excuse me while i cry over their perfection

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So, I’m realizing that I may not hit my milestone as I keep on blocking porn blogs, but then I decided not to care about the count and I’m gonna do this anyway because this honestly makes me happy just spreading my love to you guys. You all mean so much to me and I truly value each and every one of you, even the ones I just started to follow or haven’t followed yet because I’m stalking and working up the courage to follow back because koala-tea following me what? I love you all. Honestly, I try and give each one of you an explanation as to why I love you, but I’ve said it before that this mun is so bad with ooc expressions, I am literally a potato. If you don’t see me give you a lot of words or any at all, PLEASE don’t take it the wrong way, you’re on this list because I love you and you mean a lot to me as a writer and a mun, it’s just I have a hard time expressing myself in so many words and I’ll probably end up being repetitive at times - I will apologize for that, even if I don’t have to (I’m your stereotypical Canada eh)

@ghostofaformerself - Always have to put my Ghost first, I’ve said it before she’s the reason I am even on Tumblr, I credit her for starting all of my internet friendships because without her I would still be clueless about this great community. Rayne is an amazing and incredibly written character, I love her so much. Ghosty, you’re still a terribletrashbagperson for hitting me with all of the Rayne feels, but let’s face it we both know I love you for it.

@hcvenofear - Keets, my darling Keets. Kudos to Paige for introducing us and giving me a wonderful internet friend that I am determined to meet one day no matter what. My PLL buddy tbh, the person I scream and cry to over Spencer Hastings god my heart. So much love for Keets both as a writer and as a person, and Keets even though I am pathetic with fandoms I’m gonna write with all of your muses because rping with you is fanfuckingtastic and good for my soul (maybe given you’re the head bitch in charge)

@astrcnautical - AGAIN credits to Paige for introducing me to such the beautiful soul that is Theo. I’ve written with Theo on his multi and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Again, being that I’m pathetic with fandoms and do not have much knowledge of Star Trek, I do wanna write with Jim and Theo (okay but who wouldn’t want to write with Theo u bae bro) one day and I’m gonna love it because it’s you Theo and I love you.

@beastlynecromancer - ARI!……What’s that? Typing your name in all caps with bold and italics to make it sound like I’m screaming because wow what a darling you are isn’t enough to express my love for you? Darn, that’s my go to line x3 No but in all seriousness, I’ve told you many times before that you’re one of my dearest partners, I love you lots okay. Brent was the first muse of yours I’ve written with and I completely fell in love with him (as did Kim and later my other muses of course lol), he’s truly an awesome character and very well developed, honestly Ari you’re an inspiration to me as a writer. I’ve mentioned before how much I love all of your muses, even the inactive ones as they hold a piece of my heart because our interactions were so great that I’m keeping them forever in there. Also throws @merfolkmayhem because yes this blog is awesome too and I want to love those muses of yours <3


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I want it known that I have finally seen all of Flash season 3 and I am utterly heartbroken. Like, wow. They really decided to do that to me. Just break my heart.
I also want it to be known that Westallen is pure perfection and I love them so much.
Now, excuse me while I go cry over the finale.

The reason these guys have perfect chemistry is the combination of their personalities and the situation of Barcelona. First, there is Messi. Out of this world brilliance. But that talent was nurtured and he grew up under the tutelage of Xavi and Iniesta. There is no way anyone could have gotten a swell head and become a diva when playing with those modest geniuses. Messi did not come to Barcelona with a fully formed ego and idea of his own importance. It happened during his time there but even so always tempered by the presence of Xavi and Iniesta.

Then along comes Neymar. A happy-go-lucky showboat and well aware of his own gifts, but who had the good sense to play second fiddle to Messi, provide lots of service, and appear to enjoy it. This endeared him to his teammates and Messi showed his appreciation by being generous when playing with Neymar, like an older brother would to an adoring younger sibling.

To complete the trident is Suarez, who, although he came with the baggage of totally losing his wits in key moments, is actually a very generous extremely intelligent player himself. Apart from those crazed events, he sees the game so well and helps his teammates. He isn’t a diva. Someone like him needed to get on a team with the brilliance of Messi and Neymar and the calming influence of Xavi and Iniesta in order to realize he could reach true footballing heights without being crazy and frustrated.

Messi is like the golden child who has complete respect for his parents (Xavi and Iniesta). Neymar is the younger sibling who, even if he might eventually succeed his older brother, is not in competition with him. Suarez is like the foster child who was getting into trouble in other families but has finally found the perfect home where he can truly respect his family members and turn over a new leaf.

To me that’s why this trio works. It’s a family dynamic that works.


Rina Mapa (An incredible comment found on http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2015/dec/04/lionel-messi-luis-suarez-neymar-barcelona?CMP=twt_gu )

The last paragraph really just got me. 

This was done by the amazing @ulsae1995! (Posted with permission) This was drawn for me way back when I bought their fanbook and I requested Max/Furiosa of course. For some reason I never saw this email and now… HAHA 2-3 MONTHS LATER while I was cleaning out my inbox lo and behold I struck gold. LOOK AT IT! It’s so perfect I could cry and I feel so stupid for not finding it and thanking you sooner! *buries self in the sand*

Mistakes (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: So i’m going to try and get as many done today as possible but i have to go run errands. So bear with me!

Prompt: Hi! Can I request one fic where the reader is dating Bucky but she finds out that he is cheating on her so they break up. Then Steve comforts her and they end up falling for each other. Sorry any mistake. —S

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“What the hell!” You screamed. You had just walked into the apartment that you shared with your boyfriend Bucky, and what you had walked in on wasn’t the most heartwarming surprise. You had been gone for a couple of weeks with your best friend from college, on a little vacation, and what you saw before you was definitely not what you were expecting to come home too. After you screamed, Bucky’s head shot up and his eyed widened.

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I just edited like a shit ton of Jensen bowleg pictures….excuse me while I go

  • restart my heart
  • try to breathe
  • change
  • should probably take a cold shower
  • …..
  • cry because he is so fucking perfect and I want him so bad
  • stare at those pics for a few more hours 
  • look for more pics
  • watch some supernatural
  • obsess over him some more

I don’t have a problem with my Jensen obsession…I LOVE EVERY FUCKING MINUTE OF IT bc he is so god damn fucking perfect and hot crap I forgot one

Okay so one of my biggest issues with the City of Bones movie (lets be real there were lots of issues there) was how they dealt with the Jace/Valentine confrontation. Because in the books it is this incredible combination of heartbreaking and frustrating. You have Jace, a highly skilled shadowhunter, just unable to fight back against Valentine because as far as he is concerned, this is his father. And as a reader you get so frustrated because you kNOW Jace could fight him, but he just refuses because he’s too emotional and confused and it just breaks your heart. 

In the movie, they thought ‘Meh, let’s throw in a fight sequence.’ And Jace proceeds to fight Valentine while I watched in confusion and annoyance. To be fair, the movie handled that entire plot line poorly, but that confrontation scene was all wrong. It was just an action sequence with little weight behind it.

And then Shadowhunters came along and blessed us all with the scene I have been waiting years for. And we got it all. We had Jace, suddenly unable to fight because he is looking at the man who raised him, his father, while Clary watches on in frustration because to her, this is Valentine aka the bad guy. But then Jace tries to fight, and again he is stopped because of his emotions. He can’t kill his own father. We see all that grief and conflict on his face and it is absolutely beautiful and completely heartbreaking. 

Basically Shadowhunters finally gave me the scene I waited years for. After spending years feeling dissatisfied with the COB movie interpretation, I can finally rest. Now excuse me while I go watch that scene again and cry over Dom Sherwood’s perfect expressions.