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Could I request a Taehyung smut where he is a rich spoiled kid who is a douche and likes playing with girls' hearts? You start working as a maid at his families house and Tae shows interest in you and likes teasing you and stuff but you can't stand him. One day something happens (like you for example fall asleep in his room, if you have a better idea please pick that instead) and shit goes down from there ;) Thank you in advance and I really love your work!!

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(This was waiting in my box for ages and I am so sorry for that. I am also sorry as it is this short. I just thought I would tease you guys so I hope you still enjoy it >.<)

Life was cruel. Well at least for the ones who wasn’t born with a silver spoon, just as Kim Tae Hyung. The very annoying son of the rich family you were working for…as a maid. 

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Reverse Dipifica

Last Stop to the Left

The familiar chime of the bell at the entrance caused Pacifica’s head to snap to attention. Freshly polished designer shoes clicked against hardwood floor and a black cape of fine silk fluttered in the wind. Upon seeing the boy who had entered the shack, the blonde rolled her eyes. It figures he would pick a day when she was working the cash register on her own. Gideon was out with his friends, Robbie didn’t work Sunday’s, Granny Carla was out giving a tour of the creepy part of the forest, and who knew where Melody was. So now she was forced to be all alone with the magician, aside from the guy browsing quietly in the far corner of the gift shop.

“I’m afraid we’re fresh out of hair gel sir,” she said with mock politeness. She leaned heavily over the counter to flash the boy a cheeky grin. “You’ll have to come back another time.”

Sharp sea green eyes shot her a look of irritation. Dipper Pines fluffed the edges of his flourished cape as he approached the cash register counter.

“Can I be spared the banter Pacifica,” Dipper replied, his tone bored and expression uninterested as he examined the card rack to the side of the register. “I have a serious matter to discuss.”

“Oh joy.”

Dipper continued as if he hadn’t heard her. “I’ve encountered something odd in the town and I need your help to capture it.”

Pacifica let out an overdramatic gasp. “Something odd? In this town?” Her tone flipped from enthusiastic to deadpan. “What a novel discovery.”

Dipper glared at her before motioning to the quiet man in the back of the shop. “It’s that guy.”

She glanced over his shoulder. “You mean the guy who works at the bowling alley?” she asked.

He nodded. “There’s something strange about him,” Dipper whispered, his eyes flashing in the sunlight that shined through the window.

Pacifica nodded as the man idly picked up a Gravity Falls snow globe. “I’m sure he says the same thing about you,” she stated. “Though I think lots of people probably say that about you.”

He let out a forlorn sigh and rubbed his temples in agitation. “He looks normal but he’s not,” Dipper stated without a beat of doubt. “Wherever he goes he’s always facing left.”

Pacifica looked over at the man again and saw that he was indeed facing left. “Uh huh,” she nodded again slowly, unable to keep a smirk from splitting her face. “You’ve got a few screws loose huh?”

His scowl stayed in place, deepening ever so slightly as he turned his head away from her to look at the man again. He reached up to touch his amulet with the tips of his fingers, but it’s paranormal glow was absent and it lay useless at his throat. He knew it wouldn’t work while inside the shack, but that didn’t stop the subconscious impulse at his fingers, begging him to use his magic.

This sort of thing was a bit ridiculous for Dipper Pines. Usually he shot a little higher when investigating the supernatural. He thought himself above the regular conspiracy theories of the average joe. So a guy that preferred his left side was a bit of a step down from his usual stuff, which mostly consisted of hunting down big terrible monsters and then using their organs for blood rituals or whatever.

She was starting to wonder if this was some sort of distraction. Pacifica absentmindedly reached underneath the countertop. She felt the familiar rough texture of her journal’s spine with a breath of relief. It was still there in her sight and out of his clutches. He didn’t seem to concerned with finding it either. His eyes didn’t scan the shop with that calculating gaze, they were fixed on the man across the room and occasionally darting towards her. So if he wasn’t here for her journal, she would have to assume he was here for the second reason he would come around to the shack.

“This isn’t just some lame excuse to come creeping around me is it?” Pacifica asked with her arms crossed and her eyes narrowed. “Because I’d rather not deal with that right now.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” he sneered, looking at her from the corner of his eye as he continued to speak flippantly. Though, Pacifica could see the nervous flex in his hands and the tension between his shoulder blades. “Despite what you may think, I have a life outside of you.”

Pacifica rose a skeptical eyebrow as a corner of his lips twitched upwards and revealed a set of white teeth. The sharp edges of his smiles had always reminded her of a shark. But this smile looked more vampiric and suggestive than predatorial.

“But perhaps that’s what you were hoping for,” he said, green eyes flashing as he glanced back at her. “I think you’re starting to like the attention Northwest.”

Pacifica scoffed loudly. “As if.”

“Well God knows you need the company,” Dipper stated with a nonchalant shrug. “I believe you’re here by yourself for the next three hours until Carla returns.”

“Memorized my schedule huh? That’s not obscenely creepy at all,” Pacifica commented sarcastically, leaning away from Dipper so she wasn’t in such close radius. “I thought it was a little suspicious when you came here just after Granny Carla left with the tourists.”

“I simply waited till the place was mostly deserted so I could confront him out of the public’s eye,” Dipper admitted. “Being partially alone with you is more or less a somewhat happy coincidence.”

Despite what he seemed to think, Dipper wasn’t the least bit charming off the stage.

“Now, Im going to use my amulet in order to force him to turn to his right side,” he explained. “So I need you to remove your hex bags from the shack.”

A big fat red flag shot up in her mind. God, did he really think he could fool her with such an obvious trick.

“Yeah, that’s gonna happen never,” Pacifica snapped, her glare fixing onto his placid face. “I’m not an idiot Dipper. Do you think I’m just going to let you have free reign on this place for any length of time after everything you’ve done.”

Judging by the way he was turned completely away from her now, he wasn’t listening to her. Apparently he stopped paying attention to what she said when she denied him what he wanted, which was Dipper’s usual response. She tells him she won’t give up her journal until she’s dead, he keeps trying to take it. She tells him she doesn’t want to date him, he keeps asking. She returns a bouquet of flowers that he sends her, he sends the biggest freaking bouquet that he can buy.

He sauntered over to the man with a passive expression. The guy didn’t turn to face him. He kept facing left and looked at Dipper from the corner of his eye. Pacifica had to admit that was a little strange.

“Hello good sir,” Dipper greeted with the bravado and eccentricity reserved for shows and public occasions. “I was wondering if you could reach the shirts on that top shelf. The one to your right side.”

“I’m sorry I don’t work here,” the man stated before going back to examining the snow globes.

Dipper let out an embarrassed laugh that almost sounded real. Years of stage productions and magic acts with Mabel had perfected his acting technique. Pacifica noticed him pull out a small jar from his pocket as he continued to converse with the man. She had to wonder what the heck that was for.

“Yes of course. It’s just I can’t reach them on my own and the cashier girl is no help at all.” Pacifica crossed her arms and scowled as Dipper sent her a smirk. “I’m just wondering if you could help me out.”

After a moment the man shrugged and replied. “I don’t see why not.” He started walking backwards towards the shelf instead of just turning to face it. As he was reaching for the shirts on the top shelf, Dipper shoved him hard so that his right side was in full view.

Pacifica was not prepared for what she saw. It was like someone had sawed a robot in half and said robot was controlled by a bunch of creepy little green blobs that wore belts for some reason. Seriously what the hell was she looking at?

The green blobs looked towards her and Dipper with expressions of shock and horror. Then without warning they all started pulling out these glowing red balls and yelling out “the time has come” before swallowing them. They vanished in a small flash of white light.
Before the last one had the chance to swallow his pill, Dipper swiped it from inside the half robot and stuffed int into the jar.

The robot crumbled to the ground in a pile of metal bits and screws. A fire ignited when it crashed to the ground setting off all the sprinklers in the shop.
Pacifica could only gawk at the sight in front of her as Dipper straightened his cape and adjusted the amulet around his neck.

“Apologies,” he said. “I needed one of them for a spell. I’ve tried to capture them about three times now.”

Pacifica looked at the mess of burning robot bits and felt the water from the sprinklers soaking into her hair and clothes. She shouldn’t have been the least bit surprised at this point. After everything she had seen while in Gravity Falls, this didn’t even crack the top five. But she was sure as hell pissed at the fact that this guy was messing up her clothes and work space for another one of his damn spells.

She glowered at Dipper Pines and he simply smiled that shark smile in triumph at the creature he had captured.

“Get out!”

He turned to face her with the slightest bit of curiosity on his face, his grin still in place. “Yes of course,” he agreed with her order, which was a shocker in itself. “You have quite the mess to clean up here. So I’ll leave you to it.”

With that said he turned to the exit, that damn cape waving behind him, leaving with his same elegant stride.

“Jackass,” she muttered under her breath.


Don’t know what the point in writing this was. Just wanted to get a Drabble out with these two. If anyone wants to see more feel free to message me drabbles cuz I love writing for these guys.

Chapter 51: Back To Hell


“I don’t know your name but you heard my name. I know why you came-” I sang then looked at Kid Ink, Tyga, and DJ Mustard behind the dark tinted glass.

“What happened? Why did you stop the music?”

Tyga gestured to Mustard. “This nigga’s girl calling him.”

“Oh. Damn! That reminds me.” I stepped out of the booth pulling out my phone.

“Aww look, Kid. This nigga gotta call his wife.” Tyga teased as Kid Ink chuckled.

“Yeah. I’m calling her to let her know I’m gonna fuck her brains out!” I smirked scrolling down my contacts.

“Eww nigga. That’s my sister.”

I laughed as I got to her name.


Yeah, instead of Mama, She’s Skitty, after the pokemon. Skitty is small, cute, and got chinky eyes just like Kae’s ass. Gonna call me a cartoon character, I’ll call you one too.

“Heyy Caramel pooh bear!”

I cursed at the fact that the phone was on speaker. I took off flipping off the guys who were laughing.

“Hey Skitty.”


“Yeah. You wanted a cute nickname. There you go. So how you and the bodyguards?”

“They’re really quiet, babe. Anyway,text me later. I got to go to a friend’s house.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Does this friend have a dick?”

“Chris.” She stated sternly.

“It’s a question.”

“Does it matter? He’s gay.”

I smiled. “Oh then have fun, babe.”

“Whatever.” She hung up. Alright i got something for that ass.

Angel was brought to the studio by my mom. She played with the sound buttons and I had to stop her.

“Angie!” I grabbed her and she pressed the playback button.

“Baby girl, you need to stop-”

“Nigga shut up.” Tyga cut me off.

I obeyed and I heard a dope beat fill the room. I looked at Angie and smiled.

“Oh shit! My baby’s a music genius before she could even talk!”

Ty took her from me and cuddled her. “My niece is a little moneymaker! Yes she is! Bring her more!”

Before I could reply, two large black men in suits walked in.

“Hello Mr. Brown. We’re hired to be personal bodyguards. We apologize for our tardiness.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What are you talking about? The personal bodyguards already came.”

They shook their heads. “No. We’re the ones that were hired.”

“Wait, so is there anyone working with you named Train and Track?” I questioned.

They pulled out their employment papers and spoke up.

“No sir. And here’s our proof of employment.”

“If you guys are the bodyguards…” I swallowed hard as my heart ached in concern.

Then who were the two people that I sent off with my Rueche?

Idris “Big Daddy” 

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A annoying ringtone went off and i grunted. I really need to change my ringtone.

“Hello?” I growled as I got my papers.

“We got them.” I felt Attica smile on the other end.

I sat up. “Really? How so?”

“Easy. I had a couple of your men pose as bodyguards and tell me their location. Like taking candy from a baby.”

I chuckled. “I must say, I’m impressed yet disappointed. I overrestimated them.”

“Yes you did. They’re on their way back to you.”

“Oh so you don’t want your revenge?”

“What better revenge than to bring them back to their hell?”

I chuckled once again. “Oh trust me. They haven’t seen hell.”


“Wake up.” I felt a big hand shake me roughly.

I opened my eyes and looked out the window. My heart dropped. The house. Not just any house, but the hellhole I used to call a home. I had hoped that I would never have to see this place again.

“You’re home.” Train smiled wickedly at me.

A look of confusion etched on my face.

“Train? Why?”

“Surprise, boo. I don’t work for your idiot fiancé. I work for the Boss.” He had the nerve to.smile at me again.

I tried to grab my phone but realized these bitchasses smashed my phone. Before I could think, my fist connected with his jaw and I spat in his face.

“You sick son of a bitch.”

He was angry now. “Bitch, get out of the car.”

Erin followed beside me and Thomas got in front. Then Satan himself emerged from the house with a wide smile enough to crack his face.

“Oh Baby Rue! T-Drop! Honey! I have missed you all!”

Anger filled my body once again. “Go fuck yourself!”

“Ahh Baby Rue! Always so cute and fiesty.”

Erin grabbed my hand. “Rue, let’s go.”

I followed her as we walked inside. Nothing changed. The inside was still Victorian Style and cold, contradicting me calling it hell. We made our way back to our old room which looked like it wasn’t touched since I left.

“Wow.” Erin sat on her bed looking at me. “We’re back here.”

“Yep.” I sighed sitting on mine.

“Rue, listen. Im sorry for all the bullshit I pulled. I was just jealous that you found love and happiness in L.A and at the time I didn’t.”

I sat next to her. “I’m not even tripping over it anymore. We got to stick together to get out of here and stay out of here.”

She nodded and I found her bottle of honey blonde hair dye. I looked down at my hair. I was getting tired of auburn tbh. I went into the bathroom with the dye.


“Ooh that’s a sexy color.” Hunter commented once I finally stepped out of my room. After dying my hair, I flat ironed it and placed it in a high ponytail.

“Thanks.” I muttered bursting in Big Daddy’s office.

He hung up the phone turning to me in anger but I was unfazed. I had mt hands planted on his desk and giving him the meanest glare.

“Who the fuck said you could barge in like that?” He questioned.

“Who the fuck said you could take me away from my family?” I snapped mocking his tone.

“I. Own. You.” Big Daddy broke it down while croasing her arms

“You don’t own shit.”

“Excuse me. I could’ve let you starve under that fucking bridge but i saved your ungrateful ass.” Big Daddy stated coldy.

“If I knew what I knew now, I would’ve starved.”

He scoffed. “Go to training. It’s been a while.”

I crossed my arms. “Fuck no.”

He became more furious. “Who the fuck you think you are?”

I let an airy laugh. “Me? I’m Karrueche Tran. Not Baby Rue or Rue. Karrueche Motherfucking Tran. I don’t belong here. If you think I’m staying here, you got me two words: fucked and up.”

He stood to me to stare intensely in my eyes.

“But you are staying here. Accept it. You’re back to hell now.”