excuse me while i fall for you

Context: So into one of our longer campaigns we encountered a deadly threat in the form of what I think was a succubus/siren type thing. She had this special power over men that would cause them to fall asleep while she preyed upon the women. I was the only female in the party and all of the dudes failed their checks miserably (ALL OF THEM), so it was just me an the elf wizard, Ekmetiel (or “Ekky”), who was male but looked quite feminine. This is what ensued.

Me: (halfway into a fight we are losing horribly) Okay, look, lady, we’re women just like you!

Ekky: Excuse me?

Me: Ignore her. Can’t we just have girl talk?

Monster: Very well. (Proceeds to explain how she captures the men by hypnotizing them and smiles creepily rather than explain what happens to the females.)

Me: Um, okay… so are you going to kill us? ‘Cause I’m almost out of arrows.

Monster: YES.

Me (OOC): DM, how high would I have to roll to convince her that we’re actually male?

Ekky (OOC): am male!

DM: Pretty high. Even you’d have to roll a twenty at least.

Me (OOC): M'kay (rolls Nat 20) AH YES!

Me: Miss Monster… Lady… Thing, please, have mercy, for we are cursed like you! We are but humble elves.

(A lie. I was a half-elf. But I just happened to be one suave BAMF half-elf.)

Me: Thus, from birth we were cursed to look female. In actuality we are male!

Monster: …I’m listening.

DM: Okay, if you want to actually convince her, you’re going to have to roll almost that high again.

Me (OOC): Screw that, how high do I have to roll to pull down Ekky’s pants?

Ekky: What?!

Not very high, it turned out. But when I tried to convince her I was male as well I rolled another Nat 20. She left in a huff (because she couldn’t put us to sleep) and in sheer embarrassment.

I saved my entire team by pantsing our wizard.


Yours and Tom’s daughter climbing into bed with the two of you in the middle of the night and during a heavy storm because she’s scared. He hugs both of you tight saying he’ll protect you from everything, before falling back asleep.

Batfamily Opinions on Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  • Dick: Hooray! Fall! Coffee! Whipped cream! They're so tasty and make me happy! Yippee!
  • Jason: Don't really care for them. They're pointless and were only created for white girls with an aesthetic. What's that? I'm holding one behind my back and stroking it like it's the most important thing in my life? Well, you see, about that.... *punches interviewer and runs away* Nobody will believe you!
  • Cass: *happy slurping noises*
  • Tim: Are you kidding me? I thrive on caffeine, while this concoction is just a pathetic excuse for coffee. I can't waste my time on this sugary mess when there is a black as my soul coffee out there waiting for me. I've been awake for four days straight, I can't afford to let a thick warm cup of diabetes slow me down! *scares off interviewer with the crazy sleep-deprived look in his eyes*
  • Stephanie: Well of course I love them, why would you even need to ask? A warm frothy coffee with spices and whipped cream? Yes, please! I drink at least five a day and will chop off the legs of anyone who gets in my way.
  • Damian: It's a stupid idea. Why are they only available during a specific time of the year? Do pumpkins suddenly not exist during the summer? What is the point?! If I want a pumpkin spice latte on Valentine's Day then I sure as hell am going to get one!
  • Bruce: The night doesn't drink lattes *hides 'I Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes' shirt and cup behind his back* You never saw that.

Hello there! It would be so amazing if you could write a Robb Stark x reader! (Y/N) met Arya while she was in Westros and helped her disguise herself as a young boy to easily escape the city. Before they part ways, (Y/N) makes Arya the promise that she will travel to the North and tell her mother that Arya is alive and well. (Y/N) keeps her promise and while in the North, she finds herself falling for the eldest Stark boy. - Requested by anon.

I love Game Of Thrones and I took great joy in re-watching Season 2 and 3 in order to be able to write this. Anon, you handed me an excuse to re-watch GOT, again xD I hope this is to your liking… no idea how long it’s gonna be, though. 


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“Psst.” You hissed between clenched teeth, clutching the wall with dirty hands, keeping your body as close to the wall as you could. “Psst. Arya.” you hissed again, desperate to get her attention through the chaos on the streets.

The young girl spun around, fear in her eyes, though this died down quickly when she caught sight of you. “Y/N!” she smiled sadly and hurried over, the sadness giving way to a newfound determination.

“Come with me.” Your hand wrapped around her wrist, and you half-marched, half-dragged her through the streets, being mindful of your grip on her. People were running in one direction, and the sinking feeling in your stomach told you that something was very wrong. You needed to get yourself, and Arya, out of King’s Landing. 

You didn’t know much, but you knew that you had to run and survive, or stay and die.

“Where are you taking me? Y/N?” Arya’s tone grew more and more frustrated the longer you were silent, before finally, you turned the corner into an empty alley way, having reached your destination. You hurried over to an alcove, pulling out a tatty sack that held your most precious belongings. You pulled out a pair of scissors, and turned back to Arya.

“We need to get out of here.”

Arya’s gaze moved from the scissors, to your face, and back again. She took an unconscious step back.

“What are those for?” Arya’s jaw clenched.

“Your hair. You’re too recognisable to be able to leave easily. We need to disguise you - your clothes are as they should be, but your hair needs to match.”

Arya nodded, her gaze steely. “Give them to me. I’ll do it.”

You handed her the scissors and watched as she mercilessly hacked at her hair, the messy strands falling to the floor, pooling around her feet.

As you watched her strip away more and more of the girl she was, you noticed that, even now, she was changing. Holding herself differently. The sword she carried had already become a part of her, an extension of her arm, and her long hair had stopped suiting her. You watched as Arya Stark became a boy orphan, abandoned on the dirty streets of King’s Landing.

Finally, she was done, handing you the scissors. You stuffed them in your sack, not looking. There wasn’t time. 

Together, you hurried through the winding streets, navigating your way past guards and the like, being careful to keep your heads down. Both you were easily recognisable, and you needed to escape, not be captured by the Lannisters.

All too soon, the two of you reached the designated ‘safe zone’ that Yoren and his recruits had agreed upon, and you both jumped into one of the carriages, travelling along the King’s Road, not knowing where exactly you were headed but knowing that you were safe.

You’d completed your task - to get Arya Stark to safety.

You hopped off at the next inn, where the horses were to be fed, watered and well-rested before the continuation of their journey tomorrow.

“Arya. This is where I leave you.”

“What? No, y-”

“This is how it has to be. I promise you, My Lady, that I will travel to the North and find your mother, and tell her that you are safe and well. Be careful, and don’t trust the others,” you nodded your head towards the entrance of the inn, where raucous laughter of men could be heard, “if they find out who you are, they won’t hesitate to harm you. Or worse.”

Arya nodded, sadness on her too-young face as she surged forwards, wrapping her arms around your waist and holding you as tightly to her as she could for a girl of twelve. Idly, you marveled at her strength.

The hug wasn’t nearly long enough, but you swallowed the lump in your throat, and blinked back your tears. “Goodbye, My Lady. Be safe on your travels, and stay close to Yoren. He won’t harm you, and nor will any harm befall you when you are with him. This is goodbye.”

You stepped back from her completely, turning and walking away, your tears flowing freely now. You couldn’t look back for one last glance at her. If you did, your already weakened resolve would crumble and you’d break, run back and vow never to leave her side. You had to be strong. You had no choice.

Days turned into weeks as you travelled a different road to the one Arya was using, and before long, you reached the North. You were tired, weakened by hunger, dirty and in desperate need of a wash, but you had made it. You had connections to the Starks - you were Arya’s handmaid back in Winterfell - and so you knew that their loyalty would mean that they wouldn’t turn you away. 

“Who’s there?” The guards were instantly at attention, their eyes and weapons all trained on you.

Despite your nerves, your voice was strong. “I’m Y/N, the handmaiden of Arya Stark. I was instructed to deliver a message to her mother, the Lady Catelyn Stark.”

“Let her pass. I’ll take her to my mother.” A deep, familiar rumble met your eyes, and your eyes flew to Robb’s face, drinking it in. You noticed that his stance, his eyes, even his smile was sad, and you knew that the news of his father’s demise had reached him. This was not a happy reunion.

Walking with him, you surveyed your surroundings. “What’s happening here?”

“We’re in the middle of a war with the Lannisters. We’re burying our dead and taking care of our wounded, making plans to save my sisters from King’s Landing, where they were captured. We haven’t heard anything about them since we left Winterfell -”

You cut him off. “That’s why I’m here to speak to your mother. I have a message, My Lord, from Arya.”

Robb stopped dead, his eyes frantically searching your face. He was close, now, his breath misting in the air from the cold, his cheeks red from the winds. Your eyes flickered down to his lips, and then back to his eyes. “You’ve had word from Arya?” he demanded, though still respectfully, continuing to walk.


He didn’t prompt you to continue, but you did so anyway, launching into your story. By the time you had finished, you had reached the tent where Lady Catelyn was staying.

You and Robb walked into the tent, side by side. Lady Catelyn looked surprised to see you, an old face, and looked to Robb for explanation.

“She has word from Arya, mother.”

“Arya?” Lady Catelyn echoed, somewhat breathlessly, her face now not leaving yours. Her eyes roamed your face for the truth, her hands clutching the table in front of her so tightly that her knuckles were white, the skin straining and pulled taut.

“Yes, My Lady. I’ve spent some time with Arya. She’s alive and well, travelling up to Castle Black to be with Jon. She’ll be posing as a new recruit for the Night’s Watch. There’ll be a raven when she arrives, from the Lord Commander.” You spoke quickly and calmly, your heart pounding in your head.

“This is welcome news in these troubled times.” A man spoke from where he was stood behind Lady Catelyn, and you smiled tensely, wanting nothing but a wash, some edible food and sleep.

You swayed on the spot, and Robb’s gloved hand gripped your elbow, holding you up until you righted yourself. Your elbow burned with a delicious heat where he had touched you, though it had been through several thick layers of clothing.

Lady Catelyn looked you over, a maternal look in her eyes. Finally, she looked to Robb, her eyebrows raised expectantly. “Get Lady Y/N to a prepared tent, Robb. She needs food, some fresh water and a rest.”

You bobbed into a courtesy, your old habits washing over you now. “Thank you, My Lady.”

Lady Catelyn inclined her head in acknowledgement of your thanks, though this also served as a clear dismissal.

You looked to Robb, and he smiled at you. “Good evening, Lady Y/N.”

You stepped back, bidding Lady Catelyn and her son, Robb Stark, a good evening, and turned away, being escorted by one of the guards to a tent where you could recuperate, safe in the knowledge that you had completed your duties as Arya’s handmaiden. 

In your tent, as you cleaned yourself and dined on edible food, your stomach was in turmoil, your heart in your throat and in your eyes, your elbow throbbing where it had been gently gripped by Robb a few hours before. One thing was clear… you were falling in love with Eddard Stark’s eldest son.

Oh phew, that was waaaay longer than I expected! I think it fell short when she actually met Robb in this imagine, so I hope you can forgive me for their short, unfulfilling interaction. I hope they were in character! Stay safe, my lovelies! <3

You guys ever think that the reason why Wally is progressing so much faster than Barry is the difference in their mentors? 

Barry had the weight of a lying, two-faced sociopath bent on making him faster to make him fall down harder.  

Originally posted by runningwithhelicopters

Wally has the full support of his family and a speedster mentor who admires and loves him - someone who only wants see just how great of a hero Wally can be.

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Excuse me while I cry for a thousand years…

BTS Reaction to them slapping you during a fight:

Rap Monster: “Oh… Oh my god… Y/N… I don’t know what came over me…”

His face, drained of most color and all emotion. He’d be so mad at himself instead of you.

Taehyung: “N-No… Why did I do that.. Forgive me Y/N…”

At first he’d be shocked at what he did as he looked at your pained face. He’d try to keep himself from crying as he excused himself from the room and sit for hours staring at a wall.

Jimin: “Jagiya.. ”

He’d fall to his knees and begin to cry. You’d crouch down next to him and hold him while both of you cry.

Jin: “Are you okay?! I got so angry I couldn’t control myself. I’m sorry.. Please don’t hate me.”

You stood holding your face. He’d hate himself but he’d hold you for what felt like hours. Tears would fall from his cheeks as he rocked you in his arms on the floor. You closed your eyes and let his warmth envelope you.


When he tried to move to hold you, you would move away. This is your first time seeing Suga cry in a while causing you to crash into him arms. He’d say sorry so silent but you’d still be able to hear him.

J-hope: “T-this isn’t like me!”

He looked at his hands and then looked at you who was speechless. He moved your hair from your face and began to kiss all over you while saying he’s sorry over and over again.

Jungkook: “What.. Oh my go- I’m sorry. I can’t believe I just did that. Forgive me!”

He’d hold you hands while crying into them, on his knees. You couldn’t get him to stop crying all night.

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Do you think The Boyfriend Experience will break our hearts? Will Like A Fairytale be there to help us pick up the pieces? Or maybe everything will be fine and we'll have two fluffy stories???

To quote the author of The Boyfriend Experience (@sparklingwaterbabie):

“But in Moulin Rouge, the Argentinian did say this to Christian:
‘Never fall in love with someone who sells themselves. It always ends bad.‘”

… please excuse me while I scREAM

Rich Youth | Chapter 1

chapters: 12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

featuring: reader + most of NCT will make an appearance at one point (if you guys like this enough for me to continue)

warnings: slight smut, language

word count: 2.8K

“Stop being so dramatic; I’ll be joining you in two weeks. My new step-bitch wants to take me shopping in Dubai so we can ‘bond’ but I know it’s just a massive excuse to convince my dad to give her his credit card so she can fulfil her gold-digging fantasies”, Hayi’s voice echoed through the loudspeaker of my phone as I finished packing my bags. I walked over to my bed, falling back onto it and turning my head so that I was facing the phone I had laid on my pillow.

“I’m sorry, Hayi. If it makes you feel any better, while you’re splashing the cash in Dubai, I’ll be suffering a slow and painful death at the country club. God knows why my dad and Jessica insist on spending all summer there when there are so many other places to visit and so many other things to do that don’t involve making forced conversation with a bunch of rich, sexist men, their trophy wives and their spoilt children!” I sulked. I lifted my head as I heard Hayi giggling on the other line.

“Did you just describe your own family, Y/N?” she laughed. As the realisation hit me, I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

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❀Blind Date—pt.1

Request: Hi!!! Can I get a fic where Baek is set up on a blind date and immediately falls for you!?Thank you!!!

Genre: fluff

Requested By: Anonymous

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baekhyun waited patiently for you to arrive at the said new coffee shop

while waiting he decided to call one of his hyungs ,Minseok

“No hyung, she’s not here yet"

shouldn’t you be waiting for her then?“

“I know but the more I wait the more I get nervou-”

Baekhyun stared at the figure that just entered the shop

Baekhyun-Ssi? baekhyu-”

Baekhyun ended the call when he noticed the figure coming closer

“Excuse me, are you by any chance byun baekhyun?” You said smiling shyly

“..yes..I mean yea it’s me” he stood up and took his hand out for a hand shake

“It’s [Last name] [Name], nice to finally meet you” you shaken his hand

He quickly went to your side and pulled the chair for you to sit

“You really didn’t have to, but thank you” you flashed him a smile

“I should treat a beautiful lady like you as a princess” all of sudden baekhyun felt more confident

You chuckled at his cheesiness and looked at the menu “so, what are you going to order?” You said looking at him

You noticed that he was staring at you and not paying any attention to what you just said

“hello~” you said waving your hand in front of his face snapping him back to reality

“What did I miss?” You chuckled once again causing him to chuckle back

“I said what are you going to order” he shrugged “I’ll take whatever you will order”

“Two strawberry cheesecakes?”

“Two strawberry cheesecakes” he said grinning like an idiot

After the waiter came and took your orders, you stared to talk about personal things

“So, what do you like to do on your free times?”You asked him

“I can sing and play the piano, what about you?”

“I like [Hooby] and I also enjoy [Hooby]”

After chatting for sometime your order came

“So, are we official yet?” He said eating a piece of the cake

“well, i need to think about this first” you said smiling

“i’ll wait then, hope it’s a yes” he smiled

Lovely psychopath Part 1

So, this is gonna be my first Criminal Minds story. I hope the characters are not to much ooc.
As always excuse spelling and grammar mistakes, when there is something to correct just tell me.
Otherwise have fun.

summary: Imagine you are a psychopath who was arrested because you killed many people. Now you where helping the BAU and after a while Spencer falls in love with you. The other members of the team try to protect Reid from you while you get involved in more and more cases.

I had the idea in my head for a long time. Fortunately I don’t know an psychopath so I googled it. Be prepared for some mistakes. XD

“JJ!” “What is it Hotch?” “Call the others. I have something to tell them.” “Of course. They will be in the meeting room in a few minutes.” “Thanks JJ.”
Agent Hotchner went straight to the meeting room while JJ informed the others to meet him there.
“What happened. Do you have a new tip for our case?” Asked Derek as he entered the room.
“No but I have something to tell you. Take a seat.” Emily and Reid looked at each other in confusion. “So what is it?” Now Rossi asked.
“You all know that the case we work on is one of the hardest we ever had. It is week now and we still don’t have any new hints while still people get kidnapped, tortured and killed. I don’t blame you we all do our best to solve this case. However, Strauss decided that we need help.” Aaron says with a sigh. “What is the problem? We had help in many cases before.” Derek asked. “The person who should help is is Y/n L/n.” Silence filled the room. “You mean the Y/n L/n who killed 20 to 30 People? The Y/n L/n who is clearly classified as an psychopath?” Now it was Reids turn to ask in disbelieve. “Will we visit her in prison?” JJ raised an eyebrow.
“That is the most displeasing part. She will come to the bureau.” Hotch closed his eyes and sight. “No way. This is crazy. It cant be what Strauss wants.” Derek reply. “I’m as unhappy about it as you are but it is still an order and we don’t have another choice.” A heated discussion started between the members of the team.
“Enough! I know we are all against this but we can’t do anything against it. We should prepare everything, she will be here in twenty minutes.”

The atmosphere was as cold as ice as the elevator opened and two police men with a woman between them left. She had h/c hair, e/c eyes, s/c skin and even if she was only y/h feet high she wasn’t to underestimate. In her c/c clothes she would look like a normal person except from her handcuffs.
She smiled as she entered the bureau and turned her head in different ways while they walked to the meeting room. Aaron talked with one of the police men then he waved the others to join them.
Y/n sat at the head of the table while her guards stand behind her observed every movement she made.
Derek and Rossi sat next to her, then JJ and Emily and at the opposite side Spencer. He felt uncomfortable but tried to hide it. Aaron was the only one walking up and down the room.
“So, tell me. Why am I here? What is so tricky that the great FBI can’t figure it out.” Y/n teased with a big smile.
“Several cases of kidnapping, torturing and killings. Most of the victims are women and we only found dead women but none of the men. All of them where pregnant and had given birth but we couldn’t find the babies. Some of them had their teeth and fingernails pulled out. A few of them have marks from electric shocks.” While talking Aaron walked through the room, monitoring every facial expression of Y/n.
After he stopped talking Y/n waved her hand as a sign that he should hand her the files her face bare of every emotion. Derek shifted in his seat as if he wanted to take the documents with the pictures from her.
Y/n ignored the writings and took the photos and spread them in front of her. She arranged them that the males where at the one side and the female on the other. “From where do you know that this cases belong to each other?” The h/c haired woman wanted to know.
“The procedure is always the same.” Derek answered short and concise. Y/n nodded.
“Did you figure out the similarities?” “There aren’t any.” Rossi interposed. “Of course there are. You haven’t searched good enough.” “We have! That is why we know there aren’t any similarities! The victims all have different hair colours, skin colour, highs, jobs and lifestyles!” Morgan seemed to be very pissed and Aaron darted an warning look at his agent. Y/n only rolled her eyes.
“No reason to be so sharp. It’s not my fault you didn’t do your job correct.” Y/n braced her head with her right hand. “Then tell us what we missed.” interjected JJ to avoid a fight between the two of them.
“It’s their health condition.” said the h/c haired woman while she played with her hair.
“What brings you to this conclusion? I mean, none of them had an chronic disease or something similar.” As Reid started talking Y/n’s head snapped up and she began to smile. “Exactly Agent-I-think-I-didn’t-get-your-name.” “Reid, ahm Dr. Spencer Reid.” He blushed. Y/n could tell she made him uncomfortable and it was fun to her. “That’s not important. Tell us what you know.” Hotch demanded. Y/n only sighed and played with her hair again. “It is exactly how Dr. Spencer Reid mentioned.” She gave him a wink and Spencer shifted in his seat.
“They where all healthy and in a good shape. Ideal if you want to breed.”
“Breed?” asked JJ with an horrified expression. “That’s what I said.” “Ok step by step. What brings you to this idea?” Derek claimed to know. “Easy. It where the electro shocks. They where used to push them very fast through birth. It is the same method some farmers use. Because of the shocks the muscles clench and the baby gets squeezed out. So it only lasts a few minutes.” Silence filled the room. Finally it was Emily who questioned: “Why would anybody do this? Where is the sense?”
“Human trafficking.” Y/n answered shuffling her feet. “And you are absolutely sure?” Rossi stood up. “Of course I am.” Y/n snorted.
“Well, it would explain why we never found the men. They are used as breeding bull’s.” Reid blurted out. “Metaphorical of course.” He added as everybody looked at him.
“Exactly. So, when do we kick the asses of this scumbags?” Y/n smiles.
“You will go back to prison. What we do is not your business.” Hotch commanded.
“Party pooper!” Y/n shouted out while the police men picked her up again and pushed her out of the room.

-time skip-

The BAU was able to catch one of the kidnappers but unfortunately he committed suicide in his cell. Now the team started again at the beginning.
“Hotch, what shall we do? We are running out of time. They already know that we are close to their heels and they will kill all of them to erase all traces.” Dereks voice was low and he seemed exhausted, everyone of the team did. “I don’t know Derek. We checked every abandoned building, warehouses, freight container, every farm hell we even checked every garden centre.” Aaron kneaded his temples. Silence filled the room. Everyone was tired and they didn’t had any hint.
Reid was the first one to speak: “I unwillingly suggest this, but what if we ask Y/n for help?” Derek raised his head. “This would be crazy!” “But maybe the only opportunity we have. She helped us once, maybe she does it again. Reid, Rossi you go to the prison and talk with Y/n. The rest of us go through the documents. Maybe we can find something.” The dark haired agent ordered. “I?” stuttered Spencer. “Yes, you. It was your idea. Hurry up we do not have much time.”
So Rossi and Reid left the BAU to talk to Y/n.

Y/n sat handcuffed at a desk as they arrived. She smirked. “Hello gentlemen. What can I offer you? Tea, coffee, cake or cookies?” Now she laughed.
“We don’t have the time so I will make it quick.” Said Rossi as they sat down on the chairs at the other side of the table.
“We need your help again. The BAU was able to catch one of the kidnappers but he committed suicide and even if we checked every possible hideout we couldn’t find anything. No men, no women, no babies and no dead bodies.”
“Am I right when I guess that you searched only in Quantico?” “And a few miles beyond.” Added Reid. Y/n glanced at him and smiled. “And exactly this is the problem.” “What do you mean?” Asked Rossi.
Y/n sighed. “If you want to breed you need a place in the middle of nowhere. With nothing miles and miles around. Nobody sees them and nobody hears them. So easy. They don’t think of them as humans only as animals.” “Where should we search?” Rossi leaned forward. “This agent will cost you something.” The h/c haired woman said with a low voice. “Where not here to make deals.” Rossis voice had an impending undertone. “Then Mr. FBI Man, it was nice seeing you again. You will find them sooner or later. I hope you are not to disappointed if it takes longer.” She smiled again.
“Ok, what do you want?” Spencer intervened. “What can you offer Dr. Spencer Reid?” Y/n smiled at him. “We can make a deal with the prison director. You can have books, something to draw or write, maybe an computer.” Rossi glanced at Reid who was getting nervous and hectic.
The woman on the other side of the table smiled and leaned back in her chair.
“No.” Was her simple answer. The two agents looked at each other. “Give us a moment.” With this words David and Spencer stood up and took a few steps away from her.
“Ok Reid we have to thing and that very fast. We never thought about a deal and lets be honest we don’t have much what we can offer. So, what can we do?”
“Why are you asking me?”
“You are the genius, tell me.”
“Ahm……ok let me think. Mh……..there is not much what we can do. Maybe we can ask her again. There is not much time left. What if they kill the women, men and babies right in this moment? I think we have to take this risk.”
Rossi nodded but seemed not happy about it. “All right, lets give it a try.”
Both agents went back to the table.
“Listen Y/n time is running out. Just tell us what you want and we will see what we can do.”
Y/n smiled. “Glad for you I have this guard as an witness. Otherwise I would say no. Ok, here is the deal. At first I want to be transferred to an asylum.” Again Rossi and Reid looked at each other. “And second?” The older agent asked. “I want to want in when you kick the asses of them.”
For a moment they hesitated but then Rossi nodded and sighed in agreement.
“Very well gentlemen. It is a pleasure to make a deal with you.” Y/n smirked and leaned forward.
“Now listen! I tell you what you have to do.”

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"There is only one thing better than Tony Stark, and that is pandas."

“There is only one thing better than Tony Stark, and that is pandas.”

“And turtles,” Peter added. “Turtles are nice.” 

“Um, excuse me,” Tony said while walking into the room. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you just say something was better than ‘Tony Stark’?”

Peter’s eyes grew wide and you just nodded your head. “Um, yes. Yes, I did.”

“Well. that’s impossible, kid. I’m pretty great.”

You shrugged and crossed your arms, “I don’t know, brosuff. Pandas are pretty freakin’ awesome. I mean… they are only a danger to themselves like have you seen the various gifs of pandas falling on the interwebs? At least every single panda has fallen or hurt themselves in their lifetime. They are adorable, eat bamboo, and I have already adopted one and named him John. So, yeah. Panda’s are better than Tony Stark.”

Tony scoffed and turned around, walking away from you and Peter, “Okay, kid. Whatever you say…”

Send me a sentence and I’ll add five (or so) more!

Lately I’ve been thinking about you, a lot actually. I hadn’t in a while and I know I kept looking for excuses to not fall for you, but this one,
this is for you.
I’ve been thinking about everything we ever said to each other. Do you remember the day we first said “I love you”? 
I remember that. 
How do i tell you that my chest has been empty ever since you left?
I made a home out of your promises and I wanted to stay forever. Why didn’t you let me stay?
How do I tell you that it’s been getting harder to breathe without you?    
I loved you through our silence and screams, do you remember that? 
Our love was like a house of cards built on a shaky foundation, but I knew I was home.
I keep thinking, maybe if we hadn’t fucked it all up. Maybe we’d be together. 
Maybe we are, in an alternate universe and everything’s okay. 
It’s okay. 
We tell each other “i love you” every day, it doesn’t lose it’s meaning because we know how much we mean it every time. Maybe I wake up next to you, this is home. Finally, here, with you. 
I don’t let you go. You stay.
We’re happy. 
We’re finally happy.
—  Don’t let me go 
Nerdy (M)

Requested by: Anon – Sorry for waiting for 40946073 years (the title sucks, I know but… ugh)

Characters: Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Other GOT7 members

Genre: Smut, AU, and Fluff

Warning/s: Pierced!JB, Virgin Sex, etc.

Length:  5,419 words sorry it is too long OMFG I got carried away again and I had a writer’s block for a while so again I am so sorry

A/N  So here I am again please excuse this shit of a story and please bear with me and I am sorry that I am bringing up pierced!jb again I just find it suitable for the Anon’s request lol – And also this is going to be a fluffy and oh-so-cringy first time virgin sex sooooo IDK  I apologize for any error and such


“Shit! What the!”

Your books fell on the ground along with your eyeglasses as you tried your best to keep yourself from falling.  The person who just bumped you had this disappointed, angry look on his face but when his eyes met your face, his features immediately softened and he smiled at you before helping you pick up the books on the floor.  You rolled you eyes at him and tried your best to pick up the books yourself, not wanting him to help you in anyway.

“Why too much sass in the early morning, nerdy?”  

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passionate-fiction  asked:

Modern Rowaelin AU in which Aelin and Rowan are waiting in line in the bookstore, she forgot her wallet so he pays for her books and through that they become friends (or something more ;))


Rowan glanced to the woman at the register, frantically digging through her purse. Five minutes before closing and they were the last few people in the bookstore.

She was groaning while the cashier looked on with a line between his brow, clearly ready to go home and done with customers for the day.

“I swear I put it back in–” she was explaining quickly, rambling about cleaning out her purse and taking her wallet out and…

Rowan cleared his throat and set down the aisle. “Excuse me.”

The woman whirled to face him. Her hair was thrown up in a quick bun on top of her head, stray threads of white blonde hair falling around her face.

“You seem like you really want that book and it’s almost closing so it’s no problem.” He set his book on top of hers and reached for his wallet in his back pocket.

The cashier only took half a second to respond, probably just glad that he was taking care of it.

The woman, however, started to protest. “You really don’t need to do–”

His eyebrows rose and he nodded to her book the cashier was scanning. “You’re in here three minutes before closing, buying the last book in a series, obviously having rushed over to get it tonight.  I don’t mind.”

She bit her lip, brow furrowing. “You really don’t need to but… thank you.” She watched him hand his card over and then push her book over to her.

“On one condition, though,” he said, still gripping the hardback.

Her blue eyes flicked up to his, worry replaced with curiosity.

A smile spread on Rowan’s face. “When you finish, tell me how it was?”

anonymous asked:

do the TAs have any funny stories about eachother?

I hacked into Aria’s cell phone and computer once, I occasionally change her music to random death metal or Country while she’s studying. Also just for fun, I have sent a bunch risque texts, started facetime, and sent a bunch of her selfies to Prof. Genji a couple of times. (All the TAs knows that she has a crush on the man so why not use it to have fun?) Her horrified expressions are hilarious to me, besides she deserves it.  – Reyes’ TA

There was one time… Excuse me. There were many times during our mini stay home spa dates where we would all somehow fall asleep while watching some ridiculously bad rom-com movie at God know’s place and without fail, we always fall asleep with some kind of face mask on. From what I recall, it’s always been one of those pre-packaged gel sheet masks or those jelly-like hydration masks that you slather all over your face but we would always fall asleep with them on and when someone wakes up (and in turn wakes up everyone else) it’s always a pain to take off, especially for whoever (if not all of us) is using the sheet mask. Our faces are baby butt soft, the masks are sometimes stuck in our hair, but the price we have to pay for it… Is it worth? – G. Shimada’s TA

I’ve been inviting Professor Vaswani to many of Masha’s favorite cafe’s and places she frequents for lunch. Without telling her of course. Because she turns best shade of red when she hears Professor Vaswani’s voice over the cafe’s chatter. And the first five minutes of conversation are always a little strained and awkward, but they seem be much more comfortable with each other as the lunch hour draws to a close. It’s happened enough times that Masha has started sitting with her back to a wall, and bailing as soon as she catches the slightest hint of her appearance. I guess I’ll have to change tactics…..Maybe I should invite her along when we go out to the movies next week? – McCree’s TA

Alright, so I live with my brother and he likes to throw parties at our place every Friday. One time I had gotten enough of it and called everyone over. Somehow we managed to make him and his “bros” to go somewhere else and had ourselves a party too. By the morning though, we had lost both Maya and AL. The only clue we had was a video on Celeste’s phone of us taking shots and Maya yelling that she’s going to go fight Morrison. We found her sleeping on top of her car with a bag of chips as a pillow. We couldn’t find AL though. She showed up later with coffee and a smirk,  and she still refuses to say where she went. – Amari’s TA

tovariegate  asked:

"Problem with your boy/girl thing" ?????? EXCUSE ME? I WILL RIP 👏🏼OFF 👏🏼HIS 👏🏼DAMN 👏🏼 TALLYWACKER 👏🏼 *huffs angrily* What a transphobic racist butthead. You're too precious for this world Alex, I'm sorry that these hellbeasts keep falling for you.

AWE wow so sweet 😭😭💕💕💕✨ I need to stay out of the dating game for a while and live through writing my happy, tolerant characters lmao
You’re so nice, thank you so much ❤️️

“Can one of you tell me what the hell this is?”

Well- the cat would have been let out of the bag eventually.. or in this case I guess, Toxic Eye-Bat..

Jack finds a colony of eyebats while exploring one day, and finds one with an injured wing that happens to be green- He takes him home, keeps him hidden, and names him Sam- But Bob found Sam in a box of corn flakes or something and he gets caught..

“Why can’t you just haver a safer pet, like me?”
“Maerk.. Yer pet’s a box..”

(Well excuse Jack, Mark- not every pet can be as amazingly well behaved as Tim..)

(And don’t worry, Jack gets to keep Sam-)

I was supposed to be working on stuff to get into art college in the fall.. oh well- But edits might slow down a bit while I work on that- Still going strong with the Youtube AU- Still need to draw more people.. but look! Colorful Jack and Mark! 

Reasons for not starting a new show:

☐ I don’t have time and I already watch so many, you know?;

☐ I tend to lose interest after a few seasons and always end up dropping it;

☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ I’ll fall for that ship, the underdog ship, the “they are just friends” ship, the “eeeeewww why you ship that it’s gross” ship, the “you’re a delusional sucker” ship, the “guess what we’ll fall in love eventually and you will be happy for like 5 episodes and then it will be over” ship, the “bitch it will be totally one-sided and you’ll have to watch one of us dating someone else while the other is constantly giving the sad puppy eyes” ship, the  “excuse me, do you still have a place on that ‘ships that broke my heart forever’  list? May I be added?” ship.