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Notting Hill

Summary: Based on the movie Notting Hill. Dean Winchester is a hot, Hollywood actor, the reader is a bookstore owner. What happens when their paths cross?

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  7433 (yikes)

Warnings:  nsfw, smut, explicit language, explicit sexual content, fingering, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, angst,

Author’s Notes: This was written for @jensennjared Entertainment AU Challenge.

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{Reaction} EXO finding out you ship them with another member

Note: Use of swear words.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol probably wouldn’t really understand the whole ‘shipping’ thing, but would take it as an excuse to tease you, especially when he finds out about the extent to which you ship him and his band mate Do Kyungsoo.

Chanyeol’s eyebrows furrowed as he opened up your laptop lid to see a mass of writing presented on the screen under the webpage ‘archive of our own.’ The site perked his interest, wondering what earth this was. From the writing, he assumed you were reading a story, but a hit of confusion washed over him as he caught his name among the words. He scrolled up to see the summary of the story, only to find his heart catching in his chest when he skimmed over the words. ‘A smutty Park Chanyeol and Do Kyungsoo drabble after a long day of dance practice.’ Chanyeol’s eyebrows furrowed again, many questions rushing through his head. “Smutty… drabble… what are these words?” He muttered to himself. He was so enticed, he started reading the short story before him. He was a blushing mess by the time you finally came inside the living room.

{y/n}: “Hey Chan- Are you on my laptop? Get off that! How did figure out my password?!”

Chanyeol: “What matters right now {y/n}, is why I’m currently feeling up one of my best friends bare stomach.”

{y/n}: *Pinches the bridge of nose, internally thanking he hasn’t actually got to the best worst part of the story yet.* “Just give me that, I’m changing my password.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo would be less happy with the idea of you shipping him with his band members, and would be more embarrassed by it than anything else. He would try to avoid it at all costs, except for one time he couldn’t.

Kyungsoo had been working all week, and very hard at that. He was exhausted, so when the members of EXO and {y/n} all gathered to watch a movie on their free Sunday night, he found his eyelids turning heavy, finally letting his head drop as he fell into slumber, leaning up against Baekhyun, who was sat next to him. But when he woke up the next morning, he was met with what seemed like thousands of tweets blowing up his phone.

He grumbled, withdrawing himself from a sleeping Baekhyun and groggily picked up his phone to see the source of the chaos, he was expecting to see a press article, but when he saw a tweet from {y/n}, he couldn’t help but frown in confusion. He clicked on her tweet to see a picture of him leaning against Baekhyun, eyes closed and sleeping while Baekhyun smiled down at him, his arm around Kyungsoo in a comfortable fashion. But that wasn’t the bad part, the caption was what caused the fangirls to awaken. ‘They’re literal relationship goals! #Baeksoo #Love #Newlyweds’

Kyungsoo: “{y/f/n} Get down here and explain yourself right now!”

{y/n}: “What’s up snugglebum?”

Kyungsoo: “Tell these millions of fans that are tweeting me that I’m not dating Baekhyun!”

{y/n}: “Okay so Baeksoo isn’t working… how do you feel about Chansoo?”

Kyungsoo: “{y/n}!”

Byun Baekhyun

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You’ve been dating Baekhyun for a while, and when he found out that you ship Chanbaek, you’re not about hear the end of it anytime soon. But the worst of the teasing starts when he stumbles across your tumblr account.

Baekhyun laughed as he questioned {y/n} about her love of Chanbaek. She was blushing and flustered, trying to explain to him that she shipped it a long time before she met Baekhyun and doesn’t much anymore. But Baekhyun is so happy seeing her all flustered, there isn’t an end in sight of his teasing.

Baekhyun: “I’d top, obviously.”

{y/n}: “No way, you’re the adorable bottom.”

Baekhyun: “How about I show you who’s top, jagi?” *Pushes you over and places himself over you.*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun found out about your love of ‘Hunhan’ when he stumbled across your Tumblr account while playing around on your phone while you were studying. He found it rather embarrassing since he respects Luhan a lot, but he’d also find it rather funny too, and would probably use it to tease you like Baekhyun.

{y/n} was studying on some Chinese language in her room when Sehun came in, looking for something to entertain himself. He asked her if he could crash in the room for a while and she agreed as long as he didn’t try to distract her. He did as he was told, sitting on her bed and reaching for her phone before he started to play around on it. He started by playing on some apps, before stumbling on something called ‘Tumblr.’ Curiosity got the better of him, and he pressed on the app, his eyebrows furrowing when he came across your account. He scrolled down, seeing a number of gifs and images that included himself and Luhan along with some things called ‘one shots’ and ‘fan fictions.’ At first, he was a little flustered, but he soon became cocky, and raised an eyebrow as he looked up.

Sehun: “Hey {y/n}, I didn’t strike you as the kind of girl that liked watching two boys.’

{y/n}: “What are you… wait, you’re not on tumblr are you?”

Sehun: “I got curious.”

{y/n}: “Curiosity killed the cat, Sehun.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing wouldn’t be too bothered when he found out that you shipped Sulay. If anything, he’d find it more sweet than anything, and would see it more of a ‘bromance’ than anything more intimate.

Yixing was in his room, playing the guitar and humming along to the tune when he heard {y/n} talking on the phone in the next room. He didn’t mind much, but his interest was perked when he heard his name being used along with Junmyeon. He stopped playing his guitar and exited his room, standing in the doorway of yours. He wasn’t technically ‘spying’ since he was stood in the doorway, but you didn’t notice him while you talked.

{y/n}: “I’m telling you {friend}, they’re just so cute together. I mean, I respect they’re friends and everything, but like, they’re practically a match made in heaven. They compliment each other well.” *laughs* “Come on, you ship Suho and Lay too, don’t shit me here.”

Yixing: “Me and Suho, huh? Interesting…”

{y/n}: “How long have you been standing there?”

Yixing: “Long enough.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae found out about your love of Xiuchen and became very flustered over it. You’d tease him a lot because of it, and he’d blush easily. He didn’t necessarily ‘find out’ about your idea of him and Minseok, it’s always just kind of been there, and since you’ve started teasing him, it’s made the other members tease him too.

Baekhyun had announced that everyone would be participating in a game of spin the bottle {no, no one had a say in this, they were all playing}, and so Jongdae irritably took the space next to {y/n} and Baekhyun. Baekhyun spun the bottle for their first round, it landed on Chanyeol and Kyungsoo. Chanyeol, who was admittedly a little drunk, tried his best to get a kiss, but earned himself a smack on the head instead. The second round started, and the bottle landed on Minseok, then it landed on Jongdae. Who’s face flamed up instantly as {y/n} nudged him with a smirk on her face. Jongdae tried to protest, trying to convince everyone it was leaning more towards {y/n}. That was until Minseok leaned over, pecking his cheek and getting it over with.

{y/n}: “C’mon, that wasn’t a real kiss. It wasn’t even on the lips.”

Jongdae: “If you don’t want to be smothered in your sleep tonight, you’ll shut the fuck up.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok is the center of pretty much all the ships. Anyone could be shipped with Minseok, and that was proven by the fans. But he was more surprised when he found out that you shipped him not just with Jongdae, but also with Luhan. He found it rather funny, and took it all like fun and games. But he was slightly surprised by the way he found out about your love of this triangle like ship.

Minseok played around on {y/n}’s phone, until a notification came up stating that someone had liked their post on tumblr. Minseok clicked on it, unsure what tumblr was. But when the post came up, he was slightly confused, noticing all the writing. He scrolled, his eyes running over the descriptive words. It didn’t take him long to figure out he was reading a fanfiction. He cracked a smirk as he read over it. The beginning was himself crying in a room, Luhan had broken up with him and Jongdae had come to comfort him. But the comfort soon became much more adult themed, and Minseok found himself laughing by the time you walked in.

{y/n}: “What’s so funny?”

Minseok: “{y/n} I can’t believe you wrote this, I don’t know if it’s better or worse than finding porn on your phone”

{y/n}: “You found the tumblr, didn’t you? Well shit…”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao would become very defensive when he found out that you shipped him and Minseok, that’s until he realised what fun he could have with this and that was quick to change his perspective.

Tao came into the living room to see {y/n} sat on the sofa, watching a k-drama contently with a bowl of popcorn. Tao walked over, masking a false sense of shyness.

Tao: “Oh… {y/n}… you’re still here?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, why?”

Tao: “You didn’t hear anything, did you?”

{y/n}: “Hear what?”

Tao: Me and Mineok Hyung… in the shower… actually, nevermind. As you are.” *Turns around, smirking at the shocked expression he left on your face.*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho found out about your love of Sukris by chance. But since Suho is the least serious person when it comes to this sort of thing he will be more than happy to aid your ‘feels’ and will more than likely take the opportunity to tease you about it more than anything else.

Suho smirked as he sat in the dance practice hall with the other members and {y/n}, he grinned at her knowingly as Kris  stood up with Yixing to teach the others the choreography for the next dance they’d be doing for a new song release.

Throughout the routine, Suho whispering comments in her ear. {“Hey {y/n}. Did you see that hip thrust? I bet you’d like to see him do that against me” *smirking*} He was using this opportunity to get her as embarrassed as possible, and wouldn’t care about his own ‘dignity’ he lost that a long time ago.

Suho: “That was amazing Kris! Saranghae~!” *Grins at you.*

Lu Han

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Luhan wouldn’t like the fact that you ship with Minseok. Mainly because it’s deflating of his ego since he’d be the ‘cute bottom’ and Minseok would be the ‘manly top.’

Luhan sighed as you teased him about Minseok, he was edging more and more towards snapping. 

{yn}: “I know you like to think you’re dominant, Lu. But we all know Minseok has you whipped.”

Luhan: “For gods sake, {y/n}! For the last time, I am a manly man and I do not bottom! I could get Minseok exactly where I wanted him if I wanted to.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin expected you to ship him with Kyungsoo since you had been a fan of EXO before he had met you. But to your surprise, you didn’t ship him with Kyungsoo. In fact, you didn’t ship him with anyone at all, and this did cause to be a little jealous.

Jongin watched {y/n} as she grinned. She was watching Kyungsoo and Chanyeol play fighting on the other side of the room, and Jongin watched her, his expression a mixture of jealousy and confusion. It wasn’t that he liked any of  his band members in that way, but it was annoying to him that you shipped Chansoo and not Kaisoo.

Jongin: “Aish Jagi… Kaisoo is better than Chansoo.”

{y/n}: “Try and explain it to that.” *Points to the other boys, who were laughing as Chanyeol pinned him on the floor, shouting about how he had the real strength.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris doesn’t really get the whole shipping thing and would constantly tell you that it’s ‘not his style.’ Sometimes, you’d ship him with members just to annoy him/ get on his nerves. The most effective one is Taoris, something that always gets Kris annoyed enough to push past you and give you the silent treatment for the day. Until one day, when you push his buttons one step too far.

{y/n} and Kris were sat in the living room of their apartment. Kris was watching a drama on the TV and {y/n} was scrolling down on her phone, something that Kris wasn’t really paying much attention to. He was cosy, his arm around her and her legs paying over his in a comfortable position. He was getting into the drama, when he heard {y/n} giggle to herself. He asked her what she was laughing at, smiling until she told him that she’d read a fanfiction where Kris had confessed his long term crush on the EXO M maknae, Tao.

Kris: *Snatches the phone and throws it down before lifting you up and pushing you against the closest wall* I think it’s time I showed you who you should really be shipping me with.”

Life With You- Part 1;

If this is well received than I will write more parts.

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Part 2-

You were on vacation with your family. The long trip had you exhausted and more than hungry. You had tried to convince your mom to grab some lunch with you, but she really couldn’t be less interested. You guess you were eating alone then. You grabbed your purse and headed down the carpeted hallway to the elevator. When the  doors opened you saw someone that you never thought you would see in a million years. A very tense Jungkook was watching you step into the Elevator. Of course you  knew who he was but you didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. Instead of putting volume to your internal fangirling, you buried the feeling inside and decided to let him live his own life without the pressure of meeting a fan. You felt him look over at you a couple of times but the ride down to the ground floor was silent. When the doors finally opened you gave him a small wave goodbye and started to walk away. You felt his hand on your wrist for a moment. “Hey wait!” You speed up to keep from Drawing attention. He Flailed his arms and ran after you. “Heeey!” He Finally caught up to you. “Wait!” You shook your head while he held on to the back of your shirt. “Let me go Jungkook, I’m trying to let you live!” He caught his name and huffed a little. “No!” You shook him off and glared. “What do you mean ‘No’? I’m trying not to cause a scene.” He Gave a little laugh. “If you know me then why do you just want to run off? You didn’t even ask for a picture.”  You huffed this time. “I don’t want people to see me getting a photo and hounding you because you are famous! Now leave me alone and live your life!” You started down the hallway with him right at your heels while he towered over you. You had headed out of the lobby towards the restaurant you had planned to eat at. Jungkook was still following you. The hostess greeted you. “Two?” You quickly shook your head ‘no’, but Jungkook spoke first. “Yes, thank you.” You gave him a quick glare and followed the hostess. She sat you at a small booth and Jungkook looked over the menu with you glaring at him. “Excuse me, what part of living your own life do you not understand?! Do you want to cause a scene?!” He didn’t look up from his menu, but had a small smile on his face. “I am living my own life. It just so happens I was on my way to eat lunch, And the only one making a scene is you. So please stop glaring at me like that.” He was right. You were the only one making a big deal out of it. You quickly relaxed and looked over your own menu. “What’s you’re name?” You looked up for a moment at him and then back at your menu. “Why do you care?” You were a little bitter about the way he called you out only minutes ago. “I should probably know who I’m buying lunch for.” You quickly shook your head. “No I have plenty of-” He cut you  off. “It’s fine, I’m here on break so I have quite a bit of money.” You gave a small nod feeling both defeated and grateful. “I’m (Y/n).” He gave a small smile. “It’s nice to meet you.” You instantly melted feeling relaxed. He was nice. Your waitress greeted you and both you and Jungkook ordered your drinks and waited for her to return. “So what do you do?” His question kind of caught you off guard. “Well now that I’m a graduate I don’t really do anything. This trip was my gift for graduating.” He watched you carefully while you spoke. “So you have no idea what you want to do?” You shook your head. “There is just so much that I could do. It’s all kind of overwhelming.” He nodded in understanding. He opened his mouth to say something when the waitress returned with your drinks. “Are you ready to order?” Jungkook looked at you for confirmation and when you nodded he began to order. You gave your order as well and waited for your food to arrive. “It’ll get better. Once you know what you want to do everything is easy.” You gave a small smile. “Thank you.” He shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.” After a bit of silence you figured a change of subject would be nice. “So do you like movies?” He took a quick drink and nodded. “Yeah I like movies. What about you?” You gave a quick nod. “Yes, I really do. Especially scary ones, but I just saw this super hero movie that was really good.” He raised an eyebrow at your enthusiasm. “Which movie?” You sat up a bit. “It was Captain America, Civil War.” A grin grew on his face. “What team are you on Iron man or captain america?” It was your turn to grin. “Iron man all the way, Captain america is a little bitch.” Jungkook laughed hard. “Good girl.” You looked up at him, blushing slightly as Your food had arrived. Throughout the entire meal you and Jungkook Laughed and talked about different movies you both liked. You never thought you would have so much in common. The meal was over and Jungkook had payed the bill. “So (y/n), How long are you here?” You weren’t going to be there long. “About a week and then I have to go back home.” He scribbled something down on a napkin and handed it to you. “That’s my private phone number so please don’t give it out to anyone, okay?” You gave him a confused smile. “What for?” He shrugged and got up. “You are kind of cool. You better message me.” He walked away and you just looked down at the napkin. Soon the waitress returned with Jungkook’s change. He was already gone.

Ten Year Wait

Requested: @mrshemmings26 “Luke and his family come visit us in our village because Liz was my mums best friend in high school and they haven’t seen each other in ten years.”

Word Count: idk but it’s fuckin long

“Mom why do you always have to have people over can’t I just get one week to myself?” I whine and give puppy eyes to my mother.  We are pretty much exact opposites, in high school she was constantly going out with friends and she still does to this day. I, on the other hand, despise talking to others outside of work and have a total of two friends (omfg that was a little too close to home). 

“Y/N, she was my very best friend in high school and we haven’t gotten the chance to meet in ten years I believe that is reason for a visit.” She gives me her annoyed voice and I roll my eyes and mumble under my breath. “What was that young lady?” She raises her eyebrows and looks shocked.

“Well if you were such good friends then why haven’t you seen each other in ten years? Can’t have been that good of friends.” She looks at me appalled for questioning her social capabilities and explains that her friend, Liz, I find out is her name has three sons and a job and does not have time or money to just travel across the country on a normal occasion.

“Actually I think she is bringing one of her sons with her since he doesn’t have a job or anything he’d be missing back home. And from what I can remember when we last met he was only a year or two older than you are so maybe you can make a new friend.” I roll my eyes and hop down from the counter to go return to my room and get my silence while I can and then she adds, “Oh yea I told her Luke could have your room so you will be sleeping on the couch.” This was when I decided that this Luke person and I would definitely not be friends.

A few hours later over the sound of my music I hear the dreaded squealing of middle aged women and the opening of our front door. I decide that heading down now and not getting yelled at later for being rude would be in my best interest. I say goodbye to my beloved bedroom for the week and walk down the stairs and am greeted by two blonde Australians. When I look behind the mom I see something I was not expecting at all, a very attractive male that looks like a celebrity I would fangirl over on the internet.

After the two women are done hugging and doing whatever people do when they haven’t seen each other in ten years my mom turns to me, “Y/N come here! This is Liz and her son Luke they will be staying with us for the next week.” I greet them both with the best fake smile I can do. Liz hugs me and Luke and I just kind of awkwardly smile at each other. 

“Y/N why don’t you go show Luke his room for the week so you two can get to know each other?” I give my mom a look and then begin walking back towards the stairs.

I assume the tall boy is following me from the clumsy stomps I hear on the stairs behind me.  I open my door and begin talking without taking a breath, “Welcome to my humble abode the bathroom is through that door, the other door is my closet and if I so much as hear a squeak come from it just know I also keep a pocket knife in my bedside table and I am not afraid to use it, don’t touch my music or movies but you can use the tv if you want.”

He stares at me with raised eyebrows before he interrupts, “You’ve done this before, many times.”

“How’d you guess?” I ask sarcastically as I plop down on my bed before looking up at him waiting for his answer. 

“I dunno you kinda sound like one of those infomercials do you wanna watch a movie while they freak out over each other?” he settles in next to me on the bed and I look at him and shrug, “Why not?”

This was how most of the Hemmings’ stay went, Luke and I watching far too many movies in my room and going on random adventures through town while our moms both caught up on the past ten years. Honestly, mom was wrong about one thing I didn’t end up sleeping on the couch a single time that week.  The first night Luke and I were watching Mean Girls, suggested by me but he seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did and I just happened to fall asleep. We weren’t even cuddling or anything but just sleeping next to the pretty boy brought me so much comfort.

So I made it my mission for the week to somehow fall asleep with him. The first two nights we both fell asleep watching movies and then on the third day I decided he was cool so I wanted to show him my favorite spot. We arrived at the coffee place and he ended up loving it just as much as I do. We spent hours just talking and laughing there until he decided he wanted a tour of town so I took him to all the places that are relevant in my life. I told him about all of my embarrassing stories from high school and about the park I broke my arm in when I was a kid and he listened to all of it.

That night our moms wanted us all to play some cheesy board game together and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty fun with Luke getting frustrated when we all ganged up against him. Anything and everything was fun with Luke, we just fit perfectly from when we first met. When Liz mentioned being tired my mom agreed so they both began to clean up and went upstairs to bed. Luke stayed down a few more minutes to help me finish off the rest of the food and then got up and walked towards the stairs. He turned around and gave me a look, “Aren’t you coming too?” he smirked laughing and began to ran up the stairs. A smile came across my face as I rolled my eyes and got up to go join him.

The fifth day Luke and I decided to try to cook dinner for both of our moms. We decided on spaghetti because that seemed simple enough. We were joking around as usual and Luke looked up at me with a guilty smile and I looked back at him confused and then I felt a slap across my face. My face was covered in red marinara sauce so I grabbed the cup of water I was drinking and poured it over his head in retaliation. We both burst out in laughter when our mothers walked in and freaked out.

 The rest of that night we spent cleaning red off of the floors and walls. “Y/N, you missed a spot.” I looked around for this alleged missed spot and came up with nothing so I turned back to him and was met with a finger dipped in marinara sauce. He booped my nose and his body began to shake in laughter. 

“Very funny Hemmings,” I tried hard not to smile and grabbed a napkin to wipe it off. 

“It’s your fault, your nose was too adorable I couldn’t help it.” I blush because this beautiful person just complimented me and tried hard to convince myself he didn’t mean it.

I felt his hand on my chin pulling me towards him when I looked up and his eyes were on my lips, “I don’t know how I waited this long for you.”

He moved towards my lips but I rested my hands on his chest and pulled back, “what about our mothers they’ll kill us.”

He just smiled at me and said, “Are you kidding they’ll use anything as an excuse to get to see each other again anyways, who cares.” I nodded and leaned back towards him and our lips met. My hands couldn’t help but move towards his hair, so I pulled on it slightly as we made out and he groaned.

 “Babe you’re killing me.” he mumbled against my lips. I giggled at him and pulled his hand up towards my bedroom so we could make out more without being caught. After a few minutes he pulled back and moved my hair away from my face.

 “Can we cuddle tonight please?” he asked me with a pout. I couldn’t help but give him my biggest grin and nod back at him as I pushed him to lay down and got comfy against his chest. 

Part 2?