excuse me that hand

comprehensive analysis of sam & cap meeting for the first time
  • ‘oh hey look how fast i can run look how fast and cool i am look at me’
  • cap is wearing a t shirt 2 sizes 2 small that may as well be soaking wet come the fuck on cap put on some fucking clothes
  • i can’t hear anything steve is saying over his flexing
  • ‘what unit u with? where u work? what’s ur name? u got a boyfriend? where yo boyfriend at?’
  • flimsy excuse to hold hands (’oh help me up from this tree i’m so tired i can’t possibly get up by myself’)
  • sam immediately all ‘must be weird coming home after the whole defrosting thing’ like wow personal much? buy a guy a drink first
  • steve is like ‘uh ya it’s weird that’s personal buy a guy a drink first’ and goes to leave
  • sam: -anguished expression- oh god i fucked it up
  • sam:

damn it sam save it! save it! don’t let him go! -says the first thing that pops into his head-

  • steve like

‘what the fuck buy a guy several drinks first?’

  • sam: your bed, it’s too soft. when I was over there I’d sleep on the ground, use rocks for pillows, like a caveman.


  • what
  • sam: -explains what the fuck he’s talking about, beds are too soft, etc etc etc’
  • steve: ohhhh the marshmallow bed thing? ya i get that. fucking soft beds right haha -is apparently into the whole caveman thing-
  • sam: nice, saved it -high fives self-
  • steve: -demonstrates how Knowledgeable he is and how much Perspective he has and how Funny he can be’ we use to boil everything!!!!
  • steve literally sounds like one of those beauty queens having a question sprung on her that she didn’t expect
  • ‘Miss New York how does the world of today compare to the days of world war 2??? 30 seconds on the clock’
  • ‘no polio is good’
  • ….’no polio is good’….
  • ‘we used to boil everything!!!’
  • somehow sam is still cool with this. it’s probably bc steve has mouth-watering melon pecs
  • Sam Makes His Move

you can tell this is his Move. he tells this to all the ladies. there’s no way you can get someone listening to marvin gaye and not get laid instantaneously

  • steve doesn’t know what the fuck sam is talking about but this is a great excuse to show off his arms by pulling out his little notebook

are you looking at those arms sam?? bc i am

  • btw
  • this

this is the face of a man who is DTF

  • ‘Miss New York, what are the most significant historical events and cultural changes that have occurred since world war two?? 30 seconds on the clock’
  • ‘uhh…. I Love Lucy. Moon Landing. Berlin wall… up and down. Steve Jobs…. apple….???? Disco. Definitely. Thai food. Star Wars and Trek. Nirvana… I’m pretty sure that’s a band. Rocky and Rocky 2. And whatever this guy just told me. idk I’ll look it up on the Google later’
  • ‘all right Sam, duty calls. Thanks for the run…… if that’s what you want to call running.’
  • ‘Oh, that’s how it is??’
  • ‘Ohhh that’s how it is.’
  • this is better flirting than i have ever implemented in my nearly ten long years after hitting puberty
  • ‘Hey anytime you want to stop by my place of employment that I told you explicitly within minutes of meeting you but now I’m bringing up again to make sure you remember where I work and where to find me again, make out with me me look awesome in front of the girl at the front desk, just let me know’
  • Steve: hella B)
  • nat: -rolls up-
  • nat:






Reader x Mikaelsons

Requested By Anon

“Will you shut up Klaus?” You sighed from the sofa making Klaus glare at you.

“Excuse me?” He sighed and you smiled sweetly as Kol handed you a bag of Doritos.


“I’m trying to watch my show, so go be dramatic somewhere else.” You waved him off and Elijah had to hide his chuckle.

“I will send you back where you came from.” Klaus threatened.

“Hmm that’d be a good trick… where do vampire, banshee werewolves come from?” You frowned and fake pouted at Klaus who glowered and admitted defeat as his siblings burst into laughter.

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If people ever say that NCT’s friendship is fake, their going to catch these hands. Like excuse me but have you seen how much these boys love and care for each other? They all went through the same struggles and hardships, some worse than others, but they overcame it because they have each other.

I mean imagine being Yuta, Johnny, Mark, Winwin, Kun, Renjun and Chenle. They moved to a different country to chase after their dreams, they can’t see their family as often as the other members but guess what they gain a new family, NCT.

These boys constantly look after another. It shows even if it’s the tiniest of actions like Taeyong busting out the aegyo card just to get Winwin his damn ice cream, Renjun constantly standing next to Chenle to interpret what the other members are saying from Korean to Chinese, Johnny helping Ten out with his Korean when he became a trainee, Yuta trying so damn hard to interact and communicate with Winwin during NCT life.

You can see how much they mean to each other. If that is not the true meaning of friendship than I don’t know what is.

I never meant to fall in love with you.

I was getting comfortable with being alone. I was getting comfortable with the meaningless hook-ups. I was getting comfortable with breaking hearts without batting an eye. I was getting comfortable with picturing my future with only myself, vulnerable to no one but me.

But the way you smirked at me when you knew I was embarrassed made me fall in love with you. The way you would find excuses to touch me, even just brushing your hand against my arm. The way you always heard what I said, even when my voice was quiet and nimbly escaping my lips. The way you made an effort to make me feel like I was something special. The way you made me finally understand what it meant to fall in love.

you go to school on the first day. you sit in a seat far back. the bell rings to initiate homeroom, and teacher stands. she closes the door, turns to everyone and gives you a smile.

“good morning everyone, how are you? tired, i assume?” she gives a small chuckle and begins passing out a syllabus.

“now, before we get started… do any of you have identities you dont want to share with anyone?”
immediately, you sit upright. you blink. did you hear her correctly?

“u–um, excuse me?” you say without raising your hand.

“why, what i mean is, do we perhaps have two komaedas in this class? two nozomis? god forbid… two suzuyas? ill personally make sure one has their schedule changed to accommodate if so.”

one student raises their hand. “im sal from mogeko”

you feel sick.

The fifth horseman.

Prompt: The reader is an illusionist, an escape artist, and diddles in card playing. An AU of Nysm!

Pairing: None

Warning: None

Word  Count: 715

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