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So yea i really like the short film In A Heartbeat! I’ve been doodling these two all night! I went to sleep at 06:00 but woke up at 09:20 to feed my doggos and let them get fresh air, and then after that, my doggos and I fell asleep again and woke up at 15:00.

Well that’s not important! What’s important or these cute kids! (and cute heart!) I want to draw more of these two but I also want to watch a movie too because i’m so tired. So i choose movie! 

One last thing! Excuse my handwriting if you can’t see what it says!

Thank you Beth David and Esteban Bravo for making such a nice film!  @inaheartbeat-film

Okay so you know the music on the vld Season 3 Trailer, right? Well, it’s this song ( https://youtu.be/eGbylhVQjPY ) and it’s beautiful, but the most important fact is that one line of the song literally goes

“When the sky falls down”

Shiro is the guardian spirit of the sky.

Excuse me while I cry in the corner

I don’t even know. I was taking a walk today and this idea popped into my head. I swear I’m still writing the bookstore AU, too. Also, *pops confetti*, I hit 2k followers today! Who ARE all you guys? Anyway, this fluff/ridiculousness is for you. ~1.6k words, rated G. Sterek, of course.

now also on AO3

The whole thing starts with Stiles really, really craving a meatball sub from the place across the street.

“God, someone shut him up,” Erica groans. They’re all kind of at their breaking point by now; they’ve been camped out in this meeting room all day, brainstorming. “He’s been talking about the same goddamn sandwich for seven and a half minutes now, and it’s making me hungry.”

“If only our ad campaign were about sandwiches, Stilinski would have it in the bag and we could all go home,” Isaac sighs.

From across the table, Derek rises abruptly to his feet and storms out. (Or maybe it’s just that Stiles always interprets everything Derek does as stormy. With those eyebrows, it’s hard not to.)

Stiles assumes he’s just gotten so fed up with them all that it’s either storm out or kill someone, and he’s just grateful Derek chose Door Number 1. It’s a good day not to get killed by Derek Hale.

Only, fifteen minutes later he comes back in. With a paper bag from the deli.

As soon as he gets within grabbing distance, Stiles practically collapses across the table in his haste to reach for it. “Oh my god, is that what I think it is?”

Derek holds it up over his head. “Who says this is for you? Maybe all your talk inspired me to go get a meatball sub of my own.”

“Oh, please. Like anyone with your abs eats meatball subs.” Stiles leaps to his feet on his swivel chair—because screw safety, Derek will catch him if he starts to topple over—and snatches the bag out of Derek’s grip. Derek doesn’t fight him for it very hard.

“Why don’t I get a meatball sub?” Erica whines, thumping her head down on her notebook. “Doesn’t anyone love me?”

Derek shrugs and takes his seat again. “You didn’t ask.”

“You just like Stilinski better,” she grumbles, and Derek just shrugs again.

Meanwhile, Stiles rips into the bag and takes a huge bite out of the gloriousness that is this sandwich. He can’t help throwing in a few theatrical moans just to taunt Erica, and she suitably rewards him with a glare of death across the table.

“Mmm,” Stiles says. “Derek, I love you so much, dude. Marry me.”

Instead of the grumpy eyebrows he expects, Derek meets his eye, leans back smugly in his chair, and says, “Okay.”

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Y’all aren’t ready for this 2k of angst…


“And the award for album of the year goes to…”

“Ed Sheeran!” I stand up along with the rest of the people in the crowded facility. Clapping my hands slowly, I rest my gaze on my boyfriend sitting next to me. He looks disappointed and I can’t help but feel bad for him knowing how much he wanted the award. Shawn loved Ed - yes - but he had put countless hours into the album in the hopes of living up to a moment that would no longer exist.

“Hey” I place my hand on his shoulder while he stares at his shoes outstretched in front of him, “I’m proud of you” I tell him as he brushes my hand off and proceeds to walk towards the restroom.

Shawn continued to ignore me for the majority of the night. And although I understood that he was disappointed, I didn’t have anything to do with the results of the award and could not understand why he was ignoring the person who had supported him the most. I would occasionally sneak glances in his direction, my eyes following his movements carefully throughout the room. I would catch him talking to some music representatives with a smile plastered across his face, and it would soon turn to a frown once he made eye contact with me.

I was getting fed up with his actions and made the bold decision to approach him myself. Shawn was standing in front of an older man and a girl who looked much younger than him while speaking and gesturing with his hands. I snuck up behind him and rested a hand on his upper back.

He quickly looked in my direction, his smile quickly fading.

“Who is this beautiful young lady, Shawn?” the older man asks me with a grin on his face. I take a step forward and shake his hand.

“This is y/n. She’s a friend.” he simply states with a monotonous voice while leaning down to my height to quickly whisper in my ear.

“Don’t mess this up for me too” He bitterly says, backing away and pushing my hip gently while motioning me to leave.


Eventually it came time to leave the awards show and I greeted some of my friends, thanking them for accompanying me while saying goodbyes to them. I had agreed to meet Shawn at his car so he could drive us home earlier that night and I quickly grabbed my coat to layer on top of my dress that only reached mid-thigh. The air had been growing cold recently and I wasn’t taking any chances when it came to being cold.

I quickly walked out of the enormous building and walked to the parking garage, my heels rubbing against my blisters and my arms crossing over my chest in an attempt to keep some of the heat in my body. The parking garage is only half full, taking into account that most of the guests had come with drivers rather than driving themselves. I walk through the garage and make a mental note of the sections before I spot him.

Shawn is standing, scrolling through his phone in one hand and leaning against the driver’s door of the car. I can tell that he’s tired and annoyed just be the way that he stands and also by the way he tiredly rubs his face and sighs occasionally.

“Hey, I was looking for you” I quietly say, but I know he hears me. I decide not to create conflict by mentioning the introduction as a “friend” earlier in the night and the complete negligence on his part throughout the night.

“Get in” He bluntly states as he gets in the car and quickly turns it on. I hop in the passenger’s seat and take off my coat, throwing it into the back seat of the large jeep.

He pulls out of the garage and pays for the parking. There’s quite a bit of traffic before we can make it on the highway and the tension in the car lingers through the air.

“It was a good show” I tell Shawn, who sits in his driver’s seat unphased while his head is propped up against his elbow. The car rarely scoots forward due to the cramped cars at this time of night.

“Yeah.” He simply states as he keeps looking forward.

“Justine was there” I tell him and this time he doesn’t even bother to reply.

“I spent the most of my night with her. You know, since you barely acknowledged me” My words finally seem to catch his attention as his turns his head to look at me.

“Is there a problem here?” Shawn asks as he rubs at his eyes.

“No, not really. My boyfriend just brought me to an event that I didn’t even want to go to and told me to fuck off the entire time we were there. Not a big deal.” I tell him with an annoyed glare.

“Not everything is about you, y/n. Calm down.” He clutches the wheel harder and I can see the veins that outline his forearms.

“I know that. But when you basically force me to go to an event and then refuse to say more than 3 words to me the entire night, I think I have the right to complain.” I point out. “And you blamed me for not winning the album award. What’s up with that?” I ask him.

“That album wasn’t as good as it should’ve been. I knew it, Andrew knew it, and the whole team knows it. I was distracted, and since it’s really the only album i’ve written since I met you…”

He trails off. I can’t tell whether he regrets it or not considering he isn’t apologizing yet.

My voice cracks slightly as I try to process what he’s implying.

“Are you - are you implying that i’m the reason why your album didn’t win the award?” I ask him and he stays silent. I sit in outrage due to the ridiculousness of the statement he’s just thrown at me.

“That has got to be the most ridiculous bullshit i’ve ever heard in my entire life” I say, startling him.

“Excuse me?” He looks taken aback.

He turns the car out of the traffic mess and we’re finally on a more empty highway with a smaller number of cars. He occasionally looks over at me, opening his mouth as if he’s about to say something before quickly closing it.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with you not winning that award! Shawn, I have stuck by you through every step of your career. When you couldn’t think of song lyrics, I was the one sitting there and talking to you until you finally figured them out. I attend every concert I possibly can and give you as much support as I possibly can. This album went platinum, for god sakes!”

I throw my hands up in an angry fit and his pale complexion develops a red shade.

“Are you kidding me? You’re a distraction! You’re always bothering me when i’m writing songs, giving shitty input I didn’t ask for” I feel a flash of hurt hit my chest but I assure myself that he’s just mad and we’re caught up in a moment.

“You bring me useless things to the studio as an excuse to be with me more. Newsflash y/n, if I need food while i’m writing, I can just walk to the Panera next door! You always find excuses to be around me and it’s affecting my music. Maybe you should just stop being so fucking clingy!” His voice booms in the car and there’s a sudden pause and a moment of quiet.

The car is going at a fast pace given that there are almost no other cars on the highway and I now notice that small flakes of ice are falling from the dark sky. It’s snowing, something I would’ve thought of as beautiful in any other situation, but the intensity of the argument seems to distract from the beautiful snow.

“Maybe your album just wasn’t all that great” I coldly reply. I know it’ll hurt him, but he hurt me first. And while I could choose to be the bigger person, in this situation, I choose to fire back instead.

I’m taken aback slightly when the car comes to a slow halt. I freeze, panic rushing through me at the possibility of the car malfunctioning but it is then I realize that Shawn has pulled over to the side of the road.

“What are yo-”

“Get out” He quietly replies, not an ounce of emotion laced in his voice.

“Shawn I-”

“Get out, y/n. I don’t want to talk to you right now” He says, louder this time.

“Shawn, please. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” I desperately call out. I hear the drivers door open and I realize he’s stepping out. For a split second, I think he is walking away from the car and leaving me. But just as I’m about to open my door and run after him, I realize that he is walking to my side of the car.

He opens the door to the passenger’s seat of the car and I immediately feel the cold wind on my forearms. I’m wearing a spaghetti strap dress than only reaches - at lowest - to my mid-thigh. It barely covers my body and without my coat I feel like i’m freezing.

Shawn repeats himself another time, “get out of my car”.

“Shawn, please” I shake my head and warm tears are quickly filling my eyes.

“It’s so cold out there and it’s so late. Shawn, I don’t know where we are, please.” I plead. For a split second I think I see a hint of remorse in his eyes but he proves me wrong as he harshly grabs my wrist and pulls me out of the car. I fall onto the frozen pavement, my heels falling off of my feet with my tears spilling out of my eyes. He stares at me one last time before angrily getting back into his jeep and storming off.

And while I sit barefoot on the freezing pavement, staring as his car becomes nothing more than a silhouette in the distance, all I seem to do is beg him for mercy.

What Jace and Magnus as flatmates would entail: 

  • “Why exactly do you need Shadowhunter hair … are you sure Alec wouldn’t be willing to donate?” 
  • Magnus is too good of a person to continue to allow Jace to only wear black, heavens know the boys complexion would look excellent in red perhaps a deep magenta. 
  • Jace and Magnus’ expressions of horror every time one of Magnus’ clients come in and mistake Jace as the Shadowhunter he’s dating. 
  • Sparring matches. So many sparring matches. 
  • Magnus had been sure of one thing when meeting Jace Wayland, he wore the arrogance of a shadowhunter like a crown. But when he see’s the way that Jace tends to the others injuries, the wariness in his gaze, the lightness in his touch, he realizes there is much more to the golden boy.
  • Jace doesn’t spend too much time considering Downworlders. Upon hearing of Magnus Bane, he doesn’t see more than his reputation. But it changes when he sees the way his eyes watch Alec as though he was special, the way he cards a hand through Clary’s hair. That heart has loved so much for centuries. 
  • “Please pick up after yourself or I will actually kill you.” And Magnus’ raised eyebrow because ‘Excuse me Angel Brat this is my home’. 
  • When Magnus works late into the evening and just falls alseep due to uterr exhaustion, Jace goes around and picks up everything. Brings a blanket cover Magnus with.
  • Cats love the Angel brat, hell, Church would probably like the Angel Brat, Magnus is not amused by this information. 
  • All the embarrassing teenage stories of Alec while Alec looks on in absolute torment he knew this was a bad idea. 
  • Jace’s blinding grin when he catches his brother trying to sneak out in the early light of the morning, A firm high five to Magnus when he see’s him.
  • I hate you’s from Magnus followed by a quick love you too from Jace - because honestly who wakes up at 7 in the morning. Not even demons themselves. 

So I have made the decision!

I will no longer have separate blogs devoted to different fandoms!

I used to do this so people could easily follow a blog with what they are currently into…

Although, now that I am branding..it’s a bit hard to put a bunch of different names on a business card! I have chosen my blog BLK-L to change to UltiMaL (or ulti-mal in some form) I will no longer be active on any other blog but this one.

I will always have those blogs up though for the past art to remain there!

Please excuse while I slowly start to change things over to this new brand name :3

This will also mean this will not be a Voltron only blog and I will be posting anything on here.  Which can be good or bad news for some of you  So I understand if you want to unfollow :3

But Voltron is what I will be mainly drawing at the moment

When I get into a fandom, I fall head first

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to be honest i thought the finale was a bit underwhelming and not nearly as gripping as some of the past season finales have been BUT man oh man it was also honestly the most unintentionally hilarious episode i’ve ever seen on this show


robbie coming back, chain whipping a couple robots and then casually greeting daisy like what up fam what’d i miss

may and coulson discussing how badly he fucked up while they’re in the busted remains of the bunker trying to stop aida from destroying the world

daisy and robbie having a cute little moment while mack and yo yo are unconscious 2 feet away from them

fitz trying to talk aida down from her murder spree by telling her to listen to SAD MUSIC instead, like dude we know you mean well but adele is the last thing aida needs right now

lmd jemma pointing out for like the 25th time that the A in aida stands for artificial because even robot jemma has a near-pathological need to be right and a burning hatred for the bitch who almost stole her man

jemma with the MACHINE GUN and giving off hardcore ripley vibes

the mental image of coulson making a deal with the ghost rider, i mean how did that even happen like um excuse me mr rider i need to borrow you from robbie into my body for like 45 minutes while i murder the evil robot turned evil human that one of my agents created please thank you he can have you back after

ghost!coulson and aida falling through 3 portals and almost getting hit by a subway car

radcliffe waiting for the end of the world on a beach with a drink and disappearing in the middle of his own big goodbye speech, like wow writers rude did you have to cut him off like that but also MOOD

the collective eye rolls by everyone on the team when they got busted at the diner

agents in SPACE and the mental image of this team getting shoved into a rocket and launched into outer space like i am certain mack and yoyo were 10000% NOT HERE FOR THAT SHIT and put up a big fight and had to be restrained by 15 guys and then they woke up to see asteroids floating by and immediately handed in their resignation letters to coulson effective immediately once they got back down to earth

listen, this show has many problems but it is also truly truly hilarious if you just turn off your brain for 45 minutes

The upperclassmen drag Neil to a karaoke bar with them. Drunk Matt serenades Neil with “Time After Time,” while Dan sits right next to Neil and performs backup vocals.

Proof You’re Mine

Final Fantasy XV Prompto/Reader

Word count: 7,634

Rating: Explicit (NSFW)

Summary:  When an incident in Galdin Quay awakens Prompto’s protective side, you learn there’s more to your usually sweet-tempered lover than meets the eye.

Warnings: bondage, overstimulation

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy or any related characters, nor do I own you. No money is made from the writing of this story.

Okay, time for a shit-ton of tags. If I missed anyone, I do apologize! @louisvuittontrashbags @kidolegend @ffxvhoe @paopuicecream @promptos-leggies @sailormars109 @roses-and-oceans @lithiumkatana17 @ayanothesloth @elloquench @e-addi @noxfreyas @thirsty-angst-lord @unerring-connoisseur @decision-height @ultimoogle 

Couple of potential warnings: overstimulation, and mild bondage.

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Mercy Part 2


Part 1 is linked: Here


My hands grip the steering wheel a little bit too tight as I drive away quickly from the frustrating scene. Anger is still pulsing throughout my chest as I remember the words she said to me.

“Maybe your album just wasn’t all that great”

I think of her irrationality, continuously trying to justify my actions. She trashed the entirety of my career over a mistake she made. But the longer I try to justify my own actions, the more the words I said come back to me.

“Are you kidding me? You’re a distraction! You’re always bothering me when i’m writing songs, giving shitty input I didn’t ask for”

“You bring me useless things to the studio as an excuse to be with me more. Newsflash y/n, if I need food while i’m writing, I can just walk to the Panera next door! You always find excuses to be around me and it’s affecting my music. Maybe you should just stop being so fucking clingy!”

I didn’t mean what I said, and I certainly didn’t phrase my thoughts in the right way either.

I had been stressed with writing songs for the upcoming album and was on the verge of a mental breakdown. I remember her pulling me over and making me a cup of tea while I lied on the couch. She would run her fingers through my hair that was lying in her lap while I would fall asleep, and she would continue to comfort me and help me anytime I needed her. I would beg her to bring me food because I was the one who missed being with her.

In any other argument, I would’ve walked up to her and apologized, but I abruptly stop the car when I realize that I don’t have the option to.

I look around for my phone, the least I could do was try to find her so I could ask her where she was, so I could pick her up and so I could tell her I was sorry.

I fish out my phone and quickly enter my password, unlocking the screen and pressing on her contact hurriedly. I press the phone to my ear and impatiently bite my nails, but soonafter I hear ringing coming from the backseat of the car.

Her coat is lying there, the brightness of her phone screen shining through the pockets and I hurry to grab it before noticing a small red wrapped box under it.

I grab the box along with the coat, reading the small card attached to the box.


I am so incredibly proud of you. You’ve worked so hard to be where you are and I fall more in love with you every single day. Thank you for being mine.


Guilt washes through me and I drop the red box into her seat while clutching onto the soft coat. Her dress wasn’t exactly lengthy and I feel like absolute shit for dragging her barely clothed figure out of the car. I remember her staring up at me from the pavement, tears rolling down her face with her feet bare and immediately I know I have to find her.


Y/n’s POV

I stumble on my blistered feet slowly with my heels in each hand. Tears are still streaming down my face rapidly, and every inch of my body is in pain due to the cold weather outside.

I can’t tell whether I want him to be here or not

Although I was incredibly upset at him for the insults he threw at me as well as the irrational decision he made by throwing me out of the car, I couldn’t help but wish that he would show up and give me his jacket. I want him to apologize and take me somewhere warm.

My legs were barely moving due to the state I was in, and although I had only been outside for a few minutes, the air was already causing painful red patches to appear on my skin. I eventually stopped walking and sat down on the side of a street, leaning against the pole of a metal sign.

I sat there, my head in my hands, my body shivering as I thought of how much pain Shawn had caused me. This was supposed to be a good night, he had promised me that in exchange for attending the award show that I begrudgingly agreed to, he would stay home for the next week.

I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be in the same room as him for more than 5 minutes at a time now. I questioned whether or not I would ever be able to forgive him for this. This was worse than a slap in the face or a few hurtful words, this was shattering. I felt as if he had left me behind, discarded me like some object that he was done using.

Headlights shine from behind me and instead of passing by, they stop and stay. Startled, I turn my head towards the direction of the car, afraid of the strange person who would stop on the side of the road next to a half dressed girl.

My breathing halts when I see a jeep wrangler, a tall brunette boy hopping out of it and running over to me while taking off his suit jacket.

I let him put it on me and he flinches when he feels how cold I am.

“Let’s get you in the car” His eyes look red and irritated and I look at him, speechless due to how cold I am. I hiccup and let out a quiet sob while I stumble over to the passenger’s seat of the car. His hand stays on my lower back and he guides me into the seat before closing the door and getting into the driver’s seat.

The car is warm and I can immediately feel myself warming up, my skin still painfully tingling from the new temperature. I place my head in my hands and let out a few cries while he silently sits in the driver’s seat and stares at me. I can feel my makeup rubbing off but it seems to be the least of my worries at the moment.

“I h-hate you” I tell him. He places a hand on my lower back and tilts my chin up slightly so that i’m looking at him. I aggressively swat his hand away and he frowns.

“I’m sorry” He tells me and he’s staring at the wheel of the ca.

“I-I don’t know what got into me. I’m so sorry holy shit.” He tells me and this time, he’s the one running his hands over his face. He bangs his hand against the steering wheel as the car lets out a loud sound.

“Fuck!” He turns to look at me

“Are you okay?” I look away from him and shake my head, running my hands up and down my arms which are covered in his jacket.

His eyes scan from my face, to my legs, all the way down to my feet. I see him widen his eyes as he notices they are bleeding from the blisters the heels gave me, the way he threw me out of the car, and the fact that I was walking barefoot on an uncommon road. He immediately reaches for the small first aid kit in the glove department and grabs my ankle, tugging it upto rest on his lap. My Body turns towards him and I’m forced to look at him.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what I can do to make this up to you.” He tells me while wiping the blood off of my feet with a tissue. His hair is bouncing slightly and his forehead is constantly wrinkled.

“I don’t even know if you can.” I tell him as I glance up. He’s stopped his actions and he looks at me with sad eyes. He bites his bottom lip and licks his lips before opening his mouth to respond.

“Please don’t.” His voice is strained and I can tell he’s trying not to cry.

“Please” He brushes a tear off of his cheek with the back of his hand and sniffles a little bit. The first few buttons on his shirt are undone and he looks like he’s had a long night.

“You left me. You just - you threw me out of the car and left me on the side of the road because of an argument that YOU started about an awards show that YOU dragged me to. I’m hurt, Shawn. I was out there, freezing, wondering if you ever even cared about me. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have left me out on the streets. You wouldn’t have done this to me if you loved me, Shawn.” I tell him. I’m no longer cold but my skin feels like it’s burning.

He sobs, choking on his own words before he finds the words to say to me.

“I love you. Oh, god, i’m so sorry. Please just tell me what I can do. I love you, you’re not clingy or annoying or the reason why I lost an award. I should’ve tried harder for you, I should’ve done better, I-” He begins breathing heavily and coughing a bit.

“Shawn, slow down” I tell him and he looks at me with puffy eyes, one hand holding a bandaid and the other gripping my hand.

“Please don’t leave” He brings my hand up to his face and presses a kiss against the back of it.

“I’m not going to break up with you, but you have to understand that I can’t just forget about this and move on. I’m going to remember what it felt like to be walking in freezing weather because I was left behind. But I will work on this with you if you’ll try.”

He eagerly nods and pulls me into him, his cologne taking over my senses and his face nuzzling into my neck. I run my fingers through the hair on the back of his head and on the nape of his neck and he breathes into my neck deeply.

“I’m so lucky to have you” He tells me.


Kathrine x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

“You have to tell them to stop!” Jeremy snapped.

“But she’d be stuck in there to.” Bonnie pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be fine just hang on.” You sighed and tossed your mask down as you hurried up to the room where your brothers were fighting. “Stop!”

“(Y/N) what are you doing?” Damon growled and you rolled your eyes.

“Just trust me you don’t want to do anything until your little witch figures something out.” You sighed and pulled Damon off Katherine. “just trust me brother, she’s playing a trick.” You glared at Katherine as she sat down.

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namjoon scenario | the vampire groom

Originally posted by sugacakes

➸ prompt: We’re both descended from feuding supernatural families, and to stop the centuries of fighting you and I are arranged to be married.

➸ pairing: vampire namjoon x werewolf reader

➸ requested by anon | 1.2k words | fluff

Events like these make you uncomfortable: lights spinning from crystal chandeliers, sparkling Champaign mixed with blood served in gold chalices, and vampires and werewolves mingling, dressed in sparkling dresses and well-pressed tuxedoes.

The atmosphere is oppressive, the air weighing down on your lungs. Knowing what these people are here to celebrate makes you ill. How can you enjoy your own engagement party when you don’t even know the man you’re marrying? Firstborn son of the coven leader, Kim Namjoon - you’ve heard his name dropped from many tongues, but you’ve never seen him yourself.

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.3

Originally posted by michaelsrighteyebrow

                                               Part T H R E E

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: i actually really like this part so i hope you guys do, too!! please try and get this to 100 notes (the regular) and im so happy a lot of you are enjoying it. i love your responses abt it so much, it makes me smile lots :] ty bubbas ‘n enjoy !!

Parts: one, two, threefour, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                   I M A G I N E 

 Flight to Helsinki, Finland, 3 Hours In

“Switch with me,” Luke spewed out as you put your magazine down and looked up at him. He was holding tightly on your seat while the plane was entering light turbulence. “Hurry!”

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BTS Reaction | Them getting mad at you


I feel like Jin can get angry easily sometimes, but it doesn’t get serious very often. Only some bickering here and there, but serious arguments are rather rare. If you did something really hurtful to get on his nerves though, he would most likely talk about it with you in a calm tone. However, he could raise his voice a little, in specific occasions.

It was the heat of the moment when you told Namjoon something that Jin really trusted you with. You regreted it immediately after and had a bad feeling in your gut. But it was Namjoon, one of Jin’s closest friends, and you hoped that it wouldn’t anger him that much. However, that didn’t work exactly like you have planned.

“Ah, Y/N, I really thought I could trust you with that..”, Jin said with a disappointed tone. He sighed and avoided you gaze bitterly.

“I’m sorry.. How can I make it up to you?”, you said, pouting.

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Yoongi had a very stressful day and you tried not to get on his bad side. However, you felt pure fear when you told him that you accidentally cracked his phone display, he’d watch you with a blank stare. I feel like he can get really sassy and scary when he’s mad. He mustered the sharp cracks deep within the glass and tried to press the button to turn on his phone, which, unfortunately, didn’t work. You bit your lip and looked at him, waiting for his reaction.

“Are you for fucking real? I can’t even trust you my phone?”, he huffed annoyed and threw his mobile on the table, not caring if it cracks more. Yoongi stormed past you, sighing. However, it wouldn’t last long after that until he came back to you to apologise, saying that he overreacted and asking for a tight hug, to soothe all his stress away.

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Namjoon would look frantically for you around the house. A long time ago, you guys have planned a whole evening alone for each other, since he’s often out with his band to practice or diverse errands, which won’t allow you much time alone. However one of your best friends called you out on a meeting. You didn’t want to neglect Namjoon, but didn’t want to neglect your best friend either. I’ll be at home before he arrives, anyway, you thought to yourself.

Unfortunately, that did not happen as you planned. This leading Namjoon to call you.

“Y/N, where the hell are you?”, he asked you, his annoyed voice obvious.

“Hey.. I’m out with F/N…”, you mumbled, realising what just happened.

“Remember what we’ve talked about? I didn’t thought you’d disappoint me like this..”, you gulped. “Home. Now. Or you’ll get punished real hard, you hear me?”. With that you excused yourself and quickly started to make your way back home.

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He would explain to you the plans about the new comeback that was about to come, but you were too distracted by your thoughts, this leaving his words fall on deaf ears. After a while he noticed you were absent and didn’t pay attention to what he said. Hoseok snapped and stood up, sighing annoyed. You lifted your gaze from your phone and gave him a questioning look. Hoseok looked at the ground and ran a hand through his locks in an angry manner.

“What’s wrong?”, you asked his sudden actions.

“Really?”, he turned to you, “Ugh, Y/N you never listen to me! Why am I even trying..”, he said and walked out of the room, giving you no time to answer. After long time and many apologies, he would come back to you, of course. Even though there would still be some awkward moments of silence, they wouldn’t last.

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I feel like Jimin can’t really get mad at you. The most you can do is make him cry, but that’s in really extreme situations. Imagine, you forget his birthday present because of too much stress from school, work and responsibilities. That also leading the two of you to distance yourselves from one another. He’d understand your reasons, but that didn’t mean that deep down he wasn’t hurt. Jimin couldn’t hold back his tears when he finally got to be alone, even though he knew that you’ll give him the present later on, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit neglected.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m so sensible..”, he mumbled while you held him tight in your embrace, wiping his tears away. You promised him a day only for you two alone, to make it up for him and gave him a sweet kiss on the forehead.

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Taehyung can get really mad if you are mad yourself, in my opinion. You two were getting ready to drive to the airport. Meanwhile, you packed your things and noticed that you were in a rush so you felt stress build up within you. You started to get mad at all the things lying around while hearing the time tick by, which added more pressure. Taehyung would notice that, nonetheless, feeling himself getting worked up too.

“God.. where is my jacket?”, you huffed while frantically looking for your coat.

“How should I know? Stop making such a fuss!”, he complained and threw his own things inside his luggage. You shot him a glare, deciding it’s better to not argue back and continued to look for your jacket. He would probably not mutter a word the entire ride, needing his own time to calm down, until you reached the airport.

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When he noticed you “neglecting” him and spending way too much time with your friend for his liking, he got the feeling that you were ignoring him. He watched you two laugh about your insider jokes and sighed, excusing himself from the room. Before exiting the room entirely, though, he would slightly turn around and catch you with the back of his eye to see if you noticed his absence. His mood dropped even more when he saw you carelessly laughing at another joke. Jeongguk rolled his eyes and stormed out of the room. After some time, you notice him being gone for quite a while and you went to look for him. A few moments later you found him on the balcony, looking at the vivid city lights glowing in the dark.

“Baby? What are you doing here..”, you were concerned and put your hand on his shoulder.

“Why don’t you go talk to your friend?”, he huffed, jealousy quite obvious in his voice, not even sparing you a glance.

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I love you all!~~💖🏹 • Min-Seo

enemies to lovers // taeyong

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a/n: wanjeon ty darkness

  • so both you and taeyong were childhood friends, but became distant after several years, yet your families always kept contact and just assumed you were in a kid fight that didn’t know how to end
  • you disliked him because he was one of those ugly kids you avoid at school, the popular one, too carefree, never in class, always ALWAYS playing basketball in the school backyard (you seriously wish you could tell his MOTHer)
  • taeyong hated your guts because he thought you were like the rest of the girls in the school, always gossiping and ya know, just waitiNG FOR HIM TO SLIP UP SO YOU COULD TELL HIS MOM
  • sometimes you find yourself thinking what would happen if you guys reconciled, but immediately get rid of those thoughts cause you knew taeyong wouldn’t want to be seen with you since he always gave you the face™ every time you see each other
  • basically other people knew you guys were friends before but dont know why you weren’t anymore
  • so it’s like halfway through senior year in high school, and its getting stressful bc you have to keep your grades up till the very last day of school, and your teacher assigns a project
  • it’s a project that you have to do with someone you don’t talk to that much (the teacher wanted this asap and no buts)
  • everyone had to get their partners confirmed and you slowly realize that taeyong being oh so lovely with everyone but you meant… exactly that
  • parntEERS
  • at first your initial response was like. looks like i’m doing all the work then!
  • but then you were like oH SHIT WAIT. i have to SPEAK to LEE TAEYONG
  • so sad taeyong looks like he’s about to break a desk
  • but yeah when the people from your respective friend groups find out they’re like oHHHHHH…. have fun
  • they were sympathizing with you but they also wanted you guys to just get on good terms again because wee woo wee woo you and taeyong are one of the few to get into the same college and you’re not one to befriend people quite easily (you still think he’s dumb somehow. soMEHOW) i wish i had friends like this
  • so after school you see taeyong kinda waiting on the school bench and he sees you and rolls his eyes and you do it right back
  • leaving no room for small talk or ‘wow man you grew up…nicely how have you been…..??” (he did groW UP NICELY BUT YOU WERENT ABOUT TO ADMIT THAT EITHER) you write down your phone number on a piece of paper and smack it on his hand and give him a fake smile as if to say sorry
  • “i’m free now so let’s go to the coffee shop to get a head start. by the way you’re not getting any freebies here. i held myself from telling your mother the whOLE time we were in school together so don’t try any funny business.”
  • taeyong gives you that face again and follows along but then he’s like “wait so you didn’t snitch on me to my mom at all?”
  • “you fail at your own life i have nothing to do with it.” thats when he realizes he has a snake on him (rip)
  • it’s rocky at first, both of you are arguing and theres a lot of eye rolling and faces
  • at one point you throw your papers at him bc he wouldnt stop texting faster than the speed of light (he’s murdering that one snake)
  • you grab his phone from his hands and leave it in your bag which makes him start whining
  • “kill someone later. we work now.”
  • several days pass and you guys are pretty normal around each other and you finally admit taeyong is actually smart
  • one particular day it was nearly 8pm and you were starting to get tired but were so close to finishing the hardest segment of the project
  • but then you realized what just happened so you awkwardly start pulling your arms away from his neck and not looking at his eyes
  • taeyong is also really flustered except he keeps looking right at you and his hands are still holding your waist, your hands now on his chest
  • yoU PUSH HIM OFF OF YOU AND RUN TO THE KITCHEN screaming about reenergizing both of you with some leftover takeout
  • youre both screaming internally btw
  • fast forward to a few days later when the project is nearly over so you guys can relax a bit since the deadline is still kind of far, and you’re at his house where his room has the best view ever lucky ass and a reALLY COMFY BED (you were at his desk and he was on his bed but you really wanted to fall asleep just by looking at it)
  • and you’re talking about all the weird things you guys did as kids
  • “remember when you tried to throw a basketball across the whole diameter of the pool but threw yourself instead”
  • “y/n shut up i still have the scar on my leg from hitting the edge so hard”
  • and then you guys start talking about physical features where he’s like “no lie you were pretty cute back then and i think had a crush on you at one point” and ur like ok….ay… why is my breathing becoming erratic excuse me heart
  • “thanks taeyong you’re pretty cute now” and then you slap your mouth in shock but he laughs anyway
  • while you guys continue to talk he starts falling asleep and you just really observe him for the first time and realize his facial features are no joke at all like
  • “enjoying the view?” cue you throwing papers at him
  • he looks at you this time and says “you’re not as bad as i thought you were”
  • “what’s that supposed to mean”
  • “it means i still think you’re pretty cute” your heart went ouch
  • a week later all the projects have been presented and you’re back on your daily life
  • this boy still hasn’t contacted you
  • you’re just really sad and wondering if this was only for the sake of getting a good grade on that project
  • and your friends are sad for you but also glad that at least you don’t have something against him anymore
  • so you’re walking home through the park to get some fresh air when you hear a familiar voice calling you from behind
  • you turn around and taeyong is right next to you with a bag in his hand
  • “here” he shoves in your hand and oh HHHH ITS EXPENSIVE CHOCOLATE “thanks for getting us that good grade”
  • “TAE YOU DIDNT HAVE TO GET CHOCOLATE WORTH MORE THAN MY ORGANS WE BOTH WORKED HARD” but you’re like half tearing up because how did he afford this oh my goodness
  • you give him a half hug but he pulls you completely in instead
  • this time you don’t push him away but just stand there with your hands resting gingerly on his back
  • he lets go and takes your hand “my mother said to get this okay ALSO another reason why i hated you was because i think she treats you like her own daughter sometimes like who AM i”
  • “sorry ty it’s these good looks”
  • “my reputation is ruined when i’m around you so i doubt”
  • “let go of my hAND”
  • so he walks you home and when you get to your room you start squealing
  • and then you realize you kinda like him 
  • you guys start texting a lot and one day while he walks you home and he’s holding your hand, it’s something you became used to and welcomed 
  • you guys get to your house and you’re going up the stairs to the front door “thanks dude see you tomorrow”
  • but he doesn’t say anything he just stands there staring at you so you turn your head to stare right back
  • your eyes are wide and he’s smiling brighter than the street lamp shining on his face
  • “sorry i need to do that again once wasn’t enough” before you could say anything he pulls you back in and it’s only 3 seconds but you probably heard sirens down the street coming to take your dead body
  • “tae what was-“
  • “ILL TEXT YOU THE DETAILS GOODBYE” wow he runs faster than usain bolt
  • cue ur heart and mouth yodeling

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'I promise you nothing had ever happened at that point' and something with laur pretty please? love you

“I promise you, nothing had ever happened at that point”

“How could you?” I asked, wiping the tears falling down away from my cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, I… We just started talking again, you know? We somehow got back to being friendly and it was so nice, because then there wouldn’t be any awkward moments for our friends and-“ Shawn stuttered through his words.

While saying them aloud, he realised there was really no excuse. He quickly wiped a single tear escaping his eyes away.

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fool (m)

member: kim taehyung (ceo!tae)

genre: smut 

sent in & written by, al-sof (penname)

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Help Me Get The Girl part 12 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,661

Warnings: Language. Extremely light mention of sex.

A/N: Hi there!  If you’ve made it to part 12 know that I love you.  If you stuck with me even after part 11 which upset quite a few people, I love you.  Hopefully you all enjoy this because it was such a fun chapter to write!  Let me know what you think!  Also, I read over this so many times but feel like it still has mistakes so ignore them lol

Dedicated to my best chick @dolanxtwinzz

Your POV:

“Y/l/n!  Y/L/N!” My eyes snapped open as I sucked in a sharp breath, my head whipping up to see Mr. Stephens looming over me.  “As much as you drive me crazy, this has me concerned.  Why are you sleeping in my class?  Normally, you’re annoying me.”

Hearing a snicker next to me I looked over to see a girl that I had never seen before, covering her mouth as her eyes flickered back and forth between Mr. Stephens and I.  She sent me a mischievous smirk before turning back to her book and continuing to read while the rest of the class kept their focus on me.

“I’m tired?” I said matter of factly, truly having no excuse for being tired.  I wasn’t staying up late, in fact, I was falling asleep earlier than usual with the help of some melatonin.

He rolled his eyes, “Well, try to stay awake.  I let you sleep for 30 minutes thinking that maybe there was a valid reason for your exhaustion, but you have just reminded me how much you frustrate me.” he walked away with a loud huff, sauntering back to his desk.

Sitting down, he glared in my direction, watching me as if I was about to sneak out of the classroom.  Challenging his stare I sat up straight in my seat and held eye-contact until he gave up and started to type on his laptop.

“Hey…” a voice next to me whispered.

Turning my head to the unknown girl next to me I replied, “Hey.”  Her dark brown hair stretched past her shoulders and her dark eyes still held a glint of mischief.  This chick had to be a damn model!

She chuckled, “You were dozing off when I got introduced to the class.  I’m Nicole, self proclaimed new girl!  What’s your name?”

My voice still rough from being asleep, I yawned out my name, “Y/n.”  Turning to face her, ignoring the lasers Mr. Stephens was shooting at me with his eyes again, I slumped in my chair comfortably, “So, self proclaimed new girl?”

“Mhm!” she hummed.  “I figured that if I refer to myself as the new girl, it takes away the excitement of calling me it.”

I gave her an impressed nod, already knowing that she and I were going to become good friends.  “What page are we on?” I asked, no longer whispering, “Not that I care!” I said louder just to piss Mr. Stephens off.

“You shouldn’t care!  It’s pointless reading anyways!” she responded just as loud, earning a laugh from me.

Luckily, the bell rang right after she said that and the two of us bolted out of the room in a ball of giggles.  Bursting through the door we stumbled forward and came to a stop.  My hand was on her shoulder as I tried to steady myself.

Nicole was bent over, laughing so hard I thought she was going to gag.  “Has he always hated you?” she asked as she attempted to catch her breath.

“Yeah,” I answered, “He hates my best friend Ethan as well.  We tend to cause him a bit of trouble.”

“Hm, well I have a feeling he hates me as–woah!” she stopped mid-sentence, straightening up I shifted my position so I could get a better look at what caught her attention, “He is beautiful!”

There, down the hall and leaning against the lockers was Ethan.  He was casually talking to a girl in our grade, Josie, and he seemed fully entertained by the conversation.  Working my eyes back to Nicole I saw that she was still looking at him, a small smile forming at the corner of her mouth.

“That is one of the most attractive males I have ever seen in my life.  Is he single?” she turned to me, hope dancing in her eyes.

“He’s single, but you can’t!” I said without thinking, mentally scolding myself.

She wiggled her eyebrows, “Does someone have a crush?”

“That’s my friend Ethan I was just telling you about.” I told her, ignoring her question.

“Does someone have a crush on her best friend?” Nicole rephrased her question to be more specific.

“No!” I shrieked, which wasn’t how I had planned on it coming out.

She rolled her eyes, “Do you have lunch right now?” she changed the subject.

“Yeah.  Do you?”

“I do!  Perfect!  That gives us time to talk about how lying is bad and you can tell me the truth about your crush on Ethan!” she grabbed my hand, “Oh and to get to know each other too.” and with that she drug me behind her to the cafeteria.


“THERE ARE TWO OF THEM?” Nicole shouted as we sat down at an empty table.  A few tables over from us sat Ethan and Grayson, along with Grace who was sitting further from Grayson than usual.

I quickly shushed her, “Could you be any louder?” I asked as I realized that they had heard her and were now looking at the two of us.

“Two of what?” Ayla asked as she sat down next to me along with Jason.

Ayla and Jason were both in my PE class and I had been sitting with them for the past week.  We usually grouped up in the class so we were familiar enough with each other that I started sitting with them at lunch to avoid the awkward tension with the twins and Grace.

“Two of those!” Nicole shouted again, her finger pointed in their direction, drifting back and forth between Ethan and Grayson.

“Oh my gosh!” I growled, pushing her hand down.  “Would you stop being so obvious!”

“Oh yeah!  We have been blessed with both of them.” Ayla agreed, scanning over the two who were still looking at our table.

“Both of you!  Knock it off!” I begged, covering my face with my hands.  “They’re looking!”

Nicole gave me a look that said ‘who cares’, “Tell them to stop looking then.” she said as if it were nothing.  Tossing her a side glare I stabbed my fork into my pears, shoving them messily into my mouth.  “STOP LOOKING OVER HERE!” Nicole’s voice made me jump.

Both Jason and Ayla bursted into a fit of laughter while I threw my hands up in the air in defeat.  Nicole began to introduce herself to them while I wiped up the mess I made with my napkin.  

“Why aren’t you sitting with them if you’re best friends?” she asked curiously.

I acted like I didn’t hear her, but she still got her answer from Jason.  “He’s mad at her for being an indecisive, hot ass bitch.” Jason informed her, stuffing his slice of pizza into his mouth.

“Yeah,” Ayla chimed in, “He thinks she bedazzled her jeans with his brother Grayson, if you know what I mean.” she winked.

“No, I don’t know what you mean.” Nicole looked at her like she was crazy.

“Bedazzled the jeans. Threw glitter in the janitor’s closet.  Broke shelves and ripped clothes.” Ayla listed off her nonsense while Nicole continued to stare at her in confusion.

“He thinks she had sex with Grayson in the janitor’s closet.” Jason interrupted her, “Stop trying to make new sayings happen.  Nothing you just said made any sense.”

“Yes, it did.” Ayla argued, her eyebrows furrowing.

“No.  It was all stupid.” Jason spat back.

“You’re stupid.”

“Not as stupid as your sayings.”

“She gets it.” I stopped them both.  “You both have made your point.”

“I like you guys!” Nicole pointed at them with her fork then pointed at me, “You’re alright I guess.” she joked before returning to her food.

I smiled, my eyes drifting back over to the twins.  Grayson was eating, no longer paying attention to us, but Ethan made no effort to hide that he was looking at me.

Attempting to be friendly, I gave him a small wave and a half smile, but he took a deep breath and turned back to his food.  At this point I was just annoyed with his childish attitude and was ready to confront him.  There was no more dodging it anymore.  We were going to talk about it whether he liked it or not.


At the end of the day I waited for Ethan at his locker, knowing that even if he tried to leave right away, he would have forgotten something important and had to come back to get it.  Nicole was standing next to me, not wanting to miss out on any of the action, but I didn’t mind.  Throughout the day I had come to learn that she was a much more bold version of me and we clicked quite well.

“There he is.” she whispered, bumping me on the shoulder with hers.

Ethan noticed that I was waiting for him and I could tell that he was contemplating whether he should turn around or not, but in the end he decided to continue walking towards us.  

When he got to his locker he looked at me with no expression on his face, “Can’t you move?  I need to get my history book.”

“No.  What I can do is talk with you about what’s going on.  I’m not moving till you agree to talk with me.”  My voice was stern and I tried to sound commanding, but I knew that Ethan wouldn’t be intimidated.

“I don’t want to talk,” he informed me, “I want to get my history book and go home.”

“Good lord.” Nicole groaned, rolling her eyes and throwing her head back.

Ethan gave her a questioning look, “Who are you?”

“I’m Nicole.” she raised her eyebrows sassily, dropping her weight onto her hip and whipping her hair out of her face.  “You need-”

“Nicole was just about to leave.” I cut her off before she could say anything else.

Ethan looked at her for a response, “Fine!  I’ll leave but let me say this, it doesn’t matter how flawless and gorgeous you are, you need to hear her out or else I’ll come for you, you beautiful being.”

“Bye, Nicole!” I waved her off.  She winked at me and strolled away with her natural hip sway she had going on.

Turning my attention back to Ethan I asked, “So, where are we going to talk?”


We were in Ethan’s car driving down the side streets till we reached the main roads again.  I knew exactly where he was going… the boardwalk.  We drove without talking, the only sound being the light hum of the engine.  

“You know, there will probably be a bunch of people at the boardwalk.” I mumbled, giving him a quick look.

“Whatever.” he grumbled, looking over at me.  After seeing me tense a bit at his tone his face softened up, “We’ll be fine.  No one will be paying attention to us.” he said in a much softer tone.  I gave him a quick nod and leaned my head back the rest of the ride there.

After parking we got out and started to walk without saying anything, which in our friendship wasn’t normal.  Usually, there wasn’t a moment of silence between the two of us.  But, this silence held thick tension that I was desperate to break.

Walking us over to a bench, Ethan took a seat and lightly patted the spot next to him, a friendly gesture I hadn’t expected him to give me.  Sitting next to him, I fought not to lean my head on his shoulder as I usually would or rest my hand on top of his.

“I didn’t to it.” I told him as I stared forward, hands clasped together in my lap so that I didn’t reach to hold his.  “I wouldn’t lie about that.  I wouldn’t lie to you, Ethan.”

“I used to believe that, but Y/n, Corrin was specific about where and what you looked like after.  She seemed so serious about what she was saying.” he finally looked at me.  “I’ve never been mad at you, Y/n, but in that moment I was so angry with you and I’ve struggled to let that anger go, because I don’t know what to believe.  Grayson insists that it’s not true, but I also tell myself that he could be lying because he knows how I feel about you.”

“Ethan, you got this information from Corrin.  Creepy Corrin who has been obsessed with you for the longest time.  Think about it.  How often are we not together?  Only when we’re in class!  Don’t you think you would notice if I wasn’t around?” I pointed out the obvious while I made eye-contact with him.  “Honestly, Ethan, are you going to tell me that I magically hooked up with your brother in the whole 2 minutes during a passing period that you’re not with me?”

“What about during class?” He challenged.  “What if you both took a pass to the restroom or nurse or something?”

“ETHAN!” I growled, dragging my hands down my face.  “I DIDN’T DO IT!” I shouted.  “I wouldn’t ever do that to you!  I l-” I stopped before I got too deep into my emotions, “You are the only person I have ever been with in that way; no one else.  And as my best friend, I would hope that you would believe me.”

Sitting there for a beat I felt a hand slowly work its way into mine, lacing our fingers together.  “I believe you.” he told me as he squeezed my hand.  “Damn, this hand was made to fit in mine.” his voice was light and joking.

I pulled my hand out of his and slapped his shoulder before throwing myself onto him and pulling him into the tightest hug I possibly could.  He held me, his hand rubbing my back.  I took in his scent, which I had missed this past week, allowing myself to melt into him.

“If I buy you something from the candy shop will you forgive me for being an idiot?” he whispered in my ear as he squeezed me tighter.

“Can I do a pound bag?” I asked, burying my face in the crook of his neck.

He chuckled, “Do you really need a pound of candy?”

Leaning back with my hands still around his next I faked a pout and shook my head yes.  Giving in, he let go of me and stood up.  The candy shop wasn’t far away which I was thankful for because the whole walk Ethan apologized for believing Corrin to which I consistently reassured him that it was ok.

Upon entering the shop I grabbed a clear bag and immediately started stuffing it with as much candy as I possibly could, not bothering to ask Ethan if he wanted me to put any in for him.  Placing the bag on the counter, I waited as Ethan asked them for a few truffles and paid for our stuff.

Skipping out of the store I popped a chocolate in my mouth before turning around to Ethan, “Catch!” I said as I tossed one in his direction.  Leaning a bit to the side he caught it in his mouth, smiling as he chewed.

He caught up with me, throwing his arm over my shoulders, pulling me close.  Placing a kiss on my temple he let it linger longer than he ever had, almost as a claim for everyone around him to see.

“Missed me, huh?” I teased, poking his side.

“How could I not?” he poked me back.  “You’re my best friend.”

I forced myself to smile lightly and responded, “And you’re mine.” For some reason, I wanted him to miss me for more than that.

“Don’t worry, I’m still in love with you.  Your fake smile may now become genuine.” he didn’t look at me when he spoke, but I didn’t have to see his face to know that he wore a cocky smile that said ‘I’m under your skin’.


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