excuse me while i drag myself out

I’d like to issue an apology. I’ve been a dick, a cuntbag, and an asshole. I don’t know how to treat friends right, and I’ll make it better. I’m sorry for what I did, and I know it doesn’t excuse it. But I’m gonna own up to my actions.

Eric, I’m sorry for all those call out posts. You didn’t deserve them. You are my friend. I promise not to be a lousy friend. I understand if it takes a while to trust me again, or even if you want to be friends at all. I’m just so sorry. I won’t be a dick anymore, and I’ll make myself right.

Heidi, angel on earth you don’t deserve any of this. I’m sorry for dragging you into something you don’t need to be dragged into. You are an amazing person who I’m not worthy to call a friend. A friend wouldn’t make you fight another friend. I’m sorry.

Kyle, I’m sorry for ever doubting you. You are right, I clearly need to learn when to shut the fuck up and keep my mouth shut. I deserve everything that comes to me, and I understand if you want to kick my ass. Just, don’t do it until tommorow. If I get my ass kicked in front of my house I’ll get even more grounded. Thank you for teaching me a harsh truth. I’m so sorry for saying those mean things.

And to everyone who had to witness my ugly behavior, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I ever got that way. I hope that you all forgive me and I hope that I can go back to being your friend even if it does take some time.

Thank you.


Story line :  you’re teasing each other throughout the night

Me and (h/n) are on the way to a fancy dinner with some of his and my close friends. I decided to wear a tight black dress which was laying low on my back and exposed my whole back stopping perfectly my bum.             (H/n) bought this dress for me a month ago and I never came around to wear. I knew the dress turned him on so that’s really the main reason i wore it. 


The music was blasting in the car. I looked out the window the whole time, taking in the darkness and having weird thoughts.
I quickly got out of my day dreamin by a hand making its way up my thigh. When he made is way up to my crotch I stopped his hand.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, glaring but also smirking at him.
“You know you look so fucking sexy in that dress”

He replied with a smirk on his face and I knew exactly where this was going.  

The cover “crazy in love” by kadebostany came on  and  he knew this song turned me on. His hand moved back to my crotch and he started to rub me through my panties.
I got a moaning mess by his touch. He started to circle my clit with his thumb while having two fingers inside me. I threw my head back of the overwhelming pleasure building up inside of me.
“(H/n), ahh omg babe”
When I was about to come he opened the car door and made his way up to the restaurant entrance. I didn’t even noticed we were here and he parked already.
“You jerk”
I whispered to myself before putting everything on point again and making my way up to the entrance as well where he was holding the door open.

“You gonna get that back”  

I threatened him. But he only chuckled and walked in after me.
Everyone sat down,greeted each other and took their orders. Halfway in a conversation with his best friend I found (h/n) having a light boner, probably from the action that happened in the car.
it was payback time.

I rested my hand on his thigh and he didn’t even bother to look. When i made my way down his crotch he still tried to ignore my touch. I squeezed him lightly and he started to look over at me glaring. I completely ignored it and kept the conversation with his friend up. I started palming him under the table. slowly he grew harder by my touch. He cleared his throat as if he was warning me. I squeezed a little harder and (H/n) couldn’t help and let out a moan. Everyone on the table turned around and looked at him confused.
“Oh ehm sorry I spilled some hot soup on me” he chuckled at them while glaring at me.
“Excuse us” he grapped my wrist and quickly dragged us to the back of the restaurant in some kind of office.
“What do you think you’re doing” he snapped at me in a harsh whisper.
“Showing you how it is to get teased” i whisperd in his ear and started to grind myself against him in that small room.
“Shiit (y/n)” he groaned in my neck. I took him out and continued palming him knowing he couldn’t take it any longer while kissing his neck and his sweet spot.
“Babe holy shit I’m so close”
I pulled away and turned to the door. I could hear him whimper behind me.

“What the hell (y/n)”

“ you know, karma is a bitch”
I chuckled and walked away back to the table. Three minutes later he returned to his seat and whispered in my ear

“Tonight, you gonna pay for that baby girl”