions and my mini-disc recorder. Just press record here. Make notes, I’ll transcribe it all.”

“I know nothing about him,” I murmur, trying and failing to suppress my rising panic.

“The questions will see you through. Go. It’s a long drive. I don’t want you to be late.”

“Okay, I’m going. Get back to bed. I made you some soup to heat up later.” I stare at her fondly. Only for you, luoise,would I do this.
“I will. Good luck. And thanks Dan-as usual, you’re my lifesaver. Oh and you are wearing that” she asked judgmentally.
I slightly looked down at myself then towards her and said
“Okay less talking…” I thought for a moment then mimicking a spoon I continued “more eating”.

We both chuckled. Gathering my satchel, I smile wryly at her, then head out the door to the car. I cannot believe I have let Luoise talk me into this. But then Luoise can talk anyone into anything.
She’ll make an exceptional journalist. She’s articulate, strong, persuasive, argumentative, beautiful - and she’s my dearest, dearest friend.

Louise’s lent me her sporty Mercedes CLK. I’m not sure Wanda, my old VW Beetle, would make the journey in time. Oh, the Merc is a fun drive, and the miles slip away as I floor the pedal to the metal.

My destination is the headquarters of Mr. Lester’s global enterprise. It’s a huge twenty-story office building, all curved glass and steel, an architect’s utilitarian fantasy, with Lester House written discreetly in steel over the glass front doors. It’s a quarter to two when I arrive, greatly relieved that I’m not late as I walk into the enormous - and frankly intimidating - glass, steel, and white sandstone lobby.
Behind the solid sandstone desk, a very attractive, groomed, blonde young woman smiles pleasantly at me. She’s wearing the sharpest charcoal suit jacket and white shirt I have ever seen. She looks immaculate.

“I am here to see Mr. Lester. Daniel Howell for Louise Pentland”
“Excuse me one moment, Mister Howell .” She arches her eyebrow slightly as I stand self-consciously before her. I am beginning to wish I’d borrowed one of Luoise’s formal blazers rather than wear my navy blue jacket. I have made an effort and worn my one and only jeans, my sensible brown boots and a blue sweater. For me, this is smart. I tuck one of the escaped tendrils of my hair behind my ear as I pretend she doesn’t intimidate me.

“Miss pentland is expected. Please sign in here, Mister Howell You’ll want the last elevator on the right, press for the twentieth floor.” She smiles kindly at me, amused no doubt, as I sign in.
She hands me a security pass that has VISITOR very firmly stamped on the front. I can’t help my smirk. Surely it’s obvious that I’m just visiting. I don’t fit in here at all.
Nothing changes, I inwardly sigh. Thanking her, I walk over to the bank of elevators past the two security men who are both far more smartly dressed than I am in their well-cut black suits.
The elevator whisks me with terminal velocity to the twentieth floor. The doors slide open, and I’m in another large lobby - again all glass, steel, and white sandstone. I’m confronted by another desk of sandstone and another young blonde woman dressed impeccably in black and white who rises to greet me.

“Miss Pentland ?” Blonde number two asks expectedly ,while taking off my blue jacket I answer “oh…no..I am Dan- miss Pentland is-” I get interrupted as another woman gestures forwards and says
“ mr. Lester will see you now,” Blonde Number Two says.
I stand rather shakily trying to suppress my nerves. Gathering up my satchel and make my way to the partially open door.

I push open the door and stumble through, tripping over my own feet, and falling head first into the office.
Double crap - me and my two left feet! I am on my hands and knees in the doorway to Mr. Lester’s office, and gentle hands are around me helping me to stand. I am so embarrassed, damn my clumsiness. I have to steel myself to glance up. Holy cow - he’s so young.
“Miss..mister pentland.” He extends a long-fingered hand to me once I’m upright. “I’m Phil Lester . Are you all right, would you like to sit?”
So young - and attractive, very attractive. He’s tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes that regard me shrewdly. It takes a moment for me to find my voice.

Um. Actually - “ I mutter. If this guy is over thirty then I’m a monkey’s uncle. In a daze, I place my hand in his and we shake. As our fingers touch, I feel an odd exhilarating shiver run through me. I withdraw my hand hastily, embarrassed. Must be static. I blink rapidly, my eyelids matching my heart rate.

“Miss Pentland is indisposed, so she sent me. I hope you don’t mind, Mr. Lester.”
“And you are?” His voice is warm, possibly amused, but it’s difficult to tell from his impassive expression. He looks mildly interested, but above all, polite.
“Daniel Howell . I’m studying English Literature with luo , um… Luoise …um… Miss Pentland at Washington State.”
“I see,” he says simply. I think I see the ghost of a smile in his expression, but I’m not sure. “Would you like to sit?” He waves me toward a white leather buttoned L-shaped couch.
His office is way too big for just one man. In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, there’s a huge modern dark-wood desk that six people could comfortably eat around. It matches the coffee table by the couch. Everything else is white - ceiling, floors, and walls except, on the wall by the door, where a mosaic of small paintings hang, thirty-six of them arranged in a square. They are exquisite - a series of mundane, forgotten objects painted in such precise detail they look like photographs. Displayed together, they are breathtaking.

Apart from the paintings, the rest of the office is cold, clean, and clinical. I wonder if it reflects the personality of the Adonis who sinks gracefully into one of the white leather chairs opposite me. I shake my head, disturbed at the direction of my thoughts, and retrieve Luoise’s questions from my satchel. Next, I set up the mini-disc recorder and am all fingers and thumbs, dropping it twice on the coffee table in front of me. Mr. Lester says nothing, waiting patiently - I hope - as I become increasingly embarrassed and flustered. When I pluck up the courage to look at him, he’s watching me, one hand relaxed in his lap and the other cupping his chin and trailing his long index finger across his lips. I think he’s trying to suppress a smile.
“Sorry,” I stutter. “I’m not used to this.”
“Take all the time you need, Mister Howell ,” he says.
“Do you mind if I record your answers?”
“After you’ve taken so much trouble to set up the recorder - you ask me now?”
I flush. He’s teasing me I hope. I blink at him, unsure what to say, and I think he takes pity on me because he relents. “No, I don’t mind.”
“Did Luoise, I mean, Miss Pentland , explain what the interview was for?”
“Yes. To appear in the graduation issue of the student newspaper as I shall be conferring the degrees at this year’s graduation ceremony.”
Oh! This is news to me, and I’m temporarily pre-occupied by the thought that someone not much older than me - okay, maybe four years or so, and okay, mega successful, but still - is going to present me with my degree. I frown, dragging my wayward attention back to the task at hand.
“Good,” I swallow nervously. “I have some questions, Mr. Lester.” I smooth a stray lock of hair behind my ear.

“I thought you might,” he says, deadpan. He’s laughing at me. My cheeks heat at the realization, and I sit up and square my shoulders in an attempt to look taller and more intimidating. Pressing the start button on the recorder, I try to look professional.

“You’re very young to have amassed such an empire. To what do you owe your success?” I glance up at him. His smile is rueful, but he looks vaguely disappointed.

“Business is all about people, Mister Howell , and I’m very good at judging people. I know how they tick, what makes them flourish, what doesn’t, what inspires them.” He pauses and fixes me with his blue stare. “. I work hard, very hard to do that. I make decisions based on logic and facts. I have a natural gut instinct that can spot and nurture a good solid idea and good people. The bottom line is, it’s always down to good people.”

“Maybe you’re just lucky.” This isn’t on Luoise’s list - but he’s so arrogant. His eyes flare momentarily in surprise.

“I don’t subscribe to luck or chance, Mister Howell.The harder I work the more luck I seem to have. It really is all about having the right’”
“You sound like a control freak.” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them.“Oh, I exercise control in all things, Mister Howell ,” he says without a trace of humor in his smile. I look at him, and he holds my gaze steadily, impassive. My heartbeat quickens, and my face flushes again.

And do you have any interests outside your work?“
“I have varied interests, Mister Howell .” A ghost of a smile touches his lips. “Very varied.” And for some reason, I’m confounded and heated by his steady gaze. His eyes are alight with some wicked thought.
I glance quickly at Luoise’s questions, wanting to get off this subject.
“You invest in manufacturing. Why, specifically?” I ask. Why does he make me so uncomfortable?

“I like to build things. I like to know how things work: what makes things tick, how to construct and deconstruct. And I have a love of ships. What can I say?”
“That sounds like your heart talking rather than logic and facts.”
His mouth quirks up, and he stares appraisingly at me.

“Possibly. Though there are people who’d say I don’t have a heart.”
“Why would they say that?”
“Because they know me well.” His lip curls in a wry smile.

“You also invest in farming technologies. Why are you interested in this area?”
“We can’t eat money, Miss howell, and there are too many people on this planet who don’t have enough to eat.”
“That sounds very philanthropic. Is it something you feel passionately about feeding the world’s poor?”
He shrugs, very non-committal.
“It’s shrewd business,” he murmurs, though I think he’s being disingenuous. It doesn’t make sense - feeding the world’s poorI can’t see the financial benefits of this, only the virtue of the ideal. I glance at the next question, confused by his attitude.

“You were adopted. How far do you think that’s shaped the way you are?” Oh, this is personal. I stare at him, hoping he’s not offended. His brow furrows.

“That’s a matter of public record, Mister Howell .” His tone is stern. I flush, again. Crap.
Yes of course - if I’d known I was doing this interview, I would have done some research.

“Sorry.” I squirm, and he’s made me feel like an errant child.
“Do you have an actual question mister Howell?” He asks me with a sigh.

“Are you gay, Mr. Lester?”
He inhales sharply, and I cringe, mortified. Crap. Why didn’t I employ some kind of filter before I read this straight out how can I tell him I’m just reading the questions?
Damn Luoise and her curiosity!

“No Daniel,I’m not.” He raises his eyebrows, a cool gleam in his eyes. He does not look pleased.
“I apologize. It’s um… written here.” It’s the first time he’s said my name. My heartbeat has accelerated, and my cheeks are heating up again. Nervously, I tuck my loosened hair behind my ear.
He cocks his head to one side.
“These aren’t your own questions?”
The blood drains from my head. Oh no.
“Err… no. Luoise - Miss Pentland - she compiled the questions.”

“That explains a lot” he says. He rubs his chin in quiet deliberation, his blue eyes appraising me.

“Mr. Lester, forgive me for interrupting, but your next meeting is in two minutes.”
“We’re not finished here, . Please cancel my next meeting.”

Emma hesitates, gaping at him. She’s appears lost. He turns his head slowly to face her and raises his eyebrows. She flushes bright pink. Oh good. It’s not just me.

“Very well, Mr. Lester,” she mutters, then exits. He frowns, and turns his attention back to me.
“Where were we, Mister Howell ?”
Oh, we’re back to ‘Mister Howell’ now.
“Please don’t let me keep you from anything.”
“I want to know about you. I think that’s only fair.” His blue eyes are alight with curiosity. Double crap. Where’s he going with this, he places his elbows on the arms of the chair and steeples his fingers in front of his mouth. His mouth is very… distracting. I swallow.
“There’s not much to know about me"I say, flushing again.
“What are your plans after you graduate?”
“Well I was planning on moving to Seattle with Luoise” I reply nodding.
“We run an excellent internship program here,” he says quietly. I raise my eyebrows in surprise. Is he offering me a job?

“I don’t really think I’d fit in here” I reply looking down with a dry chuckle “I mean look at me”.

“I am” he replies smirking.
I gulp and stand up
“Thank you for the meeting mr. Lester”

He stands up too, His long index finger presses the button summoning the elevator, and we stand waiting - awkwardly on my part, coolly self-possessed on his.

The doors open, and I hurry in desperate to escape. I really need to get out of here.
When I turn to look at him, he’s leaning against the doorway beside the elevator with one hand on the wall. He really is very, very good-looking. It’s distracting. His burning blue eyes gaze at me.

“Daniel,” he says as a farewell.

“Phil,” I reply. And mercifully, the doors close.

A/N: do u guys want a second chapter
Ambrosia - Kai

I’m screaming because this is one of the cheesiest things I’ve written but also gave me so many problems by contrast. After almost losing the story two times, actually losing a scene once and having to rewrite it, and getting interrupted enough times to forget the line I’m writing, this 11k scenario was born. Still, I love it with my heart so I hope you also love it with yours after reading :3

(A true florist should know the language of flowers.)

Mrs. Yang’s traditional flower shop is situated at the intersection of two narrow roads in a quiet suburban area of Yeonhi-dong. It’s the most ancient store around, having a history of over 75 years with the Yang family. Naturally, there’s been several modern constructions over that vast amount of time. None of those new constructions has hindered the success of the business, even after many generations later.

The shop has kept many things since its establishment. First, its faded, ruby red bricks that have cracked and been chipped at by both the weather and pesky residents. Second, the hanging wooden sign that reads, Yang’s Petals just above the flimsy door. And third, Mrs. Yang herself.

Aka your grandmother.

Which brings a majority of the responsibility to you, as her one and only grandchild, to run and oversee the shop when she’s out and about sharing her wisdom and kindness to others in need. Because she never seems to run out of volunteer work to do, you’re in charge of practically everything at Yang’s Petals. This includes your friend of seven years who also happens to be a flower fanatic herself.

Who you are currently angry and livid with.

If there’s something other than the beautifully crafted bouquets and budding flowers that Yang’s Petals is known for, that’s for the lack of staff it needs to remain stable and well sustained.

That brings it to about two people, not including your grandmother. Just you and your lovely friend who you absolutely know is behind the HELP WANTED sign posted outside of the shop’s window.    

She’s in for a treat.

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Calling Doctor Takahashi


A/N: @dailyau So, this got carried away as always and it’s probably complete and utter garbage, but I like it. So, Trash it is: Please forgive me.

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It was near five-forty at night when Higurashi, Kagome stepped over her threshold.

“That was the longest shift I have had in a lonnnnnnggggg time.” Kagome groaned as she slammed her front door.

The raven-haired beauty kicked off her shoes and tossed her bag over the back of her recliner. A shower and a hot meal was exactly what the doctor ordered, no pun intended. Keade, the Chief of surgery at Tokyo Medical, pretty much demanded she rest for the next couple of days, thus doctor’s orders. She wasted no time in diving head first in a soothing lavender bubble bath and how long she lay there, well- she couldn’t even say.

Kagome sighed as she reached for the stopper. “That was amazinnnnng!” Flinging her head over and wrapping a towel around her soaking hair, Kagome noticed the flashing red light emitting from her answering machine. Her heart sank a little. Please don’t be Keade. Please don’t call me in. She hesitated to press the button.

You have one unheard message: Message one, sent today at 12:45PM

“Kagome, it’s your mother. I was just going to let you know that your grandfather has been readmitted at Metropolitan Matsuzawa. It’s nothing serious, he just has the flu, but you know how he is when he gets sick. He thought he had pneumonia. Anyways dear, call me when you get a chance. The doctor said he’ll be here for a couple of days on observation. I love you, sweety.”

End of messages.

Kagome let loose a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Not Keade at least. She made a mental note to call her mother in the morning. Looking at the time, she decided to make her a nice meal and binge on some Netflix, after all Keade had ordered her to rest. Nearly skipping with joy to the kitchen, Kagome hummed a little tune as she rummaged through her fridge. When a small sound erupted through her kitchen, Kagome froze. What was that? It sounded like- There it was again and a frigid shiver ran down her spine. Maybe not- She turned slowly and when she caught not one, but TWO mice, eating out of a cracker box she had left opened, Kagome lost her shit.

She screeched and made a hasty attempt to run for her door, but her sock caught on the corner of her cabinet and she careened forward. When her head cracked against the side of her granite counter-top, all Kagome could remember was black.

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Imagine going to Belfast with Chibs. You meet Fiona and are worried he’ll leave you.

You were over the moon when Chibs asked you to go to Belfast with him. You knew he had to go on Club business so you didn’t think you would even be allowed to go, let alone that he’d ask you. You couldn’t have been more excited that Chibs was finally letting you into his world. He was very adamant about you staying away from anything that could put you in danger, but you assured him that you knew what you were getting into when you decided to be with him.

Chibs had always been very open with you about his old life. You knew about Fiona and Kerrianne, and what happened with Jimmy. To say that you were nervous about meeting his estranged wife would be an understatement. You figured that you could make it work with Kerrianne, she seemed like a nice, accepting girl, but Fiona was – technically, still is – married to the man you’re now with. You didn’t think Fiona would be so accepting of you. Fiona knew Chibs’ secrets, his quirks, his strengths, his weaknesses before you had even met him. How could you ever be enough to fill the hole that she had left?

Fiona and Kerrianne were there to greet you when you reached Belfast. The family of three immediately fell into conversation, catching up on the time they had missed out on. Jealousy, protectiveness and an ounce of fear bubbled inside you when Fiona leaned over and placed a kiss to Chibs’ scarred cheek. She turned to you with a cautious eye and held out a hand.

You were greatly intimidated by this woman. She wasn’t all that much taller than yourself but her gaze was intense. You shook her hand and took note of her firm grip. You told yourself that it was just a handshake (not a challenge where Chibs is the prize) but your mind loved to overthink things.

She invited the two of you over for dinner and Filip accepted the offer for the both of you. While you stood there awkwardly, you could barely remember why you were so excited for this in the first place when all you felt now was unwanted. Your heart was telling you to try harder, to engage in conversation with these women who meant so much to the man you love but your brain was using logic and reason to convince you that if you were to speak up you’d only be interrupting this family.

At dinner that night, you all sat around Fiona’s living room, eating the delicious roast dinner that she had cooked herself. Right now, more than anything, you wished you could cook and you wondered if Chibs missed having someone cook for him. He always cooked for the two of you since each time you tried it ended in some sort of fire.

You chewed your roast slowly while your fiancé laughed with his wife and daughter about something Kerrianne did when she was six. You tried to hone in on your surroundings so you didn’t get too lost in your thoughts. Your brain was like a whirlpool right now; negative thoughts swirling around in your mind, their pull so strong while you try and swim away from he dark, empty abyss at their centre.

“-isn’t that right, darlin’?” Chibs asked, his hand settling on your knee.

“Hmm?” you hummed half-heartedly. You couldn’t be certain but you were pretty sure this was the first time that night you had been acknowledged. “Oh, yeah, sure.” You agreed and hoped that was the right answer because you honestly had no idea what he was asking you.

Without a so much as a hiccup, the family went back to their reunion.

“Excuse me,” you abruptly stood up. You needed to get away from there, even for a moment. “I need to use the bathroom.”

You left before anyone could say anything and headed to the room you vaguely remember being shown earlier that night. Your breath was coming out in short gasps and you blinked rapidly in an attempt to clear your tear-blurred vision.
You shut the door behind you and sat on the floor in the furthest corner beside the basin. Shoving your head into your hands, you let your tears fall.

This was it. There was no use denying it; Chibs had clearly realised that he only wants his real family and Fiona must’ve come to her senses and seen what she’d been missing out on with Chibs. He was a great guy and, as much as it would hurt to lose him, you wanted nothing but happiness for him – even if said happiness wasn’t with you.

A knock rung out. You wiped your face and wondered how long you’d been in here for someone to come looking.

“Are ya in there, lass?” your heard your Old Man’s concerned voice.

Something tugged at your heart and while you couldn’t quite pinpoint the emotion, you know that it hurt.

“Yeah,” you replied and tried your hardest to keep your voice steady. “Sorry, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Slowly, the door creaked open. Chibs scanned the room quickly before he saw you. His face fell at the sight of you; his usually bubbly and lively girl was now curled into herself in the corner of a bathroom, red-faced and teary-eyed.

Without a word, he sat beside you and pulled you tight into his chest. You tried to hold it in but the feeling of his arms around you and the beat of his racing heart was too much for you and you began sobbing into his cut. He didn’t say a word, he just ran a hand through your hair while the other was on your back, holding you firmly.

“P-Please,” you sobbed out between short breaths, “P-Please don’t l-leave me. I love you, F-Filip.”

His grip tightened.

“I won’t, lass,” he replied and while you weren’t looking at his face, you heard his voice falter as though he was holding back tears too. “I’m right here and I’m staying with you.”

“You are?” you sniffled weakly.

“Of course I am,” he said as though you had asked a stupid question. You pulled back enough to look at his face. Sure enough, there were silent tears leaving his eyes. He looked down at you with sad eyes. “I’m so, so sorry I made ya think I was going to leave.” He said with a frown and you could see how angry he was with himself. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and then a quick one to your lips. “Dammit girl, I love ya more than anything. Don’t you know that?”

“I’m sorry,” you apologised quietly. “I just thought you would want to be with your family again.”

“You are my family,” he confessed and pulled your body closer to him once more. “You’re all I need and I’m not going anywhere.”

Renegades [4/10]

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Screenshot from kissthemgoodbye.net. Parts of this chapter inspired by (read: stolen wholesale from) a 90s film starring Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. Guess which one?

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Chapter 4: Outlaws

Hook dives forward, his hand and hook both clawing for the other man’s throat, before he’s brought crashing to the ground by a large, grey-haired man who kneels heavily on Hook’s lower back and presses his face into the sand.

Emma jolts as a spark flickers across her fingertips. She can feel the buzzing in her head again, can feel the way it travels down her spine, her arms, something like being set alight only without the pain and with twice the fear.

“Let him go!”

Hook struggles under the larger man’s weight, and lets out a string of muffled grunts that she assumes are either agreement or aspersions about the man’s mother.

“He can’t breathe,” Emma hisses at the curly haired man, who is watching Hook’s struggles with a sort of insouciant smile.

“Loud, though, isn’t he. For a man who’s suffocating.”

There’s a burn in her palm so intense she curls her fingers in until she’s sure she’s drawn blood, every word bitten out as she glares at their captor.

“Let. Him. Go.”

The man looks at her, his eyes slightly narrowed as if he’s seen her somewhere before but can’t quite place her.

“Alright, Little John,” he says levelly. “Let him up.”

Little John - the aging giant, presumably - gets to his feet with an exaggerated huff, and drags Hook with him by the collar of his shirt. Hook struggles free of his grasp just far enough to spit a mouthful of sand at the other man’s feet, before being dragged bodily back, both arms held behind his back by Little John’s enormous hands.

“Now, Captain. I didn’t expect this sort of behaviour from you. I thought you were a man of ideals.”

“Depends on the ideals,” Hook spits.

“Loyalty?” The man asks. “Love? Vengeance? Your reputation precedes you.”

“Really?” Hook draws himself up to his full height, but it’s not exactly imposing next to not-so Little John. “And what does my reputation say I’m likely to do to insolent lads who think they can rob me, hmmmm? You want a deal? I’ll give you a deal. I’ll take my hook to that smile until even your mother couldn’t love you, and you’ll thank me for being merciful.”

The man laughs, light and genuine, and pulls the dagger free of his belt. He tosses it in the air - once, twice - and smiles at the way Hook’s eyes follow its flight.

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